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INSIDE The Ivory Tower ............ 2 Dance Marathon ......... 3 Tea Party ............ .4 Lost i n Spa c e ......... 6 sxsw ....... ... .. 7 Announcements ... ... 8 Volume VII Issue 21 No pity for the majority. April 7, 1998 Judge tosses out Jones' sex suit against Pres. Clinton One down, six to go; Forman visits NC by Alisdair Lee In a statement opening her 'Meet the Candidate' forum prospective dean Susan Forman said she was ex cited to meet the students of an institution she considers impressive Regarding the structure of the New College academic program Forman noted "this is what everyone would like to do ... other institutions have not been able to promote this kind of program. By Zoe Roman Forman, a tenured Professor of Psychology for Less than two months before twelve years, had worked for three years as Associate the trial date, a federal judge threw Provost at the University of South Carolina and has out Paula Jones's sexual harassment most recently worked as Vice President of lawsuit against President Bill Undergraduate Education at Rutgers University. As an Clinton, ruling that Jones had no administrator at Rutgers, Forman has worked on "im"genuine issues" worthy of trial. the,,uality of teaching and the quality of the In a 40-page ruling, Judge curnculum. Whtle the Rutgers population dwarfs that Susan Webber Wright granted of Forman pointed out that Rutgers Clinton's motion for summary up of eightee n de gre e g rant ing a cajudgement, saying Jones' allegaThe challeng e was "how to promote their tions "fall s hort' o f wha t w as how to be part of a large undergradure ed under the law to support ate un1verstty without undermining their missions." stressed the role of faculty in allowin New College to tbrive. New-cottege-llltlla ,...,r:ce)!lft._ engaging in formation in a critical man ner, able to handle ambiguity, self-directed and engaged in their learn ing." She also acknowledged the impor tance of adequate funding. "State funded insti t utions h a ve no t b een able to fund Susan Forman seef!Jed excited about the th kind f prospect of becommg dean at New e College but many students are uncertain of what h e r p olicies would be should she tract system. They took the time to explain the !sEE "DEAN" ON PAGE 3 The plaintiff's allegations fall short the rigorous s t a nda r ds f or es tablishing a claim of outrage u nde r Arkansas law, and the court there fore grants the President's motion for summary judgment on this claim," Wright wrote in her ruling. faculty members, good teachers who are active schol ars interested in teaching in the way that's promoted [here ]." Forman u n derstood t hat students of New College shou ld be "inte r es ted in being active learne r s, Candidate for physics position pays a visit Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, claimed then-Governor Clinton asked her for oral sex in a Little Rock hotel in 1991. The suit alleged Clinton's actions amounted to sexual harassment, resulted in job discrimination against Jones and made her feel "emotional out rage." Clinton denied any wrongdoing. In February, Clinton's attorney, Bob Bennett filed a summary judgement motion to have the case dismissed. Plaintiff [Jones] has failed to produce evidence showing the existence of essential elements each of her claims. Therefore President Clinton is entitled to judgement as a matter of law Bennett argued. Lawyers for Jones responded March 13, filing 700 pages of legal arguments and evidence that the lawsuit should go to trial. In its brief, Jones's team claimed the records before the court provided "good reason to believe the Mr. Clinton and those acting on his be!sEE "CLINTON" ON PAGE 5 by Mario Rodriguez Bill Klipstich, a candidate for a position in experimental physics, meet with Natural Science faculty and a handful of students on Friday to discuss his latest project: a clock."A clock so accurate it would only lose one second in 100 million years," he said. An Amherst graduate who received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington a couple of years ago Klipstich currently works at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Klipstich walked the audience through his project-an atomic clock which will use six lasers to keep time based on the vibration of a cesium atom. Just thirty years ago, he said, standards of time were based on the rotation of the earth. "Even on the short timescale of a week the wind would slow it down," he said, "by a time de tectable with atomic clocks." Not merely time stands to gain accuracy as a result of this development. Other fundamental units of measure, such as the volt, the meter and the gram-because they are all based on frequency measurementcould be fine tuned if Klipstich 's project works out, which he is opti mistic about. A fast clock could do wonders for the secret transfer of small fre quency signals (eyes-only info simulcast during "Oprah" on an in finitesimal frequency your TV is too crude to decipher) The Global Positioning System could also make headway: satellites which can pinpoint your exact location qn earth at light speed. Klipstich said anyone can buy a device that will let them tap into this network. So why does Klipstich want to come to New College if he's got an expensive lab setup elsewhere? "I came from an undergraduate he said. In fact, observation of physics professors at Amherst initially turned him on to physics. He saw them doing a great deal of research, so he delved into research himself, saying that he would be okay with it if that's what he had to do to become a physicist. "But that's not everything," he emphasized. "There are a lot of things I don't know about. If you approach me with something lJ!ce this, I'm interested." Pondering as to why Klipstich would choose to come to New College, where he will have to com pete with a large Humanities department for funding, 2nd-year physics major Adrian Southard con cluded Klipstich is "interested in teaching theory here, exploring." If asked to fill the position, Klipstich expressed interest in teaching a class on electron spin. He also plans to work on "optical pumping," an area of experimental physics important for atomic fre quency measurements. According to Klipstich, optical pumping has potential applications in NMRI in the imaging of empty areas in the human body, like the lungs, which cannot be otherwise contoured.


2 The Catalyst International Rebels use phone, still want ransom Marxist rebels holding three U.S. hostages in mountains outside Bogota, Colombia telephoned a message in to a radio network on Friday nigqt, declaring that their captives, seized 12 days ago, were not spies as they believed. They are thus no longer under threat of death, though there are now ransom demands. The State Department in sists that all the Americans were on a bird watching trip. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas seized the Americans, along with an Italian and a group of Columbians, at a rebel roadblock on March 23 on a major highway about 35 miles east from the capital. FARC is Latin America's oldest and largest rebel army, and was blamed for kidnap ping more than 900 people last year in order to bankroll its efforts to topple the state with ran som payments. National USDA: livestock mistreated 1Wo U.S. Department of Agriculture employ ees (one former, one current) described on Thursday how some slaughterhouses routinely ignore federal laws requiring humane treatment of animals before slaughter in order to keep pro duction lines moving quickly. Steve Cockerham, a USDA inspector at a Nebraska plant, said he often saw plant workers cut organs off cattle that were conscious after stun guns failed to work "The; were still blinking and moving. s l'J g .. spokespe rs o n fo r t h e Ame r ican Meat Institute countered saying that the m e a t indus t ry h a s an incentive to treat livestock as humanely as possi ble, since animals stressed immediately before slaughter resulted in substandard meat due to adrenaline. Former USDA veterinarian Lester Friedlander said that meat inspectors were dis couraged by USDA officials from reporting mistreatment. "Sometimes the wheels of justice tum slowly, but the wheels of justice at USDA don't even tum." Mid-air plane crash kills five people were killed Saturday when a pri vate Jet bound for Pennsylvania collided with a smaller plane north of Atlanta. The National Cii'talyst General Editor Rocky Swift Managing Editor Aaron Gustafson Staff Writers Brown, Paul Chretien, Charles Choi, Sara Foley, Alisdair Lee, KC McCarthy, Nick Napolitano, Mario Rodriguez Layout Zoe Roman Web Slinger Cyndy Ekle Greedy Capitalist Matthew Grieco Contributors Graham Strouse, Rolland Heiser, Nikki Garshelis News Transportation Safety Board is looking into the collision, but no speculations have been made as to the cause of the crash. Weather does not ap pear to have been a factor. Released whale lost at sea Over a year ago, a infant gray whale was by its mother. The whale, though left for dead, was taken to Sea World of San Diego and placed under medical care. The whale, named JJ., was a week old when she arrived in a coma. She spent over a year in recovery, and grew to 19,000 pounds. J.J.'s status updates were continually posted on the Web. After J .J. was released._ scientists realized that her homing transmitters had fallen off. Both of the transmitter packages, each containing two radio transmitters washed ashore. Originally, sci entists wanted to track J.J.'s movements to be OUTSIDE ,.-.-tvoeRY TowER able to infer her health and activity. Military sonar installations, intended for de tecting the entry of enemy submarines entering U.S. waters has picked up J.J.'s navigational vo calizations. These sounds may also be posted on the website. Leaks of code-cracking in CIA A fo r mer CIA officer was i nd i cted on April 2 on charges of allegedly passing secrets about how the CIA cracked the codes of two unnamed foreign nations and for allegedly attempting to extort $500,000 from the CIA. Douglas Groat worked at the CIA for 16 years in classified covert operations aimed at breaking crypto graphic systems until he was fired in 1996. Groat was held without bond until next Thursday after prosecutors warned that Groat may try to flee the country, given his CIA training in falsifying iden tification. A lawyer for Groat entered a not-guilty plea to the five charges, two of which carry a possible death penalty. April 7, 1998 State Consumer space flight coming soon Zegrahm Space Voyages has already sched uled twice weekly space-flights starting Dec. 1, 2001, pending development and licensing issues. A division of the Seattle based company, Zegrahm is taking reservations at $98,000 a pop for seven unforgettable days of training leading up to a 2 and 1/2 hour flight with a maximum al titude of 62 miles. From this vantage point, adventurers will see the curvature of earth and blackness of space as well as experiencing 2 to 3 minutes of weightlessness. MSNBC quoted one Zegrahm official as saying that pioneers of space travel "gave society the promise that one day everyone will be able to go into space." Animal deaths at new Disney park Disney's newest Orlando theme park Animal Kingdom is suffering an unnatural stretch of ani mal deaths in the weeks leading up to its opening. The tally of death includes four cheetah cubs, two rhinoceroses, two hippopotamuses, three herd animals, and two West African crown cranes that were run over by a tour bus. Disney attributes the deaths to the many unknowns in volved in the management of exotic animals. The USDA has reviewed the deaths and found no infractions of federal animal welfare laws. Floridians get money for disasters Nearly $20 million in federal and state funds have been approved for victims of Florida's re cent tornadoes and floods, disaster officials said. De uty State Coordinator Shirly Collins said res idents affected by past disasters are eli gible aga in. She said inaccurate reports have stated Panhandle and Gulf Coast residents are not eligi ble if they received help after 1994 storms. Local Police chase ends in crash After Tampa Bay resident Lisa Wade told po lice that her boyfriend had doused her with lighter fluid and chased her with a lighter, she noticed him driving by her house in her Isuzu Trooper. The police gave chase to 31-year-old Alfonsot Watson, a chase which ended in a crash which sent both he and his daughter, Alexis, 3, to Tampa General Hospital. Both were in critical condition Saturday The Catalyst is available on the World Wide Web at http://www. sar. usfedu/-catalyst/ The Catalyst is an academic tutorial spon sored by Professor Maria Vesperi. It is developed in the New College Publications Office using Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress for PowerMacintosh and printed at the Bradenton Herald with money provided by the New College Student Alliance. Direct submissions and inquiries to: The Catalyst 5700 N. Tamiami Tr. Box #75 Sarasota, FL 34243 catalyst@virtu.sar. usfedu The Catalyst reserves the right to edit submissions for space, grammar or style. Contributions may range in length from 250 to 500 words. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 250 words. Submissions should be labeled as either letters to the Editor or contributions and include names and contact information. Submissions in "rtf' or "WriteNow" format may saved to the Catalyst Contributions m the Temp Directory on the Publications Offtce file server, printed submissions may be placed in campus box 75 and all other contributions may be to catalyst@virtu. No will be accepted. must be received by 5:00 p.m. m order to appear in the following week s tssue.


The Catalyst News April 7, 1998 3 Forman likes contract system Dance Marat hon raises for local AIDS charity FROM "DEAN" PAGE 1 dynamics of the con t ract system to Fo r man and stress its impor tance "With the contract system ," Second Court R.A. Jen Rehm explained, "we can all do very different things while we 're here." Forman agreed: "There are lots of ways to work things that don't necessarily have to happen within the context of a course ." F orman did express that the con tract system was not infallible "It sounds like a wonderful idea a way to direct and develop learning in yourself. I do think there might be a little danger in coming up with contracts that lack breadth or depth." Forman is not without experi ence in the "active learning" approach. At Rutgers she devel oped a course called Educational Policy Through Service Learning, in which she advo cated both the importance of quality educa t ion i n the u nder gr ad uate level and out-of-class learning. "Typically, tion o icy courses are taught at the gra d u a t e level. You need to educate all stu d en ts." She employed what she called "Service Learning Pedagogy," in which students "focused on major issues that are current. Students did community service placement. They were placed in local school administrative of fices." Students, through their experience, were able to "come back to class able to have first hand experience in discussing the subject we focused on. What they were seeing in service placement related to what issues we were dealing with in class. Forman has also improved the state of research at under graduate Rutgers, demanding scholarship from the faculty and decreasing the tendency to wards passivity in our students." Different programs were devel oped, including an Undergraduate Research Web Site, an augmentation of funds through the Rutgers Undergraduate Research Fellows (in which each faculty member can use up to $1,500 to support student stipends and student re search), and a brochure on what undergraduate research is and why undergraduates should par ticipate." Campus diversity is at the forefront of Forman's concern. She approaches the importance of a diverse community in practi cal terms. "If you re in an atmosphere here that's homoge neous you're not going to be able to function in a society that is diverse. Forman sees diver sity as the subject of both student and faculty recru i tment. in faculty is also very Important. We need to offer them attractive packages so that they can come here. We need to make this a comfortable place for everybody. Forman sug gested that the corporate world could act as a valuable source to wards offering better packages. "Getting corporate funding for these kinds of initiatives is a good route to follow." Students voiced concern about the structure of her posi tion and its relationship to Tampa. "With anything that's occurring on campus ," Forman "the b uck would stop wtth me. In terms of internal campus operations, it would stop with me." e.n as ed abou e poss i bility of creating two assistant pos i t i ons to ease t he work load for the de an of U S F-New College, Forman stated, "at Rutgers what we've been doing is decreasing layers of adminis tration. I'm not interested in being distant from the students and faculty. My history has been breaking administration down." If assistant positions were re quired, Forman explained, they would only exist to handle "ad ministrative managerial paper. Forman agreed with students that "student governance is very important. In general, participa tion in decision making is very important." Forman responded to student fears of a unified USF-New College admissions program by saying that, "with re spect to admissions, you're going to be recruiting from sepa rate groups." Forman did show interest in increasing communi cation between students of New College and students in the University Program. Forman wants "more cohesion in a way that does not undermine either of the two programs and I think that's a tricky thing to do. We need to ask: 'Are there ways to have a conversation that actually adds to what both of you are doing?"' Forman noted, "it's possible to be part of a larger in by making sure people m Tampa understand the kind of things going on here and what needs you have." Forman ex plained the in).portance raising such relations, noting that the UP by Nick Napolitano academic structure could be exCollege Hall hosted this year's Dance posed to other methods. "I think Marathon, which managed to raise over a lot of the principles you work $1,500 for AIDS Manasota. with at New College are applicaThe event was organized by second-year ble in all types of settings. students Margaret Hoppe, Ushrna Mehta, Principles of active learning can Sara Young, and Rachael Labes, with help be used with any kind of stufrom Suzanne McGruther, Judd Wilson dents. Jessica Phelps, Alena Scandura, Cindy' At the end of the hour Kraus, Carrie Martel, Ben Sherman, and Forman expressed her appreciaRobert Rollings. tion. "This has helped me to "It was a good night," said Young who learn more on what this place is along with Hoppe, Mehta, and about, what it's like. It would be t'll d h h s 1 ancmg w en t e SIXteen-hour marathon very exciting for me to work concluded at noon, to the raucous beat of here." Bill I y dol's "Dancing With Myself." After the meeting, she stated, The Dance Marathon also sponsored two I thought people had really inband performances-NC student band teresting questions to ask me Prime time and Jakaginin a Haitian drum and were obviously i n volved. I band They were the bomb, dancer Sonya w as im p res sed with the tu rn o ut. R amian sai d of J aka g i ni n. Tw o other bands To me that indicates that you were scheduled to perform but cancelle d a t have a really active student body. the last minute. I would look forward to talking Dancers also chowed down on free pizza to more students and to talk to and and took a d v a ntage o f the mas-m ue Y w. e I !Biiiiiiiiiiiii problems are and what the strengths are, what needs they have. Immed i ately after t h e fo rum, a separate two-h ou r m eetin g wa s held between Forman and mem bers of New College faculty. While students made their way down to the Four Winds Cafe to discuss their views on Forman, faculty pressed questions on na tional publicity for New College, multiculturalism and faculty di versity, the overwhelming lack of funds which has caused some faculty to spend out of their own pockets to support the education of their students, and how Forman would go about obtain ing such financial support. Forman envisioned a scheme in which students of New College left the academic sector to partic ipate in society in ways that would prove worthwhile invest ments to such communities as the Foundation. Students can look forward to future interviews with other can didates. If any in attendance still have their evaluation reports on Susan Forman, they can be turned in to Margaret Hughes or Tom Barnard in boxes 712 and however. "We have had a helluva time raising m o n e y," sa id organizer Margaret Hoppe who w a s i n i tially d is a ppo int ed with the campus response to the event. I gu e s s maybe t he morale of the school has g on e d own, or something. People are just not wanting to put forth the effort." In recent years, interest in the Dance Marathon indeed seems to have waned. The April '95 marathon only saw two dancers finish the traditionally 24-hour dance marathon, while the following year found the marathon reduced to twelve hours. Last year there was no dance marathon. Compare this to the Dance Marathon of 1991 which saw 21 of the 25 participants dance for the full 24 hours and raise nearly $5,000. This year's marathon has succeeded in resurrecting the marathon and infusing it with new energy. "It's just such a good thing to bring back to the school,'' said Hoppe, who was inspired to helm the event after talking to her sister, NC alum Dorothy Hoppe, who was a major dance marathon organizer during her time at New College. "I also don't think this school does a lot in the way of charity," continued Hoppe. "We have a lot of parties, but that's what they are, just parties, for the school to enjoy. The fact that we have this great party atmos phere means that we can use parties for a cause." 146 respectively. All hail Brak !" King Rockus


4 The Catalyst Campus News April 7 1998 Radical Working-class Tea vs. the Sarasota Square Mall I! by AJisdair Lee suffer i ng race. I have forgotten how to love ." N e w additions to the roster: Katie I What do you get when a small number of rad -You look up You are surrounded by friends and Hubin Rob J' 0 ical novo collegians band together to defeat strangers, all stooped over next to you with Sara Lowry smgs playfully as we capitalism? Not much, perhaps, in terms of anaglazed looks in their eyes. You r e alize thei r look roll out. Down 41, down !o j tion-wide shift in values. What you do get is an is your own. Mall the one that s practtabsurdist approach to enacting social reform Through your mind explosion y ou barely heard cally m that dark Motivation is two fold: 1. End capital i sm. 2. it. One of the hippies. What was he saying? .center of Capita hsm. The group colForfeit the serious attitude. "Witness the decline of capitalism the defeat of lects 1tself Fust order of busmess before the First-year student, Sigismund (Kevin Meeks) consumerism, the end of tyranny ." Now these e x ercise of lunch revolution on a prime figure in the Radical Working-Class Tea were real words Words that cared that meant stomachs we agree. Katle an? Danela Party (RWCTP), ring-led the two-day circus I omething to the suffering. The hippies are skip to romp perhaps to m hungry was approached by him in the easy light of a ping away now. You are still there on your knees, hke the I ptg out on Sbarro s ptzza, a Friday afternoon. A sum of money was in his humbled against the hard cold floor You let go glazed cmnamon pretzel a soda wash 1t possession that was to be thrown out liberally in of the dollars you grabbed so greedily and you down After lunch W?rking Tea the busy capitalist bowels of the mall later that stand up, renewed Some changes ll have to be prepares to stnke They re m a day. The dollar bills would serve to help people made around here ," you sigh The revolution is crowded area where they can along in their lives but no t in any economic in s i ght. ventable ruckus They wander around the sense. OK you can stop imagining now because area in search of the proper space. Meanwhile I Messages had been written on t he bi lls in t hat' s not exactly what happ e ned. That was just sit and finish my pretzel. Oh the sweet glaze I bold marker : GOD WORSHIP ME ," the v isi on I ga t he r ed th a t easy Friday afternoon look up after devouring the last bit-and find CHASE ME ALL YOUR LI FE." Imagine if It s e e me d l ike a ge ner a lly ludicrous ou t ing that they're gone! you will: You, the average money hung r y migh t b e w orth report in g I n a ttenda n ce at the Past ice cream shops shoe stores, lame art American, lookin ou t for Number One whisperh our of departur e : Sigi s mund C u r tis S arles, dealerships I search The Tea Party is nowhere in ing to yourself (automaton that you are ), C as h Dani el a Mo ln ar, Mario Rod rig u ez ( co-r e port e r ), sight. Moving through a loose ocean of shopRules Everything Around Me ." You r e walking Nick Napolitano and S a ra Low ry pers I discover two random New College through the mall, inhaling the sweetness o f your student s, capital Young Lee and Mary Lehach. life as Oppressor to the Third World when all of They engage in my search with me. I must find a sudden the light-green image of a disgruntledthem before I miss the whole thing. Supporting looking president comes floating into your view. capitalism?" I ask along the way. They shrug You tum, and to your surprise, you see George Mary and Young are simply bad people. Finally Washingtons bursting in the air like so much we find the group. They're back in the dining confetti. dead presidents rainin from the sky. area. Somewhere nearby, a troupe of bare-foot hippies atie and aniela decide to sit t is one out. I yelling, "Free money! Come'n get it!" The bills recall Daniela's comment the day bef o r e : Most l and casually on t h e g l o ssy tile floor, full of an peo pl e will ju st l o ok a t t h e m and say Who are enormous yet silent power t hose f r eaks and why ar e they here?"' They take And you're thinking, "Oh me Oh my. Sweet chairs with me at a n e arby table and show me the providence! For years I've waited for the day ten new tank tops they ve bought. They re fine tank rich kids perform strange dances and give away Sigismund riled us up. "People are gonna tops, and on sale to boot. The rest of the band is their money!" What more could you ask for? look at this and they're gonna go, they're gonna gathered together along the outer half-wall of the "The fools!" you whisper, and take a dive for the say, y'know, 'What the fuck is this? This is dining area, prepared to strike. Sigismund leaps green. bizarre."' Sadly, the revolution didn't take place atop the wall and demand the attention of the But what's this? These bills are marked in that evening. After a five-minute reconnaissance peaceful capitalist diners. permanent ink! "CHASE ME ALL YOUR mission executed by the whole Party, during Soon enough the bills are flying. Curtis Sara, LIFE," you read. Chase me all your life. Anxiety which this reporter took the time to visit his and Rob hop and skip about like jackals tossing overcomes you. The corridor of the mall becrush at Burdines (a beautiful shining and comthe loaded bills into the air, bellowing, Free come the raging intestines of a stinking beast. pletely dazzling explosion of a human being), it money! Free money for everyone!" From above Then you are falling, onto your knees like some was concluded that Southgate mall was empty. Sigismund lets fall a cash monsoon to flood the ancient pilgrim at the entrance to The Gap. But The intestines of the great beast Capitalism were ground with little green harbingers of a new era the latest monochrome fashions are not what's on filled only with a few roaming parasites. of consciousness and joy. Between the lot of your mind. You have found yourself out. "All my Therefore this mall was not the proper climate them, thirty GWs have been stre\Vn about within life," you say. "All my life it's been the bills. Oh for a revolution. a half-minute. Two middle-school boys in bubble Michael Jordan and your stinking high-tops! Could the band be disenfranchised, loosed of jackets act as the main takers. They scoop up a Who needs you? What happiness do you bring? its morale? Nope. As night came on they raided large portion of the money and make away with We drag ourselves through alleyways bloated the parking lot with anti-capitalist flyers, it. Aside from that, little attention has been payed with shops, through misbegotten notions of satisFast forward to the next day, around 2 p.m. to the heroes of our story. The intestines of the faction, dreaming that happiness is on the Your reporter awakens, moans from a hangover great beast Capitalism continue to digest their ighorizon so long as we've got a few dollars that beats at his head like the conscience-rending norant parasites. In under a minute, it s business stuffed in our designer jeans. We color our lives poverty of his journalistic skills. He rolls out of as usual at Sarasota Square. with green. And what does it amount to? The bed and onto the floor, begins yet another hope"We received the usual reaction to deca worst rot. I am an empty soul full of mistakes in-le s attempt at putting his clothes on without dence," Curtis explained on to me on the way numerable. Like the emaciated greyhound I have using his arms. A knock on the door. Sigismund home. "People pretended to ignore us." We were burned toward the Rabbit of False enters. His childish eyes betray the tiger of radialone together in his sedan cruising up 41 toward Capitalist Promises with oh such a calism within. "Uh, we're going back to the mall campus. The rest of the crew was headed in a terror in mine eye. And in my today at three if you wanna come," he roars passecond vehicle for a Taco Bell run. "But I mean haste, in the haze of my bloodsionately. it was fun. Any time you get people's attention thirsty rush for Money, Money, "Fuck it," I say. "I'll go." when you're doing something weird it's gonna Money, I have forgotten the mil-We meet in front of Ham Center. It's a differget people to reconsider their views in some relions of other dogs that chase the ent crew today. I can smell the difference. Smells spect." After a pause he mused, "Maybe same empty idol in this hellish, like-victory! Absent: Napolitano, Rodriguez. Sigismund should have burned the money."


The Catalyst Campus Life In Africa, Clinton celebrates getting off !"CLINTON" FROM PAGE 1 I half have engaged in a vast enter prise to suppress evidence in this case and otherwise corrupt these proceedings." The documents sought to show a pattern of women either benefiting or suffering harm on the job, de pending on their response to Clinton's alleged advances. They included former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's subpoena and affidavit, despite Wright's earlier decision ruling Lewinsky-related evidence nonessential" to the Jones case. Bennett had the final word, fil ing 200 pages of legal documents a week later, once again arguing Jones had failed to establish any legal claim worthy of trial. He called her case "little more than a web of deceit and distortions" and "a political1y motivated attack on President Clinton without legal merit that should be dismissed." Clinton got the news of the judge's decision to throw out the case over the phone in Senegal form Bennett. When told the decision, the President first a s k e d if it was an April Fool s joke, according to White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry. Public reaction from the trav eling White House was subdued. McCurry, in Africa with the presi dent, delivered a carefully worded reaction saying the president was "pleased to receive the vindication he has long waited for." But behind the scenes, the president appeared more than "pleased." A FOX News came r a captured Clinton dancing while playing an African drum and smoking a cigar. In her decision, Wright said that if Clinton did what Jones claimed, it was "offensive and boor ish," but it was not sexual assault. And there was no evidence Jones suffered on the job because of the al1eged incident, the judge ruled. As for the attempt by Jones's lawyers to bring in Clinton's rela tionship with Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and others, Wright wrote, "Whether other women may have been sub jected to workplace harassment and whether such evidence has allege dly been s upp r es se d do es n o t ch a n ge the fact th a t the plaintiff has failed to demonstrate that she has a case worthy of submitting to a jury." The Rutherford Institute, a con servative group footing the legal bills for Jones's case, said of the de cision in a written statement: "We respectfully but firmly disagree." It is considering an appeal. "That's the client's decision," John Whitehead, of the Rutherford Institute, said at a news conference. "We are looking at the options. We feel that there is good opportunity for appeal here. We feel that Paula Jones does have the fire. I mean, it's very difficult; but again, she's gone this far--really gone through the hard trials of this case." Jones spokeswoman Susan Carpenter McMillan said Jones was ');hocked," "disappointed" and "very, very hurt" by the ruling. Jones's lawyers in Dallas chal lenged the suggestion that the ruling was a vindication of the President. Her attorney Wes Holmes said "For purposes of this decision, President Clinton did every single thing Paul Jones said he did and if that's some s ort of v i n d ica t i on t h e n I g u ess I jus t don't understa n d h o w W ashington operates." sac minutes 2.12.98 Members in attendance:Michael Hutch, Alisdair Lee, Danielle Babski, Vijay Sivaraman, Adam Rivers, Robert Scope!, Danny Burke (proxy), Britt Dunn 3. Mandy Odom [(GLBTSA) Pnde re quested $575 for posters, videos, band, and sttckers. Allocated: $575 (proxy) Absent: Mario Rodriguez, Kelly Smger All votes are unanimous unless otherwise indicated. 4. Mike Vandercook (Dave White monologue, Regarding Letters I Never Sent) requested $400 for Dave's travel and expenses. Allocated: $280. Abstentions: Danny Burke. 1. Alice Solomon (The Semi-Normal) requested $6.88 for copies to determine the party theme. Allocated: $6.88 5 Mike Vandercook (Mayan Mythology stage produc requested $300 for lumber and costumes. Tabled. 2. Mollie Lee and Jim Baker (Four Winds Cafe) re quested $35.00 for food and drink for the Sunset A t on Hour Allocated $30 6. Jess Falcone (First Court Party) requested $80 for decor and food. Allocated $80. 3/18 09:20 Student Affairs reports petty theft and criminal mischief in Hamilton Center women's restroom. "Napkin" dispenser pried open, coin box stolen. $230 in damages. 3/20 22:40 Off-campus noise complaint: screaming student at Viking Dorms. Unable to locate. 3/2612:37 Student reported $80 missing from wallet left on picnic tables. Suspected ball players. No proof. 4/120:25 2 on-campus noise complaints of loud music. 9 students involved, stereo turned down. 4/2 12:40 Notified that transformer would be turned off and power in Hamilton Center would be out from 22:00 until 06:00, 4/3. 4/3 17:15 NC student James Baker struck by vehicle at Mecca and Royal Palm, lifted to Tampa General where sta ble. Driver charged with speeding and obstruction among other charges. Information concerning al cohol involvement still under investigation. 4/4 00:50 Off-campus noise complaint about Dance Marathon. Doors closed, volume lowered. 4/5 00:54 Student injured while dancing in Pei courts -dislocated shoulder. Taken to Sarasota Memorial for treatment : WEEK IN PREVIEW Tuesday, April 7 Amnesty International meets in front of the Fishbowl at 8:00p.n:. Wednesday, April 8 Spiritual Exploration Table in the cafeteria at 5:00p.m. Orientation Planning Meeting in the Fishbowl at 5:00p.m. Student Electronic Music Concert at Sainer at 8:00p.m. Thursday, April 9 GLBTSA meets on the Ham Center couches at 7:00p.m. W.O.R.D. (Working On Real Design) meets at 7:00p.m. on the Ham center couches. Friday, April 10 Group tour of the new residence hall leaves front lobby of Hamilton Center at 3:00p.m. Sunday, April 12 Pride Symposium: CommUNITY Kickoff. p.m. Monday, April 13 La Musica International special performance at Sainer at 7:30 p.m. Prior reservations required. Pride Symposium: Discussion "What does 1t Mean to be "Queer?" in the Music Room at 7:00p.m. Workshop: The Lesbian Avengers lead a visibility training at 8:00 P:m. in the Music Room. Mov1e: Tongues United at 10:00 p.m. in the Music Room. WALL PREVIEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 10 Joel Mann SATURDAY, APRIL 11


. 6 The Catalyst Opinions April 7, 1998 Lost i n S p ace quite hokey, but rather amusing by Charles Cboi The only thing I knew of Lost in Space when I went into the theater (other than memes such as "Danger, Will Robinson" that are lodged in my unconscious like spinach stuck in-between my teeth) was the one episode with a giant sen tient carrot that I saw when I was a kid. Big names such as William Hurt (The Big Chill, Altered States) as Professor John Robinson, Gary Oldman (Rosencrantz and Guildenstem are Dead, Dracula) as Dr. Zachary Smith, Matt LeBlanc (of NBC sitcom Friends fame) as Major Don West, and Heather Graham (Twin Peaks, Boogie Nights) as Judy Robinson prompted me to watch the movie for the sheer novelty factor. How many times in your life are you going to see Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman together, after all? The premise of the film is simple. The fact that the planet has depleted almost all of its natural resources is unknown to the general population. The family Robinson is to travel in the Jupiter 2 spaceship to try to discover an other habitable planet. A terrorist faction, however, has discovered the secret and has sabotaged the hyperspace technology of others in order to develop their own teleportation gate as edge over their competition. Due to sabotage on part of Dr. Smith, they are forced to make a blind jump which leaves them, ta-da, "lost in space." The "eye candy" factor played an important role in the fUm, as is expected of almost every sci-fi flick nowadays. Though I usually appreci ate as much suspension-of-disbelief as possible when it comes to computer graphics, for the most part I had no complaints, since I didn't re ally take the fUm seriously anyway. The most annoying bit of superfluous computer graphics had to be the 'cute' monkey; sweet enough to rot my teeth. And whoever created the melodra matic music score should be dragged out in the street and shot. The fllm was amusing enough. I would've enjoyed it a lot more if I was a ten year-old, but even so the sheer hokum of it kept me going. It took some time to heat up; most of the first 30 minutes is obligatory exposition. The movie didn't take off for me until the word "Shit" (and if you see the movie, you ll know what I mean). Contribution: Rename everything by Graham Strouse around n a m i ng b uil d i n gs and So I'm k.ickin' back. in 11\Y whatnot 1 thought I'd suggest riou a p p o i 1c a i n e c a e th e moth e r unit's s o ftware c o mfor a few of N e w College's pany in Jers e y and I get thi s m ore notable structures and inphone call from Jesus sayin stitutions that NC's powers-that-be have First of all, I think it's highdecried that the Pei Dorms shall time that the New CoJJege hence no longer be known as deanship be re-dubbed the C o urt s Uno, Dos, a n d Tres, and "Dean Gordon E. 'Mike' shal l for n ow and ever after be Michalson, Jr Memorial named afte r wealthy d ead peoDeanship," and that furtherpi e. mor e all future New College N o W a y Jay," I sa id to the deans be required to pennaKi ng o f th e Jews. Way, G ee," nently change their names to He sai d "Believe it, man. Gor don E. Mike" Michalson, Thirty p ieces of silver a n d a Jr. 'Course he's not dead, and dorm's yours." as far as I know, he's not rich, So I'm thinkin', well, I'm and he's not a dean anymore, not thinking too much. Life in a but wouldn't the world just be a cube farm shuts down most better place with more neuro l ogical functions. But I'm Professor Michalsons? thinkin', while ya'll are going Secondly, I propose that the Th e savior and t h e a l um One a nd the sam e ? publicatio n offi c e be renamed, well, 1 can think of a bunch of e i o rnm after, and while none of them are d ead, mos t of the m ar e n o longer students, in large part due to the fact that they rat holed in the pub office for months on end. This would, in my opinion, justify memorial status for said individua ls, but it might also constitute libel on my part, so maybe I'll leave this one alone. Next one's easy. It's high time that the NC Fitness Center be re-named "The Graham Strouse Memorial House of Pain." Not to float my own boat, but hey, I left enough sweat in that pastel-green palace to fill the Lota Mundy Memoria l Swimming Pool. Finally, as a tribute to the finest cultural anthropologist I have known in my brief and largely unproductive life, I hereby suggest that this fine publication be renamed "The Professor Vesperi Memorial Catalyst." And let us pray that it does not in fact prove the death of her. Hell, J' ve got Jesus right here on line 2. I'll have him put in a word for her. Okay, they're dumb names, but it's not like I'm suggesting that the school call the new dorm complex "Dort," or some thing dopey ]ike that There was a lot of chemistry between the ac tors that helped carry the movie between the REALLY cheesy scenes, and there was actually some pretty clever dialogue. (Gary Oldman is at his best when he doesn t have to actually open his mouth.) Whoever played the voice actor for the Robot was absolutely inspired, for some belly laughs over the more surreal scenes. Also, there are a set of really intriguing plot twists near the end of the movie concerning time travel. But all that is nicely balanced by crap. There's this one scene where the father uses one of his estranged son's trophies as a weapon against the bad guys, and I wanted to say, "The symbolic attack! Why, the villains will NEVER expect that! In the end, I have to say that Lost in Space was definitely a hoot. The theater gave out free samples of the soundtrack on opening night, so if anyone wants it, just ask. Oh, also visit the website http: 1/dangerwillrobinson.lycos. com, and you too can be embarrassed when your computer loudly states "Danger, Will Robinson! in a crowded room. Letters to the Editor Action auction thanks This i s to t hank the New College students for their cooperation and understanding in support of the New College Foundation Action Auction on Saturday, March 21st. I also would like to thank those students who worked at the Auction Their assistance meant a great deal to us. We were tremendously proud of their performance and would appreciate your conveying our thanks. To all those who helped, I want to thank you for a job exceptionally well done. Thanks for your assistance Sincerely, Rolland V. Heiser President, New College Foundation Ice now, Hammer s oon Dear Editor: I was so pleased that you gave front page coverage to the up-coming Vanilla Ice Concert in the Sudakoff Center. It's not everyday we get such high quality entertainment on this campu I'm working on booking M .C. Hammer in Sudakoff next month, but don't get your hopes up yet. Sincerely, Nikki Garshelis Coordinator of Special Projects "That gets away wit' better not 'Cross me tho. rbeat his ass!" Mr. T


Entertainment South by South West: lots of bands lots of funApril 7, 1998 1 by Aaron Gustafson Austin's curfew law South By South West (SXSW) Cut Chemist Deni on violin. If I know anything, 1 know ts a five-day music confe e C that Dem Bonet can play the violin like few othheld annu 11 r nee ut Chemtst was mixing it up all over the e s Sh b ls the largaestymm Texas. It place when I hit Twist late in the evening. He _r e ouncing across the stage ustca s h d h hke v10lm was an electric guitar. She has in Arne bo owcase a t ree turntables going and was blasting inchansma out the ass! In all, Hitchcock's show across from well-mixed tracks which had the house was amazing, probably one of the be t I saw at 1 ts IS t e. on tts feet. Everyone danced as this turntablist SXSW. strutted his back and forth across the tables, Pee Shy together and drink rk y s, get ?ever smg a beat or a scratch. He mixed This band of three lovely ladies and a pertomorrow. The five :;: s no :oul, htp-hop, and children s records fectly-timed drummer from St. Petersburg put on filled with 1 h rt' ( 1 n unrecogmza e and densely beat-laden one hell of a show at the Rock and Roll Hall of b b ) usd pa tes most Y soundtrack to an evening His style was impeccaF A D echuelsd an tons of concerts ble and his skills extraordinary. Move over arne s cousttc aystage. They wooed the audiemg e at over three dozen Prince Paul. ence with their succulent harmonies and made venues. Hundreds of bands show Harvey Sid Fisher the crowd of industry-types realize just how up to promote the d beautiful accordions and clarinets can sound in a and ak th tr recor s Harvey Sid Fisher was the first person I got to rock band. Notable tracks at the show included :: e .eu compames look see perform at SXSW He was up on stage in a the sublime "Little Dudes" and the witty "Mr. or, sohme to get white suit reminiscent of those worn in the planWhisper." They were a huge hit and rightly so. Y t e of tation days of yore He sat there on a stool with Perfume Tree guitar under one arm, his white hair Perfume Tree is one of those bands which has He tg thmg .. Artists hke shmmg bright under the spotlights. He had a always mad.e my jaw slack and left me speechbeen at back:up band behind him playing simple rhythms less. That mght was no different. Perfume Tree b m t e past,_ which for htm to play and sing along to. He was also created some incredible music in the short set ably most easlly explamed accompanied by a bevy of rather plain-looking that they played. They performed a lot of stuff Y the of alcohol w.hich g!rls at least 30-40 years his junior in sparkling from A Lifetime Away and a few tracks from the' .. exec or tm-stlver dre ses which came to mid-thigh These upcoming album, .._. btbes on any gtven day -a lot : were his back-up singers and honestly, they due out this The of most of SXS'Y IS couldn't carry a tune much farther than he could month from and be merry whtle That's what I said Harvey really can't carry World hstenmg to some of today's much of a tune, but he does write some pretty Domination. hottest talent. The following is a funny songs. He rambled through the va ri ous The i r mix of run-down on some of the s how s s on gs h e r ec ord e d o v e r t h e years for h i s electro n ics, l ive "' I caught thi s y e ar. Astrology Songs and Golf Songs tapes and even bass, and Colorsound the ever favorite "Mommy" in which he voca\s make me former, but i'm not quite sure if he The lead singer is from The Alarm, the guitarist is from The Cult, and the drummer is from Sisters of Mercy. What more could you ask for in a power-pop alt-rock band? A lot actually. Colorsound reminded me a little of Matthew Sweet and a little of Nirvana, but failed to make much of an impression. What did make an impression is the fact people like him because he is so bad that he's funny. Harvey gives new meaning to the term cheesy, but he drew a tremendous crowd and they were all into it, which is kind of strange when the man writes lyrics like "talkin' 'bout the Taurus, talkin' 'bout the bully-bull-bull." Buddy Guy The room was already packed Pee Shy live at SXSW with music industhat the drummer wa able to do a roll with one hand. His drumming skills were incredible and made the show worth watching. I was lucky enough to catch the great Buddy Guy's amazing acou tic performance at a special BMG party the first night of SXSW. When Guy took the stage, the room went dead silent. It was amazing to see him play acoustic because he al most never performs that way The effect mesmerized the audience. Guy played some of his own stuff as well as an interpretation if a John Lee Hooker piece. He played with his eyes closed, his hands moving as though guided by a great piritual force, finding perfect note to res onate in the ears of his privileged audience. His performance was the kind that hits you in the pit of your stomach and you like it. Following each try-types when they opened the doors to the maddening crowd of alternakids who were claw ing at the door to the club, hoping to ee these dinosaurs in all their glory. As the door opened, the kids came in like stampeding cattle, filtering in amongst the execs trying to get in front of the extremely high stage. Sonic Youth played a lot of material from the upcoming record, which, thankfully, seems to be a return to the Sonic Youth of the Sister variety. Most of their songs were pretty long and over-done. The more I lis tened to them play, the more I realized how much they are the Grateful Dead of the alternative world-they just don't know when to top. The show lasted well over an hour, but the crowd seemed pretty happy with it. Had they pent a lit tle less time making noise with their instruments in the name of art, I probably would have liked it Come Come overcame equipment problems to de liver an all-around excellent show Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw were dead-on with their play ing and singing, often trading lead guitar and vocals. One of the most brilliant and powerful songwriting teams in music today, Zedek and Brokaw did nothing apart from astound as their tremendou work thun dered through the quaint Electric Lounge. This was a powerful perfor mance, but it was cut short, prob-Come s Thnlia Zedek ably due to ong he received a warm round of applau e and at the end of his short set he received a much de served standing ovation. Amazing is an under tatement. Robyn Hitchcock When this tall, grey-haired Englishman took the stage at the State Theater, we knew we were in for a treat. Singing songs about, among other things; sex and Gene Hackman, Hitchcock blessed the audience with fine music and finer wit. He reminded me of a musical Spalding Grey, constantly regaling the audience with funny sto ries between perfect songs. On certain numbers, he was accompanied by "Timmy" on guitar and better. Spacehog Blowing away the execs at the Interview magazine par-tay were some true rock stars: Spacehog. In a Chine e-themed celebration of food and style in promotion of their new record, The Chinese Album, Spacehog took command of the ship and steered it into the uncharted waters of mass hysteria. They mixed a little bit of humor with straight-up rock and roll and even offered listeners orne fortune cookies on the way out.


r 8 The Catalyst Part-time file clerk. Law of fice near college. Flexible hours. 2 hours per day. Please call 3510022. The Counseling and Wellness Center at Parkview House Has professional counselors who can help with relationships, anxiety, and adjustment problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and lots of other problems. Office services are free and confidential to enrolled students. Also, Planned Parenthood is back in Parkview every Wednesday 9 a.m.-12 p.m. They are available for all stu dents and can answer questions regarding male/female exams, STD testing, and reproductive health. For info, call 359-4254. Room Draw will take place on Tuesday, April 24. Thus is your only opportunity to reserve a room on-campus for the 1998/99 year. Instructions and room draw applications are available in the Hou sing Office. The room d r aw a p p li cat i on mus t be returned at the Housing Office by :00 p.m. on urs ay, Apn 16. Goulash!!!'s Second Annual Pigeon Memorial Poetry Contest. First prize: $40, second prize: $20, thi rd prize: $10. Everyone who enters will get cool knick knacks, certificates, and our u n d y i ng gratit u de! All entries must b e in by Fri. Apr i l 24. See new issue for de tails. "ROOMS FOR REN T Looki n g for M/F to s h are 3 BR/2BA vegetar ian household in downtown Sarasota. (No smoking, no drink ing/drug problems, please.) Openings May 13th and mid-sum mer. $200/room and I /3 utilities per month. Call Jenna or Erica at 952-5201. GUITARIST THOMAS KOCH TO PERFORM IN SAINER Noted classical guitarist, Thomas Koch, will present a recital in the Sainer Auditorium on Sunday, April 19, at 3:00pm. Through his concerts and recordings, Koch has rapidly established himself as one of the region's finest classical gui tarists. His Sainer recital will feature music from h i s recent CD, "Souvenir de Paris," which has won Announcements April 7, 1998 praise from the European and press. The concert will be free. Thurs., April 16, 7 p.m., College Hail Dining Room "Assisted Suicide after Quill and Glucksburg: Settled Law and Open Policy" by Lawrence Vemaglia, J.D., M.P.H (NC '87) The workshop will address the po litical and legal background of assisted suicide (physician-assisted or otherwise) in America culminat ing in two Supreme Court decisions in 1997. Dealing with this divisive social question will involve law makers, doctors, patients and their families. Vernaglia will discuss the law and the public policy issues of this challenge. No prior preparation is required, but a packet of materi als will be on reserve in the library or available from the alumnae/i of fice for those interested beginning April 10 Thurs., Apri116, 3:30 p.m., HCL-2 Self-Sufficient Small Farming" by Annette Smith (NC '73) Annette Smith has lived an experi ment in growing her own organic food for the last 10 years in Danby, Vt. Her talk will describe her own experiences and include discussion of topics s uch as animal rights, vegetarianism, alternative ('OWer, composting, hydroponics, aquacul ture, community-supported agriculture and social responsibility. The Easter Eggstravaganza will be on Saturday, April 11th begin ning at 3 p.m. down at the bay. Festivities will include an easter egg hunt, getting your picture taken with the easter bunny, and a barbe cue. It will be fun and i t beats going to your parents' house. ..... AM 8:00 t:: 1 0:00 PM 12:00 2:00 Q..J Oo i! 4:00 CJj I 6:00 5 I 0 t ;) 8:00 10:00 AM 12 :00 CAREER CENTER University of Nebraska: Outdoor Recreation Leadership Internship-A one-semester internship in outdoor recreation. A Bachelor's degree in physical education, outdoor recreation, educational leadership, or other appropriate academic area required. Prefer experience, skill, and knowledge in a variety of outdoor recreation activities and previous leadership and supervisory background. Salary $850 per month for one semester, either August December or January May. To apply, send letter of application and resume to Kenda Scheele, Associate Director, University of Nebraska Campus Recreation, PO Box 880232, Lincoln, NE 68588-0232 or call (402) 472-3467. Application deadline is May 4. Marinco Bioassay Laboratory, Inc. Part-time Lab Assistant: The po sition requires working 20-30 hours per week, including at least some weekends. The responsibilities include culturing freshwater and saltwater vertebrates and invertebrates, with opportunities to participate in aquatic toxicity testing of treated domestic wastewater, stormwater, and industrial effluents. The staff member will also make a strong contribution to normal laboratory maintenance. The starting, training pays $8.00 per hour. Must be a team player, able to contribute to a small business' growth, and willing to take part in mutual commitment be tween a business and its employees. MBL is a drug-free workplace, and job offers will be subject to the applicant passing a drug screening uri nalysis. Please send resume to and/or call: James Sweiderk, Marinco Bioassay Laboratory, Inc., 4569 Samuel Street, Sarasota, FL 34233. (941) 925-3594. Computer Instruction: An attorney opening an office is in need of a student who can provide instruction on how to use the computer. This attorney needs instruction in Microsoft to build legal forms, etc., how to use a scanner, and basic computer functions. If interested, call and leave a messag e fo r Lee McCur y a t 9 5 5 2052. French Ministry of Education is offering 300 to 400 assistantships to American undergraduates and graduates majoring in French to teach English in French primary and secondary schools from October I, 1998 to May 1, 1999. Salary is approximately $920.00 a month for 12 hours of teaching per week. Application deadline is May 1, I 998. For further information contact: Marcienne Escot, The French Embassy, Cultural Services,Assistantship Program, 972 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021. ,,_ Have a comment? Have an opjnion? Have a clue? We may not like you, but weJII print you Submit to the Catalyst box 75 SUNDAY M:>HI>AY TUESD A Y THOli!S>AY FRIDAY SATURDAY 11Net rotk-.latiz11 ''Dyb.o lltd 'WlldeWII""= ot witll!rit ... d Rod"11HI Dylu (IIJ:I. "'"'I'll. .,.,t, -..d 1 '" ( blk. ( mtoi.:o by f>O)ple-1\U.\<"l 1ht lXD h""-"l M-,r ... ltctk'l "..!llt!:lt tlell!.lltl:''<>o!< I lthrr.'S Fad'-> :&lltll\dJ>IP\.l$." "R:u!;., T lltd tllb:r llrl>:.o.'lltt (m.riOI$ ptq. >Jd I::JU;rSI.,..,.' 21d Bilpl11 e ltotll 11 l:lllu. :1!2'1 1 ( mt$ir.' r ....... ....., 'Ud 1'<-miti .. "Fad 0 lr;c1 re'' will l"reeEonn" wit I Cla2:icl:" ";rtl<>rtLia mett" !ri'UJMk 1.,. ty Grq.ory ollieq Wlft Tilt \ 1 .. \ld ... tt. 41<-lo.'t\ld pc;m.-. ''DeU Air" will l"'l'l ''Primo zroo:d "will Hilb.ry .l.lid...,l H-. u oJ Vohme''will will Je-.-au,.. Dt bi ury td h lh.D-u iel """'' ..... ., 'J'Osl ln!Qm lll t..l "Drit ki 2 Tip: 'Go loci "will Jb""k(ll%1. l'ltk\ld z W.rk (iuz, fu k, ud will X-.t 1m>.> lok-ltl\:: 1 i!.,lt 11ploJ8 'Ud liplop) witl Jc.:l Hvroll c o a .. up tJd Xe-vi1 U"tn.11 \ m "ill:oc.a X..ta (I>OO'tro IM.d iu

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