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New College of Florida
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April 18, 1994


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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;4ptzil 18;4ptzil 24, 1994 New DorM To Go On East Campus The new student dom1 will be built in one of two locations on the east side of campus. The first possibility is behind third court next to the Uell M's lot. The other possibil ity is on the otiH.:r side of the seJVice toad across from the tennis courts. The new donn, whatewr its final l ocation, will have an eighty-person capacity. It will be made up of thR:"e Ooors seven sui tes per noor, with four separate bedrooms to each suite. Individual bcdmoms would be slightly bigger in size than 13-donn sing l e bedrooms. Each suite will also include a living room, two bathrooms and a kitchen Suites could be coed by unit. Plans also include overlapping balconies and a ground noor terrace Eventually, both site on the east campus will be u<>ed for new donns, for a total of lGo more bed .. Another 40 bed dorm may eventually go on th e west campus. The new dorms are an integral part of the administration's plan to increase the si7.e of New College's stud('nt body. Currently, the administration hopes to increase enrollment numbers to 800 while ptoviding on-campus hous ing for the majority of those. Assistant Student Affairs Direc tor Mark johnson hopes with the new donn t o lure off-cam pus students back on to campus by p10viding them with hous ing compatible with theit wishes. 111ere will be a Towne Meeting on Tuesday at 5:00 pm in I lam Center to gain student input and opinions about the new donn's location Carl Abbott, an architec t from fAIA Architects, took a group of administrat i on, faculty, and student on a tour of the two sites after a preliminary di cu&sion in I lam center last Tuesday Some of those in attendance included Campus AF chitcct Rick Lyttle, tudent Affairs Director Tom Levitan, Mark .Johnson, Pror jono Miller, Prof. john Moore, C A President E<..l Moore jean Czerlinski, f3eth Eldridge, and Steve Wtldman. According to Levitan and johnson, th<:> west side of <:am pus has realistically not been an option for the new donn since the Master Plan came out six to nine months ago. Thee are severa l reasons behind thi "Ne w Dorm" Continued on page 2 I Volume 1 Num6e7 16 Student Complaints and Violence at New College On Tuesday. April 12, Chuck Daly held an Open House on the topic of What can we do to stop act of vio lence at ew College?" Questions were raised about how acts were classified whether or not they wen:-crimes or hate crimes." Both 'J()m Levitan and one of the campus police officers attended to answer questions and participate in dis cussion Most of the discu&<>ion at this Open !louse was a question and answer sc&<>ion with both Levitan and the police officer. At the last Open I l ouse, confusion was exptcsscd over the proccdll!cs for filing complain t s and how records were kept of incidents. One student expressed problems with even knowing what language to use for describing inci dents, asking que tions, and keeping tecords The police officer emphasi7.ed that the cop shnp will not know about incidcnL<> if they are not reported lie also described two cliO' erent ways in which to file a police com plaint. The first is a criminal complaint in which the \ 'ic tim will make a report, filing an nlricial complaint or an infonna tiona! complaint (i.e. an ovctheard conversation about a po tential occurrence). The o th er route to report incidents to the police is to fill out a "comp laint can..l" which is a short report. This i not an officia l report, but docs make an incident a matter of !l'cord 1l1is is generally accompanied by a waiver of posecution which relieves the police rrom their legal obligation to inns tigate and prosecute the crime, while allowing a record to be kept. These waivers can be withdrawn if the victim changes her/is mind, subject to the s tatut e of limitations. 'f11e police ofTicer at the Open I lous<: reminded C\' eryone that the more time that e lapses before a complaint is filed, the weaker the case gets and the harder it is to in\'esti gate. Crimes that happened in the past can, howe\'ec be reported, especially since this allows a t ecord to be kept and patterns of repeat offenders to emerge. The third party p o lice report was also discussed "I1te e reports can be anonymous These Rports are gener ally made by student affairs and sent to the victim s advocate "Complaints" Continued on page 3


Editor: Ken Durmss. (355-0751) Layout and Design Editor: Ari Weinstein. StaffWriter: Leslie Shaffer.(358-0561) Contributors: Mark Breimhorst. YO! is typeset in PageMaker 5.0 with body text in Garamond, bylines in Brush Script, and headlines in Aria! Black. YO! i printed by the Campus Copy Ccntcc Letters to the Editor should be typed and submitted on disk with a printed copy attached to Box 139. "Ne w Dorm" Continued from p a g e 1 First, the Master Plan listed only the cast campus as a itc for new clonnitories. Since the Master Plan has already passed through Tallahassee, any drastic change in it would require more time spent in preparing a new Master Plan As johnson put it, "11le Master Plan did not turn out to be as Ouid a l originally thought. lime is of the essence in build ing the new donn, both in getting funds and in starting con stmction. Second, Levitan stated that there was no power plant on the west side of campus to nm air conditioning for a dormitory. On the cast side, the new donn can use the power plant available for Pei. 1hird, johnson reported that Dean and Gordon Michalson had been approached by several professors who had misgivings about any dom1 being placed on the west side of campus. 'I11ey did not want any atea of student activity or life located near their offices. Fourth, several students, rno t notably Steve have in the past been quite vocal in their support for the ea t campus as the site for the new donn. Doth Michalson and johnson have in the past brought up this fact, usually naming Waldman as their example. During an interview regarding the new dom1,Johnson stated, "My personal preference is the west side." The cost of the new dom1 rooms will be dependent on the cost of the constmction. Current estimates range from $2600 $2900 per person per yeac Pei rooms will be at $2000 next year, and will be $2200 in a few years. funding for the donn has already been taken through the Board of Regents New College is trying to get a bond issue to pay for the dom1 passed through the legisla -Lure this session where it is currently being debated. There arc no concrete plans yet to determine what will replace B-dorm, which is slattd to be turned into offices in the Master Plan. Also unclear is the of Viking, whose increasing nge casts doubts its continuing u e. Still, Johnson stated that both dorms will be used for several years to come. "Student Complaints" Continued from page 1 in Tampa whenever an incident is to the school ad ministration This allows incidents to go on record The hope was expressed that once enough of these incidenLs arc re ported, they will be recorded for easier recognition of repeat offenders. Suggestions for future improvements to the complaint system included disseminating this infonnation in writing at orientation and on a regular basis throughout the year. It was also suggested that police officers give out "business eaRls to complainants so they will know who to contact to follow up on their case The possibility of including in the student hand book a pictorial representation or Oowchart of the pmcess of filing and following up on a complaint was considel('d as a method of alleviating the general ignorance about pKK'edures. Another suggestion was to invite police officers to attend court meetings at the beginning of the year to discus.<> pKKcdurcs and answer questions. The imp01tance of having a set procedure or written protocols, for the handling of cases was considerld important by several of the students present. One person stated, how ever, that standardizing is di!Ticult because cases vary and what the victim wants to happen also varies. It was also emphasized that as far as the university is concerned, if an i ncident isn't 1eported, it didn t happen. One student especially stressed that there are many places to re port incidents to and to cl1ose the one that was most comfort able: for example, incidents can be 1eported to RA' s, Chuck Daly (resident counselor and campus victim's advocate). 'Jbm Levitan (Director of Student Afl'air ), the coun cling center; and the cop shop. Telling someone about an incident, espe cially a violent one, wa considert:d important. The point was raised, however, that once an incident is reported. it is not over; there will be some type of rollow -up. Students expressed difficulty with the idea that all complaints handled by Student AH.airs arc subject to a six month statute of limitations, while the State law sets dilferent limitations upon dificrent crim<.'.. The police oOker also explained that the PS' ls (Po lice Service who are in uniform behind the counter in the cop shop have no access to infom1ation about com plaints. When checking on a complaint, it is best to talk to the officer who han<.Ucd the incident. Ap1ill8, 1994 ------------------


Mark's News l'f ?lead ---------On Thursday Aprilll, at 7pm will be a discus sion about the New College Lack Of Community, led by jenny McKeel at my apartment (Viking 108). There will be three tlwses presented on Wednesday lt /20 in the College 1 rail Dining Hoom. Starting at 6pm, Rudy llernandez will present Alasdair Macl11tyrr. Vflttwl '/l1eo1y a11d tbe Declf11e rmd Fall (!l Modem fly, Angclyn I lays will discuss Mapj)i11g tbe 'Jexas Wind Road, and Lisa Cheby will leau us through Adolescents 111 t!Je Amelicrm NOl'el This sched ule is tentative, watch for llam Center nicrs early in the week or the 18th On Wed. April 27, at lt:30 and W!d May It at 3:30, ancy Long and I will be leading a group interested in dis cussing food bouy image and elfc teem Tlwre will be regular meetings next year that this session will help shape. Location TBA. 'lhc Spring Dance Marathon is happening Friday April 29th at 9prn until Saturday the 30th ;rt 9pm. Dancers, come to the couches W e dnesday A pril 2 0 at 8:3 0 If you arC' interested in going to Disney land/Epcot Center on May 1 please sec me. Soccer game, Wednesday 5 : I '5pm, between I lam Cen ter and Pei. Robert]. Lew, Sr. Professional Hypnotist Sarasota, F lorida (813 ) 922-2881 Certified since 1981 Relax more Contro l your weight Stop smoking Excel in sports Reduce stress Jncrease concentration Modify other behaviors 'tO! Page 3 Trujillo Suspended tk St. P etu41.UIU) USF student c\son 'lh.Jji!l o was su. pendcd fmm the school for two years after being caught making telephone death threats to the Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual Coalition Trujillo, a fom1cr columnist for the Omcle, was told he could reapply to USF but first must undergo counseling with a licensed mental health counselor I fe must also ha\'C his counselors discuss the case with U F s counselors Jrujillo still faces pos ible charges from the I Iillsborough State Attomey' s Office. USF had originally decided not to reveal what di ti plinary action it had taken against 'llujillo. This met with negative reactions and USF President Betty Castor prm ided the information to victim advocate Mary Poole who circu lated the infom1ation. Pam Morris, the co chairwoman of the Coalition said she was satisfied with the twoyear suspension 'J.h.Jjillo, in a letter to the Oracle stated the calls arose out of frustration He b l amed high school for fostC'ring the frustration by pr.: venting any discussion of homosexuality. Highlights of SAC Minutes 4/7/94: Greg Mann receives 300 for A1tRag. Fritz Casper receives $250 for play props, despite AC concerns over lack of any clean -up last time. Ben Wolkov receives $SO for SAGE I Ie had requested $75. Dwight Mann receives $ItO for CSA Student Court. I Ie had requested $'50. Amy Laitinen brings up fact that SAC promised Mark johnson to d<:>al with peopl e who abuse Ham Center Adi Abiose suggests prosecuting offenders in Student Court. Is sue will be brought up at next Towne Meeting. SAC discu ses Orientation schedule, and oR'ers suggc,tions. 4/14/94: Orientation Leader Selection Commillee will rt'ad O\'C'r orientation leader applications and select those wanted The committee includes hcila Bishop, Ari \Xeinstein, and Ed Moore. o further names were listed. Ari Weinstein i allocated $225 to hook up networks of Publ i cat i ons Office with Mac Lab network. Leif Meneke i given $120.48 for Graduation PCP hal loons from the Party Fund lie is also loaned $320 from the Party Fund for bumper stickers Also Leif was loaned $150 from t h e Party Fund for ew College mugs for the Queer Salsa Party. Kevin Arlyck wa allocated $SO for a Third Court Party Issue of where to p lace the new donn will he bmught up al next Towne Meeting April 18, 1994


}1DI Page 4 Announcements U F Presidentl3ctty Castor will visit the campLL'i on April 21. There will be a reception that day for her at College !!all from 4 : 00 pm to 6 :00 pm. Open to the public. Anthropologist jay Sokol o vsky will give a slick tation titled, Aging Global Development, and Local Adapta tion in a Mexican Community," on 'Xedncsday, April 20. It will take place at 3:30 pm in Library toom 248. All arc in vited Also on Wednesday Dr. Lee nyder will give a lec ture titled, Chtistian Muslim Relations." II will take place at ti:OO pm in Room 118 of udakon On Friday at 6:00 pm, there will be the Campus Ministry Pizza Party at Caples llall. Both events arc cosponsored by the Office of Student Activi ties and Campus Ministry 'I11e campus community is invited to a free Sunset Con cert on Saturday, April 30, from 7 :00pm to 8:30pm on Caples Bayfront. 111e Yellow Dog jazz Band, specializing in jazz from the 1890's to 1920 s will be playing. Their leader and composer, Robyn Wetterau is a past winner of the St. Louis Ragtime Festival, and the eight-piece band was recently fea tured at the local French Film Festival s Arts Day The concert is sponsored by the local neighbothood association. For more info, contact Mary Newton at 351-4114. Planned Parenthood needs your help! There will be a United Way Day of Sharing on Saturday, April 30, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Volunteers are needed to help refurbish the Pro pect Street facility, including painting the reland scaping the grounds, cleaning the interior, etc. Food, t-shirts, music, and fun are provided for volunteers on this project. Please call Anne Fisher (x4254) or Barbara Zdravecky (3653913) for more info or to volunteer. 111e annual New College Library Association fashion show/luncheon fund-rai er, Pique -nique ur Ia Bae, will be held on the Cook Hall bayfront on April 20 at 11:30 am. For more info, call 351-3700 'I11e Queer alsa (Pool Party) will take place on May 7, from 3 :00 pm to 9 : 00 pm. On April 21 and 22, there will be student petfonnances at the Mildred Sainer Auditorium (part of Caples Fine Arts ) starting at 8 : 00 pm. The petformances include sketches. one act plays, and a reception. For more info call ?55 69R't o r leave a message in box 135 The 5th Annual Gospel Extravaganza will be held April 23 at the Mildred Sainer Auditorium starting at 7 : 30 pm. Il is free and open to the public. It will include gospel gmtps from the Sarasota /Manatee area. Featured choirs include: Mount Haymond Missionary l3aptist, 13ethcl Christian Method ist Episcopal, The .Jewel Gospclettes and the W>men Gospel Singers. Patricia jackson will be a featuu:xl soloist. The eve Ill is sponsored by the ew Collegc /USF Multi -Cultwal Soci<.ty. For more info, call the Gospel Extravaganza o(J'icc at 3S2 5413. Police Log 3/22 : Alleged assault and vehicle accident on campus at 2020 hours. Involved SF personnel. Investigated and tutncd over to State Attomey's Office. No charges filed by police. 3/26: Subject arrested for an outstanding bench warrant at 0217 hours. Was first reported as a suspicious pcrson near Zinns. Subject was booked at arasola County Jail. 3/30 Theft of clothing from 13-dorm reported at 1517 hours. Value of clothing about $100 413: Two uniform traffic citations issued to car at 0019 hours. Driver failed to have and display a license tag, and also ran a red light. 4/13 : At 0500 hours. three suspicious person \VCR' re ported by the pool. All three were given trespass warnings and released. One was given a traffic citation for driving with a suspended license. Another was later found to have given a false name, and had actually been given a tR.'. pas warning in the past. I Ie was rcfen ed to juvenile court for trespass and obstruction. UP Officer on Leave UPD Officer llugh Roarty is on extenckd sick leave pending the result of hospital test lie will be on leave for at least six week after which doctors will reevaluate his condi tion. No more information is known at this time. Letters, notes, and cards left at the Cop Shop will be forwarded to him. Aptil18 I 1994 -----------------

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