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November 16, 1972


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Volume VIII Issue 10 November 16,1972 ISP: Time For Transactional Analysis Creative Projects. Course Scheduled Tuition Increases, Faculty Raises "Nothing has changed much," says Jim Feeney, "There's just more creative stuff being done. o, not the State of the Union, but the JSPs being done this year. The Independent Study Period provides almost a month for students to concentrate on one subject intensively 407 ISP forms have been turned into tl1e ISP office so far, and more are expected. ("N xt year," warns Ruth Fleming, "there will probably be a fine for late forms ... The Humanities Department is sponsoring the majority of the projects this) ear 0 nc student will have himsel:i incarcerated in jail for sixteen days, as his ISP, to study the effects of jail upon the hwn an condition. .\1any people will be learning artistic crafts such as nattn"al dye ing, weaving, and copper enamelling; only one will be learning tl1e craft of piano tuning and repair. Dr Wren Lewis and Dr Ann Farraday will repeat their-"Dreams, Fantasy, and Myth" seminar for a limited group. Don C Crenshaw will conduct his own study of the shrimp population of th.:; Sarasota Bay. All in all, people will be doing the individualistic learning which ISP was created for. Student Court The weekend of January !3th-14th has been scheduled for the presentation of a "101" cotn'Se in Transactional Analy sis, a method of psychotherapy and theory of personality based primarily upon the work of the late Dr. F.ric Berne. Ms. Mary Boclton of 'ew York City will conduct the course, the purpose of which is not therapy but rather an introduction to the theory and methods of T.A Highlight Fall Trustees Meeting Boulton is one of 50 Teaching-Clinical !vtembers of the 2000-odd member International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and a member of the ITAA Board of Trustees. Besides her private practice in ew York City, Ms. Boulton is the Clinical Director of the New York T. A. Seminars and of the Eastern (continued on page 2) ew College trustees elected three new members to their board at their meeting on campus last week, decided to use the Caples House for a president's home, increased the registration fee to $200 for all students and agreed to try to make up a budget for next year reflecting a 5 per cent salary increase for all faculty and staff. .\1eeting on campus Thurs day and Friday, the Trustees nominated as new members of the board Dr. Douglas l\1 Knight, Jeanne Rosenberg and David Z. Yotmg Dr. Knight, now vice president for educational and com munity relations of RCA. is a former president of Duke University and Lawrence University. Graduate of Yale Univer sity with B. A., B. A., and Ph. D degrees, he also holds honorary degrees from 12 colleges and W1iversities. Jeanne Rosenberg was elect ed by the alumni body to rep resent them A gr3duate of the Class of 1967, Jeanne is currently studying cinematography at the University of Southern California CRC Urge; Faculty to Place Orders With Bookstore A bearing the signature of D. S. Gorfein, Chairman of College Resotn"ce Committe, was recently sent to the New College Faculty; the subject was the New College Bookstore (1. e. Campus Book Shop, Inc.). Here, in its complete annotated form, is that memorandum: (underlining and comments in parenthisis ore this writer's.) David Z. Young, was one of two students nominated by graduating students in the class of 1972 He now is doing po<:t graduate work at Cornell Uni versity and plans to attend medical school next fall On the recommendation of the Architecttn"al Committee, the Board decided that the Caples House should be re tained for use as a president's home, on tlte basis that it was not feasible for classrooms or for office space. The board, acting at the request of the Humanities Division, a greed to look into the possibility of leasing tem porary music practice rooms. Trustee Dr. Victor L. Butterfield reported for the Presidential Search Committee that his group had researched more than 100 candidates suggested by trustees, faculty, students and others. He reported that Dr Lawrence Fuchs would pay a return visit to campus tl1is weekend. Trustees, who began work on planning for the 1973-74 budget, agreed to review in February a budget which would be drawn up on guidelines in cluding: Student Chair Unconstitutional The College Resources Committe tn'ges all faculty to submit appropriate orders for textbooks and other supplies to the college bookstore as soon as possible. 1) A meeting was held on Friday, 3 'ovem ber, to discuss al**Enrollment for the fall term in 1973 would be figured at 575 to allow for attrition and off-campus study losses during second and third terms, hopefully averaging out to 550 for the ye ru: SEC Asked To Clear Cohn Case terua ve .... vt.lJ."Ses ot 1o. r.:garc:l".ug Ute .oTI .. g" store Attending were Dallas Dort, Charles Harra, )an van der Veen and Saul Paster. The most recent accounts and the finan cial history of the 'ew College bookstore were reviewed at L1an.::;;l .aid to tc. ::ct $340, 000 with $30, 000 of this to be considered for contingency pl.ll'poses, to be drawn upon if needed The Student Court held two meetings this week which dealt with the Student Chair issue and with Jim Cohn. The first meeting was on Monday night. At that meeting David Pini presented the Court with a petition asking the court to review the constitutionality of the present Student Chair arrangements The petition was signed by three SF.C members (Ginger Lyon, Len 'uttall, and Janet Goldwater), as required by the constitution. Pini also asked' that the SIC be enjoined from spending Jny moreo money on tl1e present Student Chair contracts and that nel' elections for the chair be held at the beginning of next term. Pini contended that the current Student Chair violates three of the four p:1rts of amendment two of the constitution, which set up the chair. Part J\ of the amendment reads in pJrt, that '' .. The holder of the Student Chair shall be a person of Instructional Ftmction 11 Part B states that Student Chair money can not be used for any otl1er purpose wiiliout the approval of the students at large. Part D says that final selection of candidates shall be by a referendum of the student body Pini said that last year he had told the then chairperson, Sheila Roher, that her plans for this year's Student Chair were unconstitutional. He Ftn' ther said tl1at Roher agreed with him but did not attempt to remedy the situation The court decided to delay its decision until Wednesd3y when it could call a special meeting. The court then went into closed session and then ad iour.ued. At the Wednesday meeting the court voted 4-0 in favor of the petition. (Justice Schwartz was absent). The court decided that all three parts of the amendment which were cited in the petition were in fact vi olated, in that there is more than one person holding Stu ent Chair, that this was not approved by the student body and that tJ1e SEC made the final selection of the lecturers. The effect of the decision is that the present Student Chair ar rangements are "rendered null and Void." After reaching this decision the court went into closed session. Informed sources report that the c:ourt told SEC chair-man Ron Davidson to call Jim Cohn today to find out about the thousand dollars given to Colm for summer expenses of the SEC and which wa> not used for tl1 at purpose. Cohn Yl'as SEC chairman hst year. At the :-.iarch 8, 1972 meeting of the SEC. $500 from the funds of eacl1 of the next year's terms were authorized for use during the summer. The money was to be used for phone bills and other expenses that the SEC has in its normal summer operations On }W1e 14, Colm was given a check for (continued on page 4)-this meeting. (note--TJ1e agreement between the college (first party) and Saul Paster (second party) states that, "First Part) shall have the rights to inspect all books of accounts and records of the Second Party for the purpose of verification of income statements Yet the only books reviewed at the "showdown with Paster" were there for the past three mont11s. Completely forgotten, it seems, were the books kept during the time when Paula Gulak was running the store. That is, if records other than those for income tax ptn'poses were kept at alL ) 2) The principal findings of this review of the bookstore ac cotmts ,.ere: a) While it is clear that credit problems continue efficient operation boOkstOre. it IS equally cleartliaftile 1ecent infusion of financial resources has somewhat reduced tl1e of these problems. ---b) As a result of its small size, the ew College bookstore is tmlikely to be economically viable unless a very substanti:Jl share of textbook orders are channelled through the bookstore. (A corollary to tllis is the matter of inventory It is necessary for this, as for evef) ma and pa operation, to have as little surplus mventory as possible. Evelyn Paster. present manager. has requested the faculty to tell her which books she can unload for this very reason. Yet this problem could have been avoided from the very h3d Bookatronics been a\\arded the contract (see Oct 26 CATALYST .. \ (continued on page 4) **A five per cent faculty and staff salary increase. Final approval d the budget including the inclusion of any of these items. would come at the February meeting of the board. At the same time, in view of tl1e pressures of inflation. the trustees autl1orized a SIOO tuition increase for 1973-74 and a further incrc ase of $100 for 1974-75. No action was taken b} tl1e trustees on pending tenure cases. Trustees approved proceed ing with plans for a 1973 summer session witll a paid director and with full assurance tl1at it would function on at least a break-even basis (continued on page 4) FSC Tenure Report Sparks Controversy SEC Reverses Decision and Passes Governance Proposals The Faculty met Wednes day in a special meeting, a mid much controversy and de bate The special meeting was called to discuss the Faculty Status Committees' report on tenure. Dr. Kirtley. chairman of the FSC. presented several of tl1e committee's proposals, and each was greeted witl1 much debate and of motions. The rest of the proposals will be discussed at a later date. Those proposals which were approved by tl1e faculty were: 1. Divisional chairme11 will annually discuss with the non-tenured faculty their ten tn"e possibilities (see recommendation no. 1 in the report. ) 2. Divisional faculty personal record file will be available to all members of the college community. 3. Divisions shall meet to discuss the tenure decision of each member prior to balloting 4 All tutors and assistant professors will come ttp for eon sideration of tenure in tl1eir sixth year here. 5. Three student representatives from each division and the five student representatives to the faculty meetings wiD be allowed to vote for the members of the PAC 6. All tenured faculty will be balloted upon every year in their division, and the results will be made available to the faclllty : all ten ttred per sonnel will be reviewed every five years by tlte PAC, and the results will be sent to the chief educational officer. There was little debate on the first two proposals. How ever that was not true of the others. It was felt by some that the third proposal would give the members of the PAC two votes on tcnl.ll'e decisions: one in the division, one in the PAC, whicl1 is not fair. How ever, it was felt by many others that this was not a sig nificant p1.0blem since it was tmlikely that a PAC member would ch,a:nge his vote after the divisional meetings, thus givillt' himself too mucl1 nower. (continued on page 4) The SEC meeting opened Tuesday with a report from the Bread Board. Jim Hunter listed two requests; $200 for the end of term part) that has alreadr taken place. and $26.50 for the women's group Both were approved. Ron Davidson announced to the SEC that the three remaining Student Chair speakers would fulfill their two-da)' contract stays, and Ron suggested charging the public admission to make up some of the money spent on speakers. Brian Reid informed SEC members that a student court hearing on the constitutionality of last year's Student Chair selections would be held Wednesday (yesterday) at 7:00 in the FishbowL A petition submitted by Noah Yanich was read Noah for guest privileges through the ISP period, jus tifying his request with the fact that he would be working both to support himseli and on a plar that is oroduced as an ISP project A note from Mar:::os Santos stated that he would sign 1 'oah in, and a motion to approve the petition w as passed unanimouslv Doug Stinson then proposed 3 new New College motto: '' avigare navem ad astra plus est quam respondere multis stultis quaesitionibus" or "There's more to running a starship than answering alot of fool questions. This was made a motion and passed 5-l. Ron announced the Wed nesday 3:30 special faculty meeting. He expressed the opinion th:lt a meeting to discuss amending the procednres for tentn"e acted in favor of keeping tentn'e, since once procedtn"e changes are approved it is more likely that faculty approve tenure itself at the meeting scheduled for May Ron then brought up two points about the SEC-approved ten tn"e and governance pro (continued on page 4)


Page two THE NEW COllEGE CATALYST P 0 Box 1958 Sarasota, Fla 33578 NEW COLLEGE STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Daniel F Chambliss and Douglas G. Stinson co-editors Sherri Mcindoe-editorial assistant Lee Harrison-Advertising and Circulation Manager Staff Tom Sommers, Kirk Kerekes, Sally Stephens Eddie Katz man, Marie Sprayberry, Amy Schachter, Levitan B_ruce Need, Marilyn Math, Ira Halberstadt, Polly lmg, RQbert Kornman, Ron Barrett, Charlotte Meriwether Lisa Ohotzke, Mike Spaletta, Brown, Laura Code, Noah Yanich, and Pat Wasz. Tom Ciampion Editorials The SEC's governance proposals are aimed at in creasing student representation in New College Government. Ideally this is a laudable movement, and one which Chairman Davidson feels is backed by a student doesn't mow at election time. This brought up the question of how elections are run. At the last meeting of the SEC. Mr Davidson stated he would do everything in his power to see that the next election was run fairly and efficiently. But wait! How are the elections supposed to be run? Section II F of the student constitution states that "There shall be a permanent Supervisory Committee appointed .. by the SEC within two weeks after its regular elections. The job of the is tq run elections, which one might consider a fairly important role. especially with the student 'mandate'. Apparently the SEC docs not agree. When asked who the members of this committee \,ere. Mr. Davidson res-ponded "I have no idea Al the end of our fust term of publication, special ack-nowledgements arc due to Shopping Guide, PR, the college communit}, and the CATALYST staff, especially Sherri, Tom, Am} and Sall) {and sometimes even Kirk). I just wanted to say that we couldn't have done it without them God bless our Amy and our Sally Love, Sherri If you would like to advertize your business in The CATALYST, contact Lee Harrison, New College Student Publications, P.O. Box 1958, Sarasota Fla. REPRESENTED FOR NATION/IL ADVERTISING BY National .Educational Advertising Services, Inc. 360 Lexington Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017 The CATALYST FORUM Mah fellow students et al., I suppose that in light of the somewhat curious controversy concerning the placing of young Dana's 'lW in the Fishbowl, some explaination is due. It appears that this process has offended some people. The first time Dana's car was so placed in said Fishbowl, it was primarily intended to be one of those practical jokes or pranks (such as phonebooth stuffing) that college kids are prone to It was secondarily intended to provide some diversion from the normal humdrum breakfast a la estep. From most of the it would appear that it was a success. Dana enjoyed it and most of the people who say it there had a chuckle or three. At the time it occupied the Fishbowl, it had a hefty layer of papers underneath to prevent it from drippin on the rug In view of past novocollegian pranks, it was pretty considerate (ask B & G about some in the last five years}. The s econd intrusion into the inner sanctums of el Fishbowl was to be a welcome for the trustees who, based on my experience with them we believed would it The sign that was with the first one was t o accompany the second. In view of the fact that the dreadful belching, firebreati:ling creature was drippin oil profusely, the project was canceled. The car was removed and the oil wiped up. The remaining problem seems to be that of violation of the parking rule and other heinious crimes against nature alo11g with the subproblem of being offensive and misuse of the powers of public office I asked Hope for a copy of the parking rule, bE-ing unable to find one elsewhere, and fol.IDd that she did not have one either. It is a.lso the job of the proctor to issue parking tickets, and in view of the fact that the logic of the parking rule is to provide free access to firetrucks in the event of a To the long-enduring and per-gil, Villon 311d Goethe or that vcrsely curious. a supplement he alone possessed the timely to a supplement: information that there actually I am not willing to assume were people WTiting before the voice of a bigot trumpeting Sylvia Plath I was not aware vituperative, over-inflated and that the defense of translation egotistical rant in order to thi d 'th criticise the tasteless and some-had any ng to 0 WI one young man's disillusionment what pointless article ''Why th Translation?" in the author's with poetry workshops and e own rhetoric. professor who is dedicated to But 1 do feel it necessary to allowing students to attempt to learn to express themselves at ask why, "Why Translation?" New College Is Mr. Horn enrolled in the I am in sympathy with John's New College School of Poetry?' anger towards the publishing Was he rejected by them (I my-hierarchy in this country But self have not been able to lo-1 am uncomfortable with his cate said school or any of its obsession with it and am not s o rk.J ) ln_,.....,...... __ fact it seems at information s as ens "to pmv er' would not be the real cause concerning the odious and bar-for alarm Poets should look baric school is being dissemin-1 b hn H first to their poetry and to cap-ated exclusive Y Y Jo orn italism last if at all. Unless I can only conclude that either Mr. Horn is the school ( in we side with Dickey and Yev-which case"Why Translation?" tushenko (two bureaucratic can be considered a painfully stooge-st who've managed to confessional piece of schizo'make a business' of their craft) in considering the future of phrenia or that he is suffering from delusionary tremens, a poetry to reside in advertising. Hom's attitude seems even disease usually accompanied by hallucenogenic dreams in more rigid and dogmatic than which the subject sees himself the criterion established by the transformed into Michaell\!cmost inflexible editorial pat-riarch. Clure in the midst of his infaAs for the me at of the de-mous San Diego Zoo appear-fense, which ran one slight ance Only to have the lions paragraph in length and assum-which constitute his most at-ed the poet's view of translation tentive audience assume exas poetic excercise--slight pressions of existential bore-content and highly questionable dom with his first dramatic assumptions gave short shrift to monologue Off the peyote, the supposed topic of this ar-John. ticle. If with some primordial jolm Hom recently expressed omniscient insight we can ac-to me the desire to print arti-cept that "we learn to feel by des of literary criticism in his watching others feel. {I sup-supplement. I am not convinc-ed that he has succeeded. I pose he means we learn to ex-was not aware that the validity press by noting other expres-of translation, or for that mat-sions) then perhaps we will ter, the classics, was being all feel more blindly belliger-seriously ch:lllenged at ew ant and defensively arrogant College. I was not aware that after reading "Why Transla-thc author alone harbored a tion?" respect for Homer, Dante, Virhas1 Holly Boren TRAIL NATIONAL BANK November 16, 1972 fire, I think I can sec why he didn't. The Fishbowl really wasn't in the mainstream of vehicular traffic here the last time I looked. As to the matter of misuse of public office, I really don't see how that plays into it as I feel the proctor would not stop the perpetration of any harmless prank and would probably go so far as to unlock for anyone with one. In the instance of the first installmer.t of the VW in der Fishbowl, the proctor did not report it as it not violate the security of the campus and I feel that I did not have anything to do with it not being mentioned the second time, by way of influence or anything As to being offensive, I was a little intoxicated a t the time and to those I offended, my ;1pologies Wha t remains is the im m aturit), self-ex pression etc. I find m yself aghast to find such rapid and vicious condemnation flying at ew College where so many people are guilty of that barbarous crime of being human So be it. The rest I feel was answered in the editorial concerning the Court and m yself. See th a t my grave is kept clean, Bryan Reid Dear Editors: In response to CATALYST issue no. 9, vol. VIII article designated: "Student Chair Issue Flares at SEC Meeting": To whom it may concern: Upon reading the article concerning the Student Chair choice of Ross Tenill, and what I gather to be the agreement between Mr. Terrill and the Student Chair, it seems that Mr. Terrill didn't live up to the agreement totally. Now, am I to assume that we (since the students have money in the Stu dent Chair) paid $1, 250 for one thing, and got less than what we paid for? This seems unclear to me. But then perhaps we have n o mg e er with our money. Michele Dudley ANALYSIS from page one Institute for T.A., where she is responsible for the training of advanced (clinical) candidates in Transactional Analy sis. A longtime associate of Dr. Berne, Ms. Boulton has been a practicing psychotherapist for over fifteen years, holds the A. c. s. w. degree, and has recently begun work on a Doctoral Thesis in human relations The 101 is an JTAA sanc tioned introductory course in T.A., and can only be given by Teaching-Clinical Member1 of the Association. Presentation of the course requires two full 8-hour days, with a mixture of didactic lectures and experiential approaches being employed. Participation will be restricted to 30 members of the college community, at the cost of $35 for students and $40 for faculty and staff For additional information, please contact Henry (Pat) Patterson (Box 617) and/ or sign the sheet posted in Hamil ton Center.


November 16, 1972 Free Paper : Tom Murray has an excess of scrap paper avsilable in the Social Sciences secretary's office for anyone who wants it. Coffee & Conversation Coffee and conversation at Dr. Bates' apartament Tuesday at 9:00. If enough people come, this open house will be continued through ISP. Pool Hours Announced ISP Pool hours (starting Sat urday) 10:00-5:00 daily. Pool can be opend at other times; talk with Terri Waber. legal Seminar To Meet Dec. 2 1v1r. Benedetti's Legal Semin ar--Dec 2. "Conspiracy and the Right to Protest. Student Writings Pub 1 i shed New College student Scott Edelstein has had two of his works published recently. A story called "The Banana Statement" is appearing in the current issue of 'Swank'. A poem entitled "Experience Necessary" has been printed in the current issue of 'Eternity Science Fiction 1 ma:inly boo s.!-' S1. ARHAt\ .,, .... -z ..u () 0 e: 0 () (; RE.ENUJICh IS I<\ Q'\ A It,/ STRU'f" DONALD HOMA requests that students possessing any of h1s books make an effort to return them. prof. Homa is doing work which requires several books which h a ve dis appeared from his office. He especlally wants the following works returned: HABER -VISUAL PERCEPTION NORMAN-MODELS OF HUMAN MEMORY ADAMS-HUMAN MEMORY SlAMECKA-READINCS IN VERBAL LEARNING NORMAN-ATTENTION AND PERFORMANCE. Tennis Results Posted In A-Division Singles, Jim Gutner defeated Dave Taylor 1-6; 6-1; 7-5 I In A-Division Doubles Mark Calkins and Paul dedefeated Tom Atchinson and Jim Cahalan 613; 6-0. In B-Division Rob Phillips defeated Bryan orton 6-3 6-1. Bike-A-Thon Plan ned The Sarasota County Council On Epilepsy is sponsoring a Bike-a-then beginning Saturday, Nov. 25 at Riverview High School (9:00AM) to My akka State Park and back (af ter a free lunch at the park): for a total of 44 miles. Each entrant is asked to find sponsors to donate toward a goal of $1.00 a mile. The proceeds will go to the local Convulsive Disorder Clinic, a local DILANTIN blood-testing program, research, and public and professional education. New College students, fac ulty and staff interested in mak. ing the ride contact Mark Cal kirls or Hope Austin for details and forms. Time Sheets Oue Tum in your time sheets to your supervisor on or before Monday, Nov. 20--project your hours through the end of Nov if possible. Basketball League to be Fonned The Central Branch YMCA is making a gym available to New College students interested in playmg on the New College City League Team on Tuesday evenings from 7-9PM. If you wish to play please contact Mark Calkins, Box 624, room 209 so the Y can make out a card for you--this includes students who played last Tuesday. Found: Man's suit or sport jaCket. Left in South Hell on Friday, 11/10/72 Call 3553353, to claim. wantmore music? rf you have any 45 RPM records you would like to donate or loan for the ole music box in the snack bar see Lee Harrison. The CATALYST hopes to publish a special issue during ISP including several guest columns, a num ber of movie and record reviews, and the results of a survey of sexual behavior at New college. The issue will tentative!) come out around December 8 ----------The CATALYST CALENDAR Friday ll/17 Term I ENDS! Lama del Vasto, friend of Gandhi, speaks under auspices of American Friends Service committee. of interest to those concerned with faith, non-violence and community. 2: 30 pm, open to the public, in the Fishbowl. Ad lib for faculty and staff 4:30 pm in South Hall. New College String Quartet concen, informal, for the College community. Beethoven's Quartet in E Minor, Op. 59 No. 2("Rasoumavsky") s Quartet No. l In A Minor, op. 41. Also Bruce Hutcheons ''F1amestoker" performed by him and guitarist ;ames Sick. 8:15 pm, Hamilton center. Sun 11/19 Society of Friends discussion 10 am, Mus1c Room. New college String Quartet concert, for the public. Fri day's program will be heard. 8:15 pm, Music Room. NC Film Series: "The Learning Tree. Nostalgic tale of a black Huck Finn by Gor don Parks, photo-JOurnalist for Life Magazine. 7 and 9:30pm, Teaching Auditor IUm. "We need a local salesman" M0:!_ ll/20 ISP BEGINS Wed ll/22 atural Sciences Research Seminar: Keith Williams on Synthesis of Diaxial and Diequatorial 1-2-di-methyl (2-2) Matrocyclophane. 3: 30 pm, selby Sci ence Bldg. Final of a series of lectures on the occult by Dr. Marcello Truzzi, associate professor of sociology. 7:30 pm, Music Room, $5 fee. Film: "The Touch, Music Room, $5 fee. Asolo Film: The Touch," by swedish director Ingmar Bergman. 2: 30, 7 and 9 pm. Thurs ll/2 3 THANKSGIVING cihces clo;ed Fri 11/24 Ad lib may not be liefd. Tt usually isn't on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Mon 11/27 Term Evaluations Due. M Hhematical EventS: film lecture "Applications of Group Theo11 in Particle Physics, produced by the Mathematical Association of America. 7. 30 pm, Selby Science Bldg. from Page three Comiog Events: Dec. 2 Annual Mistletoe Ball the Women's Library Associa-' tion for NC. Dec. 2 Law and soc1ety seminar series. Dec. 4 Contract Evaluations Due Dec. 6 Faculty Meeting Dec. 12 Associates of ew College Annual Holiday Dinner. Dec. 15 ISP ends. Dec. 16 Christmas Vacation begins. Dec. 16 Sixth Annual Christ mas Dance for adult members of 'C commumty. Dec. 20 New College Sum mer Musci Dec. 20 New college Sum mer Music Festival Gala Scholarship Benefit concert. Dec. 22 through 25 College Offices closed. Dec. 27 AAUW Christma. Tea. Moo. Fri. 8:30 to 5:30 8:30 to 12:00 The 'New' "Old" New College Snack Bar is returning soon NOW SHOWING! 2:00-4:55-7:30-10:00 The Malia. lienavasa.Anastasia. Luciana. Masseria. Maranzana. ,The way they The way Joe Valadli told it all ... acrass the headlines af America. NOW HOWING! I 2:00-4 \ 40-7:15-9:50 DlA A R S IS ILll Ll l\ "'LADY SINGS tHE BLUES' A "DIANA ROSS IS NOTHING SHJr OF DAZZLING!" -Rex Reed N.Y. Doily NeW1 OUDEN'S Cooki-ng School -Creative C _ooking -Limited Enrollment FOR INFORMATION CALL: 388-3244


Page four The CATALYST ovember lb. 1972 Firs atatorial Ex ostion A Splashng s ccess nvo l\'EW SCHOOL RECORDS is stcond year student DavHI Goldman with his "Most Bizare Dive" (above) and "Most obscene Dive" (left). photo by Ron Barrett Last Sunday 20 to 25 1'\ew College "aquapeople" gathered at the pool for an afurnoon of somewhat unorthodox and decidedly en joyable natatorial antics at noon (or somewl1at thereafter, since about half an hour was spent in waiting for a sufficient number of swimmers). Some of the events were relatively sane (SO meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, SO meter breaststroke, 25 meter buterfly, and 50 met'"r butterfly). but others would have made Avery Brundage blancl.(25 meter corkscrew, 75 meter eggspoon relay, and fin races with only one pair of fins alloted to a team) Par ticularly bizarre were the diving events; most impressive splash(won by Mike Hammett, who reportedly soaked observers on the lifeguard's chair \v:ith his attempt). highest bounce, most bizarre dive(an appropriate event!, higf1est counce, most 'classic' dive, and (only at New College, folks!) most obscene dive. Among the distinguished swimmers oresent and participating were Hammett, Fred Ayres, Dave Goldman, Glem1 Price. :\1att Korol, Linda Loss, Wendy Smith(who won plaudits for carrying an egg in a spoon clenched in her teeth the length of the pool without dropping it), Terry Weber, the CATALYST's own Dan ChambHss, and i\1ark CaThins (who got the whole thing together) The afternoon ended with the distribution of free gallon jugs of unused orange juice and cider to swimmers, timers, and even a few spectators. IIIIBFSC from page onellllllll .. SEC from page one COURT from page one $1000 from the Activlty Juna to cover these expenses. When he requested this money he The fourth proposal changed a few times. Initially, the proposal intended to change the current five yc ar probationary period for tutors and assist;mt professors to mandatory tenure consideration in tbe seventh year. Many faculty felt that this extension of the probationary period wonld remove the pressure from those involved who were attempting to obtain their doctoral degrees while teaching here But there was some dispute to whether this seventh year tenure considerati011 was a2;ainst r r you _i ll<;f 0!1 :Hlr"tl;Jys for !1i ::;! vnu'rc-issi n co.1;1lt'tc lLnc of lt .11 n food .... arcn' t material. ......... Mario's 21\. .. ll I '\. '' oJ .,..4 the rules of the American Association of University Professors. A mostion to table the proposal because of the tmcertainties raised about the AAU P f ile.d OT Knox then oved that this be changed to tenure consideration in the year. This amendment to the original proposal was then passed. The last proposal voted on caused perhaps the most controversy. As originally stated. the proposal called for a divisional review of tenured faculty every year with a possible yearly PAC review if the divisions felt it necessary Many faculty felt that tJ1is would be putting too much the PAC if they yearly had to re-JULES' MUSIC CENTER Fine Clasical Guitars Dulcimers. Lutes, Harps, ..___ Accessories. EASy-:r-0 DEAl.. WITH"' 1527 MAIN STREET SA.RAOSTA. FLORrDA 33.!!571 .. 11 PREGNA'N.CY TEST AVAILAB L E I J A n Abor t i o n can b e a rranged w ithin 24 con return home day you leave. ECT: 215-735 ... 8100 O PEN 7 D AYS A WEE K A Non Proft1 Orsanizotton 2 4 HOURS GOLDEN HOST 80 B e a u t i f u l Rooms 50 Foo t Poo l Putfill9Gie_;;L:Sah i Hu t Cocktail Lo!lllge 4!?.5-N:'" Trail 355-5141 view several tenured faculty in addition to considering new prospects. A substitute motion was then proposed by Dr Gorfein to have divisional review ba!lot mandator)' and PAC ;c view every five years. The question was then raised as to the confidentiality of the divisional voting and tl1e possibility of tenured members finding out the results in numbers pro and con of the vote conceming themselves. This resulted in an amendment to the substitute motion which would provide faculty with the resnlts of any divisional vote that con cerns them After some more discussion clari} ing the points of the substitute motion, it passed. TRUSTIES from page one The registration fee for all students was set at $200 and any upperclass students who forfeit the $100 registration fee beginning in February will be required to pay the higher fee to gain readmission. Trustees set their next meeting for February 8-9 at which time a rna jor item of business will be approval of the 1973-74 budget. BOOKSTORJO from page one posals. The first of these concerned the proposal tl1at the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) consist of five faculty members, one student from each class, the CJ1aiTn au of the SE.C and t:he Provost. Ron asked that the Provost be stricken from the list, since it meant a double facnlty input on the PAC. This was made a motion and passed. The point was that 011 anoth r proposal tl1e SEC had voted to strike from the procedures, that of incres ing the number of students and decreasing the number of faculty on the F'SC. Ron had not realized that he had the right to vote. Ron asked that a motion be made to re instate this proposal, since his vote would have tied the vote The motion was made passed, and the meeting was then adjoumed. 3) The owner of tl1e bookstore has agreed to supply whatever additional financial resources may be necessary to assure prompt receipt of textbooks and other supplies ordered through the New College bookstore. (To quote the contract: Party represents that sufficient_ funds shall ma_ue quately pl.'Ovide the :.erv1CCS set forth m !Jus agreement. lt IS clear just by looking, nccording someone close to the source, that the bookstore is. "In very senous debt. There are now debts outstanding, .md a large surplus in_vento_ry." _At start of each term. Mr Paster has promised fmanc1al a1d. He fell sllort the first time ) 4 ) Accordingly, the College CRC urges all faculty to subm1t appropriate orders for textbooks and other supplies_ to the college bookstore as soon as possible. (Tomorrow m1ght be too late ) BICY C LES: & lliC Check our /:) S uppliers" s aid that it had been approved at a Jtme meeting of the SEC There is no record of any S.EC meetings ln June At the beginning of September, Charles Harra, business manager of the College, asked Steve Coates, a student, what had become of the money. Coates did not know. All of the summer expenses had been paid for with other money, There was no record anywhere of Cohn's check after he had cashed it. Cohn at this time is on offcampus study in Israel. Since September at least two letters have been written to him ash ing for an explanation of the matter. To the best of this v..-ritcr's knowledge there have been no replies. Researched a All B A 081Jree. C ALL CO L A 0 AV O U RMPAPER C A T AlOG O V E R 3.000 O N FILE) W e w1ll not send the s arne paper to the same school twtce. O RDER N O W I S end S1.00 t o cover post&ge and hand l1 ng for you r catalog TE RMPAP E R LIBRARY I NC. 3160 .. o S treet N W Wa s h tngton. 0 C. 20007 Street 958-6577 HRIFTY WHEELS COMPLETE SERVICE -REPAIR SHOP half-mile north of NC 7000 N Trail 355-8989

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