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The New College Organ (Issue Number 12)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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February 4, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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s 0 .c: e. THE NEW tttUttt F.\ft:I.T\' FOtt,t ,s, .. : '?I. E v.v By Dan Chamb hss COLLEGE Last Wednesday saw a flurry of activity on the New College campw. To the intrepid newsmen of the Organ staff, though, even the trauma of the draft lottery and the excitetuent and fes tivity of Groundhog Day were overshadowed by the drama of RGAN $$$$$$ the monthly faculty meeting, Dr. Elmendorf opened the meeting at 3:35. Announcements were made as follows: ---By Dr. Riley, about the fhilosophy Conference February 14-15 at USF, which will feature Marxist Herbert Marcuse. Signs are posted in Hamilton Center. ----By Mark Calkins, resident counselor, about the Renaissance Fair to be held Feb. 26-27. Student assistance is welcome; those interested should contact Mark. ----Dr. Deme introduced Dr. fhilip Bandt, the new Assistant Adjtmct Professor of Psychology. Mr. Lyons, Acting Provost, to the effect that there will _,-::,.;.u-'1'\..t,t .1..::12 I 2 be a summer school. ----By Dr. Elmendorf, that the Ford Grant challel}.ge would probably be met (it was; see article). At the conclusion of the annotmcements, Dr. Deme asked about the prospect of retroactive pay increases for the faculty, saying, "It is authorised. No discussion ensued. Sheila Roher, representing the SEC, that the facul t' s the Actuarial Value'' SEC ty send representatives to the student governmg Roher wasn't sure if the faculty member would have lr1vlleges. When Dr. Elmendorf queried, "Does anybody think 1t sa good idea?" everyone smiled. During a press conference held yes terday at 12:45 in South Hall, trustees Ted Sperling and A. Werk Cook joined with trustee chairman Dallas Dort in announcing that Development had done its job. That job being, of course, scraping up a cool million in order to earn an extra quartermillion from the Ford Foundation. Important points covered by the three trustees ranged from how hard the struggle was (Development came up with 1200,000 in the last month) to where the money came from: two students donated their salaries as student residents; the proceeds from Colloquim '72 were donated; 87% of those alumni contacted by Develop ment contributed; along with the usual types of contributions. Much vas made of the alunmi contribution, Mr. Cook stating that that was something of a record for American Universities. Flash bulbs lit the room as the t; tr ees 9 t.h n rc.>!rl President Elmendorf, raised a banner symbolizing--according to them--success in the future years. Attending the conference were reporters from local papers along with college administrators, functionaries, and students Efforts on Environmental Studies Program While pictures wera being taken at the conference, this reporter had the opportunity to talk with Bob Norwine, Vice-President of Development. When questioned as to whether or not money received for the nevly conceived environmental program was counted irt the Ford effort, Norvine said that the 1!111all amount (11couple of thousand") vas included. Shortly after the conference, this reporter also had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Elmendorf on the same subject. He was about the chances of success of the program; he also mentioned the possibilities of gaining 1\ev faculty through the program. N.A.M. The New College chapter of NAM held :tts first Thursday night. It was mainly a brainstoreing session aimed at coming up with proposals for action for this group at New College. It seems to be a worker/people oriented movement, has been kept to a minimum. There will be another meeting next Wednesday at 1;00 PM to decide what specific programs New Col lege NAM will push for, and vhat direction it will take. All ideas and people are needed and solicited, so ya'll come. The New Left shall rise again! Richard Douglas Ingraham Dr. Gorfein made a comment. Dr Elmendorf announced that the proposal was tmanimowly Mr. Murray moved that the proposal be to the The met again Wednesday night Faculty Status Committee, and this motion passed Wlth over-t whelming support. (surprise! ) and all members were pre sen Dr Peter Burri in giving the EPC report, annowced the except Jim Cohn. Vince Cox presided. formation of three 'subcommittees of that s::oup, namely,. Joan Verizzo was absant at the beginning 1) Educational Priorities, headed by Dr. Smder; 2) Ed11;Ca:nal but "'as present bv the time the voting Implementation, headed by Ms. Roher; 3) ch .. Environment, headed by Dr. Miller. Public or ea took place. of the committees should begin in the near future. Steve Coats announced that it has interested in workinll: on them shoUld contact the b t d in the EPC that the General Dr. Knox, representing the ad hoc Budget Comm1ttee! een sugges e o ned the report with a few humorous remarks, after which Studies major be abolished and d1.visional presented four guidelines that the Committee tried to majors substituted. follow in setting up the budget: Next, petl tiona t containing about 215 1) to hold this year's budget; to establish a s.alary freeze for signatures, were presented to the SID, all faculty, while giving hourly. a with the request that $100 be granted to proJ?Ose cuts in staff posltions, especlally m the admnistration, the UFVOC strike againat Taliaan Sugar. 3) to try not to increase the student body, perhaps by send-Debate again was lengthy and emotional. ing more students on study, Forces against the grant were against 4) to limit academ1c expenditures such as travel expenses, use of SID fund for political causes, etc.At this point in the presentation, Dr. Gorfein asked a for causes outside the school, and question. without the consent of all the students. Dr. Knox then spoke about squeezmg water out of the budget. Dave Goldman felt that in order to repResponding to a question about the _proposed cut in the resent a11 the students. each student counseling budget. Bryon Nortoo .. d,

2 Columns Reviews ... Student OH-Camp. Building & Off-Camp. Property Caples Aux. Enter:erises Services Records Examiner SALARIES & BENEFITS Salaries $ 17.207 15.538 1,200 Student Salaries 150 z,ooo Employee Benefits z, 772 Z,338 50 Tuition Bene!its Moving Allowance $ 19,979 18,026 3,Z50 EXPENSES Honorarium a I, 000 Proleional Services Travel &r Hospitality 500 450 Mmberships 100 so Telephone 70() 650 Postaee zoo 375 Teachins Suppliu OHice Supplies 500 1, 500 250 Other Supplies 400 Auto Supplies Rental ol Equipment 100 300 Repairs &r Maintenance 180 175 Contractual Services 370 Printing &. Photos 3.500 Rental-Real Estate Insurance Utilities Interest Expe1u:e Tax-Real Esliille Amoritization -urrent Subscriptions Scholarship Aid Other Expenses so $ 4, 100 7,000 Z50 OPERATING CAPITAL Book $ Classroom Equipment Dorm Furniture Dining Equipment OHice Equipment 500 Other Equipment Bldg. Addn. & Alter. Other Improvements Motor Vehicles I, 500 Mortgage Reduction Debt Service Reserve $ 11 500 500 GRAND TOTAL $ Z5, 579 25,526 3, 500 Study Recreation Infirmary Counseling Grounds 16,266 7, 781 35, 000 94,5ZZ 8,000 1, 200 2,393 1, Z76 5,070 13,275 18,659 8,000 9,057 40,070 108,997 Z,OOO 6,000 750 2,000 500 100 400 1,000 3fl0 150 50 25 600 300 800 400 100 50 50 30 150 370 100 300 300 1, zoo 800 3,000 4, 500 400 ISO 500 90 400 20,000 1,500 1,650 8,000 50 13,500 25,000 60 10 50 2.00 50 150 100 3,620 6, 500 71670 4, 100 761355 .. 250 3,000 1, 000 2,000 1,500 1,000 5,000 4, 500 Z50 9,000 2Z, 279 19,000 !6, 977 44, 170 194,352 Gonna Take a Miracle this Ls a record to be played a little softer, when you're wallowing in nostalgia; Five Jears ago a little girl named if you vant to get up and Shake That Thing Laura Nyro was banging out songs on a standthe origionals are still around, and vi.ll up piano in a little walk-up in Big Ol1New suit your purposes better. Dancing in the lprk City, jama1ng little ditties with a street.s is not something that is likely group that wu just a gleu in Al Kooper'a to happen in MY in the ami eye, now known as BS&T, getting drunk with attempting to fake it is not a crime that her friends. Today, albWIIe,the Ed we can ever expect from Laura. Nyro. Motown Sullivan l!lhow, countless concerts and countsiaply did these songs better back then, Prop. !or Sale Campus East Palmer 4, zoo 35,757 14,644 1,000 1,ZOO 613 5,314 Z, 500 4,813 4Z,071 18,344 1, 000 zoo 300 150 600 150 100 7,500 I, 000 20,000 5,200 ZZZ.400 3.500 .. 14,000 Z,400 ), 000 44,2.00 1 s. 450 86,094 2.5,000 1,500 1, 000 1,344 100 100 100 100 12,000 z, 100 2.1250 388,738 49.400 2,000 5, 000 1,500 1, 000 1, 500 1,000 40,000 Z8,000 Z9,906 77, 906 32,000 16,813 2, 100 Z,250 508, 715 99, 744 analysis of the New College 1912-73 ITEM %TOTAL %lAST %REQUESTED % INCRFASE Academic 32.8 99.3 89.8 110.5 Humanities 11. 7 99,8 90.2 110.6 Nat. Sci. 11. 9 101.1 87.3 115.9 Social Sci. 8. 1 97.4 94,5 103.1 U. G. grants 0 0 0 100.0 106.2 92.1 115.2 75.8 99.4 76.0 less bars later,anyo:D.e who ever saw her we know it, Laura knows it, thumping thee out LO,ny ls. 2 Ancillary 1. 1 back then still has to remeaber her as a ia simply not her purpose. Remembering, A elm inistrat1on little girl who was too old for her age, interpreting, playing with history,or, walking down dark streets in the early to use a current phrase that fits here--aorning able to sing loud for three blockl!!l uher-story11 If one is not secretly in love until some SOB yelled down "Shut 1Jp11 from with Laura Nyro the album is pretentious, a window above,turn the eternal finger, unforgivable. You bad to be there back in take five steps, start singing Now the mid-sixties, you had to be on sillliliar after a steading progression of growing streets. You have to realize that Martha up, fro Stone Soul Picnic to Eli 's Reeves wasn't singing about "dancing", Coming (songs whic'ii gave both Bili=br'a she was about rioting, and those Streisand and Three Dog Night chances to riots of are simply a mellowing still-get rich) through songs about her Black bitter memory, the song cannot mean the Panther Brothers that no one else would same now as it did then. dar& sing, Laura gives us an albWII of the Soce ention must be made of Labelle, songl!!l ahe heard back in those simple days. because Gonna Take A .Miracle is done by Why these songs, and why now, no one knows. LaH.ra Nyro and"""tabeile. Three black women Someone suggested that in this point in doing an or Shirelles chorus; her life Laura just felt like looking back, the albUil would die without them, at times touching base with the Roots, before going they simply take over and run the show. 1 on to bigger and better things. I suspect hope that Laura keeps working with them. that Laura Nyro just wanted to record Doing Oldies-But-Goodies is next to songs like Dancing in the Streets all. the illpossible to pull off, unleas,like time and finally got around to it. These La.ura Nyro or Carol King, you can rewrite are the songs from those mornings, from the songs to make them yours, refuse to those streets, when after a long and vet compete vi th the standard go party you crossed from shadow to shadow your own way, do them all over again. clapping your hands and singing Jimay There is a big difference between copying just to keep the spirits alive, or an old song and looking back on it. To do away froa you, depending..... so requires patience and understanding. Gonna Miracle is 1971 New York Laura drops us a little aessage on the back aeeting llid sixties Detroit, sounding of the albUII : Nights/in New York/ more like a bastardized ghost than a Blast street angels/running down steps/into Froa The Past. Since there is no point now the echos of the train station/ to sin.g in trying to meet Martha Reeves on her own If you were into singing in train stations, ground, no point in trying to blast out in subways, airports, on the streets, this Dancing !!, !!!!_'{Streets as if the Detroit u.kes l!!lense. And the albWI makes sense. riots were still going on, Laura gi it to Otherwise, stick to the origion.als. They can us not so much by ttdoing" as rellembering" still make you get up after all these Jeara. 112.5 88.4 86.6 102. 1 Stud. Service I 9. 1 93.3 90.4 103.2 Htysical plant 115.4 ,6. 9 99.8 86.5 Student Aid 9. 9 95.4 95,4 100.0 Dlning and Dorms 108.6 t19.5 105.9 97.6 Transfers 4.0 193.0 100.0 193.0 WHERE IT COMES FROM: ( same explanation as above. ) Tuition 53.1 109.3 100.0 109.3 Gifts 25.1 83.3 73.6 113.1 Investments 2.6 121.2 100.0 121.2 Student Aid 1.9 100.0 100.0 100.0 Dining and Dorms 100.2 117.3 100.2 100.0 Total income 1100.0 99.9 91.7 108.9 Du e I'rfl d i st0'( 'be-d tl':J \ -\-'v\o__l-IT)'j SnoVJ -1-o\.i.JPrmS NeW


Campus Clatter and Teen Chatter 3 doug stinson $ Natural Social Music Gov. Public Humanities Library Feshval Board SALARIES & BENEFITS President Provost Dev. Relations Fucal Admissions Salaries $ Z85,807 Z45. 787 199,616 71, 314 40,430 24,000 26,045 69.065 28,285 63,Z43 67,284 Student Salaries 8,000 12, 000 6,000 14,000 Z,400 Employee Benehts 37. 893 39,485 31,586 9,579 8,737 4,400 4,700 9.070 4, 760 9. 771 II. Z67 Tu>tion Bendits I, 800 3,900 900 5, 000 Moving Allowance 1, 500 750 I, 500 Z,OOO $ 333,ZOO Z99,8Z2 24Z,60Z 94.893 49,167 29.300 32,745 78, 135 33.045 73,014 8 5, 9 51 EXPENSES Honorariums $ Z.300 I, 000 2,000 24,050 1,000 Professional 1. 000 4,000 6, 500 Travl'l & Hospitality z. zoo 1' 400 l, 400 400 1,800 3,000 6,000 3,000 4.000 3.000 800 600 12.000 Mcmb..,rships 550 350 350 100 4,000 50 1.000 140 zoo 425 Teltphone 2, 700 3, zoo Z,400 I, 500 400 1. 500 400 1, 000 2,000 350 900 4.200 Po!ltagt 600 750 350 700 300 500 100 3,000 430 750 7,425 T

Editorials, Letters, surviving sarasota By Doug Murphy eview Seldom does one have the opportunity to in What I Amu vas beautiful, as was "Ca-see Merle Haggard in concert. The opportu.nrol1JJ.t11 and--of course-"Qde from Mueity came last Tuesda,y night in kogee." Mel is another rare bird (even Billy "Craah11 Craddock was well, though he comes from the Tampa Bay area.) Billy "Crash11 Craddock (i.e., we don't know, For SOlie unknown reason, Sarasota like He appeared along vi th Haggard. we don't care, gethimoffthestage). We to think of ineelf as the Cultural Center We don't know how hard it is to see Bill,unfortunately did not care for his version of the state of Florida, if not the entire "Crash" Craddock (we dbn't care). He was of Tony Orlando singing "Knock Three Times;" South Our aagazinea and Chamber of Commthere, too (we wish he hadn't been.) nor did we like his rendition of Joe South's erce ;ropaganda boast of our great Artists, Mel Tillis, the risip.g young star who ap-"Games People Play."11 He did do good our Fancy Galleries; since we are so cultregularly on the'Glen Caapbell Goodsong however: North Carol1na White ured the city spent I-don't-know-how-many time Hour," was nothing short of fantastic. Light1ng DHM millioM of dollars on the Van W.etzel audvoice vas flawless (well, .almost); his itoriWil, known to .., the Purple Whale stage manner wonderful. His band, The Radio Free New College, regret-this structure that is the cultural landStatesiders, were polished performers who fully announced Monday the termination of aark of the city, where they let Kenny did exactly what they were supposed to do: Dan Chambliss' Early Bird Show following Rogers and the First Edition play softly, support a great singer and entertain a caa three-week run of sunrise programs. once.. pacity crowd. When asked his feelings about the self-Now for those who think I 8JI going to Merle Haggard was, of course, marvelous. originated announcement, Chambliss, an take pot shots at I haYe only one The fact that he was in the process of ace cub reporter for the Organ, alledgedly little story to tell. Afew years ago, as changing his act ("Folks, you're witnessing quipped, 11Some other bird can catch that the Purple Whale was being built, I was our fourth rehearsal.) didn't detract from worm. It is not yet knovn if another invited to a party of good, liberal, performance. His impersonations were disc jockey has accepted that challenge. wealthy Sarasotans who were going to dis-true to the artists impersonated while si-cuss the social problems of the city, llultaneously uproarious (While obYiously ThirdtermagrouptutorialwillbeconductedonHaiti: particularly the Knee-grov Question. They lti.micking Johnny Cash, Haggard stepped up its politics, economics, and }ilysical environment. The were very much cone erned about such things to the, guitar hunched up high under purpose .of the tutorial is to prepare a group of students for d 1 field work in }iaiti in Jtme-July, However, the tutorial will as riots, unpaved streets, one-room shacks his chin in typical Cash fashion, an et be open t:o stttd'ents other than those who will be travelling renting out at $85 a month, migrant workgo with a Roger Miller riff in his best to Haiti. If interested in the tutorial, contact David Land, era, police burtality, and general poYerty. Roger Miller voice.) "I Take a Lot of Pride Student Mail #259, or at the Admissions Office. They were very concerned, at times close .. ,q .. q .. to tears as they discussed these things, primarily cultural in origin. From emotion wrenching their so-exhausted-byvolunteer? clothes styles to .usic to manners. the-injustice-of-it-all voices, in their That the Purple Whale was built for Americans are force-fed a culture that tastefully decorated-by-Somebody-of-St. the benefit of the people of Sarasota, came from the decadence of a dying Armand -s home, and wearing Casual Wear inc! uding the poor (who I believe Europe and at the same time told that For An Evening Of Enlightenei Liberal would probably rather or anything else, from Mahalia Jack8on to Dialogue fro11 the NY Times Mllgazine and Merle Haggard or Beatles concert than the Buckaroos, is barbaric." That Bach GQ, sipping Good Scotch, P' up. Ah Beethoven) is intriguing. It is not, means little to either a black 111an or an yes, Chic. I read tbe book too, however, a new concept. F.rom the 1600's Irishman is irrelevant, and to break with but later. In-the course of the evening up into the 30's part of being Good Rich European Culture requires I asked a few of them, quite innocently, was the tradition o! providing culture a revolutionary consciousness. That the if maybe all the money going into the !or the poor around you, particularly majority of Americans, and the majority Purple Whale might not be put to better use your serfs or workers. Some kind of of Sarasotans, have no intereet at all in in Newtown. I knew as soon as I said it Noblesse Oblige. This took some of the the goings-on of the Philharmonic means that this was like suggesting that the guilt off being rich, of exploitation nothing; as the wealthy minority rules, money spent in Vietnam might be used to of other people. That a Carnegie built we wi11 find the minority Ba1ck-Tie put an end to poverty in America, in other libraries and museums does not mean that Culture in our public museu.s and audi-words, a completely unrealistic and prob-the guy had a conscience--it was expected toriuma. ably irrational suggestion. The Good Patof him. Forget things like higher wages, And the worst of it is that in Sara-rona and Matrons of The Arts were absoluteor sewage systems, or housing. Culture saba these long-dead Arts are subsidized, ly stunned. One gentleman simply said is more important. listening to Bach or paid for by the people tarough taxes. "Hov dare you!" in a tone known as Elegant gazing at the great paintings is sup-The Ringling Museums belong to the State, Contempt. Perhaps my tone had been a posed to give a poor man or woman the Purple Whale the City. If we must pay little cynical. Another plump Matron sense of pride, or dignity, or soMe exhil-for our Culture, through the city and raised herself a full two inches froM her eration that will force them to head for state, vhy can't we have arts that have casual slump in the chair, and very calmly the Greater Things, lift himself by the some value for the majority of people? explained the situation. "But don't you bootstraps out of the shanty-towns around Instead of Black-Tie, we should have see--we're building the hall for the the Pittsburgh mills, out of Newtown. Ray Charles, Lynn Anderson, even Andy benefit of these people, so that they can Today governments have taken over Williams. Better yet, the Purple Whale discover culture. Culture is very importhis Obligation. The city, with the should never have been built in the first tant in putting an end to poverty, it help of cofttributors, built the place. This city needs other things: should be instilled in these people, pro-Purple Whale, built it not 80 much out poor folks, bl ck, white, and brown, vided for these people." The matter of a sense of noblesse oblige (although need decent housing, the bay needs solved, she turned to a discussion of this is till cited as a cleaning up, that land the Whale sits on Wouldn't It Be Nice if they could put up but because the wealthy patrons of the vould have made a good public park, of some money to send Culture to Newtown. Arts simply vanted a masterpiece to show which the city has too few. But no, we Bring Mozart to Z?!b Street, arrange con-off the masterpeices. a Cultural Landmark. have the Purple Whale, our tax money is certs on the vacant lot at and Orange. Governments around here, or so I've heard, spent on the whiasies of the rich, Perhaps the New College String Quartet are supposed to represent all the people charitable folk completely willing to ,, .,,.,.,.,,u,,,u,,,,.,,, ,, .,, ,.,. re8iding within a given area, heed the turn us all on to their while people's wishes, when reasonable, spend preventing the local development of The end must be approaching when a reputable journal the people's tax monies in a responsible anyone else' s--wi tness the ordinances like the Organ must resort to onanistic fantasy to fill its h 1 t k sti a1 pages. In the absence of any news at the college, 1 fowd manner, etc., etc. Thus, one would ope aga ns roc e v s, even on private it offensive that you found it necessary to make a travesty that when a group arrives before the city property. of tradition. I must therefore ask you to cancel my sub-government asking that some streets in Even New College jumps on the Black-sciption. Newtown be paved, or some such trivia, Tie bandvagon. A school filled with Sincerely, 1 Alex G. crawford the city would pave those streets with ong-hairs, new-style, throws a gala Class of 1935 the same speed and efficiency as they muaic in town every spring, t )(.( 'E: r f---.QV'r 'S G 1 E-ar "\-).. 05 Mo..b..>V1-+evtts to Q build an auditorium when a few Patrons imports musicians, puts up a lot of cash, and Matrons from Bird Key or some such and gives the people of the city one week place some asking for it. But of course, of Culture. Classical culture. A school we mustn't expect so much. That this that grooves on the Rolling Stones puts city, as I have said many times before, on a week of Bach and Bethoven, in the is run for and by the the students' name. Very tricky semantics, point of completely ignoring, in almost there. But of course it aakes the all cases, the wishes of anyone else, trustees happy, keeps the wealthy con-including the great middle class, is a tributors satisfied. foregone conclusion. One really should And the rest of us, all the barbar-not suggest that there are other people ians, serfs, workers--we should all be iie're who would like to be heard from. thankful, grateful to our IIJOdern day And, given that the culture of Bird Carnegies so willing to let us share in Key is Culture, one should not their boredom, so willing to take our suggest that there are other to money to pay for their fantasies, so be heard from. villing to educate everyone else in the It is no surprise that the rise of joys of dead Europe. Nov we all got Black Nationalism in the sixties was Culture.

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