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The New College Organ (Number Nineteen)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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April 21, 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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NEW COLLEGE NUMBER NINE'IEEN APRn. 21, 1972 PuBUSHED BY STUDENTS CF NEW COllEGE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE NEW COLIEGE COMMUNITY f Br i ng Popcorn I t 'll K eep You Awake ) isual Conference faculty hiccups Last Wednesday saw a special faculty meeting; very few faculty members did. The assembled professors heard first the inevitable Committee report, then proceded to the primary agenda item, a discussion of the Educational Policy Committee's 11state of the college" report. ':he near-gargantuan document, some 60 pages long, was presented by Dr Peter Buri, who o pened stating that the committee was asking for any f ormal action, but rather for an i.dea o f "what kind of reStudents and faculty are invited to the Sixteenth Annual ception the report will get 11 from the Wilson Hicks International Conference on Visual Communi-trustees. He later added that the report cation, May 10-12 at the University of Miami. The regiswas not in its final form, and co:Ud tration fee is $75. Arthur Rothstein, editor of Inf"mity and easily "be refined Dr Ri 1 ey suggested consultant to the U. s. Environmental Protection Agency, is chairman of the 1972 conference, which wW. be held in the that "if the committee is serious about Brockway Lecture Hall of the Otto G. Richter Library on the recommendations for these main campus of the University of Miami. a1 t The program will open at 9:15AM Wednesday, May 10 with propos oug..loJ.t to be presented to the the keynote address, "The Toys of Joumalism, 11 by John Dur-faculty \ata the regular meeting) for niak, picture editor, Time Magazine. Some topics to be approval." Dr. Bates then reasserted the discussed are "The Rise of theN ewspaper Maga:dne in Britain" t b '1 t f th 11 "The Scope of Playboy Photography Today," "Stills to :t:-'1ovies mu : 1 Y 0 11 e rJ;port: thJ.s is not to Videocassettes, II and "Doclmlerica--an EPA Program for a plan. Documenting America in the Enviromental Decade. .. Dr Elmendorf noting that the cataSpeakers include, Jeff Newby, MJ Productions, Coral l "t b +n' t th 'd 1 'd Gables Frazar White president White House Audio Viliuals ogue a es .. re ec s e 1. ea Sl. e Miami: and Neil I.eHer, photolirapher, Sports Illustrated. of reali recommended to Hr. Arthur, the Awards Dinne: on May 12, RobertS. c?ief, Public Relations Director, that any pro Bureau, Knigh_t m posed changes in the college's academic Orient for a month followmg Pred1dent NIXon's VlSlt to China, will speak about "Asia After President Nixon's China Trip. frameworli be ment1.oned J.n the new New For p:inted literature about the Wilson Hicks Conference College college catalogue. Dr. Hiller or forms, contact Joan sunported this citing the "queasy feeling Relations Office, PO Box 8105, Univernty of M1am1, Coral t Gables, Florida 33124, telephone (305) 284-2575. of betrayal" occasJ.onally experJ.enced s c AFTER TinS WEEK' WHO CAN SAY TIIE WAR IS WlNDING DOWN? (l:'ews Release from the Stl.ldent Mobilization Committee) The escalation of the a:ir war, and the resumption of the bombing of North Vietnam United Smtes government shatters the myth that the "war is winding down". The emergency antiwar demonstrations in New York and Los Angeles will be a powerful response to Nixon's escalation: of the war in Southeast Asia. Never before has an explosion of antiwar protest by the American people been so crucial. The Ameri can people must force Nixon to stop bombing now! The antiwar majority in this country must demand that every u.s. soldier, plane, and piece of equiptment be brought home now! We can end this war if we redouble our efforts to mobilize the American people. A massive outpouring on April 22 wUl make clear the message of the antiwar majority: U.s. Out of Indochina Now! Lolristics: New York AsSmilble--10:00 A.M. at Central Park West and 72nd St. March-12:00 Noon South on Central !.'ark West to 7th Avenue to Broadway to 39th Street Rally-1:00 P.M. to 4:30P.M. 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) between 39th and 42nd Streets A partial list of speakers include: Congresswoman Bella Atzug Jim Bouton, SpOrtscaster, Lanny Davi i>, National Youth' Coordinator for Muskie campaign, Moe Foner, Executive Seaetary, Localll99 Drug and Hospital Workers Union, FSI French antiwar coalition, Mike Gravel, U.s. Senator fro:Z,. Alaska, Sean Kenny, Gene:ai.Secretary of David Livingston, President of District 65 of the DistribUtive WoH

2 News Records: N.soLo, And the performances are superb. Walter Rhodes shows unexpected restraint as Dracula's first protaganht. Philip Lc Strange as Dracula is chillingly convincing. The weakest link is Katherlne Klein, who much improves after being turned into a vampire. niE HISTORY OF ERIC CLAPTON: While the llner notes Fever darling, is a terribly cute drawingroom inside this double album ("specially priced double albmn ", comecty by tf:at clever, clever man Noel Coward. I've so they say, don' believe a word of it) complain about heard that its his very own favorite and that wouldn't the "Clapton is God" syndrome that followed the old me a bit. john Mayall Bluesbreakers album with Clapton, lile Atlan-What happens is that everyone in the Bliss family invites tic Record company has gone far out of its way to promote a guest for the weekend, and they're such dull, ordin!!r The show is marked by exquisite little touches in props and character. There is even comic relief, not the least of which is the response to the occasional gasp from the audience. This is very annoying. exactly that kind of superstar-worship, in the hope that people Whereas the Blisses themselves are engagbig lUilatics what you hear on these records will send you right back down and quite unaware of everything. I tell you, the most to yo\11' friendly local neighborhood record dealer to pick appalling messes occur in that house. Some very funny up All Tjose Albums that All These Songs came from. Only goings-on, if you ask me, If you are looking for sheer entertainment, go see Dracula at the Asolo. With student tickets costing $1. 50 its cheaper than a movie, and Dracula has it over Rosemary's Baby any day. one track on the four sides was not previously released, and Judith Bliss, a retired pillar of the theater, can't decide P. s. Go in a very receptive frame of mind. if you are a devoted fan (and have been for the last seven whether to play the matriarch. Dear Polly Holliday, who years) o1 1.) The Ya:rdbirds; 2.) The Blu.esbreakers; 3.) Cream; plays her, is positively enchanting. Every gesture is a 4.) Blind Faith; S. ) Delane;G Bonnie & Friends; 6.) King climactic moment. And she is perfectly matched by the Curt:is and, or 7,) Derek and the Dominoes, well, then, rest of her family, though truth to tell, darling, I think you obviously have everything on the album and don1t need Penelope Willis as her daughter is a bit much. to bur it. And you are to be congratulated on your taste and The Blisses are divinely mannered, wandering from pose the size of your record collection. If, however, your col-to graceful pose. I've never seen people who believed more lection is a bit smaller and your budget is the same, or tii :in that saying by--who was it, darling? one of the Greeks? you've been living in a hut on a mountaintop :in Tibet for about all the world's a stage. But they do seem rather prone the last many years and are curious as to who this Clapton to physical comedy, odd but terribly amusing. The director, cat is, then this albmn is Just For You! 0 boy. Wasn't it Ekerle Thomas, just has a knack for getting the most out of (WNCRI nice of Atlantic to do this for all of us? the wonderful lines that clever, clever man has provided. Not cmly do you get Clapton Himself playing his little But, my dear, I would hate to mislead you. The play is gittar on all these tracks, and even singing a few times, you not flawless. The chaos hits a definite peak in the second also get, at no particular extra cost! some of the greatest act and the third act is mainly housekeeping. Not tedious musicians of England and America in the sixties and early wor'k but definately of a straightening out nature. seventies, from Jimmy Page to Leon Russell to Jack Bruce oh well I've dawdled long enough. Time to run along. The following is the official schedule for to Kir6 Curtis. And others. All of whom have had the Do go see the enchanting anusing Blisses. This is indubitably WNCR, Radio Free New College. Thi.& does great lStinction af being side-men for Eric, alhtough some the most pleasant encounter with Hay Fever you'll ever have of them, like Jolm Mayall, were under the mistaken a while. Darling. not mean, of course, that you will be able thatEricwasworkingforthem. AndthoseGreatSongs, to listen to all of the shows scheduled, as Sunshine Of Your Love, which you might have heard before--Dracula! The blood rUilS cold. The mind shrieks through its :in any record collection. Or layla, which the branches and an iron door slams. Shut. Silence. ignorance runs rampant on our staff, but we you can stili catch on the radio here in Sunny arasota, which Such a mood holds sway in Dracula by Frederich Gaines. have tightened up Sarasota'S loosest radio is only a little bit behind the times. Its all there! even all A mood of fevered shadows dancmg around the daylight station, and most of the shows will actuall:f seventeen minutes of Cream doing Spoonfull. You don't dare vrorld of men. Then d 1 occur In fact during the day t where the miss it. The Asolo world premier lS gnppmg, intense an me o t Ah, well. If you like Eric Clapton you really oughta pick dramatic: it pulls you taut. Unquestionably, this is the most 0 pen space 1S 1nd1ca ted on the schedule, up the album, unless, as previously suggested, you already imaginative production they have mounted m the !ast two_ there Hill be quite a bit of music, (call have all of them. If you don 1t like Eric Clapton, there really Th styl ssionistic suggesting things usmg doesn1t seem to be much point in getting the record. That's years. e e 15 lmpre --' it what you like) thanks to the staff of just the way it works out sometimes. All the late-night FM human props. the Media Center, in which our new studio "underground stations" will be playing it anyway. is located. We're really trying, folks, so (EDITOR'S NOTE--Our regulat record reviewer, Pavlo Sl ade, starting with 11The Morning Show11, music to was hiding :in a copper mine :in Chile, and was nationalized.) wake up to, you can 1 isten to WNCR, 850 on Drug If you're tourino a foreign country, get set for some hard news. No matter whic'lt way you go. you'lf smack inlo drug laws that are a whole lot tougher than our drug laws You may have heard differently. You may have heard possession and sale of drugs overseas or south of our own border is okay. Or at least permitted. That's 4 he. Drugs are allegal. The same as here. And that's the truth. Only one thing is different. The penalties are stiffer. In Lebanon. for instance, t you 1 to 3 years in a mental hos ital. That' the law Drug of Americans i n Eu rope, Mexico a!l d the Ea s t have jumped 70% smce year There's no way around their laws And nobody can really help you. Not your fnends Or your family Or the smartest lawyer m town. Not the United States government They've all tried and failed. That's why there are over 700 American citizens doing time on drug charges in foreagn jails. Tho>e are the facts. And so are these: the drug laws and penalties of IS foreign rountries Which one will you be visiting? Mexico 21(19 plu$ fine. T rallidong. 3 10 10 yean plu5 fine. 1Ucgaltmpor1 ot Cllpor1 of drugs. 610 IS )CiOf\ plu' tinr Persons on dt&IJCS can ept a mommum <>f 6 10 12 months prctnal u.s Embassy: Cor. Danubio and 30S Colonia Cuauktnnon Maico City. Maito Tel.m Spain. Penalty quanliay of drop inYO!ved Laa than SOO JfllDI. ftM and Greece mint mum 2 years on )lUI T rafhck.tng, S to 20 plus finr S 91 BMil\.\11 Suphia\ 81\d. G rcc..e Td 7129!i I Get II NiftY,oon. 3 )Rn Law ffil) he d\angcd thtl :iUmmer dcm.andinf penalty. u .s. EmbiA!>) Nehlcnrr A\cnuc Bonn-Bad Godchcrg Bonn, Getmlll) Td. 19SS rrleasr on Nil unlit trial. Mon thin Ja 500 pum. bcavy line plus minim11m pan Snit-based on o( 6 )'CWI in jail. 11maunt of drup. caw U.S. Embassy: Serrano 7S Subj< was !>Cntenud to 2 year.. Madrid. Spain O.ponacion fol"'-. Tel 276-3400. U.S. Embay: or atlempced sale. l yean. TratfidUn&-310 8 years Persons ma&ed on drug c1w!ft arc not ctigiblc for bail. u.s. Embassy: Via V Vcne10 119 Rome. Italy Ttl 4674 IO.S Alr.asaka I .Chrome Mtnato-Ku. Tokyo Tel. 583 7141 Lebanon. and I 10 l year-on 1 mcnal h<"p!t.ll. Trallldung.lto IS yurs. us. Embasoy CorniChe 11 Rue Aov Mrtwth. &orut. lcb;lnon Tell40-800 ForvkliMti.>ft of the Law orE ... phor14. fine. Jamaica bo h 2 Po!scu.on, mJln'Oflmtnl or 1 'upiO }Clln.. monomum of II month at the dtsacuon of the wun. The Monisuy of 4, announced that furcignc" wuuld he 1 ,_. d .. Kongston. Jamaica expc....., or omm In<: T 1 26J.4I country of found on uf rvcn c amoun" or France "-'-u.s. Emt>a>.1y. rU>>>IO, vanes. Dag Hammar.kjoldo; Alk 24 Dcnmarli Tel. TRTA 4504 in prnon or 1 1\MofSI.OOO.or both. of Codeine or Canna.bts. S yean impruonmcnt U S Embassy: 24/JI Grosvenor Square W l. London, Enpnd Tcl4'19-9000 Turkey. Poucssion. J ao IS years IOycan 10 life. U.S Embassy: 110 Atalu r k Blvd. Ankara. Turltey Bahamas PO$$tUion. months to I year U.S. Embassy: Addcrly Buildi n a Nassau. Bahamu Tel. 21181 Canada. Posscs5ion of narroaiQ (onduding manJuana) up 10 7 year.. in pmon allhe disCTrtoon oflheJUdgt Up au ltfc but not than 1 years for imponation of narallil:s (onduding manjuana) into the country US Embass) : 100 Wtlhngton Strt OtLIIIflL Cana

Editorials, Letters, Etc 3 og Por.lor To the Editor: Complex answer; Simple question I wish to here protest the miserable, lying trash that you have called your last three issues. I especially wish to protest Many times, in many ways, members of the community have voiced dissatisfaction and/or our obvious bias towards, or is it against dismay at the way things are done The outcries--be they a rationally structured those people you so heartlessly call set of offered a, or a seemingly jumbled emotionally charged cry "dope pushers". Listen, you guys, we gotof, outrage the s office--should be heeded. Not reinforced, dealt with. ta make a living too, right? Would you eve nodded our heads enough. We have some sort of idea of what our particular brand ofrather we all went on welfare? Of course ambiguity can do to people here it can be hell. you wouldn't. Dope pushing is the last We have here a complex community. Within its boundaries, for the common good, groupsgreat independent part of the Free Enterwork together. The groups make or influence decisions that have varying degrees of im-prise System. I consider my successful portance the commtmity in toto. Group members must also "pushing" a tribute to this wonderful Dear Editor: On March 23, 1 972, I introduced in the Senate legislation to halt immediately further U s. bombing in Indochlna and to require the total withdrawal of all u. S. .military and paramilitary (e. g. CIA) personnel from Vietnam, C ambodia, and Laos within 30 d ays after enactment. This bill, S. 3409, is explained fully in the enclosed remarks from the Congression al Record. make deCISions tha t are to effect their group. I t is unfortunate t d b that oftentimes group members f ail to th t th decis" Y an a oon to the economy. You se e a e1r 1oos t t b cru; in_ some degree effect the whole community. Group iden-guys JUS never seem o e able to be tif1cation, group maintanence, an d group growth sometimes objective about these things. Buncha are the order of the. day. dog-ea_t-dog. reactionary fools if you ask me You A x;retty glarmg example of this can be seen in student politics. The f act that w e have a pretty ineffectukl student all oughta be locked up. Cancel my sub government says something. The fact that the student breadscription. The U.s. air war over Indochina has escalated steadily bo:ll'd is a selected body--not elected--s ays something. The durmg the past several months, m direct contradiction of fact that the student chair choice is more or less arbitrarily de-President Nixcn's public assertions that the war continues to cided upao. by one person says wind down Due to public pressure American ground troops An untenured professor is selected as division chairman. are slowly coming home, but they are leavmg an automated There are moves to grant the professor early tenure Not a bad war behind. Computer technology and a small nwnber of idea if one thinks of tenure as a power tool, somethmg useful-troop6 manning aircraft and artillery are creating au. s. for both the professor and the concemed division. However it destructive presence that may literally hover over Southeast may not be a .good idea if the usual criteria are follow e d T he Asia for years to come. The President's troop cuts in South concem here 15 not really wh a t the decision is but what set of Vietnam do not affect U.s. firepower m Southeast Asia at criteria are followed. It may be, in the end 'pretty irrelevant all because the planes are based in Thailand and on aircraft obviously tenure is here to stay As are plays. carriers in the B ulf of Tonkin. There seems to be some sort of mix-up here. Groups At the same time that the President is stepping up the should make decisions which help them interact work with bombing, he is imposing ever more serious strictures on the other groups. Guidelines are set up to help the decisdim-m:UW, release of information about the air war. Newsmen h ave for both the gm>ups and the whole commtmity. Should never been allowed to go out on bombing raids outside of group quidelines supercede, ignore, take precedent over com-munity guidelines? They do. Every day. Vietnam, and all information about the air war. except gross 0n of the thin th this pl tonnages and sorties has been kept from the public by classie gs at ace places importance upon fying it secret. Official statistics released on the air war 15 honesty (not openness; that's too much to ask). And things are actually done pretty honestly. A person after all has no are now more bare-bones than ever, and press briefings are to answer a question that is No designed to accentuate the positive rather than provide h:ll'd less important, less foxceful, deckions are made facts on the continued u.s. role in the war. Most recently, public. The big decisions are made quietly in for the first time since bombing of North Vietnam began eight lmeetmJZs-be they in South Hall or at the Bahi. Usually pre,. years ago, the U.s. Command in Saigon refused to give out Much is made of little; little is made of much. figures on the nwnber of planes flying .missing in the North. But a can must ... be asked, always and for In the face of this news blackout on the air war I want to every deClS1on: Why? What are the criteria? We should encourage you, as editor of your school's newspapers to it af each other. We should answer each other. your readers withcandid:information on this issue, and thus to join me in this elections year to force an end to the war. -DHM Students have been leaders in pointing out the tragedy and mistake of Vietnam, and their help will now be vital in turning out a office those politicians who will not join us in ending the war. I hopw that those Americans throughout the country who are concemed about the immorality of the w ar will attend political meetings wherever there is a candidate, and ask hlm this simple "How do stand on ending American people wru not vote for for does not de-serve to occupy a high position in the govemment of the country, S. 3409 now has fifteen cospansors in the Senate, and identical legislation introduced in the House of Representatives is supported by 44 members of that body. If you need further information on the legislation, please contact my office or the National Student Lobby, which is coordinating efforts on behalf of this bill within the student community. Smcerely, Sen. Mike Gravel ---Diala-Service Detroit--A free service to help both women and men find expeit advice and in the field of sexuality and reproductiCil has been launched by the FowdatiCil for Populatia:l Balance, according to its executive director. In their annol.Dlcement, it was noted that the most urgent and fre quent );&'Oblems conceming sexuality and mvolved primarily the area a pegnancy, in terms of Adoption, Family Planning, Contraceptions, Aborti011, and Voluntary Sterilization. "Everyan.e is aware of a dial-a-service SQch as those dealing with imminent crisis problems. But whom does a man or woman call to find help with problems a human sexw.lity and rep:oduction7 Most people do not have easy access to sound advice, emotional support, and expert help such problems require. They tend to find help or luckily thro1.1gh a sympathetic minister, doctor, friend, by word of occasion via a public and private agency specia in a specific problem. There is a definite need Inf onnation lbt Line Whom do you turn to if you need help, not .about pregnancy con t1nua tl m or te rm:lna tJon, vener ea] d1sease or any other reJating to human sexuality anf reproduct1on in gem ral? Access to free and reliable informatibn from responsible professionals is from the Foundation for Population Balance 001: 813-876-3:ff> l for a phone referral service that will direct people with problems of this nature to the kind of bonafide professional help ,. ... ---------------------... they need." 'Ibe Detroit-based Fotmdation first undertook a trial local hot-line referral service. The test so successful that the approach begun in Michigan will now be available in an additional65 cities m 37 states. A directory, inclu:ies hot-lines in lprge metropolitan areas, Detroit, for example, and in smaller towns, Scranton, Pa., or Bismarck, N.D. A majority of the people who called for help during the x;reliminary trial of the phcme referral service reported the following circumstances: *They were single, pregnant, and determined to have the baby and required help from an agency dealing with the unwed mother. *They were single or married and pregnant, had already elected to have an abortion, but were concemed about obtaining good medical care and not being financially exploited. *They were women who wanted to put their babies up for adopticn. *They were couples and individuals who had decided on or wanted authen tic :infonn atiCil about sterilization. *They were men and women eager to become actively involved in reforming restrictive abortion and voltmtary sterilization laws. While a surprising number of calls were received from men, the phone service was }rimarily consulted to obtain pregnancy referrals and to leam about appropriate medical facilities 1hat provide safe, and inexpensive abortions. Abortia1 reform by legislation was the next most important concem. Because of this focus on pregnancy problems the service was uamed "The Pregnancy Advisory Service". Only referral services will be tx"Ovided by trained telephone operators. For each problem, they will be able to provide a choice of medical or non-medical refe1ral either to a private or public facility or agency. IS for CA\.C. PHOS IA.ON CAR&. PRoT, fJ\T o.o.r. ().U4 MG. r57o 0'4' o.s 911 2.:rpf An ex-friend. To the Editor: There must be something insidious in the nature of groupe which causes faculty members to become small-minded as scxm as they band together, smce taken one at a time they seem reasonable enough. The firmg of Dr. Shartar, certainly not in the interests of students, was only one of the more recent a the disservices perpetrated, If there is some reason that the Humanities Division feels disinclined to grant Dr. Shartar tenure, and they obviously do, then they should arrange to retain him in some other way. Stu:lents otherwise will be denied the presence a a capable educator whose will leave a gap in the offerings of the humanities division. Because it is unlikely that a more able replace-ment will be folmd, one is I ead to suspect that the motiles of all those voting was not wholly high-minded regard for the welfare of students. Indeed, one does at some point leam that the school is not especially rtm for the benefit of the students, 1t represents more a fiefdom of the few. A few people are doing well materially through their relationship with the school and the rest are survivmg ndcely. Additionally, they have the ego satisfaction of governing without the disadvantage of accountability. They can, witli imptmity, abstractly decide that o n e way of operation is best and never bother t o check that assumpticn a g a inst reality. Blrring an outburst of student dissent which is unlikely a t so unpolitical a place as New College, there are no effectiv e checks on e jstra on .And as the students have not been vocal it has not occurred to them either as a whole, m committee, or, save a few, individually, to fulfill the responsibility of govemors: that is, to consult the govemed. A distinction, -here; teachers and as institutional policy makers is necessary. Success in performing the former role may well be accompanied by failure in the latter; and I think that this is the case. Students have failed to articulate their interests and are thus partly responsible for the nonsense which charact erizes New College discussion. The faculty, for its part, has not encouraged students to think through the situation nor encouraged them to speak. The administration, with a few exceptions, does precious little except find some new way to hit us for an extra one or two hundred dollars every spring. Small-mmdedness, coupled with silence and inactivity, has rotted mt:ICh of New College. Ratia1ality and full public discussicn would seem to be some of the missing factors. Daryl Laatsch To the New College Organ: In support of David Silverman's letter: I am back to New College last week to sort out some files and contract for a summer ISP CC1ly to find that my sponsor Martin Shartar had been denied tenure and had, therefore, had his contract terminated. At first I could not believe it, then I got very angry and, fmally, after seeing a few faculty members, decided I could do nothlng about It and must leave it alone. It was happening again. Throughout the three years I have been at New College, I have altemately supported it, left it in and retumed in hope. There is much potential in New Couege, but, unfommately, very little being used; it is rapidly becoming not a "tmiversity-without-walls" but a canventlcmal, unimaginative institution. Maybe "they" are right, maybe there is nothing I can do as a student in protest, but I am pleading here for an idea--l car too much for New College, and what it can represent, to just keep quiet and watch every hope get scrapped, These professors who have been denied tenure, Martin Shartar, Rita leposky, and Marshall Barry, are very much a part of that "idea";--the idea that New College is a place where students, faculty and administraticn are agreed that to create and atmosphere of unstifled leaming is the J:rlmary concem. I would feel somewhat less helpless if 1 knew some reasal for the dismissal of these .,-ofessors--then, at least, I would have someth.ll.g r.a.ugible to fight against, --but no one seems to l

GAN' Survivin g Sarasota 4 bim. Me twhll th oth r:; were moviu 1unuturc d slttinp. dOWl11 intcrc t t1 lu tl1 quiptm nt, x 1 r.l hy th pt s1 Last summer th Rocking Cha:lx the :ttcr ttl d n f b in on t l vision. Th nly r '\SOil tl y h d grM d { ff utl th int rvi W V'IS b US' th y tJtO\ ht tlJ y'd b :1bl t program o o rmg "yo 1-ori nt d" movi :1t midnight ave tlt lwhole ity thl'OIJSll tlt t m dhuu. Th flrst thing Saturday night for dollar. TI1 Y dv rti d Y llow Submnrw saw wos th Jr 1tttitudc toward 11tl1 ir" wom n. Th m n in for u we k, at midnight ili crowd--or w re goin, to talk to us, 1]1 y nt mo 1 f tJ1 wom 11 lito the parkb1g lot, peopl passed jolnts :Uld bottles o Rl rrl anoth r room where they 1 ek d through th door :<:nd and the extra guards hired by tlte til ater didn't Wnllt to children. '1 he f w women allow d 1 t}1,. om witJt It' 1 t the crush of Cr lies through the door. I decided not to risk it, but I was swrounded on all ides :md had no c mcra w re ut off to the side, w w ro not to photo raph choice but to be pushed insid But not be/ore I was attacked th m, 01' ask tll m questions. We triPd anywly. T} WOlll" II by the vanguard of God. I qucst1011 d ws s nt out of th room, U: r lllng us tl 11t Th y w m asbing tambourln 5 hl th 1r hands, all wid sh "dl

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