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Zorn's Lemma
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New Zorn's Lemma (Vol. II, No. 14)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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March 5, 1971


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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HERE AT NEW COLL'EC.E WE BUILD A KlDS MIND AND FORGE"T ABOUT THIN uS LIKE THIS IS APART OFIT sTATE OF THE COLLEGE MESSAGE or THE DAM THEORY IN ASIA MINOR by : Brooks Langston One fourth of the campu1 is leaving third term. Some will come back, some are leaving for good. What will be here when they return, besides next year's class and some different faculty?At sent, thee ducational imperatives and the energy of our deeps cannot evolve new needed forms, Energygroup1 or sub organisms are being shunted. There is no energy flow only dissipation." Speci.fic issues have a way of not lasting long around here, 11 Gorfein. Harmony and ba lance are missing between the charged particles and electrons here. We suffer in the vacuum of American Higher Educationn, geared to a no longer fit species, motivated by fear, coercion, and harmful competition. That is the situation today and has been f o r some time. In an organism, example the human body, when one vital part suffet'l1 every part is adveresly affected. Here the part with the most energy being shunted is the students, the fastest evolving system, Next year will be the best class yet, the most turned on, with m ore enerfy avail able, If things lo k bad now, I feel they are going to get worse, One day soon the dam is going to burst. The dam is no one person; rather a group of fine individuals acting as a body--the faculty. Their leaders are called Division heads, which is literally true. For a sociolofical rundown of how the systems of faculty as a whole are the dam in American Higher Education talk to Dan Boss or Ron Bloom, The administration believes it but will not tell the student body that, e&cept unoffi cially and individually, becauz of poll lies here (power of bculty) and h::,i THIS IS THE HEART OFIT up by having to be the Administration. Talk to Country Dick, Dennis Saver, Pat Patterson, or Don Goldberg after another term, Look around you, rap to anyone-the one you're with, Most importantly, look at past and present activities, The faculty holds a veto over mOlt important events here. Bullshit tenure arguments aside, if the faculty doesn't have its way it can and will get up and leave, Their commitment to Higher Education is above any to New College. And that is a pretty big threat to have half your faculty leave. Ask Elmendorf, Lyons, or the Trustees. It haPpened here in the second year of the college. For instances of it elsewhere talk to Jim Feeney. Once the faculty is rided by the or trustees, on paper it can be, its power is broken, It has to leave then or be overruled time and time again, Something unheard of in pri vate colleges of prestige. It would make us all responsible, all equal. No Ion g e r could the faculty say 11 if that's what yodre after, or if you don't like it here, then leave." And it would be harder, for a sub-group would have to know and respect the needs of the rest c:i. the community. People would have to be resp nsible to the community for their :JWn and the community's welfare in some sense, So unless we all stagnate and dry up, the dam is going to have to give. Now as Weathermen, intellectuals, and college II'esidents .know onw should plan any explosion. When the time is right or as a last measure. The idea is to insme the well being of evetD:ne, so all benefit. Spec ifically how can gs be better for the fac tutv, too? D. in the maximal minianl VOL. II NO, 14 MARCH S, 1971 DR\J GS P.NO C.Hf"t-\ICAL'S 'THA\ CAt-: 5LOL-v C3CO'i AI-JD Mlf\JO THIS STHE LOOK OFIT for everyone. Most certainly there w i 1 1 soon have to be a showdown, a molting, to wards what Kingsley Hall hopes to become at its finest. The organism structure o f Faculty/ Student/ Administration/ only objectivity-academics count is dead, dying, rotting away, dissipation. We have developed and evolved a higher level with a quantwr. jump in iniormatioo. The present structure serves only to stunt our growth. Elmendorf believes he still might be able to save the sinking ship with talk and grand compromises with the faculty. Yet, thougii the faculty members are mostly fine individuals with much to offer, as a collective, a group of specialists with narrow spec i a 1 interests, they will never be able to make the radical evolutionary changes necessary. They by their structure, of being a divisive sub-group cannot creatively ada rt to o u r growth needs. All too often they just stand in the way. Be aware of where your evergy is goin g. Get cootracts as loose as you can(non-contract contracts) and relate to faculty as fellow teachers and learners, not as judges. Failure by one set of standards is success by other standards. F allure by one set fr e e s you to see other values, and to accert failure by your former standards, If a faculty evaluation is forced upon you, over yours, it means A. you don 1t believe in it as the highest evaluation for yom own education. B. that soon you will be telling them what they want to he ... r so you can stay. PU: y:>ur energy somewhere besides faculty committees. These are there only to keep an d serve the faculty. They do the students as much good as student constitutional conventions. A student being there legitimizes the stl:uctmc and the right of faculty to say TF flfv\ .l\ FE: vJ OF THE PL.f'lt..>j IKCLvDE ... AND THIS IS ALL OFIT We Are the Faculty and You Are the Students do not cross those lines, but do send a few student reps over. Our student reps are doing much more as a form to maintain the status than their contents are doing to change it, Be aware of the media hypnosis the PR constantly bombarding you from the' faculty telling you "The students have the real power here. Know that it is Bullshit. .!!!!have little power, only a potential not to be realized through today's str.ucture. Herb Stoddard, Peter F;isch, the new art historian, Dennis Saver, Jun Feeny, Marshall Barry, Country Dick about any student power. James logan "Who really ran the plantations?" Learn fro:n Elmendorf's nontenure J1'0posal. Work with help Kingsley Hall. Keep it from becommg a college within a college. because that's what Nat. Sci. is, rather a community responsive to each others' abilitie desires, and needs. it from becoming cxclustve, rather somethmg that offers everyone, the now students, now facultyt and now administration a valid reason and p.tace for being a participant. Do not depend or coun.t on newspaper articles to make any major changes here media fans. Charlie Lyons: I don't think 'articles in the paper do any good much more. You have to go around and talk to people. Maybe bl.t don't even count on Kingsley Hall to evoke major changes. Do not be placated by small concessions from the faculty. Do not acceft jtmior partner s h i p s (yardbosses), a small role in running the college. Come up with positive actions ideas times; something beyond do-nots. Laughmore. -------1 I I I I I ol I I I I I I I ::; ('1'1 c. c g 5 ::J I g "" ::J ::r -< 0 ::J z ., 3 "' 3 1-B-1 Young con umers: With t3 billion iu their tattereJ jeans, what they seek is experience I -'< ---------


2-B-ll THE CAMPUS: 'BRING US ftPerso alhv arade TOGETHER' The following p-oposal is a tentative format for the Kingsley Hall Experiment, to be wdertaken third term this year (via contract) as an alternative educaticeal pro cess. In the following proposal these im0 This severely handicaps contractual plications should be na:ed: +> students especially (and all students to --It allows applications of the ideals and v: some ), in that a title rep:esents by 'Pamela Swift aims of the original KH and rl (and not at all well) his aca the original NC demic mvolvement for a ten weeks--Dear Zorn: A few days ago, one of y our reporters showed me an anonymous note that you had received which contained some rather interesting (and to my knowledge unjustified) charges against some people in high NC places. The unidentified citizen though these charges to be worthy of investigation and suggested that your paper take this responsibility. I advised your reporter to throw away the note and forget about it. I have since -;-lt is presently compatible with, and u3 a period of time. in which. this tilizes, the present academic forms d has stud:a.ed very mtenswely BRAN I S --It makes possible the use of group-stuthiniS of great worth. Knowledge of dy, group journals, and personal portfolios 'fl this study could be very important to as educaticnal aids cv others (eg., graduate schools), yet no t3 ::J used books Q' !i <: BOCK E..X C-IANGE () 0 () Vl --It makes possible recognition of acade..::: mention in any detailed manner as to mic achievements by fmure g;raduate-scho-+> the contents.o_f this study can made. ol students, as well as equal recognition possibility to alleviate this probof the achievements of personal growth and :.) lem 1S empowerini CRO to append self actualization. QJ to a student's attachements 3 911 Brown P. '-" e --It makes possible a new college ri written and signed by faculty member{s) d h i-omlining in some detail what the stu-' had some thoughts relevant to the mat. .Bobby is the seeker, the agressor the ter that I wish to make public. active one. He thinks. The main roles a goo t tng agatn. dent has been doini academically. Note that this measure has not yet been tried, so CRO has not been forbidden to do this. Dnring recent tenure discussions, a raof the women in the movie are as sex 1. A third altemative to the p-esent conther obnoxious parody of Ron B 1oom Is objects. All of their relaticmships t 0 tractual and non-contractual method of '" propbsal was dittoed and circulated aBobby and thier roles in the movie recompletini requirements for the Bachelor round the college. It was particularly volve around sex. Thinking, if they are of Arts degree will be the participation in rtJ obnoxious (beyond its contett) in that allowed to do any, is secondary. Bobby the Kingsley Hall Experiment, which cont it, too, was unsigned. Last year, duri:g gets Ray p:egnant and views it as a drag stit\Ees academic residence. > my brief tenure on the Student Court. that he simply can't discard her now 2. Participation in KH involves the pret) 1 received a number of unendorsed that she's been used (which he does in senting of a portfolio of artifacts of one's memos about allegedly spurious goings-the end anyway). The Bowling Alley pers? on which as a matter of policy, I chose Women are good for a night's fw. His in the KH learning-commu-Therefore, a proposal: this method of appending content to be cmit critical caotained in the movie. What were e and dewey-eyed -reS\DDe of these "mlni-tmorials" which ideas? Mostly they were the same ideas QJ guhl >will not carry the "satisfactory/unsatis:facof many of the "hifl" popular movies .. eno'"'6'-' to draw flies. In fact it was Ray C: tory" n doing what it's suppesed to. we can al_ ays talw them to court: Thatis effective, Jack explains, be cause of the ubiquitous tourist. Court cases can always be picked up by the St. Petersburg Times and spread to other papers and national magazines. This leaves the county no choice b\E to move. "They don't want Sarasota slurred called rascist. They don't want the migrant.camps exposed so people won't come to Sarasota. The state has exempted shorter sentences--those under six months--from the rule requiring counties to supply every needy defendent with a lawyer at hisre l {UCst. Sarasota has eluded even this rule by providing a public defender only for ac felons. Maximum sentence for a Misdemeanor, however, could mean the accused cou}d be put in iail for up to two years after a trial with no defense. In Florida 1s southern district public defenders arc provided to who requests one. jack hopes this may ap proach realit.ation in this the middle district. J After diffk Jtic s ;.rovid;d the former public defendc. r ti:f' new one "seems to b<: saying he 111 start defending people with shorte r S<:ntcnccs, Jack says. Pregnant? Help? l-or L: "Jbt::l'r ,in...,. r le -,1 1.,.. e'" t -" J -''1 r a ,e i., -(;' : ::.rr; C2..t: : ,.,t. .. call: 305 754 h'1' f:-: .'ISG ; ,.,.. ..... advice. WOMAN's ASSISTANCE of GEE I FLORIDA 'EM OUT WE Bl.N-S.ELL-TMDE :sCARCE OUT OF PRINT MRF: :. 1531 Main Strcet-955-2989 : In order to prevent students from be c. ing charged improperly for room dam ages Itt the end of the year, there will ta be an inspection of all ms beginning E Tuesday, March 9th, at 1:00PM. The Physical Plant room inspect()r will b e 0 accompanied by a student. Charges will .S be made for excessive damage as well QJ as for missing furniture. .:.I: l Please be aware that students are re .!! .sponsible for the conditieb of the room WI .to which they have officially been a s c 'signed. Charges will be bill d to the of QJ -ficial occupants. ;; The Student Services Office has found c. that the standard $3 room change f e e .. during the term has not disc uraged room. = chanting but has only reduced the num0 .lber-of official chang s. Therefore, this >fee will be discontinued during Term III 0 on a trial basis. It is hoped that t h i s Q will enhance the accuracy of our records. Please cooperate.


3-B-lll eeping Up CWith 'Youth Now GROW YOUR OWN possible to get IC by G Greenhouse donated by Mrs Edward M Shields. Of aluminum nut-bolt it mea sures 20 ft by 40 ft PI ans are to d i ssemble and transport it to campus where it will be stored for some future reconstruction Why storeft?? Wel\ a location for it h ;>S to be determined a foWldation and underground pl u '"Tl bing system inst etc The cost: $3000 (estim.1ted by Dr l\.1orrill of the Biology Dept) I would like to discuss any plans to expedite the construction of this very useful and needed Any ideas?? Contact me through my m ail box #448 Hopefully we will see it together for the start of next year's Biology classes ............................................. '4 D1& ST. ARMANDS kEY SARASOTA. FLORIDA L" 0: I iving on the earth Cl) YOUR tOOK AND RECORD CENTER WEEKLY SPECIALS ]. L. boston, J. K. eaugh C. S. registra.tion BERNIE bla.ckburies ). tlc & I or perverse brutalities S. J, winged membrains K. c. ha.ppiness JAM Puerto Rico or bust C. ]. j is bliss CVD the great expose expose AND THE WEEKLY SPECIAL Quice Lorraine dail} happiness COME HEAR A DOSE OF DAILY HAPPINESS BOUNDS OF STEREO as Qow as S89.95 4 :52 watts? 24 AZAR PLAZA SARASOTA 955-9867 yuality shit, hE' won't fuq u 0 ... 0 UIIIIU A NORMAL MIX-UP by Malcolm Jonea eting that Mr. Prickett and the dorm r&o idents will be examinig rooms next Mon day. Every I'l)()m will be examined and f -damage costs appraised. A Urt will be The SEC scheduled an election or Cll posted as to the exact nature of damage next Wednseday to fill three newly ere-:::::;. in every room: a double check to make a ted student positions on the Fa c u 1 ty "C sure that no student is charged for dam-Status Committee. All petitions submiS-0 age done by the previous resident. ted to the SSC must declare in which The Breadboard doled out $150 to ProHope? The Educational Planning (now Po licy) Committee has been discussing -the possibilites for changes in the con tract/non-contract system or replacement by a new system of evaluation and perhap: calendar. Alternatives suggerted: 1) change to a. 4-1-4 calendar. This would mean one 14 or 15 week term in the fall, an ISP in January, and another long term for the spring. Advantages of the 4+4 are its similarity to the calendars of other schools (for purposes of off-c_a.m pus study) and elDination of the third term situation of unusual numbers of students taking, four y e a r option, or personal leave, which the college with fewer students than 1t can afford. The major disadvantages ( ol course these are only student gripes, and aren't very practical) are: fewer courses offered, long terms, no chance to spend most of a year here for those on the y year plan. A possibility that W>uld help would be offereing 7 or 8 week courses--but this seems like a roundab:ut way to get back almort where we ltarted. Another possibility is co-ordina.ting it with proposal no. 2. 2) Everyone on contract. 'fl:tis would not eliminate courses and tutor1als. Poe sibly first year students V.:ould _have no E quirements except pbnmng and :& porting to their advisors. Thu, comblDro with a strengthened advising system, theoretically allow for the mort flexl\nl ity and yet closeness to faculty. It is hoped that this would eliminate the COI.llting of aatisfactories and similar quanta tative measuremellts. 3} F.xam system, This would be li)te ta.king a. baccalaureate at the end of each year. Possibly there would be no terms. The student would co-ordinate his work with his advisor and any other faculty members and would write an exam with them. It is not clear Just what flunking an exam would mean. Thil would re quire a great deal of paranoia, or independence or both on the part of the iud ent. Here are a few other issues to be dis cussed soon that we'd like your feelings on--off campus study, advising system, college government set-up, academic programs that people would like to see instituted, anything to do with the system of evaluation including this system and others. Also anything you think con cerns educational planning or policy at New College. We are Kimi Nakate and Noel Bick ford. Drop either of w a note or talk to us. Questions are webome, too. Bothered by division the student is running. In the &-0: ject REAL iir incidental expenses and !election, students will three possi-;gal fees. The women's group got and addi Tl1 e Student Court met Wed-SNACK BAR PARTY Monday, March 8 8;3012:00 Celebrating new management 25 Hamburgers Monday nite New menu Shrimp, Fish1 Fruit I ( ..., )i ,\ what about your funeral director? In their meeting W edneaday, the flr culty voted to have student representa tion on the Faculty Status Committee. Three students will serve with nine fa culty members to decide, among other things, who gets hired and fired. The students, one from each division, w i 11 be elected next week. After the motion was passed, Knox moved to have faculty represenation on student committees, notably the SEC. The faculty a!Jo vated to abolish the 48-hour-by-invitation-only guest rule, and from now on faculty meetings will be held in the teaching auditorium open to all members of the college can munity. They reserved the right to call executive sessions, however. In other action, the faculty p as sed a resolution calling for the right of the Young Socialist Alliance to assemble on campuses in the state of Florida. It started out as a simple peanut. Some developmeDts have occured vhich invalidate statements made in last .yeeks library article. .. The manner in which I explained the ble votes, one in each division. tional $29 to help pay for sewing machim nesday night nad as there were no cases Presently the FSC is working toward S' they are trying to buy. They also received demanding official legal Court more student imolvement in educational $25 to help defray the cost of sending has the opportunity to try to figure out planning. They will present their resentatives to conferences at Florida Pres just exactly what the shit. The Court! a& financing of the library rather obscured X the fact that the library was being screw ol.E of abol.E $20,000 per year, This policy has been changed in the last two -< weel.>'' ... Cll fom1dations an accoust'ica1 dis-CHEESE S"CP cordofnea/o-;-like character, and the d disharmooiousness of the vibes of the val'... underthegreenawning OF ST. ARMANDS CIRCLE iousmembersofthe Courtwassomewhat AI : 0 ,analgous to the lovesick calli of a bitch W;rhJ S11o1< = earmarked dollars had flDlded the basic budget, and were not spent in addition to the regulady budgeted mooey. A decision has been made not to get a new reference h'brarian. Rather, Mrs. Dickinson will cart:inue to work as :I reference librarian while she works for c. her m in Library Science. It has ""' been decided that a new position should be filled by a non-book, media, librar 111 ian, There is no time element involved as to when this persoo will be hired, but 0 'when he or she is hlred, space will be made available for media rooms, etc. -through the moving of faculty. :r Jf a teacher or a student is going to do an education tutorial or ISP he shouH cootact the library so that books an d materials can be ordered. Furthermore, I forg,_ot to say that the doorbell works. -L b r1 s Van D v k Bloomin Flieschburi sez: Ca pitalisro is <:_H 3 .:.. IMPORTED CHEESES 'o". fy until-it grates in the ears--when a tom r_; .I cat comes, he's gonna do a helluva job. :j: from around the world ::; "2. The Student Court is seeking to esta-1520 Main Street : blish principles, policy, modes of > alive and well *CUSTOM BLENDED TOBACC *IMPORTED PIPES *UNIQUE ATMOSPHERE Truq on down & cheq him out; 0. GOURMET FOOD--BEER & WINE f: cedure--it is attemrxing to erect a com::::11 C. W eeklr Specials i 71:" plete legal structure from the folDldation t Homemade Quice Lorrain&-up according to legal, ethical, moral g. t by appointment only and aetithetic cons_iderations. :.. 388-3187 ... 2 The usual if-you-got-anythmg-to-say..,, CJQ come-and-say-it invitation is extended loafofbreadfinewineandgoooodcheese .. ;. Cll to all. Wednesday, 9:30 HamiltooCenter. you supply thee. Justice Jack e and Prospering ., at TRAIL t cu .D ational Bank f where your money 8 begets money begets


i:: I "? awarded if students are not to live in 9!>8 6 the midst of the New college commu-JULES' MUSIC CENTER nity, not isolated in their own dorm or lmtof musical Top of the Week "" I I i ,"!.... by Kacie Crisp New College can have $275, 000 for five faculty members, three administators and two counselors. All it take s from us is a commitment--to education and to humanity. The money is a potential grant from the U.S. Government office of Economic Opportunity for the educatiDn of 50 "very ethnic 11 college age people. The money is a potentia:Want The plan is HEP, High school Equivalency Program. The goal is to enable these 50 students to choose their own f11:ures at the end of a year and successful completicn of the high school equivalency test. The financial benefits to NC are obvious. Dr. Marshall Barry, Project REAL director working on the grant propo sal, points out that in additicn to the 5 education faculty available an campus, NC could apply the money--including 20 per cent a11:omatic overhead--immediately toward the Ford matching grant. Benefits to the migrants, too, are obvious, p.'Ovided the program is effective. The. counselors are provided by the pro gram to see that participants their choice 'of a job, further vocational trai ning, or higher education. area. For such a program to worl< and instruments and accessones truly "circumvent bitter experiences --fine guttars-of migrant youth" as it is intended, commitment to positive perscnal and I",.,.,. :;; EAsv To DEAL w r H : "' academic relationships must be made 11527 MAI N sTREE.T by NC students. sARAOsTA, FLORIDA 3357? "a ...,...... Dr. Barry emphasized that HEP is not "Joe Egg" by Peter Nichols opened "a liberal sop-type program." Through last Friday at the Asolo and it is a very Project RFAL, militant migrant leadpowerful production. ers lmow more abo11: New College than *"' 11 R ,._ 1l 111 The play focUJes on the effect of a any the South. !hey have ex*"cd 9 111 N 111 '8 8 8 ::f 111 111 J. .!l w totally helpless spastic child en the mar-pressed willingness for thlS program as 111 '() 0 '1:1 o 8 d ,. 8 "' 111 E '1:1 111 E-: 111 ,. .., riage between Sheila whom the pre s s one which will give their people the U :;; g ;g Gl R ,. S 0] >-] .g ; a.,... "g B ;:1] 5 release describes as; "sort of earth mot; educational tools they need for the 'B C -{; .. ,. .!:: s:l o o .. 0 U ,. S 2 ., 'o ,. > "g her who embraces all living things equ 1 d "I d b o....c: .., ._.. ..... ,. ... 111 ,... 111 ... o ,. A.. u -13 o "' strugg e ahea t 1s goo ecause :S u "' g,. ,. ti -.: ...... 0 U t>D '1:1 ... '1:1 R ..... >-" ti ally" and Brian a an 1 th Gl ,.... 8 -' 0 "' C1 '1:1 '"._,. lal "=< R R ..C: I the people themse ves want :tS type .:: -.9 'I. A 2 >-.. 0 u :s a '1:1 G) .. 0 Vl 0 .. 0 0 Ill orous schoolteacher. II of program." -...J .... Q .9 ..,. o o.. ...o .!3 o ., 8 111 n ..d ...., The action is absori>ing ar..d fastmov Also, alienatiau from participants' f3 8 :d U ... ::l ..c: "8 -5 ;: i: .. u '() ing. There are twists and several nmnhome communities is not automatic -;: +:: Vl o 111 t>D ,.S;,;:: "g 5 8 : 111 111 cnts of uncertainty toward the end which with thiqro""' m. Through !Wjed: You Are What you Eat 1 J ;: l1 ;: i il ;; a B /.l H il ,a._ h ,:; ;:,.)! '' bull"' tenrian. enough, .. RFAL, minority students could either 0 0 Q :1 0 j:l ,.S Vl .. -5 ..... U ..... 111.!:: >-ill a very successful comedy when it is not continue or severe ties with their com Three committees are working on the ... :a ..., 0 111 a 0 ] 111 R d ll. g being a very successfyl tragedy. ( No munities. But it would be their choic improvement ofthe current food servicejjiill> O g 111 g 2 5 B :.1 .9 8 111 '() ...o 8 ,. Vl t: o o ll. quotes--! was too occupied with the play not the white liberal do-gooders'. meal plan. ..--4 +:: -.9 ... 2:...o U a '() ] ..2 Ill .;3 .... S a il 0 ;:1 '8 s:l :;: .9 to scribble. ) To encourage communications with A combination of the SEC food commit .::::; C: 2 Jl e,,. 8 .. ;: ti 111 :: ti 1;A great deal of the success of the families, the counselors would be on tee and :.t subcommittee of the C ollege = 111 ..c: 8 Vl 111 ;: Q ,. [ -5 8 .i pl:ly is due to PatrickEgan as Brian. His 24 hour duty with extensive Council--including Jono Miller, B;yan = d ;_ 0 :5 c> "g 5 "':of-< 15. .E u .E : '1:1 face is made of rubber and his timing is service available. Norton, Dave Silvennan, Nora Lilhgren, ..S f.J 8 ...o t 8 '() -5 0 :X: a .. t: -.9 .9 iil...: S l:l.-.9 8 bea11:iul. There is immediate Living space for migrants would not and Chuck Derrick--has been investigaow R >-1 ,. fi ... for this funny, nutty man who teaches threaten .the number of NC students. ting possible changes for third term and f)() ::l '8 :a 111 111 f .A .9 '5 .!. !:>.. ,.S...:.. :::;,: kids to put theirhands on heads, eyes in A west Slde dorm takes four months longer range changes for next year. 5 .s "' .... '1:1 '0.;; o.. .... E a ;;-.. G) For Kathleen O'Meara Noone the to build. The administration has a/_ Possibilities for next year are: a scho= Ill 8 "' ] R ... s:l ft t: 5 .: e R .. >-"E 0 E sympathy is slower coming b11: by the greed to build ooe lf the : ol-""oni with C> hOed ... .::-;; ij:! c -:: 0 a ;l.'l 0. D N .9 0 ;; en" of the play, Jt U def;.Jtely the' e professional manager and head cook and ... > N z R ...... 0 111 ,. 1:! i) ... R '1:1 8 w-:: She too, was terrific b11: her character But Dr B::IMV lS' not ushm' the otherwise staffed by students; a change :3 .!j Jl ........... -5 ...:.: 0 R -;: &,] t: '() .. ; {3, t! : ..d 8 .. 0 0 -:was no as instantly appealing as Egan's. P g -v-,. u a ... ,. ,. > .... ..... >-"' ... bj) bOo _.,, Th oth a1s f. gram Should there be one segme!Uo m the contract with Servomation ,. 111 ..... t: ...o ,. 0 ii::l 8 Ill :s R '() ,. ,. ..c: :1 ... ... e er actors were o q Uite mt' faculty or -al comes up a t the beginning of third -= .. d lli ::l '() ... ;: t Q t: at>D10 : Polly Holliday is B ria n 1 s rather hr -_.,..,...= ..... Ill l5,. t>D bD ,. R 0 ::1 ..C: "=< R ....., 1-1 ._. 0 c .. Vl ...0 R terf lf tty dul ---.1-. that doesn't want the program, "then::-.-I t tenn) to allow for different food (i.e.' u .... t: :; ; -5 j:l .. Ill .!:: 0 Ill -.9 a -;: !-1 OR Ill .. >-bj) 0 -ermg, se -p mg, m gent. u........we don't want to do it." diet, organic foods, different o.. o..-:;:] ..c: 1! :3 B. '0'> -5 ] '() 8 S 6 d 8 [ >-w 'fi Robert lanchester makes an Dr. Bany will be circulating more 0 nutntlonal base for meals to be made) c. t>DS] ... g .. >-8-;: .. >--H u -8 0 t: ::l tl 8 .. pompous ass and SharBn Spelman h lt s infonnaticn abo11: the program and and to look for changes in billiug so that 111 t: .-'i ...o 111 o !3..C: ...o B N 0 ,. t: 9 _. t: the other end of the chaJater spectrum 'i > l' Ji' =werlng ony que"'""' Beca= ; no ooe cquked to p a rtici!X'te m the S! .li dl il" j;:o c ] : ft -1J 0 '" iJ 3 .. -. _] fr-111 ..... ti g 111] ,.9 ;:1 z 111..:.: ..... id.ay" a s his bitchy egocentr1c wife. i: hopes to have the question the sec -I The meal plan is another service, like It e E 0 ; ...0 '"": t::;; -.9 i-6 ..... : .. tiN &, R R The theater. Implimentation of the program is flexible and mU:ually productive. Educa ticn personnel brought in by the JrO gram could educate NC students, too, giving the program's participants more qualified teachers to interact with. The commitment, however, must first be made. The grant will not be (C c "'"' w ballot Wednesday those of the library o r the swimming pool r a '?. N '!l .... t: 'a 15 ...t .. a u ,211 41 ...t .2 8 rJ E g uses are striking. William z ll .... 'II <:. th 0 ... u l'l ..... .... !-1 G) bj) ... G) .... Cl G ld 0 "Th s II od d "': u o.. ., <:l -.... 'l ,._. at IS available to all students who wish "'I .. 111 t>Diz.l o Q ;:1 '1:1.. R >-w ... .0 o man m e cason repr uce s811JpSa'leJ04MaUOAU2MOU't00AOO '''. tousethcm. However, evenifnotevcwV) .. intheprograii_lnotes, l ryone t:J:cm, they mmt still support 41' .., .a. R b.e translated mto other but it _________ -----____ financ1ally; they a rc responsible }.)1! ;:: R 1:: .9 1;-1 .., .,!. "8 6 111 Slmply would not be a s effect.;ve. I ag1 the m aintenance of these facilities \ \._ 0 G) .. I a t: .. 'i:l .. 2 ...0 .: ree completely. A large portlon of the UP THE in stock now with the meal plan service "" 1l 8 = >-1l d o.. ] o.. ...... play is delivered directly to the audiUd ..-t>D ,.. 111 111 1:1 ,. t>D t'C ''"'E111 ";;R fr th xt ofth sta n er thlS suppositlon there lS a propo,. R 111 ..-:1 .;3 u R bO .! 111 ..c: .... 111 ence om e e e ge. .... .. ""' v ..::= bO Q ..., ,-4 "+J .... ...... ..... 'lJS \ sal made to re<}uire all students to sun--a "8 .. e ;:1 0 .. ;:1 ... R ..... ..d ........ Q .. u Some of it lS a sldes, some .....__. .. a u o .. '1:1 t: o -.: .... ..., .... o '" R d f th f. d i port the meal plan service but not a rc-._ 'oHJ >< ... '1:1 "g R ct ,... 111 :-' -;; t: '1:1 c o an part o e irSt act lS oen com Dg ao ORGANIzATION 0 quirement of participation' All students 1 c: =, 'i:l t: .. bj) 0.. Gl .. d -;; t: .:::: ... G) B .e Sheila and Brain out of the temporalfla.v t ,.,u ,..... >'1:1 '1:1 ... ::l :. .. ::s.. ... th pl (he ul t ) d' would subsidize the labor costs and those lz.l .. '1:1 ,... R 111 .... ;:1 0 111 R 111 t>D ..... .: 0 <:r of e ay t reg ar se area an m 0'1( ROBERT TOWNSEND students wishing to e a t an the iuan would S ; B ] g 11:! g a : 2 111 a graphically depicted history of their S pay the nrice of the food This would 0 ,. Vl ........ ., ::l ... U g 111 1:':1 ";; .a t: ,e ..c: 111 ::l -daughter's !.tarting birth. The audience r >-ill ....... 00 l'i t>DIII ,.o ..,() Oi 0 111 1 -lower the cost for those who would par-0 ....!:! E:-< 8 bj) B .......... cZ a -5 Ill ., -5 G) G) ..c: R t: -5 u -5 0 lS often asked qucstlC1lS on whether or 'P ticipate !a .. o 111 -:::l ..... o .......... 0 B R ..c: ] ..... '2 .2 il R .,. ; not they agree with a character's pro .. .... 8 .......... o ..... -+1 v .......... ;:l .... ;:;.. There is a third committee investiga" Uo o.. t>D-.... o l'l '1:1 "'..: U o '.:1 t Ill .. t>D R ..... nouncement. Christmas lights are used ()o 111o .., ..... ,.l'i,_t:Gl oo .. > ...,..., 1:: 111111 f .J.. tmg the econom1cs of the Servomatlon l>l ..d 1:: >o !:>.. 111 111 o..Z !l. 111 o .. 2 :; t Gl ,e .., >-..c::;:: or Service This committee the food ... 111 111 E:-< s:l U ;:1 UZ 2 '+-<0 !::: 0.. ;:1 .... : R E:-<... ,. Definitely go see "Joe Egg". It is a .... _,.G) 0 "'A.. -'1:1'1:11 ... 1mprovement committee, is headed by ::: E:-< -.9 Z -i E .., ...o :1 t: "' .. .Q 11 ...o "' ,. .Q g .. ...o o very funny, very sad very powerful play Phineas Sheingold. Anyone interested $ 811 >-,. 8 N m Vl :a :a r! E:-< 1f e 0 tl. beautifully acted and presented. It gets in participation should see him Fur2 E:-< :3 ;:1 ..., .., o ;:1 raves on Broadway and deserves them ...: ... o..!-1 bj) ....... a:I'O! bj) ............ -.,..,)4 ther aspects they arc investigating are here. (It closes on M..,... ) the nutritive values of the current meals I ---r __ ---j ,--\l :llld the possibility of formulating more I 'I ----I nutritious menus to replaces unsatisfac-'7 I I I J \'\ \ 1 1 tory meals. The possibilities and ecod {! I in late march PURSUIT of PHIUP SLATER LONELINEss NF:W COllEGE'S SPIFFIEST, BESTEST, VERY OWN AND ONLY BOOK STORE COCKTAILS AT COPPER BAR 1570 No. Lockwood diets, and organic food diets arc J. :, l'j'i r I 1 I I l I .? mcluded in their pla ns. This needs 0 / I 1 1 \ 1 Q(J' dle of third term, so if you h ave any j .. \ / (] applicable infonnation, see Phinea s or 1 1 I I \ \.._-..--" .contact one of the peop l e on the College l ______. Council sub-committee. --' -1M 1184 No. Washington Blvd. f .. _,. danestic & '""' Ridge Rd. 955-3446 ------

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