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The New College Organ (Number Fourteen)
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New College of Florida
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February 14, 1972


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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THE NEW COLLEGE PUBLISHED BI STUDI!liTS OF NEI COLLEGE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE JIEI COLLEGE COMiUKITY Recycle This Paper .... Eat It Number Fourteen February 14, 19?2 RGAN Reorganizatio n The Off. Campus Study Office would like to draw student attention to a n_umb?r of programs. This partial. list Chuck Derrick recently sent a memo to a of programs which ]1m Feeney feels are particularly mterest ing. Some have only recently become available; others havefew COIIIIIIi ttees concermng reorganization albeen around awhile but have not been taken advantage of to ternatives. The memo is concerned largely any sgreatalextent.rtun"ti 1 th f th 1 with Derrick 1 s office, but also talks about ever oppo 1 es mvo ve e use o e aw as an instrument of oocial change. One of these is the preTrial a broad range of things. Mr. Derrick has a Justice Program sponoored by the American Friends Service greed to allow the Organ to print his text in Committee. It was originate_d by a Berkeley-trained lawyer the interest of initiating useful discussion. and seeks to answer the question, "What happens to the poor en route to trial?" It attempts to learn what happens, and to do oomething to oolve problems. Another program involved in law is the U. s. Commission on Civil Rights; this is a government-created agency, but it operates on an independent basis. A third program in law is based in Philadelphia. A stu dent may work with law enforcement officials or with the public pros ecutors, or with defense attourneys. There are two particular lobbying opportunities open to students. One is a group lobbying l"or educational reform; another is puShing for ecological legislation. Political work is avlilable both in registering voters and candidates for the Electoral College. Students may aloo ob tain work with the political candidate of their choice. Those with anthropological and oociological inclinations -------------------------might be interested in working with Indians in Guatemala. Within the next day or so, another piece of that infamous New College junk mail will appear in your mailbox. With one exception,, This is important, The New College Examiners office is conducting a survey of the entire com munity to determine the viability of the academic structure. The data collected will have a great impact on educational Policy decisions and the Five Year Plan. Unless a very sizable majority of the students respond the data will carry little weight, and the whole area of student opinion will be back open to speculation. This program is oriented both to research and to serving these people. There are programs for work in the biological and oocial aspects of ecology. One of these is in a setting of planned corporative development, in Columbia, Maryland. The other is in a .less controlled setting, at the South Naples edge of the Everglades. A wide variety of research is possible at the Smithsonian Institution. These range from traditional art to pop culture; from art history to natural history; and in the natural sciences from field botany to the use of oophisticated equipment in the M.alysis of museum specimens. One of the exciting programs is a cross-cultural one called InterFuture. In this program the student focuses on SEC The Bm met Wednesday night9 with all aecbers present except David Go1dman9 who is out o o The discussion for the earl.)" part of the meeting revolved around the possibility of electing student representatives to the SASC on a yearly basis, rather than eYery term as is current practice. oome facet of international relations and looks at this in several different Experts in the academic and politica sides of international relations are availe.ble to the student in these co,tmtries. These are oome programs which are open to students here. For more information on thes-reand other programs, visit your frlendlv Offpus Study Office :soon. P. S. This week nat:ural science students rece;ved list of otf-campus study <><>pportunitie:s of particular inter est to pre-medical students. -H you would like to recieve one of these and did not, stop by the Off-Campus Study Office ooon to get one and put J.COUl' name on the list. The main reason the faculty members of The remainder of the meeting was devoted the SASC asked for this change, was so that to discussion of a proposal by Ralph Colb, the students wouldn't have to come in cold that a referendum be held by the SEC to get and learn what's going on, slowing down the somefeeling of student opinion on certain committee and reducing its efficiency and issues. Ralph wants to know what issues the effectiveness. The faculty members feel student body is most concerned with, in order that the students as well as the faculty to know where to put his energies. should be elected for one year. There were serious doubts raised as to Several objections were seen to this the legitimacy of any voting held at the end plan. First, the students would have to of the term, as this would be, and to the be sure that they had time to serve, and fairness of a referendum that asks that they would have for the whole yes/no responeesto 'ueet16na on specific year. It vas pointed out that few studeuts isSQ88. It was felt that any such responses have plans completed for a whole would be too open to interpretation to have advance. any validity. Second, it was brought up that, unlike It was finally 110ved and voted that a ost of other committees in the school, pre-referendum poll be held to determine the SASC really does require a considerable certain issues which draw the most response. amount of time and effort. It is usually These issues will then be dealt with aore difficult to find stuclents who want to serve thoroughly in the actual referend11111 with for more than one term. Yarious alternatives offered to each of the The possibilities were raised that the proposals, rather than just checking a box students Bight better be elected for two yes or no. terms, or two terms but elect each of the (A meeting was held late Thursday night three students during a different ter., so to discuss the possibility of simply hold-that there wouldn't be a sudden change in ing the referendum. A loophole was found the entire student representation to the in the Constitution which allows a refercoamittee. endum to be held if one third of the student After considerable discussion, the body sign a petition requesting it. If the question was tabled unanimously until the referendum is actually held, and a majority Election Supervisory Collllllittee could explorflof those voting are in favor, the proposal the problem further. apparently becomes SEC policy. I unforSheila Roher suggested that in order tunately, unable to attend the meeting, and to improve communication between the divi-haYe not had any communication with anybody sions and the SEC, the student representa who vas at the meeting, and therefore do tives to the divisions should be asked to not know if petitions will be circulated and report to the SEC meetings. They will be the attempt de to utilize this opening asked. for student initiative. We'll see.) Jim Cohn announced that Mr. Estep is If the poll and referendUII are held as looking for students to serve on a food the SEC Yoted, they should be under YaJ by committee, to help plan menus. Apparently the end of next week. If the other aetho4 various students have served in similar is tried, it should be happening 1 ediatel;r. positions at variCJllB tilles, but thay Guest extensions were granted until inYariably quit after a few weeks. He the next SEC meeting to two people, who must would like somebody to serve on a ca..ittee appear at that time. for a whole term. The meeting adjourned at about 7:10. Recommended Organizational Pattern For Academic Year 1972-73 L Move responsibility for Security from Student Ser vices to Physicd Plant. Responsibility for the establishment and enforcement of parking regulations should also be accepted by the Physical Plant as 1-hey have a staff of sizable proportions and are interested in this operation, 2. Maintain Services Office as an auxilary arm of the Busmess Off1ce for the purpose of performing the following functions: a. Student Emergency Loans b. Transportation c Linen Service d. Housing assignments and room changes key distribution e. housing records f. Supervise re::eption desk g. Supervise list of guest-book and sign-out book h Reserve guest rooms i. Send out entering students mailings j. Plan graduation ceremonies k. Maintain a liaison with food service D & T Storage, Blue. Cross l. Handle student emplyment--on and off campus m. Budget control of 550--Student Services Hope Austin is more than capable of performing these ftmctions as a Director of Student Services answering directly to the Business Manager. She is obviously capable of handling her own secreterial ftmctions as needed. Her office could be maintained in its current location for the con venience of students. Funds to cover the cost of part-time student secretarial assistance can easily be absorbed from the current budget of this office. 3 The Director of Counseling should accept respon- sibility for. 'the Orientation Pr-ogram f'oJ:" 'llus will enable the counselors t-o mill

2 Editorials, Letters, ( same as Baez?). So the venture i s probably financed by some rich Texan, even though Douglass claims he pays the tab, without need to solicit funds. As a ............................................ ..................................... comedy routine, the Douglass tape is unique Dear Mr. Middleman, Sometimes he spoils it by trying to sound Po r I 0 rand SURVIVING SARASOI'A is a good idea, factual. but usually i t is good for a few Murphy seems to have a distinct voice. chucklea. Hog ONE MORE TIME In last week's Organ, a piece entitled 11EIIergency11 It was written with typical flare by Doug Murphy, and vas based But I think the New College Community If Murphy wants to do a workman-like could benefit by a less witless POV--if job on the Emergency Room, he should go the Cultural Center and Emergency install-there about ten p.m. on some warm, rainy mente are intended as guideposts rather Saturday night in late August and stay than parody. there until four a.m. and watch some very I took note of Ms Bell's objections busy staff process an average two tons of to the Culture Column. I care to carp on bloody meat that comes moaning in with a more fundamental posture displayed by hunks of chrome, steel and plastic imbedded Murphy. in the mess. After twenty years in the area, while The ORGAN is spritely. Mostly, it upon a situation Mr. Murphy found himself in a few months back. It quite obviously vas aDremaining reasonabl,alert, I have never works. But the naivete of Murphy needs indictent upon something. In this week's Organ, one can find a piece written by John D. MacDonald, a piece found that group of jackass folk (good, correction, direction or deletion. There liberal, weal thy) which Murphy appears to is no such a thing as an excuse on grounds proclaim typical of the area. By the same of murky vision when one takes public token, after an eight year association space in a public sheet. with New College, I have never found that I quote his deathless line: "God offered by a friend of the college by way of mob of dirty wild-eyed stoned hippy-yippy help anyone who has to go to Sarasota rebuttal. Mr. MacDonald takes exception to types which the ignorant folk who hate Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room." youth and mistmwt education believe is God help anyone who takes "Surviving Hr. Murphy's presentation of Sarasota doctorftypical of the student body. Sarasota" as anything other than another and talks of Mr. Murphy's 11fantasy." It is our usual editorial policy to belabor points or rebutt rebuttals; however, the subject aatter treated is pretty important and needs clarification. What I want to say is there are boobs exercise, in another direction, of the and slobs, saints and clowns, the aware same kind of humor we get from Bill and the unaware, the strivers and the list-Douglass. less, gamesmen and victims in everz cate-Best of luck, John D. MacDonald gory of the human animal, regardless of age, race, bank balance, degree of literacy or previous condition of servitude. And Other Stuff Responsible journalism (what a deadly If one thing pervades New College, it is a lack of clear Apparently, Hr. MacDonald failed to ade phrase 1 ) requires that people be written cut roles. This n on-thread is woven, n ot onl y through the student body and faculty, but through the administration as quately grasp Hr. Murphy's point. True, Mr. about as individuals, with care, percep-well. tion and understanding. (a la Breslin, What does the Provost do? What will th a t Office be in Murphy took soate pot-&hots at doctors. Yet, Wolfe, Portis, Schaap, Talese, Lipsyte, t11e future? It seem s to depend mostly on the man and the ) circumstances. his main intereet vas in effectively describ-Mok Creating an imaginary group of people Cha r les L yons i s v ery willing to discuss e w College as an extension of one 1 s personal myths issues and will probabl y g ive you more details than you want, ing a situation he found himself in some time and fantasies about an entire class, and w h ich i s too bad New College needs all the information it can get. back--and describe that situation Hr. MurphJ then zapping them vi th relish is not only As to what the office of Provost is ... a squalid kind of journalism, it is also I t is concerned with the developments and maintanance of abrim and abubble vi th the same kind of the aca demic program. T hat's a broad subject and includes everything from long range planning to eyery day nitty-gritty ignorance and hate which lumps all students B ecause of th i s The future of the office depends a lot into a quite similar kind of fantasy. on the man in the chai r Dr. DeMott's contract reads a like Quite simply it is anti-life and anti-love "What you would dean"_. Howe':er did. The situation described in "Emergency" is anything but fantasy. It happens every the Provost generally has Junsdiction over anythmg that l.S day. It is not a situation that is unco1111on And ul t1.mate ly very boring. not someone else's job and no one else can be found to do it. In D4ERGENCY ve see a slightl:J -ore ID order to Dr. DeMott a "bre -in period" and t aot et situation that i s unnoti ced by those contasieB about the environment. He sees :t':!ed a: an "educational consul !:ant." fu this capacity, w h a t he wants t o see: a f a t r i c h community; hewillbedroppinginonandoffthroughouttheyear. (He cerned with running a hospital. I t is, how-( H e should just drive around i t some day, w ill b e on campus tltis weekend.) I asked Dr Lyons if this was a paid position H e was f a ir l y sure his tran s p ortation ever, a situation that by and large receives or walk, or cycle); a place where only the was being p aid for, but he wasn't sure if he was being given rich can get medical attention; a horrid an Honor arimn. indifference in the emergency area And Starting in the fall, Dr. DeM ott becomes part-time all the doctors take all this time off and Provost, Dr Lyons explained. Originally, Dr. DeMott was going to take a Sabbatical leave from Amherst to write little attention by those concerned admini-strators. resent being called in off the golf couree a book. When the opportunity to work at New College arose, Mr. MacDonald correctly identifies a to tend to a dying patient... he wanted to take it. However, the material in his book would quickly go out of date, leaving him torn between problem in Hr. Murphy 8 analysis: The quesMy great cry of outrage is spelled Ho two desires. tion of how much golf a doctor plays bears Hum. The arrangement was finally made whereby DeMott will little on the goings-on in an emergency room. It is not, Wow, Real Life 1 It is a work at NC for two weeks and then take a week off to work on his book. Supposedly, he will be paid on this basis, An emergency room (a hospital) is, after all, funny kind of warped editorializing t a Presmnably after next year he will be resigning from Amherst a mechanism of health service delivery, this personal vi:v of a Dirty, Rotten, Unfair, deli verv being a result of hospital structure Sordid, Indl.fferent, Stinking Society which yYelealso went mto _a discUSS1on of the Summer Session: J A vub Summer SeSSion has been suggested as a way of mand policy. exists largely in the mnd of the columnist. creasing income without adding too many expenses. The Hr. Murphy correctly identified the prob I am no apologist for the AMA. There New College Summer Program for this year is "99% sure." lem his analysis was J'ust a little off Hr are to belabor the obvious good doctors that is necessary is for 10-12 to a course wtth a faculty member. In addition students outside NC are MacDonald gives no indication of his recogni-and bad doctors, stupid doctorB and bright being sought. A brochure is being printed and should be tion of the problem--we will therefore as-doctors, selfish doctors and unselfish back from the printers within a few days. ti doctors Approximately 16 courses are listed, some of which are sume recogDl. on. fallacious that is a faculty member has agreed to "one or Al5 to the relationship of socio-economic Some very damned good friends of mine the od1er.'" Both are listed, the one with the larger turnout status to health service received at Sarasota who once practised medicine here are nov will be offered. summer program will for a full M ial H tal uld ask a question or safely underground at an untimel v age term. be on the west Slde of campus emor Ospl. t we wo J and no dm pg service will be offered. two: Are we to believe that poor non-whites They did not get done in by an errant golf-On the issue of scholarship Lyons stated that scholarships get better faster treatment than do well-ball, or back-swing. They folded up be-would be offered on the same basis as any other term. If a ff hit And f general policy cause they hasi worked too hard for too long student receives his scholarship from an unusual source this o V es W 0 money may be a problem. Although "This will cause prob-the Hill-Burton Act? taking on all c?mers, regardless of pocket-lems for Simcoe" Lyons was sure it coud be worked out. A problem does exist. It exists as a book. And I can name a lot of them who A new possibility is the rental of facilities to "Scholars result of the hospital policies concerning are going to go the same route, because University, Inc. 11, a which w.ishes to gra?uate th h th degrees to people who wish to continue thett education. The staff, insurance, and econolllics. Hopefully ey ave e same errie conviction that most attractive aspect of this proposal is that it could bring Hr. Murphy not sue us for plagiarism they signed up in order to treat the sick. in between $40,000 and $70, ooo per year. "Eno llgh to take when we label this problem "DIERGENCY All doc tors seem to die relatively poor care of _all faculty raises and still be able to buy some of DHM anyway, because if they are any good at ::. the Natural Schnces division has been asking USHERS NEEDED at Asolo state theater. Call the Business Office 355-7115 ==See the performances FREE I == 'THE NEW COllEGE ORGAN Weekly by Studellts of N e w Sar:;sota, Fla. D a v1d H Middiemw, Jr. E.ditOT STAFF: D C h< ::.wert ::>oug Stms<:'J L"r, .. r: A rm(:D Sher: Mcindoe Stev J, Jeff Chantw Doug J v1urpby making money they are notoriously gullible The problem is that no matter how careful you are you about investing it. can't separate them from the New College name should they T fi 1 h thi ff I turn out to be academically t.m.desirable. "If they were a 0 n S s 0 t comment on non-academic group we would have no hesisation at all 11 Doctor Douglass only to indicate the The college has seen Scholars University's information quality of observation involved. He is sheets, permits and incorporation papers and "a stack of not a "thin little 118.D". He is not "the applications" from faculty who wish to work for them. Since they are brand new Charles Lyons admits "this is proman beh1.nd the telephone tape Let Freedom bably an we can go on. Ring 1 He claims to be the fellow in full Scholars University originally requested use of our charge of Let Freedom Ring. He claims this library .. As time progressed they made and office space, and perhaps donn room and dinmg facilities. openly and publicly. It is his voice you They expect older people, mostly married, and in this hear, all over the country. God only respect the New College facilities are ideal. knows who is behind it. It used to be The thing discussed was. the proposed Administrative Reorganuation, ThiS has been an lDlOrtant topic at the available in over a hundred cities. So trustee's meetings. Dr. Lyons was not able to attend the the absolute lllinimum annual cost would meeting at which this was discussed but he was sure it was be one hundred thou. Douglass can't "still up in the air. Lyons next year? "I don't think there is any position afford that kind of bread, even though. for me here after this year." at one time, according to a news story, he was refusing to pay his income taxes


3 surviving sarasota Do1lg Mwpby The Renaissance Fair is comin_g soonl It is only a week DOW until the first gathering around the bonfires that begins the day and a half celebration and street Sensitive Questions Dear Editor Middleman: Since it is hoped that eYeryone will Scurvy Davey: be wearing Renaissance-type clothing, a Little Nephew, gala sewing and dyeing bee will be held I am very mcuh concerned that I was able to enter the OrSat. Feb. 19 in the Palm Court. It is gan office at approximately 1230 avy time without the use of hoped that sewing machine owners will my trustee key. This a dangerous breach of National Security volunteer their machines for the event--and should not happen in the future. Perhaps you are in the electricitv and extention cords will be building. Perhaps in the little boy's room? I am here to inform you that I am drained and have nothing provided. Unbleached muslin will be availto offer you this week in the way of one of my controversial and able (for a small donation) and several libelous columns. 1 will b AM This unholy suspicious situation became clear to me at 0400 co ered dyes be avail a le at lo: oo this moming, as I tipple-typed away not so merrily in the quiet for dyeing. (Muslin also takes ink, paint, of mine home, working feverishly on my Great American Novel magic marker, crayon, etc. ) Sewing will after being so inspired by our conversation of a couple days ago. begin at 1:00 PM. Thread, ideas, some This was, of course, the second night in a row, and the Great American Novel is not happening. At this moment in my life I patterns, and much assistance will be around. took it upon myself to attempt this week's ss and after three Please bring your own scissors. pages discovered, much to my glee and horror, that what I was Decorations for the Fair require bells, writing was Clearly Libelous, without the need for any of Mr. Lindsey's advice, and I threw it away, in the hopes that no one tarps, parachutes, banners, and other was reading over my shoulder and that neither you nor I would Renaissance-type hangings (bedspreads,etc. ). find our seats in the pokey. ktd so it goes. A willi t t il 1 t I have severe doubts that I will survive the afternoon. I nyone ng 0 emporar Y vo un eer have no bourbon and the toilet finally gave up the ghost. There any of these commodities should put his is nothing to take it out of a man quite like relieving himself in name on them (if he wants them back) and the fish pond in the full clear light of day. deposit them at the Hamil ton Center Desk. Thus I wish you all the luck in the world with your crusading, hard-hitting journal of popular opinion. But it is likely that 1 Anyone interesyed in helping with dec ora-will have nothing for you tonight. It is likely that I won't even tiona should contact Diana Ross, Kenna be in town. I intend to rob the Bank and Ye Grog Shoppe now, Murray or Mark Caulkins. and in that order, then to flee into the night with my wife, life, S b f h Sar C t and assorted booty. It will make ;n. interesting column for next ome mem ers o t e asota OIIIDIUIU y week. are being asked to set up booths for the In the spirit of sobriety and absolute exhaustion I remain, Fair. The Fair will be publicized in all Y ou.r Uncle Doug Lee Snyder the local newspapers inviting the public to bring food to share, wear Renaissance type clothing, and join in the spontaneity of the Saturday Fair from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. It's going to happen! We would like to thank those students and faculty who came out to our open hearing on Educational Priorities. It was a crowded and meeting serving a useful function, and yet in some ways it prfoduced more heat than light. To oppose required courses and increasing structure is fine, but the working paper did not propose either, nor did HEY, you lucky faculty you can lunch for free in the dining room aow Eat it up! I believe that the working paper defends personalized education in a way that is both defensible and challenging, by seeing it as a key method to a larger educational goal, the generation of 11useful knowledge" Many have found this term To the New College Community: Richard Nelson's election to the Board of Trustees of this institution is a direct insult to ;n.y member of this community who is at all concerned with sodial justice and/ or civil liberties. The choice of this man, one who has clashed with New College students and faculty on several occasions, seems to indicate that our governing body is more concerned with property than with people. Two instances where Mr. Nelson and members of this community have clashed should be sufficient to show where his priorities differ from ours. The first instance con1:ems the stq> and frisk law which Mr. Nelson drafted for Sarasot. County. The law, which allegedly pertained only to drugs, 'wc;>uld aUA:m county law official to stop and it propose trying to force students into some educational mold against their will. The spirit of the working paper was very of maximizing student freedom difficult and terminolo iiid t!Ye question in dil!i-ance was so loosely worclnf ("Odaet-Ulegal matel'fel ft. eed gaYe a very strong endorsement to cussing educ tio 1 1 b t th or substance" was tacked on) that such illegal materials as a na goa 8 t u e working pomo..,..,phy and bolita tickea were within its scope. It is keeping or even improving the present low paper does not -ggest th t t o-..... a u s erm no wonder that the opposition, descn"bed in the press as in-student-faculty ratio, the backbone of "useful" should become a sacred word. Yes, eluding a contingent of New College students and professors, personalized education, but it argued all knowledge is useful and valuable in viewed the law as "an instrument whereby innocent persoDS th 1 i fi t f 1 d who pethaps wore long hair or beards, or were black, could at some c ar ca l.on 0 goa s an some some sense t and yet is there not also a be harrassed. One New College faculty member noted that improvement of structure could do this meaningful distinction between humane the County Ordinace would bestow greater power on the law even better than is presently being done. knowledge as opposed to inhumane liberatin officers th;n. the u.s. Congress bestowed on If i t t 11 1 d ith th t t k @milituy base commanders. Mr. Nelson urged these objectors one s o a Y P ease w e s a us now ledge as opposed to indoctrl.nation, to consider the public rights that were also involved. In this quo then one should oppose the working crucial knowledge that enriches our life inmnce the public right involved "the Constitutional right paper, but is it not within the spirit of as opposed to lifeless knowledge that to b-: from the sale of argued N C 11 t gge t th t h e h ? conSideration mould be "placed m Jusl: as htgh a Constitutional ew o ege o su s a c anges ar over our eads. While precise perspective as individual rights. Yet Mr. Nelson refused to appropriate and improvement possible? tion is difficult I believe this positively state that the Supreme Court would find the law There are many valid objections to revising is a useful distinction that most student Constitutional. But perhaps that's merely an academic s concem. the calendar as suggested and I have some and faculty will recognize. Some faculty The second instance involves sub-standard housing in Sara-reservations of f'IlY ovn, but I do not be:.. and some students do and will contribute sota County. As we leamed all to well last year, these struclieve that the proposed educational prior-to the expansion. of knowledge but th tures can be quite hazardous. But in this instance where pro' e perty owners are concerned, Mr. Nelson has urged the County i ties rise or fall on that issue. Few main function of an undergraduate college Commissioners to "cautipusly approach" these matters became solid objections were raised to the other is to seek that insight which enables once a warrant is out, a stigma of guilt will always proposed changes, one of which, the knowledge to contribute to the in remain. He declared that it would be easier for a private cit-grow g izen to swear out the warrant, But this is obviously the job of development of learnill@"-living communes, maturity of individual students. It is the the county Government. The county pays an Inspector to if carefully developed, seems to me to encounter between knowledge and experience consemn houses. Apparently Mr. Nelson thinks more of the be the only suggestion now available for thought and action that is crucial On than he does of students blacks. I haven't found e any public pronouncements ex:pressmg concern at the herrasseseaping from a course-oriented pattern might argue that all colleges do this, ment we may be subjected to by the step and frisk ordinance. of education. While I believe we have but all do not do it well. I am arguing I take it as an insult that Mr. Nelson was chosen to govem many go d C es at Ne .... C lle e and many th t lf this institution and represent it to the outside world. I don't o ours .. o g a we must be 110re se -conscious about see how an "innovative" institution can even pretend to be so students learn much through them, I also this process, that it can no longer be when it is govemed by men like Mr. Nelson. For this school believe we have room for a different taken for granted as an automatic process to function with the slightest degree of integrity, Mr. Nelson approach and I hear many students searching that happens whenever students enter class-must be removed from our Board. I don't know how one secures the removal of a member of the Bo1rd. But I'm sure that those for just such an alternative. rooms, and I am arguing that the kinds of who were clever enough to put him on can find a way. But I sincerely believe that the educa-insights about their cultural heritage, 1 they won't do it without pressure, and a lot of it, from you. tional priori ties suggested in the working their present day society their natural .t;.ny members of this community with similar an the 1ssue can contact me personally or by way of post off1ce box paper favor human learning over technical, environment and their inner creativity #373. favor liberating study over regimentation that make knowledge coae alive for our or propaganda, and do not demand that every students might well do the same for large student must become a social worker or numbers of people in our society who could political activist or anything else. I be living better lives and visa versa, that also believe that they call for an even the kind of insight that helps many people greater stress on excellence than we have live a more humane life in our inhumane on community and that they undergird and world might also prove to be significant strengthen our dedication to personalized for many of our students. Such a concern' education within financial limitations. does not mean that everyone must accept The fact remains that no educational re-the same insights nor does it force any form can be long sustained on the basis student to travel the same route as every of methodological considerations alone. other student. Each individual must still To argue for personalized education as an find his own insight, his own "useful end in itself, is merely to argue for knowledge", and yet at the same time is it special privilege and a comfortable vested 1not foolish to think everyone must start interest, something that might be sustained over again from scratch and to deny that for awhile but will inevitably lead to the pursuit of insight is easier when we complacency, deterioration and the demise find encouragement and support from the of New College as a center of new ideas. experience and insight of others? I be-Donald K. Richards lieve that just such a concern can be the educational focus of this college, that if approached imaginatively it can have great significance for our students and faculty and for our society at large. Some will profit by rejecting the insights that others prize; some will contribute most by pursuing traditional research without regard to its consequences. I do not believe that the working paper rules out either of these alterna ;ivee vhile at the same time suggests a educational focus to guide our planning. Clearly in the end issues of this type should be decided by rational analysis and persuasive argument. We hope that many more will enter the dialogue.


4 -cjhGAN' Saver: FLICKS (interpretation) Johnny Got His Gun Will you get Yours? He wasn't, though. Joe "awakens" to from a strike that came too fast to grab a nightmare in which he has no way of com-before it took the rod with it. municating that he is more than a slab of After years on (what's left of) his meat. He discovers that he has no arms he back, under a sheet-tent, Joe discovers a could wave to them with, no lege he could way in which he can colllllunicate: tapping walk away on, no voice to shout that he is his head on the pillow in Morse code. All alive, and no eyes to see who has done this he gets for it is sedatives (spastic muscle to him. It doesn't have be Joe, it action, which can have no meaning, should could be any G.I., in any war, in any coun-be treated with a sedative) for another try and that is what is so frighteningly year. Joe's nurse (warmly acted by Diane brutal. Varsi) thinks there is life in Joe and Alone with his thoughts, quite alone, brings in the general and his entourage to In the neighborhood of fifty years ago it becomes difficult (and even painful) to see him. One of the men discovers that the Dalton Trumbo wrote a book called Johnny separate reality from dreams. His "real" 11Spasms11 are, in fact, Morse code. Against Got His Gun. Had you been around, you can tell him little more than if it the steady tatoo of S.o.s., faces pale with probably-wouldn't have seen it, though. is night or day (by feeling the sun on his the realization of what had been done to I t was suppressed for a long time by some forehead) or if someone is in the room this patient. Tapping on his forehead, people who didn't like what it said. How-(vibrations of footsteps); it is, as shown, they ask Joe what he would like. He knows ever, things have changed in Liberal Ameri-bleak--in black and white. an-rhe other exactly what he wants: to earn his own ca, and Trumbo has been able to publicize hand, his dreams and memories are much keep by being put on display in a carnival his thoughts, even to the extent of making morevivid, more varied, more exciting, and freak show so that the people can see him. and directing a movie in That Grand Ameri-actually more present than the present. Oh, he's just excited, imagine what he's can Tradition. I think that it is unfor' They, in contrast to the hospital scenes been through, he can't mean it. if tunate, but inevitable, that John.ny Got His and the drabness of Joe's "real" existance, there's anything else. Yes, ther is: if Gun must be cheapened by modern advertising are depicted in the bright colors of life. I can't do that then kill me. Kill me. come-ons, such as the misleading captions He has a dreamed discussion with Jesus (a Kill me. Kill me. Kill me Hes been in the ad appearing in last seek's Organ very strange Christ figure by a bearded under a strain; we can't do that; tell about "Only one nildlt for love!" and "The Donald Sutherland) in which they endeavor him we'll do what we can (kill ae, kill me, Jesus people that never saved!" to find a means of distinguishing waking kill me, kill me ). Father, can't you But if the promotion didn't turn you from dreaming, ending, without success, tell him something? No, I refuse to match off, the film would soon prove to be much while Jesus, the carpenter, signs a receipt his faith against your stupidity (kill me, more than you were led tosuspect. It is for a truckfull of anonymous white crosses. kill me, kill melll). an extremely well-done, extremely effective Finally, Christ tells him: "Perhaps it It would, of course, be a terrible statement of what it can mean to "make the would be better for you to go away now. thing to exhibit Joe to the people, to let world safe for de ocracy." Joe (Timothy You're a very unlucky young man and somethem see the benefits of war: the triumphs Bottoms) left behind his sweetheart (Kathy times i_! rubs off .. of a world for democracy. So, from now on, Fields as Corrine), his widowed mother He remembers talks he had with hie even the shutters will be kept closed. (Marsha Hunt), and the memory of his gently father as a young boy. Questioned with No one is to ever say enything about Joe. cynical father (Jason Robards) to fight for "What is democracy?" the father replies NOwhe will really be forgotten; he is too You and Me. He was hit in a shell blast; with a half-smile, "Well, I was never too dangerous. Damned inconvenient. What can he lost all four limbs, his face between clear on it myself it has something to do be done with a paraplegic bomb in a name his throat and forehead, his eardrums, and with young men killing each other." His less country which could affect the mili-(the doctors thought) his cerebrum, the father (a fantastic portrayl--probably the tary around the world? conscious part of the mind. But the medul-best acting in the film) has lead a "small" Eighty million dead in wars since la (controls the autonomic body functions) life; he has been able to do everything WWI. One hundred and fifty million was untouched, and the doctors decided to but make money, which means, in a capitalietwounded. Johnny got hie gun. Will you? "save" his life to learn from him in order "demoeracy" that he baa not been a success./ ABC' to help others: an experiment in medicine The only thing which sets him apart from $ N f X T which would be justifiable only because other men is his fishing pole--the best in he would not be sentient but, rather, a the world, with laquer that came from China. College students boycotted Wal-complete vegetable and, for all practical Ten years later Joe will lose that pole green s in the Gulfgate Mall last Saturday. purposes, dead. By Tuesday, Walgreen's had agreed to remove the boycotted wines from al1 stores to the other, periodically flashing a l.i.ght in central florida.. The boycott continues. Dear Dave: in the direction of the East Campus so stu-The Sarasota boycott support group vill leaflet and picket the ABC liquor store, Contrary to the recent remarks in The dents at Hamilton Center can recognize his 2283 Ringling Blvd., Saturday, February 19. Organ, the College Administration is defin-presence. Students on either campus who Transportation to the store will depart the front of Hamilton Center at 8 and 11 A.M. wish to cross US 41 may request the proc-and at 2, 5, and 8 P.M. and will return to itely interested in and concerned with the security of students, and has periodic tor's help at any time. If for some reason New College at the end of each three-hour shift. All persons who support the migrant a proctor is not available for escort ser-grape-picker in his struggle for union improvements in the security system in ac-cordance with student Efforts have been made to eradicate the occurance of reported rape on the NC campus during the past 3 years. Examples include the doubling of our professional security force, the utilization of a new walkie-talkie system as well as installment of a pay telephone booth outside the snack bar to eliminate the need for students to use the pay booth on Rte 41. Historically, the most dangerous area of the campus has been in the vicinity of the Art Barracks. The lighting in this area alone was increased by 20 times its original capacity early the beginning of this academic year. During the past 3 years, lights have been installed in many areas of the campus in answer to student requests. As published in the February 10 issue of This Week, a night-time escort system to improve campus security has been instituted. At 9 and 11 P.M., seven nights a week, an NC proctor leaves the steps of the Library to escort students as far as Bayshore Road. He then remains near the main gate of West Campus to observe students who wish to cross from one campus vice, students are advised to travel in representation and a decent life are urged to join in this action. Persons who can provide transportation for one or more of the shifts contact Pam Albright. groups, at night, for additional security. New College coeds are advised NOT to walk alone at night or to hitch-hike, and to lobby for strict improvement and en-forcement of the guest regulations. Security complaints and suggestions Migrant grape-pickers in the Napa Valley, California, have voted decisively to have the United Farmworkers as their union. Nine wine companies, however, refuse to recognize their union and have fired workers active in the unionizing effort. The United Farmworkers Organizing should be directed to the Student Services Committee (U.F.w.o.c.) has declared a Office. Respectfully, Charles s. Derrick Director--Office of nationwide boycott of all retailers of these nine wines: Wente Bros., Weibel, Sebasti ani, Krug, Korbel, Kornell, Beringer, Mondavi, and Louis Martini to force them to take the wines off their shelves. This will put pressure on the winegrowers to Student Services listen to their workers and recognize their elected Union. From Red China Comes The First Film in 25 Years! ''REPOR F OM COMMU 1ST CHINA'' IN EASTMAN COLOR Narrated By Richard Linde NEW YORK TIMES "Urgetttly Wortlt seeing" SEELOS ANGELES TIMES "Invaluable and Sobering" NEW YORK NEWS "Hits witlt The People's Communes The Changing Villages The Industrial Cities and the Workers The Schools and the Children's Care Centers TEATRO THEATRI Starts Today Films from Around the World U.S. 41 N. ot llrd -Ph. 355-9011 PAPERS TYPED Judie T yrrell Rm 208 Box 490 Will allD sub H milton Center desk THE REliGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS (QUAKERS) will hold Meeting for Worship at 11 a m in College Hall on New College Campus 11:15 Children's cla$$ 10 A. M, Adult Study Group will continue the discussion of Quaker Education--Mimi McAdoo leading ew College people welcome to all or any part of the program.

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