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October 25, 1993


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CIT Our :r-tissiou: some semblence of news and information Monday, October 25, 1993 Issue 1 T OM LEVIT A N The CIT (Capital Improvement Trust) Fund is a state fund collected from assessments made on students enrolling in Florida State Uni versit ies. On a regular basis (every three to five years historically) funds are allocated to the various state universities for capital projects The Sarasota campus is curren11y working with two allocations of CIT funds The old money, totaling $632,204 was allocated in earl i er years. I t i ncludes : Athletic Fields $385,000 West Campus Center $215, 000 Ham Center Renovat ion $32 204 Funds for these projects are currently available and each of these projects is under way" with plans being drawn and/or work started An add i tional $3,777,211 00 was made available last year. Projects approved for the new moneyinclude repair and improvement of the swimming pool, addit i onal enhancements to Hamilton Center and the new Wast Campus Center, accoustical treatments (sound walls) for outdoor rec r eation space (Pei and the Palm Court). Projects funded with the new money might include dark room or silk screening space or improvements to the Pub and game room, including new mail boxes. A subcommittee of the Space comm i ttee works with proposals and requests for CIT projects Students from both New College and the University Program, f aculty and staff members sit on this committee. S t am p Machi n e We have requested a stamp machine from the U.S. Postal Service. They have requested a mach ine from the regional office that controls the machines ATM The University is preparing proposal/bid information for an ATM machine This gets sent out to possible suppliers who will make proposals to us for installing a machine Whether or not we get a machine and which cred i t union or bank w ill own the machine will depend on whether or not acceptable proposals come in. This has been delayed by the illness of a staH person who needs t o be involved Searches Searches for both the residence life coordinator and student life coordinator are underway. We've received a number of good applications for both positions Search advisory committees for both positions are being formed with membership coming from the Student Life committee and other students faculty and staff. Students will participate as members of these committees and through open meetings/interviews with finalists who are brought to campus Queer Theology: This past Thu r sday, Gene McMull i n (Box 394) presented an i n-depth discussion of the major trends in American Queer Theology for the Campus Ministry Series The h i gh l ights of the discussion (as prepared by Gene) are as follows: Queer theology is a prax i s which is grounded in the queer religious community Its chief texts have been wr i tten in the past ten years. The theology which i t replaces was "apologetic," and sought to defuse the biblical trad i tion of the straight churches and to cultivate their sympathy Queer theology is unapologetic ," and begins with a positive valuation of queer experience Queer theology is writ1en by queer Christians for queers and their fri ends. There are at least four top i cs of conversation in queer theology : liberat i on, sexual ethics, gender, and AIDS A Latin American liberationist has said that the miss i on of the church is to be with Jesus, to teach the Gospel, and to cast out demons This is also the mission of the queer Christian base communities. Being with Jesus means coming together as a queer religious community Teaching the Gospel means telling each other that God loves us and cherishes us, and that God gave us our sexuality as a special gift. When we come out to God and experience God s love, we are then emboldened to confront injustice and to cast out the demons of homophobia misogyny, classism, racism, ageism, etc continued on page 4 I n Other News: (reported by leslie) In the past week the women's restroom in Hamilton Center was vandalized for the second time th i s semester The past graffitti was painted over dur ing fall break The orig i nal incident was obstensibly over an Orifice article proclaiming the NCLF "dead" The "graffitti artist" claimed that the revolution needed a more colorful bathroom The specific revolution referred to was not named The second incident sparked a police complaint. The female student who complained, but not wish to be named, stated that she found the graHrttl destructive, but not offensive "It just makes me angry that the feminist women on campus will be blamed just because someone t hinks it's liberated to make the janitor clean up after them." TOWNE MEETING There will be a towne m eeting this T uesday at 4 : 45 p.m. i n Palm Court to discuss the immediat e possibility of moving t he I SP to May This i s the l ast chance to vote or act on this topic.


OPEN FORUM: You are invited to participate in an open forum discussing feelings, thoughts, ideas, and reactions to the recent papering of Hamilton Center. A group of women have initiated (on the walls) a dialogue about New College community, gender issues, and women's safety We would like to move that dialogue to a place where members of our community can address these issues face to face. We hope that this forum wifl be the first step in generating action to follow everyone's talk. To be mediated by Sandra Gilchrist and Tom Levitan. TUESDAY THE 26TH IN SUDAKOFF AT 5 :45 PM RECYCLING: Are you bored? Feeling self-righteous with no apparent outlet? Tired of being hippiecrite? Just plain weird? Everybody is Invited to the big party that happens every Sunday afternoon in Palm Court. There are a lot of people who come out to help and end up spending their Sundays funky-smelling and wondering if the recycling will ever end. If more people came out to help, the recycling would not take all day. Really, your help would be appreciated There is also recycling at B-dorm and Viking, as well as other areas on the other side of campus that need to be done on a regular basis If you want to help, you can just show up, talk to me, or tell your RA's when they come around to ask tor help with recycling --Morgan Womyn's Action Alliance is a group seeking to combine personal discussion with political and social action. Thursday, October 28 at 8:00p. m to discuss Womyn's health: cancers, PMS, gynecology, STD's, AIDS, etc. There will also be a New College petition on RU486 If you are interested in signing the petition but you can't make the meeting, contact April Richards Box 235 You must also contact April for the meeting place Men's Group--an open, free enviroment tor discussing men's issues : e g father/son relationships, male friendships, sexual issues, etc First organizational meeting is Thursday, October 28 at 7 :00p.m. in Viking 226, or for more information contact Tony Lenzo at Box 156. The Womyn's Tea is an open forum (meaning anyone can come) which meets once a week, Sunday afternoon, over tea and cookies to discuss womyn's issues The talk gets very personal sometimes and very theoretical sometimes Usually, it's somewhere in-between This year, we also have money to show some movies and buy some books (to be made available to the community). We've bought a bulletin board (which Page 2 is going up soon), where info concerning campus goings-on, health care etc can be displayed We'll be having an art show/poetry reading, and we're buying safety whistles for whomever wants them. We're very groovy --Ashtyn OXFORD: Friday, October 29th is the deadline for applications to participate in a student exchange with New College, Oxford. For more information contact Mike Michalson. MUSIC OF THE ANDES: On Monday October 25th at 7:00 p.m there will be some memorable music made at the Pepsico Arcade and Forum, the courtyard within our new fine arts complex. Music of the Andes will feature Americamada, an eight piece band from Ecuador. Come and bring a blanket or chair to sit on. GLBSA has been trucking along. Katherine and I and others have worked to keep something going HIV testing was conducted on campus recently. Jude Levy transferred a collection of queer books from the counseling center to a reserve st1elf in the library. They may be checked out for two weeks Leif is coordinating a queer symposium on campus November 10-20 In December, Judith and Leon Weinstein of the local P-FLAG group are coming to speak. My involvement with GLBSA is coming to an end. This is my last semester at New College and I have to turn my full attention to finishing the big T. Best of luck to everyone.--Gene, Box 394 GENDER STUDIES: The contact person for the gender studies collective is Danielle, box 86 FOOD CO-OP: The New College Food Co-op (Erehwon) is making a comeback The coop mini store will be open for purchases and "get acquainted with us" information on Friday afternoon 1 : 00-4:00 on October 29th in front of the Fishbowl (Ham Center). Orders are placed bi-monthly on Mondays for delivery on Wednesday's No minimums required! --Anne Tazewell Box 15 or 359-0145 PCP: If there is any part of the PCP planning or decorating in which you would like to be involved, or if you have any great ideas that would make the PCP better, talk to Dallas, Rosa, Kevin Kanning, Kelly Keefe, or Kevin Tracey. Note : PCP stands for Palm Court Party The radio formation committee is waiting for contracts, bids. and leads to come through. This is the slowest part of the project but it will speed up again soon No SAC money has been spent as of yet. --Josh Tickell International Student Meeting held in College Hall Dining Room on Wednesday, October 27 at 3 :30 p .m. Dr David Austell, Director of t11e


Internationa l Student Center in Tampa, and Farah Khorsandian-Sanchez will be there to answer any questions you might have We look forward to seeing you there If you have any questions, contact Kathy Allen in the Records Office PM D 115 or call 359 4230 The Empowered Womyn In Film series will show Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 9 : 00 p m in Chuck Daly's apartment, pei 309, on Friday, October 29. Refreshments will be provided A survey for next semester's films will be distributed to student mail boxes Please return the survey to box 373 Amnesty International has meetings every Wednesday at 7 :00p. m on the Ham Center couches For more information contact: Jen Robbins Box 256 359 9742 or Julia Ward Box 551 359-9925. CAMPUS MINISTRY: Tuesdays at 6 :00 p m the Vocal Ensemble meets at the Caples Fine Arts Complex For further information contact Konnie Kruczek Wednesdays at 1 0:00 a .m. Bible Study on the Book of Luke will meet in the Campus Ministy Office This Wednesday, October 27 at 4 : 00 p m in the Fishbowl Tony Lenzo will discuss some of the ideas from the book Lost Christianity by Jacob Needleman Fridays at 6 :45 p m meet outside the Fishbowl to join students at Ringling for Bible Study on "The Sermon on the Mount" FPIRG, Florida Public Interest Research Group, will meet on Thursday at 6 : 30 p m in the Student Government office ARTRAG: The deadline for the next issue of ARTRAG is November 5th For more details contact Greg Mann at 750-0933 or New College box 397. New College Alumnae/1 fellows coming--a poet and a pianist. Mike Campbell '91, chair of the Alumnae/i Fellow Committee will be in Ham Center on Thursday October 28, at 6 :15p.m. to talk about the alums coming soon to campus. Mark Silverman '74, Chairman of the Piano Dept at the Manhattan School of Music will be giving Master Classes during ISP Candice Reffe '75 a graduate of Columbia University's School of the Arts, will be giving a poetry workshop during Mod 2 of Spring Semester. For more info, come to Ham Center on Thursday or contact Tony Lenzo, Box 156. Also Mike Campbell will be meeting with the Foundation next week and he would be interested to hear anything students want to stress with them. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Food Servi ce Committee: We reached an agreement regarding the inordinate price increases at Morrison's this year. Prices were immediately (October 8) dropped to those listed in the 1992 bid proposal submitted by Morrison's, with an increase of three percent to reflect inflaction. As of October 18, eight percent of what had been spent prior to the price decreases was credited to food cards. For example, if you had spent two hundred dollars of Morrison's money by October 8, you would get sixteen dollars back. Also, it should be noted that people who had purchased extra money were to be credited for the total amount spent from both their original amount and their added money Lastly, a carry-over of up to $25 00 per student, from the Fall to Spring semester, will be allowed If you have any questions about the changes in prices account totals, carry-over or if you have any questions about or problems with food service in general, feel free to contact me. --Paul Jaeger {box 473) Educational Polley Committee: During the first module the Educational Policy Committee concentrated on gathering information concerning the Summer Planning Committee's upcoming motion to move the ISP from January to May Major discussion topics included the opinions expressed by faculty in each division, the opinions expressed by the student body, and the role of student voice in the decision making process. We were active in the October 18 faculty-student forum on this topic At present, the EPC is interested in disentangling the different issues (ISP itself, the thesis, baccalaureate time, faculty workload and pay, etc.) brought up by the suggested move We are soliciting opinions/suggestions/solutions/solutions to do with these My name is Peggy Yonuschot (I' m one of your EPC student representatives, Rosana Cruz is the other) my box number is 351. FROM THE COP SHOP: The crime reports for the month of September are as follows: 1 theft of a $75 fm/am radio from an auto 1 disorderly conduct, 1 boat stolen estimated value at $400 .00, $130.00 worth of laundry stolen from B dorm, 1 firearm on campus, referred to the State Attorney's office with the student barred from campus, 4 internal noise complaints, 26 suspicious persons checked, 1 underage alcohol arrest referred to Student Affairs, 20 alcohol i.d checks, 1 criminal trespass arrest, and 5 medical assistance calls Saturday, October 30, the NCLA Book Fair will be held on campus in the vicinity of HCT and Sudakoff The Sudakoff lot will be closed Thank you, NCLA and University Police. Page 3


--Queer Theology cont'd from page 1 Queer T heologians are uniquely qualif ied to dis cuss sexual ethics. Soma are arguing the relative merits of long term versus short-term relationships, and monagomy versus non-monagamy. Others, like Mary Hunt, are developing an inclusive sexual ethic which does not categorically exclude any sexual lifestyle, but holds all relationships to a friendship paradigm The third topic of conversation is gender As Beverly Harrison explains, misogyny and homophobia are inextricably linked Queers are feared and hated because of their gander non-conformity Even the most "straight acting" queers still violate gender expectations because they don't desire to sleep exclusively with persons of the appropriate gender Queer theology i s in some sense built on feminist theology, which has challenged the traditional churches' devaluation of sensuality, and their hetero masculinization of God The fourth topic of conversation is the AIDS crisis which raises the ancient problem of theodicy How could an all powerful, all loving/just God allow so many innocent queers and others to suffer from AIDS? Some queer theologians have taken the process theology position that God is not all powerful. Others have taken the position that God is all-powerful, but this, and but that leading to a build up of doubt. A bibliography of the preceding is available; please contact YO! (Box 373) for a copy. News from the Lambda Update: The Hawaii Supreme Court is about to go to trial in a case which may open up the door to same-sex marriage In May, the Court ruled that deny ing marriage licenses to same sex couples appears to violate the state constitutional guarantee of equal protection on the basis of sex The Court overturned an unfavorable lower court decision and sent the issue back for a trial at which the State must show compelling" interests for d i scriminatory policy, subject to "stnct scrutiny". Also a preliminary injunction against Colorado's Amendment 2 was upheld The Colorado Supreme Court held that the anti gay amendment passed by Colorado voters last November infringes upon a fundamental constitutional right of lesbians and gays to participate in the political process The nearly unanimous court stated that unless the State can demonstrate at a trial later this year, a compelling reason to justify Amendment 2's interference with those fundamental rights, it will strike down the law as unconstitutional. The following Information was provided by Florida PIRG. The oil industry is lobbying to open the Florida coast for offshore oil and gas drilling Although no drill ing is under way, o i l companies have already leased 305 tracts off the Gulf coast of Florida These existing leases are mainly cluster in two areas : west of the Everglades/north of the Florida Keys and between Panama City and Pensacola Beach. A number of oil compainies are lobbying hard for permits to drill on existing leases as well as access to more acreage Page 4 The federal government estimates the o i l and gas located off Florida's Gulf Coast at 1 25 billion barrels of o i l equivalent--only two and a half months worth of oil at the current U S rate of consumption. FPIRG is seeking four spec i fic actions within the Clinton Administration : 1.) Declare a permanent ban on any further oil and gas leasing off the Flor i da coast. 2 ) Immediately cancel and if necessary buy back the 73 existing leases off the coast of the Flor i da Keys 3 ) Place a three year ban on drilling on the rest of the existing leases off the Flor i da coast while a study committee analyzes the potent ial enviromental impact of going ahead w i th drilling 4 ) Reverse the Bus h Admin istr ation dec i sion to approve a Chevron drill ing perm i t off Pensacola Beach FPIRG is also urging Floridians to write their President and r epresentatives i n Congress to continue the ban on oil dr i lling. Add i tionally, FPIRG i s urging consumers to boycott Chevron Chevron i s planning to begin drilling off the coast of Pensacola Beach this November. According to FPIRG Chevron s dri lling record is as follows : Pleaded gui lty to 65 violations of the Clean Water Act and paid an $8 million fine for illogal discharges from their offshore r i g Grace" off the Cal i fornia Coast. Exper i enced 9 gas blowouts, 65 f i res and accidents -28 from gas rigs "14 signif i cant pollut i on incidents and 40 major acc i dents resulting in 19 fatal i ties (according to the M i neral Management Service), and 5 pipeline breaks or leaks, between 1956 and 1990 A history of tanker spills and accidents In March 1991 a Chevron oil tanker ripped open an undersea pipeline connected to a Chevron refinery, sp i ll ing more than 27,000 gallons of oil into Santa Monica Bay Chevron subsequently paid $500 000 in crimal penalties To contact Chevron with opinions about the drilling project call Bobby Boone at 1 800 962 1523 Florida Dog Guides for the Deaf is sponsoring their f irst annual C a nine Halloween Costume Contest to be held at Her i tage Park of Bradenton, 2302 59th Street West on Saturday, October 30th from 2 :00p. m to 4 :00 p m Any and all proceeds w i ll be used for tra i ning hearing dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired rOR S ALE ? H E L P W A NllO? APARTMEN r roR GARAGE SALE ? PUT I T IN A YOI Yo! is a weekly CLASSIFIED New College ONLY $ 1 00 newspaper FOR 1 HE FIRS I 3 L INE:.:, coordinated bj 50 FOR E .A C H L INE. leslie. submit AF1E:.RWAROS by friday to ;:.....;:......;:,....;:,....;:,....;:.....;:,....;:.....;:.....:..-;:..... box 373 for the following monday' s issue.

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