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The Catalyst (Volume IV, Issue 7)
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October 5, 1994


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Eight page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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"Hair burns." Volume IV, Issue 7 October 5, 1994 BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? Kate Fink At thi W ednesday's Towne Meeting, students will dec i de whether or not to increase health fees f or next year. The H ea l th and W ellne s Committee will make the decision about w h et h e r to raise fees based on students reactions at the Towne M eeting Stude n ts' health year to total $36,000, of which $29, 000 is spen t o n Dr. Car l strom s contract. M ost of the remain i ng funds are used either in administrative fees, or for other P arkview expe n ses. including the contract for the campus s nurse-p r acti t ioner Judilh B ungars. S ince P arkview visits have increased so fees currently pay for the contract of P arkview CASTOR RECOMMENDS TUITION RAISE dramatically Fisher predicts the cost of maintaining services will also increase significantly next year From the Oracle, 9/20/94: Hou e' nur e-practitioner and physician. in addition to smaller miscellaneous services 'In the past. it also went towards some coun elors salaries. Parkview Director Anne Fisher said. If the health tee i not rai ed next year Parkview cannot pr o vide the same amount of service they provide Lhi year Fisher aid USF Pr esident Betty Castor in her fU'st wide address staled that she wm trongly recommend" to a proposal committee that tuition fee increases be considered to solve The current amount students pay is 1 per credit-hour. Since New College is not on a credit hour system. each emes ter i equated to 16 credit hours; the January ISP is equated to four. This fee has remained constant for at least 12 years according to Fisher. problems of expanding course otierings and financial aid Though no tuition raise is imminent, Castor's an nouncement was the first public indication lhat she would ometime in the near future Under the ditierentialtuition plan pas ed by lawmakers last pring, Castor would be allowed to raise tuition by a maximum of ten per cent. That could cost New College student. at least $60 additional a semester. Every semester, the campu 's heallh need are assessed by the Health Castor also stated that a tuition increase would go towards an expanded library system and faculty pay raise.s. and Wellness Committee which consists of tudents and staff from both New College and the university program. Last year, there was a total of 650 student vi its to the campus physician Dr. Ed Carlstrom the new campus physic i an arranged his contract based on last years stati tics. H owever, in the first month o f thi year there have already been 130 visits. It is high l y unl ikely Fisher said that the H ealth and W ell ness Committee will be able to find a physician at such a low price when the demand is increasing. I f students really don t want the health fee raised. ll really doesn't matter to me. The issue really is what level of ervice students want. Fi her estimated student health fees this The health fee wou l d be increased to $2 per credit-hour. According to H ealth and W ell ness Committee member J ill R oss, the $36 per year increa e is a nominal amount" for the ervice the money wou l d provide. The extra dollar will go a l ong way, he said. One thing I'm committed to is to try to provide services on campus ... because lots of people don't have cars, Fisher said Bungars is at the P arkview House for two hours every weekday, and her sc h edule is full ever y day, according t o Fisher If the increase in the student health fee is approved. "HE AL T H FEES" C ONTI UE D ON PAGE 3


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 A Letter to the Editor Last Monday, I finally went over to Barnett bank to register to vote. The application was pretty simple, although not nearly as convenient as in the state of Ohio, where and eighteen year-old becomes a voter simply by vinue of posse ing a driver's license. I only had a problem when I came upon the little box marked Race". I didn't know whether the state or FLorida would classify me a "C'' or 'W ". or whether they might actually be couth enough t o have orne y tern of numbers which corresponded to vanous ethnic background So I asked the teller. .. Oh, there's no caucasian .. she aid, and began looking through the booklet prepared by the State of Flonda to assist its citizens in such matters. The booklet directed pro pective voters lO classify themselves as black white. red, or yellow. and enter the proper initial in the blank. In hock, I filled in 'W" and left promptly for class. Thinking back, I realized I couldn't possibly be 'W'. because my father's entire family is quite Jewish making me a 'descendant oflsrael", and, therefore, "Y". Or maybe "R''. Then, I tarted thinking about my little (half) brother. whose father is a native Cuban. Given the option of more descriptive terms I would call him white hispanic". However, the State of Florida feels it unnecessary to offer more descriptive term or even the option of "other". So I'm not real! y sure what they would [do] with my white/yellow/red? brother if he tried to vote in Florida. Standing outside of Caples, I ranted about this experi ence and the above revelations to my classmates as they arrived. Some were astounded and angry, but a frightening number of people took it very lightly and one guy lOld me that he really didn't care at all. If you think thi doe n' t mean anything. try this little experiment: Drive up to St. Augustine. through happy, clea11, touristy downtown (do not smoke a joint on the way). take a left, then a right, and keep going. You will quickly find yourself on roads so decrepit, you'll wi h you had a four-wheel drive. Thi is essentially the only place in the city where non-white' people live, and it is the only part of the city where the streets are virtually undriveablc. This is the only small-town ghetto with which I am pecifically acquainted, but I suspect you could also perform this experiment in Sarasota. My favorite entry in my dictionary is 'Caucasoid ... peoples of Europe, North Africa the Near East, India etc.' So. what the hell i race? I haven't the faintest clue, but I'm getting a clearer picture of racism everyday. --Lizz Kaplan Correction: In the SAC Allocations article in our September 28 issue, Dean Schenck's name was once again misspelled. The Catalyst apologizes profusely for the error. The Catalyst General Editor: Ken Burruss Managing Editor: Hen Zazueta-Audirac Staff Writers: James Reffell, Rocky Swift, Jake Reimer, Kate Fink, Liz Patterson Contributor: Scott Svatos Layout: Kelcey Burns and Michael Hutch Bussines.<; Managers: Gary Smith and Anjna Chauhan Co-Sponsored by and Warden Michalson and Professor Vesperi Prmted at Brandenton Quick Print ,_.etters to the Editor should be submitted on disk if possible, if not type, to Box 139, the Catalyst envolope on the door of the Publication Room, or mailed to: 5700 N. Tamiami Trail, Box 139 Sarasota. Fl. 34243 The Catalyst reserves the right to edit submissions for reasons of space and grammar.


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 3 CONTRIBUTION GUIDELINES Letter to Tbe Editor: A reader's response to previous articles, letters and/or editorials, or an opinion that they want to share with the student body. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 250 words and are not a forum for free advertis ing. Contribution: A factual article written by someone not on taff. Contributions hould be informative and pertinent to the interests of New College Students as a whole Contributors are encouraged to direct any questions concerning form, content or style to the Catal y t editors (lien box I 02 Ken box 139). Contributions may range in length from 250-500 words Guest Column: A solicited opinion piece Guest columnists do not ncces arily represent the views of the Catalyst., but rather opinions of which we feel the New College community should be made aware Columns may range in length from 250-500 words All submission should be dropped in the Catalyst envelope (on the publications office door) box 102 or box139 by 5:00 PM Friday in order to appear in the following week i ue. 15%GRATUITYKLUDEOBEfOREOISCOUNT,NOTGOOOWffiiSPECW.S, : $S. 00 DFF Df('{('{{R. : : PlJR.CIIASE DNE DINNER ENIREE AI REGUlAR : PRICE R.ECEIOE $S.OO DFF Ill SECDND DINNER : PISOI 7870 Tamiami Trail : 359-3000 : MEXICANMENUONLY EXPIRES 11/30 : --------------------------3913 Brown Avenue Sarasota, Ronda 34231 Voice/Fax (813) 365-3658 Monday lhru Saturday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Oosed Sunday 10% DISCOUNT OFF PURCHASE WITH STUDENT I.D. "HEALTH FEES" CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Fisher said she would like to increase the nurse-practitioner's hours per week Fisher would also like to use some of the money to cover costs of some tests, such as those for strep and mononucleosis. Another possibility for the additional money is provid ing access to a campus psychiatrist. This year, Parkview has received funding for a psychiatrist for one hour per week. The psychiatrist is booked over a month in advance, and it is uncer tain whether Parkview will get additional funding for the psychiatrist next year. Fisher does not believe raising the health fee is unrea sonable. "If you've ever been to an off-campus phy ician, you know how much it costs she said "Generally, office visits run $30 to $40, at least... and that's just a straight, office visit. So if a student uses it even once they're ahead." The Health and Well ness Conuniuee must reach a decision about raising the health fee by the end of October, to reserve a place on the Board of Regents' agenda. If the increase is approved by students, the Board of Regents will discuss it in January. The increase in the health fee would take effect next fall. Parkview House Counseling and Wellness Center Parkview House is located on the West side of Can1pus, behind Hanson (the malh building). 1t is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed from noon-1 p.m.), Monday through Friday The Coun cling and Wellne s Center provides free and confidential services to all currently registered students conceming emotional and physical well-being Professional counselors can help with relationships, anxiety, adjustment problems, drug and alcohol use, and other personal concerns. The Center also sponsors seminars on various topics such as assertiveness, relationships and ity. Both individual and group therapy are offered, and counselors can also refer students to outside resources if appropriate. The Certified Nurse Practicioner is available Monday and Wednesday, 3-5 p.m. and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 2-4p.m. Call 359-4254 for an appointment or more infomwtion.


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 FITNESS CENTER UPDAT E: J U D Y S PEAK S Graham Strouse R o nin ge n re po nd s t o hi r in g controversy Fitness Cemer Director Judy Roningen admitted in a recent interview that concerns about the rate of turnover amongst New College and USF student-employee led her to hire MCC student There a Dukes to fill the newly created Office Asststam position R oningens decision tirred controversy and raised the hackles of a number of student including former SAC chairwoman Amy Laitinen and NCSA President Ed Moore. We've grown to a point where we need consi tency ", said Roningen citing the increasing volume of human traffic through the Fitne s Center, and the resulting administrative pressure on facilities and programs I have nothing against students and the hiring or students and l would prefer students but for this position I want someone during the breaks", said R oningen. She stated that New College and USF students are frequently unavailable during December and the summer months and they tend to leave when they graduate Of the six regular staff members. including five NC students and one Up student, three have worked at the Fitness Center for more than a year. Roningen did consult with both the NCSA and UPSA governments befo r e going ahead with the hiring. "I go to UPSA and NCSA for just about everything. Over the summer I talked to [UPSA Vice-President) Harriet [Hay] and [UPSA President] Willie [Mirville], and [SAC member] Amy Stultz." She spoke with both Moore and Mirville before going through with the hiring at the beginning of the term. Moore and Laitinen also expressed concern about the relative scarcity of advertising on campus. Roningen contested their claims I advertised at MCC," she said. "l talked with Susan at Personnel here and looked through the files of previous applicants and posted the position on this side of campus She estimates that she looked at almost 20 applications, about a dozen of which she pulled from old files in the Personnel Office. Of the remaining seven applications, five came from New College!USF students. None of the old applications were from students My s h ed is you s h ed On an unrelated note. Roningen offered with somewhat guarded enthusiasm an invitation to the Bike Shop to share space in the new Fitnes Center storage facility. I've said it all along, there has to be a place for them.'' Her well-publicized anxieties about moving the Bike Shop imo the Fitness Center stem from the considerable shed space that will be required by both the Fitness Center and the Bike Shop. In the wake of the recent bike protest, however, with pressure mounting to lind a home for our wayward mechanics. she is willing to cohabitate "Hopefully, we'll be able to make it work and have the i sue settled ". said Roningen. No, thi s tim e we' r e o penin g. R e ally. Flllally, the news weve all been waiting for: the S tate of the Pool Address. A number of NC big wigs gather this week to determine who exactly is in charge of the pool. The guest list include R oningen, New College Director of Student Affairs Mark Johnson, Director of Business and Financial Affairs Linda Block-Hill. and Physical P lant Director of Maintenance Tom Penn. Stewardship of the pool has been up in the air since the death of Pool Utilities and Maintenance Director Bob B regelthi past summer That's nice, you think. But when i the pool opening'? The pool could be functioning by next week'. said Roningen in an interview last week. The pump motors that broke down three weeks ago are being repaired by Wcstair and should be up and running again "soon". The hot tub may also functioning by this week, according to R oningen. She did however add a note of caution for those of us eager to warm our buns in Sarasota's not-quite-fro ty October air. We still have to wait for safety clearance from HRS.


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 5 IDEAS NEEDED FOR FILM SERIES Scott Svaros The New College Film Series/Palm Coun Projections is looking for your suggestions on its upcoming film chedule. Musicals? Pornography? Pornographic musicals? We need tO know whaT you wam to see so that we don't have to listen to you complain during obscure, esoteric Bulgarian film week. The NC Film Series rents films in 16mm format and then plays them in some or the most uncomfortable locations on campu (the T.A. and the odes a steps of Palm Court). So. tell us the film you've alway wanted to ee on film What do you want to sec bigger and louder than what you watch on that old pig with a cathode ray stuck in it gut? Al o. what do you want to ee that you can't find on video? Although quite a bit is available on video the e days there are still plenty of movie which are too ab tru e. too obscure. and too vile to be put on video Also, what kinds of thing do you want to watch with a large group of people'? Put your selections in the official film suggestion envelope on Mark Breim.horst's door. Also put any suggestions you have as to dates, times, locations, or special evem that the film series can respond to. Furthermore. Scott Svatos. Leo Demski, and John Landry (who are running thi thing) will be happy to talk with you about movies 24 hours a day. seven days a week tHE SMART EATERY 1S72 Main Street 954-3131 fax: 954-4242 NEW COLLEGE VOCAL ENSEMBLE OFFERS CONCERT Back from their travels to Bulgaria, the New College Slavic Vocal Ensemble will perform on Sunday October 23. 1994 at4 pm in the Mildred Sainer Music and Art. Pavilion at the Caple Fine Arts Complex. USF at Sarasota/New College hayfront campu This community program is part of the Town & Gown Series sponsored by the As ociates of New College Foundation Led by Profes or Laura Olson. who teache Ru ian at New College. the group of tudems lived in a small rural village near Sofia. Bulgaria. Members of the group took up residence in the homes of village grandmothers all of whom are well versed in the folk mu IC and traditions of the region The New College singer used the trip to augment their musical repertoire and experience the kind of daily life that has inspired Slavic ong and dances through the age The group also attended a professional instrumental workshop where they met with individual perform ers from several regions of Bulgaria. The group performs in authentic regional costumes and plays authentic Eastern European musical instruments. Fifty free tickets have been put aside for faculty and student To get one, stop by the New College Foundation office Regular tickets are 5.00 each and must be purchased in advance due to limited eating in the Sainer Pavilion. Proceed benefit the enriched academic programs at New College. To purchase tickets for this concert. send check to: New College Foundation. 5700 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243-2197 lnclude a tamped elf-addre sed envelope. No ticket sold at the door. No re crved eats. For more info, call 359-2991


The Catalyst College Hall Renovations Rocky Swift College HaJJ is not up to fire code afety standards. Because College Hall is a historic landmark, the fire marshall's office and campus architect Rick Lyttle have compromised on the renovations so that the building will be made safe without ruining its appearance. The project is slated to December 19 and hould be finished around mid-March. The Facilities Planning Divi ion plan two major additions. A new staircase. to facilitate e cape in case of fire, will be built in the small alcove between the patio room and the music room. Also, a prinkler sy tern will be installed in both tloors. The sprinkler heads will be recessed into the ceilings so that they will not be visible. The contractor will do mo t of the construction during winter break, but some classe will have to be diverted to other places during February and March Rick Lyttle doe not anticipate too much inconvenience because the construction will never encompass the whole building at any time. Preliminary estimates of cost for the College Hall proJect are in the neighborhood of 140,000. Cook Hall will be undergomg imilar renovation at the arne time. 3J' s:: __ T=iADE :)QWNTOWN SARASQT;. i488 MAIN Si S_.RASOIA FL 3.:236 :PEr,-::Jt.YS.:. .';E::" IJISCOVNT OFF PLRCHASE WITH STUDE"',,T I.D CAPTAIN BRIAN'S 8441 N. TAMIAMITR .. JUST NORTH OF NEW COLLEGE 3514492 October 5, 1994 SAC MINUTES Monday.Sep. 26,1994 members in attendance: Amy Laitinen, Tracie Mcrrit, Meg Moore Jake Reimer Adam Stone (chair), Stephanie Weiss The meeting went as follows: MacLab-advertising for third MacLab TA (5 hours a week) approved. The possibility of getting a work tudy for the MacLab instead of an SAC-funded TA-deci ion made to wait on actually hiring the 5-hour TA until information on worktudy gotten. 15/month requested forE-word. instead it will be taken out of the MacLab' operating budget. 22/month requested for paper for MacLab printers, turned down. Bike Shop -$55 requested for small tools con idered neces ary and essential -approved. $115 requested for fork-alignment gage. SAC asks that they come back during Spring allocation so a we can know if SAC can afford it. Empowered Womyn in Film $200 requested for entire year of rental adverti ing and food. Becau e of SAC funding going emestcr by eme tcr, and that th cSAC now has an informal policy of not allocating money for food for regular meetings, this was cut to $35 and approved. College Bowl1000 again requested for questions. Costavmg options and other funding explored, none viable. $1000 approved. Mark B. and SAC discuss Mark B.'s $5000 activitie budget. As of the moment it uses are very re tricted, he IS trying to change that (i.e. no$ for food, games). He want to usc his money to promote innovative student activnic though SAC members poimcd out the need for tradition a11d continuum with some activities. Ice Cream Social -for Friday S300 requested, $200 approved. Mark B. is going to look for alternative funding and attempt to reimburse the SAC in part. Sculpture$20 approved for materials to build po sibly kinetic culpture around Pei dorms somewhere by Jake Reimer.


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 7 LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN WITH STICKUM The C o llege Bowl Intramural T o urnament ended last Su11day in Sudakoffwith Pelham 1-2-3 beating the Cowboys of Moo Mesa by the core of 410 to 240. Pelham 1-2-3 wa made up of Evan Garfinkel (captain) Mall Grieco Hugo Brown and Ben Wolkov. The ten top players overall from the entire tournament will now go on to weekly practices to determine the five-member varsity team that will travel to the regional tournament next spring. The tournament lasted six round started on September 15, and lasted the next few weeks until the final last October 2. Eight teams participated in the tournament. and ix progres ed to the playoff. The team statistic break down as follows: Pelham 1-2-3 Wins: 8 Loses: I Points scored: 1860 Poims against: 915 Differential: 945 Cowboys of Moo Mesa Wins: 5 Losses: 1 Points scored : 2015 Points against : 1705 Differential : 31 0 Galatic Shogunate Wins: 4 Losses: 5 Points scored: 1625 Points against: 1455 Differential : 170 NRA Wins: 4 Losses: 4 Points scored: 965 Points against: 1345 Differential: -380 John 3:16 Win : 4 Losses: 2 Points scored: 955 Points against: 835 Differential: 120 Seaslugs Wins: 2 Los es : 5 Points scored: 925 Points against: 1125 Differential: -200 Dos Equis Win : 2 Losses: 3 Points scored: 610 Points against: 785 Differential: -175 Buccaneers Win : 0 Losses: 5 Points scored: 480 Points against: 935 Differential: -455 OUTSIDE THE IVORY TOWER Jake Reimer World New: Almost 800 people are still unaccounted for after an Estonian ferry capsized and sank in the stormy Baltic Sea last Thursday. Ju t hours before the ferry' fatal jouncy. Sed ish inspectors had found its supposedly watertight seals to be in unsatisfactory condition The Coast Guard reponed that iwa able tore cure 126 passenger but that they have given up hope of finding any more survivors. Life in Surat India is returning to normal after a brief but deadly outbreak of pneumonic plauge. Although less than 500 people actually died of the disease, the city was described as a virtual ghost town after the outbreak caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee. This week. as people begin to return to their homes a wave of anger and recrimination has begun to build. Many people feel that the incident in Surat is only a hint at the human suffering that lies ahead if the situation in India remain the same. National News: President Clinton's health care bill officially died Ia t Friday. The President promised to "keep up the fight ... we will prevail." Nicholas Heyward, Jr. wa fatally shot Tuesday night when a cops and robbers game he was playing in with his friends turned deadly. He was killed by Brian George, a police officer on routine patrol for the Housing Authority, who mistook Nichola toy rifle for the real thing. Nicholas, who was described as an honors student by his teachers, turned 13 Last month. Local News: In a tragedy that is a little closer to home, Steven Ferdano Lyew killed himself after abducting and raping an ex girlfriend and critically shooting her brother. Lyew was a USF student and a Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brother. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE #1001: S U BMIT ARTICL E S T O THE CATALYST


The Catalyst October 5, 1994 ANNOUNCEMENTS Faculty Promotion and Tenure: Professors Gordon Bauer Charles Green, Steve Miles, and Maria Vesperi are standing for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. Professor Sandra Gilchrist is standing for promotion to (Full) Professor. Your com ments are sought as the PAC begins this important process. The PAC assessment will include, among other things, an evaluation of the faculty member's teaching, scholarship, and community involvement and contribution. If your knowledge extends into these areas we would appreciate your comments. The information we seek is not simply a "fo r or against" vote, but rather a critical evaluation. We need your leuers as soon as possible; aU letters must be IN THE FILE BY 5:00PM OCTOBER 28, 1994. In accordance with the Board of Regents policy, letters will be filed in the Provost s Personnel Records for faculty members and will be available only to authorized individuals (including the person about whom the letter is written), and of course to PAC members. We cannot use anonymous letters. Please sign your leuer. A separate letter should be sent for each individual about whom you wish to comment. All letters should be sent to Peter Kazaks, Division of Natural Sciences. ***** Mark B.'s News: The Events Committee (they have been merged) will meet on Wed. October 5 at 3:30 in the Student Activities Office to discuss a trip to Epcot, a Haunted House, a dinner event with the Campus Police, and maybe a scavenger hunt. There will be a meeting for anyone who wants to help put on the Dance Marathon on Tuesday, October 4 at 9 pm. There will be a Campus Interfaith Series General Information Meeting on October 5 at 6pm in the Student Activities Office Soccer on the field Wednesdays at 6 * 1995 Florida Honors Council Writing Contest: Attention New College writers! The Florida Honors Councils ts sponsor ing their annual writing competition. Research papers critical essays and creative writing entries are all welcomed. Winner will receive cash prizes and will present their papers at the annual conference in Orlando. Conference cxpen es paid by the Council. For more details, contact Kathy Killion (ext. 5686) in the New College Admissions Office Robertson Hall. Deadline: October 31, 1994 * Free anonymous HIV testing at Parkview Center Oct. 21, from 5 pm to 8 pm, and on Oct 22, from 10 am to I pm. Call 351-1551 for appointment. Sponsored by Sarasota AIDS Support. * Free STD testing at the Sarasota County Health Department at 2200 Ringling Blvd. (east of Main). Daily clinics Mon. Thurs. from 8 am to 10: 30 am, and l pm to 3 pm. Daily clinics Fri. from 1 pm to 3 pm. Call 954-2919 for more info. * To former ASL students: I am interested in spending my lSP at a residential school for the deaf and blind; however. 1 need to brush up on my ASL (and expand my vocabulary). If you would like to chat in ASL (or are imerested in a similar ISP). please contact Su at box 63 or 355-8109 (perhaps we could also organize an intermediate/advanced ASL tutorial for next emester). COME TO ITALY ... ''The Only Brick Oven Pizza in Sarasota & Bradenton" I Steak Pasta Handmade Dessert Open Dally at 4 p.m. Closed Mondays 8076 North Tamiami Trail 359-3690 *Before 6 pm Pasta & Piua half price* (813) 751 IL\IIl TOUCII A Full Service Family Salon Sarabay Plaza 6513 14th St. W. #113, Bradenton, FL 34207

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