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Search for Tomorrow


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Search for Tomorrow
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Search for Tomorrow (Volume I, Issue 2)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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February 18, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College student newspapers and periodicals
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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;. r\Ctfl t I fr 1 I Ell hirley Chisholm,Plack conv-esswoman, from New York, and now a canrl ir:i.?.te for the presldency of the llnl tr>'l of America, spent last a,'{ ;'1 in Sarar-;ota. flur1ni 1, on a;n f:l op;an of "l lntr1;.pl anrl Unhollf"ht", r:hjsholm said f1hr l;. ,,..e)d 1r the of tile youn(T,, rli:-;'llu-.ionerl, the poor white, the thP. the Chicano, women, --them w'>r1t.y ("Toups in the United ,. a a memtc r of the Action .r;ntr.r 1 n :;arasota, J support 3hlrlcy ;hi. ::>h0 n )urinr; the past w')rk, when for Chisholm, 1 encounter.erJ ;::;. of reactions. llesirler; the usual racist anrl comments from wb1 t,.. rnal es, i.e., "A nip; er woman for rresident roTile on!", or I want someborly my own color", there were other com ment;, more "liberal", ,.,rJ thJS more subtle, and yes, ha rrl to deal with. For t'1e white li heral .ls caref11l not to say thr ay ma 1 P.j9 intolerahJe. Thun, n ca;,t for any w hj tP. maJ j; fly votine and e;ni nr; for Chisholm, I am to accom pli;,h severaJ I realize holm has no-or a very chance of bee om inf" pn'lsirient (1 doult that 1cGovern, Linr'l say, Muckie etc. will decide to join a men's conRciousness ra si nr; r;roup) I beJicvc it t0 'r:>e to ;TART women in --P1acY1 white, wealthy, po0r, Chicano, lndian, etc. working together. Only by workinr. will we ever he able to ohtain power-and this is what Chisholm is all about--power. Carnine together to support Chisholm is a step toward comingtogether any time to free ourselves from male-domina tion. 1 would hope that men, finally, will hee:in to that women wi J l no loneer remain in their kitchen I'Jo lonecr will we be content. tro :nte for either a "tweedle dee" or "twcedle-dum" male candidate offered to us throughout history. hirley Chisholm, by for presldent, has made history, wom en's history. To ident1 f"y w1 th a womrtn not to 1--P. t;'lkrn for r;rant to rnali7.P. that wcmP.n, ye;,, wolnf'n, have p;ot a hell of a J0t t r,ninr for them, only ;,erve It to rui Jd pride all'on,.... wom en for


l<'e bruary 13, 1072 I wJn t i.o ten you t.hat it' s cool You 'r! t-eautiful friends now--no longer my lovers :fe ha vP. hec0mc fainter anti fainter echoes t5f each other (at lP.ast for a while) Anrl I can rli, '''or t h e time (or forever), I 'll be the revolutionary-livin ; without the contraiictions you are Iivins with now ( r wa:, no choice) O r el!';e, I m incapable of fighting for a contradiction Amd I m not naive enough to think there will be no pain. There is already nut T want to teD you that Atill coolRl :tck F.Wfi m :tJ e, white and straight and of you-together Yeah. t y are the cause of my tears now Yours are the cause o f your joy T want to tell you that tt' s still coo l 1/t know the rir;ht words ant1 rhetoric, the right jokes and put downs the att1t:.wies and facial expressions. Most important, I know which people to dismiss and which to admire. Now, 1 suppose that it' s very natural to seek the comfort, acceptanc e and support 0f a r.roup. And I know that the feeling of solidarity with other women provides a very vital, positive support. But a in the women' s m o vement as in any movement involving a bon r l of oppressed people, is that in this solidarity we so we tend to grow so easily fat and content and LAZ Y Ptrst Ja?.y enough to lose a sense of crap and what isn't then lazy to fall on stale rhetoric, then lazy enoue;h to think we can't be wrong anci finally lazy enough -':.o USJ : THI!: Mr;THODS OF O U R OPPR8SSORS TO Rl:!J\CH OUR Ol,'N r.OALS all jw:;tifieci hy the certain, comfortable knowledge of HOW HIGHT AND JUST is our rause ho w lt is to prevail after years of degradation,,how certain t htnp:s must of course be sacrificed if we ar.e to succeed., .all the end v s means .. 11r,auments so carefully shrouriet1 in blah, hJah, blah,,. : ,qr;e 1 n roint: hw l use supremtcl:::;t methoos as I rliscuss feminist 1 am a s11rcessfuJ woman l n a man' s world, l learned early (a::; rlo all womr:n) that to succceci Or'le must compete and w.t.n, and winninr; is more iMportn.nt than (con't pg 4)


from 1-Chisholm) thnlr m1r1 A.nrl j n our ra.ce, our tho ftrqt step in obtain-:1 nt' nower to crw::h the white rna le-O sod ety today. the women I lt is your vote tha. t is wasteil if you vote for anyone but Chisholm. He, as have to it ourselves-ann start four years or eit;ht years from now when another ChishoJm may have a "hetter chance", (art s how, con't) ilome n are needed to sta.ff a booth which will be used for distri tution of literature for C on[:reeswomar whlrley Chisholm, The ,.:orner' s Act ;_,111 ?enter actively supportine Chisholm ln her hJ.d for the Presidency of the United States. People wishing to volunteer or request more information about the art show or the Women's Action Center may call the Women's Action Center at 9589810 on l"iondays through Thursdays beStart our sense of unity, our sense of pride now. Begin to reaJize that we have it more tosether than men in this society now--and we are the onJy hope to chane;e the oppressive, inhuman conn i tions males have laid on us t hrour;h history. is net a radicaJ feminist. 1JttfY 5t64H8d Search Tomorrew in an attempt to hecome a true women's li bcra tion new: ; letter, will no longer deal with the subject of male homosexuality. P .11t shn tr. not a man, and especially not a white man. Let's sta.rt vyine; for the banquet, and forget a rout l"lcCarthy, Mc l.overn, Humphrey, Muskie, Lindsay, etc. .i:Jle crumhs "'. ra\'onW(e' (Jo r.ommunity response to the art show has been favorable, according to members of the art show committee. Spon sored hy the \4omen' s Action Center, "A r.ry fi'rom 'l'he louth Osprey, are invi ten to suhmi t works of art (limit two per person) or craft to the Women's Action Center, 1549 Main Street, bf>tween the (lates of February 21st and Feb rllary 2'+th, hetween the ftaes of 12:00 and R:OO p .m. Due to absolute necessity, a two fee will be chareed 'rhe show will open on I<'riday Febru ary 2'5th at f1100 p,m, 'fhe puhlic may also the exhlhi ts on from 12':'00 p m t.o r,,oo p.m. and 12:0() p.m. to S:OO p .m. The decision was made by the staff c:-nd several rsay J11e r... F'rom time to time l t is expected that the rlirection and the eoals of F0r Tomorrow wilJ chanF,e. This is the first of those changes, Reactions to thjs decision are welcomed hy readers. The staff of Sea.rch f.'or Tomorrow would again like to make it known that this newsletter is to service ALL women in Sarasota. Any contribution from any woman is welcome. At this time, there are subscribers, including six from ott-of state. SUDSCRIPTIOII RATI!:3 10 per issue--20 if your copy is mailed to you. If you would like to subscribe, contact KATHY ;; ACTlON Cl:'fr t:H 1 1-11\ J t J l'l () i JIM


1 earn l 11(", changing, if one is to Therefore, oiscussiJn;, are aJways arp;uments ;:utri, damn it, 1 arp;ue to win. N o line OO.r ker ever f oup:ht har1 er. whole jfiea. of winning, being on the (t.e. on the top 6f others) is a foun for male supremacy. Women must fil"ht mucl t hanter to e;et on top in a male nominated world, and oncr there it's hard t.o accent a rvoup that f!"estions all those str11r.t nrer. 0n whjch you' e perched-witness ::;ucces s ful. ''lack Uncle T ms and successful male rhauvinists. Ji:ven if you can climb dmrn the old structures, it's more ni 'ficuJt to discard the olrl hahi ts of domina ',ion. T finn myseJf with a 1ew structure. J can ear;ily win new are;umr)nts with new rie;ht worn s and rhetoric, new jokes and put-dnns, new attitucies and expres;;ions. I'm very much on the riP,ht people's team, laue;hing rip;hteously at the wrong people we sit upon, Who are the oppressors? Who are the op pressed? N ""oo4\ lo-s clo.ay c..\ S\l-..4o.y SUNFL*\JER T"'t. F6ocl STO'ft. MAIN To declare oneself gay is to declare oneself oppressed. Whether or not one sleeps with or has a sexual relationship with a member of the same sex is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that to declare oneself to be either a faggot or a lesbian, means, automatically, that that person is identifying with the oppressed. And only by identifying with the oppressed will those "straight" people ever be able to help achieve the liberation of gays. During the next issues of Search For Tomorrow the question of what it means to be "straight", "gay", "bi sexual", "asexual", etc. will be explored. It ss hoped that the reader would begin to examine or re-examine his old beliefs, opinions, and, undoubtedly, biased and oppressive attitudes.

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