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Yo! (Volume 1, Number 19)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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May 9, 1994


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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newspaper   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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Open Meetings with Levitan Raise Questions d

t 01 rcntation The ad in question had the statement, "Diink Alice undc.:t the table." lkgardi11g the HA ski t Levitan described it as having two students, one a "Tom L evitan" Continue d on page 2 I ;\1 um6e'l 19 Center For Service Learning Receives Grant 1t"\.V College was recently awardc.:d a $1,100 grant to Stlcngthcn and expand its Cvntcr ror Service Learning i'\(.'\\' Collegt: was one of se\'cral l'l grant l1om l'lo1ida's Office rm Campus Volunteer:; (rOCV>. Till' Nc.:w College Center for Service Lea1ning 'vas created hy stud<.:nts in 1990 to coolclin:tlc.: i>tudent p;lltit ipa tion in voltmt<.:cr attivitics, provide resources J'o1 stu dt:nts developing servi<: learnlllg activities in thci1 comnHI nity and recruit and faculty lor sc:rvice learning projects The Center is currently a student-run organization, hut with the help of funds it will become a lll(lll' formal r.trt of t he college. The grant will hl' used to pnl\'id<.: a sal:try fn1 the Center's dilt:Ctor .tnd st:I\'C.: to !>uppon St'IVIll' p:lllill'lships with Big Brotlll'rv Big Sistets. the Voluntce1 Ctntt'l o l Sull lur : 1 lkad Mule: Cultm:tl Con llid in SlH!rt Fiction". by Gary r.. Crane Briti s h tnt! A!llcl ican l.itetaturc Area or Conr..:cnt t ation. Drs Oimino, Knox, and Cuomo. In the Sola1 ium lll Cnnk I l :tll. "Permutations olthc l{ing: A Study of !Itt Evolution and I l istory of 1 l1e Saga from the l :'ddtiS to Der de. hy Stan llunter Krank. llistory and Litl'l1 (iordon B ; Juer and Dr. l\1icltelle Bailon. Date and location \\'it hhcld hy May I2: "\XF hat is to he Done1 The J{n hr Todd 1 \ lk:n Ecunomilstl'olitic;JI Studic'i Area of Conccntr;ltion. Sponsmc.:d hy Prof. Richard Coc, l'wL Uaccala ureatcs" Continue d on page 2


'tgl Page 2 Editor: Ken Burruss. (355-0751) Layout and Design Editor: Ari Weinstein. (359-9642) Staff Writer: Leslie Shaffer .. (3 58-0561) Contributors: Mark Breirnhorst, Raymoncla Burgman. YO! is typeset in PageMaker 5.0, wil:h body text in Garamond, bylines in Bmsh Script, and headlines in Aria! Black YO! is printed by the Campus Copy Center. Letters to the Editor should be typed and subm.iued on disk with a printed copy attached to Box "Tom Levitan" Continued from page 1 senior, the other a freslunan, having sex after gelling drunk. Levitan felt bolh of these items promoted alcohol, and wa:;; scared that the Semi-Normal in particular centered around alcohol. Gilda Saakes, one of the tuclent sponsors of the Semi Normal, stated strongly that she never made alcohol the em phasis of that party. Camilla Mortensen uggcsteclthat Levitan was people into not advert.ising alcohol instead just telling them not to. Leviran did not think there was any pressure on stu dents on lhe SAC search committee to ac<...-ept Mark Breimhorsl. He did state lhat he talked to members of the Resident Coun selor search committee about t.heir d1oice to reopen the search instead of accept Breim.horst for that position Levitan said that he did so after a member of that search conunittee told Levitan that the conunittee's reasons for rejecting Breimhorst were vague. Levitan also stated that he fell all se;uch com mittees should offer two choices. In the 3:30 meeting, Levitan said he is, "kinda walk ing a tightrope" between the wishes of administration and students. As for lhe suggestion raised that Student Affairs be split into one for each academic program, Levitan slated that there are, "not enough people working in SA to work on the Sarasota program for either program." He did not feel the campus needed two separat e student affairs cUrectors, hut was not against l:he idea of having two assistant directors, one for New College, one for USF. Some students, including NCSA President Ed Moore and SAC representative Bryan Lumpkins, thanked Levitan for holding the meeting. Levitan said, "I like to know more about what people are thinking. From The University Police Parking lot #3 (the one behind 1 Iamilton Center) is go ing to he repaved and resl!iped ove this summer. Addition ally, some other parking l ots will be worked on, as time per mits. Any students that want to leave cars on-campus for all or part of the summer need to sec Sgt. O'Casio during day time on weekdays to find out the statu of any lot. We wish everyone a happy summer and look forward to seeing you next year. Mark's News ----------Dancers! Collect your pledges so I can get the money to AIDS Manasota. Soccer game, Wcclnl'sday, '5: l5pm, between Ham Cen ter and Pci. College Bowl practise Monday, May 9 at 8pm. Everybody is invited, we will be having friendly competitions. lf you are interested in hav ing input for the next edition of the student handbook, Liuir1g While You T.,eam, meet in my office at 8pm on Tuesday, May 10. If you are able to offer input and help over the summer, please contact me. Final friclay Dinner Discussion with Mark 13.: Whal Would You Do If You Were the E11ligbtened Despot of New Coflege? 5pm Baccalaureates" Continued frotn page 1 Ca th erine Elliott, Prof Eugene tewis, Prof. Margaret Bates, Prof. Law-a Olson, and Dean Gordon Michalson 2:30 pm in the Anthropology Laboratory. "Artificial Mind: Holy Grail or Red Herring by Lee lmrey Special Studies Program, Artilkial Mind. Sponsored hy Aron Ecliclin, Gordon Baut:r Karsten llanckell, and David Mullins. 4:30 pm in Cook llall Conference Hoorn. "A/ vocation and Desire in Burney s Cecilia, Eliot's 77Je Mill on the Floss, and Woolrs To the Lighthouse', by April Richards. British and American Literature Area of Concentra tion. Sponsored by Dr. Ilarkin Dr. Knox, and Dr. McDiarmid. Caples tiving Room, 3:30 pm. "Creativity in Crisis: The lheology and fiction of Flannery O'Connor and Dietrich I3orchoeffe" by Mort O'Sullivan. Humani t ies Are;l of Concentration. Sponsored by Dr. Douglas Langston, Dr. Dimino, and Dr. Harkin 5 : 00 pm in Cook Hall Solarium May 9, 1991


A Lesson on Hair i2a'fm<'.da '8cuu;ma-------------l have been at New r:ollege for three years, and l have been asked more than twice about my hair. l am not upset that my peers are asking questions. It shows that some peupk would like to lea1 n more about another race I just would like to say it once and not a hundrl'd times Still, I would rather you ask m<..: than ask a woman at l'ublix who may just spout obscenities at you. l am not the most knowledgeable person on Ulack hair, hut I will try to tcll you what l know from experience. So, this is Ray' s little lesson on Black hair. P<..:1haps you will karn a little somctlung about 1xopk to boot. Relaxed/Penned I When :1 Black woman get." ,1 perm, sh<..: gets hc:r hair relaxed Black h:11r l1as a naturalcuJI or k111k to it. Initially, a creamy suhstst r<.:sults. This lasts fo1 about :) months. Just as with the perm, the natural hair gmws at the root. With the perm, only the routs arc 1etouched hut with the cuily perm. the entire process must he rcrx:ated );P! l'.lgl' 5 \Veal'ed This is a process hy which a Black \\oman can add more hair to her hail. It can ell her h in the fmm of braids or just plain hai1 Weave hail can h<.: ho1.s<.:, synthetiC, 01 real hair. In the of hraidc;, it ts usually braided with he1 natural hair. If she would like to hav e hair th a t resembles penned or straightened hair. the we of and p1 oces:scs. J get dillt'rent 1esults my hair is dil l'erc:nt. We may call them something different, hut it i.., the same tl1i ng I guess the real point of this is that not all Blat'k people arc the same. \X'e arc like white people in that re spect. We do not have the same hair \\'c do not have the same faP1ily background. All Black people arc special. All people are special. Earll individual should he approached as an individual. So, the next time you think about asking a Bl tck woman about ilc1 hai1, 1ememht !by's little lesson ami usl' you1 kncm il'dgc '' 1sdy ,\/(f)'

'tDI Page 4 Last Word '" ?1Wf/Ut44 -------------lois is our last issue We want to thank y o u f o r readin g this little paper over the course of the semester and wf: hope you got something out of it. ext emest er, we're going to try something just a little different. We'll be stalling up the paper with a new name and a larger staff We've agr eed to merg e with the Orifice, and together we'll be putting our a weekly newspaper. Whenever I've mentioned this to individuals over the past few weeks I've mostly been mer wtrh incredul o us stares followed by gasps, followed by shout of, ''Good God the humanity!" People have been of the opinion that we should simply P..\;re taken over the Orifice and made them write for us, or that the formats and tones of the two papers are incom patible, or that it won't work and we' ll split up again anyway A brief word, then, on what 1 think of this First off, I am not in the habit of performing corpo rate takeovers Going up to somebody and telling them Write for us the way we want you to or else, does not work. Nobody would have agreed to anything and we would r e main separate next semester, and probably the semester after that. Going up to someone and saying, "Let':-. work u:-.u ally gets better results. Second, tfl thought the formats wen: incompatihk, I wouldn' t be workmg towards consolidating them. Our style:-. are different but there is a difference between being different and being ir,Kompatible. I started writing for the Urijlce I ended up writing for Yo!. Believe me when l say that from one can go in the other with no problem. Third, whether or not it'll work and we'll stay to gether, I don't know. If it doesn 't, no loss, we're right back where we started from. If it does, though, I think the result will be worth it. We can combine staff and budgets not only to increase our news coverage, but also tu improve the qual ity of that coverage. To be blunt, this college doesn t need two newspapers to report the same amount of new:. for only 500 people. I don't know how to put it more simply. We are dedicated to creating a paper that will he a voice for the New College students, that will be something more than an underground rag for only a select few that will be something that can become a lasting feature of the college and be around long after we' re gone. The Orijlce st;tfi' feel the same way. My own sense of what I want this paper to he will not allow il to be inferior. Furthermore, Leslie Shaffer entrusted her project to me I h;we no intention of simply l etting all of her work and effort go to waste hy putting out a rag instead of a respectable paper. Another brief note Even with the merger, we ll still be looking fur more writer:next semesteJ. Thi .-. iJ' you noticed the staff box on pag<.: two of every issue l'u.' h;l.'> been written by two lO three people This is too mud1 work for so few people to do welkly for an entire semester We' ll havC' more people next eme:-.ter, but people arc likely to lose int erest in writing and do something cbe, or in a year or two they'll graduate. We need new people to share the worklo;ld, we need new people to bring in fre h ideas and approaches, we need new people to run the paper when the rest of us leave I m n o t asking for o ffers fur writers now. We' ll hit you all up at the start ol next semester. l m ju s t asking that you if you 're inwrestcd, keep us in mmcl. We can only be as long as th ere are enough people to put it together lf not, you can always read the Tcwn mr. Which brings m<.: to the las t part of my little spiel. Over the course of the semester, many people have contlih uted their own articles and items to us, and ,,. e appreciate it. Thanks, then, to Kevin Arlyck, Mark C :lttell, Danicllc Chynoweth, Anthony Crisafi Ari Goelman, MinL tcr j

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