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Women's Newsletter
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Women's Newsletter (April 12, 1972)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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April 12, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College student newspapers and periodicals
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Eleven page issue of the student produced newspaper. Some text of this newspaper is not legible due to the phsyical construction of the publication.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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...-' ;,' J .... LC a.'"":}.or: g other thingst t hat i t Hou.ld be a gor..d i.Jea t o p ut. out a Gollegac a.'ld probably fett other '1-lam.en knen eithero That is 1-1hat 1-m are t:. -;i."lg to do uith. this issu.e. After this ':.;e hope to put ou t. a newsletter every Heek or every other week uhich will keep all. of t..lte local wanen in touch as uell as reporting sane of the things g oing on in the outsido This is f o r a.JJ or the ticmen en eampus and l-Ie hopa that aver.tone will join ' us in this enterprise a.a:.J the other things ''e r-d.ll are f act.iouss diseonta'Tlt.ed spirits stri--.rir.g to disturb the public order: Md tear up the old fastn'3soos of societry7 So it was said o Jesns r;P.!"iSt cc .. So it t>ial5 saicl of our forefatherse it has been said of every re!crm .. 11 s !)._. Gago, 1851


PM.iC 2 .first. one cafl.scio-..tooe ss-rai.sixrrg.t'Ou p vnde-r o tha of a iJ::al :insti"Uet.ol and tal."< t-Ti t h each other 9 and realize that there ucre ot.lter uomsn en campus uho f e l t as they did. ( uote: At this t,i:ne ucmen t.;ere isolated i'!'om aa::h other even more than they al"'S nat-lo ':'he mal e -fc;snala ratio on campus uas .):1> Hamiltal Center closed a t 1 0 :00 p .. rn. .. and it t-m.s the first year or the Palmer Campus Domso) 1 970..1971 A course call.ed 1!n Her Own R.ighto l'JaS taught by Ute Carson and D an Ross .. Plans for the course had been rrAd.e the previous spr:ing by the llaltan s other mala members of t!1a .facuJ.ty challenged s right to teaoh a course. and quasticrled her qualif'ioations an d uheth9r faculey members could give cZ'Sdit for courses U.ught by non-.acul'ty members (although, in the past. students cou.rSGs and faculty mombers had signed tar tham without any probThe COUl*OO was taught, and both mm and ,.,anen l-rere in the class.. During this term a conscicrusness raising gl"'tlp also started; T'ne group plans for a dif.ferent kind or course tor second tezrm. .. TEHU 1 ) The course 0 Politics of the Homen g s Revolution' ua.s taug.."t t unde r Joe Ferrandinois sponsorshipe H e directed a group of men and l!.ar-ilyr! Ferrandino di..""'eeted a gi"OU :i' of wcmen. llhile the first bad ccusentra.tad on psychological literature, this course looked aG the problems f'z'an a ru.ore politir.:a.l 'l'he G cJ.ass a tried different \ ;rczys o f di:Jeo t.raging teacher--student as t h e exclusive metho:l of intercha"'lgc r a:.1.d dm.ina.ti.o.1 of a fm-: stuc.ents" ccntr".4buto:J. to t.h-:w'l'!l'?3 l.i!rd:; for ,, i : L :t ;.,. ( ,. '1-('p .... .. t. ..... -: ..... 0 J ,.q l"' l ,,-. ... __ ,: t.. .... ::; ._ 0 v ,, r. .. .. .. ,., ,. .. \..'.-, ""'.c. ;. ... :... ...,.._.. .J .... .._ ... L-1 !. ._,.... Q ou31! 1vss 11!t: .j-tifli;.. 4 m; came t... t i"0.G :u -:1 a. 01" cc!r..j.twes uorc set u:; tv inve.,: .. vano1!rz }; A g....'Y' in guer.c;J la ;;.hcat"ro':l a urj collectj:11e a :; foJ


t'. ,. -' ...... t ... .. 1 I .. : ,. '.., -"' .- J I -. .ll 1 1 l ...... J [ ,_ ':' 1 i I 4 (. c: t r- I I j I I I 1 -l i i "\ I r :::' o r 1' .. :1:.!.;!-&c a -:11. :. r!.; .. s_.JS!J-?! ... ) ; ..... 2J 1':v::-... :.r rr t1r; lear: v..;:.p:''G"=l i .. :t f'-i.tld the S t: (; m-e Frr .... v ,. ... r---....... r- J.. .,, .. Jo ,_,. """ .... _.._ J -.., .,; ...... '-'"'"'' '-'i' G iJI:.l.. .Ol. c t l,i':' C ) l.t ... ...... ,. ,:.<; t. ... l 'C..hem as "ei: ;:;hc.t tlv::? .ln the thc.t w ;e u .ti'J(Jl able3 a..;.:.ti be' J.t p(;.rC.HH::>.. 80% c f the women o n c amp u s .., rrned pet.! G Ae;<:--...!.:r.t "t-he \'lOme. 'l. l'ie !'e ]a.ughcd l1"1. the 3 .,E ,C, ba:l publ.t..; 1 cy J.. ..... the s tu< lent paper anci t.' mct u ... n l';.l t,he ;Jo lllen !+O % cJf :J-;.e rno:c'l.ey was lienied(o & l..o. stf..: f 'H' fund. s 'the ') f f3t:JX'. c..C magazl.n:!S ano newspapers %1 a mac h .ue.. f o r c.:. t;;r1p t.J a conference f : un1.s for a e a ni:tdat e for s tudent i:..c fly to New College and speak and $50 0 to s e t up C"..n lvan were during the J) Alsov .tB.rJ.y in the term David Reesman a t a '!:rca d'ast ::r A confrontation bet't;een Reeaman nnd som e or the developed., the women for guerilla th-aat.r.e s a i d 11\'r e should have been better preparedou 4) Presentatioz: or r1arllyn as student '"'and..:i.d ... THIRD TE1U1 1) Appointment of special womence. ecrnm.:.ttees in the .S ... E .. C 2) A room waa set aside as a aefltero :3) Four groups0 two including tm-:n peoplo. a t the of the t:erm a fifth began in the (,erm .. 4) A cou.c&e, t..Jomen in tl-le Arts r e was taught by Dr Sharcar" Confl i f'ts developed between Shartar and the tlomen in th Z cou."tse 5) Student Chair; Bob1n T1organ was presented as a can:J forchair.. Si1e came down for days gave 2-. tal.K to the ca: upuu:: read. poems at tr;e in the A !t!:? c.!e.s e t:.'t1"' general..Ly a-:a.;.labl e to womell stud.ent,3, St.gns ann:::H.Ll'!c;r-2: t.g.h. s t'lere torn o.m'ln1 and when she refused &:o g rrurr. 1':!n t o ;: male reportert, the student e a t-o about \'lith the e.1ception of o:ne :::$hOt' G. E'.gra:;:>. l 'l'!'!e immed.iutely publlshed t.he 1nterv1ews w1i;n!' her 'h.t the chairma..l'l of the st:t.dent cna, l qu t. back} s C9.ndida.te t:'!? 'lad org'L p!'oposed a nd. s1.p DR ''l:'l P1n!. :ho -co u:ae t h(: mon e y t.o i w t' q ::l!0 t.>.:: t: P.:tn t won the run;c"Oo"ff 8nd.. ;.itJ.I him fot mcne11 co Ro t,,.., '''1 1 -;J o ---0-._._... ............ .. _.., .... v, ,,.) 6) The women applied for a gr.:-.n.L -co Gei., U! a s ::.< =-:.r;-.9.!'!1 end so that control o f -hat d :.:. r ..: .: l.C:d 1.:n :. .. women of 1.;11e bJ.t


/ 7) After Chauvini s...t. ref used to p!"int the interv rli th Rob:..n, publishing ingteud insi D.Ld offensive material" thz \!rcruen ber;an pubb shing bJ. ..... weekly which :he n offl.0i&l11 ne;.mnaper., 8) l.fomen ran for student government off1ces o F'om" wBre elected. to S,.E"C"" tHo HOipen to the student cou!"t11 tNo wor:ien ap ... pointed. to the hrea.d board=' one \'roman on the college council, a:1d woman on the educational policy committee,. e) Women persuaded Studer.t Services that the present school doctor ( w!'losc license rcvo1-red before even being hired by ll e College) was 1nco::npetent, l aml made arrangements for a wom;.m doctor to spend four hours a teek on campus.. Derrick arre.n-r;ec. fo!' Dr., Hark to be here11 and it understood that Dro I<<:...:rrol'l would be here as During tha summerp communications between and. Dr" Ke.frow negated this t;Ynecology issue was not poscible at this timeo 11) At the end of the the \'/Omen had a celebration 7 ;:.cn1c .. -.----.,.,. .. ... ---............ ------! I 1 I .. ----.1 Aftu ra'lr.: of Nfw ,:o;n ;q ::-woo:.aP. o "l c.:u.,pus l mo.r.-e aecu1. t.t : y and organized !I rape wich lF..Jr.ed oa1y weeks ..


,..-J r \ .. .... t".., '" __ .. ,..., .. --o:;.""'t .., ..., I ,. .... ..... ........ ..-. '\.4 .. L... J"-..... ............... """\.., ,J .... .lA. ....... '-"i\ \ 1 tlt'!iJ.o:.. d >.rf:: u. wou:en ; \'ftter to t he n;:.rents of all ftm8.1o asking if "the pa wcm l d consent t.v 1:,_Lt:th cant!'"<. r i :Y pN! J.r. T. n -.'f.i.C o lJ:> d any o.f it#J. 1..he ;.1-:-> "mar ..,v of vth .. .: discuso DC t n parents" Upcn ::::f ;.,) c::.. ... was -to Chuck Derrick who claimed that this propocal i.tas no longer under At Derrick was con = tact a of gynecoloeists and asked ua to in that afte:r."'nc;cm$> \Vhen \ "jl.! \'lith him the second time 11 he arrang-:...d "interviews r1!tL two u local g;yn., Qs &nd told us of a. plan r..e was considering W";. Planned Parenthood., This to be knovm as Finch Plr-.. n '-roi'el'Tal system through the school to a group of PlanlLd ;larenthoodo In thie plan the i10rth:: n ;pay one third of the cost'" the school would pay on e third; and the doctor would the regular fee one t .ird. Thls was to be billeo through the bvsir.ess office ""' which is tThere the demand about doctor patient confideP-.;:;:e came from.. .. Finch spoke on campus a few nights later and said that that plan was no longer 'being and that he was e;oing to speak 'to Dr., Mark who would then handll! all of the gynecological needs of the women. Sov, women tried to go to Dro but with no .... he would only treat women over21. Even somen for whom he had eal"'lier done all the kn and who only need8d to have the prescr.ip= tlon written, now refused to help, This was the for many women.. We got together that evening and wrote up the demands which were presented to Elmendorfc After making an appointment to see him0 three went and presented the demands to Elmendorfo He was told a written reply would be expected in 48 hrs. and the women vrould return then., To this he replied would not be in his office that completely forget-ting his appointments with E Dave Middleman and Bob Benedottio The women lefto Althoueh laterv in one of his two {stm ltaneous) replies to the women he denied knowing they we=e s'Ct'!Lnts. hi!l then called after one of the women by name a After ta b;!gE. n rather anxiouslyr.-the women returned, telling him the!'

n1 .... ,.; : .... i : .ro ; 4 ..... V w .,. ..... v .c. ...J .. -...-.. ..... i._. ........... .,. ---"' :tile J.oi'-t to off:i_ce(, f ; 2 .. o:.-: tJ:l. J!.(:fi .. t. o '\.;i t!::.:Ln ::.: : 1a:u: c n women encererl the presiden c 14 s off .lee P.t this tim.e a.nd se;t t-; e ; ... e go:i.nG to Nedc 1.:u:tj.l put a a !r--; s?'., ... i "t-'-o .;.. .; ....... o-. ... '-'--' ... il ... .._..t, ._,.... Elmer.!.ctorf 8 f-ked. if they wa.r.r;:;ed 'Cu i; and ::-vas told. astic comments about the sohool3s finances and Smminent collepse,. This succeeded in part;. During the five days of. the there were petition.s circulating on campus in support off in disapproval of it: and remal"'king on everything possibly related to it .. The day of the sit-in the phone was removed from the officeo Also: a file cabinet Which a copy of the student bill of rights wae taken out. Each night a male was posted across from the women in the provostes office gaurding the school chartero Someone sure expected peculiar behavior from the womeno The night of Octo JOn all the water for the building was drained out of the tanks in the basement. Things continued to happen outside; eventually a student filed a complaint with student courto The court officially Enjoined the women to leave the office... A member of the courc told them that they should leave the office once or risk expulsiona They were also told that a town meeting then in progress might decide to evict them forcibly 4 After consul"cing on this (all decisions the group mzde were discussed and arrived at by consensus)J it was decided to leave; nothing more could be gained from Later people wondered why they had left so abruptly 4 Other people felt that there had been no threat to the woman involvedo The major effect of the sit-in was to show the people involved that such tac-tics work hardly any better than trying to talk with the NC administration. $ .ome people never 1isteno "In. in marriagef in everything: dis appointment is the lot of It shall be the business of my life to deepen this d:i.sappoint;meni;. in every woman as heart until she bows down l;o it no longerott Lucy Stone 1855


PAGE 7 Negocl&tlnf Commlttee was formed almost span. taneou.sly the Sout-h Hall ino The first was held on the nJ.r,ht of a town meet nR t,hat we suspected \ '>IBS p;oing to be d:z. sc1 pll.nary tm'lard..s South Ball women." The tine; advertised for women who were lnterested i n ful"'thering the d em:=md.s made b:r the South women... He fearedt cotrectly!,) t:he dernar1ds 'I,;. h were considered reasonable 1Jy a large part of Net'i College community \'<'ould be forgotten .ln the d1scussion of Approximately 75 women -= professorsc administrati,,.e staff and ty w l 'Tes ...... present at this meeting, This showed more than substantial support for the demanaa The resolution of meeting was that we supported all the demands in some translation of them and would seek to accomplish them. women from this committee began negotlations with Elmendorf days la cer., These negotiations continued until r.he end of the but t

PA&f g 11 If particulc:H:.::ire and attention nrJt paid t c ',l:2 r ,,;z are determined to foment a rebellion and w111 not hold ourselves bound to ote7 any ln we no voice or represer..tatlono" Adams {ln a letter to her huabandf Johnp 1776) 11 Rer'lember "t;he dlgni ty of your womanhood o Do not do not begv do not grovelo Take courager. Join stand beside us9 fight wi tb us,, a ,,;ow TH P..ELA.Y wChristabel fe.nkhurst (English suffragettep vE. a, / ,, r -: ?"f[) 'D P.r:. ,.,.. ,,r.:;-r ...,_ '-'...., ......... ....... -


RESOURCES QyneG1St Drc Scutherlcnd from Bradenton comes Go the Student Health Office on campus for about four houra every three weeks on l:edrteodays v Nake your up to three weeks in advance each at&. possJble maxt11um of t:,welve minutes a peraon even scheduled women al'e not always examined" as there are twenty to w-1ent y fl ve ":omen :;.;..heduled each t..lrne Somet1mes Southerland is called away for emergencies so a great backlog hangs over the next examining session o Frances Lerasters, nurse. l'lill put a note on the Hamilton Center door to announce the doctorns next visite The eYarnination takes place \'lith Mso Letasters in the roomo examines your a pap smear (test for cancer) and checks your abdomen and breasts for unusual lumps or swelllngo The examination is free except for the pap smear whlch costs a fee for laboratory work not covered by the New College health programo After five to ten examinations t Southerland t;rlks to the examined women together about gynecological care and For blrth he w1ll prescribe only the Planned Parent hood in Sarasota will fit some or the other devices o f1s o LeHasters has some further information about them o Southerland also tests for vaginal infections and VoDo LeMasters and Dro the regular physician, will do syphillis tests.. They also will do pregnancy tests from urine sampleso Some Blth Control Information is available at the Student Health 'tffice o F'()r'Other books and pamphlets contact the women from the newsletter at the womenns roomo There are some good resources scattered around the Abortion Loan The fund now contains The amount of money ioanea-is-ditermined by individual needso Contact the women working on this paper and they wlll direct you to specific women for arrangementso Women's class was set up after first term pressureD It is taught by a male on Tuesday nights at 7:30o With continual pressure trom women the class is somewhat more useful than it waso There has been much question about the desire to actually lmprove 'the \'lomen s skills o Women are welcome to join any An work-out is being held by the women themselves a c 4 30 each day near the sculpture barracks by the back park ng The olass can be a good exercise and finding power in your body is a fine feeling. For what it is worth; there ia also a karate class on ToVo at Sunday nightsr taught by a male !or womeno Consc1ousness Raising GroE?s C-R groups can be sta .. ted by anyone and often grow !ra::?ormallr rom a few \'ramen among them-selveso There is a helpful format they usually follow and suggestions for organizat1on or help from an experienced woman is available through this papero groups depend on the women they can be thoroughly fine and beyond oxpcctation or they can flopo There is one C"'R group going on '1.11 th New Collet;e and to\'m women natingp but its membership is finallzed.Slnce a group develops tnro.Agh 'v "'US it must be ... eo l c 1s p eferable for r1eli women to be in new groups, lJut more e>:p rlPnce women can help the11 _n the 227:


., .. -" ... -. -....... \ I ,. .. ''1t. ,..,. r .l .: ( :.... ........ ":. [ ..... r.. c i ( .. i ... ) r". "l" -' '1 t rtH:: .:. n;:: 1 ; .. 't CU r:.: ... rl. () f\ .a ns .)/tl.-0 .. .... .., :! ... -1 ... .,.:e (:,, ..:J\:...r .. "' r._ ...... .... .......... on he .. '< c:a::l .. fi ms be on Ca"lPB we-nope. o n order from a \lomc.1 S F'Lt 1.1 Co ... op n Janet .c .j\\:1:.,.[};" l":::;r-: li::d. of ::.:: a.ur.:.blc tHJ a 1:cr.e .1f yo l'l iH> 0t-te.r 11 0uc. i.rreeula.rly wi c.r en s 2.round. .:.he '(C;SOUi?CeS Off and 'Jil :,nd a(lc th:"1': pivg you inco opportun'l.t.I.P..'eu If yo are 't.!" Pe,?arch1l:'lp;, .. ot' tf you ..:or .. e-goo' o Oi"it!' of he ,;r,;lo t!.f.:: en u p:iper" 3. t f> a r;o od cha.:1.ce to t h iWmen f'o:-> women, There wil1 be per:todlc \':elcomlng .all Nuf.len aeso.:;'t.a.<;co. i'l'"l.Ch the sr;hool to discuss ccrr.zlt:. past and future t.:!once.n13 Annov11cements will be issued throough the news let and arou..'1d. campus on the bull;ednesd.ey of ever-1 month" Becks and There u.""e s booko und periodicals eampus" wa hops-to -et up a l.&.b. ror 1-VOruen wlth aoon ln womenrs room G Fo r uow contact the women on ;_;he;ter-tlho w1ll tell \J.r.lcne ae .!1' and a lot of publ r-:a .. tons -:olle tens of oy prov:-...C..a-o::. a 7at _cty or subjscts.-..'*" 1t:n .lfe r1l<'l','7'li> rlr,g ..... ......... !-' .... _-"''"' _, --"' r: ..-Y ;,.... __ .._.. ., .,_ ... 1-...,..._.. v .... coL po.l.ltical tne su.ff.-'3-Ge ... A few boclo:s S.hU..l.auu.tl1 1'1(<:'bGC11es a_ .. round" .,.. ,.-.... .,.,., fe'""l'' '""t J. ... '.,_.S"' .. r -'"'ll......... ,J...,.....,t-..!...l t.':..&.'"' u-J. t;, }J-!. t.... "'""' a .. u..J..J.,1 "',...-""' sf ..... L'A'' J.\..i()J. ..... ;l ... .. t t .. t!,;:;.t li.m,ti:. .. -


' I .. ,.,r" ....... ... -...... .. 4:1 Gfh, J I 8. .S .h. "'!!C ,,t'liJ"' r .,?; !."'e r;;a.r! <...! ;'1':1 n .:P'!d che )a:. P.. [:[! 1.[ I l,. I t\ \") 1flel! .1 J hn;;; i_,oOio 01j ;.,r11;.11 ... -...s.a .) ..... .. 'f.. C ..ti1a .. 1..1.! -l: ..... r: : .,, ":. .. riJ t.he EJ C' ,:::; o n _J "J 1 ;c ;Jh 1 : .:. ... !.,A.. ;:-.._,.-ld t .. :::. :::J.. o b!:l:i' nr:. 'l' e !' '1. c ') { ": ..-i vvi.iG:;J :i.:-1 .;.!1 labor fot"":.:..::l. l:ilE.. e_ncl WCIDE::i1; e;o::Err ... ,., &.():J \\Otne1"Ac Scme i!B.mph::.c;;;;., unc! C!! Yvr'/ ... .,.,1._ .. ....... _. ... .._ -""' ..... I If :'.A I !...;, \II (,... l,..:.. ... _.,. ... .. \. Qti!t V \...., l.l ,-f. 1" '-1-; t.hre 2 .l:'lC l ud..e some nove! L and 'i. .: s ... <:11 .. a:: e also copt.:.l5 of ;:,he Antioch H pap8: ?r::t ... etooK h.c:>liJgrR.phy .:for-trom l'Jo Look on !'. ::. .:." .. cclicals t.he:: l1.'br>ai"y bes tc are Off OU1 '-.-. 3!'11" DoG, f2l 'rffi2r!'2l'!. f.t"om 1;, r ... ... Ycrlr'" "" ... />.:. !,cow ,. ]IN-.<:.. r."per ... "'1',:' .. vv ... ;1 UJ. tr .. .. '""' vu ..... l"'a. t:/f..t .. ..... ,._..t,,_ .. .,. ... !A 1 las c :fear and hist.orlcal documenla> .err c :-,:-r Jt Hew &"'e avalld.blb through the on .t i c .n T w 1,-; 'lmen s Room i.s E=227" It will be open daJ ly from --c 0o to .. 00 and from 7 00 to 10:00 P e H,_ If you want tc "'-Se nc .t'( om c.:\1 anoth

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