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The Catalyst (Vol. VII, Number 16)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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April 5, 1971


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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ARCHIV E S Don Goldberg Steps Down co1.1. ]971 by Tom Coxwin In disorganized fashion, the first SEC meeting of third term got tmder way "? Wednesd_ay evening. As the first order of busmess, Chau man Don Goldberg handed in his resignation (see letter on oalle two), thus closing out the t JUL 2 3 n :!: UBRARY 4-1-4 Fate Await s Faculty, Studtnt Vote vbjections to 4:1:4---or leave 1:0 the ba1est mmxWhat's wrong with the pre -sent system? Why do we need another one? MONEY The prime and absolute reason for ahn ost anything arotmd here. 4:1:4 was studied a couple of years ago by Jim Feeney as a purely educational alternative to the present system. It w a s recently studied again by professors Riley and Bloom representing the EPC. The EPC discussed it but made no recommendations as to action. Now the notion occurs again. Again in EPC The reason for the consideration stems from loss of money: more students go on leave, especially third term, than arrive newly. The budget is fixed for over 500 students; only arotmd 400 are on campus third term. Under the present system, the college biings in 17 to 25 new students in third term. Under 4:1: 4, it could bring in many more to cover the loss of those an leave, 1. Students on aid would have mum. to pay tuition in two 1 um ps Results of going on some oth-instead of three. er modified new, 2, Students would have to make qualified applicants can be commitments conceming brought in in January tore-terms three or more months place those on leave. in advance. November 1 for Proposed calender (designed by spring term and March 31 for Nancy Ferarro): fall term. Se{X. 6-Dec. 10 first term 3.Anyone taking time off Dec. ll-Jan, 4 vacation would be out much longer tmJan 5. -Feb. 2 ISP der 4:1:4. Feb. 3-Feb-13 vacation Desirablities of 4:1:4---1, Puts college on schedule similar to ahnost 400 oth e r colleges, making exchange much easier. 2.Allows students to finish any loose first term work over Christmas and begin ISP fresh in January. 3. Financially desirable: brings in more students and more mo ney. Results of staying on p-esent program with no changes: a quota system will have to be implemented, keeping the number of students an orxian Feb, 14-May 19 second term Jtme 3 commencement There will be a vote by the faculty next Wednesday on the 4:1:4 program. The students will vote on Friday. Nothing is as yet official. Candidate Gives Social Mews The following article is taken from a letter from Student Chair candidate Ken Mills of Yale U niversity. "As I said to you an the phone, presenting myself in commodity terms is 4isturbing to me. The standard application for a job, or for a grant, or for admission to college is inescapably a species of dislocated discourse "Goldberg Era" continl.ting nals of the SEC. Fred Silverman was appomted temporary chairman. This was followed by the Bread Board report which was presented by Alex Goldstein. The Board has passed on $150 for Saturday's allschool picnic, $100 for an Eric Von Schm_idt concert later in the term, $1000 to the F 11 m Committee (for this term 1 s film series), and $300 (of a total $844. 55 requested) to radio station foroffice expenses, an amplifier, and subscri{Xion to a news service. This totaled $1550. All of it was okayed by the SEC. The cotmcil the considered two emergency requests for ftmds. The first was by Kimi Nakata to have Robinn Morgan flown down from New York as a Student Chair CDlldidate. $150 was allocated for this purpose. The second request was for ftmds for the sal acy of a jazz director, who will conduct workshops (at about $30 a session). The SEC voted to contribu:e $7. SO a session to a maximwn of ten session. Student Services will pay $15 a session and those students taking part in the workshops will have to pay the ren:aining fees. The remaining part of the v.:as taken up by the appointment of Bnan as Student Prosecutor some guest extenSlons, and a discussion with Dr. A. M. Miller about bust which occ\.ftd during vacatial. I cannot be said to know exactly what aspects of my interests, convictions andactivities are of interest to you. I am a nnan conducting a assault without really lmowing what the object of the assault is. Roman conce{Xion of empire turned ne into a Bdtish dtizen. This free access to England I tt:ilized and went to Universi ty College, London, where I was awarded a First Class Degree in Philosophy and a graduate scholarship to Oxford Upon completion of my Ph. D. in 1964 I was appointed an instructor at Stanford University. There, we formed the first or ganization on that campus in opposition to the war net simply because Americans were dying but upon the fact that the war resulted from an esplitative set of economic, po litical and cultural relations which this country bears most of the Third World cotmtries. Folksinger, Eric Vcn Schmidt, of Sarasota, will sfve his annual New College concert later this term. The above picture is from last term. "Further, my political-cumphilosophic views are really flatly opposed to that form of social relationship whereby a person depersonalises himself by reasa1 of forces he generally does not and certainly does not control. The life of America has become business. The means have bee om e ends ... No one turns himself into a thing without at the same time perceiving of others in the role in which he has cast himself The hours of joy, of meaning and of real commtmity in this cotmtry is part of the power of atrophy and disintegration that hatmts this society as its pewer grows. the politics of radical change is only in its very early satges BU: the thoughts that are required to help produce change will come slowly, particularly the strategic thoughts necessacy. For my own part I have deliberately returned to my study and am writing this year not with the idea of creativity, the ideology of change. That is DonSense, the people themselves in the last instance produce that ideology or no change worthy of histoiical at tenticn will occur. "I am able to do this because I am the recipient of a Morse Felowship which pays my salary while freeing me of teaclin g dwes for the year. I was active last spring in the opposition to Cambodia and have in fact been opposed to the war from the time of the July Tonkin incidents. Mt opposition is an op position to im perialsim in all forms. I know the nature of it first hand since I was born in Trinidad tmder the rule of Her Brittanic Majesty whose Holy Fights Pollution "I believe ftmdamental change is required. 1 do not believe thl t the Weathermen, or Charles Reich or St. Timothy Leary are the harbings of that change In the words of Eliot, 'Am an at tendant Lord--one that will do-to fill a scene or two. Or m a one that would live to share hiS ideas on a basis of equal exchange with the students of New College. Le est tout." "Professor" Charles E. MacArthur, of MacArthur's Balloonworks, Tolland, Connecticut has recently annotmced the compietlon cif a marve1ow. Montgolfier typ! hot air balloon, capable c f supporting three passenger ; and named the Henry Dav. -l Thoreau. The balloon is a beautiful copper color, and carries as decoration eight black oU:line figures Explanation I'm an editor; this is my noce. Some less original people would call this an editor's note. Btt: what this is is a word of explanation about this issue of paper. Dur to the lack of commtmlcatian between myself and the rest of the siW:f, this paper had some traumatic moments. The failure of getting two expected articles, the disappearance of the buisness manager and t e crossing of signals resulted m our failure to come oU: last Friday, as planned. We attem{Xed to re-do the dated articles, btt: if we missed one or two along the way, bear with us. SO I'd like to extend a few apologies. First to Chuck Derrick for failure to publicize the avantgarde films of Maurice A mar. 1n case you're interested, they took placeFriday at 7:30 in the teaching auditorium and were not all bad. Also an "I'm sorcy" to Tim Snyder' and Patti Oppenheim for failing to once more bring their recorded music dance before the public. This also was Friday night. And finally, to Don Goldberg not rementioning the all-school picnic. BU: I can mention the people he wanted to thank: the SEC, Student Ser vices, Mr. Tom Estep, Casey Green, Alco Distribtt:ors, and Mr. John Prickett. One more thing, the paper will, barrini complications, be put out an Modays for the rest of this term. Btt:, none of us are too organized. of animal species now on the endangered list. As one of the eight endangered animals Mac Arthur has included the human. Color of the balloon fabric is similar in hue to autumn leaves, and circling the equator 'of the balloon is a black band which some interpret to be a mourning band. The Henry David Thoreau is scheduled for use on a college tour this spring, during which MacArthur conducts a training course called "Six Days of Aerostatics". While on campus for a week, the balloonist teaches the art of ballooning, with sixteen hours of technical classroom work, numerous actual working sessions with the balloon which allow students and faculty to pilot a captive balloon. In addition, the balloonist appears in the guise of a 19th century Aeronaut in the college theatre in what he calls a "platform discussion. MacArthur has ballooned from southern Florida to northern A -laska. He holds three tmofficial world records in aerostatics:first flight of a hot air ballon above the Arctic Circle, lowest temperature operation of hot air balloons, and the first record e d balloon ascent from a n u d i st camp. During his extensive traveling he has become increasingly disturbed over the disproportionate amotmt of space, soil and air .consumed by the human animal. Reinvestment of fees gained from his ballooning work is ing to production of t-sh i rt s, bum per stickers and picket s_igns with his original misanthropic messages, such as: THE SECOND FLOOD IS NOAH'S CHILDREN; ONLY CONTRACEPTION CAN HALT LITTERING; MORE CON DOMS MFAN FEWER CONDO MINIUMS; VASECTOMY, THE NICK OF TIME; and OUR NA TIONAL PRODUCT IS GROSS If human multiplicity bothers you too, and you would like a dramatic event to gather a haranguable crowd, write to the old balloonist: Charles E. MacArthur, Cider Mill Road, Tolland, Connecti-cut 06084 or call collect to (203) 289-5435= Balloons are fueled with non-polluting propane and do not contribute to the de -generation of 9ur failing atmosphere. CHANGES ARE MADE ln addition to the recreational offerings listed on the term ill Recreation Calender, three more student taught pro grams will be offered. If interested, contact Fred Silverman for archery, Tania Ostapoff for sailing, and Julie Levy for weaving instruction. Any other student who has a skill which he would be willing to share with others shQuld contact Chuck Derrick in the Student Services office.


page two Dear Dr. F.lmenda:f: 1 have just completed takn& a course in your '.'Collo quium '71" series--11Pl>ycholllitary" which I found very rewardin&, stfmulatinK, an d enjoyable. Casey Green who conducted the-course was really He handled it like a real pre and has an aSOn.ishin& amol.Ult .r info.rmation at his fm&ertips--was eJFULL 4'6"x7' ........ $49.95 0 QUEEN 5'x7' ........ $49.95 0 KING 6'x7" . . $54.95 0 doesn't hav.e much "' :!! b .. :;, @ < sale til 1/3 or more off on most items All I.F..ATHER MUST GO!!!!!!!!!! tJ;I 0 i a ::!' II> "' .... p. fg lh Free y, Polycovers included. Post Pad Send me your free brochure 0 Send check or money order to: LOVESLEEP WATERSEDS OtviSIOn of Llghtrays, Inc 3727 Walnut St Phil a Pa. 19104. Name .... Address . . Crty .. .... Stale.. Z1p


page three page three LOCAL BOY MAKES SOCIETY N 0 T E S G 0 0 D G I R L ! by Kevin Davis I'm from the mid-west. "How about a movie review? 11 I didn't want to retum to Sarasota. I didn't want to putout a paper. I didn't want to go to a movie. I most certainly had no desire to go downtown and see a movie. "Why not do Picnic? Alright, Picnic then. Kansas in 1957. William Holden, the dumb footba:n:pi'"ayer here, retums to a small town to find his old college friend, Richy Rich Kid. There's some nice old ladies neltt door. That's how it is in the mid-west. There's an old maid school teacher; no one in Kansas gets married. Kim Novak plays Madge. She sure looked yotmg. "I get tired of being called pretty all the time. Me too, if I looked like that. Madge's sister, Millie: "Madge is the pretty one. 11 She look ed like the girl in Come Back Little Sheeba and Member of the Wedding, I thougllt I'd seen the movie before. I hope not. Alright, small Kansas towns have grain elevators; so do_ big Kansas towns. Rows of white phallic symbols spreading across the plains. Overly sexual movie, this. Holden was seen barechested two and one h.aii times. The sChool teacher was shocked. They also have '56 Mercuries and "50 Fords. And Labor Day picnics. And fickle females who always chase the new guy. I know, I'm from the mid-west. Shattering dreams: no one has a Neewollah Queen. Not even in Kansas. Not even in America. Are those the right names for the people? Did they have any names? Did they have faces? Hal jumped the freight (conveniently placed in the back of the house). Madge took the bus to Tulsa. They were going to meet in that golden tomorrow land. The friend was mad. Mil-: lie said, "For once in your life do something right. 11 But Madge left anyway. Neltt time, I'll go downtown. : The movie was great. WHAT IS A RADIO STATION? 850 on yer am, kids. ing, go on over to A -3 and go but ya know what else it is ? ahead with the show. MEDIA FOR THE PEOPLE. Your What these people dow ith own radio station. Wncr is not the air: through devious elec-just a long-distance stereo. It tronical manuevering of cer-provides rare opporttmity to extain moelcular groups, accomp-by The noble pubUcatbl. that we know as ZORN'S LEMMA has been ldnd enovp to petltiicles. The idea, then, is to keep m step. Quote the Have a ball! Now for those mcxe effec tive bureaa:rats. What you must keep m mfn<4 as the little scholar scales the steps toward yolK' secret abode, iS never to snow surp:ise. If he wants to spend an ISP mastu:batmg a1 some island, encour age him! After all, the em phasis these days is on the individual: independence. Don't let yourself be show him a few tricks of your and then let him have it with the reading list: KamaBSJ.:Qa, StQty ryiDt Fna an a few plain cover masterpieces. Remember that what the Admfnistraticn wishes is re spectabfi.itr. Certaialy Jt may be obvious that the last thing NOT JUST the studeJit is an edncadcm. remove all the UK}y wwds: "commlal&l, 11 "luter-ac:tic:tB, 11 "self-directed. II Add that Jnlmkable New College flair for the ac the the so-}iWtic. And then the .bloody ccmtract with the expllcJt instructions that you are net to meet untn the last week of the term, so that Y01l C8Jl simply affix an 11X11 :next to "No" on the evaluation be free from unrespon.siblllty. As they say in the vemac ulaJ; nKeep It clean. 11 As my. closing wPI-a,von .. ed &lynwei_ .. __ WOt.N 1 S JU.UT'JOUl __ wear a dress! TOWN & COUNTRY Our ad-dress--1516main & 374hrdng. c:rcl. CAMPUS pt BOOK SHOP LAMPOON 1'1NOI1'1N in stock now p. Slater: Pursuit of Lonllness Bachelard: Poetics of Reverie Brautigan: The AbortiOil

page four It I s Understood When I tum sideways and stand forever still I vanish into the country of the inevitable prayer when I walk in the night with my hands hwg out in front of me disappointed birds fly to my feet in numbers I had never dreamed of as if only I knew where to find the staff of their singing in earlier years when I stayed somewhere near the back roads cradling my ordinary secrets the unbelievable voyage of silence would take me by the hand while the wind and teach me how to watch the bones of my shadow growing thin for no reason I am older now I think but still I go on and come back in the same story / I know all the hills by heart the fields that bow before them are the guardians of the mist but they never betray me it is understood that I will be here till the cold breaks on the breath of a low light rising that I alone wihtout tongue or witness without message or instruction will lead the night crawling into its ageless mountain and give the morning the love it deserves -1. P. White THESE DREAMS I HAVE We gather at the common time and place, To move ourselves upon the checkered board. At plastic tables each piece takes his space, And I, a crippled king, survey the hoard. Palace plots unfold on rusted hinges, In time proportioned to the chessmens' size. Today our play has left on the fringes Of a queen with innocent eyes. Kings, bishops, pawns are all made knaves by lust; Their goat ish eyes dart glances toward her sfhere. While I in idle musing, feel I must Find tack, which taken, would bring her near. And now I find myself in dreamful sleep, Plotting her fall beneath my crooked leap. These dreams I have Keep me a wake nights -Richard Neff Jumbled brokt consciousness floods loose upon my brain Caressing the gelatin glaze: Shades spitting light into sweet sharp shafts upon a bed Burnt sunbathers inert upon sheets of ice a whaling cat hides from the night. These images are not kind. These dreams I have -Malcolm Jones page four before that, she'd always sighed 01.) and scurried anxious fingers C through her subtle blond hair; c: 0 but that night, she was queen. she appeared as a kind of snow goddess with quiet white hair, and thin white hands and a mellow virgin voice that scavengered through the room of one-a-penny, two-a-penny faces. perhaps she had been building for that pentacle all the time, knowing that it would sneak in around our cunning guard; but, nevertheless, we were surprised at the temerarious petformance coming from such a guileless mouth. how could we expect to know that three white lillies would fall out when she parted those mirky lips? she never was the religious type. all of us were surprised. -Kevin Davis In my walks In my walks among the tiles; I gather friends like the comedian does good last lines. I learn lovers like old forgotten ballads of the widows of laughter. And when the room is full, I depart and leave them speaking sentences that they can never finish; only then can I be with my true friend, No One. For if I try to be alone without that room full of mumbling glass statues, I find that there are far too many Me's and I can't even find a chair to sit in. -David Hakan Shakespeare & Company

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