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Yo! (Issue 3, Monday, November 8, 1993)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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November 8, 1993


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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' More tl1a1ter less art The PCP The Halloween PCP (Palm Court Party) was held on Saturday, October 30. lncleme,,t weather (rain) forced the party to Hamilton Center. The weather also appears to lim1ted attendance as well. The police reports for the n1ght were : one New College student arres ted for possession of alcohol under 21 years of age and also charged with obstruction--referred to Student Affairs One student issued a uniform traffic ticket for running stop signs; One non-student arrested for of alcohol under 21 years of age--given notice to appear in court and issued trespass warning; One juvenile arrested for trespass after warning and possession of alcohol under 21 years of agereferre d to Juvenile Court, Division of Youth Services and released to mother; One New College student arrested for possession of alcohol under 21 years of age--referred to student affairs; Arson--unknown person(s) set couch and pile of trash on fire on the north side of POE. A Constitutional Discussion The Constitutional Convention/D is cussion was held this past week The majo r points addressed included a clearer defin ition of a quorum, a binding mot i on, when students can call towne meet in gs and proxies. It was also hoped to clarify the SAC definit io n of a first, socond, third, and fourth year student as well as some of the election procedures. Problems with the constitutional definition of commi ttees and the differences between ad hoc and standing committees were discussed, as well as determining which committees will be over as standing committees from year to year It was generally agreed upon that proxies either need to be more clearly defined or eliminated The problems w ith the definition of quorum in the constitution was addressed. As it stands the word ing is very unclear and a vote could be changed based upon the number of 'no' votes. For example with 45 votes for and 4 against, a motion would not pass, wh ile a fifth vote against would make up a quorum of 50 and thereby pass a motion Two options were discussed; either making a quorum 50 people at a towne meeting, with a simple majority of at least 50 votes passing a motion, or, as Doug Zaire suggested a m1n1mum of SO people present with a majonty of the maximum number of people present at any point in the towne meeting. At th i s point, there was a digression as to whether or not anal retentive is hyphenated. The discussion was picked up aga1n over the question of who has control over the food service discretionary fund--the SAC or the food service committee? Most of these 1ssues will be subject to a "s traw-poll at the towne meet i ng this Tuesday at 5 : 00p m in Hamilton Center Mot1day, Novetl1ber 8, 1993 Issue 3 The Social Construction of Gender (reported by Katie MacDowell and compiled by leslie) On Friday, November 5th, Dr. Lynn Appleton presented a lecture on "Social Construction of Sexual Identity ." The major issues raised in the discussion are as follows : The use of feminist theory in sociology has led to a change in the perception of sex/gender. While most people want to believe that sex is personal it may actually be more of a social arena than other areas Some of the movements which have changed the sociological perception are the women's liberation movement and the lesbian and gay rights movements, which have moved the focus of gender issues into legal and political realms The "sexual liberation" movements have moved sociological arguments away from biological determinism towards the idea of socialized sex roles" that create ge nder inequalities through violence wea lth, status, and power. These concepts problematize heterosexuality The poet 1\drionne Rich is credited with injecting a key question into social science : Why are women heterosexual? It was suggested as an experiment to try to articulate the physical characteristics that attract you to whoever is attractive Heterosexual women s vocabulary is often limited in this respect. A main point was that gender structures sexuality and gender is negotiated and contingent upon society ; different genders proliferate with a more diverse culture--and sexualities proliferate as well. Most social theory now centers on gender as constructed while in larger culture, gender essentialism is still widely accepted. Hamilton Center Repapered As the date of the symposium on gay studies approaches, the organizers papered Hamilton Center w1th signs and political statements in much the same way that the fem inist women on campus d id a few weeks ago. One of the organizers of the symposium, Leif Meneke, stated his reasons for the papering, "With the symposium coming up a lot of us have become really angry after examining what happens around us and realizing that people aren t really paying attention to us, so we feel anyway and this is one way of getting people talking about sexual orientation talking about what it is to be a queer to be bisexual. Continued on Page 4


Orgsn/zstlons and Activities Candy and Shelley Go to the Desert: A play by Paula Cizmar, directed by Fritz Casper, starring Ellen Gumlock, Coree White, and Willy Volk, will be performed November 19-21 at 7:30p.m. in the Caples Arcade. Admission is free. GUITAR SUMMIT features four distinct gu i tar sty l es performed by noted masters of the instrument. The concert i s Tuesday, November 9 at 8 : 15p m at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Tickets are $26 00, $24 00 and $22 00 If available, $10 student discount tickets will be sold one half hour before the performance A valid full t i me student I. D is required To all involved with last Friday's coffeehouse (audience and performers): I recorded the coffeehouse and mixed down onto a 90-minute tape over the weekend The sound quality on most of it is quite good. If you want to make a recording or just l i sten to it, i t will be on reserve at the media center for a couple weeks If you want to hear anything that didn t make it onto the mixdown tape, I have most everything on the source tapes and I'm willing to lend them out. Ezra box 173 RECYCLING : If more people came out to help the recycling would not take all day. Really, your help would be appreciated If you want to help, you can just show up, talk to me, or tell your RA' s when they come around to ask for help with recycling --Morgan Race and Gender Symposium: Organizat i onal meetings are Friday afternoons at 6 : 30p m in Hamilton Center on the couches Formerly titled the M i nority Women s Studies Symposium Womyn's Action Alliance is a group seek ing to comb ine personal discussion with political and social action Meetings are Thursdays at 8 : 00p m There will also be a New College petition on RU486 H you are interested in signing the petition but you can t make the meeting contact April Richards Box 235 You must also contact Apnl for the meeting place. Men's Group--an open, free enviroment for discussing man's i ssuas : e.g. father / son relationsh i ps, male friendships sexual 1ssues, etc. The Men's Group will meet in Viking room 226 For more information contact Tony Lenzo at Box 156 The Womyn's Tea is an open forum (meaning anyo n e c an come) wh i ch meets once a week Sunday afternoon over tea and cookies to discuss womyn s issues The talk gets very personal sometimes and very theoret i cal sometimes. Usually it's somewhere This year, we also have money to' show some mov1es and buy some books (to be made ava i lable to the commun i ty). We're taking book and f ilm s ugge s tions lor our pending collection We meet on Sunday at 5 :30p.m. in B dorm room 11 1. We're very groovy --Ashtyn GLBSA leif is coordinating a queer sympos ium on campus November 1020 In December, Judith and Leon Weinstein of the local P-FLAG group are com ing to speak Katharine is putting together a list of books videos etc to acquire If you have suggestions, her box is 346 GENDER STUDIES : The contact person for the gender studies collective is Danielle, box 86 Anyone interested in painting or helping sketch a mural for the woman's bathroom in Hamilton Center, contact Sylvia Youssefi Box 155. FOOD CO-OP : Orders are placed bimonthly on Page 2 Mondays for delivery on Wednesday's. No minimums required! --Anne Tazewell Box 15 or 359-0145 The Peace and Justice Coalition: The recently organized New College Peace and Justice Coalition has begun work on a counter recruitment project. Our goal is to present Sarasota County high school students w ith a perspective on the military that's very different from what they hear all the time from military recruiters, a perspect ive that will dissuade them from joining the military, or at least make them think twice before they join. We're looking for 1) Anyone who s interested in helping 2)People who have been in the military (including ROTC) and who would be willing to speak about the negative aspects of the military 3) people who attended Sarasota high schools If you attended high school in Sarasota, you can help us establ ish cont a cts with teac hers or student groups in the school system whom we could work with II you want to help or want more info, contact Geoff Kuntz, box 503 The radio formation committee contact person is Josh Tickell, box 551. The Empowered Womyn in Film series w ill show Sudden Impact at 9 :00p. m in Chuck Daly's apartment, Pei 309, on Friday November 12. Refreshments will be provided. Amnesty International has meetings every Wednesday at 7 :00p. m on the Ham Center couches. For more information contact: Jen Robbins Box 256 359-9742 or Julia Ward Box 551 359 9925 or Tracie Merritt Box 96 Drama Club: Earlier this s emester, we tried to get a Cabaret performance going, but lack of interest and energy didn t make it fly Oh, but we look forward to next semester ... Konnie had aud i tions for Sam Shepard's 'Curse of the Starving Class'. Much much thanks to all who showed. (I love you ) I was feeling hope l ess and frustrated until I saw all of your wonderful talent. Thank you so much! As it stands now--Ruth Orlowicz is Emma, Lindsay W i lliams is Ella, Willy Volk is Wesley Jim Kilbourne is Weston David Bryant is Taylor. I still need a couple of people for small parts--real swingers--just for fun. If you're interested, drop me a note ASAP! peace--Konnie, box 402 The Counseling Ct>nter is sponsoring a meditations series for the Fall semester Monday meditations are held from 8-9p.m. in the Music Room of College Hall. All will have informational and experiential components Each program stands alone The curious, the experienced, .... all are welcome November 8--Susnn Vinton, NC alum, leads a classical yoga concentration exercise A way to ask 'who am I?' and where am I going?'. For more information, please contact Jude Levy, Pa1kview House, 359 -4254. Drug and Alcohol awareness: There will be an interactive seminar with Linda Ann Remley ) this Monday, November 8 at 7-9p m in College Ha11221 I


Bring your questions and find out about what happens to your body, your reasoning, your relationships, your pals and more. Sponsored by Student Affairs and the Counseling Center. Career Center: On Tuesday, November 9 and Wednesday, November 17 at 4:00p.m. the Career Center is presenting a Norkshop to discuss internships, networking, and learning about careers and resources available. Call the Career Center at 359-4261 to sign up. A memorial service for those who died in Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass), a German raid on Jewish homes during the holocaust, will be held Tuesday night. The carpool group will meet at 8:00p m. in front of Hamilton Center. The service begins at 9:00p.m. There will also be a discussion of the Hillel chapter on campus. For more information contact, Micha. el Rothbaum Box 582 CAMPUS MINISTRY: Campus Ministry Bible Study has been changed to Tuesdays at 3:30pm in the Campus Ministry Office. We will be looking into "Th<:! Sermon on the Mount. FPIRG, Florida Public Interest Research Group, will meet on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Government office. Center for Service-Learning and Voluntarism: "Habi tat for Humanity" has started construction on a home in Newtown, and needs volunteers for an hour or two on any Saturday morning. The Mayor's Feed the Hungry Campaign also needs help on Thursday, November 18, Friday, November 19, or Saturday, November 20. Persons interested in further deta ils can drop into the Center office on Tuesday or Wednesday any time from 10:00-1 :00. Prolife --Learn why anti-abortionists have no rational basis for using the phrase "right to life" The Philosophical Basis of a Woman's Right to Abortion by Andrew Bernstein. Or. Bernstein presents the scientific arguments used by anti-abortionists, then demonstrates the errors in those arguments. November 15, 7:30p.m.; Sudakoff Center; New College and USF students and professors : No Charge all others $2 00. Sponsored by the Sarasota Students of Objectivism Publications ARTRAG: Deadline for inclusion in the third issue is Wednesday, November 17th. For more details contact Greg Mann at 750-0933 or New College box 397. We are looking for submissions for a new New College literary magazine. Poetry, short stories, and art will all be considered. Our humble rag is receiving funding from the Dean's office and is going to be distributed to incoming students next year. Talk to Lisa Swanstrom (box 461) for more information. Gender Issues Magazine. A regularly produced gender magazine is planned. The purpose is to provide an 1) informational outlet pertanent to gender issues 2) an outlet for student critical papers on gender 3) an outlet for not-so academic writing on gender 4) a forum for d iscussing campus gender issues. To be considered for print in the first issue, drop your Page 3 contribution in box 140. YO! wants your submissions! We accept articles, club information, upcoming events, short comics, division information, student government happenings, classifieds, reviews, etc. Submit to box 373 or the publications office. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Affairs Council (SAC): Our weekly meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:06p.m. in the Campus Ministry Office. Feel free to stop in, ask for money, talk to us about policy issues, or just to see what goes on. Minutes from each meeting are posted on the NCSA bulletin board in the cafeteria. The last meeting of each month the housing, food, fitness, and space committee representatives w ill be on hand to talk about what's up with their commit1ees. If you have any questions, you can ask Amy Laitinen (SAC chair)--box 507. It's time to start thinking about NCSA presidential elections! Nominations open Friday NovembPr 12 and close November 19. Elections are Monday November 22. More details next issue. Start thinking. Humanities Department--New teaching-type positions approved by the humanities division for ISP and Fall. These are people who will fill-in for professors on leave or adjunct positions funded from a fairy godmother: Isabelle Simon--french languages, a native Parisian currently at Tampa; Craig Rubadoux--adv anced art ; Jim Wise -ac ting ISP, from the Asolo, Rob Constable-same class next semester, Candice Reffe-poetry workshop mod 2, alum. The resumes for each are on the student government board.Konnie YO! is a weekly New College newspaper coordinated by leslie and sponsored by Dean and Warden Michalson. Submit to box 373 by Friday for the following Monday's issue. YO! IS LOOKING FOR STAFf APPLY TO BOX 373 PUT IT IN A YO! CLASSIFIED. FREE TO STUDENTS $1.00 FOR THE FIRST 3 LINES AND .50 FOR EACH LINE AFTERWARDS


Hamilton Cen ter c o ntinued from Page 1 Ho p e f ully the dial o gue will c o ntinua after the symposium, that people will realize that we are here and that we' re not happy about what happens here We also find New college somewhat oppressive Another of the organizers Gary Crane, stated, The symposium is something that we started talking about th i s summer, when we realized that SAC had money and that this is something that we should push through and try and I'm really glad we did because it looks like i t's coming together really nicely And the signs are just to start mak i ng people think so we have a forum in place for whatever and get people talking Other participants in the papering did not make statements as they w i s h ed to remain anonymous. One student Mark Baxter offered his reaction to the papering, Cou ld be something about me persona l ly but I find th1s to be a much more effective statement [than the feminis t papering] They i ncorporate humor The symposium w ill take place on campus N o v em b er 1 0 -20. Dr. We i nb e rg s Office Hours Ch an ged As of November 2, 1993, Dr Weinberg s Office Hours On Campus at Parkview House will be 4 -6p.m. Tuesdays and 8-10am Thursdays. Call Jude for an appointment at 3594254 Dr. Weinberg s off campus off i ce is at a new location as shown on the map below : NEW COLLEGE/USF DeSoto Roa d 0 7th Street e') !:: ::l 0 0::: $..... Fruflvflle + <;I N '\ >

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