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Zorn's Lemma


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Zorn's Lemma
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New Zorn's Lemma (Vol. II, No. 15)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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March 11, 1971


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College student newspapers and periodicals
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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Zorn's page one. lemma (there is but one and only one LEM:MA: all others are! ) shal l find. NEEDED--Some nice penoll with car to drive 5 people to the start of Pea c e River about 50 or 60 miles away o n March 16th and then pick w up about 30 miles away on March 22D.d. We will pay for gas and maybe a little for in convenience. Please, we re a 11 y need someone. See Patti Oppenheim, Room 208, Box 325. "Sure I've. got WANTED: one sleeping bag for canoe trip. JONO 327 12. Serve after, or with, a good, thick vegetable soup (ltew)o GONE--TRIPOD--Lent it out finfterm. Haven't seen it since. Light brown in color, small. If have seen it o r know who has. it or have it younelf, please contact Mac Breuner at 9 2 4 -4894 or leave Jlote ill Box 62. Thank$. the girl and the shark FOR SALE--Airline cat (or small dog) crate/kennel. A D.eceuity--you can't take your animal without it. C o s t $12. 50 new: belt offer. Used motorcycle helmet/vilor. Also racing clutch for Honda 160; chain oil with either of the above. Also two shelves, oDe Sears, o n e lumber & cinder blocks. Othef miscel laneous items. Ira Halbemadt, Room 127, D dorm; Box 485; No phoD.e; under frizzy hair. DEPARTURE TAX Zom says, "Lemma welcome you as a guest to the Bahamas BUT: Any possession of marijuana or ether dangerous drugs, even withoU: their use, is illegal and is punishable by up to one year in p.ison and/ or a $1000 fine. Thls law is strictly enforced. Sleeping on the beaches is strictly J1'0"' hibited. Firearms even those registered Jn the United States or other countries may not be brought into the Bahamas. The legal penalty for possession of firearms is up to two years imp:isoomeDt and I or a $500 fme. There is a $3 departure tax on all pel' sons leaving the Islands. Have a good time, kids! Zo. m is going schizoid. At the SEC meeting last night, the redoubtable mathmetician and his trusty lemma were split into two drastically differeDt dynam ic duoG--Malcolm Jones and Kevin Davis alternately editing with Lee Harriscn and AlelC Goldstein (???). Chances are that Zorn, after his brief tryst with immortality as the banner of the NC newspaper, >Will sink once again into the quagm* of obscurity from which Tim Snyder yanked him. In a brief interlude of dull debate, it was announced that the cmly people to be charged for room inspecticn were Mr. Freeman for a smashed closet and Smitty for an attemp: at a wall mural. Dr. Miller noted that at a Hmnanit:Es meeting, the JrOposal to have student representation at those meetngs met with WHO GETS THE CHAI R Forecast: C r have never had a weather Report. Lemmanesque. We How harvey? Harvey Bornfield, ment:i:med "in pas an old 20th century Z e it g e is t Almanac cootammg an etched list of souls, who, infested with myth, karma and urine, beth loved and suffered, not always beiD.g able to distinguish" the tWQ. Who, yearning tho1Jih conspicitously overclothed in the current polytheism af this age, dressed in these more to 11'0-.ect himself from his owu wiD.ter; BD.d ioJho in Feb 1911 cO:ntintdni in the chill music and graduate school in New Eng land and migrated So'I.Eh tc a warmer unlmown. Who enjoyed Rilke's statement that "BealE}' is just the beginning of telTOI' that we 1re just still able to bear" and why we bludghyruposey because it serenely disdained to destroy us and knew Beethoven insisted hls publishers to prmt on the frontispiece to a lucrative edition of his sonatas in the 1820's, "The hmnan mind is not a saleable modity like so many powds of coffee or cheese. Who felt that there was sometlrlng enigmatic about his friendships and dre ams and friendship with the dream that in trails dangerously earned into unpim'fered xxotoplasm of the universe. Indeed, known to get very absorbed in these images and devoured in the distances. if eJ:adings are Jitlimpses and tired of an eventual return to a home; for nobody said that the nomad was an orphan. Notwithstanding, the strong ten dency of life to nullify anddiscoyrage friends <&.his and willing to naieyely -like a silent SCape&oat about -to smile beneath tmkind waters, contin ued en his way by sharing, losing, banking and grieving. Now to the alma nac itself, last wasteland of bygones whose fathers, ideas on the decay still eserted on interial and first, the garden built in elegant swamp not clean garden nor white as a civilization hopes to be v{ 1en it gets off the aJ!ld ripens <..ut lucid abot.r some ultimates: the folklore that summOIIlS them the heat that joins and fuses, by blessings or worse, nevertheless, off all who shared each wile grieved, and that meaD. while between two semesters in some a dash never welcomed and strangely enough necessarily welcomed for in this abundance of catastroj:ile nobody was anihilated who could not .ha-ie been elevated. Mentioned in passing a wanderer ca:ne to tell it all i? the tongue of the sequoia and the tort:ase lived and out live to see epics come and go when those things come to pass like brushfire were witnesses and stories. Signed Harvey Bornfield VOL. II MARCH 11, 1971 NO. 15 PA bruce? by Bruce Allen Harvey Bornfie ldand Bruce Allen are candidates for the student chaix as a team. Over spring break, theywill be talking to Lockwood Rum, already a candidates, in hopes of his joining their team approach. The financil detaUs are also not yet settled bW; in any event, the team will ask for no more than what OP dinarily one person would receive and would like to room on campus. The details of this team candidacy will be av'ailable at the end of third term and herein published. A number of are perceived in this approach, not the least of which is the interaction of team members supplementing thier individual endeavors. The areas of interest and can petency covered would be : Bruce, mod ern cultural history, philosophies of life and art, Harvey, 10ccUltism, lyric poetry, and muslc;Loclo 'Wood Rush, Zen Buddhism, Radical.Psv. ..:hology and film making. A 'ge 23, raised in Schenectady NY, uated NC June 1970 y."ith most work in hu man.ities supplemented by a year of history and a strong math-science back ground. Have a number of topics which I iel would develop into stimulating cw rses e. g. Elements of Stage Design, Mandrian and TheosoP,.y, Linear Abstraction i and Il(studio), Pataphysics Revealed, Enigmatic Man and Men, Battlground 103 The Essence of Dada as well as tic tt.rorials in such areas as comp1Eer music composU:fan or asSorted topfcs of" interest in modem thought (student init iated but high response potential. ) My' orientation is in exploration of cosmic br ultimate questbm of philosophy rather than contemporary social concern;the id entity of the individual rather than the society. Overlapping topics will utilize the ether student chair members and ho pefully other faculty in an integrated seminar approach. My familm:ity with NC, its personnel, Iitilosot:hies, andre sources will allow me to plunge into the first term wothout the usual testiness of new terdtory I can assist the adaptaticn of the other student chair leaders. mari-fyn The following are Student Chair candidates: Lockwood Rush: Zen and Eastern Relig icn, also psychology Bruce Allen and Harvey Bornfield: see article Marilyn Ferrandino: Women's Liberatim Joe Ferrandino: Rock Music, Media, and Radical Philosophy Ken Mills: Phllosophy, radical politics Fred Schulman: education Walter Engel: film history and making, still photogratity &ioe? Dear Everybod}, The current state of what's Happenir.2 With the Provostship is thiS: a com mitteL composed of Drs. D oenecke, Dykstra, ar:c Smith (with Elmendorf and Wislon ex-cif:. cio) A lex Goldstein and mvself is int en. tC\\ ing candidates for the ; ob, who are als o ha ving separate d i scussions with the FSC and -a ;; vari ou s Novocollegi ans they might run in.. t o The Rpovost Committee seems pretty s:.He i t wiil recommend somebody (bodies? ; ;:; 'to the Faculty ; what the role at this stage E .EJ ::::! of th.e FSC i s is not clear. But anywa y we invited Ken Freeman down, and also talka:l l!Gesda y to an acquaintance of Dr. Riley's who loooked promisi ng. The thing is still w1de open, tbougb, and what's worse, the criteri a aren'at at all defininite--being as how no one short of Jesu s would be likely to bri ng the faculty together (except ag ainst himself), the question seems to be resolving itself around "Do we want a phil u BE generally favorable response, allhough the division members would rather have students who aren't necessarily majoring in Humanities so there can be more "In terdisciplinary contact. in other business, The SEC did a pullthe-rabbit-ol-E-of-the-hat-trick by tum'mg a $100 loan to the snack bar into a grant so the poor manager, in thls case, Casey Green, might have some cha.:D.1e of making a rrofit. The snack bar has been operating at a loss ever since it was sep arated as an operating unit from the vendmg machines which Estep now controls. If Casey can wrench the vendlng machines away from Estep and reap the Jrofits thereof, he will pay back the $100 which at that stage will have magically turned back into a loan. osophical idea-ma n versus "Do we want someone who will get useul but more mun dane and as yet undone thingS(arranging grants is a good example) accomplished?" i t bei ng understood that the provost is to be a community resource of one sort or another. I'm getting uneasy that a)candidates are being reacted to on the basis o f these, b) we haven't resolved for one or the other and c) what difference would that make anyway, since a charismatic provost will transcend them, and who wants an unimaginative bureaucrat? we can have people like and JUSt call them administrative assistants (Or does this JUSt betray my preJudices?) Lobby and suggest names ol people for the ;ob, PLEASE. The school belongs to everybody and it's awfully easy for a committee of five to get tunnel eyes. Sincerely, Dan Raff


IDEA SECTION by Marc W ehabel'l A of c:h&Jiga cu be made very euily lD ODe' diet remlthag lD a DlltrltiOD&lly auperi111 food re&lme. Maybe, if thq go right, it'll be poai b le to eat thi& way <>D the meal pl&D. White bzead lhould be nmoved and be replaced by whole wheat b r e a d. There u no quution that whole wheat bread u infinitely better ill nery rupect (it even tutu better!).. Of com"Se, nothiDg beats home ed whole wheat (or soy, or rye or uy other whole grain or combhaation of whole graim) bread.. You even have the additional ch.oice of ma.killg a yeuted or unyeuted bread. Isn't wODderful?! The whole whea flour contaim, amoJa& other things, the complete Vit. B (B1 821 831 Bc;1 B12, etc.) and the vluable and, wUortunately, hare: to come by Vit. E. Brown rice should be 1ubrtituted for white riee whenever rice il uaed. As you might have gueaed, it iJ abo far superlor to ita processed brother. Its got more protein, iron, calcium, Jilorphorous, po tassium, sodium, 8)., B 2 & Niacin (B 3) than either converted or white rice. Un like white or converted rices, brown rice has a taste to it--a very good taste I think--and it has to be chewed. May I also suggest gettiDg rid of all white sug:ar you own {or, lf "waste not, want not'' is your motto, use up what ever you have} and, if you like thiDgs sweet, replaciDg it with honey--and moluses if you want. If you want to cook with honey, use l/2--2/3 (to taste) the amount of sugar the recipe calli for al so, you might find that fruit juices or vegetable JUices (tomatoe JUice, V-8 etc. ) or water taste JUst as good and are u satisfyiDg as soda (they're also all bet ter for you, even water--it doesn't a d d the calories to your diet that soda does). Vegetables are really good thill&l and a big salad should be eaten at every meal --vegetables have more in them than you think. Whenever poaible, at meals, eat some fruit. It's good you and helps you too. There is some feellng among c e rtain parties that vegetables a d fruits shouldn1 t be mixed at meals. J have some more information on this if anyone is interested (I'm in Room 219.). If you eat peanut butter, I would strongly recommend getting it with unhydrogenated vegetable oil--which can, alu, only be bought in a health f o o d store. Use of hydrogenated vege tab 1 e oil results in a high cholesterol 1 e v e 1 which can lead to heart disease. A ho, regulal' penut buttel' has mono-diglycerides, sugar and dextroce, salt, and a aumber of other goodies added to it. The jelly you eat with it should be made from b.oney--again a health food store com -modity. Apple butter {Smuckel'lt with notlrlDg added cube Obtained at Publix) is also a good compuion to peanut but ter. Cuea what's ill that loa. of white bread you bought. "Sodium dia c eta t e {mold inhibitor), Aluminum pborpha t e (improver), mono-glyceridel{emulsifier), calcium monobuic (dough conditiODer), Chloromine T (flour bleach), Aluminum Potassium Sulfate (acid-baking powder iDgredient) and calcium proprionate(preservative.). ---from "Guide to Organic Foods ShoppiDg and Organicc Living" 1 compiled by staff of R o d a le Prea. BOD Appetit! If any of you are concemed about what you're eating, as everyODC on the m eal plan and everyone off it for that matter, ought to be, you should read "The Che mical Feast'' by William Loaggood. 2at it, eat it raw weekly specials julie--liverworts Chris-cheese Malcolm--unrequited love Kevin--3 for a dollar Sidney--ambling saucers armanst. armand1st. armand 1st. armand N.w Colleae Sarasota, Florida Zorn's pQge two Lemma APPUCATION FOR NATURAL FOOD PROGRAM 1970-1971 ACADEMIC YEAR CAMPUS ADDRESSl Box. No. NAME (Plea Pi'iiit) YEAR: 1st_ 2nd 3rd HOME ADDRESS: No. & Street City State I hereby apply for the natural food program and cetify that I have read, and agree to the conditions listed below: Zip understand, DATE SIGNATURE. ____________ TO:. PARENT OR.GUARDIAN Your son/daughter has asked to be exempted from the Coll ges regular boarding plan in order to follow a natural food diet, sometimes referred to as a [aw food or natural hy gienic diet. Although we feel that our regular food service program is broad in scope, your son or daughter does not feel that it is consistent with his or her dietary p[acti0111s. Since the natural food program is a departure from our recommended food plan, we are requiring parental approval in order to exempt a student from the boarding program, Those who practice a natural food daet recognize that there is a period of adJustment which occurs when a person switches from a traditional cooked-food diet to a natural food diet and vice versa. It is possible that the person may experience some physical di.scom fort during the period of adJustment or if a person combines foods from a traditional cookedfood diet and a natural food diet. Following are the conditions und r which a person may withdraw from the regular board plan and JOin the group which practices the alternate natural food program: 1. The College assumes no responsibility for the effect of a natural food diet on those participating. This program is strictly voluntary and is entered into by individual choice. 2. The applicant agrees that his or her name shall be deleted from the regular board plan list and he or she will not be entitled to go through the regular line. 3. The applican agrees to be served in the designated place and during regular serving hours. 4. The applicant to pay a supplemental amount to the food service contractor should the costs of the natural food program exceed the amount paid on the regular board ing pbn, or be may withdraw from the natural food program. S. The applicant agre s to follow any designated procedures which may be developed in order to properly account for participation in this food plan. 6. The applicant agrees to complete the required application for the program and to obtain approval from his or her parent or guardian. 7. The applicant may withdraw from the natural food program and be remstate ID the [egular board plan but shall not be entitled to reapply to the natural food program during CHARMED BVA SNAKE Beginning next term there will be a natural foods pqram at New Co 11 ege. It is offered u an altenaative to the present food plan and will be operated un der the mpervisio of 1everal iaterest e d ltudentl and Mr. Estep. The COlt will be the same u the regular plan a.d meah will be served iD the cafeteria at the regular schedule The program will couist of the folfoodst whole graias {e.g. organ ic brown rice, millet, barley, lentils), raw nuts ( cashew, brazillluts, almonds, etc. ), most fruita (bau.naa. grapefl'U it, organic dates, strawberries, watermellonr, figs, etc.}, cottage cheese, yog urt, unprocessed. cheese, home -m a de breads made from st0111egroWld flour, nut buttel'lt eggs, fresh vegetable (com QD the cob, peas, green beau, etc. }, potatoes and more. Th grains, e g g s, cheeses and vegetable will be cooked a minimum amount of time into many types of entrees. Those people who are llttererted in joining the program M US T com plete the form below signed by the i r parent or guardian. These forma can dropped off in a box that will be on the receptiOD desk at Hamilton Center or given to Mr. Estep or mailed to1 Natur al Foods Program, Box 1958-40, Saruota, Florida 33578. the current academic year. 1! 8. Participants agree to accept the menus which will be based upon commodities that ;::; a[e available and can be delivered to the food services contractor. ,; l'l 9. The natural food program may be discontinued at the option of the College and/or (j the food services contractor. 10. Persons not following the terms and conditions of this application shall b ec ': 8 to removal from the natural food program. :0 :; ************** ********************************* I hereby ceitify that I am the parent or guardian of the above named person, who is a 0 < student at }.iew College, and approve of his/he[ participation in a natural food p[ogram .... Q und -;: the terms and conditions outlined above. J! lj NAME OF PARE iT OR GUARDIAN (Printed or Typed) SIGNATURE: Before me personally appeared to me well know and known to me to be the person described and who executed the foregoing instrument. WITNESS my hand and official seal, this __ day of A. D. 19 (Notary Seal) NOTARY PUBLIC STATE OF AT LARGE My commission cs norg an Cby)1 throw in the brown rice. Y o u might have to make lt iJl parts--1. e., part of the vegetables and rice and then the rest of each. M Weinberg Here's a good ODe for your recipe book. J would suggest waiting umll you had some free time before makiDg it---it takes a bit of time. But there' no harm in readiDg the recipe;! now. f. See whole wheat bread recipe. Prepare as directed, but when it's rising for the second time, don't divide it ln half, let it rile in one 2. Prepare 2 of brown rice (steam in S cups water'for about 3/4 hour) 3. MEANWHILE: Cut up a couple of oniom, a few carrots, some green peppers, mushrooms and else you 4. pow= in a little oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan) in a pan on a stove turned to medium. 5. When the oil gets .bot, pour in e nough sesame Jeed$ to uaver the bottom. 6. Next, add some chopped nuts (I've found walnuts, almonds, filberts a n d peanuts to be good) and mix thw whole thing around to keep it from burning. 7. Add the vegetables and stir the whole mixture. When the vegQtablu begin to so:et a little (but still a COCKTAILS AT 8. Now comes the fUll part. While this is frying, S\UDP in, to taste, cur ry powder, black pepper, cumw, cayenne, chill, tamari soy sauce and anything else I've forgotten. 9. When the rice mixture {known the trade u "cwrled rice'') iJ dODe, brmg it aver to the bread. 10. Break off chunks of bread--about the size of a bar of soap. Stretch and flatten it out and, you ready for this?, put in the rice mixture. Now fold the other half over and pinch it closed. Do this until you either nul out of rice or breaddough. If you run out of bread dough first, eat the nee. If you nul out of rice fil'lt, fash ion yourself a small loaf of bread with the remainlDg dough. U. Bake the filled dough in a 350"(or there about) oven for anywhere from mins. depending on the ti :te of the filled and the amount of fillillSI; in the dough. COPPER BAR C! c 6>41 "'s tl u $:1 8 6> 6>'11 "'> e== <"(; 6> 'II P..>1570 No lockwood R1dge Rd. JULES MUSIC CENTER 1184 No. 955-3446 Washiogton Blvd Complete line of musical instruments and accessories --fine classical guitars-&A&Y TO DEAL.. WITM"" IIIS:l7 MAIN STFU!:I!I:T ,.L.ORIO..O.


zorn's ... page three lemma Heroes and non heroes in the final days Thirty tons of DON'T THEY KNOW HOW TO SPELL? -New Collage is out, but that's only palt i of it. As editor Dr. Arthur Miller sees it, New College's literary magazine is on its way What the schizophrenic is to. tell us. aRse peaks Soon, students whose work is inclushould feel "like they're published in Having recovered the infamous Caplan magazine, not a _organ." Razz 'neath the bottom of a sshol.e located To that end, national contribttions in the slums of northem Sarascta a stoned continue to be solicited. This issue in-throw from both path of the eludes a contribution from Canada and mighty mechanical horse and the tarmac one by Dorothy Dalton, a New Yorker nest of the great iron bird, we f.a'oceeded and author of several books. to two try too talk liim into imNl.llllbers, too, are increasing. Average mortalizing some of his thoU&IJts for posnl.llllber of copies printed by a "little and only incidentally, letting us magazine" like New Collage is about 2000 publlSil them 1m our very own and only says Dr. Miller. NC's first run was 1500 Zom's lemma (God rest his soul). and 3000 issues were. printed this time. ''Whois Zorn 'n' whatze tryin1 talemma? However, Dr. Miller admits, "None I mean, this Zom's doing somdhing, but I of these people aE really names," Part sure can't figure out waht--lemma?I was of the problem is the editorial board's very pleased when you named the newsparejecting "trashy" contrib\Eions, their >f7 after me, b'IE was I incensed when you refusal to print just for the names. "m1Speled my name I smelled bad after "We want more off campus wod< of sta-that. Now you want me to right for the ture with which NC students can compete n crummy rag?" says Miller. loiic and rational discourse having "BW: there's more good work in poetry (C-od forbid that it shouldn't} to being done in this college than I've seen convmce the good that he would in any ether small magazine. Some of these humble pages with a few existhis stuff is damn good. gems of isdom from His Own Lips, Selection board for the maguine, which we fmely persuaded him, via the working grew out of one of Miller's creative wri-(butt) end of a rolled-up New College dipting workshops, includes students Dick lorna, that the lea!t he could do (well put, Sanford and Mary Trimble, consultant well put} was to present an hcmorary award Suzanne and Miller. Milfor achievement to anywe or ler needs at least two more student volunanythmg wh1ch best exemplified whatever. teers for publication of the third issue this The first Timely Cap'n arSe' Award year. Dr. Dykstra and Dr. Borden are alfor Reeeeeeally Getting into Oneself goes so on the Publication Board but not active of course, toward New College. Various in the selection process. circulating around claim that Bunny Balk and Greg Bullock handle sele"New Colle&e is finally getting together." ction and lay out of the graphics. (Catch that phrase?) Ccmgratulations,NC. An added benefit New Collage brings to surprised--all I see the old NC is a library of other small magazines. New class a little btt older, a These are exchanged through Cosmep, an btt younger, and a let blander, Get-organization' which includes 300 countertm& what, Iffay tell,1 together? Q does parts of New Collage. These are availaanyone no? We don t know WHAT we ble to potentially publishing students in are, just 'f!iA T we are (almost). I should think, would be the bare mm1n:un, room 11 of the old motel, behind the book-. and you've even yet to store, New College, some say, is destined to The magazine's chief hassle is money. become the Harvard of the South (Gawd!} Last year the Bread Board granted it $250 I wonder how Harvard will feelbeing the Giving Dr. Miller no reason other than New College of the North of "we like the magazine," it refused course that Harvard.!!_). to support it this year. Congratulations, NC!Now that The Bread Board tln'ned down a second you're into yourself, aep owide into the proposal to pay SO cents--about cost-cold harsh satori of a higher reality and to New Collage for every copy taken free try to become conscious of by interested students. Therefore, the mag-and what you really are/aren't. azine is now sold at $1 an issue and $3 a **Special Pennywise Pound Foolish Slug subscriitiOJ?., to New .. studen)s. Nickel Metal to the faculty for lending Many more subseri:Itions must be I at usurious rates, a cents of stabillty;for to finance the third issue of the magaZllle. passing the (counterfeit) buck; and for, in SPOILS TO THE VICTOR general, exhibiting an incredible faculty for maintaining the status quo and poin ting NC's b;essed ;ittle head towards the way it was whil

zorn's .. page !our .... lemma One way or the other it all goes up in smoke by Anita L. Allen AUNT JEMIMAH SPEAKS Behold: Nita, the reactionary nigger. A most superb example of what "covert" and "overt" white bourgeoise racism has done to po' li'l Black children all over the country and the world. "You are Black and You are oppressed, they-Tnsist. Funny, I teeT fine. Watch me throw a pebble into this murky pool; whatch me run; watch me fly .. I am not held back, nothing im -pedes me, nothing, nothing, nothing. Being Black is nothing. It does nothing, It means nothing. Sometimes old women look me hard in the face and wrinkle their n o s e s. "They must detest my youth, I think. Sometimes in school, way back little kids would spit on me and throw rocks at me. "Gee, I would think naughty, naughty little children, children must learn to be good. '' I never felt "oppressed". I've been told that somewhere out there is a huge mass called white soci ety that hates me; that considers m e foul, childish, and a fool. I've been told that amongst them is a sm a 11 e r body of 11liberals" who will feed me sugar candy and try to make me believe that "things are getting better". I have been told that I have no chance of success(?) out there in the world because white men own all the land and all the money. I have been told to demand my land and my mule. I've been told that in South America there are Jungles so thick that men have not penetrated them. I have bee told that millions are starving in India and Sarasota, Fla. I have been told that Lenin's work fills 50 volumes. I have been told that my soul is in need of salvation. I have. been told so many Why should one abstraction appearto me or move me more than any other, unless it is something that I like or dislike enough to cause me to react. And how can that f have not felt or seen or tasted c s BY Dennus Savor Get Carter is a Michael Caine flick. If there a couple of good shots you can dig Caine, then you can dig G e t of the strongly lined faces of the Engllih th th il b bl a.ili factory worker and the plae town-dweller Cax1er; if not, en e f' m trO a y w staring at him, but jt all passes unnotnot do much for you. It is a fast-paced, iced by Carter. It's just the scenery. He pretty straight forward flick (no or sinuous S]llllbolism) of the old r 1 works in a similar way with women. 'lhey detective genre. Lots of violence, alchoh- are good for a screw, but other than that o1, and some sex to spice things up. It all all they do is get in the way and foul centers around the plot of what happens things up. They're just a body, an object. to Jack Carter (Caine) the professional kilNo deposit, no retumi disposable. The ler when he goes back to his ole stomping only excertion to this is Doreen, his growds (so to speak) to find out if there niece )an inference is floated that she's was any funny business about his brother's really his daughter as he even cu:koldErl death. He must appear in about 90% of his brother). When he sees her "getting the footage. poked" in the home-made film, Carter Briefly, Carter is advised by his boss, seems to go berserk. This got under his Sid fletcher, that it wouldn't be a very distance, it hit him where it hurt; his good idea to go poking his nose around, as kin. Why has he such a high regard far it was "Kinnear's territory" b\E being a his family (of which he is the b 1 a ck strong-hearted individulaistic bastard, he sheep) is wanswered. Is it his only link goes anyway. His brother, Frank, who with life? The audience is offered no doesn't drink, drove into a river onenidrt: hints as to Carter is what he while drunk. Ver-r-ry suspicious. wnats o\E e, and what he s doing "bird', Margaret, is acting strangely, and abo\E jt, He is an enigma, a masculine won't talk. His neice, Doreen, isn't sa)'"" monolith. Tough and impenetrable.;all ing much either. Carter eventually finds man. Bullshit: He's not real. Exciting oW; that Margaret, a couple of local to watch far a few hours, yes; boc how "thugs" and a local hotshot are m a king lang can he simply run around killing stag films to pass the time of day and someone here, screwing someone there, ck bit ch I h with very little in between, and s t ill pl up a o ange. t seems t at have people believe it? How does he get Doreen gets enticed into the business, and the hotshot then wants to find ooc who his money, how come he's never caughl; she is and get to "know" her a little betlalways unfettered.? Maybe jt's his sense ter. So Frank has to go. Eric, Kinnear's of humor which keeps everythng going. main "enforcer" was responsible for both When he first runs into Eric, he takes picking up Doreen and killing Frank, mun-off Eric's stm.glasses and says that he bling "Good" when told that Frank was most couldn't remember what Eric's )'ack's brother. Tsk, tsk, tsk. carter eyes looked like, b\E now he does:pislr gets Kinnear busted, kills Margaret and holes in the snow. While Edna, the wo Glenda (a hot piece that Kinnear kept man he is renting from sits in a rocker around, a star of his movies) and three ten feet away, he talks on the phone to or four assorted "low characters" Anna (Fletcher's wife), and has rasota Herald Tribune) and then finally cite herself, JI'etendng he is doing it; Eric. The morgue must have been turning her on over a few hundered mil:.s king overtime. of wire while the landlady stares off inCaine plays extremey well a very to space, glassy-eyed. One of the alltime tough charCI.cter. A professional. He great scenes is Caine escorting out to tre shaves over his brother's corpse He street with a shotgun, two of Fletcher's n't even look sorrowful when Glenda, boys who has came to get him while a locked in the drunk, drowns when the parade of chldren (some kind of child car is pushed off a pier ;he kills a guy aidecency league ) marches by. It seems ter getting information from him, he that they had "intetTU}:'ted" he and Edna leaves a youthful inn 0 cent who had in order to bring him back, and so when h 1 d hi with h ibl .J:..& Jack got the upqJer hand (so to speak )he m a orr Y ..U...1.gured didn't have time to dress before showing face; -some money and a suggestion to th ''buy yourself some karate lessons". He them ooc. He showed all the way on e lives by making objects o\E of every-promenade o\E the door. body else--you can step on them or pay At the end, Carter is satisfied. He hz them off but you don't worry aboutthsn. gotten revenge on everyone, particularly He always has a large wad of bills that Eric. He has destroyed Kinnear. He has he uses as a social excuse for not escaped being brought back to London, with people. He seems to ride seva-al although he had to kill to do it, levels above the rest of the world, and Fletcher has been told abo\E him and has a fantastic immunity Anna. He's happy; but what is there for him to do? He has no friends nor family from it. During gun battles, chase scenes no longer any purpose, he can't go back and assorted unusual goings on, the police to London because Fletcher is waiting are nowhere to be found. At the end of far revenge. There's ntJng he can d?-the movie, one simple anonymous call So he's killed--before emg busted, &insuffices to bring two squadrons in on a near had dispatched another p-oiessional raid at the country estate of a powerful to "get Carter". Dead on the beach wth man. Somewhow, Jadk Carter operates a single neat hole from a high power in a different system from the rest of the rifle through his foreheai. Just another world. piece of litter. When he first comes mto town, Jack ....... "<-<-;:. .......... ,4-t walks mto a pub and orders a pint of bi1;.:. : It. as if .everyone in the pia .;. THE C HE E E S !i O p ::: LS lookmg at him, with a sort of fearlul W : CJ.l : Of ST ARMANDS CIRClE :l: t :1: IMP O R TED C HEESES :1: & .. A,,. .,.n ::: from around the w or ld :;: :1: GOUf{MET FOOD--BEER & WI E ':' i Weekly SpeciOils : .,.... ., French Beaumont this week! : ;. .. i: 388-3187 t '"" 93:>: .t loa! ': yot 5upp l \' thet> mean anything to me, in the strong est sense of the word mean. It appears that I am left out. Being Black meansmthing to me because all the things that "Black leaders" are calling Blackness are somehow not related to me in any effectual way. My personal temperatment is not such that makes me actively interested in social, cultural (in a strict geographic sense) or economic matters. In my happiest moments, I JOVially comb my nappy hair and much my pig ears, and read my philosophy books without guilt. Now, at more wretched times, I have to lament that I'm being treated "special"; lament that I'm called to "Special" little meeting; lament that I might be somewhere I don't truly deserve to be. I know, it is bad to say that Bla c k is nothing. But if I were not Black I would not have to, or even really be expected to say anything. If 11Bla c k is nothing" sounds like a cop-out, a reJection, a denial, it is because a statement like that seems to be a cultural negation. But it is not. It is part of my movement. MY black reactionary movement. I don't want to go back to being a slave, or a servant. I don't want to be a master either. What I do want to be is myself. The right to be myself, the right to be able to say "I am not oppressed" and have someone believe me. The present trend in "Black" A me rica is towards getting the Blad< people (Or any poverty group what they deserve and have been derued (take that in as radical or moderate sense as you wish). But this whole movement is based on the fantasy of the "Average Black Man". I contend that such a creature is undefinable, therefore practically non-existent. Perhaps 40 years ago, and I am only speculating, there might have been some concensus of what the Black man was like: What his needs were, what his goals were, what he had lived. Then it might have been fantastic if it would have been possible to start a movement, a big one based on the "Average Black Man. 11 But now, I think we have a different situation. Take into consideration the Black "population" of our own N. C. community. yea, look at the four of us. How can anyone say that we have lived the same life, that we have the same goals, or even the same needs, in a very general, genera 1 sense. Me and my white middleclass room mate have more in common than my tia:k middle class friend on campus. I have seen ab01,1nding evidence in the outside world to confirm this belief also. What 1 think is necessary, because I and others like me are tired and sick of having to make such contentions as"Black is nothing" of having to be subject to the stereotyping that Blacks are dc:ing and whites, bless them, never have totally stopped doing; of having to be called orea and Uncle Toms because we happened to live a little bit ahead of the Black move ments that came too late: we were already cJDnditioned against oppression and now we cannot feel oppressed. --::rh'ere has to be a d'ivision or an to the present racial movement. A division that will stop claiming to talk to peo ple for people like me who aren't saying anything because they don't feel the need to be 11freed" or helped. To talk for the people who want to be talked for should be the JOb of racial movements, andsince all Blacks aren't claiming to be oppreSSEd then a group cannot very well fairly call themseives the Black anythings nor count us in their numbers. There are people who are poor and are being pressured and they need help, maybe organized help. Let these people be helped, I'm sorry they couldn't have been helped earlier. ARTICLE STARTS Rf Ever since the_ CivU Rights struggle began, America hu inailtedothat the pro blem of Black people was a lack of "education". We were given "inferior" educational institutiODJ, thus resulting in bad housing, inadeql.late medical care, poor food, etc. The other problem that whites have begun to express is the lack of education among whites with regard to Black America. If this is indeed the problem, and reeducating whites is the proposed solution, then I wowd think that a Black Cultural Center would be a major step in solving race relations in the U.S. Black people have been com tan t 1 y given the impression they were lllbhu man, inferior faillues. We've been barded constantly with the laory, shiftless no-good nigger image u being a natural trait of Black people. The one bit of indoctrination that could be, and is worse I than this dehumanil:ing effort by America, is the image of "white iJ right, b:own hang around, black stay ba c k". From the time black children firlt begin school white culture iJ implanted in their minds u "The Culture". Anytime \'Ast-ern clllture is to be discussed, the discussion not only centers around white culture but it tneds to either exclude or deemphasize any body's culture other of the white peoples of the As a result of our "Great' Society'', its exclusive style of education, America has invented an entire race of m en tally retarded white robots. I call them negroes; you as a member of the larger society might call them "responsible" lead ers. The name I had to borrow, but the idea is nothing new. These negroes are usually middle and upper class non-white non-black schizophrenia, who have been so thoroughly brainwashed, and so contented with their nice white images of themselves, that they fail to realize that they don't even exist as. people. These humanoids will have no peoblem succeed ing in -:he phony worlds in which they exist. They have usually gone on to institutions of higher retardation, and are well up the ladder that never exiltedo These poor delusioned robats are a group that was created out of necessity as part of the master plan to forever enslave nonwhite people. They are many of todaY' "leaders'', speaking out againrt injustices. But doing it in such a way so as not to offend anybody. Many of them view a "good' job, a "nice" home, and a new car as freedom. Well this is what you, America, has wanted them to think for far too long. It is these people who keep the masses "in their place". It is these modem day TOMS, who make s u r e "mwa" stays on top, and just to make sure, America keeps around your friendly neighborhood Nat1l Guardlme11. Y o u know, the ones who shot down the 12-year old in Chicago I think it was. All these insane people must b e gathered up and placed in mental inrti tutions. They are more accu.r ate 1 y called Black Liberation Schools. These people need their minds liverated from the control of a society who is hostile, a society who is bent on their destruc tion, and the systematic execution d. all the non-white p6oples of the world. They need to see that whites have never really wanted to integrate, nor will they ever seek to integrate unless this country undergoes some very radical change within the coming years. To give you an example of what this count ry can do to a person, there appeared, in VISTA magazine a statement by a seventeen year old girl on her thoughts about beautr. "Beauty--slim nose, narrow lips, straight hair and fair complexion are all beauty to me; I am Black with a broad nose and nappy hair, what else can I be but ugly? Nose, hair, lips are these the things to determine beauty? With a light complexion, straight hair, slim nose and narrow lips; Why do you call youraelf a negro? I am a negro because I am Black with broad lips and nappy hairo If you have a light complexion with straight hair and narrow lips, call yourself white. Jo Ann Evans, 17 years old BRAN used () tf) BOOK EXCHANGE 3913 Brown Ave. NIKKO SAYS THF.lR NAME MEANS dail} happiness COME HEAR A DOSE OF DAILY HAPPINESS Qow as polJNDS OF STEREq, sg9.9S 4 watts? 24 AZA R PLAZA SARASOTA 955-9867 quality shit, -and he won't fuq u

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