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The Volume VI, Issue 2 September 3, 1996 New Face Sociology by Nicole Ganzekaufer 1n Born in T e pic Mexico the new addi tion to the Social Sciences Division Sarah Hernandez has a different perspective Raised as a Quaker in a predominantly Roman Catholic town Hernandez lived a very different life from her neighbors but it was her religion that brought her to America Hernandez spent a y e ar o f high school at a small Quaker boarding scho o l in Iowa and returned to Mexico to complete her high school education "In Mexico we have a very traditional educational sy tern After you finish high school you have to figure out your major," she said. So when the opportu nity arose for me to come back to the U .S. to study in a Quaker college, I de cided to go." Hernandez spent her und e r g r a du ate years in Earlham College I wasn t sure what I wanted to study so it was very ap pealing to me to go to liberal arts college that would allow me to explore a little more," she said. It was during her undergraduate years that Hernandez found her interest in teaching. "People argue that teaching is not very satisfactory, that it doesn't pro-SEE "SOCIOLOGY" ON PAGE 2 INSIDE Ivory Tower ........ ........... 3 Mu ic Reviews .... ........... .4 Wall Preview ..... ......... .4 Free Movie Tickets ..... ....... 5 Using the WWW for Papers ....... 6 SAC Minutes ........ ....... ... 7 an ounce of prevention COMING SOON: FOUR WINDS COFFEHOUSE Contributed by Mario Rodriguez Hanging moss casts dark shadows over the mass of the barn at twilight while only the din of hissing cicadas pen etrates the stillness of the air. Something is brewing under the silent exterior of the old building Coffee? Not yet. But after two years of wait ing the New College coffeehouse is closer than ever to brimming over into reality The 5 year-old movement to establish a coffeehouse in the barn next to the an thropology lab received an approved Capital Improvement Trust (CIT) pro posal. This could mean a $100,000 barn renovations budget-one-sixth of the $647 thousand allocated to the USF at Sarasota Campus by the CIT, a state fund which supports non-academic campus ac tivities It took no small amount of time and effort to gain these funds The college submitted the proposal two years ago. "The process takes time," said Director of Student Affairs Mark Johnson. 'There's a lot of red tape. Even now after years of waiting we finally have the allocation but it's not as if [the coffeeshop renovation] will happen tomorrow." The CIT meeting this Friday may ex pedite the process by allowing students and faculty to voice their opinions on where the CIT funds will ultimately go. The meeting will be held in the Fishbowl a t 9:00 p m and is open to all who are in terested But even if the coffeeshop does come into being, what guarantee does the col lege have of its longevity? Daryl in Avery, a third year student and coffee enthusiast spearheading the effort to organize the coffeehouse concedes the task is ambi tious, "but not undoable a s soon as the SEE "COFFEE" ON PAGE 3 LIVING WALLS by Charles C h oi What we have here is a failure to com municate. Students were granted the luxury of writing on the living walls, and have done so for over four years now. But at this point in time, the living walls are not protected properties. The police have the legal right to investigate and ar rest any person who engages in such acts of criminal mischief Writing on the walls has always been against the law. Though police have pur sued many reports of criminal mischief in the past, they have had a low percentage of arrests in comparison; few people ever come forward to offer either their confes sions or lamentations. Florida State Statute 806 .13 defines criminal mischief as willful and malicious injury or damage by any means to prop erty belonging to another, and includes graffiti or other acts of vandalism. Damage of $1 ,000 or more is considered a third degree felony; less severe damages are considered misdemeanors Students are not exempt from arrest, nor have they ever been. Though the po lice have the option to refer cases to Student Court, they do not have the oblig ation to. However, the walls near the back of Hamilton Center were recognized by Student Affairs to be 'living walls', where students could express themselves if they wanted to SEE "WALLS" ON PAGE 3


2 The Catalyst September 3, 1996 "SOCIOLOGY" FROM PAGE 1 vide immediate gratification," she said. "I find that it is very rewarding to see that I can influence students and have an effect on them." After spending five months in Japan as a part of her undergraduate studies, Hernandez received her Bachelors in Sociology and left for the University of Michigan's graduate school program. For the past eight years Hernandez worked as a full time student in Michigan. She took a year and a half off to do re search in Mexico City on 'Workers Owned Factories' and she will be com pleting her dissertation in December in order to receive her Ph.D. With one more year of graduate chool to go, Hernandez began sending out applications to colleges and universi ties. "There are different types of colleges," she said. "I'm more attracted to smaller schools because you have more student/faculty interaction." When Hernandez began receiving job offers, one of the main elements that at tracted her to New College was the faculty/student ratio. "What appealed to me about New College was the size," she said. "This is the kind of place I was looking forward to because the people were very friendly and the most important issue is that they care about teaching." Since the resignation of Associate Cii'talyst General Editor James Reffell Managing Editor Michelle Wolper Staff Writer Charles Choi Layout Heather Oliver Nicole Ganzekaufer Business Managers Sara Foley Tom Heisler Regular Contributor Mario Rodriguez Professor of Sociology Charles Green in the summer of '95, there has been a "search plan," said Chair of the Division of Sciences and Associate Professor of Psychology Gordon Bauer, for a new ad dition to the Social Sciences Division. A committee of three faculty members and two students worked together to re view candidates for the new position and advertisements were placed in several professional journals to alert candidates of the job opening. "We were looking for someone who specialized in race, class, and gender," said Associate Professor in Sociology David Brain, one of the members of the committee. "After that we looked for can didates based on their quality." Bauer said that approximately I 00 people applied for the position and it was the job of the committee to choose the three most qualified candidates for an in terview. "There is some difficulty in recruiting top rate faculty from the best schools," said Bauer. "Sarah was selected for a number of reasons. In terms of criteria she was prepared to deal with race, class, and gender from an international perspective. I think if you look at New College we're not represented by enough people with that perspective. She comes from an out standing program." As Brain said, "She just seemed a good fit." Hernandez said that working with the students at New College has been an ex citing experience. "It's been wonderful to see the input from the students here com pared to the campus where I come from in Michigan," she said. "I see a lot more involvement from the students, which is really great." v 0 f e NCSA ( S fud enf Govern menf) Erections Wednesday v 0 f e The Catalyst is available on the World Wide Web at http :I /www.sar. usf edul-catalyst/ Direct submissions and inquiries to: The Catalyst 5700 Tarniami Tr. Box #75 Sarasota, FL 34243 catalyst@virtu.sar.usfedu Submissions may also be placed in the Catalyst box marked "Letters to the Editor/Contribu tions" (in the student government boxes next to Barbara Berggren's office). Letters to the Editor should be no more than 250 words. Contributions may range in length from 250 to 500 words. Submissions should be labeled as either letters to the editor or contributions and include names and contact information. Online submissions should indicate in the subject line if they are letters to the editor or contributions. No anonymous submissions will be accepted. Submissions should be received by 5:00p.m. Friday in order to appear in the following week's issue. The CaJalyst reserves the right to edit submissions for reasons of space, grammar or style. Sponsored by Maria Vesperi and Dean MichaJson


The Catalyst September 3, 1996 3 "COFFEE" FROM PAGE 1 money is ready to go." Despite a 25% return rate from last year's Common Grounds survey, which was dispersed to the entire student popu lation requesting feedback on coffeeshop issues, Avery is confident student/faculty support for the coffeehouse is strong. She is optimistic about the out-pouring of stu dent involvement once the business gets off the ground. "It's going to be formed by the input of the students and I think [student con cern] will be more free-flowing once they have something concrete to input." Just like the coffee, student involve ment will have to be on tap from the get-go. The coffeeshop must be self-suf ficient; it must generate enough revenue to cover operational costs after the CIT a1locations have been used up. This doesn't mean the menu will be pricy. On the contrary, Avery said the shop would have to make only $100 a day to break even. Since the shop will be non-profit, students will get prices at a fraction of the "going rate." Although Avery is confident in the ini tial success of the venue, Mark Johnson cautions against excessive optimism. "Realistically, I'm not convinced it would be a wise, prudent thing to say it would be self-supporting. I think it would have to be subsidized by the A and S (Student Activities and Services fees) for a while." "WALLS" FROM PAGE 1 This practice dates back about four years, to when the graffiti had reached all the way to the walls beside the Student Affairs office. Student Affairs wanted to curb the spread of the graffiti, and Steve Waldman, New College Student Alliance President at the time, set up giant easels as portable walls on which one could write. That didn't work. Waldman then cooked up the concept of 'living walls'. According to Alum Mike Rothbaum, the living walls were designed to be protected areas, "layers and layers of graffiti, like sedimentary rock, where you could see what people were saying and thinking This is not to say Johnson is trying to dilute coffeeshop fervor. "There're plenty of cynics on this campus. I can be as cynical as the next guy, but err funds are not something to be cynical about because they are easy to spend and good things can happen with them. It just takes time." Avery espouses a similar outlook in her belief New College students will as sign an atmosphere all their own to the coffeeshop once it opens. And by admit ting the general public, Avery hopes to propel New College students to action in more ways than merely assigning an am biance. She wants "to broaden the range of interaction. New College tends to be isolated ... We like our little elite society, but I think we can learn from anyone who comes along." Currently anyone coming along Dort Drive through the hot dusk won't find a warm coffee mug and cozy chair to curl up in. The empty reality of the barn re mains, inertly blending into the background of its environment. A1though Avery firmly believes that New College wants a coffeehouse, she feels she has played too great a conceptual role thus far. "The interest is there," she said, "the momentum and the initiative are not. It's very characteristic of New College." Avery added, "I want more student input. There are too many I's in the things that I say. I want there to be more We's and They's." years ago." When the walls of the Publications Office were painted over this summer, Student Affairs made it understood that one wall would be left free for student ex pression. At this point, Mark Johnson and New College Student Alliance President Jessica Falcone are deciding on what areas to give 'living wall' status. Johnson said, "I'm not opposed to a graffiti space, a living wall, so to speak, but when it extends to furniture, floors, fixtures, bulletin boards, then it's gotten out of hand. I think we need to recognize the fact that the Student Center is a public place .. .It's property supported with A&S [Activity and Service] fees. But every wall is not a living wall." OUTSIDE THE IVORY TOWER International A South Korean court sentenced a former president to death last Monday. Chun Doo Hwan was found guilty on charges of planning a 1979 coup and at tempted murder of his then senior officer when he was an army general. His lawyer is preparing to challenge the rul ings, and the appeals could last several months. U.S. intelligence officials have con cluded that Pakistan was secretly building a missile plant using blueprints and equipment supplied by China. U.S. government officials did not confirm the report which stated Pakistan may have developed nuclear warheads to be placed atop these missiles. Iraqi troops withdrew from the Kurdish city of Irbil only a few hours after they helped Kurdish rebels capture it on Saturday. In response, President Clinton sent over 300 U.S. warplanes and 20 ships in the region on high alert. The Clinton Administration vowed to punish Saddam Hussein for the attack, and U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has forbidden Iraq to sell oil to raise money for food and medi cine. National A computer simulation of the fina1 moments of TWA Flight 800 located the blast which brought down the plane on July 17 on a small site on the jet's right side. That same sight is near where FBI tests found traces of a chemical found in plastic explosives. State A Tallahassee court ruled that John Ward (convicted 22 years ago for the murder of his first wife), was a better candidate for custody of his 12-year-old daughter than her lesbian mother. Ward, who has been married four times, sought to gain custody after his ex-wife May Ward sued for increased child sup port. He said that his daughter Cassie had exhibited inappropriate behavior, in cluding poor hygiene, bad table manners and a preference for men's cologne. Mary Ward plans an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.


4 The Catalyst September 3, 1996 EVENT CALENDAR Thesday Town Meeting 5:00 p.m Hamilton Center Contract Party Come s hare and work on your contract! Refreshments! 9 : 00 p m Hamilton Center Wednesday Auditions for the tutorial/play Dancing at Lughnasa 7:00 p.m Sudakoff Movie -Freaks ( C o me se e cir c us freaks!) Palm Court 9 :00p.m. Thursday Open mike poetry reading College Hall (back steps) 7:30p.m. Queers everywhere! Meeting in the Fishbowl at 9:00p.m. Bring a friend and your coming out of the closet stories Friday First court is h a vin g an 80 's p a rty! Woohoo! Saturday Take a free Kaplan graduate/professional school admission test at 8:30a. m in the Ham Center classrooms. Sign up in PME-119 Sunday Movie-Rocky Horror Picture Show! Yes, again! 9 :30p.m. Palm C o urt the Mall prevteM Friday September 6 Sharyn Chen and Erin Hannon The Only IfYou Rhyme" Wall. It'll be like road-tripping through the neurons of a schizophrenic s brain ... with sno cones on the side In other words, non stop polka for 2 hours followed by the Best of Captain and Tenille. Saturday September 7 Eric Beverly's Wall Details withheld for privacy. MUSIC REVIEWS FROM THE FRITZ Beastie Boys The In Sound From Way Out!(Grand Royal/Capitol) Here you go, an entire album of "in strumental music composed and performed by Beastie Boys." Unfortunately, you've heard most of it before. Just to name a few, Groove Holmes Sabrosa Namaste, and Pow were lifted from Check Your Head and Eugene's Lament, Ricky s Theme, and Shambala from Ill Communication and the three songs not found on other discs sound much the same as those that do This disc is worth it, if only for the fact that it s un obtrusive and probably the only Beastie Boys album you can play at a party with out everyone singing the whole thing through. Ani DifrancoDilate(Righteous Babe) This woman is incredible! Not only can she write great songs but s he can also put out a stellar album every year (as she has been doing for the last six) Never have I seen someone so prolific and con sistently astounding. Dilate is a little less raw than Not a Pretty Girl, with a bit more back-up music, out the sentiments are the same and dilate shows how much Alanis and Po11y Jean have to learn about vocalization and songwriting. Sooner or later this girl is going to shoot through the roof (as she has been doing on college campuses everywhere) and you are going to wish you had been listening all along. Righteous Babe, PO Box 95, Ellicot Station, Buffalo, NY 14205. The Pogues. PogueMahone (Mesa/Bluemoon) This album starts off where My Blue Heaven left off. The Pogues have contin ued in more of a country-tinged vain, all the while tossing out a reference to their earlier works. Living In a World Without Her offers everything that songs like Lore/i once promised, even though the driving force, Shane MacGowan, is no longer with them. The Pogues are a new band, just as Shane MacGowan and the Popes are a new band. Critics panned 1992's Waiting For Herb, which, despite the lack of Shane was a fabulous album. Most critics will be sure to pan this one as well but if you like The Pogues, and don't mind forgiving and forgetting, you'll love this album. I think The Pogues are sending a message to those critics who dislike them now and those fans who will never forgive them for dropping Shane when they say Pogue Mahone. Various Artists.Songs in the Key of X (Warner Bros) I have only seen the show a few times but this album is a perfect companion for it. Soul Coughing's Unmarked Helicopters opens up the album on a good foot (though a bit Tripping Daisy-esque), after the intro theme of course. Three songs later, you get to hear William S. Burroughs sing-song Fuck Me Kitten to REM's Star Me Kitten (spectacular). Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are up next with Red Right Hand (interestingly enough, the inspiration for the album as it made its way into one of the shows). Frank Black and the joint venture of Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper also make their way onto the disc. The classic pairing of the disc however, is Elvis Costello and Brian Eno an odd, if not perfect, pairing if I've ever heard of one. These reviews and more will be featured in the next issue of the fritz. if you are in terested in writing for the fritz, contact Aaron Gustafson, box 237 Have an event you'd like to advertise? Put it in the Catalyst! Announcements & Calendar entries are free!


The Catalyst September 3, 1996 5 WHAT A CHEAP DATE! Have you been lied to? Do you want to go to the movies? Are you a bitter first year? Were your sunny expectations dashed upon your arrival here at New College? Now is your chance to get revenge! Give us a list of the top ten lies told to first years. The best will be printed in the next Catalyst and the author will recieve two tickets to a movie at Burns Court. MOVIE REVIEW THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS by James Reffell "I have been to hell, and I confess: I like what I saw That's about all there is to like about The Crow: City Of Angels There are a score of visual set-pieces that are a won der to behold, but the bulk of the movie is an embarrassment of bad plot and worse dialogue. It may be that the movie wa s doom e d to be a poor shadow of its predeccessor The Crow from the start. The plot after all, read exactly the same: nice fella gets offed by the supernatural gangster forces of evil in the city, and returns from the grave to look pretty, wear neat makeup, and commit appropriate acts of vengeance. Novel the fir s t time ( maybe), but hardly so the second. Not that audiences actually want origi nality in a sequel : they want more of what was nifty the first time around Unfortunately, City of Angels cannot pro vide even that comfort. The Crow had an aesthetic lead (Brandon Lee) who could not only pose gloomily for the camera, but could also act. His replacement, Vincent Perez, makes the George Lazenby James Bond look good. It may not be entirely his fault; though his facial contortions and stilted dialogue come straight from the WalMart school of acting, he is hampered by an accent that some Hollywood execu tive probably considered "authentically East L.A.," instead of the perfectly lovely accent I'm sure he had before the "dialect coach" got ahold of him. And of course Vincent Perez offers neither the famous father (Bruce Lee) nor the convenient aura of morbidity that the late Brandon Lee gave to The Crow The Crow had an incredible sound track that not only complemented the music video-esque gothic quality of the film but was matched closely with the narrative. The scene that included a dead gangmember being thrown through a win dow into a Thrill Kill Kult concert was priceless City Of Angels comes with a poorly thought out jumble of vaguely trendy music that at best is treated as background noise and at worst is taste lessly juxstaposed with the action. P.J. Harvey for a chase scene? The band playing for the theoretically spooky Day of the Dead climax is the Deftones?? Somebody was not paying attention. The Crow has interesting villains, who provide a credible threat to the immortal as long as you don t kill the bird protago nist. City of Angels has a junkie, a pathetic pervert, a stock Asian domina trix/ninja and another junkie. Yes folks, my highest hopes for this movie were dashed when the usually spooky Iggy Pop attempted to intimidate his pursuer by getting high, looking scared, running away, shouting obscenities, and then running away again Oooh scary. All that said, there are reasons to see this low point in the history of sequels. At its best, City of Angels momentarily tran scends the absurdity of its stilted dialogue and gratuitous crow-shapes into as in the sublime ending of Curve as he floats down a river, showered by flower petals. Besides, the worst City of Angels could do to you is cause you pain-and, as Vincent Perez hoarsely tells us just before his predictable triumph: "My pain is my power!" Now showing at Oakmont 8, Cortez Road. BuRNS CouRT CiNEMA S06 BllANS LANE DowNTOWN SARAsorA 9SHILM Now Sl-iowiN Th e Date Movie of the Yiar walking and talk1ng "OWGHTFUU WILDLY FUNNY! ,,., \ 1 I fl/(1 ( "II.\ I \ From the cam be md Shallow Grave comes t h i s summe r s hoi hit f rom Scotland Trainspotting VISIONARY KNOCKOUT! Peter Traven, STONE STARTS SEpTEMb R 6 Gi3nni Amelio's Italian Master Piece Lamer lea CoVliN a Li a rilrn MANNY & LO de." A ;\a.rm, C:tbUuu,) un\l'lllim IIIUI ('Otntd ahttul I \Ill tJillhlir < ) >'II nlf .Nrw lOR.IC A Life in The Movies 1 r01n the Journals of Jean Seberg ''AN OUTRIGHT DAZZLER" K>"' Th UA.: W I."LH 1tJ./. PURPLE NOON '****! A Thrille1 01 The ll1ghc'l STUdENTS Free Popcorn w/Purchase of any Drink 1,iust shuw stud..:na tD> Ask about Student Membershi s


6 The Catalyst September 3, 1996 USING THE WWW FOR PAPERS reprinted from volume V issue 22 by Den Zazueta-Audirac picky-one of the best ways of fincling Contrary to popular portrayal, the Web more specific links is from pages that are is home to more than geeks, pornogra"kind of' related. phers and perverts. Just about anything On the other hand, if you're short on you're looking for-including research time, don't let yourself get too distracted and criticism that has yet to be published by links that don't have anything to do in a quarterly or monthly-has a homewith your topic of research. Generally, page somewhere. three jumps away from your list is far The problem is finding what you want enough to guess whether a link is going to without getting too distracted along the pan out. way. For all those writing theses or papers When a page looks promising make that require citing up-to-date sources, sure the infonnation is legtimate. Find out here's a guide to getting it done quickly what you can about the author or the con-Searching through Chaos tent provider-check to see what else Finding what you want generally they've done and who else is linking to means a search, and that means a search their sites. You don't want to cite a precoengine. I recommend Alta Vista (http:// cious twelve-year-old's observations on for ease of use the sexual habits of the trobriand isand number of returns. Regardless of the landers-at least not without knowing engine, the process is mostly the same: that's who you're citing. Many reputable 1. Read the "how to" page for that search academic and professional organizations engine. It isn't absolutely necessary to do have jumped aboard the Internet bandthis, but your search is more powerful if wagon, so this task isn't as hard as one you know how to use the search tool. might think. 2. Pick a key word or two that describes Citing Web Resources the document you have in mind. When you've found a link that you 3. Type the word(s) in the text box and think you will cite, make sure you do submit it by clicking the submit button or ALL of the following: pressing enter 1. Write down the URL (the information If the search returns too many Jinks, in the "location" box in Netscape). go back and make your search more spe-2. Save the document to disk (in cific. Make sure that you're searching for click on "File" in the menubar pages containing ALL of your keywords and select "Save As"), or print out a hard rather than ANY of them-most search copy. engines have a nifty pull down menu to 3. At the top of your print-out or text docthis effect. Some search engines also have ument, note all relevant bibliographic a "but not" option. information and the current date. Picking your Path through the Morass This redundancy is a safety precauOnce you've got the list down to a tion. Links disappear and change manageable size, scan through the links constantly. If all you have is a URL, you returned and follow those that seem apmay have nothing. If you don't mind propriate or interesting. Don't be too killing trees, printing is the best option. MLA: Give the author's name (if known), the full title of the work in quotes, the title of the complete work if applicable in italics, the full URL, and the date of visit: Brown, T.D. "Jabberwocky-'Twas Bryllyg." The Jabberwocky Homepage.!Vjabber wocky/bryllyg .html (5 Feb. 1996). APA: Treat books, group or institutional authors, journal articles, etc. as you normally would, but add [on-line]. Available: to the citation: Smitty, E.W. (1996) Developmental Psychology Homepage (On-line]. Available: html 11f)J .. J .. f)f) 8/22196 2:15 p.m. Stop sign by Hamilton Center traffic stanchion stolen. 8/25/96 8:57p.m. -Bicycle, value $100, reported stolen from Viking one-story. Bicycle was unlocked. 8/26/96 12:30 p m. Bicycle, value $250, reported stolen from Viking one-story. Bicycle was locked. 8/29/96 12.01 a.m.On-campus anony mous noise complaint (drumming in Palm Court). Noise complaint was referred to the R.A. on duty. 8/30/96 12:30 a.m.-Student arrested and given notice to appear in court for under age drinking. You can Submit Contributions Letters to the Editor Guest Opinions Announcements Event Notices and Wall Announcements Just put those puppies in Box 75, or the blue mailboxes next to Barbara Berggren's Office. Or e-mail us at catalyst@virtu.sar. usfedu


The Catalyst September 3, 1996 7 Career Center Announcements Kaplan Test Drive Saturday, September 7, 8:30a.m. Free Sample Test -GRE, MCAT LSAT and GMAT. Please call359-4261 to sign-up for the test. UPSPart-time Job Recruiting Booth-Tuesday, September 10 from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the Westside Student Center. Medical School Presentation Wednesday, September 11 at 3:30p.m. in the Teaching Auditorium. Graduate School Admissions Session -Thursday, September I 9 at 5:15 p.m. in Sudakoff Center, Room 118. Florida House of Representatives Intern Program: Internships with the Florida House of Representatives combine academic study with legislative training. A variety of re search and administrative assignments are under the guidance of senior legislative staff. One-year internships are conducted in the state Capitol in Tallahassee where interns are assigned to work with a committee or leadership office. Interns may also work with House substantive committees. Policy analysis and research are the pri mary focus of interns assigned to House leadership A monthly stipend of $1,000, fees for up to 36 hours of graduate or law school classes over a two-year period and work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Maxwell Technologies Paid Intern Positions Available: A background in either Computer Science or Criminal Justice is required. A high level of famj]jarity work ing in the Microsoft Windows environment is needed. Part-time to full-time positions available now through December. HOPE Family Services, Inc. Internship: Interns will assist shelter staff in providing information and referral services and crisis counseling viathe 24-hour crisis hotline, completing intake and exit interviews, family advocacy, and other related services to shelter clients. Opportunities for transition into other areas will be contingent on ed ucation, experience and performance. Council Travel: Travel Grants for Educational Programs in Developing Countries: The International Student Identity Cared Fund provides undergraduate students par ticipating in education programs in the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Students participating in a range of educational activities, including study, work, voluntary service, internships, and homestays are eligible for support. The amount of the Travel Grant is the minimum cost of round trip transportation from the US to the country of the awardee's program/project site as determined by Council Travel. 1996 Foreign Service Written Exam: Will be held on Saturday, November 16. Registration books are avai I able in the Career Resource Center, PME-119. For further information stop in the Career Resource Center, PME 119. submit-+ Minutes of the SAC August 28, 1996 All current members were present. Diving Club: Mey Akashah was allo cated $360 for 4 new snorkel sets. Mary Katherine Bateson: Eben Kirksey was allocated $3000 for Ms. Bateson's honorarium. Women's Tea: $60 was allocated to Sara Daum for tea and cookies for the year. Mug Money: Anne Tazewell was given permission to use some of the leftover funds from the mug allocation last year for a large cooler for tea in the C-Store. Sexual Awareness Month: $30 was allo cated to Sari Cohen and Caitlin Barry for food and supplies for the first week of SAM. Catalyst: $500 was allocated to James Reffell for the first three Catalyst issues. Pillowbook: Amy Andre was allocated $20 for covers for P/llowbook. Decorations: Alice Solomon was allo cated $10 for crepe paper and sidewalk chalk. Contribution Guidelines Letter to The Editor: A reader's re sponse to previous articles, lett ers and/or editorials, or an opinion that they want to share with the student body. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 250 words, and are not a forum for free ad vertising. Contribution: A factual artic le written by someone not on staff. Contributions should be informative and pertinent to the interests of New College students as a whole. Contributions may range in length from 250-500 words. Guest Column: A solicited opinion piece. Guest columnists do not necessar ily represent the views of the Catalyst, but rather opinions of which we feel the New College community should be made aware. Guest columns may range in from 250-500 words.


8 The Catalyst September 3, 1996 ANNOUNCEMENTS If you would like to tutor inner-city kids (ages 5-15) at the North County Educational Assistance Program i n Newtown con tact Amy Mormino at 355 8748 or box 389 volunteers are needed Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and transportation is easily available. Interested in playing football? The New College Football Alliance meets twice a week Wednesday and Saturday on the Athletic field behind the fitness center. Guys and girls of all skill levels are welcome Contact Marc (Box 159) or Aaron (box 403) for details On Wednesday S e pt e mber 4 from 12: 00 to I : 00 p m. in the cafeteria, attend the Campus Ministry table for spiritual explo ration and discussion For more information, contact Jake Jacobs at 378-5549 There will be a Campus Ministry get-together on Wednesday September 4 at 4 :00p.m. in the Fishbowl. Representatives from the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish ministries on campus will wattend, and possibilities for programs and events will be dis cussed Refreshments will be served. Campus Minister Jake Jacobs is offering a tutorial called "Changing Val ues in Contemporary Society" for the first module. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 3 at 6:00p.m. in the fishbowl for all who are interested. Let the New College Foundation fund your thesis or other re search. To be eligible you must be enrolled this semester and have completed at least one semester at New College Pick up a proposal form at any divisional office, Housing, the Dean's of fice, or Records and Registration. Proposals are due by 5 : 00 p.m. October J J 1996 at Cook Hall 203. Share a house with two quiet third-year female students. Have your own room, house is already mostly furnished. Live on a quiet cul-de-sac 5-minute walk to campus. Rent $210/mo plu s 1/3 utilities Call 358-0290. Housemate needed to share our luxurious apartment. Equipped with a large kitchen with all the amenities and washer/dryer. 3 miles from campus in Bradenton. $189 per month and 1/3 utili ties. Contact Brant or Rebecca at 739-0170 Still need a p lace to live? Rent an efficiency apartment near Ringling School of Art & Design. $350 a month Fully fur nished, utilities included. Nice yard, great location, fun landlady. Must love pets! Leave a note in box 440 for information. Want to act in a really groovy play? Auditions for Dan c ing at Lughnasa are 7:00p. m Wednesday in Sudakoff Center. Act. Have fun. Get a semester of course credit. September is Sexuality Awareness Month S.A M. will feature weekly speakers, discussion groups, support groups, infomation and condom distribution, and lots of fun activities to promote safe, healthy sexual expression! All events are free and open to the public Week One will focus on STD and HIV awareness Week Two on Pregnancy, Birth Control and Abortion Week Three on Rape and Sexual Assault, and Week Four on Sexual This coming week, we are honored to be hosting a People With AIDS Speakers Bureau, which will be on campus on Thursday at 7:00p.m. in the cafeteria. Please make time to attend this important event. Check out the signs around Ham Center for information on the dates and times of all other events. Contact Amy Andre, Erin Hannon, Sari Cohen Caitlin Barry or Hillary Hall for more information Wee k One 9/l to 917 STD and HIV Awareness Mon 9/2 Tue 9/3 Wed 9/4 Thu 9/5 Wee k Two 9/8 to 9/14 Mon 919 Tue 9/10 Wed 9/11 Thu 9/12 Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria Lunch 7:00p.m. 7:00p.m. 7:00p.m. condom & pamphlet distribution speaker (TBA) discussio n : STD Stigma People With AIDS Speakers Bureau Pregnancy, Birth Control, and Abortion Cafeteria Lunch Pamphlet and condom distribution Fishbowl 7 :00p.m. speaker (TBA) Fishbowl 7 :00p.m. ope n discussion: Men's Abortion Rights Pei 124 7 :00p. m. abortion support group meeting Contracts are due WEDNESDAY!

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