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Search for Tomorrow


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Search for Tomorrow
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Search for Tomorrow (Volume I, Issue 1)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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January 21, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College student newspapers and periodicals
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Eight page issue of the student produced newspaper. Some text of this newspaper is not legible due to the phsyical construction of the publication.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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v .. t. .:r FOD. TOMOQQOW' fearch For Tomorrow, Women's Liberation and Gay Liberation newsletter be published biby members 0f the and New College Thn news]ntter attempt to focus on major issue;, involved with ::.he two m0vements, as well as pr0vidP. the reader with '1ewe happenings each 0f these areas. Ro.,nic Starhow, A J 'hri +.ton, Kathy 'I'urcl<, Stephanie Moss, or Ro;,s Silver may be contactP.d if thr. reader has queo tions or contributions for the newsletter. a gynecologist who will be available for the t'irst time on February 2, at the clinic. It is necessary to make appointments with Fran Lemastres at the office. Ap/ pointments will begin at lsOO p.m. At this tif.te, it is not known how often the gynecologist will be on campus. v "', \:, \ ; : : .' '7 2 .'l i 5S v f I ::uq .. ,.,, "Male Homosexuality in '72 knew for at least History .. a course to five weeks prior to the be taught by Ross Silpreliminary lecture ver, New College stu-that the subject was demt, for Colloquium male homosexuality, the '72 has been cancelled. co-ordinators never In a To..Ut to Silindicated to Silver ver at the beginning that the course might of ISP (Independent be eliminated on the Study Perlod) Fuhrman grounds of "tenderc. Arthur, public re-ness of subject". lations man for New Third, Ross add-College, stated that ed, the public rela-this course could not tiona department falsebe included because ly advertised that any the subject matter was topic would be accept "too tender". able. He added that to in-Silver feels that elude such a course the Sarasota communiwould destroy the sue-ty should be "sophis-cess of all other cour-ticated and progresssea being offered and ive enough to resent "would serve to subvert the denial of acadeathe goals of the colla-ic freedom quium". with exclusion of this Silver, instructor of course." the course, has charged Silver has expand-Colloquium '72 on three ed the course and is counts. First, Silver currently offering it said, courses selected to New College students. were to have been made Approximately twen-on the basis of a pre-ty-five persons at-liminary lecture. Siltended the first class, ver's preliminary leewhich was held at noon ture was termed as "out-on Friday, January 1, standing" by program in the solarium. co-ordinators. Mike Alexy, one of the program co-ordinators, quit the program because he felt the decision to exclude the course was made in "tad faith". Second, although those in chargP of Colloauium ,. i


"A C:ry F'rom The Kitchen Window" is the theme for an all-women's art show to he presenterl by Sarasota's Women's Action Center (WAC) on Pehruary 25th, ?.6th, and ?.7th at l:kistia ;,chool lo cated at 3700 South Clsprey ( behinrl Azar Plaza), :, One of the major reasons for the art show, according to Stephanie Moss, a of the art show committee, is to more women in volved with the center af'!d with each other, All women are invited to submit works of art or craft (limtt two per artist) to the Women's Action Center, located at l 549 t1ain between the dates of February 21st and F'ebrua.ry ?.4th nurinR the hours of 12:00-R:OO p.m. Only women are invi te!l to submit works of art and craft, hut evP.ryone is encouraged to view the exhibits. Opening date is Friday, F'ebruary 25th, at 8:00 p.m. will also be on display for public viewing from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p,m, on Saturday, rebruary 26th, and from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday, February 27th, Questions ahout the art show may he answerP.d con tactinr, one of the committee memhers. include: Stephanie Moss, Rachel Dreis bach, Ira Piercy, Holly Bosen, Debbie Fauber, Kathy McCoy, Mary Albritton, Pat Hackney, and Ronnie Starbow. Or, the Women's Acticn Cen ter may be called noon anrl 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays at OSA-oRlO, -AJJ-----------------------------------.... q ... ,,,1,. 1 1 1 fease ecorse rather bout i t--a.ftcr only three than as a straight ka-classes, alreany 1 feel rate course. stronger and more con" T he serious student fident. [ like the in-fixes as his worth-structor-he's not at all while purpose the at-patronizing and I really tainment of self-con-feel that he is sincere fidence built in a in his desire to teach sound understanding us to become competent of his art and the in-in ourselves," ner security that The above quote from comes from knowing he Pat seems to or she need only ap-summarize the general ply his or her studied feeling of those New Col-adaptability to over-leg e women taking the come", said Smith, insel f-defense co' Jrse of-structor of the course. fered by ) mi th, a Smith bee;an learn-local YI1CA instructor, ing Judo when he was 18 The course, offered Jears old with the obTuesday nights from 7:)0 ject of learning it to 9:00 by sec-well enough to teach, and Don black belt holdfor five years he er in karate, was set up trained in a Korean to meet one of the de-school under Master mands made by "The South Jhoon Rhee, having ob-Hall 22", a group of 22 tained a black belt in radical feminists who Judo before his train-took over New College ing in karate there. President Elmendorf's of-Then, in the late 1950's, flee during first term. he began teaching in The course is present-the United States and women's self-de has been teaching since, Mark feels that "most situations when one needs to use self-defense (tJ' EE J>R 03 techniques are avoidable, i However, both he and his WOMEN TO J-Ut.:LP STAFF' THJ : WOM.&..N I s ACTION assistant, Steve Harris, a first Don, are serious in their interest to teach women in the class to effectively defend themselves, Said Kacie Crisp, another memeer of the class: "I think it's fun just because I'm doing things I've never done before, I think the guy who teaches it is an evangelist of his method and I get a kick out of it. I'm not sure I'll ever use it, but unless I know it, I'll never be able to make that decision,"


1 c. ? WI1AITE.U :5o J)SPEMTEI...Y Tc B 7H ao -t)._ or ,li'Nr )4AN--EVEN Tt-tE CJNC. I L oJ/EJ). HOw evc.;.....D For2ESE TI-l AT ..I l<.JO U.L.V .;; ooN r B '. .;.. ... :,_,' ,._ fr'!' ., :-.. ,-,;)


:J e si t. hy, anrl tant. While flows hetwecn us, And we are touching in our minds. 'l'herP. is no sky rlark '!nou,t:,h to hine us from or others if they choose to look Yet we hesitate-To feel each feeljnvn And know what we knew all Por truth Can you answer my shy, hesitant reaching for us? 'T'hen hlue sky is not wine enough to ho ln our love; And heaven a.nd hell be damneri, We'll let the world discuss among itself the propriety of our loving each other here under the sun. Marilyn ('T'he precerlinF, poem is reprjnted from a Gay Lieeration newsletter rublished in f'linnesota) I sain you were too younF to know .vour::-P.lf yet." "Just kP.ep an opAn minn--you may fino ot.:t you'r" not, P.fter a'll." rio yn11 hn.vf' in it f'IJiq,IC thA.t you' r(J ')" "I t.h1 nk you've been hraj nwar-:hed hy thl.! philosnphlcal atmosphere you've found yourr:cl f in." it do to your parents if they know'> f o11 1-' to conirier them, too 1 ,., len,!! 'l'bov mnlr oo+ be :ahlo +o .. Oft COW\ a"''-' 1 wish .! wan more normal. Get engaged anrl. settlE" rlown a.n:i not hurt anyone and not t;et mixed up myself and feel all the c'lifferent J feel that rron: t me to ilifferent actions that nob

lOOk At the 1 j hrar,v, the rna t.eria 1 with r-r:Jy sturl ies are rlefinitely hut are soon t.o he ali(Y MenteJished every weeks hy a ,...rour 1n California is avallahle in the periodleal room. '1any homosryuaJ author's work"> are t.n he founrl in the carrl cat.alo(TUe, but ---------------works of inpart of their continterest on the shelves uinp: poJicy of giving stu-i.s difficult, nerhans wh-t they want, Ne?r Colimrossible. l ... hs r nme up l':ith a 'I'Tomwith en'e etudiee course. honosexuali ty in par-The er.titled "Roles are not P.Xof Women", is t.ensive or salutary. MarP,ret Bates, Penny Rosel, fmpresr.;ive ti Ues and Dr. Corinne {{ibon, with such as l'ema l n Sex Jon Dr. Perversion-the s(lxu-Stev,.ne in on die-ally aberrated woman Cl!; she is (1935) are A composite of inst-ruct-representative. or's ideas about the couree Cor:rinne Wilson is is sl":minar as to workinpnow to remedy r:i e ing1111 "an the situatjon. to One last word on studies", "a to the li hrary' s often to "Pt.her a. variety of onil"-rljsappointinr; resources ion!', "'xperiencee arrl ideas comes from a feminist using as a. baer eelerted malcontent who reports r,.di.ngs." that the lihrary has A representative opinion onJ y one book rlealine; from a. woman student i!!l tht with chiJrlren's lit-the class ehculd eetberature ann it's title a baaie for dis-1s Hoys WiJJ le ,oys, (con't on pg. 6) f'ini, P:ack chair at New r;oller,e, f < Jan and the System", is has a numher of films also planned, but dates videos in store for are still unc8rtain. Films followers of third term will a .nrl. women's lihcration. include several 1\frican The Cay Activist Al-shorts by the first Jiance was featu:red in African film dirPctor. the first of the series A video speciaJ on of virteo tapes lJavirl has f 'ernariette Devlin as weD heens showine; Tuesday as a numher of Sunday and nizhts frmm 7-9 on foriday night films deal request. with the role of women. David. has cal] ed. "Per-"Sed and Cofa", to be formance" a film dealing shown l a.sT 3unday night, with "sex rolf}S in p-enhas heen called "one of erally". Other media Bf the few movies in any era interest to cays is un-to deal with the libera-certain. tion of women". ln the In the same series of Jast ::;iJent flick of the video tapes, Dick Creg-Luba walks out on ory is scheduled to ap-hoth her men, "leavinr; pear January 31 them without a to to'ehruary 6 in "Panned J n wash and cook for them". ( The USAY Dick r;rePory' s David Pini says this W .!-lf.l .r,1 ,_ C"('\


ron 1 t nr, ')) :thearl of 2..:.: time, if not 1 >. I t just he takj plar.P :in the r.ew York or the aR in the twenties. "1'houp-h it may over state the case to call it a. corned y a bout a 1 1ortion, is none of the pat.f-tetl r. that western treatments of the same theme. "Arram riirects in a style half way be tween the "le"'t" directors a n d their concern with the s;ory line. "1'he deft anrl in sip;htflll performances by the Jeads owe more to the tra.di hrilliance of r.haracter act than to the Freudian or Pavlovian psychology arjopteri hy men like gin1'hP. January JO film "i.hronlcleR of Anna J .. nn A.r:h", t hf' rLory n r Till' 1\ Lllrmwh t.llA oyer. or h\:; J'r:, n t.l1er rnovlP.r. of pn.r1. \ cular;.t to women'r. l1 heration hr l J evers are of the ;.:ri-rlts", a 'elJi "1L movie, fi'e'tlruary ll'-, in which ",Juliette steps o.Jt of the ki t.chen and into her in this flawlessly r.o rnoosed analy ;;is", "Kanchen junt=r,ha", Feb ruary a J anr l Life of < -Haru", sometime third erm. On request, Oavi1 will a lso show .Janice Carrick's ,";1' on natural childhirth, a thirty minute with F'errancHno's, ,nd. the.' She that the Rr0UP too 11.m1 tt!

SHOT ] January 2t, l972 NEW COLLEGE OF THE SUPER B0WL on the> set room filled by a chair, TV, and nude poster of Natalie wood a picture emerges on the tube: it is a shot of Tulane's verdent synthetic turf tak en from the Goodyear Blimp 30 minutes of enticing foreplay a Hai Karate commercial appears rows of starched faces the National as airforce plaues play above the rape comnences as 11action" audio enters a common cultist who dutifully before his mediamyth maker machine to take his place among the American Public. he balances a bowl of pretzels on his can of Busch to turn on his tv he frumps down to watch pregame, prerecorded preview to this colossus of ballsy games he smells his underarms and chops the arm of the chair with the side of his hand he stands and as the the navy, army and airforce the ritual grounds he scratches his balls in nervous anticipation he partakes of the last participatory spectator rites beer and pretzels as blood and guts clip, clip of his college cleats on the bare linoleum floor fade-in Jimmy Durante singing Inka Dinka-Do squeals of beaut.iful, young goddes!'!es comment111tor: 11And now the ceremonim:1s clt max of 171 son as the experienced, potent Cowboys meet Miami's virgin Dolphins the roar of 8 phantom jets drowning out the National Anthem a wide ereen pass, the entire scene fades a pia-up p1eture of Norma Jean in a Los Angeles


: The first issue of search For Tomorrow is issued free of charge HCYNEVER, donations are asked for and we lcmmed IN THE FUTURE January 21', 1972 subscription rates are per issueif your copy is mailed to you If you would like to suscribe to the next. t .en issueg of please send $1.00 ($2. you wish or need your issue mailed to you) to TURCK WOMEN'S ACTION CENTER L549 Main Street FLORI 01\ 33578 Checks soould be made payable to Kathy Turck, also. oonat ion!J and subscription fees to be used to continue printing search For Tomorrow, to help meet expenses the Women's Action Center, and to furtner theliberation of both women homosexual men.

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