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THE NEW COLLEGE I I RGAN EATING by Doug Stinson and PAYING "The student food co..ittee, once upon a tie, was a comaittee of the SEC .set up to deal with Toa Estep and the food service. Why, c:io you vant to be tbe food co..tttee?" -Fred Sil Yenaan, SEC Cba.i.nllaD., 1971-1972 If you live at New Col l.ege 9 vhether or not you re on the meal plan, you subsidize Servomation. How these policies work is clouded, but the reasons are clear. New College bad a deficit of $137,823.&7 in the account of "Dining and Dorms" in 1970. It has a deficit of 159,286.61 for 1971 and is predicting a deficit of $40,000 "If ve're lucky" for this year. Serving food at New College is not considered an easy way to make profit. Evidently Servomation sign ed to serve lew College with the unwritten agreement that although they would take a loss the first couple of years, as the school grew, they vould start to make up for it. Talking with Mr. Barra, ve found that students off the meal plan had glasses and utensils in their rooms, aDd that they had frienda bring in food. "They were ripping off ServoIIB.tion, who had to pay off for this as oYerhead." Students No. 10 5Qj of your food bill (whether you are on the eal plan or not) goea to pay for Servomations overhead. Thie also discour ages students from using electricity for refridgerators and other appliances by aaking it economically unadTisable to go off the Hal plan. A group of students, headed by Fred Silveraan and Dennis SaYer, last sumaer aet with President Elmendorf and Mr. Barra on this matter. They were of the under standing that this vas a verbal agreement onl;r. They began to negotiate ld th SerTomation but felt that since SerYoaation vaa oTerhead. they weren't going to for e1ae. Since that time, the agreement vas written into the contract. The payment breaks down as follows: Room and Board is 11300 per year, plus tax: total $1320. If you decide to go off the meal plan, you get 1260 back. Board at New College amounts to $13.45 per week, or 1484 per year. That's S224 payed to Servocation regardleas of vhether you eat your food or not. to, aore to come $1300 lllinus $260 refund is $1060. Room at New College is 1816 for 20 weeks. That's $244 of slush oney, that presumably goes toward lowering our deficit. As Mr. Harra put it, 11New College is saddled with a (iaat) campus that it can't afford." \ Servomation accounts for 1145,000 l_ of the S4o8,098.89 expense of Donas and Dining, which is the largest single account. '. fees amount to $455 ,671.8Q. So far, we're in the black. What J puts us in the red? Additions 16,464.80 and Retirements of \ Indebtedness 196,691.37, which are called "trantsfers to plB.Bt Jia Feeney, off -<:Uip\18 study coordinator, has organiEed a work shop centered aroUDd of!-ca111pus opportunities. The workshop is to take place February 2, 3, & 4 in the Caples mansion duriag the daytiae and in claesrooae at night. Participants in the workshop will be field-atudy and resource people from institutions and pro grass around the Also attending the sessions will be students who haYe experienced off c.-pus programs. The workshop vas conceieved to attack a serious problee des cribed by Mr. Feeney: "There are students here a11 oYer the place who vaut to get reeearch to ground vee in real probles outside or the classroom. Field programs are springing up all over the place." Here Hr. Feeney went on to describe a progr .. that he, Dan Ross, and Paul Carlson had investigated the day before. The progra111 is an environaental studies prograa based in the Everglades, and sounds quite interesting. Mr. Feeney then went on to further identify the problem. "There is no mechani.Sil existing that gets all the interested stu dents, program people, and resource people together ... The purpose of the workshop vas then described as "initiating mechanisms to effect coordination and cooperation among these people." Something may well come out of the session besides a lot of talk. The grant by which the workshop is funded also has 110nies to implement ideas and mechanisms are during the sesaions. Students interested in the workshop should drop by to see Mr. Feene,.. off the plan also created sanitary problems and added expenses by using electricity for refrigerators, funds." This spring the food service WNCR, Radio Free New College, is pleased to announce the initiation of a series of "Talk Shows" to be held Saturdays from 9-11 A.M. and the to be emptied more often. Servomation contended that they had to pay a certain mdnimUII coat (staff, insurance, etc.) regardless of how aany people eerYed, and that the few students on the meal plan did not justify the expense. uwe wsed to put the contract out to bid every spring. Moat would ai.llply bid hish because of the aull size of the operation." --Charlea Harra. It caae down to a choice between a echool polic1 and subsidizing Servomation. The. pol icy stqed 1 and approxillately vas not going to be put out to bid. Mr. Harra said that a student petition submitted requeati:ns that Ser-.omation be kept as the food for New Colle,e. "Ve will, however, do aa the stu-dents wish." 1bere are proble in re the contract. Both New College and Servomation haYe the option of dropping the contract with 60 days' notice. If New College looked for bida SerYo.. tion aight decide to drop the contract, leaving NC without food. Ser-voution u.y aublli t a new, hisher, bid. ADd woree, it --r still be the loweat. TomoiTOws show will feature co-hosts Doug Stinson and Dan Chambliss interviewing representatives of the New College Short Peoples Coalition. The discussion will include both specific issues, such as the receut "Hot Dog Contest" controversy and a more general dia'-..J loge on the short peoples problems within the 0 context of the New College community. v --::::::::_ LOTS TO READ IN THIS ISSUE


Editorials, Letters, Hog Parlor s.o.P. (Save Oar Purse) or Obhh Theil Changes 1 Our little diecueeion today will center around a rather interesting 110ve made by the administration in the past few weeks. We wish to analyse this aon in term. of its whys and wherefore. We are referrins of course, to the recent annowaceaent of an environaental research set-up centered here at Mev, along with the ntioning of rather large 8U.Il8 of aoney tied onto the project. What at first SLance appears a dieplq of "awareness," or "coneciousneee," beco111ea alightl.y leu in the lipt of certain questions. Itea: 'lhe announcement of the project was Mde with great fanfare, along v.i tll lavish press coverap. Obviouely, the administration is tqing to get its aoney' e worth --or soaebody' a aoney' a worth --out of the IIi tuation. Itea: What happens vhe:n we tal.k of another project 'a reception historically at New? We are thinking, of course, about Project Real: Project Real has not had too happy a childhood kere. The Project has been constantly (consistently) hassled by the administration in terliiS of 110D.iea being ripped-off, refusal to cough up 110D.ies and shall ve say extreae interest in the Project. '!he aatve of this iatenat MAl DOt x-mo er o w s towards her cherished baby ; we would rather liken i t t o the in terest Mr. Hoover shows towards "undesirablesott !tea: Sollehov, one gets the feeling that the ad ainistration feels the new project can act as a data a kind of ecologist's intellectual Mecca. Ve won der if this ia possible, for two reaSOlUI: (1) When the project reports on a given ecological au.e that ia to be one of the project's fUDCtioas-it ia hard to rationally believe that the report would please, aay, both s.o.B. and Arvida abtultaneouely. Ergo, the possibility for a potentially explosive situatioD could exist. (2) Can one not USU118 that such a prograa would :not attract highly aotivated, highly comaitted participants? If such participants are indeed attracted, can one not assume that they will be to some degree vocal, to some degree wave-making? If the adlliniatration thinks it can initiate and proaulgate aucb a progra11 and hold onto its neutral comple%ion in the co .. unity o well, it's their ahov, isn't it? In the way of closing, ve would like to com11ent upon a situation we euapect exists. That is, what is the nature of the adlli.nistration'a "awareness," its "conaciouanelhS?" What types of change is it "conscious" of; or, rather, what types of change ia it receptive to? Why do they initiate a program that's deeigned to e valuate the natural of the area, when in the past they have been less than accoaodating to a prograa that' designed to evaluate the social environ Mnt of the area? We do not viah to cast a Shadow on the new program; far troa it. We -.rely question rationalizations and llotivationa. In conclusion, we fervently hope that the adld.n iatration wiDe ita bet. surviving sarasota Last we-ak during the Thursday night layout of the Organ, a young woman was almost assaulted on the NC at the dark cormer of Street and Bayshore. This attempted assault, wherein eome dude pulled a derringer on the woman and ordered her into his car, comes as no surprise to anyone who has been around NC or Sarasota for awhile. There have been many assaults here. There have been many rapes here. Late last year the Herald Tribune reported that Sarasota was ranked 13a (cities of coaparable size) in the nation for repDrted rapes. Given the fact that this is supposed to be a quiet city, a peaceful city, that figure is a little shocking. Especially when one thinks awhile, and realizee that a huge proportion of those rapes take place at or are crimea comaitted against NC women. Why New College women? Accaeding to a police source, NC women are 11available". "They are young, vhi te good looking they walk sroind at night by themselves. And they have a reputation for being easy. It is assumed that hippies won't mind being raped eo much." And the reason that jhe Sarasota police solve eo invo1ving NC The same attitude prevails do w n a t the police depart ment--that its alright for someone to rape an NC woman. No real harm done, after all. Since the spring of 1969 there has been one rape after another at Mev College. There have been reports of women accosted behind the barracks, women forced into cars, woaen attacked in their rooms, and on field trips. If any of these criMes have been solved, I have yet to heu of any. Worse yet, why weren't they prevented in the first Perhaps the women who occupied President Elemdorf's office are right--perhaps does not care about the safety of its women students. I have been assured that this is not the case. I have been assured that the administration is doing everything in its power to protect the students of NC from such attacks--but then where are all these lights we were promised? Where is the end to the every night problem of rape of the New Col lege campus? Rape is not taken seriously at New College, at least not by those persona who cannot be affected by it: the of New College and the admin istration, which ts mainly male, and the faculty. Rape is something you hear about once in awhile-"so-and-so was raped last night." ''Thata too bad." But rape should mean s011ething to all of us; if NC women are not safe to walk this campu at night, then a 11ajor part of this so-called Do11g M urphy "coJIIIIIUni ty11 ve hear so much about ie not safe. And one of the everyday functions of any community is to protect itself, protect its members, to insure its survival As long as the voen of Mev College are in danger no community can exist here. Two years ago a good friend of mine was raped at gunpoint behind the barracks as she walk ed back to school fro the air port. A good deal of detective on the part of two studente and a few gentle11en from Newtown identified the rapist, down to his accet and the pearl handle of his .38 revolver. The police appeared to have no interest in the case, eo the inforaation was givea to a prominent faculty 11e11ber who was then in the ad ministration of the college. He promised the woman and students that he would give the information to the local police. The woman vas even willing to testify against the rapist, no mean feat of courage. But our administrator never informed the police, and the rapist split to'Wll. Why did this happen? Perhaps our administrator didn't wish to believe that rape exists at New College. Or perhaps he didn't want to get involved. This college, as a whole, must get involved, or consider becoaing an all-.ale institution. see uri ty JDOre lights. perbapa student patrols at night. Unti l a combination o f consciousnessraising and self-denfense courses enable NC women to deal with rapists theaaelves, the weight of protection must fall on the adllinistration, and especially on the 11en of NC, who have shown no desire in the past, chauan ist that it may appear, to protect their female fellow students. A light at the corner of and Bayshore could well haYe prevented that dude last week from stopping his car and pulling hie gun. A responsible NC male in the vicinity would definitely have stopped him. Rape is just one step away from murder, it is the violation of another person's being in a physical manner, against the other person's will. It is Yiolent, often involves what are called "deadly" weapons, and only luck has prevented the extra tragedy of murder in connection with a New College rape. Do ve need that to prove to this college that rape is a definite problem? Do ve need to have a woman die? Or can we believe the words of the women whohave been raped here, the women whp are afraid to walk tht s pleasant, palm-shaded, starry-skied campus, and move to deal with the situation? SARASOTA BIKE HEADQUARTERS" Sales --Rentals Complete Repair Service Within walking distance 1/2 mile north of New College on right hand side Fh. 355-8989 7000 North Trail


Campus Clatter and Teen Chatter 3 surviving ''surviving sarasota ,, Ill-thought diatribes against physical change and L1e products of capitalism (nota bly, r ich IXople) are as integral a part of New College as David Pini, and as useful as another sandspur This letter is a reply to Doug Murphy's column in last week's Organ. ---orlie central theme of his rage is stated in the first paragraph: "This (Arvida Corporation's development of Lido Beach) would mean just a few problems for the city," (context is sarcastic). The obvious answer to the charge is to abolish the city. I shall assume that this is considered undesirable by almost everybody except myself, so I will use the existence of the city as a premise. Now, if a city is set up to solve the problem caused by many people living together, it does not seem to make sense to discourage people from living in the same sympOSIUm soaething by way of review Last night I attended the Social Science Sy.posiu., at which Dr. Anna Macias spoke on the sub ject of Woman's Liberation in Mexico at the tura of the century. She prefaced her talk by saying that she would not be totally objective durins her pre sentation. So, I will aake no atteapt to be ob jective. Dr. Macias sa u in tensely interesting and, Jea, exciting talk on a subject I must adllit I didn't even kllow existed, In other words ehe vas fantastic only the 110re so in light of rq ignor ance. Being a male on.e who baa been tagged a chauvinist, I could not begin to understand those aapects of her talk that were cathectic in nature. Fortunately, however, her talk centered .ostl7 on tangible Yisible aanifestations of female oppression. What intrigues .. the most is that I was how greatly apreased (al aoat uplifted) by her energy ud her ablli ty to show the audience-show ae-eoaething of what abe feels. I hope that the Sy.poiua can attract .are speakers like Dr. Macias. Moreover, I hope that we will have the chance to listen, watch, and feel her lecture again. D.B.M. development As the Ford challenge deadline (February 3 1972) gTOW S near, many people a re wondering whether we will o r will not raise the $1, 000, 000 necess a ry to meet the challenge for this year. Since D evelopment is the administra -tive division charged with raising money 1 spoke to Bob Drabik who is in charge of Development. I had spoken to Mr Drabik two weeks after the South H all incident, to find out the effects of that issue on our fmd raising. At that time we bad about $409,000 towards the million. Development was nrtualiy halted for about a month while r:he issue cooled down, then started .heir campaign anew As of January 14th, $634, 285. 60 has actually been collected, and $60, 000 is expected in pledges which should be collected by February 3rd. Because this total is somewhat less than one million dollars, I asked Mr Drabik whether he thought we would make this challenge. His response 111as a cautious "Yes, I think we'll make it. It's going to be tight, but I feel that if we all pull together and really work at this thing, we can get the money in time." One of the reasons Mr. Drabik is hopeful is the response to the newly announced Gulf Coast Environmental Studies Fund Sice the announceme It at a luncheon Tuesday, $7,500 has been received. Along with the $7,500 area on the grounds of creating problems. You have proclaimed that a city should solve a multitude of problems than peace-keeping. Let the cxity try to solve them then. But if you decide that maybe the city should not try to solve the problems of roads, sewers, bridges, etc, then at least be consistent and advocate an end to road service, sewer service, and bridges for all )...,.,..,.......,.. ....... _....,.. ____________ ....., _____ ......,....,..._. ............. ....... __ ......., ....... .,. i-; the fact that several "potential major givers, "corporations, foundations, There was a court party last Friday night and individuals, were represented at the which was quite a spectacle. Do z ens of New luncheon and nearly all were favorably of Sarasota, including the poor neighborhoods. College freaks dressed up like "greasers" and impressed. Mr. Drabik hopes that some of danced to the music of Elvis, the Shirelles, these "potential major givers" will become 1 do not expect you to adopt a consistent stand one way or the other, though, because of two factors: an anti-capitalist mentality, and an anti-progress mentality. and Chubby Checker. Side events included "major givers" The Proposed $250,000 some well staged switchblade fights and a 'niE NEW COll.EGE ORGAN initial fund to get the program under way, motorcycle invasion. All well executed on the Published weekly by would count toward the Ford Challenge, and whole, And a lot of fun for nearly everone. Students of New College would bring us very close to our goal. The anti-capitalist mentality is evident in the many derisive comments about rich people. Doug writes as if he would deny people who have worked hard to accumulate abo"e-average wealth their right to use their mcney to retire in a s unny land. A lot of fun by outward a ppe arance, but a Sarasota, Florida When talking about money earned it is Subterranean sneer ran through the whole thing. a good idea to compare it with money spent. That was the vibration I picked up. Yes all D avid H. Middleman Jr Editor "The development budget for 171-'72 calls very amusing, and somehow all very nasty, STAFFt for $96 222of which salaries count for $75, 372 too. Well, isn't there so mething nasty about J. Douglas Murphy (for approx. eight people-1 don't remember a lot o f bearded freaks from the sub urb s mbn-Steve J acobson exactly how many, and forgot to ask, -Jake) It is difficult emotionally for many students who have realized that they are not producers that they are living here, tthjoying dope, sex, and some mental gymnastics only because icking the violent city toughs of twenty years Ira H alberstadt :}6 000 f o r travel and hospitality (for others-back? Now I realize that there are some New Doug Stinson little o f the travel and hospitality is for College students who come from places where Leslie Swett our travel ) $2, ()()()fo r phones, $1, 500 the greaser seen': survived, who lived it, rather Delaplaine for office s upplies(Development has t o do Al .... .. site instead of a producer should not be most of the J.ids at the party are now as far re-is raised next year, it wfll COlt Just UDder turned in to a hatred of the producer moved from that way of life as they are from for each dollar, not a bad rate at all for "mo.aey C apitalists have been a convenient scape-life in the Black ghettoes today. So it is not raisers" goat for students lately, who assume that for them to mock, Perhaps I am too harsh, It Meanwhile 1 have to get back to work, America is predominately capitalistic. It may not have been mocking, but a sort of cause Murphy's on my neck again. I'll keep is not. We institute government schooling, nostalgie del! boue, But even I doubt that you posted as the deadline approaches. Onward. then blame their failures on our materialistic those iiitlie world of switch blades (i.e. capitalistic) society. Government would have felt that our little parody of their FOR SAU C.tiEA p! Jake schools are not capitalistic, they are anti-lives was just hannless fun. capitalistic. They are failures. We have Another thought: Had the white students in decreed that the government shall own many some other expensive school chosen to mimic of our lakes and rivers Then we yell a t the style of poor black street kids, and had industry for using government-property staged their gang fights, attempted their ac-as the government allowed The automobile cents and vocabulary, and yes, (why not go industry is blamed for the pervasiveness of all the way) put on black face for a party joke, the automobile, even though government I arn sure that our students would instantly subsidizes half of auto transportation by respond with charges of "bad taste" and 'racist'. providing the roads for free But what would be the difference between such The anti-progress mentality is that which a party and the one held here,? Basically, no-values birds above humans, natural and thinz, else but the fact that the "grea sers are unusable land above land which man of a currently less popular color. molds to suit his life The advocates of The poorer kids of the fifties appear now this mentality choose nature before man, and a generation of Archie Bunkers. And, like in doing so, choose non-existence to existence. Arr'hie, they are mocked, not so much for If nature is to be preserved 'unspoiled', then intolerance and insensitivity, a s for their lack of middle-class education and manners. humanity must die. thE're is a class snobbery at work here, it seems A s a final comment, Doug mentions that and the existance od a "greaser party" proves the City Commission will probably approve that New College students a re not as enlight-The chance of a lifetime! Now you can be the first kid on your block to own a real, l960 Fiat 600. 11,000 miles--it sat on blocks for years, no kidding, new rylugs, ryoints, coil, water ryurno, gas ourno, hoses, etc. etc. 40 long miles to a gallon of cheao gas. $250 until the ryrice goes uo! Contact Doug Murohy rezoning for the Lido Beach development, ened as they think. but that they refused to rezone for low-cost housing for poor people. Don't you see, Doug this isn't Arvida's fault, it's the fault of the can best balance educational excellence with or call 355-6889 PM. city and of all the people who sanctioned city zoning When you see problems ,detennine the the real source, Don't damn the capitalists, and, even more importantly, don't damn human life. They are the two best things for us William B, Conerly Anybody interested in bowling on 'l'huraday at 9:30, Rip Van Winkle Alley, please notify Jan Peabody, Pro Yost's Office, or Marcia Xuap, Ea.t c.-pus. 'rhie will not be league bowling; juet open bowline for learniDg and iaproving. The management of the Snack bar predicts that NEW COll.EGE WllJ. GO TO THE DOGS'.' At last true com petition has come to the N C community. The Snack Bar annowces that the First Annual New College Hot Dog Eating Contest will commence on Thursday, January 20. The winner of the contest wlll be at least $15 richer when the contest ends on January 28 Hot dogs five for a dollar to contestants. Stomach pumping slightly more expensive. In the January 14 issue of the Organ, I was quoted as saying that the ad hoc budget committee is "pushing for a year's delay in the I plan to greatly increase student enrollment, and as feeling "that a year is needed in which a new educational structure can be devised and implemented. I'm afraid that these stat ments will lead to a serious miswderstanding of the purpose of the 5-year projection. It is true that the ad hoc committee is trying to con vince the tfU,$tees to delay any increases in student enrollment. However, the wording of your article suggested that the Educational Policy Committee has adopted an increase hl students for 1973-74 as an accepted fact. I did not intend to give this impression at all. Rather, the purpose of the 5 -year projection is to examine ways in which the college fiscal viability. One possible way means of a:hievmg fiscal viability would be to increase the student-faculty ratio, there is some pressure from the trustess to do just that. However the EPC does not interpret its charge so narrowly as to assume that the increase of student or of the student-faculty ratio will be necessary. The EPC is simply examining every conceivable way of holding down the costs and increasing income so as to reduce the amount to be raised each year by gifts and grants. I only said that J!. it is necessary to increase the student faculty ratio, a year's planning period would be necessary in order to plan and implement a new ed ucational structure. But, such changes will only be recommended if no better way of making New College fiscally sound can be found. Bcyan Norton


4 DIRTY HARRY A IN 1 T NO SUCH THING AS GLEAM FUN "Dirty Harryu Calahan is a cop. An inspector, to be exact. He takes all the cases that no one else wants to touch. When he finishes them with his .44 Magnum, no one would want to even see them. The film dogs the footsteps of Clint Eastwood, as Dirty Harry, as he follows the path of a homicidal maniac called "Scorpio". Scorpio wants San Francisco to give him 1100,000 in return for not killing. But he enjoys it so-much he just can't a girl in a rooftop pool, a policeaan, a 14-year old girl (who, after being raped & having a molar pulled out with a pair of pliers, was left to suffocate in a manhole), a ten-year old black child, and al110at Sarry Calahan. Not even to mention hijacking a schoolbus full of children. Or armed assault of a liquor etore. Well, to sake the story short, Harry takes an intense dislike to Scorpio's telescopic rifle adght and makes the decision to track down the He and his part ner Chico Gonzales go on the hunt. Eventually Scorpio is found in his lair, the etadium groundkeeper's cot tage; but neither the con feee1on nor the r1f1e 1e worth anything in court becau.e Harry while in pursu.i t of justice, overlooked a few fermalitieslike a seaech warrant. Everyone got a good laugh out of that. Scorpio, who had traded a few cracked ribs to Harry for a switch blade wound in the leg, upe his ante to $200 with a schoolbus. Harry won't have any part of the pay-off, instead unofficially drops in on Scorpio and the bus. The upshot of the chase ecene is a dead maniac and an ex-cop. The badge didn't fit any111ore. The movie is fast-paeed and brutal. Most of its "draw" was to watch Clint Eastwood do a slow burn for 90 minutes and fill a little excitement in the meantime. Unfortunately, little was seen of the role of Chico Gonzales, which was good but could have been much larger. John Kernan as the mayor was cast for his piercing blue eyesit certainly couldn't have been for his negligable talent. "Scorpio" was frighteningly well-played by Andy Robinson. There was nothing in the film other than the plot line, which was primarily blood and action, and hate, with a few good one-li&ers thrown in for spice. The photography and scenes were good, but the directing of the bit players was shallow and artificial. Dirty Harry might be an exci ting way to spend an evening, if there isn't a cock-fight going on somewhere else. Dennis Saver Columns Record: RUDY THE FOURTH Sometiaes I buy a record album for the sheer easochiBII of it--especially if someone else is paying and I can afford to take chances. Such was the case with Rudy .!!!!, Fourth. I was shuffling through the stacks and came upon an album with a pretty-boy face on it, all draped in furs, turn it over and thete site this other fella pickin' at a steel slide guitar. I'm a sucker for slide guitar; I .. more of a sucker for old faces fro the past. In thia case the pretty face was Ricky Nelson. Now known as Nelson, please. What can one about Rick Nelson? He was a superstar of sorts, and his f11.110us daddy's 'r'l abov was the beginning of the Monkees, the fol"'lats of The Partridge Family and My Three Sons with Guitars. ADd dig, you always felt the Melsons were for Real, the All-American Family Success. And in my IIUCh younger days, with hair slicked back and an honest-to-god Black Leather Jacket that was always too clean, I would sneak into dances down at the volunteer fire department on Friday nights and listen to the records of Ricky singing things "TraYe11:1n' Man" and other famous tunee I can't remember at the moment. An influential force in my life, that dude. How could I pass hi up now? And the album isn't that bad. Its divided up into three kinds of songs, nice thumpy AM material bubblegua that's Reviews kinda nice; attempts at good ol' barrelhouse rock and roll, that usually fails miserably (moat notably Rick's version of Hanky Tonk Woman) except for This Train, where the riff is stO:ren-verbatim from the Bad finger No Dice album and last but not-reast, slicked-down, very mellow Hollywood Country, with that beautiful slide guitar. Included in this group is Rick's AM hit vereion o! Dylan's Love Minus Zero, which ia tine, and a nice quiet workout on Just Like A Woman. An i.nforraed infor118.1lt of aine inforaa ae that Riek(y) Nelson hae been putting out three hits a year since I last heard himI don't think anyone else baa heard hia either. So lets ca11 this albua part of his "c011eback11 along with a.a albu. he put out laat year, with aostly the aaae songs on it. Unlike Dion (who used to do us in with the who his coaeback singing dirgee for assasined Kennedie, Ricky comes back kind of pleasaDt, kind of raellow, kind of nice. Especially with that slide guitar. He looks like he hasn't aged much. Hi a hair, of course, is longer and nope down, like Leon Russell who used to back him up on TV. This, I fear, has to be expected, like the of TOnk bas to be expected. Even Rick Nelson must bow to the Times, probably with a little help frora Ozzie, who must be approaching Social Security Days. In any event, a pleasant diversion. and one hopes for more someday. Especially ia someone else is paying for it. NOW SHOWING 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-10:00

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