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The Cauldron (vol. vii, no. 18)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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April 21, 1971


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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THE vol. vii, no. 18 published by students of new college, sarasota, florida von schmidt MAN TO MAN Lewis Dalven CALENDAR Responding indirectly to a faculty charge to investigate the 4-1-4, the college council has developed a few possible solutions to a number of New coliege probiems. This problem solving took place during an all day synectic se ssion with peter Bergson. The council realized that since calenders affect all aspects of the college, we had to work with the broad goals of the college and not restrict ourselves to the pxesent system or the 4-1-4. our solutions have been presented to the community in a memo from the council dated April 14. A second memo should now be in circu-lation. Please read and re..flect upon the ideas presented in the two memos. A working calender has to be presented to the trustees at their May meeting. The college council and E P C have now resolved to JOin hands and work together on solving policy and implementation problems. Hopefully this spirit of cooperation will spread o1 er the campus and we can present definite plans to the trustees. Please keep submitting ideas and concerns to Bill Herman and Jono Miller so that our ideas may get better. Kimi Mary Jo Deborah Christ me Janice Kathy Karen carol colleen Debby Eileen ... and thanks to Sidney rides aga1n It's one o'clock and I've just returned from the Eric Von Schmidt concert kno cked out loaded as can be and still smiling. This year's event was an unqualified success--it sure was fine to see such a good portion of the NC community boarding or non-(and some noncoms) filling Hamilton Center and having a !JXXi time. with a little less booze, and a good deal more general facility than I've heard before Eric started the program with a flub. he flubbed again, too, who cared? No one and that wasfine, too. Eric was obviously in excellent form through the whole show but somehow still m a naged to get better toward the end when the shout "Galley Pole" rang out amidst the many "Chantilly Lace" fans, and the faintly audible "Co rrina" buffs. So the set ended with Eri::'s own version of Leadbelly's old "Mama did You Bring Me Any Silver?" Other hits in there also come to mind--the neat falsetto on "Wh o Knocked etc. ", "Bingling and Barley Circus", and a slew of real oldies newly dug up, 1 ike "Jtmco Partner" and "Travelling Road Blues." More significant though, is that Eric had some new original mat erial as well, which is refreshing, and that it was good stuff. He is negotiating with Poppy Records on a new LP. (His others are The Folk Blues of Eric Von Schmidt on Prestige with Geoff. MUldaur et ai and on Mercury. A Of cutsfiOm&' first Lp, along with some other mat stuff by Lightning Hopkins, The Holy Mod al Ro1mders, Van Rork, and Tom Rush can be had on Come Take a Trip With Me, on Prestige I think Although all the sotmdmen and technt. cians had a gas setting up their shit, the PA and lights were marginally abortive. At least they had the good sense not to push it, so all the gear never became very obtrusive, and it did have the happy effect of leaving us with an excellenttape recording, courtesy of Kirk Kerekes. I trust everyone's enjoyment of the co ncert was increased by the participation of several able accompanists--three on harmonica and one on kazoo--and though it's hard to be impartial, I'd say this year's harp playing far surpassed last year'lO Listening back to the tape makes me think that the gem of the entire set, was that beautiful country-sounding piece Eric and I did right after Dr. Strangelove. After that, two anymous harp p 1 ayers lent their talents to the music and contributed well to the whole spirit of the thing. Eric obviously got a kick out of it all, but not so much as with the mystery kazooist. I was about to congratulate Don Gold berg on a nice job and sign-off--without mentioning the evening's other showstop per and mystery guest, the next Stu dent Chair resident, the man who a in 1t non any, that is, David Pini, whose legend is such to inspire song, and whose song a bout broke the whole place up. Quite a number of men on tm campus have express an interest in learning about Women's Liberation. Many have said that they realize they have oppressive attitudes and are working hard to understand and rid themselves of offensive behavior. Because m en have expressed a desire to clean their heads of this excess destructive baggage, a group of men will begin to meet weekly to discuss the things they want to understand and liberate themselves from. The purpose of the group isn't to increase our ability to in-tellectualize and argue about the topic of sex roles. T h e group cap.not be successful unless its members commit themselves to changing the personal content of their lives from sexist to human. The goals of this men's group can be summarized nicely by a statement the New York Radical Feminists made concerning similar groups for worn en: 11 a )to develop personal sensitivity to the various levels and forms that the oppression takes in our daily lives; b) to build group intimacy and thus group unity, the foundations of true internal democracy; c)to break down in our heads the barriers between "private" and "public" (the personal and political), in p-ects of our oppression:' Some suggested topics: l)How does the role that you play as a male oppress women?2)How is that role destructive to yourl relationships to other men?3) How did you first become aware of your role as a male ("that's sissy stuff"/"little bo}f don't cry11/11that1s women's work")? 4)How have the roles you've played in your life affected your life?S)What arethe personal implications for you of liberation from roles? 6) What are the political im pH cations of liberation from roles 7)What is Women's Liberation and/or Radical Feminism?Hope fully at some point the group will be able to hear speakers from the worn en 1 s group, and finally would be in a position to decide how to carry on the hattie against sex roles a n d roles in general as liberated men. The first men's group meeting will be Monday, April 25 from 1:00 until 3:00 in room# 316. At that time a permanent time and place for meetings will be decided on. For further information contact Scott Taylor: Box 83 or C-dorm. Puppet Heads for the Caucasian Chalk Circle, a production directed by Jeff Hun ter. It will be seen sometime thiS term. april 21, 1 971 you can get anything you want By the end of this month, New College will have rec ei\' ed a definitive reply from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Found ation regarding a request for funds to institute a "New Perspectives on Women" program. The proposal submitted to the Foundation spans a three-year period, beg inning next year with a $30,000 budget. A board re presenting New C ol1ege women students, faculty, and staff would be empowered to fill the following positions: One full-time, one-yearfaculty position--$15, 000. Two one-term faculty positions--$12, 000. Various short-term speakers The program would be inde pendent in that it would not be included in any division. In order to insure the integrity of the program, it may alsobe necessary to find an alternate method of obtaining faculty status for the board 1 s s-electtons. The faculty, with it 1s present make-up, would not consider itself qualified to judge candidates for a Black S t u d i e s P r o g r a m L ike w i s e be. ing male-oriented, it is a 1 so not qua ified to judge candidates for a Women's Studies Program. We are eager for suggestiODS from all New College Women as to candidates. Please send a note to the Women's Com mittee. Quote of the Week: Let's get these JOkers on the road. ] Elmendorf EATS The Food Improvement Committee is completing the first part of its nutrition survey with a dietary analysis of 150 students. Dietronics, a medical computer-. ized analysis from the Hanson Research Corporation will be use. Dietronics is 'll sed largely by physicians who want to know their patient's nutritional intake wi thout becoming involved in complicated chemical analysis. Participants in this part of the survey will be asked to complete a checklist of what foods they eat and how often they eat them. Results which will be made available to the individual participant will include appros:: imate daily intake of vitamins, protein, essential amino acids, and calories. This information (which, incidentally, would cost $5 00 if obtained through a physician with Dietronics) will allow the individual to adjust his or her diet in order to get proper nutritional intake. The Food Improvement Committee needs 75 volunteers from the natural foods program and 75 from the 1-egular food program to participate in ':his portion of the survey. A sign-up sheet will be posted in Hamilton Center for students who wish to take part. Participation will also include completion again at the end of the term of the CMI and CWF 2 forms which have been administered to most students this past week. If you have not filled out these forms yet and wish to pao ticipate contact Michael Kabling, Leslie Kinney, or Phil Bird


T h is i s s p e c if i c a 11 y addr e ssed to the women of New College. What I am going to say is so much from my soul that I regret my only vehicle is the school newspaper. But it must be said .. Sisters -Look what they've done to We are being co-opted. There is something in us which KNOWS, which is truth. But somehow we can't demand of ourselves much less of others We must stop asking for our :f r e e a'Oiil. It i s n 0 0 n e e 1 s e I s to give. We must !_ake what is inherently ours. We have gotta learn from what has happened. We for 40% of the funds and got parliamentary oppression, we asked that our money not be speii'tin support of a newspaper that's very title is an insult to us, but that paper is still being printed. (ed.note: the SEC did not vote to discontinue the CHAUVINIST, but as of this printing the editor has quit). We for a proportional amount of women teachers on the faculty and got on 1 y 4 We a s k e d the student body to let USliave a woman faculty member who c o u 1 d h e l p us t o g r o w t o gether and work to change what is happening, and we get a man w h o a g r e e s t o g i v e us a n:ere portion of what we asked for. Sisters, we don't want the MAN 1 S charity, we want his i f b We d on 't w ant a fa c ult y 6 women, we must explain to the president that 40% of the faculty is 20 women and that we will withhold our tuition until we are given a pro mise of twenty by 1972. Sisters, if our money is continued to be spent to print a fucking newspaper called the CHAUVINIST we either cease lte 'l'eductt.on eace:l11.lly O'l' we burn the office down! Yes, I am a raving, angry, madwoman. Yes, I have kissed as much ass as the next woman But I have finally learned my lesson. I grew up in Birm in g h a m A 1 a b a m a and I saw the same tricks, cooptions, and prostitutions used on the blacks. People were using the same half-assed reasons for putting down Mar tin Luther King_ to me, ast'Ii'eyaoTobin Morgan. There is no difference. We can w either look around and see what this system is doing to our minds and destroll"-y it, or we can continue to see our sisters and brothers slowly become as docile as a Keseyian lobotomy victim. We must all help each other to rise, TOGETHER! Don't concentrate on our losses, concentrate on the fact that there are sixty-three people on this campus w1th enough courage to accept by vote Robin Morgan as someone vitally needed by this c a m p us 6 3 i s a he 11 of a lot of people. Rise up Sisters and Be Free! Colleen Clark Dear Cauldron: "You can please some of the people some of the time, and you can please a few of the people all of the time. It seems as if I'll have to please all of the people some other time!" W. S. H. The complex logistics of the Natural Food Program.has made it difficult to satisfy both Servomation-Mathias Bros. and the 75 students on the program. Many students have made constructive criticisms that Tom Estep has welcomed and, whenever possible, immediately implemented. It has been difficult, however, to appreciate steadfast complaints with many undercurrent feelings. This is by no means a healthy attitude. If you have a complaint, I ask that you change your dissatisfaction into a goal of the NFP so we have specific goals to strive for. I also ask that you treat the NFP with the same trust it has instilled in you. Our Natural Food Program is the first that Servom at ion has ever attempted, so it should be under stood that Tom Estep needs more constructive ideas about improving the program than he does complaints. those of you who think that Estep has it easy, ask the hot line participants who are giving him flak because the NFP apparently has a greater variety of foods. Ask the NFP people who complain that the hot line program is getting better. Man! You can't win. Estep has been serving as many fresh vegetables as he can locate. Since this supply is often limited, he serves frozen vegetables. To clear up a little rumor, the only canned vegetable his company serves is string beans. They are far superior in their consistency to fresh or frozen mUlti-aged beans. A major delay in the high-protein rich dishes that many are asking for is the lack of response from those who volunteered to write up recipes. Incidentally, Brewer's yeast has been added to all1 the casseroles, so your protein intake has not been as low as you figured. If a vegetable is tmder or over cooked it may just be that a shortage of kitchen' help has prohibited close supervlSIOn ot the preparation. For those of you who are worried, all vegetables are steamed. The lack of food at the end of a meal is due to unconscious overeating and to meal planning, both of which will hope-There has been great difficulty in find-ing some much-desired products such as soybeans and cheese, not to mentionfinding a reasonable price. Please keep the faith. Very little sympathy will be expressed to those who find it necessary to rip offtrom either program to solve their personal problems instead of trying to obtain a goal at an institutional level; so if you discover that I jump on you when you suggest something in a negative manner please remember that it's probably be-' cause of the student I've just talked with. Phil Bird USED BOOKS :sCARCE WE BUY-SEll-TRADE OUT OF PRINT :. 1531 Main Street-955-2989 I'm a good anti-racist and a good anti-imperialist and I expect as much from all the broads I screw! kevin res1gns Dear Women of the Cauldron: The purpose of this letter is to quelch any rumors which may or may not be cir culating as to why I am no longer in charge of a newspaper on this campus. 'This is, in case anyone might mistmderstand me because of, as Bill Herman put it, my gross incompetence, a letter of resignation as editor of The Catalyst (not the Chauvinist) I did not agree to take over the p a per from Sidney Jones for my health; I did it because I felt I had the ability to poduce a publication for the student body. I still feel I have the ability but I domt have the initiative. As long as the paper is suitable for airplanes or wrapping garbage, the average Novo Collegian cares little about the content of a news2aper. I do not possess the attributes of patien-Letter to the Editor To the Gay people at New College: For a school supposedly as liberated as New College, the absence of a Gay co-mmunity (in the sense of Gay p e o p l e knowing and openly associating with other Gay people) is ridiculous. To me, this absence suggest one of two possibilities: (1) homosexuality is so accepted by the New College communitythat there has been no need for a differentiatm Gay community, or (2)Gay people have been afraid to face the unpredictable reaction to their coming out. The first seems to me highly unlikely, witness the complete lack of any openly G a y activity in spite of the fact that there are probably at least 100-150 Gay people at New College. More likely, New College is not conducive to Gay. activity perhaps not so much because of pre-Complete line of musical instruments and accessories --fine classical guitars--.. I!:A6V TO OI!:AL.. WITM" 1!527 MAIN SARA08TA, .... 331177 ....................................................... ::nJ.a.inly booksl _L ST. ARMANOS KEY .A1J {j_flc.t_r (.111"t SARASOTA. FLORIDA I ff.L ,_, iJI16-Jj. ;&-YOUR lOOK AND RECORD CENTER ...................................................... ce, masochism or diplomacy; unless a person is blessed with these traits (or is seeking a large ego trip), he cannot sufficiently serve in a position of ship" at NC. He very likely cannot survive NC itself. And I can't. This is my last term here and at this point I find it impossible t care what happens to these of learning. To Kimi Nakata et al who now l'lm this paper, I extend my sympathy, best wi shes and assistance. To those who help ed and encourage me during my short term as editor, thanks. To those who c_astigated me and threatened me with thell' steaming vortex thanks And, especially to all the rest: thanks: I'll go quietly as I came. Kevin Davis judice on the part of the straights as because of Gay people to take the initiative in_ establishing a college-wide community. The question now is "Why bother? 11 The answer to me seems obvious a s obvious as the absence of openly' G a y couples, a s obvious as the secrecy people feel obliged to maintain here about their homosexuality, and as obvioa as the circulation of "queer" jokes. What to do? If people are interested getting together could mean a chanc e to meet each other, have fun, discuss problems, whatever we feel i s needed. ike to hear w at people think sug gestions, fears, whatever. If youlre w certain about coming, out, I'll respect your confidence. Catch me when I'm around (I live off campus) or leave a note in my mailbox, number 67. Cindy Cumfer BRAN used books BOOK EX CliANGE 3913 Brown Ave. : ............... COCKTAILS AT .. 1184 No COPPER BAR 1570 No. Lockwood R1dge Rd. 955-3446 f=-.. .. .. ..... )' ......... CHEESE SHOP __ L { OF ST. ARMANDS CIRCLE OIJIIN' :1: i & 9-. : : 4 ., 0 0 : : f).1PORTED CHEESES :t Office $uppiH ;.: from around the world :-.;. t 1.0 MAUl ftacJ :[ GOURMET FOOD--BEER &'':. ::: '-" Weekly .;. ::: ENGLISH WEEK :i: ...... -.. ... 'U.DA sun : different english cheese each day ;,. .t loafofbreadiinewmeandgoooodchcesf'! :: -CHit n you supply thee ....


ABORTION A standard policy of the New College administration has been to give the stu dents as much freedom in their own per sonal lives as was expedient to keep them happy and content. Each student has blen assured that she/he can sleep or live with as many people as desired without threats or reprimands from the presiding officialdom. Although not responsible, the New college administration should be c 0 ncerned with the health and welfare of the community, including the need for d::r mation concerning abortions. In the past the need for abortions was largely ignored by the administratioll(or at best given a secretive, furtive sort of attention). 1be health service in the form of Dr. ']['royer has proved to be incompetent as far as diagnosing and helping those women who are pregnant. As often as not, he has bam less help than coat-Hanger Rose. With these two sources being useless, a wanen usually have no one else to go to except her friends, and half-remembered facts ci how and where t> mve a1 abortion. New college now has a fledgling student-run abortion referral service. various types of safe and legal abatbns are now available in New Yorl< City. Up until the twelith week of pregnancy, the vacum method is a standard procedure, since it is quick, involves small blood loss little risk of uterine perforation, and reouires only local anesthetic. Preparation opus 6 Damn. Damn. Damn. A most expressive word. Damn. useful, too. Not Damn Any thing. Just Damn. Damn. In general. Frustration Boredom Despair Ennui Alone and lonely Miserable It's all there [n I)amn. But Damn Says it so much Better. Frustration Et al., are corny, are Trite, are even Stupid. But Damn. Damn. A good word, Damn. When nothing's good. Damn, I say. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. announcements Intramural, short-course sa i 1 in g races will begin on Saturday the 24th of April. Races will begin at 10:30. O?e more sailor is needed. Register With the Student Services Office if you're interested. _The lifesaving course which was or scheduled to begin during the fust week of the term will start on Monday, April 26th at 6: 30 p. M. Interested persons should meet at the pool. Dorm residents for this term are: Building B Sharon Butler B -224 Tom Blees: B -126 Building C Gayle Coons C 213 Bryan Reid C 123 Building D Barbara Beaman Nick Munger D-213 D-110 >Ia cas a -"' ;!! ., e < for Mexico includes an internal examination, local anesthetic and cervical dialation. The cervical canal must be dialated to permit the introduction of surgical instruments. In the traditional method the doctor passes a series of increasingly larger polished metal rods into the cervical opening. The first is about the width of a finger. Once the canal is dialated, the do<> tor inserts a hollow tube, called a vacurette, into the uterus until it touches the amniotic sac. The vacurette is connectedby transparent plastic tubing to a collection bottle. When the uterus is emptied, the doctor feels a slisrht tug on the vacurette. In order to insure that no placental tissue is left in the uterus, the doctor goes over the uterine lining with curette. Recuperation is almost immediate. After the fon.rteenth week of pregnancy the saline method of inducing a m iscarriage is used and requires a hospital stay of several days. A small area of skin a few inches below the navel is y anesthetized. A long needle is Inserted through the abdominal wall and into the uterine cavity. Several ounces of amniotic fluid are withdrawn and placed with an equal quantity of a ltrong saline solution. This solution kills th e fetus and prevents the release of placen tal hon;nones. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the woman goes into l3:bor and miscarries. (courtesy of the Birth Control Handbook) Listed below are several qualified doctors and agencies that perform legal abortions Ill New YorK. Round-tnp stu dent air fare from Sarasota to N y c is $100. plus tax, making the minimum total cost of an abortion $250. For more personal help, i.e., transportation in the city, housing, food and counselling services, contact the Women's Abortion ProJect, ( N y C) 212-691-2063 or 212-691-3396. For more help and information conta::t Deborah VanDyken, C-122. Dr. Saul Bilk 516-997-9380 (call collect) Vacuum Around $150 Dr. Micheal Tuppin 212-288-1825 (call collect) Vacuum $150 up to 12 weeks Saline $575 Manhattan Medical Group 212-666-7427 ask for Thelma vacuum $150 Park East & Park West 212-288-0606 general anesthesia -up to 15 wks Vacuum $300 -$350 saline $500 $600 17 to 211 proof of age East Gate 516-294-0580 vacuum up to 12 weeks $200 Pelham Medical Group 914-738-2131 Vacuums & Salines Price negotiable SISTER: u ARE WELCOME I N THIJ HOUSE Building E Renee Hamilton E -224 Bob Me Garey E 117 Court 1 Nancy Thompson 116 Steve Linsner 126 Court 2 Don Gervich 215 Casey Green 235 Court 3 George Fifield 303 Kimi Nakata 327 HAIRCUTS Men and Women and Children EXperienced Barber -R easonatie Rates casey Green Help wanted--short order cook contact casey in snack bar encantada ID z 0 i a :p Ill Ill will sell all before we go!O.: women's room Due to the generosity of Chuck Derrick and the tenacity of the women 1 s committee, East campus room II 316 has been secured as a "women's Room, "available for use to all New College women. The new Singer zig-zag sewing machine purchased by the S E C last term resides in the room along with the fem inist literature also ordered bt the wom en's committee of the S E C last term. So, whatever your fancy, all women are welcome. There seems to be some confusioo on campus as to what, exactly the Women's Comittee is. It is any women who are interested in it. It meets in 316 every Monday night at 5:30. Anyone is welcome tocome'and tal!<, make suggestions, if they wish. Women Who just wish to come and listen are al-so welcome. One need not br a part of a Women's Liberation movement. If you're interested at all, come to lhe meeting this Monday The tenative schedule has the room open Monday through Thursday afternoons, Friday evening, and possibly Saturday and Sunday. If the room is locked and you want to use it, s e e Kimi Nakata (327) for the key. must go! truq on down 1/3 all leather off on most VISIT THE SNACK BAR In its marathon meeting last Wednesday night, the SEC welcomed the newly elected representatives, considered &ead Board recommendations, approved a Bread Board, wrote up the Student Chair ballot and debated the editorship of the newspaper. New representatives(some old ones included) are:Chairman:Fred Silverman 1st year: Karen Ehrlich, Jono Miller, Robert (Smitty) Smith 2nd year: David Lemerpavid Middlem

''d f 1ary o a mad G r a n t e d a m e s s a g e m o vie is seldom a technically o o d movie, but "Diary of a Mad Housewife" comes as close as it possibly could without losing the revolting impact of its message. Since Frank andEleanor Perry have shown tbemselves more than capable of producin g e x c e ll en t f il m s --wit n ess the depth and beauty of "David and Lisa"--one must assume that the y c on s i d e r e d t h e m e s sage im portant enough in this particu lar film to play down the a esthetics in order to avoid any a m b i g u it y A n d t h e r e is neve r any doubt that a point is being made. This is the only justificaticn {aesthetically unsatisfying asit 1s) for the grossly exaggerated characters of Jonathan Balser and George Prager--the men in the life of the mad bousewif e. Richard Benjamin plays husband Jonathan as if he were handlin!! soiled linen; standing so far away from the character that he almost becomes a puppet et: pulling noncommittal strings. He can hardly be blamed lor despising the character. ature, insecure, status ed, ardent (though inept) social climber Jonathan Balser is a character without depth, with out a single sympathetic quality, virtually without life-or would be were we not constantly conacloua that every rloature muat be baaed ona re a ala:. b o liz e d by the dog dun on the carpet amidst the petty splen dor of the Balser apartment) and will continue to be shitas long as she follows the rules

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