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Conrad's Characters; Bearers of Illusion
Definitions of Man's Nature in the Works of Reinhold Niebuhr
Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
The Release of Proactive Inhibition in Short Term Memory or Vuf and other Nonsense Syllables
Sequential Effects in Partial Reinforcement
An Era of Change, England 1660-1685
Political Agent
Variations in Value Orientations in Barrio Buenos Aires
The Relationship of Patronage and Art in the 14th and 15th Centuries in Florence
An Examination into Input-Output Analysis
Zen Buddhism
Many Valued Logics and Probability
Caribbean Culture History
The Importance of Having a Mother
Beta Decay
Studies on In Vitro Culturing of Termite (Reticulitermes Flavipes) Protozoa and Their Mutualistic Relationship
The Evolution of the Heroic Figure from the Eighteenth Century Through the Victorian Age
Kant and Cassirer
Synthesis, Attempted Resolution, and Ligand Exchange Reactions of Some Dichlorotin Chelates
The Academics and Non-Academics in Contemporary American Poetry
The White Critics and Universality of Theme in Contemporary American Negro Novels
Aspects of Agriculture and Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South; A Commentary
Anarchism in Spain
An Epistemology of Ethics
A Study in the Foundations of Mathematics and in Geometry
Jan Van Eyck and Fra Angelico
The Geneva Agreements of 1954
The Two of Us and I; A Novel
Behaviorism & Phenomenology
The Effect of Continous Conflict on the Behavior of Rats in a Learning Situation
Reflections on the Contemporary Art Scene( A Solomon's Eye View)
Imagism and the Imagists
Rudimentary Diophantine Analysis
A Constructive Foundation for Topology
Rudyard Kipling
The Development of Shakespeare's Versification
Magnetic Resonance
The Formal Development of the Classical Symphony
A Study of Characters and Their Values in Short Stories by Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Hemingway and Faulkner
Extinction and Reacquisition Considered in Terms of the Effects of Over-Training and Below-Zero Responding
Modes of Mythology in Literature
Synthesis of the Axial-Equatorial Isomer of 1,2-Dimethyl [2.2] Metacyclophane
Overtraining and Reversal of a Discrimination Task in a Skinner Box in Rats
The Evolution of Functionalism and the Bauhaus (1919-1928)
From Dark to Light
Politics in Process
Elites and Democracy
The Persistence of Memory
To Poetry and Part Way Back
Study of Power and Influence in Jamestown, Border State
An Introduction to Lie Groups
The German Army and the Coming of the First World War
A Study of Twentieth Century American Music
The Role of the Death Theme in A.E. Housman's Poetry
Thoreau Didn't Feel a Bit Guilty in Jail, and What's Good Enough for Thoreau is Good Enough for Me
Math and Art
The Fool in Shakespeare
Senior Thesis Novel
Verbal Mediation
A Set of Chinese Boxes
Osmotic Behavior of Clibanarius vitatattus
The Twelve-Tone Technique
A Study of the Juvenile Court
Conditions of Context
A Somewhat Production on Norman Mailer
The Graveyard School of Poetry
William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying
Le Theatre De L'Absurde
Technical Concerns in the Short Fiction of Poe, Hawthorne and Melville
Biochemical Analysis of Trichocysts and Macronuclei Isolated from Paramecium aurelia
Three Contemporary Novelists
Subjective Organization as a General Ability Factor Dependent Upon Meaningfulness
Irish Poets, Learn Your Trade
Collette et Sagan
The Life of Henry Adams Seen as a Search for Ultimate Meaning
National Integration, National Identity and the Political Party System of India
Synthetic Studies of Transition Metal Tricarbonyl Complexes of [2.2] Metacyclophane
Romanticism to Realism in the Second Empire in France
Melville and Arnold
Notes on the International Monetary System
Army and Industry in Germany
Becoming a Woman
Das Abstruse Monstrum
Juvenile Parole
I. A Review of the Recent Soviet and American Research on the Biological Bases of Schizophrenia. II. Translation of a Portion of the Russian Articles on the Topic
The Conservatism of Milton Friedman
The Need for Change in Colombia
Chemistry of 2,7-Dimethylnapthalene and [2.2] (2,7) Napthalenophane
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Four Twentieth-Century Approaches to Knowledge
The Evolution of Harvey's Idea
Four Stories by Salisbury III
Physiology of the Mammalian Heart
'...a method has been found.' or What Was Wittgenstein Doing?
The Origins of Life
Three Exercises
The Transformation of Nothingness
Two Production Books; 'The Master Builder' and 'The Birds'
The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy
Faulkner and Bellow
Pre-Linnean Systems of Plant Classifications
A Computer Program to Perform Molecular Orbital Calculations
Catholic Identity After the Death of God--Being a Melodrama for Four Characters
The Voices (49 poems with prefatory essays)
Attentional Aspects of Discrimination Learning
The Park
Flamenco Dance
The Romantic Orientation in Weimar Germany
The Scientific Ideal and the Study of Man
Prologomena to a Future Existential Psychology of Development
Mystery & Meaning
Rembrandt and his Biographers
Experiments in Narrative Forms
Purposive Action and Freedom
The Political Economy of Oil in the Middle East
The Effects of Pollution on the Growth of Diatoms
An Introduction to the Neurosciences
A Study of Expressive Structure in D. H. Lawrence
Studies in Ocular Dominance in Optokinetic Nystagmus
The Education of the Artist Hero from Wordsworth to Mann
The Formal Stasis to Functional Genesis
Occam's Razor Can't Cut the Mustard--Alex Goldstein or A Four and One-half year Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice--A. Hitler or Three Essays in the Philosophy of Science and Sociology
Monumental Sculpture of the Maya Civilization
Teaching in a Dance Medium
Rehearsal Processes in the Wood-Underwood Effect
Being and Reconstruction
The Prism Bars
A Study of the 'Ithaca' Episode in James Joyces' Ulysses
Proactive Effects in Short-Term Recognition Memory
If There is Such a Thing as a Sense of Reality, There Must Also Be a Sense of Possibility
Inhibition of Ciliary ATPase by Known Vapour-Phase Components of Cigarette Smoke
And Comfort Mine Enemy
The Real World of Politics
Interdisciplinary Issues in Contemporary Constitutional Law
Gottlieb Pictographs
The Paradox
The Significance of the 24-Cell Stage in the Development of Lymnaea palustris
Many are Called, but Few are Chosen
An Alternative Energy System for Small Communities
Reflections on the Origin and Nature of Greek Tradegy
Effects of Herbicides and Pesticides on the Normal Development of Sea Urchin Eggs
Hegel's Phenomenology in the Phenomenological Movement
Bipedalism in Hominid Evolution
Hydrogen Atom Abstraction by Methyl Radicals in Methanol Glasses at 67-77°K
Patterns of Succession on Spoil Islands
A Study in Huit Clos Literature
Creating a Foundation
The Monitrice-Hamlet System as Seen in the Analysis of Two Monitrice Roles
Aspects of the Biology of Ostariophysan Fishes
Translations from Sonnets to Orpheus
The Explanation of Action
A Bioassay System for Environmental Pollutants
Alfred North Whitehead on
The New Romanticism
The Morphogenetic Effects of Deuterium Oxide in the Development of Limnea palustris
The Myth of the Natural Woman, or At Least Freud Didn't Call Us Chicks
Stigma and Stigma Control in Alcoholics Anonymous
For One, Brief, Shining Moment... Czechoslovakia's Attempt at National Self-Determination in 1968
Interior Landscape'
I. Living in the Present Moment II. David Herbert Lawrence
Action and Reaction
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Speaking of Paul Zindel...
Synthetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Phosphine and Nitrosyl Substituted Transition Metal Carbonylhydrides
Patterns of Succession on Spoil Islands
For the Inquisition
Seasons Such as These
Indications of the Infant's Experience of the 'Other-Like-Me'
Altered States of Consciousness and Mind-Body Philosophy
Divine Discontent
Four Workshops in Activities for Early Childhood Education
Romantic Man
Understanding and the Event of Appropriation
Notes on the Development of a Modification of the Schwarzschild Metric, as Originally Presented by Dr. M. D. Kruskal
An Evoked Potential Determination of the Cat
Saint Francis of Assisi-Ramakrishna
Political Issues & Political Action
The Dynamics of the Creative Process
The Confucian Tradition and the Maoist State
Mendel and Darwin
DNA Redundancy and the Evolution of Cell Size
Cultural Themes in France
Study of Personality Variables and Intellectual Variables of Entering New College Students
An Entreatise on the Poetry of Pablo Neruda & A Collection of Original Poems
Political Conflict and Consensus in a Local Union
Anarchism in America
Importation of Abstract and Technical Terms
The Eagle and the Avatar
Attitudes Toward Geriatric Death Among Nursing Home Personnel
Five of America's Finest Publications Speak Out on the Cold War
An Audience Response to Photography
Application and Integration of Frameworks for the Analysis of Human Fertility
Protestant Church Growth in the Republic of Ecuador
A Review of Experimental Aesthetics and Hue Psychology of Literature
Development Planning for Jacmel, Haiti
A View of Contemporary Philosophy
Placing Dorothy Richardson
Cultural Anti-Semitism
The Exchange of Gifts
How to Start an Own Recognizance Bail Project
The Structure of Human Behavior in a Controlled Environment
Gender Identity Perceptions in Young Adults
King Lear
The Coming of the American Revolution
An Organizational Analysis of Mental Institutions
The Migrant Dilemma
A Generalization of the H. Steinhaus Theorem
Social Science Statistical Library
Positivism, Proust, and Heidegger
Against the Grain
The Molecular Basis of Nervous Transmission
What is a Work of Art?
Ideology and Practice
The Genesis of Napoleonic Foreign Policy
A Review of Three Theories of the Emotions
The Production of Monochromatic Phonon Devices
Slices of Two Lives (With and Without Each Other)
Synthetic and Structural Studies of Transition Metal Carbonyl Cluster Compounds
An Aspect of Abolitionism
The Medieval Mystery Cycles
Nature and God Versus Progress and Machines
Creative Environmental Planning
The Deterioration of the Gentry Class in 19th Century China
Translation of V. M. Garshin
Topics in the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Aging
A Critique of the Explanatory Method of Rule-Governance
Winkleman's New Collegiate Guide to Metropolitan Sarasota
Reluctant Revoluntionaries? An Inquiry into the 1848 Hungarian Crisis
Language, Metaphysics and Scientific Philosophy
Truth, Right-Action, and Letting-Be
Four Years at New College
Chromosomal Structure
The Right to Privacy for Public Persons
The Inquiry Method of Teaching Elementary School Science, Aspects of Evaluation
Landscape Prints of Ukiyo-E
Castlin -- A Screenplay
Aesthetic Meaning or the Work of Art as Presentational Symbol
Collective Bargaining Models and the No Strike Clause
Natural History Study of a Varied Area, Boardering Phillippi Creek
From the Beginning
An Examination of the Parameters Affecting the Development and Social Application of a Technology of Physical Behavior Control
Cheyenne Ledger Art from the National Anthropological Archives
Neural Gnosis or Systematic Notes on the Window of the Soul
The Philosophy of Nietzsche
On Becoming a Widow
Eine Kleine Galoschen Theorie -- An Investigation of the Infinite Galois Group
The Dimensions of the Soul
Credit Cards and the Velocity of Money
The Effects of Domestic Sewage Outfall on the Distribution and Abundance of Marine Benthic Polychaeta and Mollusca, With Comments on Continua and Community Structure
The Expressive Nature of Architecture
Alterations in the Operational Definition of a Phenomenological Conception of Self-Acceptance
I Lost My Job Through The New York Times' -- The Reaction in the American South to the Resignation of Vice President Agnew
Application of Holographic Interferometry to the Experimental Stress Analysis of Bone
Competition Among Women in Small Groups
Truth, Reality-Systems, and Reality
The Pursuit of Economic Growth
The Concept of Representation
Sinhalese Demonology and the Problem of Evil
Arabic and Persian Conceptions of Love in Their Literature
The Macrobenthos of Selected Habitats From the West Coast of Florida
Five Precursors to Symbolist Painting
Planned Unit Development
John Bowlby's Theory of Attachment as Applied to Play Therapy
A Handbook on Public Service Internships
Leon Trotsky
Research Initiated by the United Farm Workers of America
L'Inquietude Verlainienne
Women's Roles in East African Cattle Complex Societies
Two Medieval Women
Memory Search Through Semantically Compact and Distant Sets
The Position of Women in French Culture
A Critical Perspective on Behaviorism
The Descent of Mary
Essays on Criticism
Evolving Traditions in Contemporary American Art
Dance Video Art
An Analysis of Shamanism in Two Cultures
Parent/Child Communication
Saying Yes to Suffering
Foil Lag Effects in Short-Term Recognition Memory
A Typology of Cross Cultural Communities
John Caldwell Calhoun
An Investigation of Information Processing Differences of Chess Players as a Function of Chess Skill
Don Fidel Ruiz Lopez
Getting in Tune
Spectators and Spectacles
E. T. A. Hoffman's The Golden Pot, translated by David Manasian
Expression in Germany with Selections from The Blue Rider Almanac
The Effect of Feminist Identification on Self-Esteem in Women
Increases in Self-Actualism Resulting from Peak Experiences
Natural Design
Redemption Denied
Subliminal Perception and Magazine Advertising
An Ecological Study of Upper Myakka Lake
A Framework for Environmentally Balanced Policy Making
Handbook of Poetry for Intermediate Russian Students
The Self
Sir Isaac Newton and the Figs of Jerusalem
The Kingdom of Anxiety
An Anthropological Perspective on the Traditional Seminole Woman
An Energy Self-Sufficient Home
Beyond the Valley of the Eye and the Voice into the Esoteric Netherlands of Trying to Explain the New Journalism
The Foundations and Development of Ethology
A Study of Flagellar Structural Proteins in Motility Mutants of Chlymydomonas reinhardii
Domestic Roman Historiography from the Earliest Annalists to Tacitus
Agitamento Coloratura All' Ingles
Scratching the Surface
Group VIB Carbonyl Chemistry
The Concept of Intrinsic Motivation
Erasmus' Relationship with Late Medieval Culture
Citizen Participation in Administrative Processes in Government
An Investigation of Stimulus Parameters in Visual Perception
Temperature Regulation in Marine Mammals
Sundial in the Shade
Civic Progressivism in Boston, 1897-1910
Investigation Into Nutritional Assay
The Role of Attention in Human Information Processing
The Etiology of Early Infantile Autism
The Feasibility of Substituting Multidimensionally Scaled Distances for Associations in Retrieval and Comparision Theories of Semantic Memory
Original Translations with a Comparative Survey Dealing with Four Translations of Selected Passages of Dostoevsky's Notes From the Underground
The Homotopy of Character Groups
The Painted Veil and Beyond
The Relationship Between Roles of Laity and Clergy in the Church Today
The Effect of the Personal Income Tax on the Distribution of Income in Israel, 1967-1973
Social, Congenital, and Environmental Determinants of Child Psychology and Their Implications for Therapy
An Exploratory Investigation of the Estuarine System of South Creek
Attitudes of those Working in a Penal Process toward that Process
The Riesz Representation Theorem for Functionals on Spaces of Continuous Banach Space Valued Functions
The Psychology of Suicide
The Lusaka Squatters
The Synthesis and Characterization of Several Polynuclear Cluster Compounds
Confucius and Plato
Simultaneity and Duration in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
Countability Properties in Topology
Achievement Related Behavior in Men and Women
The Role of Imagination in the Poetic and Prophetic Works of William Blake
The Field School
The Slothful Dragon; Planned Obsolescence
Discontent in American Life as Reflected in American Drama; A Critical Essay Accompanied by an Original Play, 'A Case In Point'
Three Masters of Modern Architecture
Teaching Class Inclusion to Five and Six Year Olds
Roethke's Rage for Order in the Self
Anglican Religious Communities in the United States
Avenue and Piazza
Fall and Apocalypse
The Determination of the Structure of HW2(CO)9NO by X-ray Crystallography
An Overview of Existing Research on the Effects of Malignant Transformation on the Cell Membrane
The Child's Experience of Hospitalization and Illness
Two Labyrinths of Julio Cortazar
Wright Morris
Prestige as an Interest in the Policy of the United States toward the Present Government of Cuba
William and Henry James
Milton and Melville
Meaning and Understanding
The City as a Setting
The Miccosukee and the Big White Machine
How to Draw a Fish
The Assimilation of Cuban Immigrants in Miami, Florida
The American Conservation Ethic
The Florida Public Interest Research Group
The Egyptian Cultural Impact on Syria-Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age
The Charisma of Mao Tse-Tung Versus the Forces of Routinization
Changes in the Phenol-Soluble Acidic Nuclear Proteins of Acanthamoeba castellanii During Culture Growth
The Conceptual Evolution of Elizabethan Tradegy
Cohesion in Widowed Families
Psychological-Anthropology Study of Spain from a Junian Viewpoint
Seminar in Ethical Development
A Partial Synthesis of 1,8'-Dimethyl- ,7
PI Release as a Function of Within-Category Semantic Shifts
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Towards Understanding Mahayana Buddhism
Precausal Thought in Haiti
Odysseus Regained
The Artist & Society
An Analysis of the Proposal to Legalize Multibank Holding Companies in Louisiana
American Involvement in the Middle East
A Comparison of Symbolic Interactionism and the Sociology of Knowledge
The Molybdenum Hexamer
Go Down Moses
The Charged Particle Concentration Dependence of the Hall Effect in Flowing Electrolytes
Physical Properties of the Soil-Water System
The Stream of Descent
Analytical Psychology and the Process of Individuation
Isolation and Partial Characterization of Tublin from a Higher Plant
Context Effects in a Short-term Memory Experiment
A Response to the Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Women in the Co-Operative Community of Ruskin, Florida
The Tongue is an Eye
Social Values of the Navajo Indians as Expressed in Their Religious Beliefs and Practices
An Intellectual Biography of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
Glory as a Goal of Foreign Policy
The Effects of Sublethal Concentrations of Dieldrin on the Tissues of the American Oyster, Crassostrea Virginca, with a Review of the Internal Defense Mechanism of this Mollusc and a Literature Survey of Dieldrin
The Expansion of Presidential Power and Emergency Government in the United States
Videotape in the Courtroom
The Great Powers and Greek Nationhood
Past, Present, and Preserved
Perceived Similarities, Internalized Structure and the Evolution of Abstracted Concepts
Artificial Lakes in Sarasota County, Florida
Beast Imagery in Poetry of Ted Hughes from 1957-1971
The Dialectical Progress of the Surrealist Ideology and Painting Through Its Maturity
Environmental Law
Pollution and Property
Prototype Abstraction as a Function of Experience and Discriminability Variables
A Discussion of To The Lighthouse � Its Matter and Its Method
Southwest Florida Regional Hydrogeology and Water Supply
Patterns of Protein Synthesis During the Development of Lymnaea palustris Embryos
The Moka and Kula Exchanges
A Study of Catharism
The Use of Stimulus Tapes in Women's Consciousness-raising Groups
The Perceptual Processing of Parts and Wholes
Relations of Visual Images and Music in Abstract Animated Films
Changes in the Phenol-Soluble Acidic Nuclear Proteins of Acanthamoeba castellanii During Culture Growth
The Lives of Johnson
Prototypical Abstraction and Negative Stimuli
Drink to the Bird
Isolation and Protein Biochemical Characterization of Nucleoli and Outer Cyst Walls from Acanthamoeba castellanii During Induced Encystation
The Development of Modern Linguistic Theory Focusing on the Structuralist Movement
Three Groups of Fish from Sarasota Bay
The Potential for Income Redistribution and Employment Opportunities in the Urban Industrial Sector of Peru
The London Times and Germany, 1938
On Metrization of Topological Spaces
Clinical Perspectives on Asocial Children
Development of a Durable, Low-Cost, Flat-Plate Solar Collector, for Heating Water
The Organic Spearhead
Growth and Change on Maui
Memory Search Through Categorical Sematic Space
Factors That Affect Assimilation/Absorption of the Exiled Cuban Professional Women
Reflections upon Lord of the Flies
A Method for the Determination of Tubulin Incorporation Rate and Pool Size in the Sea Urchin Embryo
The Legal Evolution of the Corporate Structure
Worms and Dirt
Adolf Hitler
Language and Its Relation to the World
The Redistributive Effect of Higher Education in the United States
Consciousness and the Ergotropic and Trophotropic Systems of Arousal
Recovery of Avoidance Responding Following Different Extinction Procedures
Fourth Estate and Chief Executive
The New Narcissus
Newspaper Editors and Their Elderly Audience
The Market System
A Study of the Synthesis and Degradation Rates of Actin and Total Protein in Differentiating Non-muscle Systems
Arcana Key
Louis XIV and the Edict of Nantes
Normal Binomials over Q
A Comparison of the Philosophy of the Upanishads with Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Schizophrenia and the Artist
The QR Algorithm
A Metaphysics of Symbols
On the Stimulus Generalizability and Response Specificity of Frustration-Induced Persistence in Female Hooded Rats
Toward a New American Poetics; A Study in Affinities Among William Carlos Williams and Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov and Allen Ginsberg
The Rise of American Imperialism by Hans-Ulrich Wehler
A Study of the Colonial Urban Planning and Development of Kingston, Jamaica
An Economic Study of Solar Energy Utilization for Water Heating and Space Conditioning
Mark the Coming Time and Seize It
Neighborhood Effectiveness
Maggie and the Leprechaun
Crystallographic Studies of the Metal-Hydrogen-Metal Bond
Mass Media Effects on Democratic Consent
Category Dominance in Free Recall
An Introduction to the Marine Flora and Fauna of the Sarasota Area
A Method for the Determination of Tublin Incorporation Rate and Pool Size in the Sea Urchin Embryo
Everyman's Roots
Lifestyles of Never Married Professional Women
Djuna Barnes' Nightwood
Ashanti and Igbo Reactions to British Colonial Policy- A Comparative Analysis
The Therapeutic Use of Art with Latency and Pre-Puberty Children
An Investigation into Hedonism
Sociological Patterns and Characteristics of Multicide
Still Alive and Well
Nietzsche's Overman and Dostoyevsky's Positively Beautiful Individual
An Ethnohistory of the Montana Cree
The Death-Rebirth Archetype in Fantasy Novels Since 1850
Characterization of a Trimeric Tungsten Carbonyl Complex [H2W3 (CO)12]=
January 8, 1975--What Reporters from the New York Times and the Punxsutawney Spirit and Ninetyeight other Newspapers Were Finding Out
Subject Strategies in Part-Whole Transfer
Effects of a Hemolytic Toxin Isolated from Gymnodinium breve, the Florida Red Tide Organism, on Human Erthyrocyte Ghosts Studied by Circular Dichroism
The Pandemonious Condominium
Behavior Modification Techniques in Language Acquisition with Autistic Children
A Survey of Some Models of the Philips Curve
The Tonal Theories of Paul Hindemith
Artificial Lakes in Sarasota County, Florida
On the Radical Proton Distributions of Light Nuclei
Schools and the Courts
The Natural History and Early Development of the Coffee-Bean Snail,Melampus coffeus
Artificial Lakes in Sarasota County, Florida
The Academic Community and Foreign Policy Formation
An Exploration of the Semantic Space for Chess Positions of Differentially Skilled Classes of Chess Players
Blazing Fire, Thawing Ice
Enter the Shepherd, The Scholar and The Courtier
Moral Judgment Development
Critical Phenomena in Fluids
The Chinese Jar
La Influencia De William Faulkner En La Obra De Juan Carlos Onetti
Relationship of Industrial Concentration, Entry Barriers and Profit Rates
The Last Days of the Ruskin Co-Operative Association, by Issac Broome, a New Edition with Introduction, Footnotes, Appendices and Afterwords
An Introductory Study of the Abstract Expression of Robert Motherwell
Realism and Romanticism in the Politics of Benjamin Disraeli
Rationalism, Voluntarism and Nihilism
Psychological Abstraction and Concept Formation
The Use of Diamorphine for Pain Control in Advanced Malignant Disease
Economic Aspects of Arbitration
A Thousand and One Nights
The American Adam
An Introductory to Immunology
The Recovery of Transcendence
A Re-Evaluation of the 'Just World' Explanation for Victim Derogation
Four Essays on Religious Community
A Study of the Nude in Modern Painting
Almost Compact Spaces
An Investigation of Attitudes Towards the Mentally Retarded as Related to Certain Demographic and Personality Variables
The Shape of Emotion
Mystical Philosophies, Experiences, and Techniques
The Eagle Screams
An Introduction to Ornithology
A Case Study of a Correctional Institution for Delinquents
Who But the People Could Set the Matter Right?'
Freshwater Algae
A Cross-Cultural Survey of Societally Sanctioned Aggression Among Preliterate Societies
The Metamorphosis of Adam in Nineteenth Century American Culture
A Portrait of Joyce's Young Men
The Need for Unity in Political Thinking
Experimental and Psychoanalytic Approaches to Attention
The Labyrinth of Misbelief
Modern Cuba
A Preparation of 1-Bromocyclopropylcarboxylates
The Thomistic Idea of Law
Synthetic Precursors of 1,1'-dimenthyl-2,7
A Jungian Interpretation of Psychological Experiences
An Examination of Jewish Law and Secular Law
String Quartet #1 in D
A Study of Sex Discrimination in Denver Private Employment Agencies
Salome and Herodias
The Davis-Moore Theory of Stratification
Products of K-Spaces
A Biochemical Study of Starvation on the Embryo of Lymnaea palustris
From 'Common Sense' to COMSAT
Decision Making Paradigms, the Imperial German Government, and an Examination of Its Actions During the European Crisis of July, 1914
The Development of a Child's Concept of Death
Grandparent and Grandchild Relationships
Linguistic Constraint as an Argument Against an Ontologically Fundamental Empirical Reality
Asymmetry in Psychological Space
Labor and Art
Public Policy and the Government Corporation
The New Spirit of Domestic Architecture in Late Nineteenth Century England
Attachment and Social Development in One Group of Day Care Infants
The Relationship Between the Self and the World in Kant, Wittgenstein, and Melville
A Comparison of Two Wave Function Models for Pion-Neucleus Scattering
Collagenase Induced Modification of A and ß-Cell Secretory Responses
The Assimilation of Brazilians in Newark, New Jersey
Human Social Cooperation
The Blind Musician, Vladimir G. Korolenko
Ukranian Folk Music
Surrealist Imagery
Topics in Modal Logic
The Dark Descent, a Book of Poems, With a Portion of Discursive Writings
Gods and Landscapes
Critical Elections in Michigan
Of Victims and Explorers
Living Quality Among the Suku of Southwestern Zaire
The Development of the Female Figure in Indian Art
Toward a General Synthesis of Menthylene-cyclopropanes Methyl Eand Z-2-Phenyl-1- Bromocyclopropane Carboxylate
The Apocalyptic Sensibility of the Spanish Millennium
Essays on the Ainu
The Grave of Murphy
Experimental Appropriation as the Source and Goal of Philosophy � Foundations for Philosophic Pluralism
The Self-Esteem of Alcoholics as Measured by the Rosenberg Self- Esteem Scale
Crisis and Rapprochement
Virginia Woolf's Reach for the Androgynous
Environmental Themes in Science Fiction
A Critique of Freud's Theory of Civilization Towards a Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Three Intellectuals' Criticism of the Middle-Class Business Culture of the 1920's
Tidal Creeks of Southwest Florida
The Enigma of Metaphysical Reality
Mental Imagery and Cognition
New Detroit, Incorporated . . . A Viable Force in Urban Decision Making?
Creativity, Inspiration and the Muse
The Council of Foreign Relations
Florida's Power Structure -- Who's Part of It and Why
A Novel (Untitled)
From Dialect to Dialectic
An Analysis of Some Aspects of the Nigerian Oil Industry
The South African Political System
e-Filters and e-Ideals
Nation-State Building in the Congo
The City, the State and Containment
Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Structure of a Mangrove Swamp Benthic Community
The Myakka River Basin
Criminal Statistics in Sarasota
The Depraved Semantics of Necessity and Possibility
Intuitionism, Negation, and the Law of Excluded Middle
Adult Day Care
Global Politics and Food Review and Evaluation
Seasonal and Successional Dynamics of a Man-Made Brackish-Water Pond
Mangrove Horticulture
Change of Heart
Humanism and Feminism in Christine de Pison's Livre de la Cite des Dames
The Social Effects of Laughter
Architectural Design
Fixed Point Theorems and Applications
Model of Structural Political Manipulation
People's Perceptions of Intellectuals
Solving Diophantine Problems Over All Residue Class Fields of a Number Field
Interaction Patterns in Small Groups
Margaret Fuller
The Calculus of Indications
The Gag, by Alfonso Sastre (a translation)
The Photosynthetic Reactions of Green Plants with an Emphasis on the C4-Dicarbolxylic Acid Pathway and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism
Tidal Creeks of Southwest Florida
Bahamas Residence
Infant Communication in the First Six Months of Life
The Natural History of Cayo-Costa Island
Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of the Interaction Between Zeolite X and Cobalt (II) and (III) Intra-ZeoliteComplexes
The Empirical Basis of Psychoanalytical Theory
Paths of Peasantry
The Wisdom of the Body
Variations on a Theme
The Play Element in the Gilded Age
Corporate Finance in Relation to Capital Markets
Approaching Ends
An Exploratory Study
Acculturation in Chan Kom
Rehabilitation for the Aged
Human Experience and Visionary Landscapes in English Romantic Art
Shadow Writing
On the Difficulty of Absalom, Absalom
Stroop Color-Word Interference and Hemispheric Asymmetry
Catastrophe Theory and the Annulus Experiments
Electrophoretic and Chromatographic Analysis of Acid Phosphates of the Embryo of Lymnaea palustris, with Reference to the Effects of Starvation and Actinomycin D on the Zymogram Pattern
On Aquinas' Concept of Freedom in Light of Dante's Divine Comedy
Bismark's German Policy, 1862-1866
The Old College Try
Inflation in Japan
Antecedents of Anxiety
The Relationship Between Colonial Rivalries and the European Balance-of-Power
The Resolution of Conflict as Expressed in the Concern of Heraclitean Flux and the Movement from Innocence to Experience in Robert Lowell's Lord Weary's Castle, Life Studies, and Imitations
Dyadic Spaces
Art Therapy for Emotionally Disturbed Children
Botanical, Geological and Sociological Factors Affecting the Management of the Barrier Islands Adjacent to Stump Pass
The Medieval English View of Death
A Case of an Altered Neutral Estuary, North Siesta Key, Florida
The Effect of Auditory Distraction on Performance in a Sternberg Task
Some Applications of the Baire Category Theorem
Emotional Intensity Erodes the Tyranny of Concreteness Over Imagery
Martin's Axiom
Analysis of Personality Through Palmistry
Peculiar Z-ultrafilters on M
Tidal Creeks of Southwest Florida
The Weberian Thesis Re-examined
Basin Measurements in Certain Systems of Differential Equations Used in Ecological Modelling
A Comparison of Acoustic Sounder Records to In situ Temperature Variance Measurements
Shakuhachi -- A General Study
A Case Study of an Altered Neutral Estuary, North Siesta Key, Florida
Frederick II of Prussia
A Critique and Revision of the Methodology of A Theory of Justice
Humor and Evil
Cognitive Stages in Sex-Role Development
Things We Dreamt We Died For'
A Developmental Approach to Early Infantile Autism and Its Implications for Therapy
Regional Integration Theory and the Central American Experience
Neighborhood Action
The White House Staff Institution
The Latin Poetry of John Milton
Neighborhood Action
The 'Nurturant Therapist'
Chief Justice Warren's Legal and Socio-Political Philosophy
From Lake to Forest -- A Sixth Grade Text on Ecological Succession
Haiku in America
Acidic Wax (Into Amphibian Enclosures)
Eastern and Western Religious Psychology
Split Seeds
Ocean Management
The Contemporary Puerto Rican Perspective
More Truth than Fact
The B Ketoadipate and Shikimate Pathways
America's Response to the Spanish Civil War
Dramatic Production
An Introduction to Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals-Molecular Orbital (LCAO-MO) Theory
Visual Arts, Music and Dance/Movement Therapies
Add Water and Stir
Sarasota County Court
Zinc Partitioning and Formation of the Larval Skeleton in the Developing Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus
Gerstein's Last Chance
The Effects of Personal Space and Orientation in an Interview Situation
Circadian Rhythms
The Development of a One Step Reaction Scheme for _-3H Lipoic Acid
Mennonites in Transition
The American Myth and Rachel Carson
Architectural Design
The Theory and Practice of German Social Democracy
Locus of Control
The Fall, The Death of the Body
The Roots of Thomas Merton's Social and Political Thought
Migration to Metropolitan Areas
Non-Verbal Communication and Autism
Effects of Capture, Confinement, and Social Stress on the Lemon Shark (Negaprion brevirostris) and the Nurse Shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)
Influences on Self-Esteem in the Adolescent Period
An Introduction to the Natural Systems
Candidates and the Mythic Presidency, 1960-1976
Song to the Early Morning Shadows -- A Mixed Media Presentation
Seminar in Parapsychology
Evolution of Economics in Antitrust
Palenque, Temple XIV
A Comparative Study of Greek and Roman Humorous Literature
Towards a General Synthesis of Isomericly Pure Methylenecyclopropanes via Organometallic Chemistry
The Trumpet Marine
An Investigation of Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation
George Herbert Mead's Concepts of 'The Generalized Other' and 'I' and 'Me'
A Direct Test of the Tiebout Hypothesis
The Juvenile Justice System in Gulfville
Social and Cognitive Factors in the Development of Language and Communicative Competence During Middle Childhood
An Investigation of the Feedback Control of the EEG Alpha Rhythm
Direct Democracy and Urban Governance
Optimal Levels of Health Care and Pathology
Lesions of the Breast
In Search of the Hymns of the Cherubim -- A Survey of Byzantine Hymnography within its Historical and Cultural Milieu
Compact Sets in Totally Ordered Spaces
An Analysis of the Approaches to Art History
The Experience of Female Adolescence
Petroleum and Democracy
A Nation Once Again
Pion-Carbon Cross Sections in the Absorption Model
The Journey Inward
Toward True Freedom
A Theorem of Informal Arithmetic Which is Formally Unprovable
The Synthesis and Structure Determination of [(Ph3P)2N]+ [Mo (CO)4BH4]- and HW2(CO)8(NO) P (OCH3)3
Finite Group Representation
The Mystic Vision of Virginia Woolf
A Study of Selected Aspects of Education for Exceptional Children in Sarasota County
Open Closed Opals
Life at the Bottom
Socio-Psychological Analysis of a Travel Agency
A Stylistic and Iconographic Study of Michelangelo's Last Judgment
Anthony Wood
Burnt Celluloid
Infrared Dehydration Studies of Ion-Exchanged Zeolite Molecular Sieves
Shakespeare's Sister, Judith
Theory versus Practice
The Shavian Superman
Man in the Coastal Zone
Toward a Reflexive Marxist Aesthetics
Crystal Glazes -- Cone Nine
Analysis of the Mental Health Service System in Sarasota County
Kinetics of Zeolite X Crystallization
An Untitled Novel
Film Adaptation of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
A Sociological Survey of Catholics and Their Beliefs
To Title or Not to Title
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
The Lysistrata Dance Theatre
A Thing is Primordially a Tool
The Iroquois Indian's Legal Relationship with the United States and the State of New York
Slides of Baccalaureate Thesis Show
Portrait of a Poet
Irony and Theme in Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones
Isadora Duncan
The Spawning Behavior of the Bluefaced Blenny, Helcogramma sp., With Notes on Egg Development and Larva
Unknown Places Unknown Spaces
The Geomorphology of a Barrier Island Chain, Southwest Florida
Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Latin America
Baire Sets and Baire Functions
Markings in the Sand
Mother-Infant Bonding in the First 24 Hours After Birth
A Description of the Cognitive Shift Occuring Between the Ages of Approximately 5 and 7
The Proton Magnetometer in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Building in America Since 1960
Poetic Language
The Janitor
A Study of Five Meyerbeer Operas in the Context of Their Cultural Milieu
A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of the Early Cleavages of Lymnaea palustris, a Freshwater, Pulmonate Gastropod
The Small Intestine and Amino Acid Transport
An Environmental Assessment of North Captiva Island
Nietzsche on Interpretation and Art
In Search of the American Carpenter Gothic
A Successional Survey of the Fire Climax Communities of Myakka River State Park
The Psychology of Film
Toward a New General Synthesis of Alkylidenecyclopropanes
A New General Synthesis of Methylencyclopropanes
A Study of the Nature of Time
Learning Abilities of the Octopus with some Comparison with Fishes
The Populist Movement and the Election of 1896
Dinner Music, a novel
Inflation and Consumer Behavior
Conventionalism and Philosophy
Introspective Exiles
Imprinting and Observational Learning in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
Bilingual Memory
The New College ModComp III Minicomputer
Three Women
Imprinting and Observational Learning in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
John Donne's 'Holy Sonnets'
The Banach-Tarski Paradox
Problems of Translating Japanese Prose into English
Gilded Age Politics and the Rise of the Philadelphia Machine
Histology of the Healing Process Following the Extraction of Teeth
A Replication and Revision of Erikson's (1951) Study of Sex Differences in the Play Configurations of Pre-Adolescents
Perspectives on Cetacean Intelligence
Towards the Mechanism of the Reaction of Phenylsulfinyl Carbene with Alkynes
Lao Tzu
Frozen Dynamics
Mass Discontent and Class Conflict in Weimar Germany
Reconstructive Morphology of the Lymnaea stagnalis L. Embryo
Effects of Lighting on Psychological Refractory Period Performance
A Study of the Florida Jail System
The Symbolism of the Snake in Ancient Greek Religion
The Collembola of Caples Bayfront
Energetics, Technics, and Politics
Approaches to Population Control
Learning to Read
Tragedy in the Modern World
The Blues What Am
Contributions to the Life Histories of Several Shrimps from Two Stations in Sarasota Bay
United States � Japan Trade
Audio-Kinetic Sculpture
Recycling Petrodollars
Warm Rhythm Cool
Profit Maximization and the International Management of Whales
Introduction to Semiconducting Photoelectrochemical Cells
Aging and Attitudinal Conservatism
Women in Politics
The Effects of Socially Induced Stressful Conditions on Physiological and Behavioral Responses of Confined Bonnethead Sharks (Sphyrna Tiburo, Tiburo)
Psychological and Literary Paradigms of Feminine Experience
The Biochemistry of Epidermal Differentiation
The Mechanisms of Fluoride Action in Relation to Dental Caries
In the Wake of National League of Cities v. Usery
Language Acquisition Strategies in Preschool Peer Inter-Actions
Cultural Myths in Five Twentieth-Century American Novels
Attitudes of the Disabled and Non-Disabled Toward the Handicapped
Breaking Water
Bachelor's Thesis in Painting
Comparison of Christian and Non-Christian Moral Values Among Adolescents
The Development of Western Calligraphy c. Fifth Century B.C. Through Sixteenth Century A.D.
Interpersonal Morality
Semantic Encoding in Rapid Breathing
A Theory of Justice
A Study of The Golden Bowl by Henry James
The Cambridge-Cambridge Controversy
Age Differences in Recognition of Semantically-Same and Semantically-Different Sentences
Mother-Infant Bonding in the First 24 Hours After Birth
Stroop Interference and Asymmetry in the Processing of Global and Local Features
The Next American Revolution
Quality of Life in Cities
Physiology and Biochemistry of Muscle Cells
Meaning in Two Languages; Poetic and Critical
In Search of a Moderate Image
Apical Meristem Structure and Function, with Particular Reference to Rhizophora mangle
Tales of the Observer
The Significance of Adult-Child Interactions for the Acquisition of Language
The Political Thought of Ibn Khaldun
A Critique of Technical Models of Rationality
Television Awareness in Ten-Year Olds
The Beginning of Knowledge
Love and War in Medieval Spain
The Old Maid's Ice Cream Parlor
What is Philosophy?
Chimpanzee Predatory Behavior and Its Relation to Human Carnivory
The Watchful Eye
The Darter or the Dam
Vitamin C, Salt, and Laetrille
The Kyrl
Adolescents' Preference for Pictures of Adults and Infants
A Comparison of the High-Energy Large-Angle Scattering Amplitude Approximations for Potential Scattering of Schiff and of Chen and Hoock
Seasonal Growth Cycles and Natural History of Two Seagrasses (Halodule wrightii Aschers and Thalassia testudinum Konig) in Sarasota Bay, Florida
Historical Roots of American Residential Architecture
The Making of 'Clonestown' � An Animated Masterpiece
Lymphocyte Transformation Inhibition Factor (LTIF) in Multiple Sclerosis Serum
A Local Study of Air Pollution and Epiphytic Lichens
The 'Art' in the Culinary Arts
The Stolen Child
The Perception of Natural Disaster
The Effects of Crude Lysate and Partially Purified Toxin from Gymnodinium breve on the Early Development of Lytechinus variegatus
The Presbyterian Minister and Presbyterian Church Growth
On the Role of Calcium in Morphogenesis of the 24-Cell Stage Lymnaea palustris Embryo
Effect of Clinically Induced Anemia on Submaximal Exercise Time in Albino Rats
New College Street Theatre of Motley Fools
Scratching the Surface
Romanticism and Volition
Stroop Color-Word Interference and Hemispheric Asymmetry
Autonomous Technology' Versus 'Appropriate Technology'
A Study of Select Chromosome Polymorphisms in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia
The Anglo-Saxons
A Bibliographic Introduciton to Female Painters, Sculptors, and Composers of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries
The Development of Number Concepts in Young Children
Nonverbal Communication
Cephalometric Roentgenography
Species-Typical Aggression and Learning
Control of Childbirth
The Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Performance
The Support Networks of the Elderly in an Adult Congregate Living Facility
Pricing Electric Power
A Discussion of Frederic Chopin's Violin-cello Sonata, Opus 65
The Political Evolution of Renaissance Italy
Malaise in Economics
Progressivism in Three Pittsburgh Elementary Schools
Eleanor and Laura
The Measurement of Mental Workload in Terms of Information Processing Using a Dual Task Analysis
Histochemical Localization of Cholinesterases in Lymnaea palustris
Exploring the Making of the Modern World
Cerebral Hemispheric Asymmetry in Meditators versus Controls
The Economics of the Non-Profit Performing Arts and Government Support Policies
Children's Attitudes Concerning Weight
The Effect of Colcemid and Cytochalasin B on the 24-Cell Stage of Lymnaea palustris
Eudora Welty
An Analysis of Various High Energy Approximations of the Scattering Amplitude for Large Angle Potential Scattering
The Application of Plural Analysis to White Settler Societies
Tours of Inspection
A Design for Sarasota's New Marine Park
Shrinkable Coverings for Topological Spaces
Senior Thesis Program Notes
Nuclear Spaces
Automated Environmental Monitoring
Stoned Clams
Political Information in a Dade County Election
The Disappearance Hypothesis
Physical Psychotherapy
The Biochemistry of Insulin
St. Foy of Conques
Qualitative and Quantitative Demonstration of Calcium in the Capsule Fluid of the Freshwater Pond Snail Lymnaea palustris
Zarathustra and Socrates
Pragmatic Structures
Crisis and Institutions
Applied Entrepreneurial Theory
The Search for Order
A Fiscal Policy for Reindustrialization
Cancer and Nutrition
Renaissance and Invention in Nineteenth Century Metz
Sculpture and Related Drawings
A Preliminary Formation of Moral Philosophy as a Means of Self-Luminous Being
Poet under Saturn
A Critique of the Paretian Value Judgments in Public Choice and Collective Choice Economics
The Two Worlds
Gender Differences in Writing Style
Angelina; a Dramatic Monologue Based on the Life and Writings of Angelina Emily Grimke (Weld) 1805-1879
The Form and Function of Cholinesterase
The Significance of Cellular Interaction in the Determination of Polarity in Lymnaea palustris; an Ultrastructural Study of the Cellular Junctions in the in the Late 24 Cell Stage
Stoned Clams
Like a God Among Men
Meaning and Method within the Conflicting Roles of Modern Theology
Differential Host Responses to Root-Knot Nematode Collections (Meloidogyne spp.)
Newton's Method in Banach Spaces
Cultural-Historical Influences on the Development of Cante Flamenco
The Synthesis of 2-Phenyl Benzoquinuclidine
The Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Acupuncture for Pain Control
The Effects of Discrepant Communications on Normal versus Emotionally Disturbed Children
An Examination of the Hydrology, Soils and Vegetation of Wet Depressions in the Flatwoods of Manatee County, Florida
Seeing John Fowles Whole
Raphael's School of Athens
The Last American
The Influence of Religious Identity on the Creative Process
Computing Galois Groups Over Q
A Survey of Gambling � An Economic Approach
Style and Form in Print Journalism
Architectural Psychology
The Politics of the New International Economic Order
Early Graves
Exchange and Equity Theory
A Floating Point Mathematical Package of Programs
The J. P. Stevens Campaign
The Unique Pollinations of Orchidaceae
The Role of Contextual Cues in Imprinting
The Indwelling Word
Those Who Forget the Past Are Condemned to Relive It
The Sacred Practice
But Evil Came Down
The Hospice Movement
Social Learning
Keith Hatch
Language and Representational Capacity
Tissue Distribution of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster Imaginal Discs
Justice and Happiness in the Republic
Gender Differences in Speed and Accuracy for Decoding Faces and Emotional Expressions
Las Meninas
Behavior Modification
Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and the Proper Concern of Philosophy
New Journalism
Silicalite and ZSM-5 Zeolite
Small Local Governments in Florida
Self Concept and Drawings
Word, Myth, Seeing and Becoming
Economic Efficiency and Environmental Law
As Once to Birth I Went, Now I am Taken Back
A State-of-the-Art Survey of Penaeid Shrimp Mariculture
Beyond the Red Herrings of Kafka's Critics
An Application of Structuralism to the Dynamics of Style and A Presentation of Paintings
Community Power Revisited
Holistic Psychotherapy
The Effects of Mosquito Control Ditching on a Mangrove Ecosystem
An Economic and Psychological Assessment of the Wage-Loss and Rehabilitation Provisions of the Florida Worker's Compensation Law
Low Cognitive Ability for Abstract Thought in the Learning Disabled
Synthesis of Lepidopteran Sex Pheromones
The Ceremony of Experience
The Effect of Telencephalon Ablation in Avoidance Conditioning in Fundulus heteroclitus
The Literary Theory and Criticism of Henry David Thoreau
The History and Methodology of Ethology with an Example of Experimental Ethology
Wastewater Aquaculture
Escape from the Prison-House of Language
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Intellectuals and Their Hostility Toward Capitalism
Faith in Spite of Evil
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Fool's Gold
Anticipate the System
Islam and Politics in Egypt and Iran
An Infrared Study of the Interaction of Copper(II) Complexes with Zeolite X
Pine Flatwoods and Seasonal Ponds of Southwest Florida
The Origins of Justice
Impact Fees and Growth Management Policy
Locus of Control Orientation in Widowed and Married Women
Psychotherapeutic Technique and Perceptions of Therapist Competence
The Biology of Schizophrenia and Physiological Restraint---A Model for Human Behavior
Kierkegaard and the Concept of Self
The N.W.C-1 Microcomputer
The Ontogeny of Photaxis in Larval Stages of the Mole Crab, Emerita talpoida (Say)
The Waste Land
Russian Apocalypticism
The Existence of Competitive Equilibrium
Logical Positivism, Conventialism and Pragmatism
Freud on Strindberg
A Computer Assisted Syntactical Analysis of Intermediate Spanish Writing
Ethical, Developmental, & Artistic Aspects of the Martial Arts
A Simulation of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea
Weltanschauungen and Models
Clementi, Czerny, Liszt, and Leschetizky
A Study of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and Electrochemical Model Systems
The Theme of Conflict in the Works of John Hersey
A History and Analysis of United Faculty of Florida
Some Christian Perspectives on the Modern State of Israel From 1967-1976
Durkheim, Simmel and Weber on Authority
The Sarasota Market for the Performing Arts
Generalizing the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem
The Open Road and the Dead End
Surfacing to Survive
Strange Conjunction
In a Heartbeat
A Study of Asymmetric Catalysis by Chiral Amines and Optimum Conditions for Maximum Yields in the Synthesis 24 of the Chiral Amine 2-Phenyl Benzoquinuclidine
A Review of Vertebrate Immunology and The Effects of Nurse Shark Serum on Malignant Cells In Vitro
Sex Differences in Achievement Goals
Natural and Quasi-Natural Hazards
Maya (or, Seeing is Deceiving)
The Economics of United States Technology Exports to the Soviet Union
German Settlement and Population Policies in Europe During World War II
Mariology in Early Netherlandish Painting
Dynamics of Organization
The Development of the Mantle Edge and Larval Shell of the Fresh-water Pond Snail Lymnaea palustris
African Socialism
Infrared and X-Ray Study of the Experimental Conditions Affecting Preparation and Lattice Breakdown of FE(III)X Zeolites
Pipe Organ Recital
Man Always Dies Before He Is Fully Born
Three Electron Bonding of Nitrogen
An Analysis of Numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the Five Pieces for Piano, Opus 23 by Arnold Schoenberg
The Moral Majority and the Interaction of Religion and Politics in America
Toward a Critical Study of Man
Alumina Catalyzed Reactions of (1,2,3,4)-Tetra-hydroquinolines
Mystic Union
Passive Solar Architecture
. . . poetically man dwells . . .'
Exercise and the Elderly
Manual of the History of the Spanish Language by Amancio Bolano e Isla. Translated into English by Eric B. Walzer
Free Agent
Broken Spears Lie in the Road
The Two Comrades, a Translation by Christian Williamson of the Povest', Dva Tovarisca, by Vladimir Voinovich
Imprinting in Japanese Quail
The Structure and Metabolism of Glycosaminoglycans
The Pacific Wolves
Cognitive Effects of Cancer Chemotherapy
Personal Land and Seascapes
Spaces In Between
The National Socialist German Workers' Party
A Possible Role for Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate as a Protein Kinase Activator in the Biochemical Mechanism of a Simple Form of Learning in Hermissenda
Infantile Autism
The Development of Acetycholinesterase in the One Through Four Day Old Pond Snail, Lymnaea palustris
Stylistic-Thematic Analyses of Six of Ernest Hemingway's Short Stories
Held Up Without a Gun
See It Like a Native
Heraclitean Ethics
The Reform Movement for the Improved Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents
Sea Level Variations in Sarasota Bay and Relations to Local Short-Period Atmospheric Forcing
Maud Gonne
The Postlarval Ocean Management Study
Cocteau's Orphee
The Effects of a Physiological and Cognitive Training Program on Polygraph Accuracy Rates
The Pioneer Spirit
Self-Mesmered Fool
New Perspectives on Fulgencio Batista's Golpe De Estado
Absolute Continuity
Music From Farther Rooms
Investigations on Primary Mesenchyme Cell Migration in the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Religious Affirmation in the Modern World
The Genetic and Physiological Control of Aggression
I Dream in Color
Handbook of Orthognathic Surgery
A Perceptual Investigation of Lower Case Script Letters
The Civil War Cabinets of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln
The Fairer Sex and Other Stories
The Role of Lymphokines and Interferons in the Regulation of HLADr Antigen Expression by Human Peripheral Blood Monocytes
The Evolution of Orpheus From the Classical Period to the Renaissance
Death of Michael
A Closed Form Approximation to the Eikonal Amplitude
The Role of Ascorbic Acid in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
The Italian Communist Party's Urban Policy
Centuries of Adulthood
Neighborhood Government
The Necessary Art
An Eriksonian Approach to Juvenile Delinquency
Current Experimental and Philosophical Issues in the Psychology of Music
The Meganovel Genre of James A. Michener
The Economics of Urban Growth
Portfolio Choice and the Demand for Real Estate
The Effects of Stormwater Run-Off on the Survivorship, Molting Rate, and Behavior of Menippe mercenaria Larvae and Megalopa
Foreign Exchange Regimes and Economic Performance in Developing Countries
Stendhal and the Heroines of His World
Psychoanalysis and Existentialism
The Effects of Lithium Chloride on Gastrulation in Lytechinus variegatus
When You Hit Something Hard, It Splinters
Passages of Light/Passages of Dark
Friedrich Hundertwasser
Pluralism in the Defense Appropriations Process
The Philosophy of Four Interpretations of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Tourism's Social and Cultural Effects in Developing Areas
Causality, Explanation, and Necessity
Immunoglobulin E as a Factor in the Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
Beyond Man
The Quality of Life in Metropolitan Areas
Influence of Coastal Features on the Settlement of Two Gulf-Coast Harbors
Paradigms and Practice in American Linguistics
Descripto Novi Collegi modi ad data compenenda nomine Pascal Utendi cum IBM SERIE/I machine computante miniscula
The Social Origin of Self
On Closed Timelike Curves Through Naked Singularities
An Essay on Post-Modern Architecture
The Stagflation Debate
Man's Quest For a Soul in Modern Fiction
The Meanings of Theory
The Use of Glow-Discharge Optical Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of a-Si
Sickle Cell Anemia Red Blood Cells
The Genetic types, Biosynthesis, and Organization of Collagen
The Changing Roles of Women in Maya Society
The Politics of Environmental Regulation
Ideology, Terror, and the Fulfillment of the Totalitarian Condition
The Universal Chord Theorm and Related Results
The Structural Determinism of Claude Levi-Strauss
Aspects of the Female Alcoholic During the First Two Years of Sobriety
Synthesis of [2,2] Pyridinophanes
Genetics and Schizophrenia
A General Systems Approach to Religion
Horology and Exploitation
A New Role for the Arts, Directed by the National Endowment for the Arts
Luther's Early Thought
Political Information-Processing of 60 Year Old Women in Sarasota, Florida
False Enemies, False Friends
Our Vanishing Beaches in Southwest Florida
Mother-Infant Bonding in the First Hour After Birth
Four Theories of Love
Development and Delusion
Soviet Perception
The Mechanisms of the Pyrolytic Reactions Over Aluminum Oxide of Some 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinoline Derivatives
The Origins of Conversation in the United States, 1870-1908
From Parametrics to Technological Jurisprudence
Community Mental Health and Psychiatric Care
Intramolecular Electron Transfer Between Nicotinamide and Adrenine
A Random Walk with Early Man Through the New World
Television Broadcasting
The Contradictory Binding Tie
The Natural and Cultural History of the Salt Flats of Tidy Island, Bradenton, Florida
The Use of Gestalt Therapy to Change Dogmatic Cognitive Functioning
A Review of Cleaning Symbiosis Involving Reef Fishes
United Nations Crisis Bargaining
Mirage of the 'Two Pillars'
Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Some Fourteen-Membered Macrocycles and Their Colbalt(II) and Nickel(II) Metal Complexes
The History of Zoological Gardens Within the Context of Biological Developments
Reaction of Fe(II)X Zeolites With 1.10-Phenanthroline and 2,2'-Bipyridine
The United States and the Dominican Republic
Female Archetypes in Celtic Mythology
Pragmatical Linguistics
Apollonian and Dioysian Tension in Buddenbrooks
The Life-cycle Hypothesis
Creative Process
Modern Perspectives of the Faust Myth in Literature
Recharacterization of Maximal Ideals of C(X) and C*(X)
United States' Energy Policymaking and the Energy Crisis of 1973-74
Trade and Income Distribution
Introducing Children to Reading
Touch and Wellness
Arch Creek Park and Conservation Archaelogy
Castro's Las Mocedades Del Cid and Corneille's Le Cid
Born to Surf
The Implementation of a Relational Database Management System on the IBM Series One Minicomputer
Morphogenesis From Early Cleavage Through Gastrulation in Normal and Lithium-Treated Sea Urchin Embryos
Black Souls Black Selves
Images of Paris Under the Second Empire
The Development of the City of Sarasota's Sewerage System From 1900 to the Present
Classical Guitar Recital of Works by Mil�n, Narv�ez, Mudarra, J. S. Bach, Guiliani, T�rrega, Villa-Lobos, Moren-Torroba and Lauro Together With an Historical-Analytical Paper on the Works Performed
The Grotesque Face of the Good
The Baroque Glory of John Donne and the Metaphysical Music of George Herbert
Lord Baltimore's World
Artificial Nursery Habitat Development for Stone Crabs (Menippe mercenaria, Say 1819)
Realism and Formalism
Diastereoface Selection in the Deracemization of an �-Amino Acid Derivative
Gunter Eich
Into 'the Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop of the Heart'
Legal Realism and Social Science
An Analysis of the Political Thought of Deiderius Erasmus with a Comparison to the Political Thought Thomas More, Philip Melanchthon, Martin Bucer, and Ulrich Zwingli
One More River to Cross
Berkeley's Refutation of Scepticism
Follies Held Hostage
Same As It Ever Was
Heaven and the Body Politic
Sleeping Standing Up (poems) and The First Three Books of Poems an essay on the early works of John Berryman
Blood and Iron
The Private Woman in the Public World
A Boy's Guide to William Thurston
Revelations of Freedom
Practicing Buddhism in America (!,,or?) The what and how with an occasional why. A beginner's guide to the practices of Buddhism
Theodicy in Literature
Assimilation and Diversity
A Small Scale Benthic Study of the Myakka River Estuary
Volumetric Analysis of Sea Urchin Gastrulation in Lytechinus variegatus
The Mechanism of the Alkoxy-Accelerated Rearrangement of 1-Trimethylsiloxy-2-(1Propenyl)-2-Methylcyclopropane to 1-Hydroxy-2,4-Dimethyl-3-Cyclopentene
A BASIC Compiler
An Experiment to Determine the Critical Exponent � Near the Consolute Critical Point in a Binary Liquid
Can I Get a Witness?
The Morphogenetic Effects of Colchicine on Primary Mesenchyme Cell Ingression and Migration and Gastrulation in the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus
Morality Based on Reason
Economic Analysis of Photovalic Energy Production
Degree of Interpopulational Variation in the Polychaete, Chaetopterus variopedatus, With a Review of Natural History
The Braggart Warrior
Dulle Griet
From Intention to Concrete
The Erlanger Program
A Cycle of Psalms
Light and Color
The Hammocks of South and Central Florida
Bicycle Policy of Sarasota
The Search for a Prescriptive Account of the Nature of Science
Economic Development in Mexico and Colombia
An 'Outside' View of the United States of America
Bureaucracy and the State
Experience, Dialogue, & Process
The Jenny on the Tree
The Past is the Contested Zone
Aluminum in Zeolite Y; Dealumination, Attempted Exchange, Determination of Forms of Al(III) in the Zeolite
Uncle Sam Takes the Stage
A Theory of Institutions in the American Political System
The Ultrastructural Embryology of the Frillfin Goby, Bathygobius soporator
Continuity, Control and Conflict in Non-Legal Societies
The Effect of Short-term Deprivation and Isolation on the Use of Figural Identity in Apparent Motion
An Oboe Recital of Works by Haydn, Schumann, Poulenc and Handel Together with Analytical Notes on the Works Performed
A Computer Application to Classical Language Education
Asymmetric Syntheses Based on Recoverable Optically Active Primary, Secondary and Quaternary Amines
Good Intentions? The Office of Economic Opportunity
Inner Oceans
Form, Figure, and Environment
Chinese Outside Chinatown
Conflict within the Human Figure
A Case of Common Interest
A Model of Demand for Goods with Interdependent Consumer Preferences
The Effect of AFDC on Fertility
A Polemical Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy in Nicaragua
Cellular Automata Approach to Model Sea Urchin Gastrulation
Synthesis of Chloro(1,4 � Bis (Isopropyl) � 1,4(S,S) � Diethylenetriamine) Platinum(II) Chloride
From 'Snippets of Empiricism' to 'Unabashed Mentalism'
Angles of Imagination
The Outdoor Recreation Experience
Electrochemical Behavior of Some Model Compounds of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide with a Brief Overview of Chemical Evolution
French and Spanish Naturalism
Cerebral Lateralization of Function and Implications for some Aspects of Psychodynamic Theory
Women and Revolution
The British in Palestine 1900-1948
Artist's Proof
(Dis)Solving the Paradox
A New Deal for the Nation's Rural Poor
The Biophysics of Human Photoreception
By Mutual Correspondence
Utopia on the Half-Shell
Structure for Semisimple Rings Satisfying Chain Conditions
Testing Jungian Typology in an Educational Setting
Zinc Animalization of Embryos of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Kind and Unusual Punishment
A Scanning Electron Microscopiacal Analysis of the Hyaline Layer During Development of the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus
Learning and Aggression
An Ecological Analysis of an Insect Assemblage of Yucca in Florida with Descriptive Notes on the Autecologies of Selected Taxa
The Structure and Process of Meaning
A Theme on a Variation
Motley Emblem
The Evolution of Woman's Voice in Literature
Desargues' Property and the Algebraic Structure of Projective Planes
Romantical Practicalities
The Economics of Crime
Ludwig von Beethoven's Sixth Symphony
Faces and Figures
Justification and the Right to be Sure
The Interaction of Twospotted Spider Mites and Leafminer Flies on Excised Chrysanthemum Leaves
A Computer Program for Raptor Classification
Heinrich Heine and the History of Germany During the Restoration
Squirming Like an Aesthete
Economic Models of Civil Litigation and Settlement
The Concept of Personhood, Individualism, and the Natural Environment
Strange Mutations
Understanding the 'Song of Songs'
An Introduction to the Geometry of Gauge Field Theories
Repetition in Poetic Structure
Strange Attractors
Technical Imperatives in Progressive Politics
The Primary World and the Secondary World in W. H. Auden
Social Aspects of Eating Disorders and Body Image
Vector Fields in America
Anna Neagoe
Protein-Calorie Malnutrition
Toward a Clearer Understanding of the American Urban System
Chaotic Behavior in the Nerve Membrane
Gopherus Polyphemus
Chaos as Transcendence
A Test of the Curvature Interaction Hypothesis for the Takahashi Gas Model With a Finite Square Well Potential
Parzival and the Grail
Ideological Socialization in the United States Congress
Psychedelics and Experimental Mysticism
The Mask of Diotima
Exposing the Self
The Role of Bureaucracy in the Income Tax Legislative Process
Socialization into Arts Attendance
Automorphism Groups of Graphs
The Economic Well-being of the Elderly
A Wholistic Approach to the Environment
New College Modula
What is Cognitive Mapping?
The Care and Feeding of Your Fractal
The Enigmas of Cognition and Affect
The Role of the Spectator in the Art of Jasper Johns
Institutional Housing for the Frail Elderly
The Archaeological Mollusca of Cerros, Belize
Continuities of Authoritarian Political Consolidation in Pre- and Post-Revolutionary Mexico
Henry Kissinger
The Spread of Protestantism in the Maya Area
Hospice Care
The Pond
Seamus Heaney
The Transcendent and Human Relationships in the Novels of Williams
Theater and Society in Fin de Siccle Vienna
On the Ethics of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky
Chop Suey
Honorable Companions
Relationships Between Deterministic and Nondeterministic Time and Space Complexity
The Search for Cytoplasmic Motors
A Group Experience for Residents of a Long-Term Care Nursing Facility
The Pun as Paradigm
Context, Expectation, and Mindlessness
Gergen and Neisser
The Spanish Feminist Perspective on Family Planning Centers in Madrid
Gaussian Linguistics
'Half in Sunlight � Half in Shade'
Historical Consciousness and Contemporary Catholicism
Control Over Technologies
Synthesis of Thin-Layer Spectroelectrochemistry of an Fe-Cu Heterobinuclear Complex, a Model for the Cytochrome a3 Active Site
The Society That Cares
Count Cavour and the Unification of Italy
The Tathagatagarbha and the Chinese Transmission of Buddhism
Patterns of Cell Division During Morphogenesis of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Simulated Annealing
Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds and the Hausdorff Dimension of the Limit Set
Behavioral Simularities Between Temporal Lobe Epileptics and Chronic Alcoholics
Networks of Light and Shadow
Data Compression Techniques for Digital Images
AB Initio Calculations of the Hydrogen-Bond in Dimeric Water
Prelinguistic Communication in Infants
Glass Houses
Religious Fundamentalism
Aid to Families With Dependent Children (AFDC)
A Biography of W.E.B. DuBois
Art for Self-Expression
Denying Knowledge to Make Room for Faith
An Examination of Nietzsche's and Plato's Notions of Creativity
Sensory Systems of Cetaceans
Micro-Macrocosmic Visions
Papa Lago
Object Recognition Using Fourier Descriptors Technique
An Eikonal Model of the Effects of Spin in High-Energy Elastic Proton-Proton Scattering Interactions
The Archaeology of Coastal Belize, Central America
A Model for the Hardening of the Vitelline Layer During Its Transition into the Fertilization Envelope After Insemination in Lytechinus variegatus
Comparative Study of Interaction of Exchanged Cations with Zeolites A and X, Including Effects of Ligands Ammonia, Pyridine and 2,4-Pentanedione
Siduri Revisioned
American National Security
A Poetics of the Short Story
The Bridge Between Art and Life . . . The Development of Thomas Mann's Conception of the Artist and His Relationship to the Outside World
Translating the Hegelian Aufhebung
A Thin-layer Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Some Ligand-bridged Cyanoferrate Complexes
Women and Power in Monumental Classic Maya Art
Oral and Written Style
A Study of Zinc (II) and Cadmium (II) Exchanged Zeolites 4A and 13X Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Possibilities of the Short Story
A Comprehensive Review of the Pathenogenesis and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus, Types I and II
Using a Geographic Information System to Meet Local Government Environmental Objectives
The Synthesis and Analysis of Some Tethered Quinhydrone Oligomers
Flexibility, Amorality and the State
Nowhere to Run
Theory and Policy in British Financial Markets Before the First World War
Godel's Theorem of Incompleteness
Classification of Simply Connected Riemann Surfaces
Canada and the United States and the Free Trade Agreement
A Follow-up Study of the Sarasota Nurturing Program
Blues and the White Boogie
Attempted Synthesis of 2,5- tetracyanoquinodimethano [2.2] paracyclo (9,10) anthracenophane
The Social World of the First Year Teacher
Creative Direction
The Search for an International Auxiliary Language
Two Models for Improving Personal Interaction
A Basic Understanding of Acupuncture
A Biomechanical Analysis of Locomotion in the Mangrove Tree Crab Aratus pisonii
Theories of Imperialism
Thematic Continuities & Disparities in the Early Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire
Mind's Eye
Caregiving Relationships
Trace-ing the Different Voices Within the Space of the Current Debate on Education
The American Trade Deficit
Who Cares If You Compose? The Role of Serious Music in Contemporary Society
The Frankfurt Parliament and the Failure of German Liberalism in the Nineteenth Century
Agression in Cyprinodon variegatus
Environmental Correlates of Feeding Behavior in the Brown Pelican
Nikolai Gogol and The Fantastic
Isolated Imagination, Innocent Ambition
Evil and the Comic Vision
The Emerald Kingdom
The Isolations and Characterization of a Unique Human �-Spectrin cDNA Fragment and Its Relevance to the Field
An Economic Analysis of the Modern State Lottery
Synthesis of 1- Methoxybenzocyclobutene-1-acid
Re-creating the Shore
Three Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Spoil Piles on Longboat Key, Florida
How Caring is Child Care? The Reality of Child Daycare
REMAINS � A Play With Music
Shades of Gray
Reflections in the Shape of a Fugue
The World of Mitig . . . 'What?'
Surface Geometry by Moving Frames
Change and Perspective
Language and the Law
Postmodernism Looks at the Works of Robert Rauschenberg
Mythology in Practice
The Photocollages of David Hockney and Steven Prenner
The Ghetto Riots of the 1960's
Cairo 1926
Conjuring Womanhood
From Redemption to Corruption
Profiles of Sexual Fatalities
Oxidative Behavior of [2.2] Pyridinophanes
A Legal Analysis of the Sanctuary Movement
Boccaccio, Chaucer, and Christine de Pizan
An Examination of the Structure and Reform of the United States Corporate Income Tax
Social Isolation and Loneliness as Indexes in Determining the Influence of Coping on Health
The Solitude Series
Depression and Perceived Locus of Control in the Institutionalized Elderly
Shadows of Rationality
The Synthesis and Characterization of High-temperature Superconductors
Psychology and the Law
Music and Aging
Developmental Morphology and Biochemistry of Chick Neural Retina Mediated by Cell-Extracellular Matrix Communication
A Formal and Descriptive Typology for Maya Postclassic Structures of the East Coast Regions of Quintana Roo, Mexico
An Impatial Jury of One's Peers? � Psychology and Jury Selection
A Localization of Phonological Interference in the Stroop Effect
The History of Learning Theory Within Biology and Cognitive Psychology
Representing Rape
A New Approach to Modeling Biological Systems
Theater From Scratch
Behavioral and Physiological Analysis of the Crustacean LIGIA
An Investigation of Uncertainty in the Dreams of the Institutionalized Elderly
Splitting Hairs?
Beyond Finding 'X'
A Piano Recital of the Works of J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy and Prokofiev; With Historical and Analytical Notes on the Works Performed
Halothane Effects on Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Receptor Complexes in Rat Cerebral Cortex �
The Desires of Egon Schiele and Georges Bataille
The Tournament in History, in Literature, and as a Social Ritual
A Comparison of the Amount of Organic Matter in the Sediments of Two Tidal Creeks
International Responsibility for Environmental Injury
Stratification in Baker Act Receiving Facilities
DeBranges' Proof of the Bierbach Conjecture
An Analysis of Technology as a Social and Political Phenomenon
Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders
A Narratological Study of Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy
A Geometric Description of Thermodynamic Systems
The Evolution of Evolution --Three People that Darwin Dismissed
Battered Women--An Overview of the Problem with a Focus on the Demographics of Women Seeking Shelter in Sarasota, FL
The Effects of Strong Magnetic Fields on the Hydrogen Atom
Common Genetic Ties Between Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and Normal Aging
The Measure of Poverty
A Language Independent Text Editor � Eclectic Editor Manual
Much Ado About the Sharecropper
The Policy of Prestige
Coming to Writing
Out of My Heads
No Other Side
Attractiveness Versus Similarity
Behavioral Management of Tramatically Head-Injured Patients
The Gulf War Impact on the Economic Development of Iran and Iraq
Perceptual Defense, Repression/ Sensitization and Hemispheric Dominance
A Computer Study of the Ergodic Properties of a One-Dimensional Square-Well Takahashi Fluid Model
Mexicans in Sarasota, Florida
The Deskilling of Labor in the Boat Building Industry
An Analysis of Sus Scrofa
Relativistic Corrections to the Three-Dimensional Hydrogen Atom in Intense Magnetic Fields
Applications of Linear Series
Solutions to Alienation
Instrumentalists Vs. Structuralists; A Marxist Debate of the Domination of the State
Transnationalism, Nonviolent Resistance, and the Individual
LiCl-Induced Disturbance of the Determination of Dorsoventral Organization of Embryos of the Pulmonate Lymnaea palustris
The Concepts of Equality and Liberty in Democratic Theory Practice
Conquest and Rule of Valencia by El Cid and Jaime I
Implicating Antonin Artaud in the Transgressing Machine and Fetish Projections of 432 Frames
An Account for the Departure from Newtonian Gravity
Hermit Crab Attraction to Gastropod Predation Sites
Learning as Related to Aggression in Cyprinodon variegatus
The Grenadian Crisis and the Future of the Commonwealth Caribbean
Republican Strategies in the Cold War
Editing and Journalism in a Liberal Arts Context
The Edge of Law & Economics
The Unique Vision of Eudora Welty
Play, Language, and Culture
Morphogenetic Effects of �-Aminopropionitrile on Gastrulation in the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Constant Thermodynamic Speed Simulated Annealing for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Psychological Research and Therapy
The Philistine
Emptiness and Environmental Ethics
Military Expenditures
The Art of Chaos
Diary of a Space Alien
In Sylvan Sarasota
Images of Cancer
A Deliberate Lack of Finish
Franz Kafka's Search for Paradise
France and European Integration
The Women of Sophocles
Dealumination of Synthetic Faujasites NaX and NaY
A Changing United Nations
Correlative Light and Scanning Electron Microscopial Study of Changing Cellular Patterns and Extracellular Matrix Morphology During the Early Cleavage Stages of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
The War on Poverty, An Analysis of a Body of Programs Uniquely Unsuited for Success in the American Political System
Jim Dine
SIMBY! Start In My BackYard; Backyard Solutions to Global Problems
Leontief's Open Input-Output Model
A Study of the Anatomy and Reproduction of Sharks
The Late H2B Histone Gene of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus is Developmentally Regulated by a Novel Transcription Factor Binding to a Downstream Enhancer
Going Beyond
The Relationship Between Reflection/Impulsivity and Teaching Method
An Exploratory Study of Political Ideology and Event Perception
Fun 'N' Games in International Relations
Beyond Control
The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training
Social Status and Hierarchy at The Living Room
Drug Control, Organizations, and Politics
Beyond Beans an' Greens
Rationality and Reform
Montessori Education in America
Levels of Herbivory on Black and White Mangroves
Creative Writing Among the Genres
The Determination of Cyclodextrin-Guest Inclusion Constants by Competition with Indicator Dyes
Relics (a Novel)
Ribulose-1,5-Biophosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase
Ethanol Teratogenesis in the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus; An Experimental Cellular Model for Alcohol Toxicity and Its Relevance to the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Cognitive Therapy
To Touch the Magnolia, a Novella with an Accompanying Essay
Today's Housewife
The Effect of Gestural Language on Motor Functions
Dance Therapy as Emotional Intervention
Conditions for Embedding
The Role of Local Environmental Organizations in Environmental Politics
Turning Tables
Get Up, Stand Up
Toward Restoration of Sarasota Bay A Study of the Effectiveness of Programs Designed to Protect Sarasota Bay
Mapping the Homeless World
Two Dimensional Versus Three Dimensional Mental Image Generation
PARADISE bound; An Academic Experience in Filmmaking
Sensing Art in the Elements
The Horrible Game
Seeing What You Are Looking At
Celtic Mythology and the Myth of the Celts
An Historical Examination of Klaus Mann's Mephisto
Education and the Legitimation of Knowledge
Kill, Fuck, Eat
An Economic Examination of the Illicit Markets for Cocaine and Marijuana
The Effects of 8-Azaguanine, Sodium Selenate and Sodium Selenite on Archenteron Formation and Spiculeogenesis During Gastrulation in the Sea Urchin Embryo
Of Psychology and Advertising
Max Ernst's Une Semaine de bonte
Neville Chamberlain and the Policy of Appeasement in the 1938 Munich Crisis
Temporary Permanence
The Public, the Student, and the Composer in the United States Through 1920
Egyptian Islamic Modernism
The Elysian Fields
The House, the Prison, and the Circle
Comparing Amphibian Lens Protein Changes by SDS-Page, Polycrylamide Gel Electrophoresis, Resulting from Increased Extra-Cellular Calcium (II) Concentrations
The Conception and Execution of Two Florida Coastal Estates
Psychology and Law
Changing Contexts
Beyond the Usual
Terra Nostra
Evil and Villainy in the Worlds of Richard III, Othello, and MacBeth
Defense Procurement and the Military Microeconomy
Brilliant, Dazed and Confused
Rape in Literature
Selecting an Intermediate Target for an Activist Monetary Policy
First Days at a Small Liberal Arts College
The Regimental History of the 36th Regiment of Virginia Infantry, CSA
A Comprehensive Field Study of Cyprinodon variegatus Lacepede
The Evolution of Magic Realism
Nursing Homes and Their Clients
Paradigmatic Considerations of the Constructconsciousness
The Many and the One
The Origins and Evolution of Radio News
Protocol and Technique for the measurement of Trans-Membrane Potentials in the Mature Egg, Zygote, and Early Embryo of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Orientation and Navigation in Animals and Robots
Interdependence and Similarity as Factors in the Development and Maintenance of Friendship
On the Way to the Middle Path
On Children and Death
Ceramic Glazes
How God Speaks
Fun 'N' Games in International Relations
Vision and Revision in the Novels of Toni Morrison
A Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy and Sterecon (Stereo Contouring) Study of Seventh Clevage in the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
Rigidity Theorems Involving Principal Curvature
Repeated Deciliation with 2x Hpertonic Seawater Temporarily Arrests Development in the Sea Urchin Embryo L. variegatus
The Popular Works of Oliver Sacks
Aerobic Exercise and Shyness
Experimental Approaches to Creative Writing
State Intervention and the Battered Women's Shelter
Green Girls and their Men (poems) and The Poetry of Boris Pasternak, an essay with translations
Unspoken Words
The Child Brings Herself into Theatre Instruction
Exercise in Text Collecting
The Florida Addictions Treatment Center
Transcendence in the American Civil Religion
The Foreign Policy of Gustav Stresemann
Frame Analysis
The Evildoer as Ontological Outlaw
Men and Abortion
The Clearest Waters in the Cosmos
FTIR Spectra of Group II and Europium Ion Exchanged Zeolite A
Gender and Humor
The Future of Newspapers
The Ideology of Prime-Time Science Fiction
Diadema antillarum on Looe Key Marine Sanctuary
A Return to Normalcy
Setting the Framework for Sustainable Development
Comparison of Forest Floor and Canopy Humus in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
Physical Attractiveness as a Function of Contextual Effects
American Propaganda in World War II
The Effects of Bodywork on Body-Imaging and Well-Being
The Tallant Collection
Getting Along in Years
Effects of the EEC's Agricultural Policies on Less-Developed Countries
Shifts in Patterns and Practices of Mexican American Alcohol Use as a Function of Acculturation
Secular Culture of the Fifteenth Century English Aristocracy
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
The Interesting Electrochemical Behavior of N-(3 Phenyl-n-Propyl)-Nicotinamide Bromide, a Model of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
Die Politiks
The Catholic Charismatic Movement in the United States
The Cultural Relevance of Pop Psychology
Derrida and Wittgenstein
Creating a Novel
Carbohydrate Composition of the Endothelial Cell Glycocalyx in Rabbit Lungs
The Presidential Fact-Finding Missions to Vietnam During the Kennedy Administration 1961-1963
Voices in the Sky
Influence on Estradiol and Progesterone on the Pregnancy Outcome of Macaca nemestrina
Madness and the Self in the Writing of Three Women
Sarasota County's Future Waste Disposal Complex on the Walton Tract
Subverting Time
An Environmental Assessment of Morphological Influences on the Cultural Eutrophication of Whispering Sands-Sandy Hook Lagoon
A Critical Study of Robert Hass
Modulation of Agonistic Behavior by Hormones and Social Conditions in the Intact Female Pupfish, Cyprinodin variegatus (L.)
The Eckerd Wilderness Educational System
The Harmonic Series as a Practical Approach to Just Intonation
The Social Construction of Gender
Isolation and Identification of Cyanidin Chloride from Ixora coccinea Flowers
A Chemical and Biochemical Analysis of Vitamin C
Archaeological Investigations at Site 92
Crime and Power in America
From Maria Theresa to Joseph II
Restoring Florida's Native Landscape
The Outward Bound Experience
Marriage Portraiture from the Renaissance to the Present
The Poet and the Muse by Leonid Vinogradov
Minimal Surfaces
Economics and Antitrust Law
Objective Correlatives, Subjective Selves
Language, Culture, and Textbooks in Twenieth-Century Spain
Around the World in 30 Minutes
Missa Thesis
Toxicity in Rhizophora mangle
A Thematic Commentary of Euripides' Medea
The Testimony of Ancient Astronauts
Victims of Environmental Ideals
The Experience of The Satyricon, Through Selected English Translations
Recent Works
Closing the Gates
Deconstructing Paleoanthropology
No Sell-Out?
Otherness and Surrealism
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Perceived Control
Indigenous Psychology
Calcium Function in Neuronal Activity
Economic Integration in Latin America
The Traffic Limited Zone of Florence, Italy
The Language of Otavalo--Ecuador
But Let Flesh Touch with Flesh
The Design and Implementation of a Data Acquisition System on the Apple Macintosh for Use in Physics Experiments
Lesbian Mother
Sarasota Bay Mangroves 1991
Carl Jung and the Creative Process -- A Personal Handbook with Original Poems
The Tensionalism of Albert Camus
Voices without Dialogue
Prenatal Diagnosis, Gene Therapy, and Their Ethical Implications
The Underlying Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Pro-Life Activists Concerning Abortion and Euthanasia
Designing Happiness
Food Preferences, Shell Preferences, and an Ethogram of the Terrestrial Hermit Crab Coenobita clypeatus
Sathya Sai Baba and the Art of Apotheosis
Cuba, 1933-1940
The Myth of the West
Dream Stories
This Revolution Will Not Be Televised
The Ethics and Politics of Organ Transplantation
Nikolai Gogol and Russian Romanticism
The Sevenfold Oxhide Shield
The History of the Natural Arch Formation in Landscape Painting
Horror Fiction
Formation of the Embryonic Pigment Echinochrome and Inhibition of Hatching in the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus
Computer Animated Sculpture
Familial Changes Accompanying the Disclosure of Father-Daughter Incest
Possible Roles for the Extracellular Matrix in Archenteron Morphogenesis of the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus
The Allure of the Human Form
Creating Competitiveness
Investigations Leading to the Nucleotide Sequence of the Most 5' Region and the 3' Region Proximal to the Iron-Sulfar Cluster of the Human Enzyme Electron Transfer Flavoprotein Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase
Lifting the Veil
The Origins of the Russo-Finnish War 1939-1940
Success and Failure in Sarasota Public Housing
Surrealism & Phenomenology
The Novels of Ursula K. Le Guin
Creativity as an Adaptive Feature in Cetaceans and Humans
Selling a Symbolic Self
Isis and the Church Fathers
The American Student Experience from the Other Side
Etiology and Treatment of Anorexia and Bulima Nervosa
The Foreign Policy of Benjamin Disraeli
On Music in Psychology
Women Writing (Un)Reality
The Life and Achievements of Cosima Wagner
Bilingualism in Quebec
O Viveret Democritus!
Improving Imperative Programming Languages
Voice and Sequence in the Poems of Sharon Olds, with a Selection of Original Poems, 'Shimmy on the Highroad'
American Apocalyptic
The Symbol of the Circle
The Voices of Alastor, A Poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley
White Summer A Novel
Synthesis and Partial Characterization of a Novel Iron-Nitrilotriacetate-Glyceraldehyde Complex
Domestic German Policy Actors in the European Community Policy-Making Process
Historic Preservation in Sarasota
Tangos with the Goddess(es)
Mr. Osborne, May I Be Excused? My Brain is Full
Envisioning and (Re)Visioning the Past
Studies of Chaotic Phenomena in the Biological Sciences
Lilith and Nimu�
Women, Sexuality and Virtue
The Truth of Sexuality
Climatic and Sea Level Changes in the Peninsulas of Florida and Yucatan and the Subsequent Impact Upon Indigenous Culture
Mujeres Entre Dos Mundos
The Individual's Relationship with Nature
Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Michael Walzer's Theory of Justice
From Coffeehouse to Revolution
A Comparison of Predation Scars on Mollusc Shells by Marine Predators
3H-Amino Acid Incorporation and Localization in Endodermal Cells, and the Lumen of the Archenteron in Early, Mid, and Late Gastrulae of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
A Photoidentification Guide to the Diatoms Present in Sarasota Bay, Winter/Spring 1991-92
A Comparison of the Decapod Crustaceans from Ecotones Among Seagrass and Continuous Stands of Seagrass
Postmodern Art and the Politics of Representation
Life Without Syrup and Other Stories
The Effects of Eco-cultural Variables on Way-finding Abilities
De Beers Centenary A.G.
Imago Meditationis
Dismantling Apartheid
Decisions, Decisions
Variations in the Photopigments of the Dinoflagellate Symbiodinium Microadriaticum Freudenthal in Symbiosis with the Scleractinian Coral Porites Furcata Across the Lagoon/Back-Reef Area of the Northern Fringing Reef of Belize, Central America
A Measurement of Stress in Sixth-Grade Children Using Three Different Measures
No Sound or Scent
Babbling on the Threshold
The Polemics and Poetics of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
A Nest Site Selection Study of the Florida Barred Owl
The Iteration of Complex Cubic Polynomials
The Preference Reversal Phenomenon
Women and Islamic Law in Morocco, Iran, and Saudi Arabia
Navigating Delirium
A Scientific Study of the Historic Artists' Pigment Aureolin
Epistemological Crisis in the Work of Thomas Pynchon
Ballet as an Occupation
The Faces of the Deceiver in Classical Greek Literature
Into Thin Air
Participative Management
Historical Approaches to Two Dilemmas of Physics Education
Removal of the Hyaline Layer and Apical Lamina of Early and Late Cleavage Stages of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus while Retaining Optimal Embryo Morphology
Application of Microinjection and Histochemical Techniques to the Preliminary Examination of the Presence of Hyaluronan in the Sea Urchin Embryo, Lytechinus variegatus, During Gastrulation
Riding the Sphinx
Liberating Wendy and Other Disney Fictions
A Spin-Dependent Model of High-Energy Elastic Proton-Proton Collisions
The Spa
The Psychology of Writing
Design for a University Building
Hoofbeats on the Wind
Age and Belief in a Just World
The Limitations of Local Press Coverage
Self-Deception Reconsidered
James Joyce's 'Araby' in Korean
Faces of a Thousand Heroes
A Preliminary Report on Big Mound Key in Charlotte Harbor State Reserve
Mucking about in the 'Big Blue' Sewer
Selective Attention and Inhibitory Priming
Playground Play
The Relationship Between Distractor Inhibition and Hemispheric Lateralization
Pains, Pleasures, and Puns
An Old Newspaperman Writes New Journalism
A Study of Language Policies in the European Semiperiphery
Proust and the Varnish of Masters
Male Gaze
Watching Watching Television
An Exploration of the Myth of Medea and Six of its Artistic Manifestations
Going in Circles
The Empire Builders by Boris Vian, Translation, Production and Set Design
Kill Yr Idols
The Future of Print Journalism
The Apt Seductress
An Analysis and Evaluation of the Oregon Basic Health Services Act
Asset Market Decision Making
A Novel in Progress
Mutations in Space-exposed Tomato Seeds, Lycopersicon esculentum
Reel Stories
To Write or Not to Write
Garbage and Government
An Analysis of Attitude toward Death in Tolstoy's 'Master and Man,' War and Peace, Anna Karenina, and 'The Death of Ivan Ilych'
The Van Der Waals Equation of State
Symbolic and Psychological Aspects of Vistas
The Behavioral Ecology of the Nanday Conure (Nandayus nenday), an Introduced Parrot Species in Sarasota, Florida
Gladstone's Irish Policy
An Integrative Approach to the Study and Application of Affect and Cognition
The Cultic Struggle
Drawing the Line
Joseph K's Inner Struggle
The Ring of Truth
The Crisis of Culture in Late Imperial Vienna
A Study of Antifilarial Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in the Brugia malayi/Balb/C Immunosuppressed Murine Model
Historic Archaeology at Sherburne
The Image of the Garden in English Renaissance Literature
The Effect of Contact on Race Relations Among Mexican American and Anglo High School Students
The Arts Therapies
The Oxidative Behavior of [2.2] (2,6) (2,6) Pyridinophane
The Epiphytic Bromeliads of a Jungle Pool, Andros Island, The Bahamas
Between the Market and the State
Elliptic Curves
Juan Vicente Gomez
Defining a New Educational Approach Through an Assessment of Gifted Programs and Theories
Gold Tree and Silver Tree
Cabeza de Vaca
Deconstruction as Literary Criticism
The Reel Picture
Agonistic Behavior and the Establishment of the Dominance Relationship in the Belted Sandfish, Serranus Subligarius
Feeding Preferences in the Fall Webworm Hyphantria cunea (Drury) (Lepidoptera
A Company of Phantoms
The Spot Blanch Display in a Simultaneous Hermaphrodite, The Sea Bass Serranus Subligarius
Freedom and Control in Eco-Political Theory
A Sense of Humor
American Educational Thought 1900 to Present
A Comparative Study of Asceticism
Hesiod's Theogony
The Distribution and Taxonomy of the Genus Tradescantia in Florida with Specific Discussion of the Species Tradescantia Roseolens
A Theory of the Paleolanguage of Homo Habilis
Separation and Purification of a Suspected Ichthyotoxin in Rhizophora Mangle Leaves
The Unification of Italy
Legal Ethics and Legal Education
Ring the Change
Ethno-Regional Patronage, the Presidency, and the Demand for Resources in a Rural Polity
Russia and Its Integration into the Global Economy
The Origins of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870
Whose Morality? Public Polarization of American Culture
Utopia and Dystopia in Recent Feminist Fiction
An Exploration of the Myths Describing Southern Women
Imitation In A Dog (Canis familiaris)
Text Compression Techniques
The War on Schools
The Southern African Trap
Milk, Blood, and Tears
The Acting Teacher
The Intoxicated Imagination
Freedom, Anomie, and Alienation in the Social Theories of Durkheim and Marx
Sea Level Rise in Southwest Florida
Exploration of Development Policy in Practice
A Theoretical Paradigm for the Analysis of Intelligence Policy and Politicization
Discover the Wetlands
The Singing of The Real World
Parody, Paradox and Critique
The Role of Cinematic and Televisual Forms in the Struggle for Participatory Democracy
The Effect of Relative Size on Agonistic Behavior Shown by the Seabass, Serranus subligarius, in the Laboratory
Women in Exile
Eye Imagery in the Poetry of John Donne
Myths of the Feminine
Acting Womanish
The Dade County Medical Examiner Office and Dr. Joseph H. Davis
Carapace Epibionts of Nesting Caretta caretta on Casey Key, Florida
This is Art
A Philosophical Examination of the Psychology of C. G. Jung
Watching with Both Eyes'
Feminism, Islam and the State in Egypt from the Nineteenth Century to the Contemporary Period
The King, The Church and the Law
The Behavior and Sensory Perception of a Sarasota, Florida Population of the Mangrove Tree Crab, Aratus pisonii (H. Milne Edwards) (Brachyura
Differential Deterrence Effects of Criminal Sanctioning as a Function of Crime Type
Earth-Sheltered and Underground Architecture in Response to Climate � A Prehistoric Building Concept for Modern American Design
Uncovering Martin Luther King Jr
The Unheroic Hero
Dancing in the Abyss
Educating Limited-English Proficient Students
The Empire of the Mouse
Stranging Times in New Electric City
An Examination of United States Involvement in Haiti During the Duvalier Regime
Meta-Analysis or � On the Present State of Musical Discourse
A Queer Fable
The Anatomy of the Sympathetic Nervous System for the Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera bonasus
Capturing Natural Worlds in Paint
Blood Chemistry of the Bottlenose Dolphin and its Implications for Evaluating Individual Differences in Conjunction with Observational and Subjective Means of Assessment
Implementation at the Environmental Protection Agency
This Is Anais Nin
Of the Heart
Carbonic anhydrase
Writing and the State Among the Sumerians and the Maya
Poems, Lies, and the Rest of It
The Rationality of Belief in God
Captivity as a Stressor and Behavioral Modification as a Technique for Reducing Pathological Behavior
The Cultural Identity of Sarasota
Images of Women
Masculinity and Intimacy
The Punitive Expedition
Deotwa Bagay A Lang Kreyol-La
Three Attempts at Revolutionary Theater
The Redemption of the Magdalene
The Sustainable Management of Renewable Resources
Exploration of a Parallel Distributed Processing Model of Psychogenic Amnesia and Hypnotic Recall
Byzantine-Latin Rivalry in the Balkans and Eastern Europe
Gendered Communication Patterns Among Hearing Students Enrolled in an Introductory American Sign Language (ASL) Course
Beyond Belief
The Individual and Society
Galloping Inflation in Turkey
The Evolution of the Cinderella Theme in English Literature
Gender, Gnosis, and Liberation
Chronic and Pulse Lithium Chloride Treatment Results in Exogastrulation, Radialization, Vegetalization and Changes in Temporal and Spatial Cell Division Patterns in the Sea Urchin Embryo Lytechinus variegatus
The Cannibalistic Informavore
American Reporting of the Russian Revolution
Why People Help Others
Augustine of Hippo; The Christian in the World
The Book of E
The Success of Economic and Political Efforts to Prevent the Resurgence of the German Radical Right
Return to Militarism
A Work in Shifting Textuality
A Guide to Shoreline Restoration for the Water-front Homeowner in Sarasota County, Florida
A Multidisciplinary Study of Cystic Fibrosis
3 Mustaphas 3
New Voices
The Use of a Decision Tree to Aid in the Selection of Statistical Techniques
Ravaged, Raped, and Dead
Mothers and Societal Expectations
Politics and Protest
Rimbaud, Nietzsche, and the Postmodern
Reality Television
A Computer Simulation of Glycolysis
What is to Be Done? The Question Revisited
HIV and Its Role in AIDS
A Revolution in Three Years, Replacing Battleships with Fast Carriers
American Health Care Delivery
Deconstructing Indian History
Significant Figures
A Bound for Generalized Signature under Skein Decomposition
An Analysis and Critique of Selected Areas in Sovereign Immunity Law
The Ideology and Practice of Liberal Nationalism in Prussia from Herder to the Wars of Liberation
Performance of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Spatial Short-term Memory Tasks
Restoration Ecology Applied to the Preservation and Restoration of a Remnant Coastal Cedar Hammock, Longboat Key, Florida
Coverage of Issues Related to the Persian Gulf War in the Print Media, 2 August 1990 to 22 February 1991
Double Imagination
How to Get a Fish Out of Water or A Most Curious Fish to Swallow
Maybe God is Tryin' to Tell You Somethin'
Text as Code
An Exploration of Public Utility Rate-of-Return Regulation With Application to Diversification
Adolescents in the American Novel
Modern Liberal Ethics
The Effects of LHRH and HCG/PMSG on Oogenesis in the Bidders Organ of the Toad Bufo terrestris
Supernaturalism and the Quest for Transcendence in the Poetry of Spenser and Shelley
That's Just What I've Gone and Done
A Preliminary Ethological Study of the Double-Crested Cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus in West Sarasota Bay, Florida
Fifty Dollars for a Dead Mule
Superwomen Don't Have No Blues? Imperative Survival and Mother-Daughter Relationships in African-American Women's Literature
The Autonomous Community of Catalonia Within the European Community
Hiking the Hills
Hiking the Hills
WOMANSPEAK! A Radical Feminist Exploration of Unnatural Silence and Women's Resistant Voice in Literature and Society
A Quest for Proximity
Telling Tales
The Stoic Concept of Man as Cosmic Fragment and Agent of Reason
Towards a Kinder, Gentler Depiction of the Female
The Social Perception of Deafness
Two Modern Japanese Women Writers
Images of Desire / Desiring Images
The Etiology and Prevention of Cancer
The Failed Russification of Soviet Central Asia
Thirty Years of Reorganization in the U. S. Postal Service
Sex, Solitude and Suicide
Alice Munro
Arvida Real Estate Company and Community Change
Contemplative, Corporeal and Charismatic
The Literary Rebellion of Flann O'Brien
Architectural Design
The Rhyme is the Rebel
Evaluating the Validity of Self-Esteem Enhancement Programs in the Public School System
The Politics of Anti-Rationalism
Mapping the Texas Wind-Road
Pornography and Feminism
Behavior of the Terrestrial Hermit Crab Coenobita clypeatus; Field and Laboratory Studies
A Double Meaning Shews a Double Sense'?
For the First Time Since Hearing About The Treaty of Versailles in Detail, Mondaugen Found Himself Crying.' The Versailles Settlement, The Weimar Republic, and the Politics of Hyperinflation
The Russian Revolutions of 1917 Petrograd
Chopin's Sorrows
Social Behavior and Enclosure Use in Captive Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos (Dendrolagus goodfellowi buergersi) (Marsupialia
Phil and Stell's Last Date
The Individual and the Modern Age
Permutations of the Ring
The Androgynous Ideal in Mediation
An Experimental Investigation of the Properties of High-Tc Superconductors with Emphasis on SQUIDs
Social Complexity and Interest Group Liberalism
The Effects of Temperature on Growth, Colonization and Strobilation in Linuche unguiculata
The Art of the Rag
Further Investigations of a Suspected Ichthyotoxin and Autotoxin from Leaf Extracts of the Red Mangrove, Rhizophora mangle
The Subject, Alterity and Writing
Liberation, Love, and the Metropolitan Community Church
Constructing Sacred Spheres in Time
Red Star Over Folklore
A Path With Heart
Creativity in Crisis
What is So Calmly Called Passion; Derrida, Spurs and Of Spirit
What Choice Do We Have? A Critical Inquiry Into the Theory and Practice of Public School Choice
Stein as Cubist
How Much String Does It Take to Stop a Rollercoaster? Tracing a Woman's Development
A/vocation and Desire in Burney's Cecilia, Eliot's The Mill on the Floss and Woolf's To the Lighthouse
Subaltern Modes of Subjective Autonomy, or Towards a Genealogy of Melancholy in Eighteenth-Century Britain
A Proposal to Test the Effects of Personal Safety Training on Rate of Disclosure by Fourth Graders
De Guatemala a Guatapeor
Constructing and De-Constructing Subjectivities in Oliver Stone's Platoon and Trinh T. Minh-ha's Surname Viet Given Name Nam
Perceptions of the Enemy
The Book That Reads Like a Meal
Anything But Herpes I Can Cure'
Teaching PreCalculus, Teaching Thinking
Searching for Somethingness
The Synthesis and Characterization of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane-1-Acetic Acid and Its Complexes with Zinc
The Displacement and Rearticulation of the Gaze within Nineteenth-Century Art
In Formation
Therapeutic Wilderness Programs for Troubled Youth
The Importance of Wildlife Corridors and Landscape Linkages
Breast Cancer -- From the Cellular Level to the Clinical Manifestations
xpv�o� t�ttiyes
Synthesis of Derivatives of 2,3- dihydrobenzofuran as Conformationally Restricted Analogues of 5-HT2 Receptor Agonists
Social Stratification in a Maine Island Community
The Myth of Buddha
French Feminism and Representations of a Feminine Self
A Sociological Study of Professionalism Using the Fire Service as a Case Study For New College of the University of South Florida
How the West Side Was Won
Oscar Goes to School
The Madness Label
Special Relativity and the Twin Clock Paradox
Finite Hyperbolic Geometry
Heuristics and Algorithms A Holistic Approach to the Foundations of Economics of Bounded Rationality
The Effects of Childhood Experiences on the Self-Image of Hearing-Impaired Adults
Counter Culture
The Shades of Power
By All Means Necessary
The Expanding /Contracting Picture
A Socioecological Comparison of Two Species of Squirrel Monkeys Genus Saimiri
Isabella the Multinational Sex Goddess
The Garden and Resurrection in Emily Dickinson and in the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Women's Literary Tradition
The Effects of a Novel Dopamine Autoreceptor Antagonist on Local Cerebral Glucose Utilization in Normal and Schizophrenia Models of Rat Brain as Assessed by 2-Deoxyglucose Autoradiography
How to Tell Your Friends from the Japs'
Using the Fall of Man to Unravel Two Core Kierkegaardian Texts
Person and Persona
An Examination of the Usefulness of the Behavioral Economics Research Paradigm
Comparison of the Filtration and Flocculation Methods for the Recovery of Cryptosporidium Oocysts and Giardia Cysts from Sewage
On Horsemanship and Friendship
Composing Social Activism
Chercher (jERje)
An Analysis of the Notion of 'Rights' in the Political Philosophy of George Mason as Presented in the Virginia Declaration of Rights
Antigone in Hegel
Beckett's Endgame in Performance
Jane Austen
The Archaeology of African-American Slaves in the Caribbean
The Effects of Episodic Priming on List Recognition
A Critique of the Feminist Fight Against Sex Work
White Crocodiles Nixon, Kissinger and American Foreign Policy in Cambodia 1969-1970
Quark Potential Model of Baryons in a Hyperspherical Basis
From Rebel to Politician the Fate of Revolutionary Ideology from the Fall of the Old Regime to the Consolidation of the Post-Revolutionary State
Transformation Groups of Manifolds and Hilbert's Fifth Problem
Caught Between Worlds
An Analysis of the Break Shot in the Game of Pool
The Modern Erosion of Anchor Rights in Navigable Waters
Topics in Trade
The Security Crisis Rationale for Israeli Foreign Policy, 1948-1967
The Development of Irish Monasticism in the Fifth and Sixth Century
Working Discourse & Playing Difference
Lord Byron and the Cycle of Interest, Excess, Burnout and Change
Nature and Culture
Application of Microinjection Techniques in the Study of the Relationship Between the First Cleavage Plane and the Dorsal- Ventral Axis in the Sea Urchin Embryo, Lytechinus variegatus
Frank's Wild Years
The Constitution's First Test
Alasdair MacIntyre, The Fall of Virtue and, The Rise of Modernism
Pots on the Periphery
Psychological Vulnerability and Psychosocial Variables Associated with Differential Recovery from the Trauma of Rape
Beyond the Cash Nexus Examining Volunteer Labor from an Industrial Sociological Perspective
Reconciling the Genetic and Cellular Defects in Huntington's Disease with Current Hypotheses for Neurodegenerative Mechanisms
The Measurement, Origin, and Conservation of Tropical Rain Forest Plant Biodiversity
The Function of Environmental Images and Text in Advertising
Synthesis of Copper Complexes Containing Multidentate Ligands for use in DNA Hydrolysis
Sex Differences Are Here To Stay'
Desire, Madness, and Death
Discrimination Between Women in the Workplace
After-Life Setting and Resurrected Characters as a Device in Contemporary Drama
The Effect of Rehabilitative Treatment on Attitudes Toward the Disabled
Dummy Run
Factors Unrelated to Symptomology Affecting Adolescent Mental Hospitalization
Development of Methods for High Resolution Light Microscopy of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Containing Cells in the Midbrain of the Clearnose Skate, Raja eglanteria
The Inheritance of the Family in the Literature of William Faulkner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Carlos Fuentes
Cross-Cultural Sojourner Adustment
The Significant Pleasures of Roland Barthes
Concerning Freedom, Determinism, and Responsibility
Serial Position Learning in Honeybees
The Persistence and Change of Social Stereotypes in Hawaii
Developmental Differences in Eyewitness Memory
Idiocentrism/Allocentrism and Psychological Sense of Community in a College Environment
A Guide to the Use of Lichens in the Study of Ecology
Selling the Body
Comparison and Interpretation of two Literary Works by German Women Authors
Voltaire's Philosophical Letters
Searching the Self'
Hatred or the Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Cultural Blitzkrieg The Success of German Home Front Propaganda During World War Two
Reaction Grammar
Murder Stories
The Best Spiders For Soup are the Ones Under Stones
The Ecology of Cooperative Breeding in the Florida Scrub Jay Aphelocoma coerulescens coerulescens
Betrayal in King Lear, Troilus and Cressida, and The Merchant of Venice
With This Court, I Thee Wed a Political and Constitutional Inquiry into the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
Experiments Using Dot Spot Hybridization and PCR Techniques to Detect Tomato Mottle Geminivirus (TMoV) in Developing Tissue Following Localized Inoculations in Tomato Plants Resistant to TMoV
Guarding Our Crops
The Design Argument for God's Existence
Wings by the Bay
Carving One's Niche
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Metal-Ligand-Sugar Complexes as Possible Models for the Active Site of Rubisco
Body Forth
Retinoic Acid and its Effects on Human Skin
Representations of Rape
Panama Canal Pilots and the Year 2000
Pedagogy and Practice in Academic Sociology
Understanding McCulloch v. Maryland Continuity or Change?
Musical Weavings
Techniques in Conflict Science, Technology, and the Courts in American Public Policy
Computer Emulation of Stylistic Rhythm Variance
The New Journalism as the Deviant Forum
Studies on the Terminal Nerve of Juvenile Clearnose Skates, Raja eglanteria
The Transformation of Genre
Nor Do I Wish It To Be Thought Presumptous'
Nature, Human, and Divine
The Prehistory of Sailing Technology
Le Son Cloche
Marine Motifs in Mayan Iconography
The Significance of Pleistocene Chinese Paleoanthropological Remains to Models of Modern Human Origins
An Illustrated Guide to Selected Medicinal Plants of Florida
Aristophanes' Thesmorphoriazusae a Translation, with Commentary
Out of this Nettle, Danger
Carbohydrates as Biochemical Substrates. An Approach to the Synthesis of an Enzyme Analog
Listening to the Waves
Albert Camus
Gender Differences in Communication
Building a Model of the Active Site of Rubisco
Bleeding Hearts
Fear of a Bacterial Planet
The Paradox of Cooperation
Sexual Dimorphisms in the Mammalian Brain
A Photographic Atlas of Brains of Common Caribbean Reef Fishes
The Effects of Citric Acid as a Taste Enhancer in Binary Mixtures on Rat Chorda Tympani Nerve Responses to Sweet Stimuli
Past and Present Uses of the Concept of 'Race' in American Physical/Biological Anthropology
Dictated Identity
Lux Nova
The Commodification of Women in the Advertising Posters of Alphonse Marie Much and Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Negotiating Cultural Change
Equalization of Per Pupil Expenditure at Elementary and Secondary Grade Levels
Cultural Identity and Dropout Prevention Education
Mainlining Key West
A Comparison of Individuals' Concepts of Spouse Abuse
An Analysis of Inflation in the Brazilian Economy and the Real Plan of 1994-95
An Exploration of Competition in the U. S. Airline Industry
The Synthesis and Characterization of Mg (1,4,7-Triazacyclononane 1-Acetate) as a Model for the Active Site of Enzyme Rubisco
The Chinese Game of Weichyi
Peroxisomal Protein Import
Plautus' Menaechmi
The History of the Mo(ve)ment
Making a World of Her Own'
Sten Nadolny's 'Ein Gott der Frechheit'
Augustine and Luther
An Historical Perspective on the American Street Gang
The Applications of Group Representation Theory to Selected Problems in Quantum Mechanics
American Slavic Singing Groups
Hystorical Leavesdropping'
Community in Transition
Escaping Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
Those Women Who Wreck the Infinite
A Practical Theory of Participatory Democracy
The Traditional Medical Knowledge of an Herbal Healer in South Florida
The Interaction of Technology and Organization in the Human Genome Project
Teichmuller Spaces and Riemann Surfaces
Random Walks and Measure Theory
Premises and Prospects
Third Degree Burns and other Facts of Life in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico
Interpretations of Nature
A Student's Guide for Learning Basic Echocardiographic Interpretation
A Mile in Their Shoes
Revisting the Theories of Alexis de Tocqueville
H. L. Mencken
Potentiometric Characterization of Polyelectrolytes
Diminishing Attachment
Domination and Resistance
The Prevalence of Belief in Conspiracy Theories
Solon The Enlightened Statesman
Writing Depression
The Role of 12-Hete in Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol-Induced Suppression of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity
The Paradox of Expression in Schoenberg's Moses und Aron
A Comparative Study of a Suburban and Park Population of Florida Scrub Jay, Alphalocoma coerulescens coerulescens in Sarasota County
Beyond the Trisynaptic Circuit
Landscapes of Childhood
Italy and the Changing European Union
On Narrative Ethnography'
An Evolutionary Approach to Ovid's Metamorphoses
ADR in Florida
Zora Neale Hurston
The Sherwood Ring
Storming the Clouds of Heaven
What Price Perfection?
The Infant's Role in Dyadic Interaction
An Essay in Defense of Caring
Democracy at a Discount
Brain Hemispheric Specialization for American Sign Language
Guinda' is Fleeing, Confusion...The Last Guinda A Translation of Jose Rutilio Quezada's La Ultima Guinda
Co-Management and the South African Hake-Directed Longline Experiment
The Role of Personal Involvement in Two Tools of Compliance
Influence of Parental Role on Adult Development
The Third Place Project
Modes of Thought
Urban Homesteaders or 'Self-Styled Anarchists'?
The Inverse Galois Problem
The Role of Ideology in the Failure of the Republican Revolution of 1995
Minever Laughed, and Called It Fact, and Kept on Writing
Karpos Kai Korai
Experimental Metaphysics
Finite State Machine or Installing the Pandemonium
The Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
Tourism as a Strategy for Developing Countries
Wetlands for Water Treatment
The Attractiveness Bias and Children
Black Humor and Farce
For the Love of Our Mother
A Comparative Analysis of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus
The Origins of Bipedalism in Early Australopithecines
Eating Green on Campus
Democratization in the Former Yugoslavia
Certain Representations of Pretzel Knot Groups in SO(3)
The Effects of Religious Conservative Opposition to the Educational Reform, Quality Performance Accreditation, in Kansas
An Analysis of Chinese Foreign Policy During the Period of Sino-American Rapproachement---A Chinese Perspective
The Politics of Sugar
Editing Under Pressure
Struggling Against Nihilism in the Modern World
The Evolution of American Dharma
The Monetary Policy Actions of the Federal Reserve System During the First Four Years of the Great Depression, 1929-1933
Social Stigma and Disease
A Survey of the Database Management System Industry
Living Well in the Face of Death
Wildlife Corridor Theory and the Functional Design of Greenways
Differences in Preschool Children's Language Use as a Function of Race, Class and Conversational Partner
Mesoamerican Myth in the Prose and Poetry of Octavio Paz
Consequences of Rorty's Pragmatism
Kafir and Mleccha
North America by Bus
Making Somewhere out of Nowhere
Life Factors Contributing to 'Resilience with Aid' in ADHD Children
The Nature of First-Order Mid-Ocean Ridge Segmentation
A New Leaf
Recycling Culture
A Translation of Don Manuel Breton De Los Herreros Muerete! Y Veras! (Die and You'll See!)
Down in the Flood
Evaluation of Paenobacillus polymyxa as a Biological Control Agent Against Fungal Pathogens
Strategy Construction in American Third Parties
Total Characters of Dihedral Groups
Here You Open In'
Words of Empowerment
The Analysis of Tomato Mottle Geminivirus Adaptation Through Serial Passing to Phaseolus vulgaris using Polymerase Chain Reaction
The Eves of Fishes
Cooperative Security, Collective Security and Ethnic Conflict in the Carpathian Basin
The Analysis of Tozeuma carolinense As A Indicator Species of Non-Point Pollution in the Sarasota Bay
Acoustic Rhythm Discrimination in the Bottlenosed Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
Mannerist Subjectivity in the Religious Works of Parmigianino, Pontormo, and Rosso Fiorentino
Liberal Education
The Rediscovery of Individual Agency under the Nonlinear Paradigm
A Multimedia Study of Light and Form
The Invasion of Carrotwood (Cupaniopsis anacardioides)
The 'Bureaucratic Dilemma' in China
Durang's Baby With The Bathwater in Production
The Continuing Significance of Race
An Ecological Assessment of the Crosley Estate
MIDI Piping as Sound Synthesis
Beauty in Peril
Dancing Out of Time
Hot Stuff!
Yukio Mishima
A 'Heathenish Sort of Life'
And the Shawdowy Ways Were Darkened
The Malleable Godhead
Female Receptivity Genetics in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster�Stochastic Events in Inbreeding and Evolution
Securalization in the Prehistoric Southwest
Infinite Worlds
Marginalized Male Subjectivity in William Faulkner's Fiction
Through The Eye of the Reporter
An Implementation of Virtual Private Networking for the Linux Operating System
Foreign Language Pedagogy
Biological Control of the Citrus Leafminer, Phyllocnistic Citrella, Using Solution of Pathogenic Bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis ) and Surfactant (silwet L-77)
Modern Human Origins
Why Do People Role-Play; a Look at STAR TREK Live Action Role-Players and their Relationship to Dominant Ideologies
Estrangement and Reunion
A Riot of their Own
Fluidity and Rigidity of Self
Lost and Found
Radio Drama
Extralegal Influences in the Courtroom
[En] Gendering Powers in the Attic
Beads and Borders
Fire Proof
The Role of Attention in the Transcendent Experience
Kant's View of Newtonian Objects in a New Paradigm
And If You Find Her Poor
An Analysis of Inflation in the Peruvian Economy in the Late 1980s and the Stabilization Plan of 1990
Joseph Cornell, American Surrealist
The Perception of Twelve-Tone Music
The Location is Great but the House Needs Work'
Dancing with Desire
The Creation of False Memories in Adults for Events in Adulthood
Literacy for Women's Empowerment
The Decline of the Medieval Empire of Mali
Understanding Advertising
Age and Gender Differences in Children's Development of the Concept of God
Mathematical Modeling of Protein Folding
An Examination of the Split Between Methodism and the Church of England
Elucidating Mechanisms of Pulmonary Fibrosis
Kierkegaard's Silence
Renaming the Sacred
An Adult-Sized Play Structure
Manual for Wilderness Trauma Emergencies
The Social Construction of Depression
Speak for Demselves
Beyond Existence One
The Synthesis of 1,4-Dioxa-7 Azacyclononane 7-Monoacetate and Attempted Synthesis of Magnesium and Zinc Complexes for Modellingthe Active Site of Rubisco
Sic An Orra Mob
Gas & Bloating
Kingdom Come
Kondratieff Long Waves in Economic Development
Between Childhood and Womanhood
Law and Society in Early Modern England
The Effects of Outdoor Experiential Orientation Programs
Dionysus and Abraham
A Look at Chilean Women's Art, 1973-1990
Determination of RNA Binding Domains of the Nucleocapsid (N) Protein of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
Vacillation without Vision
Multiplying Richness Through Narrative
Character Theory and the Group Determinant
A Drive Toward Sustainable Living
Vamping Up and Camping Out
Celebrations and Special Events
Torah, Talmud, and Modernity
Developing a Magnetic Immunoisolation to Detect Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria in Tomato Seed
War by other Means
On the Oral Art of Creative Monologue
CCD Photography and Astronomical Image Processing
The Infinite Cage
Parks and Agriculture
You Don't Have to Be Straight to Shoot Straight'
Erasmus as Educator
The Influence of Priming on Story-Face Matching Tasks Among Japanese and American Adults and Children
Hilda Gossman Bought Her Own Silk Stockings
The Role of Vocal Intonation in Melody and its Perception in Music
Epiphytic Orchids of the Fakahatchee Strand
Collaborative Management of Coral Reef Ecosystems
Stress among Cuban Immigrants
Beyond Objects and Labels
The Trace in Corpora of the Cinematic Image
Collective Action and Barriers to the Cuban/Jewish Cooperation in Miami-Dade County
Strategies of Expression for Selected Woman Writers
Towards an Experience
Chabad-Lubavitch Messianism
Jewish Women in the Interwar Polish Shtetl
Myth and Medicine
How the Human Sexes are Reified
Multiculturalism and the Creation of the 'Good Citizen' in High School American History Education
A Room of Ned's Own
Cuba, su Cultura, y Latinoam�rica
The Diviner's Rod
Reason and Unreason
Theories and Evidence on the Contribution of Discrimination to Black-Labor Market Inequality
Symplectic Geometry, Optics and Hamiltonian Mechanics
Low-Birth Weight and Infant Mortality
Cars, Sprawl, Planning and New Urbanism in Portland, Oregon
Synthesis and Characterization of 1, 4-Dioxa-7-Azacyclononane- Monoacetate(DOCMA)
A Study of Eastern and Western Concepts of Mindfulness
Bacterial Chemotaxis, the Chemotaxis Proteins, and a Potential Model of the Interaction Between CheA and CheY
One Last Dance with Rational Choice Theory
Women and Children in the Works of I. Grekova
S�los son Patos
From Midway to Museum
2-D�H NMR Spectroscopic Studies of the De Novo Designed Peptide L16C
An Approach to the Synthesis of the First Carbohydrate Sulfotransferase Inhibitor
Investigation of an Intrinsic Connection of the Hypertrophied Telencephalon of Squirrelfish
Is Subclinical Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a Risk Factor for Psychoactive Substance Use and the Tendency Toward High Sensation Seeking?
Roots, Fruits and Food for Thought
Hegel's A/Theology
Ecdysteroid Secretion by Y-organs of the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus
Sacred Rebellion
Evaluation of Strategies for Indigenous Development
Skyhooks and Ladders
Oedipus or Anti-Oedipus
Pilgrims and Their Texts
Those 'Nazty' Nazis
Modelling the Active Site of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
Post-Gender Parenting
Child Eyewitness Testimony
Ecological, Applied Biological, Chemical and Economic Facets of the Mystical 'Cats Claw', A Peruvian Ethnomedicine
Religion, Mythology and Dance of the Ancient Near Eastern Mother Goddess and the Emergence of the Belly Dance
Kierkegaard's Pathology of Freedom
Politics and Piety
The Textures of a Neighborhood and Residents' Collective Efforts to Shape Their Environment
Gunpoint. 132 and Ambush. Coverage Code 3.'
Scanning Electron Micrographic Examination of the Organic Matrix of Echinometra lucunter and Lytechinus variegatus larval skeletons
The Primary Prevention of Eating Disordes
Gender Socialization and the Influence of Race
A Survey of Aquaculture/Wild Fish Stock Interactions
The Influence of the English Pianoforte's Construction on English Pianoforte Music, circa 1785-1815
Beneath the Shadowy Cloud
Investigation of Interactions Between [MG(TCMA)(H2O)2](O3SCF3) and Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Mimics as a Model System for the Active Site of the Enzyme Rubisco
Ethnic and Societal Differences in Older People's Responses to the Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale
Coil Impedance
Reel Music
Creative Genesis
Dynamic Extrapolation
The Effect of Gender Wage Gap Salience on Self-Pay Expectations
Indices of Authority, Contested Corporealities
Quotation and Authorship
The Mind Sings Poems
Determining Mechanisms of Metal-Halogen Exchange using Radical Clocks
Cross-Sentential Cues to Syntactic Structure in Speech to Preverbal and Combinatorial Babies
Gender Differences in Jealousy
The Effects of Learning Style on Spatial Skill Benefits from a Computer Game Medium
Exploring the Influence of Language on Pitch Perception
Image of the Other Outside
Gendered Voices
Is Teen Court a Fair and Effective Juvenile Crime Diversion Program?
The Anatomy of the Hypertrophied Dorsal Telencephalon of the Squirrelfish(Holocentrus)
Antonin Artaud's Theater of Cruelty
Delightful Tears
Sovereignty and the Sublime in the Works of Emily Dickinson and Gertrude Stein
Market Mediated Work Arrangements
Investigation of a Novel Synthesis of 3H 1,2 benzodithiol-3-one
Through the Rortyian Turn
Cognitive Limitations, Decision Theory, and Bounded Rationality
A Framework for Transforming the Culture of Domination
Experimental Verification of the Biot-Savart Law to Distances of 30 Meters
Art and Experience
Primate Behavior
Communal and Exchange Orientations in Romantic Relationships
China's Warlord Period and State Organizational Legacies
Fish Eye Guy and Why the Trees Died
Single Mothers, Work, and Welfare
Jenny Meets Julia
The Mathematical Modeling of Barrier Options
Children's Perceptions of Animal Cognition and it's Effect on Their Treatment of Pets
The Florida Manatee-A Multimedia Educational Exhibit
The Policy and Practice of Soil Conservation in America
The Synthesis and Characterization of 4,7-Diisoprophyl-1,4,7- Triazacyclononane-1-Acetate
Bismarck's German Unification
Towards the Design of Effective Exhibits in Educational Science Museums
The Synthesis of L�S, a Novel Dinucleating Copper Ligand for the Study of Reversible Cu�-O� Complexes
Crossing the Border, Finding the Great Wall
Avian Zoonoses
The Effects of a Recycling/Resource Management Curriculum on Elementary School Students
Seeking a 'Self' in the Sixties
The Introspective Series
Voice of the Turtle
Grifters, Drifters, and a Swell-Looking Babe
Diffusion of Responsibility as a Function of Bystander Gender
A Translation of Dina Rubina's Kamera Naezzhaet and Critical Essays
An HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program Among Migrant Farmworkers
An Exploration of Legal Discourse on Gated and Deed Restricted Communities
Martin Buber's Philosophy of History
Language under Pressure
Scotland's Economy in Regional Government Schemes
Questioning Reality
Finding Yourself-In a Box as a Fish on the Street
Cross-Cultura Intertextualities
Law as Past and Future
Let There Be Light'
Peep Show
William Carlos Williams
Doin' All Day
Phylogentic Study of Xanthomonas by Restriction Enzyme Analysis of 16S and 23S rRNA Genes
The Effects of Chronic Cortisol Administration on Memory and Learning in the Marine Teleost, Cyprinodon variegatus
A Vegetation Monitoring and Management Plan for Bok Tower Gardens
Sustainability and Communitas
The Synthesis of a Novel Copper Dioxygen Binding Biomimetic Model Compound
Weaving Youth and Community
Revolution in Space and Time
Fabric(ated) Bodies
A Study of Magical Realism in Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers
Anxiety Reduction Through The Practice of Martial Arts
A New Class of Graphs with a-Labelings
Telencephalic Visual Pathways in a Cichlid Fish
Postmortem Literature
A Historical and Semi-Markov Approach to Liver Allocation Modeling
The Gravestones of Bow, New Hampshire
Magnetobiology and Alternative Medicine with Research Appendix
Is Social Change Possible? Faulkner, Beckett, Transformation
Where Will We Put the Star? An Investigation into the Puerto Rican Status Question
The Effect of Learning Style on Memory for Verbal and Pictoral Information Presented on a Computer
Changing Perspectives of Family Roles Among Vietnamese Women
The Effect of Moral Orientation and Previous Rule-Breaking Behavior on Retribution Ratings of College Students
Synthesis of Carbocyclic Nucleosides as Potential Antiviral Agents
Transformation Through Dance
Achieving and Maintaining Health Through Nutrition and Body Therapies
An Economic and Legal Analysis of Copyright Protection for the Computer User Interface
Headless Clones
A Comparison of Attitudes Between Black and White College Students on the Practice of Transracial Adoption
National Socialist Propaganda, 1919-1945
In Defense of Hairy Legs
Basic Husbandry Training of Two West Indian Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Critiquing the Critics
The Physiological Basis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
The Effect of Cortisol Administration on Learning and Memory in the Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides
Integumental Chromatophores and Color Pattern in the Planehead Filefish, Monacanthus hispidus
In Between the Lines
Medical Education and the Development of Interpersonal Skills
Internetworking UNIX and Windows 95/98/NT
Rhythm of Vengeance
Silicon Salvation
Ghosts in the Machine
Issues of Integration
Exploring the Endowment Effect
Images of Family
Efferent and Afferent Connections of the Optic Tectum in the Squirrelfish, Holocentrus rufus
Objectification of the Self
Galaxy Clustering in the Las Campanas Redshift Survey
Thus Spake Reagan
Robert Musil's Young Torless
Suburban Mass Transit
Constructing the Ordinary
Manuscripts Don't Burn
A. J. Pettigrew and the Socialist Party in Florida during the Progressive Era, 1900-1920
Personal Stock Portfolios
Kissing to Be Clever
Expert Systems in Diabetes
An Examination of the Possible Coevolutionary Relationship Between Syntomeida epilais and its Host Plant Nerium oleander
Mega Bank Mergers
Labor, Politics, and the Supreme Court in Nineteenth Century Industrial America
The Development of Monopoly Theories and Practices
Effects of Symbiotic Hydroids on Shell Use by Marine Hermit Crabs in Sarasota, Florida and Roatan, Honduras
Re-(Dis)Covering History and Subjectivity
Creating Controversy
Museum Acquisition Policies
Near Misses (Shot in Bulgaria)
Drug Law Enforcement and Asset Forfeiture Retention Laws
Reconfiguring Realities
The Approach to Clinical Xenotransplantation
Legacy Lost
Cultural Contact and Ethnic Identity Formation in Early Adolescence
The Synthesis and Characterization of [Mn(1,4,7-Triazacyclononane 1-Acetate) (H2O)] PF6. CH3OH as a Model for the Active Site of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
Legal Punishment and Retributive Justice
Exploring Selflessness
Tool Use in River Otters (Lutra canadensis)
The Environmental Message of Robinson Jeffers' Shorter Poems
Ramsey Theory in Spaces of Constant Curvature
Preparation of the pBI101 Binary Vector with a Promoter Region of the Arabidopsis thaliana Sigma Subunit of the Eubacterial-like RNA Polymerase
Frogs and Logs'
Composing the Page
Historical Ecology of Guyana with Special Reference to the Medicinal Plants of the Bartica Region
Explorations of Irishness in Synge, McDonagh, Yeats, & Beckett
Beyond Rational Choice
Modern Old English Meter
But That's Crazy!' The Apocalyptic Imagination in Recent Western Cinema
A Study in Encryption
An Analysis of Two Stormwater Detention Ponds in Southwest Florida
What Have I in Common with the Jews?' Anti-Semitism, Assimilation, and The Trial
Characterization of the Activities of Acetol and Benzoin with [MgTCMA (H�O)�](O�SCF�) as Models for the Reactions Catalyzed at the Active Site of Rubisco
The Total Degradation of a Life
Measuring Children's Racial Attitude
Sinking the Boat
Las im�genes del dictador en la Novela Latinoamericana
Theater of the Community
Socially Responsible Corporations
Constructing a Plautine Performance in the 20th Century
An Investigation of Degrees of Romanticism
Holding Perpetrators Accountable
The Effects of Music on Birds
I'm Not Trying to Hide it But I Don't Feel a Need to Tell Them'
Photographic Fictions
Women's Fear of Male Violence in Public Space
Distribution of Supralittoral Arthropods According to Tidal Inundation and Plant Architecture
Models of Community Change Through Disturbance
A Journey Through Change
Between Two Worlds
Critical Rhetoric and the Practice of Teaching High School English
Non-Governmental Organizations and Political Reform
Armaments, Strategy, Tactics and Economic Organization in World War I
Participatory Democracy and the Public Sphere
Raising Environmental Awareness Through Edible Landscaping or Planting the Seeds of Change
Saving the Qualia
An Analysis of the Composition and Abundance of Culicidae Inhabiting Epiphytic Tank Bromeliads in Myakka River State Park
Longleaf Pine
Plays Well With Others
Using Escherichia coli as a Model System to Examine Insulin Reception
Figuring (Out) the Body With/In the Text
Beyond the Good Girl/Bad Girl Dichotomy
Litt/oral Stories Strategies of Resistance in Four Novels of the Caribbean
Tensing The Devil
The Language of Ecstasy
Transformation of a Monastic Community
Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony
Fractional Domination
Medieval Banquet
A Comparative Study of a Visually Important Pathway in Two Teleosts
La Nueva Cancion Chilena
The Development of Body Image and Attitudes About Weight and Dieting
Ethnography of an Emergency
Thy Kingdom Come
Defense Style and Family Environment in Undergraduates
Human Reproduction
Sunday Morning'
Behavioral Indices of Dual-Tasks Interference Levels and Interhemispheric Transfer Deficits as Predictors of Cognitive Style
Personal Plots
The Teratogenic Effects of the Polyazo Dye Trypan Blue on the Developmental Morphology of the Sea Urchin Embryo Lytechinus variegatus at Differenct Stages of Development
Keeping It in the Family
On the Ontogeny of Calcium-Magnesium Low Seawater Induced Exogastrulae of the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus, and the Role Osmotic Regulation Plays in Primary Invagination
Runa & Din�
Independent Filmmaking
For That Bitch of a Question! La Vida No Tan Secreta de las Mujeres Guatemaltecas
Japanese-English Bilingual Children's Language Switching in Mixed-Language Conversation
Qualifying and Quantifying Reintroduction Success
Authenticity and Alterity
The Holy Grail in Modern Literature
An Institutional Analysis of the Bulgarian Stock Market
Analogical Transfer in Brainstorming Group and Nominal Settings
Equal Playing Fields
Other Truths
Polymorphism and Ecology of the Coquina Clam, Donax variabilis Say 1822, in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida
Modeling Microtubule Dynamics
Flowers, Foxes and Fish, Oh My
Environmental Infrastructure on then United States-Mexico Border
An Actor Perceives
Masculinizing Practices in the Context of Coed Sport
Pareto-Suboptimal Outcomes and Contract Formation
An Exploration of Women's Work on an Israeli Kibbutz
Adult Attachment Styles and Conflict Resolution in Romantic Relationships
Toward a Charter of the New Cyburbanism
Publications, Education and Places of Exhibition
An Exploration of Attitudes about Substance Dependence and Potential Relationships to Implicit Theories
Balanced Metaphor
Integrating Multiple Resources into a 7th Grade Biology Curriculum for Home-Schooled Students
Serial Killers
The Impact of Integrated Preschool Classrooms on the Prosocial Development of Typically Developing Children
Subcloning Purification and Partial Characterization of Malate Dehydrogenase from C. elegans
Film and the Masquerade
Economic Justice from the Grassroots
Coping with a Curvy Cosmos
Modalities of Temporality
Synchrony Between a Mother-Calf Pair of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Buddhism and Ethnic Identity in Sri Lanka
Creating Art
Risque Business
Shredding The Safety Net
Subversion or Sell Out? Possibilities for Resistance in Media-Influenced, Public Political Art
Transparent Skin
A Comparative Investigation of the Tectal-Telencephalic Visual Pathway of Coral Reef Teleosts
Service From Front to Back
1999 Environmental Audit of New College
More Ways Than One
The Iron Flute
A Pilot Study into the Effectiveness of Marine Animals-Assisted Therapy
Quest for a Modern National Identity
Locating Socially Effective Literature
An Overview of Acid Mine Drainage with an Emphasis on the Biological and Economic Factors Involved
Perceptual Coherence in the Atonal Music of Arnold Schoenberg
Comparative Transport Simulations
Seasonal Population Changes and Behavioral Studies of the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus (L) in Sarasota Bay Florida
The Food Stamp Program and the Legacy of Hunger Policy
Cosmic Ray Rejection in Single Hubble Space Telescope Images via Genetic Algorithms
The Release of Captive Sloth Junior (Bradypus variegatus)
Aspects of Perceived Family Environment and Ethnic Identity Among Second-Generation Chinese American College Students
Dubious Conceptions
Food for the Future
Existence in the Inquiry
Jungian Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism
Precarious Entitlement
Saya Makan Sembarang (I Eat Anything)
Overexpression of the RG-Rich Binding Domain of C. elegans RNA Helicase A and RNA Binding Measurements of C. elegans and E.Coli RNA Binding Proteins
Philosophy of Everyday Life
Do These Glasses Make Me Look Smarter, or Just Nerdy?'
Martial Artists' Perceived Vulnerability to Victimization
Mathematical Models Simulating Pattern Formation
Condom Use, Self-Efficacy, and Sexual Orientation
Current Issues in Black Masculinity
The Politics of Funding Change
Moby Dick
The Economics of Government Intervention
A Multi-Modal Approach to Evaluating Sexual Abstinence Programs
Type 2 Diabetes and Native Americans
Defining Her 'Self'
The Impact of Lead and Mecury on the Common Loon (Gavia immer)
Contemporary Spanish Cinema
Does Sorosi Cure Malaria? An Interdisciplinary Look at a Nicaraguan Medicinal Plant
Average Exit Time Moments of Geometric Graphs with Boundary
Why the Native Tongues Have Officially Been Reinstated?
The Effects of Stress on Physiology and Cognition
Punk Zines
Cult of Masculinity
The Effects of Chronic ph Shifts on the Growth Rate of the Crayfish Procumbarus fallar
Sustainable Affordable Housing
Queer and Foreign in New York
Mandatory Volunteerism, Motivation, Interest and Gender
Toward a Human Understanding of Development
The Need for Literature in the Classroom
Experiencing the Neighborhood
Anti-Realist Representations of the Shoah
Ingroup-Outgroup Issues in the Workplace Environment
An Analysis of the Co-habitation of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier and Octopus briareus Robson at Bailey's Cay, Roatan, Honduras
Textual Bodies
Grand Louvre
Optimal Transitional Labelings of Graphs
Attribution of Blame in Acquaintance Rape Scenarios
Euripides of Athens
Plexities of Honor and Sin'
Proton Impact on Hydrogen in a Two Dimensional Model
The Creative Writing Workshop
Meta-Analysis in Wildlife Rehabilitation
Acting and Cognition
The Future of the Nonproliferation Regime
A Defense of Religious Existentialism
Receiving the IMF
Primate Antecedents of Human Speech
The Frente Sandinista de Liberac�on Nacional
Reaching For More
For God and Country
Puerto Rican Industrial Incentives Acts
Percolation on a Random Tree
Media and Cultural Agency in Protestant Youth Ministry
Drawing With Macromedia Flash
Proposal for a Coral Reef Microcosm in the Pritzker Marine Laboratory
An Institutional Comparison of the Development of Health Care Policy in Canada, Great Britain and the United States
To A Discerning Eye'
An Economic and Social Analysis of Nazi Germany and the Volkswagen Project
The Relationship Between Religion and Stress Coping Strategies
Magic Lanterns
Localization of Relaxin in the Reproductive System of the Male Bonnethead Shark, Sphyrna tiburo
Acting Existentialism
The Skin That Gives Perpetual Protection'
Body of Evidence
Catullus and Clodia
Malay, Indonesian, Muslim, Chinese, Other
Strong and Weak Communication Ties in Organizations
The Development of the Chilean Women's Movement During Military Dictatorship and Transition to Democracy
Herbicide Resistant Crops
The White Spots, the Tea Drinkers, the Cookie Pushees'
Buddhism and the American Media
Walt Whitman, American Existentialist
Creating An Online Writing Community
Girls and Goddesses
Spiritual Awakening in The Short Fiction of Flannery O'Connor
Yuum Ch�ak, t�an k t'hankech
Differential Geometry of Manifolds, the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem, and Polygonal Approximations
The Influence of Fashion Magazines on Adolescents
Creating a Canon
History of American Anti-Catholicism
Cuban Women
Sex and Age-based Differences in the Hunting Behaviors of Schizocosa Spiders (Araneae
Kill the Lights
A Comparative Electrophysiological Analysis of Visual Pathways through the Teleost Forebrain
Archaeological Perspectives on Ethnicity on Cyprus
The Ambiguity of Kant's Doctrine of the Highest Good
Managing Fisheries
White Man's Burden?' A Study of American-Filipino Political/Military History
Stock Option Pricing
A Costly Place in a Scorching Sun
Designs and Codes in Odd Graphs
How 'All that is Solid Melts Into Air'
The Shape of Lesbian Attraction
Explicit Representations, Implicit Messages
However Calm These Waters
The Inheritance of Prudencio Aguilar
La Mise en Sc�ne de la F�minit�
Quantum Chemistry & Methyl Transfer
The Strong and the Silent
Shakespeare's Playhouse
Representations of Animals in Literature
Intellectual Objections to Japanese Imperialism
Alternatives to the Income Tax
Adrift at Sea
The Experience of Envisioning
Call and Response
Middling Notions
The Magazines of Feminist Girly Life
The Interfaith Service Corps
Thinking Through Style and Context
Constructing Subjecthood in Theory and Fiction
Poriferan Pharmacology
Politics in Action
Stealing Junk
On the Margins
Polytropia in the Odyssey
African Music Through a Western Lens
The Estrogen Epidemic
Cleaning Sybiosis in Fishes
Spoiled Products for Gross Girls
Who's Afraid of Osama Bin Laden? Mass Media Representations of Terrorism
Searching for Justiss
Uncompromising Travesity
The Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) A United States Invasive Species
Malate Dehydrogenase
The Effects of the Serotonin Precursor, 5-Hydroxtryptophan on Learning
Infanticide, Execution and Deus Ex Machina
Occam's Razor and Guerilla Filmmaking
Last Knight' A Play by Jason Grimste
He's a Dancing Machine
Word Learning in an Autistic Child
Simulating Emulating
Pitch and Periphery
Stat 3 and its Effect on Murine Tumor Cell Immunogenicity
Cactoblastis cactorum (Berg) and Associated Insect Assemblage on the Cactus Opuntia spp
Gay Turks in Germany
The East Goes West
Anne Sexton's Religious Sensibilities
Canavan Disease
Conceptualizing Sexuality
The Translation of Distance
Synthesis and Characterization of Three Monza-9-Crown-3 Derivatives
Underwater Fashion Show and the Sublime
A Resource Book For Brownfield Redevelopment and the Newtown Urbaculture Project
The Effect of Familiarity of Children's Playmate Preferences and Memory for Counterstereotypic Information
(Dis) Integrated Material
Dynamic Regulation of Cytoskeletal Spatial Orgnization
Searching for Proteins Which Interact With C. Elegans RNA Helicase A
The Effects of Interactive Media on Processing of A Persuasive Message
Adaptation in Theory and Practice
Democratization in Indonesia
The 'Ought(s)' of a Melting Pot
Tension Within Education
An NMDA Receptor Mediated Hypothesis
Ethnic Minority Rights in Bulgaria
An Investigation of Human Remains from Casey Key
Rhythm Dancing
All the Dead Generations
An Adaptable Fellow
Dos Vidas, Dos Caras
Interdependence as Self or The Reconciliation of the Doctrines of Rebirth and No-Self by a New Interpretation of the Buddhist Theory of Interdependence
A 'Sensation' at The Brooklyn Museum
The Effects of Environment on Artificial Reefs in Sarasota Bay
The Cytoarchitecture of the Telencephalon of a Cichlid Fish
Making Room
The City That Works Again
Fishily on Love & Poetry
A Literary Anthropology of One Hundred Years Of Solitude
An Analytic Framework for the Information Goods Market and Its Application to Microsoft
An Unfinished Symphony
The Silence of the Ethical in Fear and Trembling
(Re) Defining Childhood
Puerile Parlance
Preliminary Electrophysiology of tecto-telencephalo-tectal pathway in Lagadon rhomboides
Reasserting the Communal Ethic
On Integer Flows in Cayley Graphs
The Influences of Membership Length and Communication on How CSA Shareholders Perceive Their Memberships
Towards a Biochemical Basis for Mood Disorders
Buying In
Florida Endangered Epiphytic Tank Bromeliads and Their Inhabitant Arthropod Macrofaunas
Towards a Nietzschean Ethical Agency
Magnetotherapy with Research Appendix
Did you hear? Rumor Transmission and Anxiety
Monksor Militants
Video Game Violence and Aggression
Stop the Wasteland
The Social Individual
Culture of the Workplace
Living Rooms
Effects of Diazinon on Nematodes and the Environment
Coffeehouse Culture
A Test of Wills
Stopping the Flow
The Phylogeny and Biogeography of Hydrothemal Vent Archaea in the Genera Thermococcus and Pyrococcus
Illustrating 'New Physics Realism'
And the Brides Shall Ride Horses
Four Colours
Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes For Emerging Market Economies
International Trafficking of Russian Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation
Adaptation as Interpretation
From Ten Commandments to Twelve Steps
Harry Potter and the Quest of the Hero
Homeless and Helpless
Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve
The Competition for Ecclesiastical Patronage Between the Papacy and the Kings of England During the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Preparation of a Viral Vector to Deliver the Preproenkephalin Gene to the Brain
Acquisition of Concepts and Mental Models with Hypermedia
Heterospecific Attachment Patterns of Porifera in Caribbean Reef and Intertidal Environments
Opposite Directions
Escape in Postmodern Fiction
Deposits, Refunds and Refuse
WMMT Radio
Heidegger, Moods and His Times
Beating Around the Bush
With Feeling
Is Science Social and Does it Matter?
Making Music and Musical Workers
Early Experiences and the Perception of Landscapes
Prehispanic and Historic Regional Settlement Patterns of Northwest Yucatan Mexico
Bad Elk
Identification and Kinetic Studies of the Reaction Between Mg (O3SCF3)2 and Acetol
Evaluation of Sarasota County's Early Childhood Music Project
Maturing Through Things
Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Xenopus laevis Embryos
Mexican Folk Medicine
The Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse Among a Population of Abstinent Polysubstance Abusers
Reconfigurations de la Corporeite dans L'oeuvre de Monique Wittig
Ringling Plaza Renovation
The Construction of History and Personal Histories in Assia Djebar's Postcolonial Fiction
Use of the Internet as a Supplemental Learning Source for Sex Education
Simple Models and Human Psychopathology
Mycorrhizal Colonization in a Created Forested Wetland
Purification and Kinetic Characterization of C.elegans Malate Dehydrogenase
Wendell Berry's Beloved Community
The Free Radio Movement, Its Impact on Radio, and Implications for Democracy in Media
Predicting Conservationists
United States Support for Plan Columbia
Community and Heritage Arts for Citizen Empowerment
Rama and Arthur
Babylon on the Spree' Cultural Manifestations of Urban Anxiety in Berlin 1900-1933
Doesn't Play Well with Others? ADHD and Psychosocial Adjustment in College Students
Removal of Sulfur Compound Contaminants from Gasoline Using Natural Metal Ores as Adsorbents
Spiritual Agency, Secular Adjustments
Phytoremediation of Selected Toxic Metal Contaminants
Pocket Wonderlands
Double Bubbles in Spaces of Constant Curvature
The Landscape and Identity
No Se Puede Encarcelar la Inconformidad del Pueblo You Can't Imprison the People's Discontent
The effects of Fire and Fire Influenced Canopy on the Inflorescence Production of Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens (Bartr.) Small) and On the Distribution of the Cabbage Palm Caterpillar (Litoprosopus futilis (Grt. & Rob.))
The Paths of Memory
Which Way to Utopia?
The Bulgarian Currency Board
Glass Inlayed Gravestones
Imitation and Applied Behavior Analysis
The Net Effect
Like a Revival Starting'
Towards Sustainable Forestry
Theoretical Model for an HIV Entry Inhibition Cocktail
South Florida
Merce Cunningham's Dance of the Camera
Hunters and Gatherers
New Material(s)
Differentiating African Political Participation and Economic Equality
Cloning and Sequencing Rpg1, A Soybean Resistance Gene
Influences of Returnee Experiences on Japanese Adolescents' Ethnic Identity Development and Psychological Well-Being
Recognition of Individuals by Vocalizations Ring-tailed Lemurs, Lemur catta
The Library
Spin-Assembly of Polyelectrolytes and Dendrimer Macromolecules
The Effects of Cortisol and RU-486 on Shuttle Box Performance in Lagadon Rhomboides
Half a Coin
Responses of Lake Michigan Phytoplankton to Iron and Other Nutrient Additions
Constructing Domestic Violence within the Battered Women's Shelter
Rational Ecstasy?
Flashbulb' Memories of September 11th
The Pharaohs Go Global
When Objects Attack
Kandinsky's Apocalyptic Vision and the New Synaesthetic Art
Performing the Grotesque
The Paradox of Heuristics
The Communist Subversion of Culture in Milan Kundera's Life is Elsewhere and The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Interpretations of and Reactions to Affective States
Art and Nature
A New Revolution
Evolution and Ecology of the Snake
Using Homotopy Groups to Detect Topological Defects with Applications to a Loentz-Violating Theory
An Illustrated Key to the Nitidulid Sap Beetles in South West Florida Strawberries
Theories of Mental Content
Living in Nature
Reviving the Contact-Hypothesis
America Under Construction
Calculating Virtue
Deconstructing the Homeless/Reconstructing the Home
Horses in Shametown
An Assessment of Manatee Behaviors, Biology, and Implications for Conservation
Images of Cross-Dressing in Four Nineteenth-Century Novels
Bad Boy[s]
Examining the Economic Approach to Individual Decision Making
The Anti-Allende Women
Sustainable Methods of Vegetable Production for Florida
Polymer-Surfactant Interactions during Electrostatic Self-Asseymbly onto Thin Film Surfaces
Toward Understanding RNA Helicase A
The Physiological Effects of an Animal, a Plant, and a Toy
Phenotypic Description of a Caenorhabditis elegans RNA Helicase A Deletion Mutant
Institutionalization in the Modern Presidency
Sex-Typed Managers & Self-Presentation Strategies
The Effects of Endosulfan, an Estrogenic Insecticide, on the Reproductive Behavior of Cyprinodon Variegatus Lacepede (Sheepshead Minnow)
Feminine Identity in the U.S. Service Sector
Its Most Conspicuous and Vicious Evils'
How the Internet is Changing Business
The Effects of Scopolamine on Learning and Memory in Anolis sagrei, the Cuban Anole
Performative Communication
An Exploration of Teacher Attitudes Toward African American Vernacular English
Breaking the Back of Words'
Civic Anemia
Coexistence in a Cryptic Community
Cirque du Soleil
Aspects of Conservation, Biology, and Reproduction in Seahorses
Fighting for Creation
Analyzing the Emotional Import of Mark Strand's Poetry, with 'The Suffocating Laughter of Insects' (Original Poems)
The Flora of Bailey's Cay, Roatan, Honduras
Let's Make a Deal
Polyelectrolyte Spin-Assembly and Characterization of Polycation + Polyanion + Polyanion Thin Films
Heirs to Alice
Coil Impedance in the Presence of an Axially Symmetric Conductor
Oh Shame, Where is Thy Blush?'
Denunciation as Deliberation
The Characterization of Plasmids from Marine Actinomycetes
Team Assessments at Sarasota County
Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy and Its Effects on the Fetus
Community Indicators
Yoga and Suggestion
Transcending, Transforming & Integrating
Investigation of Cholesterol Binding in the Active Site of Cholestrol Oxidase Streptomyces
Native Americans and Archaeologists
The Need to Bleed
The Effect of Context on Ethical Decision-Making
The Private 'I' in the Public Sphere
Parent Stress and Environmental Risk in Early Intervention
Martyrs and Murderers
Implementation of Density Functional Theory and Application of DFT to the Chlorine/Benzene Adduct
Curved, Periodic Crack Patterns in Thin Sol-Gel Films
Bringing Politics Back into Policy
Ligand Synthesis for a Potential Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mimic
Policy Legacy of Nuclear Power in the United States
Reeling Imaginary
Substaining Subjectivity through Metapatriarchal Metaphor and the Dynamic Divine
The Effects of Western Hemisphere Economic Integration on the Economic, Political, and Social Development of the Dominican Republic
A Photographic Interpretation of Myth from the Metamorphoses of Ovid
Moral Memory
The Supreme Court and the Rise of Corporate Capitalism
Turn of the Century Dialogues
The Concept of Concepts
Playing Dice with the Universe
Baculovirus Overexpression of RNA Helicase A from C. elegens and Bandshift Analysis of Its RNA Binding Properties
The Developmental Effects of Perinatal Stress and Their Role as Adaptive Modifications
The Question of Tathagatagarbha
The Anticarcinogenic Effects of Four Common Dietary Compounds
Rural Reform and Development in China
Satisfaction and Commitment to a Decisional Choice in Relation to Decisional Procrastination
Paint the Town Red
Make-Believe and the Self
A Li(f)e
In Pursuit of Understanding
Quaker Childbearing Practices and the Tenet of Non-Violence
Adolecents' Perceptions of Magazine Media
Taking the Initiative
Where's the Beef?
Fine-Tuning the Wetting Behavior of Polyelectrolyte Films with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
Garifuna Identity [Garinagu Ungua] (as derived through literary analysis of works by Garifuna authors)
Between 'Scylla and Charybdis'
The Children of Aum
Gazing' the Streets and the Strip Clubs
Discord in Kepler's World Harmony
Brothers in Arms
Implementing Self-Directed Learning in the Latter Years of Formal Schooling
La Chabacaneria Guaracheada
Exploring Neh-Kor in Nepal
Analysis of the ATPase Activity of C. elegans RNA Helicase A
A Kind of Language Between Us
Shelter Choice in the Gulf Toadfish, Opsanus Beta
Work and Play in a Taipei Night Market
Anti-Essentialism and Modern Art
The Irony of Metaethics
Millennium Madness, Now That We Are Over That ...
Attitudes Towards Touch
Body/Language in the Works of Jenny Saville, Mira Schor, Lesley Dill and Katie Helms
I, Zombie? Why Zombie Knowledge is Fatal to Chalmers' Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness
What is this Drug?'
Shared Laughter
Evaluating the Need for Child Labor in Pakistan and Bangladesh with Remarks on Possible Remedies
A Study of Sociopolitical Factors Affecting Environmental Conditions in Lesser-Devleoped Countries; A Comparative Study of Nepal and Bhutan
Jesus as Intelligent Interpreter and Societal Savior
The Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus -- A Case Study of the Yankton Sioux People
Writing Home
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Fluorescent Multilayers but Were Afraid to Ask
Strange Bedfellows
An All-Consuming Faith
Our Bunnies, Our selves
The Colonial Legacy
Carnival Mirror Images
Olfaction, Memory and Emotion
Barriers and Enablers to Program Impact
Poetics and Politics of Pilgrimage at the Swiss Shrine of Einsiedeln
The Effect of Context on Assignment of Gender to an Ambiguous Target
From Homotopy to Homology through Pictures
Permanent Displays of Social Distinction
A Fatal Attraction
The Current Status of Stem Cell Research in the Context of Public Health Policy
Still Time
Dual Loyalities
Devolution and National Identity Formation in Spain
An Atlas of Development of the Sea Urchin Echinometra Lucunter Utilizing Differential Interference Contrast, Light, and Scanning Electron Microscopy
An Ecological Assessment of the Caples Stormwater Detention Pond
Comparative Analysis of American and British Models of Pharmaceutical Regulation
Impulsivity and Dreaming
The Epiphytic Diversity and Abundance in Quercus Virginiana and Quercus Laurifolia
We Build the Road and the Road Builds Us' An Exploration of Socially Engaged Buddhism
The Effects of Physical Violence and Physiological Arousal Working through Verbal Abuse on Marital Satisfaction
The Impact of a Desire to be Unique on Ratings of Color Attraction
An Overview of the Psychology and Biology of Schizophrenia
By Virtue of the Absurd
Christianity and Coercion
And the Fluent Man Carried Off the Brave Man's Arms the Character of Odysseus throughout Classical Literature
Writing Herself into Existence
Homegrown Sprouts
to isolate her out of the loud world
Miles Gloriosus A Translation with Commentary
Beyond Ghetto Walls?
Inanimate Abjections
Whistle Production Rates in a Group of Male Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) Over Changes in Composition
Comprehensive Guidance in Secondary Education
Social and Economic Engines of Hispanic Immigration in Florida
Disney's Heroines from Snow White to Tarzan's Jane
Baile na hAilte
Synthesis of Closo-Ten-Vertex Carborane Derivatives
The Country Boss
Hemispheric Asymmetry and Affect in Social Perception
Subjective Contrast
The Effect of Gender and Gender Congruence on Judgments of Legal Insanity
Artificial Neural Network Approach to Eye Color Forecasting
The Effects of Depth, pH, Depth of Light Penetration, and Area on Backswimmer (Hemiptera
Spatial Orientation and Modeling in the Arboreal Mangrove Crab, Aratus pisonii (Crustacea, Grapsidae) H. Milne Edwards 1837
Earth Connections An Experimental Program in Wilderness Education
The Labour Party's Policy of Asymmetrical Devolution to Gain Scottish Electoral Support
The Historical Archaeology of Brothels
Synthesis of NLO-Active Amphiphiles and Incorporation into Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Indigenous Subsystems and Democratic State-Building in Guatemala
Whose Community Is This? A Critical Study of the Impact of Globalization on Contemporary Liberal Democratic Society The Case of Okubo, Tokyo
Memory, Narrative, and Identity in Buried Child, The Iceman Cometh and The Glass Menagerie
Teach the Children Well
Death of My Cid
Economic Methods for Valuing Life and Their Role in American Courtrooms and the Public Policy Arena
Does Peripheral Administration of Serotonin Influence Agnostic Behavior in Juvenile Pinfish, Lagodon Rhomboides?
Dramatic Weight Loss and Its Effect on Friendship
Touring a Florida Plantation
Environmental Equity in Chattanooga
The Propriety of Love
Fractured Selves & (En)Folded Perspectives A History of Ideas Tracing the Doctrines of Not-Self and Emptiness in Indian Buddhist Thought
Mixed Surfactant-Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Containing Sodium Dodecylsulfate
Chinese and Mexicans
Chimpanzee Laughter
Photographs and Fiction
Modeling the Population Dynamics of Danaus Plexippus, L.
Spiraling Toward Sustainability
Zosima's Theodicy
Relationship Attitudes and Conflict Resolution Styles of Adult Children of Divorce
Optimal Behavior of Contrite Tit-for-Tat Under Infinitesimal Rate of Error
The Australian Ballot Reform and Turnout in U.S. Congressional Elections, 1880-1930
Meals and Melodrama
Historical Development and Philosophical Perspectives of Scientific Illustration
A New Actitud
The Effect Context Priming on Implicit Automatic Racial Stereotype Activation
Japanese State and Labor Relations in an Era of Neoliberal Reform
Understanding the Umwelt
The Female Experience of Adolescence
Power within Distressed Interracial Marriages
Explaining the Terror The Radicalization of the French Revolution, 1792-1794.
History, Identity, and the Politics of Exclusion
The Nonrelativistic Limit of Fermionic Operators with Lorentz Violation
Six Species of Florida Wildflowers and Their Uses in the Restoration and Beutification of Florida Habitats
Site-Directed Mutagenesis of a Single-Nucleotide Mutation in Familial Atrial Fibrillation
Making Fools Laugh at Sin and Wickedness
Bioremediation of the Petroleum Hydrocarbons, BTEX, and the Gasoline Additive, MTBE
The Effects of Touching Dolphins on Children's Acquisition of Attitude and Knowledge
Off the Beaten Pathogen
I Am Not An Indian
Denying Significance
As We Like Him or, Bardolatry in the Twenty-First Century
Eve-olution Reimagining the Mother of Knowledge
Punctuating the Florida Sky
Investigations into UV/Ozone Patterned Photolithography and Vesicle Adsorption Kenetics of Liquid-Crystalline POPC
Behavior of the Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) in a Radical Arm Maze
Damned Enlightenment
The Cyclical Nature of United States Commercial Bank Lending to Latin America
From Passionate to Companionate Love
A Delicate Balance
Negotiating a Viable Subjectivity
Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy of Synthetic Biological Membranes under UV Peroxidative Stress
Tainted Transitions
The Politics of Judicial Legitimation
A Matter of Choice
Sexuality in Adolescent Haitians Living in Florida
A Behavioral Economics Analysis
Coalition Building in the Global Justice Movement
Multiple Measures of Handedness and Laterality in Three Species of Lemur
Quality of Life as a Function of Activity in Long-Term Care
Heroines and Saints
The Ethnobotany of Southwest Florida from Paleo-Indian Times to the Present
Adventure Education
Stadium Games
The Social Transmission of Moral and Religious Beliefs
The Development and Evolution of an Online Support Group for Thesis Students
Study of the Helical Field Coil and the Ohmic Heating Coil Systems in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid
A Methodological Approach to the Study of the Imperial Panels of San Vitale, Revenna
Moluscan Exploitation at the Lighthouse Bayou Site (8GU114), A Multi-Companent, Large-Gastropod Midden at St. Joseph Bay, Florida
Carbon Nanoparticles
Characterization of Epidermal Cell Dedifferentiation during Carpel Fusion in Madagascar Periwinkle
Day-to-Day Childcare and Fathers' Conception of Fatherhood
Eight Pieces for Brass Quintet Combining Serial and Minimalist Compositional Techniques
Fish on Prozac
The Development of Everglades Restoration Policy
The Localization of RNA Helicase A in the Caenorhabditis Elegans Hermaphrodite Using Immunocytochemisty
A Series of Interactions between Coral Reef and Mangrove Ecosystems in Bocas del Toro, Panama
The Survival of Comunidada Judia del Ecuador
A Knight at New College A Modern Medieval Romance
Cutting through the Layers
A Theoretical Design of an Environmentally Sustainable School
Designing Captive Habitats for Delphinidae
Falling Back on Our Gods
Keepin' It Real, or Just Fronting? An Essay Concerning Authenticity
The Role of Corruption in Preventing Consolidation of Democracy in Bulgaria
Animal Husbandry
Early Motherhood Experiences in a Nicaraguan Society
Music in Literature
Ab Ova ad Malum
Factors Associated with Wellbeing in a College Population
Senior Project
Design and Development of a Well-Ordered, NLO-Active Organic Thin Film
Teaching Peace to Youth
A Survey of Indigenous Rights in Alaska, Australia, and Canada
(Re)writing (Hi)stories
Burning to Build
Narrative and Hospice
Moral Judgment Development and Identity Formation in First Year College Students
A Meandering Inquiry into the Nature of Material Objects
Strategic Applications
Reaching for Rome A Discussion of Early Civic Humanism in Italy
The Dam Situation on the Narmada
The Meaning of Personal Possessions During Late Life Transiions
The Formation of Automobile Dependence in the United States
Early Experience and Basal Ganglia Function in Deer Mice (Peromyscus Maniculatus)
Quid Rides? The Satires of Horace, Juvenal, Donne and Swift
Ranging Room
Mary Shelley and Her Monsters
In the Middle of the Field
Memoir of the Crosley Estate
Habitat Usage and Foraging Behavior of Two Species of Semi-Free Ranging Lemur Groups
Public Space and Politics
An Ethics of Authenticity
Puffer Fish Poisoning
Asperger Syndrome
The Evolution of the Structure of the Episotalry Novel from the Eighteenth Century to the Twentieth Century
The Powers of a Pinball
An Analysis of the Physical Development of a Community
The United States and Canada
Waiting for Change
Spatial Behavior in the Fish Species, Haemulon Plumieri
Identity Construction in a Gay Alchoholics Anonymous Group
The Democratic Potential of Information and Communication Technologies
Fear of Death, Death Anxiety and Death Attitudes in College Students and Nursing Home Patients
From Griot to MC
The Relevance of a Conserved ATPase Domain to the Overall Function of Caenorhabditis elgans RNA Helicase A
How We Know Welfare
The Moon is no Door
The Ethnobotany of Herbal Medicines and Seminole Healing Plants, Illustrated in Watercolor
A Comparison of Mycorrhizal Use in Organic and Conventional Farming and Effects on Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Seedling Growth
Beliefs about the Etiology of Depression
To Blast away the Things that Block Men's Ears'
Cell Therapy
The Politics of Fiction
Personal Space
Dermatography and the Chemical Composition of Tattoo Pigments
A Critical Review of the Efficient Market Hypothesis
Environmental Enrichment for a Captive Asian Black Leopard, Panthera pardus
Perceived Masculinity and Femininity in Ongoing Opposite Sex Relationships
Appreciating Native Plants at New College of Florida
From Fathers and Sons to Fathers and Children
Work and Marital Satisfaction in Maritally Distressed Couples
Reverse-Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks from Microarray Data
Manatee Psychophysical Testing
A Critical View of the Administration of Florida's Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled
Representations of Mexican-American Resistance
Improving Ourselves and Improving Our World
Ornamentation and the Void in the Works of Huysmans, Rachilde, Beardsley, and Klimt
Praecia's The Tricks of the Trade
Beyond Sensual Truth
Get it? Leo Straiss and the Crisis of Modernity
What the Fund Got Wrong
Sliding Home
The Complex Construction of Sexual Orientation
Rebuilding the Silk Road How New Technologies are Enabling a Global Software Services Market
An Investigation into the Midstream Order Deficit in a Multi-Modal Stimulus Sequence
The Application of the Harris Matrix to Rosemary Cemetery
The Internet Solution
Tlatelolco y Su Impacto en la Intelectualidad Mexicana
Historical Archaeology of Henequen Haciendas in Yucatan, Mexico
Technology and Creativity
Education as a Tool for Social Justice
The American Myth
Don't Forget to Write
What Must Remain Public? Essays on Privitization, the Consitution, and Public Administration
Recovering the Landscapes of the Second Seminole War
New Options for Urban Transportation
Choices in Green Chemistry
A Centralizer, Algebra Approach to Computing the Chromatic Polynomial
Why Adoptees Search
Examining Schubert's Piano Sonatas His Innovations and his Conservative Shift to a More Classical Style of Composition
The Effects of Neurofeedback on Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
An Introduction to Traditional Healing and Protection of the Middle East in Contemporary America
Building a Girl
Woody's Road
Analysis of the Expression of RNA Helicase A in C. elegans using Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction
Joan of Arc and Medieval Traditions of Combative Women
Influences of Culture on Affiliation and Emotion in Bilingual Narratives
A Search for Antimicrobial Peptides in the Skin Mucosa of the Hardhead Catfish, Arius felis
No Room in Our Imaginations? Small Towns, Social Crises and Spaces of Possibility in Short Stories by Arguedas and Garcia Marquez
Visions of Vice
Pro-Eating Disorder Websites and Female Body Dissatisfaction
The History of History Painting in Nineteenth-Century France
Rethinking Qu�b�cois Identity in Three Immigrant Novels
The War Metaphor
Explaining the American Exception
The Politics of Race, Space, and Environmental Justice
Impact of Redundant Data on Evolution of Neural Networks
Mnemonic Memorials
Synthesis of NLO-Active Surfactants and Investigation of the Effects of Noncovalent Interactions on Molecular Orientation in Multilayer Films
The Amination of Metal Nanoshell Precursors and the Effect on Nanoshell Growth
Kant on the Problem of Evil
The Critique of Sample-Based Music
Rationalization and the Banlieue
The Cumulative Case for Platonism about Universals
About Face
Critical Agency and the Recovery of 'Something Like a Subject' in Contemporary Social Theory
The Relationship Between Social Support and Psychological Well-Being for Recent Female Hispanic Immigrants in the United States
Art as Intervention in Public Space
Drinking Norm Misperception
Bible Babble
Telling Stories
The 'Evil Age' and the Celebration of Intersubjectivity at Lhundrup Choeling Monastery, Budhanilkantha, Nepal
Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Assemblies and Protein Immobilization
The Word Made Flesh
The Natural History of Florida Tree Snails (Liguus Fasciatus) in the Everglades
The Panama Canal, the Press and the Presidency
Bromeliad Tank Ecosystems and Other Container Habitats in the Florida Everglades
Creation of a Character Installation
Female Authority in Paul's Letter to Rome
Revolutionary Bodies
Men and Women's Perceptions of the Menstrual Cycle
Shucking Oysters
Patents versus People
The Economics of Advertising
Islamic Commercial Law and Economic Development
Children's Pronoun Case Overextentions in Russian
Written Component
Anthropology of Law and the Late Roman Empire
Immediate Attention
Critical Aggregation Behavior of SDSPEI Mixtures in Bulk Solution and in Multilayer Films
The Gooseberries Taste Test
Hear Say
A Comparative Study of Feral and Domestic Horses
Biological Breakdowns and Technological Breakthroughs
Self-Determination Theory & Flow
Faithfulness Properties of the Burau Representation
Nuclear Energy
Striking Ybor Gold
Investigating the Mind's Attention Mechanisms
Mechanical Life in a Gallery Setting
The Healing Power of Narrative
The Relations Between Personality, Humor, Repair During Conflict, and Marital Satisfaction in a Sample of Distressed Couples
Storytelling, Civic Space and Insurgency Republican Citizenship in the African American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s to mid-1960s
The Gallae
Incorporation of Active Lactate Dehydrogenase into Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Assemblies
A New Multimedia Edition of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera
Revising Shakespeare
Vladimir Nabokov and Character
The Poetics of the Double-Bind
Basic Ecclesial Communities in Mexico
Personality Type as a Correlate of Success in Traditional and Non-Traditional Colleges
The Indigenous People of the Ecuadorian Amazon and Their Battle Against Big Oil
The Perception of Meter in Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat
Quality of Health Care Assessment of Pediatric Acute Lymphoid Leukemia Patients Admitted to Florida Hospitals in 2003
The Wilderness Ethic and the Social Construction of Nature
Matching Teaching Curricula to Student Learning Preferences by Incorporating Informal Learning resources into the Formal Learning Classroom
Visions and Revisions
D�mocratie D�raill�e
Channels of Worlds and Words
Many are Called
Confounding Powers of Legalese
Paternalism, Freedom of Choice, and Well-Being
High Hopes and Disappointment
Annihilation, Negation, and Revelation
Gender Bias in Physiological Stress Research
Off with Their Heads!'
The Deane-Lee Affair
Gender Perspectives in a Female Authored Buddhist Autohagiography
Trophic Dynamics of Zooplankton and Myctophid Fish in the Central Pacific Ocean
Structural Comparison of Executables with Graph Isomorphisms
Sniffing Out the Big One
A Study of RNA Helicase A Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans Using a rha-l-gfp Reporter
The Physics of Tachyons
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Bolivia
Hegemonic Rearticulation
Beyond These Four Walls
Adventures and Misadventures in Riemannian Geometry
Military Theory and Political Reality in the American Civil War
Evidence for a Stress-Generation Model of Depression in Distressed Marriages
The Coral and Zooxanthellae Symbiosis
Romantic History and the Historical Novel
Investigation of Caenorhabditis elegans RNA Helicase A Protein Binding with a Yeast 2-Hybrid Assay
Thin Gold Films Sputter Deposition and Optical Characterization
Hidden Histories A Historical Archaeology Approach to the The Tabby House Ruins at Desoto National Memorial Park
Narrating from the Margins
Localization of IRP-1 mRNA and an Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide in Gravistimulated Maize Pulvini
Translation to English from Japanese, Spanish, and German
Coral Banding as an Environmental Indicator in Bocas del Toro
Sustainable Bananas in Bocas del Toro
Sappho and Catullus
White Consumption and Appropriation of Hip Hop Culture and the Social Ramifications
Moral Responsibility and Decision-Making
Post Flow-Through Experiment Characterization of Volcanic Tuff and Carbonate Rock Cores from the Nevada Test Site
Depictions of Female Power in Celtic Literature and Arthurian Romance
Consume for the Cure
Communicating Protest
Constituting World
Verbal Language Use in Distressed Couples
On the Delayed Maturation of the Adolescent Brain
Big Shoes to Fill
The Ecological Relationship Between Hymenachne amplexicaulis (Rudge) Nees and Ischnodemus variegatus (Signoret) in Wetlands Along the Myakka River in Myakka River State Park
The Effect of Beach Renourishment upon the Nest Fertility of Loggerhead Sea Turtles
One Little Onion
Imperialist Modernity
The Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in Prescription Drug Markets
Human Assisted Reproduction
Identity in the House of Difference
The Casa de Theresa
Transitions to Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Food for Thought
How Blackburn's Solution to the Frege-Geach Problem Could Be More Quasi-Realistic
Le Rythme de la Vie
A Post-Autistic Examination of the Giffen Good
Wisdom Ethics
International Institutions and Change
Gender Differences and Similarities in Motivations to Become and Entrepreneur
Children and Green Spaces
The Social Character of the Roman Catholic Mass
Optimizing Covertimes with Constraints
Health as a Lifestyle Model
Ghostlier Demarcations, Keener Sounds'
Ariel, Chick
Vocal Productions of Rhythms by the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus)
Another Place and Time
The Effects of Class Background on Labor Union Identity in Full Time Staff
Creating a Culture of Peace
An Analysis and Exploration of the Criminal Justice System in Sarasota County, Florida and Criminal Defendant Non-Compliance
Effects of Long-Term Land Use Change on Soil Meso and Macro Fauna in the Southern Lake Wales Ridge, Florida
Raman Spectroscopy of PbI2 Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Fiction Writing
The Legalization of Conscience
National Identity in a Center-Periphery Context
Stigma and Distrust in the Redevelopment of Public Housing A Case Study
Tangles Views
Modern Chilean Narratives
Father Charles Coughlin
The Credit Boom in Bulgaria since 2002 to the Present
A Discussion of Artistic Process and Product in Relation to the Short Film Tiga Negri Tambal
The Corridors of Metaphor An Unconventional Art History of the Alhambra
The Social Construction of Planning and Urban Redevelopment in New York City
Comparing Two Systems of Religion Grounded in Reason Alone
An Emotional Stroop, Anxiety, Personality, & Memory
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Character Perception of Women
Body as Test
First Do No Harm'
Adolescent Help-Seeking in Social Aggression Scenarios
Questions de Genre
River Development in the 1930's
I am the Creator of My Reality
Is Working Paying Off? An Anaysis of Labor Market Commitment and Gender Pay Parity
War in Sex
Ancient Adventures in a Newly Constructed Past Exploring the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida
Community Gardens in Sarasota County, Florida
Placing Mercy in Hume's Catalogue of Moral Virtues
Permeable Constructedness
The Trend towards Diversification in Musical Theater as Justification for My Original Musical Beowulf and Grendel
A Doubling and Redoubling
An Investigation of the Potential Role of Brassinosteroids in Carpel Fusion in Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus L.)
The Body Clock in Cells
The Actinaria of Sarasota Bay
On Pain and Privacy
Elementary Teacher/Educator Perceptions of Sense of Community, Student Bullying, and School Ethical Climate
Effects of Anti-Smoking Commercials on Tobacco-Related Variables
Creative Project in Sequential Narrative
Cognition and Memory in the Goldfish (Carassius Auratus)
The Irish Rebellion of 1798
Vestiges of the Gods
ShadowBrute, or Government the Myth
War on Education a Sociological & Political Approach
Investigating the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, and the Crazy Ant, Paratrechina longicornis Latrielle, as Potential Predators for Small Hive Beetle Larve, Aethina tumida Murray (Coleoptera
The Role of Law in Edward I's Conquests of Wales and Scotland, 1277-1307
Some Modern Interpretations of the Demeter/Persephone Myth
Gendered Archaeology of the God Pan on Cyprus
Venus in Her Various Guises
Modernist Fiction and the Breakdown of Family
Unorthodox Lawmaking and the Decline of Social Insurance in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003
Power Games
Egalitarian and Difference Feminism in Fantasy Literature
On Divine Foreknowledge and Human Libertarian Freedom
Eating in Dickens and Gogol
Dollatization to the Rescue? A Study of Currency Area Theory Applied to Ecuadirian Dollarization
Garbage Fell on Alabama'
Spatial Learning in the Floor Maze by Rattus Norvegicus
Star Formation and Metallicity in High EQW(Ha) Galaxies
See Dick Hit, See Jane Run
O Grape, Where Art Thou? A Study of Spatial Cognition in Two Lemur Species (Lemur catta and Eulemur fulvus rufus) in a Laboratory Foraging Setting
Promoting Sustainability through Ecological Design and Environmental Education
Inside Out
Biology, History, and Control of Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida Murray
Hypnosis and the Remediation of Pain
Dream Sequences and Subjective Reality in Two Short Stories by Victor Pelevin
Group Decision Making
Relational Aggression in Gay Male Relationships; Examining the Role of Internalized Homophobia
Surface Plasmon Resonance of Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Thin Film Dielectric Matrices
Imagining 'Home'
Tea Tasting
Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptions for Feature-Based Facial Recognition
Community, Service, and Spirituality
Flesh of the Deceased
Just Housing?
Tam Lin in Transformation
Givenness and Revelation
Controlling the Growth of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Arrays
Gender, Attitudes towards Women, Work-Family Conflict and the Glass Ceiling in a Corporate Environment
The Multidimensional Fabric of Karma
The Evolution of Housing Policy
The Effect of Juncus Effusus on Detritus and Soil Parameters in Central Florida Seasonal Wetlands
Spacial Mapping in a Jumping Fish
Anti-Semitism and Political Opportunism
Landmark Navigation by Honeybees (Apis Mellifera)
Sergei Prokofiev's Modern Interpretation of Sonata Form as Seen in Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 28
Peer vs. Media Influence on Female Adolescent Clothing Preference
Stress in Academia
Curing the Cannibals
Does Participation in Extracurricular Activities Increase Test Scores?
Disordered Eating in NCAA Athletes
A Neoclassical Microeconomic Investigation of Choice Problems in Virtual Worlds
Reclaiming Representations
Imagery of Adam and Eve from Early Christian Art through the Reformation
Frailty Thy Name is Woman
Environmental Awareness through Art
The Russo-Chechen Conflict and the Construction of Chechen Identity
The Human Condition in Kurosawa's Rashomon
People, Places and Spaces-8 Countries, 4 Months, 1 Artist.
The Shifting Margins of Whiteness and Otherness
Archibald MacLeish's J.B.
Raman Spectroscopy of Te Filled Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Jazz Improvisation and the Aesthetic of Risk
Project Fathers
Selves as Centers of Narrative Gravity
St. Augustine Movement
Invisible Barbarians
Conceiving and Antirepresentational Politics of Narrative
Wild Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and Recreational Fishing in Sarasota Bay
A Review of the Effect of Stress, Cortisol, and Toxin Induced Stress Responses on Homeostasis in Humans and Experimental Animals
Fertile Fields the Agrarian Myth and Political Access
The Five Points of the Pentacle
The Persistence of Social Movement Groups Through Time and Change
Design and Partial Synthesis of N, NBis(2-(1H-imidazol-4-yl)ethyl)-3-aminopropanamide for Potential Autism Chelation Therapy
Lepton Pair Production Due to e-e+ Pair Annihilation in the Presence of Spontaneous Lorentz-Symmetry Violation
Observational Learning in the Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris)
Filling the Bowl
Children's Coping
The Role of Educational Philosophy in School Choice
The Professional Identity and Creative Writers
Peru, Peasants and Machu Picchu
Seed Dispersal by Birds and Bats in an Anthropogenic Ecosystem of Tamil Nadu, India
Sustainability of the Chinese Economic Miracle and Its Implications for Chinese-American Trade Relations
An Integrated Nutrient-Film Hydroponics and Crayfish Aquaculture System
Art About Art
Fighting the "Big Lie" in the Big Easy
Norsemen Without a King
Fish, Finches and Tour Boats
Systematizing intuition
Irony and Embodiment
The Militirization of Drug Interdiction in Latin America
Developing from the Margins
Sticks and Stones
Kinetics of IRP1 Gene Expression in Gravistimulated Maize Pulvini
Synthesis of Popular and Institutional Music; Original Compositions and Essay
Alfred Hitchcock and the Eye of the Beholder
SHHH...It's Not Really an Icon
Questioning Authority
A Dark, Constraining Silence
Juana I de Castilla
Gaudapada's "Treatise on Quelling the Firebrand
Windows to an Imaginary Realm
Something Borrowed, Something New
An Adaptation of The Philadelphia
Optimal Metacontrast Masking of Chromatic Stimuli With and Without Luminance Cues
A Little Perspective
Orange Fever
Escape Responses to Visual and Vibrational Stimuli in the Sand Fiddler Crab, Uca Pugilator
Detecting Protein-Protein Interactions with RNA Helicase A (RHA-1) in Caenorhabditis elegans
The Ecological Relationship Between Pistia Stratiotes, Hydrocotyle Ranunculoides and Mansonia Spp (Diptera
Outer Approximation of the Spectrum of a Fractal Laplacian
An Ecological Anthropology of the Israeli National Water Carrier
The Methodology of Discrimination
Personality and the Synthesis of Hassles, Depressive Symptoms, and Marital Satisfaction in Distressed Couples Before and After a Marital Intervention
Left Public Life and Its Association with Religion through the 1880s to the 1920s
Mangrove Ecology for Eighth Grade
European Union Enlargement
Rutherford and Bremsstrahlung Scattering in the Presence of Lorentz Symmetry Violation
La Representacion de la Cultura Japonesa en la Literatura Hispanoamericana
From Stories to Dialogue
Short Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds
Jewish Art and the Second Commandment
Still Life
Experimental Study of Polyaniline Chemical Actuators for Bending Silicon Wafers
As Racist as You Think
Personal Identity and Free Will
Sensitivity to dsRNA feeding, fertility, and X-Linked gene expression in wild type, rha-1(tm329), rde-2(ne211, rde-2;rha-1, and mut-7;rha-1 mutant worms
Domesticating Women
Evolution through Networks
"A Maneuvering Business"
The Process of Composing "Brass Quintet"
The Distribution of Expired Medicines in Impoverished Communities
The Academy
Color Constancy Exhibited by Honeybees (Apis Mellifera) in a Dynamic Lighting Environment
Out in the Woods
Microeconomic Implications of Market-Based Fisheries Regulations in Marine Fisheries
Lessons in Love
Collective Efficacy and Socioeconomic Status
Mixture Model of Mutagenetic Trees and Application in Evolutionary Biology
Catalyst or Cataclysm?
Housing Policy
The Faces of Antigone
Addressing Private Information in the Coase Theorem
The Susceptibility of the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida, to Selected Soil Applied Insecticides
Excitotoxicity in Traumatic Brain Injury
Situating Standpoints
In Their Own Minds
The Thing is I
A Comparison of Cognitive Development in College Students as a Function of Sexual Orientation
Partial Synthesis of a Synthetic Model for Rubisco
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Diasporic Voices
Masculinity, Sexuality, and Identity in Three Queer Texts, 1900-1910
Mending Broken Lives
Avian Proventricular Dilation Disease
Negotiating Voices
Sythesis of the Ligand 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane-Monopropionate for a Potential Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mimic
Figures of Speech
Local Governance
Cultural Traditions in Bicycle Policy
Experience Over Reason
The Construction and Enactment of Queer and Jewish Identity
Acoustic Production Rates in a Group of Captive Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) Over Population Change
She-Monsters in Nineteenth-Century Novels
A People's History of Sustainable Development
The Word the Self-Perpetuating Narrative of Christ
Mutual Regard
Surviving the Gentrification of Paradise
The Social Construction of Diamond Engagement Rings
A Tiger Hunt as Your Cup of Tea
The Oneida Community (1838-2006)
A Review of the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tunida (Murray)
Murakami, Haruki; Japanese Literature; Dostoevsky, Fyodor; Contemporary Literature
Attachment and its Role in Resilience from Psychological Trauma
Love's Ethics
Asserting Identity
Creating Monsters and Haunting Readers
The Ethiopian Jewish Community
Building Cities and Sustaining Nature; The Emergence of Urban Ecology in the U.S.
Science Outreach for Students
Interpreting the Constitution
Representations of Nature in Four Epics
Copyright and Rhetoric
The Canvas as a Common Ground
Marginalized Learning
The Archaeology of Paradox
The Stable Matching Problem*
Epibionts on the Carapaces of Sick and Injured Sea Turtles in Southwest Florida during a Time of Frequent Red Tide
Preserving Queer History
From Scholar to Dollar
The Internet and Authoritarian Regimes
Necessity and Practicality of Advising in Undergraduate Institutions
The Media's Reception of Queer Images in Music Videos in the 1980s and 1990s
From Equity to Adequacy
The Neo-Evolutionary Classificatory System and its Application to Societies on the Theshold of Statehood
Communication Mechanisms between Two Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in a Cooperative Echoic Matching-to-Sample Task
Bario's Sequenza III
Exploring the Esoteric Lives of Two- and Three-Toed Sloths
The Creation of American Identity
X-Linked Gene Expression in Wild-Type, rha-1(tm329), and rde-2(ne221) C. elegans Using Realt-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction
Are Existentialist Narratives Possible?
Vertical Stratification and Habitat Preference of Limnoterrestrial Tardigrades in Myakka River State Park, FL; Including a List of Genera
The Administrative State
"All Our Human Boundries were OverRun"
Waste Not, Want Green
What's Love Got to do with It?
Cunning Odysseus
Coral Disease and Immunity
An Evidence-Based Analysis of Dietary Antioxidants
Don't Think Before You Act
Use of Vitellogenin as a Biomarker for Ecoestrogen Exposure in Hogchockers (Trinectes maculatus) from the Caloosahatchee and Myakka Rivers
Evocative Experiments in Non-Fiction
Buenos Aires
El Canto
"La Donna Terribile
A Review of Detoxification Enzymes with Suggested Phase I and II Assays for Testing the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida (Murray)
Territoriality and Reproduction of Serranus subligarius in a Captive Environment
Interracial Intimacy in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa
On the Nature of the Puppet
Botswana, a Model for Development in Africa?
Numerical Analysis of the Spring Pendulum System using MATLAB
Fun with Elliptic Curves
MSX1 in Cleft Lip and Palate
Uptake and Degradation of Trichloroethylene (TCE) Using Sesbania Exaltata
The New Great Game
Hip Hop and the Production of Space and Place
Invisible Author/Visible Predator
Understanding Village Governance in China
Traumatic Experience and Fantasy Roleplay Gaming
Crisis in the Capian
Hey, Big Spender
The Role of Inflammation in Alzheimer's Disease
A Citrus Place
The Circus Tune Everyone Knows
Form or Fascism?
Love in the Time of GMOs
"Join in a Song with Sweet Accord"
Marginalized Voices
Analysis of the Dutch Disease in Russian Economy
Rebels without Borders
The Potential Mediating Effects of Dissociation in the Stress and Illness Relationship Among College Students
Desiring Intersubjective Unity
El Desarrollo de la Novela, Indigenista Ecuatoriana, 1879-1979
Quantitation of Small RNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans Using Real-Time RT-PCR
The Secret Life of Science
Perception Interpreted through Abstraction
Nuclear Nation
Estimating the Aggregate Production of Azeroth
Cyclic Covering Spaces of Knot Complements
Whose Development in 'Theatre for Development'?
New Prophecy, New Orthodoxy
"As You Look Closer You Notice"
The Effects of Cardiovascular Fitness on Cognition in Young Adults
Doing Good?
Buying the Image
Representations of Racial Identity in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko and Olaudah Equiano's The Interesting Narrative
The Paradox of the Fiesta de los Diablitos
Hnahnu Immigrants, Soccer, Mexican/Latino Business, and Power
A Just Cause
1, 2, 3-Triazole-Linked Polymers as Novel Binders for High-Energy Explosives and Propellants
Gender and Land Tenure
In-Group Behavior and Theater in Adolescents
Radio Silence
Community Land Trusts
Sex and the City of Myth
The Partition of British India
Efficacy of Public Campaign Finance in State Legislative Races
Evaluating a Cultural Theory
The Cathedral in the Desert
Illustration as Interpretation
The Metacritical Transformations of a Divinatory Text
Reactions of Magnesium and Zinc Salts with Acetol and Carbon Dioxide as Models for Catalysis by Rubisco
Parental Beliefs about Gender Identity and Applications of Developmental Niche Theories in Latino, Asian-Indian, and Euro-American Families
Combining Abstraction and Illusionism
Water Bear, Water Bear, What Do You See?
Partial Synthesis of Novel Ligands for the Catalytic Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Pursuit of Green Oxidative Chemistry
"All of You are One in Christ
An Examination of Deconstruction as Applied to the Political in Jacques Derrida's The Politics of Friendship
Moral Psychology, Ethical Relativism, and Blackburn's Metaethics
Femininity and the Body
Delineating and Expanding Upon the History of Combining Performanace Art with Sculpture, and an Analysis of My Own Work in Terms of Performance, Sculpture, Interactivity, and Politics
Who Guards the Gender Line?
Prospects for the "Third Culture"
Antibacterial Effects of Green Tea Extract and Perilla Seed Oil on Oral Bacteria
The Effect of Mood on Implicit Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy
Reading Women in the Works of Austen and Flaubert
Backpacks and Education
Effects of Herbivory on Species Invasions
From Twice Promised Land to Peace for Piece
Los Rios Profundos by Jose Maria Arguedas
Neighborhood Parks as Public Spaces
The External Hindoo
Aesthetics and Engagement
Alchemy and Hieronymus Bosch
Fearing the Future
Graciliano Ramos' Vidas Secas
The Fetus in Black and White
Can History Be Our Guide?
Perspectives on Game Use in Three Populations
The Aggregate Induced Differentiation of Dopaminergic Neurons in NT2 Cells
Matching Memories to Moving Landmarks
Effects and Environmental Behaviors of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
Thinking about 'Things'
The Truthiness of Economics
Anthropology and Phenomenology of Birth
From Immanence to Otherness
Invasion of the Bird Snatchers
The Effects of Light and Sedimentation on Wound Healing in the Scleractinian Coral Acropora Secale
Beyond the Decentralization Paradigm
Rethinking Brecht
Carmina Inferni
Dissonance and the Body in Contextual Atonality
Synthesis of an NLO Active Organic Molecule
Deconstructing Gothic Identity
Using Real-Time RT-PCR to Measure the Changes in the Expression of Caenorhabditis Elegans Genes Involved in the Regulation of "Free" Iron and Defense Against Oxidative Stress.
Civil Conflict Outcomes and Recurrence
Ritualization in the Sevillian Holy Week
"Breaking the Frame"
Powers of Invisibility
The Identification of Cocaine-Induced Changes in the Human Monocyte Proteome Using Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags
Tolerance and the Landscape of Others
A Cross Fertilization Of Identities
The Greatest Possible Effect
Red Tide and Mathematical Modeling
Primary Colonization of Marine Debris in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras
The Role of Amnesty in Ending Civil Conflicts
Solving the Shortage of Human Organs in the United States
There was Neither Victory nor Defeat
Deluzian Jurisprudence and Law in Societies of Control
Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar and Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina
Water Resource Management
Arboreal Arthropod Communities of Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) in Sarasota, Florida
Into Africa
The Quest to Find Utopia
A Biopolitical Analysis of Israel's Separation Barrier
An Understanding of Human Trafficking in Thailand
The Green Grass Grows All Around
It's a Girl?
The Enigma of Pure Conciousness
The Effects of Glucose-Containing Beverages and Whitening Products on Teeth
Hijo de Hombre by Augusto Roa Bastos
Examining the Economic Consequences of Low Skilled Immigrants in the United States
Oil and Native American Decision-Making
Synthesis of Novel Ligands Towards the Goal of Superoxide Dismutase Synzymes
Exploring Emerging Adulthood in a High Functioning Autistic Population
Addressing Oppression
The Frogs of Aristophanes
Purification and Characterization of C. elegans Malate Dehydrogenase with the Use of Deae Ion-Exchange, Affinity and Gel Exclusion Chromatography
Compiling Imperative and Functional Languages
Toxicological Effects of Brevetoxin-2 (PbTx-2) on the Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith)
Reconsidering Humanism
Faith in a Seed?
Une Reprise de Parole
Vocalization Studies of Two West Indian Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Myths, Floods and Archaeology of the Ancient Middle East
The Strategies of Female Student-Parents
The Castaneda Phenomenon and the Creation of the Toltec Movement or "Damn ... I Want the Money"
The Missing Peace
Travelers in Transformation
Descriptive Study of Practitioners of Sadomasochistic Sex
Trade in Ideas and the Ideas of Trade
A New Garden of Eden
No More Identities, Only Transformations'
Fuzion Dance Artitists
Fortune, Providence, and Pity in the Works of Boccaccio, Chaucer, Lydgate, and Baldwin
The Fiction of Choice
The Body as Costume
An Analysis of the Classical Symosium in Three Texts
Relationships between Fashion Conformity, Self-Esteem, and Body Image of Adolescents and Adults
An Examination and Comparison of the Florida Retirement System and the California Public Employees' Retirement System
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of (Hydroxethyl) Urea Peptidomimetic Transition-State Analogs for Use in a Click Chemistry Approach to Studying the Gamma-Secretase Complex
Autres Realites
Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Homes in the Early 20th Century
Subversive Play
Phenotypic Descriptions of Caenorhabditis elegans Mutants and Double Mutants
Mathematical Models in Population Dynamics
Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Experimental Design in Systems Biology
Ebbs and Glows
The Purification and Charachterization of C. elegans Cytoplasmic Malate Dehydrogerase
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Dr. John Morrill On Boat with Unidentified Woman
Eight New College Students
Specialized Computer Equipment for Environmental Studies Program
Environmental Studies Annual Report 1976
Environmental Studies Program Annual Report 2006-07
New College Environmental Studies Program
New College Environmental Studies Brochure
The First Decade
A Homeowner's Guide to Lake Management
Memorandum from John D. McDonald to Robert McGregor
A Proposal to the Selby Foundation from New College
Slash Pine Case
1966-1967 Fine Arts Institute Faculty
1964-1967 1st Year Painting Faculty
Afro with Unidentified Individuals
Syd Solomon
Penthouse Painters
Balcomb Greene
Ann Solomon, Syd Solomon, Adolph Gottlieb
Adolph Gottlieb, Syd Solomon
Syd Solomon with audience
Syd Solomon with audience
Syd Solomon with students
New College Fine Arts Institute
Gallery to open
Syd Solomon with audience
Beaux Arts #1
James Brooks
Fine Arts Institute, students view
New College Conference on Educational Objectives
Student and Teacher
"From May 'til November"
Art Classroom
Penthouse Painters
Student and Teacher
Student and Teacher
"Path III"
Conrad Marca-Relli with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli
Conrad Marca-Relli and Dr. Robert Knox, Faculty
Larry Rivers, James Brooks, Philip Guston, Conrad Marca-Relli, Syd Solomon
Philip Guston with Unidentified Individual
Conrad Marca-Relli, Philip Guston
1966-1967 Fine Arts Institute Faculty
1966-1967 Fine Arts Institute Faculty
Beaux Arts
Diana Colson, Syd Solomon
Beaux Arts #2 Dancing
Beaux Arts #1 Unidentified Individuals
Beaux Arts #2 Unidentified Individuals
Beaux Arts Unidentified Individuals
Beaux Arts Unidentified Individuals
Larry Rivers
Larry Rivers, Philip Guston, Syd Solomon, James Brooks, Conrad Marca-Relli
"Moon Man and Moon Lady"
"Mr. Art (Portrait of David Sylvester)"
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News Release (December 18, 1966)
News Release (December 18, 1967)
News Release (December 18, 1967)
News Release (December 19, 1967)
News Release (December 21, 1967)
News Release (December 21, 1967)
News Release (December 28, 1967)
News Release (December 28, 1967)
News Release (December 1967)
News Release (February 2, 1967)
News Release (February 3, 1967)
News Release (February 3, 1967)
News Release (February 3, 1967)
News Release (February 4, 1967)
News Release (February 5, 1967)
News Release (February 5, 1967)
News Release (February 9, 1967)
News Release (February 11, 1967)
News Release (February 12, 1967)
News Release (February 14, 1967)
News Release (February 14, 1967)
News Release (February 15, 1967)
News Release (February 16, 1967)
News Release (February 16, 1967)
News Release (February 18, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 22, 1967)
News Release (February 23, 1967)
News Release (January 1, 1967)
News Release (January 1, 1967)
News Release (January 5, 1967)
News Release (January 12, 1967)
News Release (January 13, 1967)
News Release (January 15, 1967)
News Release (January 16, 1967)
News Release (January 19, 1967)
News Release (January 23, 1967)
News Release (January 25, 1967)
News Release (January 26, 1967)
News Release (January 29, 1967)
News Release (January 29, 1967)
News Release (January 29, 1967)
News Release (July 2, 1967)
News Release (July 6, 1967)
News Release (July 13, 1967)
News Release (July 20, 1967)
News Release (July 22, 1967)
News Release (July 1967)
News Release (July 1967)
News Release (July 1967)
News Release (July 1967)
News Release (June 1, 1967)
News Release (June 4, 1967)
News Release (June 8, 1967)
News Release (June 11, 1967)
News Release (June 15, 1967)
News Release (June 15, 1967)
News Release (June 18, 1967)
News Release (June 21, 1967)
News Release (June 21, 1967)
News Release (June 22, 1967)
News Release (June 22, 1967)
News Release (June 25, 1967)
News Release (June 29, 1967)
News Release (June 30, 1967)
News Release (June 1967)
News Release (June 1967)
News Release (June 1967)
News Release (June 1967)
News Release (June 1967)
News Release (March 1, 1967)
News Release (March 1, 1967)
News Release (March 1, 1967)
News Release (March 2, 1967)
News Release (March 5, 1967)
News Release (March 5, 1967)
News Release (March 8, 1967)
News Release (March 9, 1967)
News Release (March 9, 1967)
News Release (March 9, 1967)
News Release (March 12, 1967)
News Release (March 12, 1967)
News Release (March 12, 1967)
News Release (March 13, 1967)
News Release (March 14, 1967)
News Release (March 16, 1967)
News Release (March 16, 1967)
News Release (March 17, 1967)
News Release (March 19, 1967)
News Release (March 20, 1967)
News Release (March 22, 1967)
News Release (March 23, 1967)
News Release (March 24, 1967)
News Release (March 26, 1967)
News Release (March 30, 1967)
News Release (March 1967)
News Release (March 1967)
News Release (March 1967)
News Release (March 1967)
News Release (March 1967)
News Release (May 3, 1967)
News Release (May 3, 1967)
News Release (May 4, 1967)
News Release (May 7, 1967)
News Release (May 11, 1967)
News Release (May 11, 1967)
News Release (May 11, 1967)
News Release (May 11, 1967)
News Release (May 11, 1967)
News Release (May 13, 1967)
News Release (May 15, 1967)
News Release (May 18, 1967)
News Release (May 19, 1967)
News Release (May 20, 1967)
News Release (May 25, 1967)
News Release (May 28, 1967)
News Release (May 1967)
News Release (May 1967)
News Release (November 1, 1967)
News Release (November 2, 1967)
News Release (November 2, 1967)
News Release (November 5, 1967)
News Release (November 6, 1967)
News Release (November 6, 1967)
News Release (November 6, 1967)
News Release (November 7, 1967)
News Release (November 7, 1967)
News Release (November 7, 1967)
News Release (November 7, 1967)
News Release (November 9, 1967)
News Release (November 10, 1967)
News Release (November 10, 1967)
News Release (November 10, 1967)
News Release (November 12, 1967)
News Release (November 12, 1967)
News Release (November 15, 1967)
News Release (November 16, 1967)
News Release (November 20, 1967)
News Release (November 21, 1967)
News Release (November 22, 1967)
News Release (November 22, 1967)
News Release (November 24, 1967)
News Release (November 29, 1967)
News Release (November 30, 1967)
News Release (October 1, 1967)
News Release (October 2, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 5, 1967)
News Release (October 5, 1967)
News Release (October 8, 1967)
News Release (October 11, 1967)
News Release (October 12, 1967)
News Release (October 17, 1967)
News Release (October 19, 1967)
News Release (October 22, 1967)
News Release (October 26, 1967)
News Release (October 26, 1967)
News Release (October 29, 1967)
News Release (October 31, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (September 29, 1967)
News Release (October 1967)
News Release (September 29, 1967)
News Release (October 3, 1967)
News Release (September 3, 1967)
News Release (September 5, 1967)
News Release (September 7, 1967)
News Release (September 8, 1967)
News Release (September 9, 1967)
News Release (September 10, 1967)
News Release (September 11, 1967)
News Release (September 11, 1967)
News Release (September 14, 1967)
News Release (September 14, 1967)
News Release (September 19, 1967)
News Release (September 21, 1967)
News Release (September 21, 1967)
News Release (September 21, 1967)
News Release (September 25, 1967)
News Release (September 26, 1967)
News Release (September 26, 1967)
News Release (September 26, 1967)
News Release (September 29, 1967)
News Release (September 29, 1967)
News Release (September 29, 1967)
News Release (April 1968)
News Release (April 1, 1968)
News Release (April 2, 1968)
News Release (April 4, 1968)
News Release (April 4, 1968)
News Release (April 7, 1968)
News Release (April 7, 1968)
News Release (April 11, 1968)
News Release (April 11, 1968)
News Release (April 14, 1968)
News Release (April 16, 1968)
News Release (April 18, 1968)
News Release (April 18, 1968)
News Release (April 19, 1968)
News Release (April 19, 1968)
News Release (April 21, 1968)
News Release (April 21, 1968)
News Release (April 22, 1968)
News Release (April 23, 1968)
News Release (April 24, 1968)
News Release (April 24, 1968)
News Release (April 24, 1968)
News Release (April 24, 1968)
News Release (April 24, 1968)
News Release (April 25, 1968)
News Release (April 25, 1968)
News Release (April 28, 1968)
News Release (February 1, 1968)
News Release (February 4, 1968)
News Release (February 5, 1968)
News Release (February 6, 1968)
News Release (February 7, 1968)
News Release (February 8, 1968)
News Release (February 8, 1968)
News Release (February 9, 1968)
News Release (February 12, 1968)
News Release (February 14, 1968)
News Release (February 14, 1968)
News Release (February 15, 1968)
News Release (February 16, 1968)
News Release (February 16, 1968)
News Release (February 20, 1968)
News Release (February 20, 1968)
News Release (February 20, 1968)
News Release (February 22, 1968)
News Release (February 25, 1968)
News Release (February 27, 1968)
News Release (February 27, 1968)
News Release (February 27, 1968)
News Release (February 29, 1968)
News Release (February 29, 1968)
News Release (February 29, 1968)
News Release (January 2, 1968)
News Release (January 3, 1968)
News Release (January 3, 1968)
News Release (January 3, 1968)
News Release (January 4, 1968)
News Release (January 7, 1968)
News Release (January 7, 1968)
News Release (January 8, 1968)
News Release (January 11, 1968)
News Release (January 14, 1968)
News Release (January 14, 1968)
News Release (January 17, 1968)
News Release (January 18, 1968)
News Release (January 25, 1968)
News Release (January 26, 1968)
News Release (January 28, 1968)
News Release (January 29, 1968)
News Release (January 30, 1968)
News Release (January 31, 1968)
News Release (January 31, 1968)
News Release (January 31, 1968)
News Release (January 31, 1968)
News Release (January 31, 1968)
News Release (January 1968)
News Release (June 2, 1968)
News Release (June 4, 1968)
News Release (March 3, 1968)
News Release (March 1, 1968)
News Release (March 4, 1968)
News Release (March 4, 1968)
News Release (March 5, 1968)
News Release (March 8, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 6, 1968)
News Release (March 7, 1968)
News Release (March 8, 1968)
News Release (March 8, 1968)
News Release (March 8, 1968)
News Release (March 8, 1968)
News Release (March 13, 1968)
News Release (March 14, 1968)
News Release (March 14, 1968)
News Release (March 14, 1968)
News Release (March 15, 1968)
News Release (March 17, 1968)
News Release (March 21, 1968)
News Release (March 24, 1968)
News Release (March 24, 1968)
News Release (March 26, 1968)
News Release (March 27, 1968)
News Release (March 27, 1968)
News Release (March 29, 1968)
News Release (March 31, 1968)
News Release (March 1968)
News Release (March 1968)
News Release (March 1968)
News Release (May 1, 1968)
News Release (May 1, 1968)
News Release (May 2, 1968)
News Release (May 3, 1968)
News Release (May 3, 1968)
News Release (May 7, 1968)
News Release (May 7, 1968)
News Release (May 8, 1968)
News Release (May 9, 1968)
News Release (May 9, 1968)
News Release (May 10, 1968)
News Release (May 12, 1968)
News Release (May 13, 1968)
News Release (May 13, 1968)
News Release (May 13, 1968)
News Release (May 13, 1968)
News Release (May 15, 1968)
News Release (May 15, 1968)
News Release (May 19, 1968)
News Release (May 22, 1968)
News Release (May 23, 1968)
News Release (May 24, 1968)
News Release (May 24, 1968)
News Release (May 26, 1968)
News Release (May 26, 1968)
News Release (May 26, 1968)
News Release (May 30, 1968)
News Release (May 31, 1968)
News Release (May 31, 1968)
News Release (May 1968)
Mrs. George F. Baughman, George F. Baughman, Unidentified Individuals
Unidentified Individuals, George F. Baughman
Unidentified Individuals, George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
Dr. Baughman, President, Mrs. George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
1st President, Dr. George F. Baughman, President, New College
Robert B. Van Skike Jr., Mrs. George F. Baughman, W.W. Whiteman Jr.
Dr. George F. Baughman, Mrs. George F. Baughman, Mrs. Philip H. Hiss, Philip H. Hiss
New College President G.F. Baughman points out campus location to W.E. Page, Raymond Turner, Herman Turner
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman, NC Trustee, Speaking Before Joint Meeting of College and Manatee Sarasota Airport Authority
George F. Baughman, NC Trustee, Speaking Before Joint Meeting of College and Manatee Sarasota Airport Authority
Mrs. William Cohen, Dr. George F. Baughman, NC President, Mrs. Ellis Prince, Sarasota Women's Club President
Mrs. Gertrude Anderson, Dr. George F. Baughman, Robert B. Van Skike Jr.
Robert B. Van Skike Jr., Mrs. Gertrude Anderson, Dr. George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
Mrs. W.A. Rader, Miss Myrtle Moore, Dr. George F. Baughman, Mrs. Henry C. Rudy, Mrs. Russell E. Warren
Dr. George Baughman, Neil Olsen, Charter Class Student, 1964
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
George W. Jenkins, Al Ellis, President George F. Baughman, Herman Eberts
R.B. Van Skike, Benton W. Powell, Herman E. Turner, Philip H. Hiss, Martin Nadelman, W.W. Whiteman, Gordon Palmer, G.F. Baughman
Unidentified Individuals, George F. Baughman
George F. Baughman
New College Trustee Chairman Philip H. Hiss Talks with Emerson Goble, Architectural Record, Jon Rowan, Progressive Architecture, Walter McQuade, Architectural Forum
Arland F. Christ-Janer, Unidentified Individual
Arland F. Christ-Janer, Unidentified Individuals
Arland F. Christ-Janer, Unidentified Individual
Arland F. Christ-Janer
Governor Bob Graham, Arland F. Christ-Janer
Dr. Robert A. Goldwin, Mrs. Emmet Addy, Dr. Arland Christ-Janer
Arland Christ-Janer, New College Trustee
John Elmendorf
John Elmendorf, Mexico City College
Unidentified Individuals, Mexican American Institute
Dr. John V. Elmendorf, Vice President, Brown University
John Elmendorf and Unidentified Individuals
John Elmendorf and His Sister
John Elmendorf
John Elmendorf, Age 20 Months, and His Sister, Age 6 Months
Tom Icard and President John Elmendorf at Trail Bank--Zinns Appreciate Dinner
John Elmendorf
John Elmendorf
President Elmendorf & Norman Sherman, Assistant Vice President Humphrey
John Elmendorf
Dr. John van G. Elmendorf, Dallas Dort, Dr. George F. Baughman
Dr. Elmendorf, Dallas Dort, Dr. George Baughman
Governor Kirk's Educational Conference
Trustee Dallas W. Dort, Charter Class Graduate Thomas Todd and President Elmendorf
John V. Elmendorf
John Elmendorf
Student Harry Felder
Dr. Douglas C. Berggren, Delivering Greetings
Dr. Nell P. Eurich, Arthur Allyn, Mrs. Allyn
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Haigh, Dr. & Mrs. E. Robert Chable, Incorporators
Sir Patrick Dean
Dr. John W. French, Congressman James A. Haley
Syd Solomon, Unidentified Individual
Evelyn MacBeth, Jacques Abram, New College Faculty
Dr. Reitz, then President of University of Florida, with two guests
Mrs. Fred Haigh, Dr. E. Robert Chable, New College Incorporators
Sir Patrick Dean
A.B. Edwards, His Daughter, Neil Olsen, Student
Dr. Arthur R. Borden Jr., Dr. Douglas C. Berggren
I.M. Pei
Dr. Arthur Miller, Student George Duffee-Braun
Sir Patrick Dean
Sir Patrick Dean
Unidentified Individual, Dallas W. Dort, John Elmendorf, Mrs. Dort
Unidentified Individual, Robert B. Van Skike, Dallas W. Dort, John Elmendorf, Mrs. Dort
New College Class of 1967 Commencement program
New College Class of 1968 Commencement program
New College Class of 1969 Commencement program
New College Class of 1970 Commencement program
New College Class of 1971 Commencement program
New College Class of 1972 Commencement program
New College Class of 1973 Commencement program
New College Class of 1974 Commencement program
New College Class of 1975 Commencement program
New College Class of 1976 Commencement program
New College Class of 1977 Commencement program
New College Class of 1978 Commencement program
New College Class of 1979 Commencement program
New College Class of 1980 Commencement program
New College Class of 1981 Commencement program
New College Class of 1982 Commencement program
New College Class of 1983 Commencement program
New College Class of 1984 Commencement program
New College Class of 1985 Commencement program
New College Class of 1986 Commencement program
New College Class of 1987 Commencement program
New College Class of 1988 Commencement program
New College Class of 1989 Commencement program
New College Class of 1990 Commencement program
New College Class of 1991 Commencement program
New College Class of 1992 Commencement program
New College Class of 1993 Commencement program
New College Class of 1994 Commencement program
New College Class of 1995 Commencement program
New College Class of 1996 Commencement program
New College Class of 1997 Commencement program
New College Class of 1998 Commencement program
New College Class of 1999 Commencement program
New College Class of 2000 Commencement program
New College Class of 2001 Commencement program
New College Class of 2002 Commencement program
New College Class of 2003 Commencement program
New College Class of 2004 Commencement program
New College Class of 2005 Commencement program
New College Class of 2006 Commencement program
New College Class of 2007 Commencement program
New College Class of 2008 Commencement program
New College Class of 2009 Commencement program
New College Class of 2010 Commencement program
New College Class of 2011 Commencement program
New College Class of 2012 Commencement program
New College Class of 1984 Commencement address
New College Class of 1986 Commencement address
New College Class of 1987 Commencement address
New College Class of 1988 Commencement address
New College Class of 1989 Commencement address
New College Class of 1993 Commencement address
New College Class of 2012 Commencement address
Student Handbook 1992-1994
Student Handbook 1966-1967
Student Handbook 1974-1975
Student Handbook 1987-1989
Student Handbook 1989-1991
Student Handbook 1965-1966
Student Handbook 1967-1968
Student Handbook 1968-1969
Student Handbook 1969-1970
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The Catalyst (Special Open House Edition, 1965)
The Catalyst Literary Supplement
A Choice, Not an Echo (May 1966)
Search for Tomorrow
Search for Tomorrow
Search for Tomorrow
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Sunshine Daily
Sunshine Daily
Sunshine Daily
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Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Zorn's Lemma
Untitled Slides, 2001
New College, 2001
New College Viewbook, Life on Campus, Rochelle on Bike, 1999
New College Viewbook, Life on Campus, 1999
New College Viewbook, Cover, 1999
New College Viewbook, Admissions, 1999
New College Viewbook, Life on Campus, College Hall, Girl Reading, 1999
New College Viewbook, Intro, Statue, 1999
Uzi Baram's Class, Social Sciences, Fall 1999
Leslie Fry's Sculpture Class, Humanities, Fall 1999
NC Rowing, Fall 1999
NC Thesis Room, Fall 1999
College Hall, Fall 1999
Palm Court, Fall 1999
Untitled Slide, Fall 1999
Old Caples, Fall 1999
Caples, Fall 1999
Intro Piece Cover, Old Caples, Fall 1999
Arches, Fall 1999
College and Cook Hall, Fall 1999
Sarasota Bay, Fall 1999
Libraries, Fall 1999
Palmer Buildings, Fall 1999
New Caples, Fall 1999
Flora, Fall 1999
Town Meeting, Fall 1999
Studying in College Hall, Fall 1999
Suzanne Sherman, Danny Gonzalez, Fall 1999
Suzanne Sherman's Class, Natural Sciences, Fall 1999
Maribeth Clark's Class, Humanities, Fall 1999
Coffeehouse, Fall 1999
Natural Sciences Building, Fall 1999
Computer Lab, Fall 1999
Pei Room, Fall 1999
Girls at College Hall, Fall 1999
Group Walking, Fall 1999
Students in Tree, Fall 1999
Student Center, Fall 1999
Maxine Gomez, Fall 1999
Overpass, Fall 1999
Group at College Hall, Fall 1999
Studying Outside Library, Fall 1999
Group Talking, Fall 1999
Michael Olsen, Fall 1999
Group of Girls, Fall 1999
Random People, Fall 1999
Sarasota Aerials, 1992
Downtown Sarasota, 1992
Student Studying in Library, 1992
Student with Equipment, 1992
Graduation, Early 1990s, Undated
Graduation, 1992
Student Candids, 1992
Untitled Slide, 1999
Student Candids, 1992
Untitled Slide, May 1998
Students on Overpass, 1992
Sunset Dance on the Bay, 1992
Bayfront at Sunset, November 1984
Bayfront at Sunset, March 1981
Students in Front of Archway, 1992
Archway, 1992
Akido, 1992
Basketball, 1992
Fitness Center & Pool, 1992
Room in Pei Dorms, 1992
Dorm Area, 1992
Students In & Around College Hall, 1992
Students In & Around College Hall, 1996
Student at Piano, 1992
Views of Palm Court & Pei Dorms, 1992
Caples Mansion Aerials, 1992
Caples Fine Arts Complex Under Construction, Aerials, 1992
Caples Fine Arts Complex, Aerials, 1993
College Hall, 1992
College Hall & Painter, January 1989
Cook Hall, 1992
Palmer Buildings, 1992
Caples Carriage House, Home to Environmental Studies, 1992
Bayfront Campus Aerials, College & Cook Halls, 1992
New College Campus, September 1985
Pei Dorm Aerials, February 1985
Pei Dorm Aerials, 1992
Bayfront Campus Aerials, College & Cook Halls, January 1987
Spanish Class with Dr. Jose Alberto Portugal, Humanities, May 1998
Anthropology Class with Dr. Maria Vesperi, May 1998
Math Seminar Potluck, Students & Professors, May 1998
Dr. Bauer with Oscar, Psychology Class Research Dog, Doing a Training Task, May 1998
Student Candids, May 1998
Jugglers, May 1998
Frisbee Players, May 1998
College Hall, May 1998
Caples Fine Arts Complex, May 1998
Archway, May 1998
Pei Dorms as Seen Through Palm Court, May 1998
Bicycles on Campus, May 1998
Palm Court, Palm Trees Only, May 1998
Caples Mansion, May 1998
Cook Hall, May 1998
Flags, May 1998
Around the Library, May 1998
Cartlidge Sculpture in Palmer Courtyard, May 1998
Student Mailboxes, May 1998
Untitled Slide, August 1985
Hamilton Center, July 1981
General Spaatz, View West, April 1987
Sudakoff, Interior Hallway, Undated
Sudakoff Center, June 1988
Hamilton Center Lounge, May 1973
Untitled Slide
NC Student, Library, 1981
NC Student, Racquetball, March 1981
NC Students, Raquetball, 1981
NC Students, Racquetball, March 1981
Students, Handball Court, 1981
Tennis Courts, July 1981
Soccer, July 1981
NC Students, Class, September 1981
NC Student, Tennis, September 1981
Hamilton Center, Mall, November 1977
West Campus, January 1974
NC Student, Lab, 1981
Lab, 1979
Lab, 1981
NC Students, Lab, 1981
NC Student, Lab Scene, 1981
Lab Scenes, 1981
Lab, November 1980
Lab, November 1979
NC Student, July 1981
Students, Cook Hall, August 1981
Student, Science Lab, April 1978
NC Student, Lab, November 1979
Natural Sciences Lab, October 1972
Student & Faculty, Lab, April 1978
Student, Art, April 1978
Therese Anne Hayes ESP, April 1977
Student, Frisbee, April 1978
NC Students, East Campus Exterior, March 1981
Students, September 1977
Pool, April 1978
Basketball in Parking Lot, January 1977
Untitled Slide, March 1977
Untitled Slide, November 1976
Mr. Low, September 1977
Margee Ensign & Betsy Crabtree, April 1977
NC Summer Seminar for High School Students, July 1984
Hall of Fame Property, April 1987
Site of Spaatz Connector, April 1987
41, Zinns, Bay Shore Road A, April 1987
Spaatz Ditch with Conduit, April 1987
Bay Shore Road by Library, April 1987
Runway Towards Zinns, Airport Series, April 1987
HCL View Towards Airsine "C," April 1987
CIT Area, Pond, April 1987
CIT Area, Fence Posts, April 1987
Air View, Museum & Caples A, April 1987
Air View, East Campus, April 1987
Air View, Zinns, Etc., April 1987
Aerial, April 1984
Aerials, August 1985
Library Dedication, November 1986
New Library Entrance, April 1987
Library, April 1986
Library, 1986
Library, June 1988
Sudakoff Center, 1986
Sudakoff, Contemporary Architecture, June 1988
Sudakoff, Interior, 1989
Natural Sciences Student in Lab, 1992
Dedication, France Property, November 18, 1983
New College Library Association Book Fair, June 1988
Untitled Slide, June 1988
Aerial, August 1985
Christmas Party, December 1979
Students, NC Graduation, 1989
New College Move-in Day, August 1989
NC Student, Move-in, August 1989
NC Orientation, October 1978
NC Orientation, September 1982
NC Orientation, Undated
Anthropology Studio Sign, April 1987
Chloroform, April 1987
Sculpt Studio, Pottery, April 1987
Sculpture Studio, Interior, April 1987
Close-up of Bio Photos, April 1987
Equipment Covered with Plastic, April 1987
Bio Views, April 1987
Anthropology Studio, Mask, April 1987
Sculpture Studio, Overview, April 1987
Hazardous Chemicals, April 1987
Barn & Anthropology Studio, April 1987
Hazardous Storage, Exterior, April 1987
Corrosion, April 1987
Natural Sciences Student, 1992
Untitled Slide, February 1984
NC Student & Dr. Soo Bong Chae, 1981
New College Classroom Area, Undated
Untitled Slide, May 1977
Dr. Soo Bong Chae, 1981
NC Students & Professor Lynndon Clough, September 1981
NC Faculty, Lynndon Clough, September 1981
NC Professor Lynndon Clough, September 1981
NC Faculty, Professor Lynndon Clough, September 1981
NC Student, March 1981
NC Student, September 1981
NC Students, March 1981
NC Students, September 1981
NC Students, August 1981
NC Student, August 1981
NC Student, Music, September 1981
NC Student, Music, March 1981
NC Music Student, March 1981
Student, Library, April 1979
NC Student, Class, March 1981
NC Student, Drama, September 1981
Medieval Fair, April 1978
Medieval Fair, March 1979
Viking Motel Acquisition, June 1988
Soccer, May 1998
Caples, February 1979
West Campus Bay, October 1979
Dock, October 1979
Caples, May 1973
Caples House, January 1986
Caples, July 1984
Psychology Students with Manatees at Mote Marine Laboratory, May 1998
West Campus, Natural Sciences, October 1979
Natural Sciences, November 1977
Science Buildings, May 1973
Natural Sciences Building, November 1977
Natural Sciences Building, Hanson, May 1973
Hanson Building, November 1984
Social Sciences Building, January 1985
Sign, Barn, January 1985
View of Social Sciences Building from College Hall, March 1974
Aerials, April 1985
41 Overpass Construction, April 1985
41 Bridge, April 1985
Overpass Construction, May 1985
Cook Library, January 1989
Cook Library, March 1989
Library Exterior with Fountain, Undated
Library Exterior with Fountain, March 1989
Howard Sculpture, April 1987
Library Sculpture Model, January 1987
Library Sculpture, Undated
Library Exterior with People Under Fountain, Undated
Library Sculpture, March 1989
Caples Empty Land, Arts Site, April 1987
Caples Carriage House, April 1987
Jazz Concert, Alumni Picnic, April 27, 1980
Cross-Section of Students with Associate Professor Robert Barylski in Center, January 1989
Cross-Section of Students with Associate Professor Robert Barylski, January 1989
Cross-Section of Students with Associate Professor Robert Barylski, Undated
Aerial from East Campus, January 1973
East Campus, Hamilton Center, Student, September 1982
Campus Scene, October 1977
Hamilton Center, April 1984
East Campus, Hamilton Center, Students, September 1982
H-Classrooms, October 1981
Campus Scene, May 1977
Hamilton Center, Campus Scene, October 1977
Campus Scene, September 1972
Untitled Slide, January 6, 1977
Campus Scene, February 1984
Pathway Facing Airport, Back of Hamilton, May 1973
East Campus, December 1969
East Campus Scene, November 1977
East Campus Dorms, Undated
Students at Dorms, September 1977
Pei Dorms, East Campus, Undated
Dorms and Tennis Court, April 1987
East Campus, Pei Dorms, September 1980
East Campus Dorms, May 1967
Pei Dorms, February 1979
Pei, East Campus Dorms, May 1973
Dorms, East Campus, January 1977
Pei Dorms, October 1981
Pei Dorms, July 1981
Pei Dorms, January 1977
Pei Dorms, May 1977
East Campus Dorms, 1974
East Campus Dorms, March 1981
East Campus Dorms, September 1982
Pei Dorms, February 1978
Dorms, January 6, 1977
Ambassadors, March 1989
Physical Plant, Undated
Scenic, Undated
Scenic, November 1981
Scenic, February 1989
Scenic Traffic, November 1981
Scenic, January 1989
Scenic, November 1980
Scenic, March 1980
East Campus, Hamilton Center, September 1980
Hamilton Center, May 1977
Hamilton Center, February 1979
Hamilton Center, October 1977
Hamilton Center, Undated
Hamilton Center, Dining Room, December 1970
Hamilton Center, Pei Dorm, February 1979
View from Hamilton Center Reception Area, Undated
Hamilton Center, February 1978
Hamilton Center, May 1973
Campus Scene, Facing Hamilton Center, September 1972
East Campus, Hamilton Center, September 1981
Hamilton Center, October 1981
Hamilton Center, January 1980
Hamilton Center, September 1981
Hamilton Center Exterior, May 1973
Hamilton Center, 1973
East Campus, Nigh Shot, Undated
West Campus, September 1977
Untitled Slide, May 1967
West Campus Lawn, September 1977
Hamilton Center, Night, 1981
Hamilton Center, Snack Bar, May 1973
New College Graduation, May 2002
Campus Christmas Party, December 1982
Xmas, 1983
Xmas, Professor J. Bevilacqua, 1983
NC Commencement, May 1986
NC Commencement, R. Benedetti, May 1986
NC Commencement, D. Chambliss, May 1986
NC Commencement, H. McGregor, May 1986
NC Commencement, G. O'Brien, May 1986
NC Commencement, J. Moseley, May 1986
Library Sculpture Dedication, Linda Howard, Dean Barylski, October 1987
Government School, 1989
"Kelly's Kids," Government School, 1989
NC Graduation, 1989
Person Holding Brochure, NC Graduation, 1989
NC Commencement, Rev. Marston, May 1986
NC Commencement, D. Berggren, May 1986
Sculpture Dedication, Linda Howard, October 14, 1987
Sculpture Dedication, Linda Howard, Dean Barylski, October 14, 1987
Sculpture Dedication, Dean Barylski, October 14, 1987
Sculpture Dedication, October 14, 1987
Sudakoff Groundbreaking, June 10, 1983
Sudakoff Groundbreaking, Gen. Heiser, June 10, 1983
Government Summer College Kids, 1989
Government Summer College, 1989
NCF Trustee Meeting, November 11, 1983
NC Foundation, Trustee Meeting, November 11, 1983
Humanities Class with Dr. Wallace, May 1998
Social Sciences Class with Dr. Vesperi, May 1998
Volleyball, May 1998
Students with Composting Project, May 1998
Student Dorm Room in Pei, May 1998
Manatees, May 1998
Viking Motel, Undated
Asolo Construction, Undated
USF Ambassadors, March 1989
USF Class, August 1981
NC Students/Class, September 1981
NC Class, September 1981
Library, Undated
Students, N.C., November 1980
Campus Scene, 1976-1977
NC Student Exterior, September 1981
NC Student, Art Class, September 1981
NC Art Student, November 1976
NC Art Student, March 1981
NC Art Class, September 1981
Ceramics, March 1981
Student, Ceramics, September 1977
NC Student, Ceramics, March 1981
Ceramics, November 1977
NC Students, HC, July 1981
Student, Bay, May 1981
NC Students Interior, March 1981
NC Student, Bay, September 1981
Student, College Hall, July 1981
Student by Bay, September 1977
Untitled Slide, October 1989
West Campus, March 1981
Students, HC, November 1980
NC String Quartet, January 1980
New College String Quartet Concert, May 6, 1977
NC Students, West Campus Exterior, March 1981
NC Student, Exterior, September 1981
NC Student, Bayfront, May 1981
NC Students, Exterior, September 1981
Sculpture Studio, The "Student," Purple, April 1987
Anthro Studio, Inside A, April 1987
Untitled Slide, January 1989
NC Student, Library, September 1981
Director Admissions with Student, September 1981
East Campus, Pool, March 1981
Lab, March 1977
B-Dorm Students, April 1987
Pat Hays & Friend, April 1987
Untitled Slide, November 1985
New Library SO Study Area, April 1987
NC Students, Drama, September 1981
Student, West Campus, July 1981
Handball Courts, January 1977
Campus Scene, Tennis, October 1977
Tennis Courts, September 1977
Campus Scene, March 1977
Tennis Courts, January 1977
Hoppin Pool, June 1976
Campus Scene, Pool, October 1977
Soccer, March 1977
Tennis Courts, May 1973
In Library, November 1976
NC Student, September 1977
Hoppin Pool, November 1976
Students, H.C., November 1976
Students by Bay, September 1977
Student in Lab, January 1977
Student in Library, September 1977
Therese Hayes, May 1977
Lab Scene, May 1977
Untitled Slide, January 1977
NC Student, Exterior, March 1981
Library, Student Scene, October 1977
Therese Anne Hayes, April 1977
NC Student Lab, September 1981
PEI Dorms, February 1978
Scene, September 1972
Beth Mayberry, February 1978
HC, February 1978
E Building, January 1977
Palmer Building, April 1978
Students, Art, April 1978
Wall Party, Palm Court, January 1977
Art Class, April 1978
Classroom with Students, June 1981
Dr. Stevens, Class, February 1978
UP Class A, April 1987
UP Class, September 1986
Student & Gail Mead, April 1978
Classroom with Students, September 1986
West Campus, September 1980
Water Polo, Swimming Pool, September 1975
Dr. Benedetti, Student in Dr. Stevens Class, February 1978
Dr. Stevens, Dr. Beneditti & Student, February 1978
Aron Edidin, April 1977
Dr. Stevens & Dr. Berggren, February 1978
Dr. Stevens, Dr. Berggren, Dr. Benedetti, February 1978
Basketball Game in Parking Lot, January 1977
NC Drama, 1981
Untitled Slide, September 1981
Tutorial, September 1981
NC Students, Interior, March 1981
NC Students, Exterior, March 1981
Untitled Slide, April 1977
2nd Court, PEI Dorms, January 1977
NC Student, May 1977
Therese Hayes, Lab, May 1977
By H Rooms, Undated
NC Student, Lab, March 1977
Bonnie Sehenuk, February 1978
NC Grad, Terry Sullivan, July 1981
Tutoring, April 1977
New College Dorms, Undated
Bus-to-US Group, September 1973
Aron Edidin, May 1977
Bus-to-US, September 1973
Untitled Slide, September 1976
Margee Ensign, May 1977
Students in Front of Natural Sciences, Brad Rawlings in Background, January 1977
South Hall, March 1974
Student, September 1977
Dorm Life, September 1977
Dorms, September 1977
PEI Dorms, July 1981
New College Student, Lab, November 1979
Students Dorms, September 1977
Campus Scene, NC Football, October 1977
School Picnic by Pool, November 1976
H.C., February 1978
Statue by Ringling Museums, November 1976
Student Ceramics, September 1977
School Picnic, November 1976
Ham Center, Campus Scene, October 1977
Untitled Slide, September 1977
NC Faculty, T. Estler, September 1981
Professor T. Estler & NC Student, September 1981
Professor Tyler Estler, September 1981
R. Noya, Director, Admissions, September 1981
Professor D. Stevens & NC Students, March 1981
NC Student & Dr. Stevens, March 1981
Professor D. Stevens & NC Student, March 1981
Dr. Riddle with Student, September 1981
NC Student & Professor R. Riddle, September 1981
Professor Ron Riddle, 1981
Dr. Ron Riddle, 1981
Dr. Ron Riddle & Student, 1981
Professor R. Riddle & NC Students, Music, September 1981
NC Students, Music & Professor R. Riddle, September 1981
Dr. Ron Riddle, September 1981
NC Student & Professor Ron Riddle, 1981
NC Provost R. Benedetti, October 1986
NC Students & Professor D. Stevens, March 1981
Fischer-Galati, March 1988
Dr. Stephen Fischer-Galati, McArthur Chair, March 1988
NC Student & Faculty, Dr. Dana Stevens, March 1981
Faculty & Student, November 1980
Kevin Arlyck, 1992
Natalie Arsenault, 1992
Vijay Sivaraman, May 1998
Natalie Arsenault, 1996
Joe Bauder, 1996
Robert Brayer, May 1998
Mike Campbell, 1992
Soph Davenport, 1992
Jessica Falcone, 1996
Sara Graham, 1996
Aaron Gustafson, 1996
Michael Hantman, 1996
Tricia Hopkins, 1992
Peter Kezar, 1996
Alisdair Lee, May 1998
Charlene Lenger, July 1992
Lucy Massard, 1992
Katie McDowell, 1992
Justin Mihalick, 1996
Camilla Mortensen, 1992
Melanie Moo-Young, 1992
Michael Rodrigues, 1992
Bridget Schettler, 1996
Mitch Silverman, 1992
Jason Smith, 1992
Sara Steetle, 1996
Graham Strouse, 1996
Scott Svatos, 1992
Nick Tampio, 1992
Carlos Victorica, 1996
Stephanie Weiss, 1996
Steve Waldman, 1992
Aron Edidin, 1992
General Rolland V. Heiser, 1992
George F. Baughman, March 1964
Jono Miller, 1992
David Mullins, May 1998
College Hall, November 1984
College Hall, Back, August 1981
College Hall, July 1984
College Hall, August 1981
Arch to College Hall, May 1973
College Hall, 1981
College Hall, January 1983
College Hall, Bay, January 1983
College Hall, February 1979
College Hall, West, October 1979
Ringling Hall, July 26, 1962
Campus Scenes, Walk Front of College Hall, March 1964
Campus Scenes, by College Hall, March 1964
College Hall, April 1964
Campus Scene, From College Hall Terrace, March 1964
College Hall, December 1969
College Hall Library, March 1974
Library, April 1977
College Hall, October 1979
College Hall, November 1985
Charles Ringling Mansion, Pink, April 1987
College Hall and Painter, January 1989
College Hall, October 1972
College Hall, September 1981
Untitled Slide, December 1987
College Hall, Founder's Circle, January 1974
Dort Drive, March 1974
College Hall, Founder's Circle, January 1985
Founder's Circle, January 1974
College Hall, Undated
Dort Drive, April 1978
Founder's Circle, March 1974
Founder's Circle, November 1984
College Hall, March 1974
College Hall, 1986
College Hall, April 1978
College Hall, South Hall, January 1974
College Hall, Former Charles Ringling Home, 1986
College Hall, September 1980
Library, Flood Scene, September 1968
Door, Cook Hall, August 1981
Cook Hall Construction, Undated
Gate, April 1984
West Gate, October 1977
Gate, July 1984
West Campus Gate, October 1979
College Entrance, April 1978
W.C. Gate, May 1977
Untitled Slide, October 1972
Bayfront, October 1972
Bay, January 1983
West Campus Bay, Janurary 1980
Bayfront, March 1976
Bayview, May 1973
Bayfront, June 1988
West Campus Bay, September 1980
Student/Dock, November 1984
Dock at Bayfront of Campus, July 1981
Untitled Slide, Febuary 1989
West Campus, July 1984
Cook Hall, July 1984
Cook Hall, Febuary 1979
Cook Hall, April 1977
South Hall, May 1973
West Campus
South Hall, October 1979
South Hall, April 1978
Cook Hall, November 1984
Cook Hall, January 1985
Caples Patio, April 1987
Caples, Undated
Caples, November 1981
Caples Seawall, Big splash, April 1987
Caples 100 Year-old Pine, April 1987
Champion Slash Pine, Caples, July 1984
West Campus Gate, September 1980
Gate-USF, October 1981
Gate, West Campus, September 1980
Gate, Undated
J.B.C. Library Entrance, January 1989
Library, March 1989
Library, December 1985
Library, January 1987
Bridge, March 1989
Library-Students, Undated
Flags/Bridge, 1986
Pedestrian Bridge, 1986
Pedestrian Bridge, December 1985
Pedestrian Bridge, November 1985
West Campus, Palmer Buildings, April 1984
West Campus, Palmer Buildings, September 1980
C Building, Palmer Buildings, April 1987
West Campus Dorms, Palmer Buildings, October 1972
Palmer Buildings, November 1984
Building D, Palmer Buildings, October 1981
West Campus, E Building, October 1979
West Campus, Student, September 1982
Dort Drive, November 1977
Dort Drive, April 1976
West Campus, April 1984
Dort Drive, Febuary 1979
Dort Drive, May 1977
West Campus-Dort Drive, Febuary 1980
Campus Scene-Dort Drive, September 1972
West Campus-Dort Drive, October 1979
West Campus Scene, September 1972
West Campus-Student, September 1982
Dort Drive, October 1977
Dort Drive, October 1979
West Campus, May 1973
West Campus, December 1985
West Campus, October 1979
Palmer Dorms, Sculpture Framework, May 1973
Big Mother, April 1978
BCE- "A" Beam, April 1987
West Campus, Feburary 1979
West Campus, September 1981
Building C, Palmer Buildings, October 1981
Palmer Buildings, April 1976
Palmer Buildings, April 1978
Palmer Dorms, October 1972
Palmer Dorms, May 1973
Palmer Dorms, Febuary 1974
Palmer Dorms, "A" Building, April 1978
West Campus, Building E, October 1979
West Campus, Sculpture, April 1984
"A" Building, May 1973
"E" Building, May 1973
Palmer Building, Febuary 1979
Robertson Hall, May 1973
Robertson Hall, March 1974
Robertson Hall, September 1977
Robertson Hall, Undated
Robertson Hall, July 1984
West Campus, NC Foundation, Robertson Hall, September 1981
Foundation, Robertson Hall, Undated
Characterization of Spermatozoal Small Non-coding RNAs using Functional Genomics and Immunocytochemistry
Kinetic Characterization of Caenorhabditis elegans postembryonic Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase
Proposal to the Old Dominion Foundation: Expansion of the Library of New College, Sarasota, Florida
An Opportunity To Convert The Charles Ringling Mansion Into The New College Library: A proposal and invitation to the James Foundation of New York
College Hall, facing bay, 1964
College Hall, 1965
College Hall, ca. 1961
College Hall, Music Room, 1964
College Hall, March 1964
College Hall, Ceiling, April 1964
College Hall, Dining Room, October 1962
New College Seal, Color Studies
George F. Baughman to Don Page, October 18, 1963
New College Seal with Narrative
New College Seal Narrative
New College Seal Narrative, abbreviated
George F. Baughman to Don Page, September 22, 1964
College Hall, Drawing Room, October 1962
College Hall, Music Room, October 1962
New College Charter Class Information
New College December 1964
Dr. John V. Elmendorf, memorial
Report of the President of New College, March 1, 1965
Crosley estate, aerial
Crosley estate, aerial
Charles Ringling mansion
Paul Scudder with student
Dr. Paul Scudder, Feb. 1985
Professor Paul Scudder
Professor Scudder with students
Back exterior view of New College library formerly the home of Charles Ringling
College Hall dock
Faculty Talk About Teaching At New College
Anthropology Lab Dedication
Student constructed geodesic dome
Dr. Anthony Andrews (NC - Anthro)
Dr. Tony Andrews
Dr. Anthony Andrews with student
Dr. Tony Andrews with student
Anthropology Lab Dedication
David Mullins
David Mullins, 2001
UP Graduation, 5/2/90
UP Graduation, 4/28/1984
Commencement speech
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Dr. Deme and Dr. Riley with students
Dr. Laszlo Deme with students
Laszlo Deme
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Sen. Robert Johnson
The Four Winds sculpture dedication in honor of Senator Bob Johnson
Celebration of library funding
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Dr. Laszlo Deme
Prof. Laszlo Deme and class
Marjorie Hamilton
Prof. Cris Hassold with students
Cris Hassold
New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2010 program
New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies 1978 program
New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2012 Program
New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2014 Program