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INSIDE Volume VII, Issue 13 Brought to you by the letters S, A, & C. February 3, 1997 New Col ege star shining bright Goo ye moldy Pei! Hello overpriced single! A few words with alum Bobby Devito by Aaron Gustafson What tarted out as a thesis pro ject went just a bit farther, landing new college alum Bobby Devito and his recording act LVX ova a major label record deal. After the release of hi first cd to much ac claim Ia t year, Devito look the time to talk to the Catalyst about hi mu ic and his life. by Paul "Cheech" Chretien A most everybody on campus is aware, the long awaited Dort Dorms began construction last year, but few of u know very much about how the construction is progres ing and what the new dorm will be like when they are completed. Mark Johnson agreed to sit with the Cataly t and provide us with detailed information. First of alL the dorm currently under contruction is the first of a two-phase project aimed at increasing the number of on campus living pace by approximately 150 beds. Phase one which i now under con truction, is due to be completed by the end of April, with the building being turned over for occupancy in early su_mmer. two is o e t r o LVX ova started out as a thests years. project on ambient music at New Each phase consists of a three-story build... ......,_._._. College. I had a vision of uniting ing which will house 19 student apartments. my experience in rock and blue Each apartment will have four individual stuguitar with the electronic music I dent bedrooms two bathrooms, a kitchenette, also loved, uch as Tangerine and a common living room. However, two of Dream. System 777, and progre -the e apartment will contain only three bed-sive rock such as Marillion and Yes. room which will be designated as RA living a few 6-ietub? You and your pab an /I've &;/the high life in thi5 swank new pad in the upcoming Vort complex. I had met Mike Meengs a few years SEE "DORMS" ON PAGE 3 back when I was asked to fill in with a club band that turned out to be 1ike 's band. Sonic Erotica. Four Winds Cafe owin' our way after meeting Mike, and talking to him for a few week .. I knew that he was the person that I should collab orate with, as he is VERY killed with sequencing and ampling. as well a being very nowledgeable about electronic music in general. So, after getting "the ok'' from my the i sponsor Dr. Steve Mile., I went ahead \ ith the LVX i ova project. What ere you thinking/expect ing going into it? Sl!E "BOBBY DEVITO" PAGE 3 by: Hugh R.. '"Hugo" Brown While the old Bam n Dart Drive has tood for man years, the only animal to have frequented the place was 0 car. Dr. Bauer's reearch dog. ow, the old Bam, in it's new incarnation as the Four Winds Cafe. will be the home to a different animal: the ew College student caffeine-o-phile. Building a coffee house on cam pus b long been a dream. It is now tantalizingly clo_ to reality. Last erne. ter, the managers and employees were formally named. The lru t pieces of construction were earned out by ISP students. Currently. three managers are on taff: Beth Faichney, Heather Lazar, and Mollie Lee. Another per on, Andrea Bailey, worked on interior and land. cape de ign. All oversaw various aspect of the JSP construc tion work. Faichney conducted much of the ISP con truction work. The tasks ineluded building a stage, implement ing interior design and land caping, and decorating the restroom Faichney said that she was, "also working on getting some things we need through purchase orders." Such items include the computer sy tem, a cash register, and a sound system. To cover operating costs, a loan from the Alumnae/i Association was secured and backed with A&S funds. According to Faichney, back ing the Alumnae/i. A sociation loan with A&S funds helped to allow a 5 percent interest rate to be negoti ated. E\en so. the requirement to purchase furniture from state-con tracted uppliers may prevent the coffee house from being fully fur ni hed at the grand opening. While table and chair should be present, comfortable couche long the wall may nol be available. Waiting for the health inspector's approval-the cafe can only be in pected when construction is complete and aU equipment is in tailed-may also create a delay. Still, the Four Winds Cafe facil ity is impressive. The walls are freshly finished, columns were treated to a faux finish, the gardens have been planted, and a stage awaits perfom1ers. Entering the front door and looking out into the lofty, light, and airy main hall gives an impression of grandness. The igbt inspires optimism. Bailey offered, "We got ... more done in a month than should be possible." She also noted that completing any major project takes longer and involves more red tape when done through the school. Nevertheless, much of the interior work is now complete. The curtains, hanging plants, and pastel rcstrooms make for a comfortable, homey at mosphere. SEE "COFFEE HOUSE" ON PAGE 5


2 The Catalyst International Iraq cruisin' for a bruisin' Ten ion between the United tales and Iraq oared last week with military confrontation becoming an ever likely po ibility. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright m t \ ith Ru: ian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov in Madrid and Jordan's King Hu ein in London to curry upport for a po sible military attack on Iraq. egotiations with Iraq hav become incr asingly fruitle over the country' reluctance to allow UN inspections. The .. has threatened to initi ate military attack on lrJ.qi ba es in re ponse to their u pected build-up of biological and chemical weapon. So far. few nation have supported the U.S. in it threat again. t Iraq, with Ru ia and China being vocal critic of military inter vention. Cuban patron aint crowned by Pope The Virgin of Charity of Cobre, a Caribbean ver ion of the Virgin Mary, statu" is cloaked in a golden robe. hold the baby Je u in one hand, and a jewel-encru ted cro in the other. The legend of the Virgin'. di covery tells of three boy who were truggling in a boat caught in a tonn, and heard a voice calling, "I am the Virgin of Charity." They looked o er the wave and aw a board carrying the statue. of Cobre was named in the hnne in EJ Cobre, Cuba Th e V i r g in o f Charity of Cobre ha been called upon to protect independence fighter: Ca tro's guerrilla and Cuban exiles enroute to Miami. Crazy Japanese monkeys A pack of six monkey terrorized citizen in Ito, Japan last week. Straying from the nearby mountain in search of food and mischief, the primate roamed the city streets randomly attacking people. Around 30 people were treated for monkey bites to the legs and back. Hunters attempted to scare the wild devils back in the mountains last Wednesday by hooting blank at them. If you are in Ito, beware the monkeys! University denies student An astrophy ics tudent i taking orway to court over his right to reek after being barred Cd'talyst General Editor Rocky Swift Managing Editor Aaron Gu tafson tafT Writers Hugh Brov. n, Paul Chretien, Rachael Herrup-Mor.c Photographer icolc Ganzek.tUf r La out Cyndy Eklc Web Slinger Any uggcstion. '! Bu ine Manager We don't know yet. \ ann.' job? Contributors Thank for nothin' 1 News from the niversity of 0 lo in 1981. According to the university, hi pungent odor and tatter d clothing drew complaints from both staff and fellow tudent The man, whose name wa not released, has llvcd in a pia tic-foam shack since 1971 and avoido; oap to ht lp him achi ve a deeper under tanding of a trophy ic th new -paper aid H i takino them to court on the ground. that he has the right to both a private life and an education. National Aborfon clinic bombed A bomb e ploded outside the e\ Woman, All Women Health Care Clinic in Binningham. Alabama last Thur day morning. Thee plo ion claimed the life of an off-duty police officer and everely injured a nur e. Police and ATF agents OUTSIDE the VORY lOWER are in earch of witnes but no arrc. t have been made. Authoritic are investigating link. between thi attack and other throughout the -..tbe fatal 1996 Park Clinton approval ratings soar De pite hi mo t recent ex candal, Clinton' approval rating have ri en to their highest levels ince the he took office. These lat e t poll come a week after the President' tate of the union addre s. o child for frozen embryos The Amencan Bar A sociation will vote this on what to do with frozen embryo after married couple divorce. Under the propo al, the embryo would go to the per on who favor bringing them to tenn and i willing to as ume parental right and re ponsibilitie The party who favor detniction or continued storage would not have any right or obligations, nor would they be re quired to pay child upport. February 3, 1997 Gunshot wound harmful In a moment of clarity, American doctors and interests announced that they considered gun hot wound to be harmful in epidemic proportions. A sur ey and the po.ition paper that it predicted that will kill mot\: people than automobile accidents by 200 In of all of this increased le s than 20 p{;rcent of the suro ons and intemi t urvey ,d reported dtscu firearm ownership or storage with their patients. Man bite off more than he can chew n Ohio man choked to death after trying to wallow a live, 5-inch on a dare 23-year old Michael Gentner wallowed the aquarium fi h after being urged to do so by hi friends Three friend called 911 when Gt.:ntcr told them h was having trouble breathing. The fish's tail was ticking out of his mouth when the para medics arrived. They removed the fish, but were unable to revive him. It i unlikely that Genter will b\; charged with cruelty to animal". State Shuttle lands; astronaut hungry The pace huttle Endeavor landed afely last Saturday bringing hom a tronaut Da\ id Wolf, who had pent the la t five month on the Russian pace tation Mir. Wolf :aid he looked a roni and mu broom pizza. Remember when people acmally cared about the pace shuttle? He thought he was a millionaire ... ... when he flew into Tampa airport la t but 88 year old Richar Lu. k had taken hi weepstakes mailing a little too eriou ly. Brandi hing his American Family Publisher sweep takes letter, the octonagerian California re ident pent Friday morning wandering around downtown Tampa a king where the weepstakes offices were o that he could claim his $11 mil !ion prize. This was Lusk' second trip to Tampa m three month but orne 20 people have made the m_istake in that time. American Family Pubh hers ts now the defendant in suits filed in Ma_ryland Florida over the company's mar ketmg trategte The Catalyst i available on the World Wide Web at http://www.sar.usfedul-catalystl The Catalyst 1s an academic tutorial pon-ored by Profe or Maria Ve. peri. It is developed in the ew College Publication. Office using Adobe Photo hop and Quark X pre for PowerMacintosh and printed at the Bradenton Herald with money provided by the New College Student Alliance. Direct submission and inquiries to: '1 h Catalyst 5700 Tamiami Tr. Box #75 ara ota, FL 424 caw/ 'n1e Catalyst r serves the right to edit ubmi ions for space, grammar or style. Contribution may range in length from 250 to 500 words. Letters to the Editor hould be no more than 250 words. Submis ions should be a'> either lett rs to the Editor or and include name and contact mformation. Submi ion. in "rtf" or "WriteNow'' format hi: saved to the Catalyst Contribution. !older 111 the Temp Dircctol) on the Publications Office file. erver, printed. ubmi :ions may he pia 10 campu box 75, and all oth r contnbutton may bee-mailed to c atalvst@ virw. 0 unon, mous. ubmi sions will be a cept d. All. ubmt ton. mu. t b rec ived bv ::00 p.m. 10 order to appear in lh foil \ ing W k I Ut:.


The Catal st "DORMS" FROM PAGE J area. News February 3, 1997 3 based upon a lease for an academic Additionally, each building will have a lounge area and a staff residence. Each room will have both phone and internet hookups. Johnson adds that he hopes to have the fust phase ready for student tours prior to room draw. Students will given their choice of apartment assignments based on a points system of seniority. He goes on to note that priority will also be given to group of four who are looking to hare an apartment, but a list of single applicants will also be generated. At this time it also appears that coed assignments will be allowed. year, but 12 month lea es may be availa.ble. Students leasing an apartment m the new dorms will also be exempt from on-campus meal plans Rates for the new dorms have not been fixed yet, but Johnson speculates that the rates will be approximately $700 more than the rate for the Pei } dorms, but will be lower than that of Viking. f Hou ing Office i currently exammmg several furniture options for Phase one. A company by the name of Like other campus housing, rentals will be Ecologic which makes furniture from recycled materials is the current fron-Hunky worker laboring hard to get our new r-------:;:---:--;:----::----------------. trunner to win donns done on ttme. the contract. One potential problem i that the Florida University system currently does not contract to Ecologic which may pose something of a problem. John on point out that Ecologic appears ranty on their products. The Dort dorms appear to be progressing along as scheduled, and what's more, it appears as though our housing department has made a concerted effort to provide new alter natives which are in keeping with the wants and needs of the student body. ......._ ______ __,.. ..... to be cheaper than the The new Dart Residence Halls should be done by April. current government If you have any question or comments concerning the new dorms, stop by and see Mark Johnson some slow Friday afternoon-I'm willing to bet you that he'll be more than happy to discuss the new dorms with one and all. "BOBBY" FROM PAGE 1 Well, I didn't think it would end up being a commercial project. LVX was never intended to be released on a major l a bel or anything of that sort. Also, the genesis of LVX was generated long before the big indus try-wide "push" of electronica, whatever that i All I hoped was that I could create omething beautiful and unusual and unique. a CD that I could be proud of, as well as a cohesive artistic statement that was not aimed at the ''pop" market. I'm very happy that we were able to re lease LVX commercially, however. When it came time to do my thesis, r really didn't want it to just end up like another research paper that would just sit on my .;;hclf, I wanted it to be omething that i could use in my tran ition from college to pro fessional life. How has LVX Nova changed since you began working on it? Has the premise changed at all? Yes, especially since we signed with a label (MIRAMAR). LVX wa es entially just a project, no, a band project or anything. I eni sioned LVX as a recording entity more than a "touring act". but our label wanted us to tour to promote the CD, which I understand and can relate to. But the reality of the situa tion is that LVX would need to be supported to a much greater level than mo t of the "usual" band that gear is quite expensive, and very touchy to tour with. Mike and I spent a day on the LoJiapalooza tour and J got to spend some time with the guys from Orbital one of our favorite bands in the "electron ica" scene. They are one band that can actually play liv e, and do it well. Seeing the logistics and sup port that they had reaBy kind of showed us what was necessary for a "real" electronic show. An elec tronic act needs a certain level of vi uals, a well as all the associated electronic gear and support. So, rather than go out and do it with less than adequate support and equipment, we decided to remain a recording act only at this point, a much as I would like to tour. How do you view the state of music today? Do you see music chanring? How would you like it to change? I am happy with the diversity and direction of music these days. One thing I am a little di sapointed in is the plethora of records being relea ed every year, something over 27,000 annually. Thi is far too many releases, and it's the fault of the record labels. Instead of really picking quality artist they are re l easing everything they can and seeing what sells a lot in the first six months. The rest fall by the way side, along with the fact that the market is aturated with o many vendors and they provide a l 0 year war-are literally overwhelmed y them. Unfortunately, many of the releases have a musical quality )eve) which underwhelms one ... which hurts everyone in the industry. What inspired you to take up the guitar? Hmmmmm ... I guess I was des tined to play guitar. I remember putting rubber bands on a shoe box in some ort of tonal order when I was three, and attempting to make music with that. My grandfather, Slim Henderson, was a guitarist was well, he played with one of the fa thers of country music, the 'Singing Brakeman" Jimmy Reed. And my mom was a inger when she was young, and even appeared at the Grand OJ' Opry in Nashville. So I guess I was sort of destined to ing and play something! My parent bought me my first guitar, and then I ended up trading that for an elec tric one, which didn't make them too happy. I was really into progres sive rock band when i was a kid, like ELP, Yes, Deep Purple, and oth er ... as well as being really into the blues from an early age. I really dug Eric Clapton with Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. Along the way, I got more into the blues and began to hunt down the mu ic that had influenced the late 60's rock guitarists to uch a great degree. What gave you the idea of mixing Basically because 1t done! Also, I felt that what a Jot of electronic music really lacked was heart and feeling; something that the blues seems to have a Jot of, at least if it's played that way. So I wanted to explore that avenue, as it seemed like something that would be new and unusual. I think a lot of the LVX music does sort of sound simi lar to early Pink Floyd, and that's not unusual to me, as one of my big influences on the guitar would have to be David Gilmour. he's another guitarist who is very blues influ enced, but plays within a psychedelic rock context. It always amaze me how the blue has infil trated so many genres of mu ic, and eems to till be alive and well today, unlike a few other tyles that have fallen by the wayside. Where do your compositions come from? With LVX, they come from both Mike and I. Mike works at home a lot, he i always creating and tinker ing with rhythm tracks and melodies. I admire him for his work ethic h e will sit at the sequencer for 12 hours ju t to get one drum track "just right". He is responsible for a great deal of the LVX "so und ". When I started the LVX project, I basicaly hired Mike to help me with the project, and over the summer of SEE "BOBBY" ON PAGE 4


4 >..D The Catalyst Before the average student graduates from New College, term paper delirium and the scant resources of the Jane Bancroft Library may force at least one voyage to the USF library in Tampa. This is a story of two students in search of knowledge. Join us on our journey into the unknown. As we approached the border of the oppressive regime, fear pierced our Novo Collegian shield and dissolved our warped conception of normaJity. Battalions of frat boys armed with 40ounces of alcohol and clad in latest J. Crew apparel patrolled the perimeter of the USF compound. Nearing the entrance, we gunned the engine, speeding past finely manicured lawns reminiscent of the cold Third Reich blueprints for a new Berlin. Concrete slabs that passed for build ings lined the road as we peered into the darkness, searching for any signs o f a libraty. When books we new we were m ilie righ p ace. e ditched the car behind a bush and ner-E n te r tainment vously traversed the five mile hike to the building. Though we tried our best to blend in with the natives, we were nonethele s greeted by the contemptuous glare of many an institutionalized undergrad. Perhaps the absence of Greek Jetter on our cJothes alerted them to our foreign presence. We were strangers in a strange land. Entering the great hall of wisdom, we quickly passed the "I Can Read" section and the Hooked on Phonics head ets in earch of the two volumes we had come to procure. Here in the library of The Man, we consulted maps and charts printed in some kind of code in an effort to expedite our search and return to the safety of our green Acura. Beneath the hypnotic glow of florescent lighting, our contact, LUIS, directed us towards the targets. A steel-bound elevator carried us to the fir t level. As we stepped off onto the platform, a s hockin g discovery was made: PEA GREEN EVERYTHING! Colors Crayola never dreamal of ran amuck nization with such bad color coordination to February 3, 1997 restructure ew College? We made our way through the winding passages of shelves, confronted at every tum by the heckling eyes of high schoolish diques. A lynchin' was a-comin', so we had to move fast. We deftly executed the quarterback sneak. Dogs barked in the background; they were on to us. With booty in hand, we headed for the exit, a sickly sense of urgency shooting through our bodies. A wrong tum landed us in the basement where the ecret files were kept, but at least we lost the dogs. After ducking into many a corner to ensure that we would remain undetected, we made our way back to the elevator and through the lobby, fascist librarians in hot pursuit. Once we locked the doors, Aaron threw the car into gear, squealing out of the parking lot. either red light nor pedestrian stopped us as we narrowly escaped the compound. The heavy air of Castorism was behind us, and we swore at the risk of library fees never to return. uBOBBYn FROM PAGE 3 1995, we got all the preproduction for the album done. After that, I was on my own for the rest of the ject, with some production and engi n eering hel p from Curtis Hayes, another New College alum. Curtis was invaluable because he was a critical ear who could evaluate my guitar playi n g better than anyone else in the world, since we had played together so much in the Curtis Hayes Blues Experience dur ing college. He would let me know when I wa "on" and when I was "off," and helped me to get the project organized while I was recording the CD. The music on LVX comes from the input and help of a few people and a lot of sweat and per spiration, as well as inspiration! toured by myself all up and down the east coast promoting the LVX Nova CD, and also ended up getting divorced. So both my persona] and professional life were quite hectic last year. While I was in Boulder, I djd a couple of tracks for an upcom ing tribute project to Chris Whitley, who is one of my favorite artists in the world. He i a great songwriter and guitarist, and a big influence of mine in the past few years. I did "COFFEE HOUSE" FROM PAGE J Lee stated that, "the ISP group has done an amazing job on interior decorating and land capino-." You were recentJy in Colorado working on your second record. What should we expect from this release? When will it be coming out? Well, I was in colorado for severa1 reasons. First, I was on a meditative retreat to get back to being centered in my life. I'm a Buddhist, and there is a fairly large Buddhist meditation center in Boulder, as well as a decent ized Buddhi t population. Last year was a very hectic year for me, as I two tracks for that project, and al o did orne demos for LVX ova. It's hard to tell when MIRAMAR will want to release the next LVX Nova CD, as they wanted to work the cur rent CD for at least a year before releasing another. Mike and I actu ally have about 2 hour of music that is close to being finished, so it won't be terribly hard for us to finish another CD. I myself am currently writing songs for my solo debut CD, which wilt be a big de parture from LVX Nova in many ways. I am playing largely acoustic guitar (a National resonator-style guitar) which is running through ef fects and loops, and I am singing on the songs as well. I learned a lot about how to promote a CD prop erly from the LVX project, and i'd like to be able to do a CD where I can promote it effectively by my self, with a minimum of equipment SEE uBOBBY" ON PAGE 6 When the coffee house becomes operational, the three manage will share different primary areas of re sponsibility. Lazar will oversee product and equipment purchasing. Lee will oversee employee training and supervi ion. Fairchney wiJJ handle coordinating special event uch as concert The Four Winds Cafe will ini tially be open only to the ew College community. "If we can han dle the volume [of cu. tomers], we will expand to [service} other cam pu es," Faichney explained. The other clientele may include the USF Univer ity Program, Ringling Many students worked on cre ating the Four Winds Cafe over /SP. School of Art and Design, and Manatee Community College. The hour of operation were split into mornings and evening to serve before and after classes. The tentative first bu iness day has been et for February 6, and the Gala Grand Opening i. to be held on Friday, February 1-3. Any corre pon dence for the Four Winds Cafe can be placed in Campu Box #2. The insides of the soon-to-be campus coffee house.


The Catal st Cam us Lie February 3, 1997 5 fu ny fwds: a cat and b u t t ered bread This e mail has been circulating for a good long while and is well-deserving of being the first for ward published in the Catalvst QUESTION: Th1s question was posed to the U enet Oracle: If you drop a buttered piece of bread it will fall on the noor butter-side down. If a cat is dropped from a window or other high and towering place, it will land on it's feet. But what if you attach a buttered piece of bread, butter side up to a eat s back and to s them both out the window ? Will the cat land on it's feet? Or will the butter splat on the ground? -Mike ANSWER: And in response, thus spake the Oracle : Even if you are too lazy to do the experiment yourself you should be able to deduce the obvious result. The laws of but terology demand that the butter must hit the ground, and the equally strict laws of feline aero dynamics demand that the cat can not smash it's funy back. lf the combined construct were to land nature would have no way to resolve this paradox. Therefore it Be t e s What does it want? W i e? ......... --.. ........ simply does not falL That's right you clever mortal (well, as clever as a mortal can get), you have discovered the se cret of antigravity! A buttered cat will, when released, quickly move to a height where the forces of cat-twisting and butter repulsion are in equilibrium. This equilibrium point can be modi fied by scraping off some of the butter, providing lift, or removing some of the eat's limbs, allow ing descent. Most of the civilized species of the Universe already use this principle to drive their ships while within a planetary system The loud humming heacd by most sighters of UFOs is, in fact, the purring of several hundred tabbies The one obvious danger is, of course, if the cats manage to eat the bread off their backs they will instantly plummet. Of course the cats will land on their feet, but this usually doesn't do them much good since right after they make their graceful landing several tons of red-bot starship and pissed-off aliens crash on top of them. And now a few words on solving the problem of creating a ship using the aforementioned anti00 y c gravity device. One could power a ship by means of cats held in suspended animation (say, about 190 degrees Celsius) with buttered bread strapped to their backs, thus avoiding the possi bility of collisions due to tempennental felines. More importantly, how do you steer, once the cats are all held in stasis? I offer a modest pro posal: We all know that wearing a white shirt at an Italian restaurant is a guaranteed way to take a trip to the laudromat. Plaster the outside of your ship with white shirts. Place four nozzles sym metrically acound the ship, which is, of course, saucer shaped. Fire tomato sauce out in propor tion to the directions you want to go. The ship, drawn by the shirts, will automatically follow the sauce If you use t-shirts, you won't go as fast as you would by using, say, expensive dress shirts. This does not work as well in deep gravity wells, since the tomato sauce (now falling down a black hole, perhaps) will drag the ship with it, despite the counter force of the anti-gravity cat/butter machine. Your only hope at tbat point is to jetti son enormous quantities of Tide. This will create the well-known Gravitational Tidal Force. g. WEEK IN PREV\EW wield its incredibl e powers for or i s it just complete d ? abando n to our tired, your best effort to describe the cat-thing and its pur-Auditions for actors, dancers, and musicians for Doug MacDonald's thesis p lay, Salome b y Oscar Wilde in t h e fishbowl from 79 p. m A c tors, bring a prepared monologue, musicians, a prepared piece. goo ... or ev1 Skeptics may say that the bland morality? spooky cat-thing is just a simple What is with the doodle thrown together on lizard tail and fierce Clarisworks in two and a half claws? Is this cat-minutes. The) are fools! The thing a freak, a cat-thing's origins may indeed be mutant, or has it just humble, but now that it is with transcended our limited scope of us, we must come to grips what is "natural" the tremendous impact that 1t Everything about thi magnif-will have on our reality! icent creature defies explanation See how it defiantly sneers! and definition from our puny Does it com the establishment, brains! Should we fear it? or is it simpl) saying, .. Hey. I'm Worship it? Destroy it? a crazy caHhing individual. Heaven deliver us from the Don't tred on me. bub." wrath of the cat-thing should it pose. Help us answer som e of these terrifying questions abou t this great unknown. The winning (or only) essay will be printed in an upcoming is ue, and also be the recipient of a wonderous prize! Yes, a prize so wonderous that we can not describe it here (or maybe it is because we don't have a prize yet), but rest as sured, it will be wonderous l D 7 e J a vu .... ept m er 3, 1 9 ew Face in Sociology The Lesbian Avengers will meet at 9 p.m. at the Ham Center tables. Wednesday, February 4 Auditions for Doug MacDonald's play. 7-9 p.m. in the fishbowl. ew College Radio meeting at 7 p.m. in front of the fishbowl. Friday, February 6 Town Meeting, 7:00 p.m. WALL PREVIEW F eb 6 D a n n y Berke F e b. 7 Rachael Corl

6 The Catalyst News February 3, 1997 SAC MINUTES SAC minutes 1-22-98 Member pre ent: Kelly Singer, Mario Rodriguez, Vijay Sivaraman Proxies: Josh Harrold (for Rocky Swift), Meg Moore (for Jessica Falcone), Michael Hutch (for Jake Reimer). All votes unanimous un less otherwise indicated. Kelly Nichols requested $100.00 for chemicals for Darkroom/photo lab. $90 Allocated. Kelly N1chols and Mark Beverly re quested $450 for food at Sam's for Crucial BBQ. $450 Allocated. SAC Minutes for 1-15-98 Member Present: Kelly Singer, Mario Rodriguez, Vijay S1varaman Proxies: Michael Hutch (for Jake Reimer), Josh Harold (for Rocky Swift). All votes unamimous unless otherwise indicated. located with stipulation that equipment room was checked first. Marc Poirier requested salary for Equipment Room TA. Salary for 4hr /week for ISP allocated. Beth Faichney requested $180.78 for building equipment for Coffee House stage. $180.78 allocated with stipulation that equipment room and Dort Dorm builders be looked at for materials. Andrea Baily requested $370 for in terior decorating for Coffee House. Man Greico requested $350 for Site License for Quelle German Program. Tabled John Spector requested $25 for snack for intermi Jion of two upcoming plays. $25 allocated. Hillary Hall requested $33,204.78 for a Special Secret Party. after much d1scu sion, motion was made to allocate $100 for 2 croquet sets, and $3000 for a 'large, gay lion,"* with provision that he checks the equipment room for croquet sets. Motion was allocated. Vijay Sivaraman voted against the alloca tion. "please note that this will not be approved" -Mark Johnson Arkady Medovoy and Kevm Meeks requested pizzas for the Theatre of the Oppressed performances. $50 allocated, replaced with $60. Hugo Brown requested $135 for Brain Bowl Team. $134 allocated with stipulation that the five mernremaining dollar, and that they re port to the Catalyst or the SAC with their results from competition. Kelsey Burns requested the use of I 0 bumper stickers to be used to trade at RA convention. Allocated. OFFICIAL SAC WEENIE LIST (Josh's idea) Noah Teidelbaum is put on the list for overspending on camping equipment and will forever be scorned. Eric P. is on the list for overspend ing on the East Timore e Speaker Marc Beverley is on the list for overspending on Pre-PCP BBQ. Obituary Officer Stanley R. Hayes of the University of South Florida Police Department died 16 Dec. 1997 while on duty at the Sarasota Campus. Hayes re ported for duty on the 16th, and his feJlow officers noted that he showed no signs of illness at that time. At 9:23am, a passerby no ticed Hayes slumped over in his patrol cart, and used the officer's radio to summon the UPD dis patcher. Officer Wesley Walker was the first on the scene, and administered CPR until para medics arrived. Hayes was later declared dead at Sarasota Memorial Hospital The 65 year old officer had served as parking enforcement officer at the Sarasota campus since 1991. Prior to his employ ment by the UPD, Hayes served as a police officer in New Jersey, and as a director of security for the New York State Office of Mental Health. Hayes, a highly decorated vet eran of the Korean War, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military hon ors. uBOBBY" FROM PAGE 4 to haul around. Also, I want to get back to something that is more or ganic and song-based. Hopefully people won't think that LVX Nova is the be-ail and end-all of my musi cal direction or style. I've always been a bit of a tylistic chameleon, and if you saw my CD collection, you'd know what I mean! What plans do you have for the future of LVX Nova? We are contracted with MIRAMAR to do two more CO's with them, so we plan on domg that, God willing and the creek rises! Mike is really into doing some remix work, and wants to put together a liveba ed electronic project on his own, and I wish him all the best with 1/3/98 Bicycle stolen from 2nd court. Bicycle was locked. Value= $330. Bicycle stolen from 3rd court. Bicycle was locked. Value= $100 Rolm stolen frorn courtesy phone in West Side Student Center. Value= $50. Recovered in B-Dorm lounge. Note: these phones do not work for normal GTE or other services. They work with on campus digital lines only. that. We really like working to gether as well as working apart, I think it keeps our relationship healthy to be working on other projects other than LVX. As for me, l am doing preproduction for my solo CD, and working up a live show that I will be doing solo in the near future. I will certainly be doing some live gigs in the Sara ota area in the near future, working on my material and getting some audience feedback on my songs. It should be intere ting, a mix of old-school acoustic blues, mixed with a more postmodem approach, some looping and signal processing, and an ethe real sort of sound. If I can get the sound I hear in my head out onto a CD and into my live performance, I will be quite happy! 117/98 Fire extinguisher stolen from Palmer 231. Note: steali':g fire extinguish-1/31/98 2:52AM On-campus noise complaint. Volume lowered. !0:45PM On-campus noise complaint. Volume lowered. 2/1/98 !2:02AM 2nd on-campus noise complaint. Music shut off. This is where some really cool artide l would be, but we didn't have enough stuff to put into this issue of the Catalyst. Wouldn't this suck, week after week of annoying little boxes and no articles. Five grand of SAC money down the drain. You can change all that. You can make a difference. Remember b that stuff Smokey the Bear said about how only current mem er 1 of the Catalyst. you could prevent forest fires? hit. But you l can make your colLege newspaper better. Come I I work with U$. You won't regret it. The perks are amazing. We can't write about tltem ltere, but we can give you some hints: silicone, hottubs, and 'Nilla Wafers. Sound exciting? Come to our organiza, tional meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on the 1-tam Center couches. Being a staff member of the Catalyst is an adventure. It's kind of like being on the ATeam except there5 no Mr. T and we don't have a big crazy van full of guns.


The Catalyst Opinions Editorial: Honor for sale February 3, 1997 7 Last week, every student received a letter the New College explaining that 1st and 3rd Courts m the Pei dorms would be named according to the Foundation's Spaces and Places Program, which "allows for the nam ing of facilities in exchange for large donations of money to our Gateway Scholar Endowment." In the coming year, the buildina called 1st court_-as it has been know for the past 35 years will adopt the moniker the Bob John son Residence Hall. Similarly, 3rd court will be renamed the Elaine and Harvey Rothenberg Residence Hall. 2nd court will probably be dubbed the Peggy Bates Residence Hall in the next year. We under """""'"'"---' stand and Ha ving trouble paying for appreciate school? Sell \ our identity the efforts the like our university does. New College Foundation puts forth to secure and enhance our "unique educational ex perience," but renaming buildings almost 40 years after their con struction is just ridiculous. It is sad that in our desperate bids for necessary funding, edu cational honors and our school's dignity are held up for sale on the open market for whoever is the most "generous." Why should this re-Pepsico already bought us a fine arts buildiing. Maybe they'll be willing to sponsor us some more. naming trend stop here? How 'bout "An heiser-Bu sch presents: New College." Maybe individual students could trade in their own names for a free education. I could give up being Rocky Swift and become the ''Harold and Ethel Eisenberg Memorial Student" Swift. The next building set for re-appelation be College Hall. Yep, "College" i s just a httle to generic; renaming it ''Microsoft Hall" ought to bring in a cool mil for the Foundation. A final word to our generous donors who be that. they have immortalized themselves by wntmg b1g checks Ask Joe Robbie how he felt about "Joe Robbie Stadium" being renamed "Pro P_layer Stadiun:" after Blockbuster Vidio jilJion Wayne HuJZenga bought the Dolphins and the1r field. Or a k San Diego sportswriter Jack Murphy what he thinks about "Jack Murphy Stadium" becoming "Qualcomm Stadium" after a few companies ponied up the $18 million needed to renovate the field. You can't ask them any thing, you see: they're dead. Remember that immortality can be sold just as easily as it can be bought. If you want to help our school, do it becau e you want to and not for your own vanity. Opinion: Presidential Shenanigans by Rachael Herrup-Morse Recently, the media industry has been delug ing the American public with stories about the scandal in the White House. We are being sub jected to play by play coverage of the latest titillating details in this beltway soap opera. People are talking about the possible im peachment of the President or whether he will resign from office given the (obvious) implica tions this situation has on his ability to run the country. The whole world is watching and won dering whether this will cause the leader of the free world to topple from his perch. Iraq is con cerned that in an effort to keep the public from dwelling on the Pre ident's sex life, the United States will launch a military attack on its terri tory. Thi i the scandal that will bring down the White House; this is a constitutional crisis of the fir t order All this i what we are inundated with on an hourly ba i Cokie Robert and Tom Brokaw are prognosticating all kinds of gloom and doom. Commentator are pondering the questionable moral characters of our elected representatives. Editors are writing their editorial and the major anchors of the nightly news have long since left Pope John Paul II high and dry on hi. historical trip to Cuba to cover the school-yard gossip. I dearly hope that I am not the only per:on who finds thi whole situation highly irritating and somewhat surreal. Watergate. Now there was a scandal. That was a major felony committed in pursuit of obvi ous criminal activity. That brouhaha had obvious ramifications on the nature of the President and the privileges and immunities that are accorded to the person in the Oval Office. And, in o much as it had a profound effect on the way politicians and the political system generally are viewed in the eyes of the American people, it was a richly deserved change in perspective. But this? This is ridiculous. The fact that we have managed to manufacture a constitutional crisis out of smut is the most irksome thing to have come out of Washington in recent memory. Adultery is immoral, not illegal. Besides, any one who has the ego to assume he could be the President of the United States of America i bound to have orne character flaws. All that aside, what we are staring at now is the fact the Clinton may have been caught in the act of perjury, not a trivial matter. And what galls me the most about this po sible felony is that he committed it trying to cover up a little hanky panky If 1t had been lying about a coke habit or about hidden chemical weapons plants. I would have been concerned. Try as I might, I cannot figure out how the Pre ident's sex life will affect his abilitie as our nation's leader. So now this country is paralyzed by its own puritanical moral code that it demands of all its elected representatives. No one has talked about how the average joe would stand up under simi lar scrutiny. Little attention has been paid to the real and suspected indiscretions of past presi dents. I have resigned myself to the fact that this sit uation will have to play itself out. There is no way all this embarrassment and awkwardness can be avoided, and it has become clear that the American public's perception of its leaders will change. In all likelihood, the effects this situa tion will have on President Clinton, the Clinton Administration, and, most importantly, the office of the Chief Executive of the United States, will be grave indeed. With such an understanding, I would pray for restraint and responsibility on the part of the con cerned actors. The pres has shown all the control of a kid on Halloween. Congress mem bers are facing an election year, and these juicy tidbit. may prove tempting during the campaign season ahead. I have found myself watching the proceedings through my fingers and wincing at each "break ing news" bulletin However, unlike the mon ters that I know live under my bed, the e specter Will not evaporate in the morning light if I ignore them long enough. have an opinion? have a comment? have a clue? submit something you idiot.


8 The Catalyst Free HIV Testing on campus February 20th and 21 t provided by the Community AIDS Network. Call 366-0461 for an appointment. Re ults come in two weeks. No hoes, no test. Ambassador Jack Hood Vaughn, former director of the Peace Corps will speak at New College on February 19 at 3:30 p.m. in the College Hall Music Room. Vaughn' talk will be of special interest ot tudents of modem history, international re lations, and Latin American affair Be there! Research and Travel Grants from the New College founda tion could fund your the is or other re earch. Get propo al form from any divisional office, Housing, Dean and Warden' Office, or Records. Proposal. are due by 5:00p.m., March 20. Christmas was held on Dec. 25. You have to wait another eleven month for the next one to come aro und. B e p repared. B uy yo u r pre ents now. Volunteers wanted at the Selby Botanical Garden for various tasks. Interested parties hould contact Darius Ahrabi-Asly at darius@virtu or call 358-999 I. USF/New College Blood Drive will be held on Tuesday, February 10, 3:00-7:30 p.m. Ramad a n i now over. Go pig out...I mean ... go hog wild ... uh ... Social Sciences Forum will meet on Friday, February 13 at 10 a.m. in the Anthropology Lab. Sh:.mnan Mattiace, a candidate for the position in political ci ence, wiJl speak on Pan-Ethnic Identity and Indian Politic. in Chiapas, Mexico. Everyone is in vited! There will alo be an open meeting open for political cience tudent to meet with the candidate at 4:30 p.m. on the 13th in the Antro Lab. Lost Kitty! Stripped, Fluffy, Pretty, Young Female cal with a raccoon tail, face (black. brown, and orange). Please call 358-1653. Lots of Chicken, Lot of Liver. Meow Mix, eow Mix please deliver! Attention Musicians: I am in terested in forming an orche tra Announcements February 3, 1997 here at New College. I need to know if anybody el. e is inter ested. Please e-mail me Elizabeth Sagatys at sagatys@virtu or drop a note in Box 656. ew Cour e: LINES AND DOTS-An introduction to Graph Theory. Graphs are mathemati cal object that are made of dot connected by lines. Graph Theory is the branch of mathe matics that involve the study of graph Graphs are very power ful tools for creating mathematical models of a wide variety of. ituation Graph the ory ha been m trumental for analyzing and solving problems in areas as diver. e as computer network design, urban planning, and molecular biology. The World Wide Web is an example of a (directed) graph. Students interested in taking thi course or tutorial in Galois Theory or Character Theory should contact Eirini Poimenidou poimenid@virtu. Sara Foley warn: all the rat Contribution Guidelines Letter to The Editor: A reader's to preyious ar ticles, letters and/or editorials, or an ttiat ts intended to be shared with the student body. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 250 words, and are not a forum for free advertising. Contribution: A factual article written by someone not on staff. Contributions should be informative and perti nent to the interests of New College students as a whole. Contributions may range in length from 250-500 words. Guest Column: A solicited opinion piece. Guest colum nists do not necessarily represent the views of the Catalvst, but rather opinions of which we feel the ew College community should be made aware. Guest columns may range in length from 250-500 words. All submissions should be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday in order to appear in the following week's issue. CAREER CENTER Pizza Hut is hiring! Great pay, benefit generou tips, free uni forms, free food, fun work-place! Forget this crazy college gig. No one in the real world care about the' Janu Paradox;" they care about pizza! Pizza, pizza, pizza! Whoo-hoo! Call 359-3555. bastards to watch their ste1,.,_ __ Matthew Grieco would like to know what a rat bastard is and where he can get one. Bible study is fun! InterVar. ity Christian Fellowship. Tuesdays 9:00 p.m. Bob Johnson Residence Hall, 122. Auditions. Folklore and story telling tutorial. Wednc. day, Feb. 4, 3:30 p.m. in fron of the Fi hbowl. Or contact Robert or Evellyn, box 707. W.O.R.D. Working on Real Designs. Meets Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. on Ham Center Couches. Social Sciences Forum. Shannan Mattiace, candidate for the position in political cience will peak on "Pan-Ethnic Identity and Indian Politics in Chiapas, Mexico.'' 10:00 a.m. in the Anthro Lab. Everyone in vited. Put your announcement in the Catalyst. Keep u from having to make up phony one. every week! Drop a note in box 75 or e-mail to catal st@virtu. Help out with the Feti h Ball. Contact Michael hannon at mshannon@ virtu or box 577. The Fitness Center says, "Get up and excerci e, you lazy lob !'' On Feb 19th Prof. Ruppeiner will be reviewed. Please ubmit letters to the o-Sci Divi ion. Yet another useless contest ... What's Rocky eating? 1f you can name the substance that Rocky is about to ingest than you could win yet another labulous prize. oh ... and by the way, has anyone seen that lost kitty?

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