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Search for Tomorrow


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Search for Tomorrow
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Search for Tomorrow (Volume I, Issue 5)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
Creation Date:
April 7, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Five page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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o,;O CHI 1. VOLUHJ.:!, 1 ISSUJ:<.. 5 April 7. THE 8(T}-\SDA PIONtRS 1972 I P.thcsda, NaryJand, is the cul-not to smoke, whenever they feel like it mtnation of the Great American Dream. and wherever. /1piro T. mip:ht o hjec t, --longhairs are Traveling, they get in their parents' plentiful---hit Laird seems to have cars. They take perverse pride in their weathered them, and {ogers. Besides, parents' classy address. It's 5ethesda, the lonphairs t changing any-after all. It's not unlike the taming of thinrr,--thelr world alrea.dy belongs the west. They leave only to prove their to thcm--anrl that, lf anything, is manhood. Careening around the curves to the climax of the Great American Dream Great fc'alls, the twisted shapes of earland the ll,S. llale. ier cars fall away like girlfriends had "new" Amflrican men are new add discarded on a bet. The driver apol-only 'In a-ppearanre, and even that has ogizes for the Plymouth. It's really too ber'ome a cliche, part of the all-Amer-bad, it handles so badly. Now if we had ican scene. are oblivious to the aaby blue, why, she'll turn on the thin-many times the broken record's played nest dime. it's their turn now, and what It's the same but worse once they else could possibly count? get where they've decided they want to go. UnquestioninP, the given that They can tour the park exhibits exclaimyounp men from the upper middle class ing over old things just because, like the in and universities, bums they idolize, they're old. And they the media has spotJighted the self-ap-can absorb facts, too, which are played poi.nted few who consi0er "waiting just back. Ten people died here last year, Mike a year". These young men question, with will blithely remark as he climbs over reason from their point of view, the rainling, jumps the chasms, conquers whether they ought to bother going at all. the rocks until he stands, finally van-After a1l, their living is easy. quished, on the very last jetting point With their parents, for the most part, of the very last rock into the Potomac. who are, for the most part, ACLU-Common For these pioneers,like tbe others, Cause liberals who might even go so far women are appendages. For the most part, as to suppose that marijuana need not they're a burden not to be bothered with, be a felony. Or in the case of cool par-unless, of course, these latter day pards ents, smoke it themselves. They hide are feeling poetic. In which case they their stashes, of course, from their put down their book and pick up the phone, sons; all of them know they'd smoke it if and, moments later, the girl who will give they found it. Their sons may be far e-them the one thing they'll cater to any nough "into politics" to follow the pres-body for. They're harsh, long-haired, and irlent's commission's report on marijuana silent, taese chicks, and they invariably wl th (Hsconnected j nterest of a 2001 smoke. world series, hut the government which supports the parents most of them are ltv(can't on page 3) ing off of presents no reason whatsoever


/ / II. I'm sorry sister. .\ t:'ri 1 l'tWI1 A GllD.c;D 1. g oodby e man. l' y h ary rurck ( j Y ou had a to tell f'le about your instead yo;;. ,.our;ht mo dinner, Y ou had a chance to say you ovc your work or hate it--yo u only tried to impress r.-.e with your salary. You had a chance to share my but you chose to dance instead. And when you danced anr1 flhe..-_ you talked and when you joked, you were looking throue;h me, 1ookint< for a mirror, not a person, for applause, not response. g ood bye man, l know '.:.:le right J..Jords and T think I share your feclinGr and l I feel your pain. III. Awakening is painful like being born or dying or 11alking this weekend I h .. '!' -,;,.,red myself ancl you ae;ain settlinr; for words a.r.-1 caresses less-than-real less-than-felt less-taan-me out of my sometimes out of our always pain. you showed me the a] r.10Rt impossible mountain top these valleys are mucn on feet that have been bound. i :y new ears hear looking good today-you must have a new guy," Sisterl don't need a man to teach me how to dress or how to like m,-self l: y new eyes see every leer and smirk and proposition and 1 want to learn to say "motherfucker keep your hands and eyes and money to yourself" in every lanp:uage just t(" .-n l can make myself ur.u. l a1n nauscc"' ted rly thf; V(:rbc1.] -n.:1.t on t.he /u.u:run: t" head--"nnLt,y r:irJ, ni.ce rrJ.rl rf;nw .. rkahJe f0r a youn:. l deJ : t.. rr:,:ard for a comf)Hter:t _jol, am frustrat:; because :'"!u.'e t!ti'S' Y r 1earned how to s-trj ke rack


I'Ar. J f\pril ?, 1972 (can't from 1) 'Ph y know aU this, hut they keep it in rtark of their misunderstood selves. They can joke drivj n.o: around in their paEents' cars and "usinp thelr stack of credit cards like I'm King Geor,o-e", hut it's an intellectual exercisse. is to say it presents no reason for them to stop do in,"" whatever pleases them at the moment. 'hy shouldn't they nrive, after all; it may he scarce ajr, hut they want to there, after all, and which is more j mportant? Perpetually scornful of "the jorks", they to ii!et girls join even their shirtless frisbee games "because [ simply don't enjoy it with some one whoisn't any Pood c;lrJ s ann' t". They can curse capitalism and .o:roove on Disney .Jorld l!!veryone is so cheerful and it's a groove, man." Hurt puzzlement would greet the im plication that. theirs is a less than rad jca1 stance. 0r even that it's a stance at all. Po1j tic; is just another tiling; yon Ganhe into it or not. They think old hums are the r.:rnatest, but they'll settle for Jack Kerouac ann ater the counter culture, they f:L,crurc they're next in line. lav.e if especially the rage of whA. t he' rt ca 11 a women's libber, His uJUmatr. r"spon"P is paternal, condescendi nrr. >Urn] .Y thj 'lf"'C. cannot be that bad. t{ea11y, now. He';, man, and there coulrln' t he anyt.hi rw to he that uptight ahout it or he wo11Jfl know about it. It's coo] -l(lHHE->t-At one of the classy andresses, a lonF-halrerl driver out of the rt r-1 veway in a baby blue J.iustang Newly urned eiFhteen, he's headed with some of the hoys "into the city" wheEre the drink inF aFe i<> elrhteen. The bar's as good a place to kill anevaning as any. They orrlr.r of As they multiply, the tales There's no limit to what their can do. A':Y CCH!Tf U fi'RO!i AIH TO ",.AIICl! 1'01< TCJ!O!U

a Feminist viewpoint, this film may be dismissed in afew short Set in a viciously sexist SiciJian culture, the women are depicted as child bearing background characters who do no more than lend an aura of respectable stability to their husbands otherwise chaotic and violent They are deceived, adulterated, beaten and lied to. They are sheltered from the deadly realities of their husbands' lives and kept ignorant of the facts that eternally threaten their own existence. From the bless inp-s of a wedding guest in the opening scene that the newlywed's first child be "masculine" to the closdmg ironic deception of the "hero's" wife, the women in this film are painfully some thinR less than second-caass citizens. Attending the movie at the insistence of the New York critics, all but three of whom it rave reviews (an record) I expected to witness the transformation of a trash novel into a piece of art. After wait jnP" in the first movie line of my 3 year resinency in Sarasota (grateful only for the ahsence of snow) l was not only disappointed but bored. I am convinced that the single thing that renders the novel readable is the action oriented plot line, and having previously read the book I kept ticking away minute after minute of the film's ex three hours. It follows the novel so closely that after viewing the first scene the entire plot line of a hook I had read over a year ago flashed across my mind-in detail. The movie concerns a llafia war that out over the question of the under world's movinP" from P"amhlinF, and prostitution as a means of making a livinF, to the considerably more risky wor1rl of narr.otics. [t spans the post yar through the middle fif ties and is seP.n through the eyes of "One Man's l'amily"-thc Corelones. 1 tis kept movinp; thron,o:h incidents of violence so frequent ann bloody that even I, who re spond with extreme nausea and sisgust to thatkind of cinema, was rendered mumb. April 7, 1972 A few critics have argued that this is central to the intelligence of the filmthe acceptance of murder as an everyday reality of the !afia life and the d e-glamourizing of Hollywood's 1930 gangsters into what they really weee, viscious thugs. If this was, in fact, the film's intention, it elluded me. Indeed, my criticism of both the book and all but the final half hour of the movie was the apparent lack of any purpose other than sensationalism to make a lot of money. In the aast half hour of the fiJm version, however, soinething strange occurs. A statement of purpose and a moral tie up to today's exploitive society is made, and in a way so exciting and well done that I wondered who had made the first two and a half hours. For it is a fact that the open brutality of the Mafia is no more detestable than the clandestine and even sometimes blatant violence of the And, further, the IIafia has finally become so integral to our society that its members have been elected to high public office-a stamp of respectability and goal of the Coriteone family. Aside from thirty minutes of artistry, the other redeeming feature of this film is its actors. (I use the masculine gender because, as I mentioned, its actresses are scarcely visible). Although tlrando has been touted as the film's star and his performance hailed nearly as his come-back to quality, he is, in reality, absent through much of the film's running time. He does not, in fact, dominate "The Godfather" as the title and publicity imply. He does contribute a fine and highly unusual portrait of a mob leader. Hememberin g Brande's intensity as a young actor, his patriarchal Vitto Corleone carries with him a threat of explosion that never surfaces. Brand a as bis finest was Olivier's technical ability to transform his physical self and an inner reatiy and passion that seems to elude most British actoss. though he often inarticulate and reminescent of popular imitations, he is always magnetic. But I kept waiting for him to do something memorable. Hot until halfway through the film, when he learns


(movie review, can't from 4) of his son's neath, did lrand o satisfy me. The scene 1::; hort, it is under stated and it is bri.lliant, 1 wish the movie harl P"i ven tnim r1ore opportunities to reminrl us of how his talent is. Last ly, I might mention that his make-up is so masterful as to r1e Al Pacino, who if a better known name would have rer"'eived top bil1lne;, plays JV!i chael, the actual "hero" of the filrn. Al l was disappointed in his early portrayal of the character I was not in his matured anrl cold blooded heir to the dynesty. But much of the blame for the unreality of the early Hichael must go to the scripts 1ar:k of emphasis and devel opment of the much young man who has just returned from defendine America 'tie are mot aLlowed to see Nichael 's firm resolve to stay uninvolved in his father's The remainder of the cast, especially James Caan, is excellent. Many of them are faces you will if the vast cam pailln for this fi1rn'han so whet your curiosjty or the promise of fine actin.p; is 0 nou.n:h to warrant )0 p;o see it. How ever, if you are stron('; of wiJl you Nill nt.

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