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The Catalyst (Volume 5, Number 13)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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January 17, 1969


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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C Outing Club Formed JOHN MUIR For the less t pid, the van will nonblcyc:Jers who wish to c ampout ; but th park i s large, an van-ri:! rs would have no other tr e<>rta.tlon than. {oot within the park. Und r the sponsorship of the of the tude}ll Bread Board, indi vi duals wlll p vide their own food and drink and will b $2.00 per person at the campsite. Recall that Saturday night ste aks may be taken out of th kitchen. Marsh mallows will be provided. The trackless train ride, pad< admision, and overnight fee will be paid by the Br ad Board. S udents, faculty, staff, friends, Speakers On Campus and families arc invite d to thi chanerouting. Ovcr21-IS ar encouraged to erve as ch rou s t o placate park officials. Sign up b -fore Ttesday in person or b y mail and r ceiv d tail she t from an y ofth Outing Club's founders: Ann Morrill, John Young, or D borah Rabinowitz. c x or College Co Gets TheWor The Studem Executive Commi tt e "exhorted" all students to ob the provisions of the gue rule 1D actJon Wedn sday night in a resolution inrc.oded for tion to the stud nt community. The text of that :resolution read: "The Studc.ot Executive Committee exhorts al members of th student body to read carefully the section of the Student Cod d aling with visitors to campus who are nor signed in properly, and urge that student usc their privilege of ejecting such visitors ill all cases, due to th scnsitiv nature of our social interactions with he local com.munity. 11 Thi s :x:tion was apparently the result of concem over an influx of visitors who ar not friends of students, or whose pan,>nt are not w ofth ir intended activitie on the cw Coll g campus, or who donotwishtheirnamesand addre s to be .known to Coli ge offici Michael Smith, SEC ch. irman noted th. "there h v bec.o lo tmfriendlyortoo-friendly or indiscreet or pls ill dang rous towni s n campus 1 tely. Thi is not gooo forth College e en if their inteDtion a:re honourable, .tine th ir parents can su us if they g t in! o troubl h ere, and w on hav written assuranc th t their parents .know of th ir wh reaboi.G. Such written surance i s part of t h guest ion form hich gu sts must fill out th ir arrival ..Smith aid H al.sonotedthat w Coll e is n o t a refug fo r ho m 1 f:reak o one ki d Ol' anoth r Whll th isnothlng roo with havin her ude ot.dd be e careful :-hom they b in OJ c p :md dlauld nev r allow e:red. strmgerstowand d 'eb a v h a d bad expert nces the p and times are h arcl. 11 In other a.cti

11 The b st due tion ... 11 I r -m mber wh n thi5 hop ful pi ce BUl..L.1 BUl.Lt' I IN BUl.l..ETl Smith Found Alive Smith, SEC I se it, or have it on gOOd authority. 11 Varicw ot..b r sourc s e clai d that Smith was struck by ightning while waiting for a bus in tb Palm Cowt. The Chairm a rt that the pcl'$on waiting for the bus was actually Randolph Y ts, and t rms th lightning bolt 11som fool's hallucination." "Student progress .. !'Again, this an idc:ily perfect ;tatemcnt. But in addition to infinite perl'ectabil ity, practi cd within th intcll-letters but th ( igncd)


II ho i r tin .. What lutur would w ltocJ witlt Thia i tit ti of tit loll ol tit po r The Resistance Raps r---a paid advert i meDt -On d yflori a West Co st R -i an set up y of peace, draft, and anti-Viet ;:Jm lit rature in th lcove in Hamilton Center "forth purpo e or gcn raJ. duc;:Jtion d draft istance." B for the d y w over, st. ud nt John Dohrm r plied with hi own dispi y of 01rmy, navy and marine r ruitment liter tu.r "for your r d in ple sur nd cnli ht nm nt. The Cat yst int rview d a spokes man from the Resistance on th matt r: C: What was th reaction of the r c ion of the Resistance to Mr. Dohrman's competing o! d recruitmerlt literatu.r ? R : Ve're quJte ecstatic over the whole thing. C What do you mea1? R: At first glance the two display may s em antithetical or tago nistic, hut we feel they are really complementary. We wish we had thought of Mr. Dohrman's display ourselve In fact, ve decided to vote him an honorary membership in the Resistance :nd went looking for him last night to ive him his GOLDEN HOST 80 Buuti ful Room s 50 Foot Poo l Put t i ng G reen--Bahi H ut C ocktail loun9e 4675 N T i Troll 355 SOTO Soro,oto s Quality Opticians OOVwN'JO W!N SUihJR8A N 1 t.I..C.,..HO,. 20l 10 fliO"TH ,_IN .AltA. OTA LOID T I.C,.HO N Ott t .AIIAtOTI\, r LOIUOA 1350 DO IT at SURF COIN LAU DRY Boo' 5 & Inc. COMPLETE OFFICE SUPP IES St. 95 -3515 memb rship c ut h couldn't be found. We con luc.l d h was a mythical stud nt or wd.S out in town som wherewithaWAC, On you tmd rst3Jld lll:ldcrlyin motivation anyone' actions become clear r. C: Does this tmd rstanding of tmderlying motivation also apply to the a tions of the Resistance? R: Youcan'tpullthat on me. Motivation has already b en defin d in the Catalyst by Pini and vanis-on. C: C:n you elaborate on why you feel the two displays are really complementary? R: We believe both in the innat intelligence and advanced discriminating powel$ of the ew College student and in the precept that w:ntendto be fought between two sides. The New Coll ge student body can be defined as eid1er dualist or paranoid, or maybe the two are both the sam Thus, we are glad to see this comer of Hamilton Center accommod:ting its lf philosphically to the New Colleg SARASOTA Flower Shop ..... ecc-.. ch mat I myself a m a pluralist and am qu e csta tic over the whol thing. C: But how do you o n ile such ecstasy over dualism with your pluralist beliefs? R: At first glanc e the se two positions may seem antithetic3l or an tagonistic, but I feel they really are complement The more duali ms we c an b ring into exis (contlnu don p a g e 4) 3428 No. Trai l 355-3446 FIN E DO ME S TIC I I MlCHEAL JACKSO s I YOU ARE DEAD t t t I L-------' 1570 No. lodcwood Rid g e Rd. 955-3446 IMPORTED LIQUORS LUNCHEON-DINNERCOCKTA1LS PHONE : 388 -39 8 7 ST. ARMANDS KEY JERRY GINNIS Your Host


( c:ont1nued from p e 3 ) to c:aof --... 1 ntY. t otes: above and about y->u s e the "glorious victors" giving the Victory (Love?) sign aft r their con!ronta ion last Monday. Els where Bill Kop c:ki heaves that really big B:iloon in the form of a 23 gallon garl>a bag. After the truc:e,has b en signed War Crimes InspectorAl Mint r ins ts damage to both combatant and buildings. ECO Re .. emerges WAR when all one want s to do is lie b ac k and m oan i t gets hard to say sooet'h n for publication n verth e l e s e Vol. 3 No. 1 of the East Campus Other arriv e maybe provided Al \'nter i oe nt throw us o t and w e oan get all gear togethe r aturday I n its n e w fona.t, ECO will not alw s be a. mi eogr ph thin ln f ot, this iesu conaiata of films b y D vid Ger t n Byron it and To Jarr 11. other than t b t, n o on can ell 1 t of all, t h ditor (Not 1 t h e t CampUs Vol 3 o 1 is "},, ie." t 13) c ES

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