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The Catalyst (Volume IV, Issue 5)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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September 21, 1994


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Six page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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"Stays crunchy in milk." KIZLIK W I THDRAWS IN WAKE OF ARRES T Graham Strouse I Volume IV, Issue 5 September 21, 1994 ELECTION ANGST Nick Napolitano The polls are closed, the ballots have been counted, and the resu1ts are out, leaving the New College Student Government, For most people, entertaining thoughts of joining the for the most part, filled. But oJ1ty for the most part-some Catholic priesthood is good clue that it's been a bad week. positions remain conspicuously empty. According to Elections For Steve Kizlik. however. eminary school is one Coordinator Jenny Smith this is a recent phenomenon. option be's entertained, albiet dallyingly, since withdrawing "There just weren't enough candidates. There were no from school last ThLJrsday, September 15, following a week real contests, especially for division reps and committee posiwhich could safely be described as less than pleasant. Kizlik tions."' withdrew soon after he received a restraining order from New Many important positions, including the Educational College Student Affair Director Mark Johnson which banned Policy Committee. were uncontested. In other cases candidate him from campus. The ban which took effect on Tuesd a y received Jess than twenty-five votes, the number necessary to be about in response to Kizlik s arrest on tirebomb : 'I?: elected lf this minimum is not reached. the highe t vote-getter the previous weekend can be appointed by Mark Johnson. But in ome cases even this withdrew from school on Thur day on [my simple olution becomes problematic. attorney's] advice". said Kizlik during a recent phone interview. Take, for example, the Housing Advisory Committee. "KIZLIK" CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 BIKE SAGA CONTINUES .Jame s Rejfell In direct response to the now-famous --save the bike shop'' rally, Dean Schneck met last Tuesday afternoon with the hike shop mechanics and others to iron out an agreement as to the future home of the bike shop. Present at the meeting were the Dean. mechanics Ari Weinstein and Matt HaiL NCSA Prez Ed Moore. campus architect Rick Lyttle, and Director of Business Affairs. Lynda Block Hill. At the meeting, Schneck explained his earlier confu swn over the allocation of CIT money for the bike shop. The confusion was between lhe original CIT meetings to allocate 1991-2 money, in which hardly any mention of space for the hop wa made. and the CIT meetings held la t wmter to allocate 1991-2 money left over from the cancelled ound barrier project, in which money and space was promised to the shop. Schneck said he had not been aware of the recommeJlda"BJKE SHOP" CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 Christopher Robinson received the most votes, tallying two supporters. Twelve other students received one vote apiece for that office. Should Christopher Robin on be appointed? It is unlikely that he even knew he would be written in. or that he even desires to serve. Appointments defeat the purpo e of having elections since by defimtion they do not have the full endorsement of the student body. But in the current elections, studem did not even get a chance to endorse certain office due to a lack of candidates. Some attribute this problem to student apathy, but evidence shows thatlhis may not necessarily be the cause. Two hundred seventy-two students voted this year which, according to Jenny Smith, is a "solid amount, especially for New College students." This number is comparable to last year' two hundred seventy voter However, many student only showed up to champion such hopefuls as Krusty the Clown, Foamy Chops, Morning Bob, The Little Engine That Could, Pat Buchanon, PutT the Magic Dragon, etc One confu ed student, when asked for his reaction to the elections. exclaimed "It's all bull hit-I don't buy any ofil. No one knows who the hc11 they're voting for. it's not justice! I "ELECTIO S" CONTINUED ON PAGE 3


2 The Catalyst September 21,1994 Letters to the Editor Elections Proces Doesn't Need Change Dear Wi e Older Students, Lcf say I'm thi first year tudent, right? And. not knowing any beuer. say l decide to actually take the time to read your editorial in the Ia t Catalyst. [edCatalyst Vol. 4 3, 9-7-94] You with me so far? (Your editorial left me. ome doubt o I'm trying to keep thi as simple a pos ible ) In your article you suggest that it would be wiser to po tpone all elections until the year i half over. Since ome oflices arc left open by departing students, you propo. e that the pre idem of the NCSA make ''temporary appointments and fill all office umilthe elections in January. Now, rememberI'm ju tone of those ignorant lirst years who you rc trying to educatebut heck, that ounds even less democratic then letting me vote. 1 might not know much about the "in and out of New College life' but that's my money the SAC is pending, and it' my food that the food commiuee' decision effect. I'm preuy sure that my ability to vote won't be all that much greater in three months. Although in practice I'm ure the suggested change in policy would change very little, elections arc a symbol of every student's automatic involvement in the institution of New College. Need we get more alienated? Actually a fourth year. Ari Goelman New College ACLU Plans Banned Hooks Week Display I and a small group o f dedic ated students arc looking to make the ACLU an impo rt ant and active part of the campus. Our first project is a Banned B ook Week dL play 111 the library. from September 260ctober 2, that will feature many literary and other rnasterrieces that h ave been banned for variou rca. ons. Banned Books Week c o mmemorates not only these great pieces of literature and the in ights imparted to us by Lheir author but also the importance or our freedoms of peech, the pre. s. religion, etc. There are a lways elements. on all sides of the political spectrum that wish to suppre s book article movie. and other media of expression that they personally di. agree with or arc offended by. Banned Books Week is a time to celebrate our existing freedoms and to remember how fragile those freedoms arc. I ask everyone to visit the display and tO read one of the books there during thi semester. Although ditTicult cia ses and other activities demand our attention, we can all make time to read Huck Finn, The Catcher in tile Rye. 77le Diary of Anne Frank The Grimm Fairy Tales. or any of the other works featured. And we can all make time to protest exampt ... s of censorship that we hear about or ob crve in our own lives. If anyone would like more info about the ACLU, please comact me at box 516, or #952-0748 --Brian Sutliff The Catalyst General Editor: Ken Burruss Managing Editor: lien Zazueta-Audirac Staff Writers: Graham Strouse, James Reffell, Rocky Swift, Jake Reimer, Kate Fink Contributer: Mark Breimhorst and Nick Napolitano Layout: Kelcey Burns and Michael Hutch Business Managers: Gary Smith and Anjna Chauhan C.o,Sponsored by Dean and Warden Michalson and Professor Vesperi Printed at Brandenton Quick Print Letters to the Editor should be submitted on disk if possible, if not then in type, to Box 139, the Catalyst envelope on the door of the Publication Room, or mailed to: 5700 N. Tamiami Trail, Box 139 Sarasota, .A. 34243 The Catalyst reserves the rigbt to edit submissions for reasons of space or grammar.


The Catalyst September 21.1994 3 NCSA ELECTION RESULTS SAC First Year : Meg Moore ( 121 ), Jake Reimer ( 112) Second Year: Rocco Maglio (82) Third Year: Amy Laitinen (151), Tracie Merrit (105) Fourth Year: Adam Stone (20 I) STUDENT COURT Justices : Jack Huesman (108), Neil Israel (143) Doug Messineo ( 125) Public Defender: Pal Haller (115) DIVISION REPS Humanities : Patrick Denny (68) Natural Sciences : Jen Milroy (68) Social Sciences: Jen Carnahan (122), Ben Wolkov (79) COMMITEES Admissions : Raymonda Burgman (47), Liz Dobbins (33). Cara Bompignano (33), Alice Solomon (33) Library: Nina Smuckler (62) Environmental Studies Advisory: Anne Tazewell (134) Fitness Center Advisory : Rocky Swift (132), Max Kiefer ( 150) Food Service Advisory: Carolyn Ward (34) Space Committee: Leo Demski (74) SASC: John Denning (141), Jason Smith (151) Student Life: Aime Placas (!59), Jessica Falcone (29) "ELECTIONS" CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 vote because I'm being brainwashed. indoctrinated. Help! Help! We need a leader!" Not all apathy, however, took the form of illiness. Around 11:30 P.M. Wednesday night, the election results were torn down from Ham Center and ripped to pieces. Taped in their stead was a note filled with outrage at the farce of an election." The student' frustration was used as justification to upport "Mickey Mouse .. candidates and for mangling the results. Jenny Smith and the other ballot-counters arc very upset over this rather immature act. .. A lot of us worked hard counting the ballots and posting the results. she explains. "We're impartial and shouldn't be punished." Many students de cribed .. Meet the Candidates" as an utter parody which only served to contribute to the election's overall disappointment. Candidate were difficult to hear. many did not show up, and some did little more than a hello/goodbye/ vote-for-me routine While the emire display may have been amustng for older students, many ftrst year expre sed dismay being expected to vote for candidates they knew nearly nothing L--------------------------1 about. This presented an obstacle to the election's efficiency, "BIKE SHOP" CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 tions made at the second meeung. With that out of the way, Rick Lyttle presented two plans for a permanent solution One was very similar to those agreed on before namely to partition off about half of the Fitness Center storage space when it i con tructed The other plan would wait to take advantage of the next cycle of CIT money-in about 2 years-to build a much more elaborate home for bikes. Ari and Matt said that the second plan allowed for "more space than we need" and preferred the Fitness Ceuter storage space because it would happen soon, hopefully before they are removed from their current spot in the Parkview garage. That plan will take from $800-1,000 and includes air conditioning, a partition wall, benches, lights, electricity, and a desk. All present agreed that the plan sounded good. Unfortunately, no final decision was made. Dean Schneck was insistent that he would have to consult Judy Roningen, the Fitness Center Director, before taking any action. She is currently on vacation and will return on the 28th. at which time a CIT meeting will convene to consider the allocation. TI1e bike shop hould be able to hold on to its current ite wuil the end of October, when the renovation of the Parkvicw garage is scheduled., bike shop hours are Wednesdays 1-4:00, and Thursdays+ Fridays 12-4:00. since first-years comprise a large chunk of the New College community. They also live on campus, and were therefore much more likely to have voted. The use of signs by the first-year candidates aroused varying emotions. Mo. t older were merely "amused." but some were upset at a seeming regression to high school campaigning tactics: 'Vote Moore get more," ''Do you Want a Thinker or a Drinker? Have Both-Vote Michael Hutch," or simply "Vote Jake." Several tudent expressed the de ire that a tudent should not be excluded from the NCSA imply because he or she lost in one race. Rather, they felt, students who were not elected in one office should be allowed to erve in some other capacity. Given the student government's situation. this suggestion may be considered when appointments arc being made. One of the advantages in attending a small college is that we are able to get involved. At New College, elections don't have to be mere per onality contests in which only the most visible people arc rewarded. There i room for everybody to get involved. But during this year's election student appeared comem to sit in the background, not even auditioning for lead role let alone upponing ones. We have so much control over what is allowed to affect us. It is frightening that thi same control can be used to our disadvantage through our own inattentivene


4 The Cataly t September 21,1994 "KIZLIK .. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Kizlik received a stay on the restraint to talk to Johnson last Thursday. During the meeting, which Kizlik described a "strange he informed Johnson of his plan to leave chool. His rea ons were both practical and personal. As a student, he would have been unable to attend any classes on campus until at lea t September 30 the date of his trial This would make successful completion of his contract difficult. to say the least. The emotional strain of the trial and the threat of dismissal also played into his decision. "Mark Johnson is a man I have to respect", said Kizlik "He's trying to resolve this issue with the best interest of New College in mind Kizlik declined further comment on the meeting, citing legal restrictions. John on also declined com menting on the ban prior to the meeting for similar rea on Kizlik stayed with friends for a few days afler receiv ing the restraining order, doing yard-work and talking to his lawyer Ben Kay via phone "My attorneys are talking about trying to hire an pri'tate investigator to find out what really happened A for the immediate future, Kizlik is "looking for a chool to attend for the rest of the semester." FAU is the most likely po ibility. There are some professors there who've known me since before I could talk", said Kizlik. While it is too late to begin classes there independent study may be an option. So what about the priesthood? "Becoming a Roman Catholic Prie tis something I've thought about for a long time. This may be the perfect opportu ility to learn that Latin and go for it." Ecclesiastic callings aside, Kizlik still plans to reapply at New College in the future. Barring a jail term. he intends "to reapply at New College in the spring, and if that fails, next Fall." "It keep me going, to have that hope (813) 751 IIAIIl TOUCII A Full Service Family Salon Sarabay Plaza 6513 14th St. W. #113, Bradenton FL 34207 SAC MINUTES Wednesday, September 14, 1994 Members Pre ent: Meg Moore, Jake Reimer Stephanie Weiss, Tracie Merritt Amy Laitinen (acting Chair ) and Sara Kuppin $100 allocated to Joy Kanwar for Coffee House (9/16-ed.) $80 for food for Saturday's allocations (9/17). *Amy Laitinen appointed as temporary Chair. Decision as to who will be Chair during emester to be made during Saturday's allocations. BJY s::_:.. Ti;ADE: (813) 366-1373 DOWNTOWN SARASOTA 0"' R.;RE 1488 MAIN S'i SARASOlA. FL 3<:236 OPEl\: 7 DAYS :.. \'JEct<.. 10 % DIS COUNT OFF PURCHASE WITH STUDENT J.D. POLICE LOG 9/1-9/15 Sept. 6 *Arre t of non-student for driving with suspended licen e, 3:40pm by Ore. McGrath. Per on had three prior arrests for same in addition to an outstanding warrant. He was given written trespass warning. Sept. 10 *Arrest of NC student Stephen Kizlik for carrying firebomb by Sgt. Shideler and Ofc. Mislyan (see front page article). *Two incidents of underage drinking. First incident reported by Ofc. Mislyan at 2:08 and second by Ofc. St. John at2: 16 am. Incidents involved total of three students. One tudent attempted to show false I.D. Referred to Student Affairs. Sept. 15 *Criminal mischief reported by Ofc. Mi l yan at 7:54 am Wall at Zinns building spray painted with graffiti. *Two reports of petty theft at Ja11e Cook Library given to Ofc. Resch at 4:25 pm. A W alkman and desk l amp were stolen, out of tudy carrels, in the same area where a laptop computer was stolen two weeks ago.


The Catalyst September 21.1994 5 CAMPUS NEWS Mark Breimlzorst College Bowl: The tirst round of the Round Robin College Bowl tournament wa qmte excttmg. All three games were quite close and decided by 60 point or le s. Here are the results of round #I and the following chedule: RESULT'S OF ROUND #1 Thursdar. Sept. 15 Do Equis (140) Pelham 1-2-3 (180) NRA (150) v. Buccaneer (80) v. 1 ohn 3: 16 (120) v. Galactic Shogunate (I 05) DOUBLE EUMINATION PLAYOFF Sunday, Oct. 2 1-4 PM. SUDAKOFF The top 2 team in each division advance along with the next best two teams in either division in terms or point cored. Team ro ter and additional tati tic can be found on the door of the Student Activities Office. OUTSIDE THE IVORY TOWER Jake Reimer The U.S. is poi e d on the verge of an invasion of Haiti. Former Pre ident Jimmy Catrter and Senator Sam Nunn were travelling to Haiti Friday to deliver a one day ultimatum to Haiti' military dictator Lieutenant-General Raoul Cedras. Two aircraft carrier the USS Dwight D Eisenhower and the USS America. have been deployed for presumed in an invas1on. and have been sighted off the coa t of Haiti. After more than a week of negotiation the Clinton administration s igned a pact with Castro to curb the tlow of Cuban rafters to U.S. shore Under the term of the eptember 9th agreement. the United States will issue 20.000 visa to Cubans annually, almost ten times as many as in previous year In return. Cuba has promised to take back any of the rafter who wish to return home and work to stop the mas exodus "in every way it po. sibly can". The news cot hundreds of Cuban currying to get their crafts in the water before a 72 hour deadline set by Havana official By last Tuesday the exodus seemed to be over as high winds and armed guards di suaded the la t of the would-be emigrants. Social Events Committee: The Social Event Committee'. A hit.arre epic ended tragically early last Tue day Bayfront Social will take place Friday. Sept. 30 at 7 pm at the morning when Frank Euge11e Con.ler apparently took his own Caple. Bayfront. There will be a meeting Wcdne day the 28th at life. Corder was despondent over problems in his marriage and 3:30. to discuss a trip to EPCOT center and the Dance Marathon. hi trucking bu iness. The method of smcide? Corder crashed a small single-engine plane on the South Lawn of the White Co-Curricular Events Committee: On Thur day. Sept. 15. Su, Caro lyn, and Mark talked about possibly ordering a film about media images of men and some of the logi tics involved in bringing a big name peaker to campu It cern quite fea ible that we could invite at least one expensive peaker this year. We also discussed getting involved in planning Thesis Colloquia for people graduating mid-year :: -::: ::: --House a few feet from President Clinton's bedroom. Corder' flight wa remini cent of the incident in 1987 when Mathia Rust, a German teenager, flew a Cessna plane through 500 mil es of heavily guarded airspace and landed in Red Square. The ccurity breach has White Hou e officials worried. A ked how much time the Secret Service had between the moment it lirst detected the plane and its era h landing, Carl Myers, a Secret Service agent, aid. I think enough time to run for cover.'' When !<'lorida voters go to the polls on Nov. 8th they will be able to decide whether to amend the tate Constitution and legalize up to 47 casino statewide. Obviously this i n't something we're very happy about," said John Sowin ki, a campa1gn director for No Casinos Inc. Jessica Tandy died last week at the age of 85 Although Mi s Tandy enjoyed many ucce ses on both the stage and screen, he i perhaps best known for her role in Tennessee W illiams Broadway cia sic "Stree t car Named Des ire''. and the 1989 film "Driving Mis D a i sy." Andre Agassi the first unseeded man to win the U.S. Open i nee 1966, beat Michae l Stich 6-1, 7-6, 7-5.


6 T h e Ca l aly l September 2 1 .1994 ANNOUNCEMENTS 19 95 .Fi o .-ida Honors Coundl Writing Contes t : Attention ew College writer. The Flonda Honor Councils is. pon or ing their annual writing competition. R c earch paper essay, and creative writing entric are all we l comed. W in n e r w i ll receive cash prizes a n d will present thei r pape r at the annual conference in Orlando. Conference cxpc n e paid by the Co u ncil. Fo r mor e details contact K athy Killion (ext. 56 6) in the N ew College A dmi sions Oflice. Robertson Hall. Deadline: O cto b er 3 1 1994 * Free anonymou HIV testing at P a rk view Center l)ct. 21, from 5 prn to 8 pm, and on O ct 22. from 1 0 a m t o I prn. C a ll 351-1551 for appointment. Spon. orcd by Sarasota AIDS Support. * Free STD te sting at the ara. o t a County Health Department at 2200 R ingling Blvd. (cast or Main). Dail y c l i n ic M o n Thurs. from 8 am to 10: 30 am. and 1 pm to 3 pm. D aily clinic F r i. from I pmto 3 pm. Call 954-29 1 9 fo r mor e i nfo. * Back from t heir travels to B u lgaritta!Instrumcnt 50 tree ticket. arc available tor tudcnL-> and faculty from the ew C o llege Foumlation; just come by the onicc. Regular tH.:kcts arc ':>5 each ami mu t be purchased in advance due t o limttctl c at111g tnt he amcr Pavili on. Proceed benclit the cnnched academic program. at cw C'ollegc To rurchasc tickets for this concert,. end check w : New Colle g e F ounda ti on. 5700 N Tamiami Trail, Sara. ota. FL 34243-'2197. Include a tamrcd ell-addres ed envelope o uckets s o ld at the door. o rc crvcd For more into. all 359-29olice : The Sarasota P olice Department and Sarasota Sheriffs Organtzation have int'ormeJ Uni\'crsit) Poltce that there i a high incidence of auto hurglaric and theft currently in the north end ot' the county For t hi reason. the poltcc \vould like to advi e all studems to lock thctr car at alltllncs. Do not leave a nything ot value tn the car or wnhtn stght tn 1Jc the car. Addnionally. due to a recent pate or thefts from the Jane Cook Ltbrary all students arc advi cd to leave nothing unattended that you can' t all'onl to lo. c ***** The So cial Event Board Night will take place Saturday. cpt. 24 at 8 pm in Ham Center. Games wtll include: crabble. Monopoly, PicttOitl c::>F HIP STU FF1 C LOTHING From Around The World Dyed S1lk Screens J E W ELRY Ouaru Beads Ltalher NSE INC E Over fragra Slicks, Oils. Re 70 nc;es Cones sm L__ __ __t_ ___ L Gum. tiC ROCK N ROLL & IIOVIE STARS Posters. Card s S tockers, PillS Sh1n s Tapestnes. e l c 81111AROS FUN STUFF SliCks. Tapes Adoft Tovs Books. Silin s Gags. Tucks Posters Massage Ools Accoulrements Kam a Sulra G o lf Jokes CANDLES, PEWTER, BLAC K LITES, LAVA LAMPS. PATCHES, CRYSTAL BAllS PYRAMIDS, PRISMS. lAROT CARDS. BANOANNAS. BACKPACKS, KEY CHAINS 1448 MAIN ST. SARASOTA, FL 34236 957-1078

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