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The Catalyst (Vol. 5, No. 14)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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January 23, 1969


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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iti I th ahf'n on do s noc b e come compl t withe\& th support fro it bin b y \\Ork n d dlf:y thic, mn rrdly asceti ism which flllds c ri turized in th acad mlc mentality and the organizaU n Is t. Withthe roudnizati n of the ali n tioa oi man from the pro u t o hi labor ome the ationahty ot human relation and the hi.UTian po ibility o care is all but I Cit in 11-c ur ency of "busine ". hat is th importanc of .,.,. .. ,..,. .,.ing of h .IDtcll t a an ali natcd commodity? bat i the human Cos:? in a sys:cm which rour;in ly alienate the intel lect a a commodity may suffer an Internal split which breaks of! their. mind from the rest of their being, renderin intell ctual abstraction Empty d xpcrlence meaningless. For wh n th split occ un, intellectual a:tivity becomes an empty game and experience lacks validity in tb only temu tbrt em to cotmt. Manythinkthat th mart st thing 'ew College has don was to hold the SAT s<:or s at a ve1)' high level, regardlC$s of th financial bwden Imposed by the cost o! purchasing minds in a highly competitive market We no bel i eve that this decision has beCll podrtvely d to the atmosph re at the college by fostering tb illusion among us all that putdng a udentwlth bjgh boardscore1 tog ther w ltb a f culty member with a Ph. D. results in th "confront.don of two first-cl minds". It i.J uot clear exactly what a fiflt c 1 11 mind is, but perhaps it has v ry little to do with intellign c Pemaps the hallmarks o a flrstc 1 a 11 m 1 d ar an opcnncS$ and wlllingnea to coEUider a problem from many points of vlew, a lack of d femw ne about in d.c ody ey Th e If c t ofthis illusion upon th students is para4rzing. Stu dentss m terrified that their peers andt achcrswilldi cover that they are not as bright or a knowl dg -a b l they are supposed to be. Tb r arc many strategies which m a y be adopt d to deal with this unreal fear, but none of them include opeMe One must pl:ly h cards clos to the chest, one must be cagey and cool, abov all, one must never coni ess ijpOrancc or lack of understanding. Th s nagging self-doubts will eventually disap pc hen on nj) Ion rc ognlz > one's lack of uidcrstanding. Y t the game must go on. The system demands p rformancc. What kind of performance is pos sible at this level of alienation? It is still possi b 1 e to play word games. It is still possible to juxtapose phrases and labels which are empty of experience. By certl!ying such products, the fac ulty validates the alienation that produccdthem. What the student may still have felt to be empty con cepts are now validated by others as the true e x p c rie.nce of understonding. Many faculty are themelves so enmeshed in this empty circle that th y do not perceive a lem. Others do, but feel that their handsaretled. This feeling is also a.kindoUals conseiousn ss. Fac ultY coming !rom more repressive schools c :m oaly s e progress at ew Coli gc in terms of additionalfree doms within this empty circle. But thu kind of !r edom has nothing to do with the issue a As Marcusc o61eJVes1 lrccdom itself may b a repressive force 1.! It subUh s a condlt on of r pr !on. It isth paralyslso paradis gain d which we must n xt try to und rstand EAT OUT A pl n for l nvlt'ln lntere c1 citlu tohav d UDer with N w Coleg tudeau wlll be IQ ugurat d Friday t th flr1t foNm f o t h b t rm ... Tell Us It Ain't So, B y John Ov ra year ago Ule r.na1 Cl:la.Dce wodters here at New College I lt th y sh l:l have a union through wh ch th y could negoti te a writ the hau hn b idet law w g 1 ge practiJ oJ not time Dd a lffo overt.lmebvtrather ofi W riDQ: lhe 11 xt weekt ime ofJ which rarely ma rializ tbe up o f work loads w1 thout pay increas e s (e. g the general mallltenaocc man must llO'oY a lllo do h 11 c U'l a full EC. ten c.cmt:Tact wblcb could then be n force

D 0 SOR Y.MIK letters SPACE WASTED o th ditor. It m JUc c h I. don d r r uspe t that it is ad vic !or d -cr asin the mount of pac that ha to be filled with copy. In fact this whol last is u se m d to be x r<:iz in m in i m i zing the amo\Dlt of copy n cessaty. II. fh b o v criticism rather sp ciflc. I now arriv at v ral more n r I comments and what is int nded to be honest qu stlons. In compariscn to what th )atfJ't used to b the general lev o e articles s ms to hav d terior:ted. Th re is not nough consistent variety in the type of m terial pr sent d. Sometimes I t the impre sion th t the articl s are aim d by, at, and for ticul roup ofl ike-thinking people on camp us; i. th re should be more information and less propa anda and my.sticism. My first two complaints could be rectified, I think, by editorial al rtncs But what of th others? A r sp e-d vouring m stheads, photo raphs, etc., us d b caus of lack of copy (lack of writers) ? Mayb not nough people hav display d an int r st in contri utin g articl --1 don't know. Has any att mpt been mad to d termine what the Catalyst needs in ord rto be w 11 balanced? Has a d t r min d r crtiting (fort :, en mad tos cur estaff (fullorpart-tim ) tofWsp ci!icn d.s? What's happening, baby? (sign d) K n Moo R ply 0 arK n, are trying, so plea e bear with us and try to be pati nt as w try to find our way around and learn the tools of our trade Just a couple more comment the increaed presence of photo graphs is an attempt to improve on what we fet:l was one of the weakne ses of The Cataly during first term, namely a dearth of phOtograph Tl is our feeling that are a uniquely effective method of communication and we are grateful that we bave been able to do more with the m dia. As Ivan note d: You c n kill two birds with 1000 but there is nothing like pictures unless you are bind. Fhally, while it is quite true that the nE'ws/in formatior. side ha be n rather ....eak due to insufficient reporting taff 1nd th aforementioned editorial weakne is, what you di mis as propagan a and my ticinr.laim dit and emmanating from a p.uticu--larcampusgroup 11e, forthemost patt, feel is a reflection of some of the most e citing developm nts currently extant on campus. 1-AOK h pptly John Dohrm nn Thank yott, Chvl K e: mcflush Abotrt tw_ o weeks ago, while helping two fn nds move bto a room that I had lived in for part of first term, I found a photoa ph of Al bert Ein tein that I h d left behind and for which I 't d be n earcbi mo iQg. It was taped t<'l the msade of th lid ;,f th toilet. or a t t o this for two m in sons. OBITER DICTA ood "au III con Kl G BIRTHDAY 1 0 th dit r: Th, k} u. r d th r. ED. ) cKa a


I r A d h vin ott n it i.k d Robm are mum and cool ret mg it with pantomime iggl s and quick dec isiv v rb : W e gom t o b e outta h re soon as we' r to ether." ;ay ike ("And wher m y ita r Down ;a rs?") A long the way t o Dov.-n Robin of the W ter Song o for drln1bing in our albwns. We use the We try zd stay with it, have you heard these souped-up specials lik "Yummy, Ywnmy?" "Oh, iure. I heard the album, in fact. Very curious. One song is about someone be


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