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The Catalyst (Vol. V, Number 19)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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February 27, 1969


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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d re b gg n(G. dl d o (v of c.. 7 o 8 lO 20 25) th f. cu 1 y n s th prob-


Machiavellian Leech lha I h v mll d r thllt l was fora d re y om thl tt r Dd n, bu I'm b tt ran 1 I c n try to co municat b nd D1l u nc t thr ten d nd I'm car d. I got up th momlng and start d r diD& i.o the nat cl book from 1 t rm. A couple of ch (rl dcOD n)Ch n t w CbU would be DiDgleS$ fluaked out, oi st rt d rere d ing. I counted th p ges until th d and didn't really underst nd nd d1dn't re:..lyv.orry about whether l did or :not and ended up very de p u d. Thea 1 sttrted the required in another -.curse which 1 DJOYed a gr at deal. klore lunch 1 listened to pa-rt ofa Ba ic Human iti music tape. At lunch 1 was couplaininsabouthowmuchlhated the nat sd reading and how 1 felt thatitwasuseleu. Tbeonlyrea ons tner wanted me to read it was to pass a comp wblch would prove I was well-rounded. Only almost everyone admts the course b a farce. Someoaesugge-stedthat I cheat, aDd foroneof thefewtimesin mylife J could think of no reason why 1 shouldn't. Sometime this aftrenoon a lot of rantogetberlnmy head. I'mnow trying to sort them out. lD grade school and bigh school learning was passing tests. It didn't matter what ehel did, because what Extra answell got extra gold stan. That's wbenhtartedcountin& pages. How much uDtil I'm done wlth it? I mued the last paragraph of each page m i u e d the last paragraph of eacb page, the last page of each chapter, andthelut three pages of the book. Some ow, in thesecond half of my enio year l transcended this and waJted for New College. What bap penedtodaywas that [ auo COWited pages iD the book len Joyed 10 much and I counted the amount of tape left of the reel. Sev ralday agoi rtcd bock I wanted to read very much. 1 tyed u all night countillg pag and went to bed at f ve hustratedthatlhadn't fi i bed. I us d towishcert inboolcswouldoeve end. Now I only read hortpoem. ( 've & V 1D up writ llg them. ) 1 just got a poem from my cowlnand I d.:m't v th p tienc to sit down a.nd uy to t, ev n though t mea mo tom t n I could e plain now. Ov r lSP 1 got very involved in lot al thi od 1 want d to follow et o'lait Ann. m ol th d a Th n J ot back to i tl d dawn to t mo busuM! t h and. My c1tem nl di d, nd 1 1 d d n in th rc -ul r enting it, wh n if 1 h d tri d I mi ht hav h d tim for botb. One thm I l d ove ISP w m lf. I m fin01lly beginning tofac lf. Only that conflicts with m} wod<, on Jth r gets done. I want to put my wod< aside, but I bavetodo it, and l re lguilty eith er way. I end up worldng because I can com b k to mfsel! 1 ter, but l'm never reallr sati fied and I'm only doing the work to get it out of the way. What lt comes down to i intellect versw In grade school intelect wa pa 'ing tests. H n: intellect seem to b a comp or prelim or a satisfactory ISP or a thesis or a degree. I feellike deep inside J hate Intellect, a.nd l hate every book I read, except a couple I've saved from wben 1 was little. I heard tbis afte noon that research seemed to show that after maJOr tests graduate school students never really get excited again. J fee1like Knowledge is away the vital me. I know this is redlcuious. I know I should read and that I can't be a full per son without some intellect. But that's not the way l feel. Sothere'smy sob story. Only it isn't a sob story for me. It is me. .ADd when someone tells me that I'm only trying to avoid comps or that I h<1ve submitted myseli to a degree by entering a college I get :ngry. This is a thr at to my value o! myself. I am a Machiavellian leech on one hmd. On the other I hare sold myself into academic slavery and I had better accept it. The only thing I can say is that this cannot be directed at me, as a per son. I'm sure that someone who ba; devoted himscli to academia would be just sthreatened by me, though 1 have no basis or right to tell him how he feels. 1 can tell him how I feel, and maybe l!he r alu s that I an a per son who really cares and not just an adolescent copout, he will tell m bow be !eels. Then mrvb w can communicate inste:dofjust throwing words at eacb oth r I don't think th problems will just d lssol wh n w r ally talk, but mayb they w U come out and m ayb w c::uuolveth m lwon't tohasslestayingh r rle ving. And mayb if flunk out I won't have to 1 c. lling th school f::illur ln order to vold c !Hng myself 1 ilut black r removed Vi cou g omm unity and wh t r o r ot i t could ever b used ff cti l y as an inst rumcnt for Influenc in g ople, attr;a.ctingth u att tlon, drummin up som support o r what.v r, I conf $S that my main idea about a ''let cr to th Catalyst" is U1at it might clear ylur consci nee .in th ttedyour i d a to a higher realm o! commUnica tion, i.e. that instead of la:tocking on people'sdool'$ and showing your wotlllds you pw them in wordr and footnoted them in cue anyone cared. Then you wash yoW' hands and heal 5ilcutlv. I thought qUite honestly that, in this commwity, th written word was the ultimate cop-ow, the rational rationaliza tion. Then something happened that almost pleased me. I happened to be reading the Catalyst andsotre onewhohad written an article was standing next to me so I looked up and said "You're wrong, 11 as If they had said what they wrotet and to me. They then prcx:.eedect to di$cus:s. The only bad thing abot& it wasthat they had hili an opportu-nity to say t? me JOmethmg Uke, "Well, it'sthereonpaper, read :it. I don 1t want to talk about it. n Then again I've heard \people say like, What an us that person must've been to write something like that, 11 rarely, 11th at did JOmething to me, or, 111 show.ct uk someone abow that," or even, "I almostcare.11 Soithought. !asked myself how I would go about doing thll if I had som thlng really important to say, and not have it ignored. I hit on some ide as, (Ideas follow) 1. I could try to be logical and cogent. 2. { could try \.0 be fwny. 3. I could try to be literary. 4. I could appeal to peopl 's guilty consciences (about their apathy) s: r could use a lot of ditty words and call nam I cam up with amwers to all five ntggcstJon.s, (Answ I'll follow) 1: It would be dull. 2. It would b dull or It would be Iunny. 3. I would !ail. 4. P ople dorlt hav guilty c sclcnc s (about tJ1 1r pathy). S. !dgn'thavecnougl\of en of th :>bscen and I hav a limited re rtoirc o.[ dirty II'Otd d t th t I Jo ba arc scriptlv not d riptlv Ba:ld titw 1tth C -alyst' f ult. ld cid d th it w s my r ult for lhhl.JUn th t 1 could Ioolafirst 1 ss w oll c mind 1n o thinking bout, or, for t.hat miU'tcr, th l ;nytbin t washap-rx ni.D :11'0\llld h all w rth abotU:. lmlt it fun b iDR sod mn ably illt Uigent th t rythingbo syou? ltlltn.k t1ubalJ. Lov. lv N mh r 7, I m ls mor bacc.U e te am lh qu ll yin e am. Or ol tb n r asorn It was orlr,lnally i troduc lnr th ew Coil g ptogram was ro provide som m ;n so.[ valua ting rtud nts durin tb ir JC o d y ar her Nte r discussing the purpose of the exam with s v ral faculty m m b and udents, I can discover only ty,o reason for u existence that might b cOJJsideted valid: I ) Itisused tod tenni.n wh ther as ud nt has the intellectual ools to deal with the ali y of marerial in ctive "major. But no p ro vision is mad e for those who arr not ready for a ''maJor" at the end of t h secOI'Id term of their second (especialy !our-y ar students). c hannelhis e ducation into a "major" ;nd S d i versification areas any wa y ? bnewouldthinkthat if a student h as a proper relation with his an d a dvisors, ther would be no need for h i m to !uli ill the requirements of ob ective test to detemtinc whether or not he was reaU y inteUectually p.-e p a red to study what he wants to Stud 2) It forces the student to organize what he has previously stud ie d in the area of his concentrati on _The sam obj e t ions against sbufTypin AI t r pby ........ D Art............... r l


CO.MMUNITY CONTROL 0 THE SC'-IOOLS! Von G ln{ocus Magarlne ofiering $100 pnze tor best photo essay on topic of social concern submitted prior to Marcb 15, 1969, Will be fea tured prominently in the and the award is in ;ddition to payment made for all published material. 'Essay must be on a nngle topic a. d include tbt or more different photograp --b&w prints from 4xS to 8xl0lnsize. Texttobe 1000 words or less Add contributions to: Job Opportunit ies loin N adona Freel ance Photo graphers A No forinformation. B1gge t organua tion of its kind. Editor, lnCocw, P 0. Box6356, Cw m I, CalU 93921. .Enclose $1 tQ c er return o! unus.ed mat rial. NFLPA D ft. PP Box 122 Well sl y Hills, Mass 02032 t-------1 -------, t The Or cl of D ath curr ntly vacationing t th R d Wall, his h;mtb of th vholc fair t -----.,. t I Surf Coin Laundry t -----E les ooks & t to ery. Inc. C OMPLET E IC E SUPPL I E 1350 ain S t 955-351 5 H S A R ASOTA Flower Shop ..... ., ....., ___ ___ t21 t ht s""' tss-4217 GOLDEN HOST 80 B e a u t iful Room' 'SO. f,oot Poo l P utti ng Greell--Bah i Hut Cocktail Loun9e U75 N. Tomlc.n j Troll ::t,tttttttttttttttttttttttttttt;: ..... _,.,. -11;:. 41=. -11;:. 4;:. -11#:. "='l-'-Q \'(\ Q, : i NAME AOORI:SS CITY STAf 15 ,.,.. -='t'='1:-'*


BV J ANN TT JOHN "ON NT' AU TYP OF HAtR PI CP A I! VIC ThUl"Sday, :Feb. 27: ew College Associates Advisory Committee; 4 p.m., Private Dining Room, Hamilton Center. "People and Paticles", a film dealing with experiments in highenergy physics. 7 p.m., Teaching Auditorium, Hamilton Center. Friday, Feb. 28: Ad libitum for faculty and staff; 4 :30 to 6 p.m., South Hall. Forum: Dr. John Nash Ott, directorofthe Environmental Health and Light Research Institute, will describe new resear-.h results in the fi ld of light. Dr. Thomas G. Dickenson, medi<.al director of the i nst it ut e, and Dr. JohnW French, CoUege Examiner, will alto speak. Res rvations for dinnar at 6 p.m. should be made through the Student Poli y O!fice. Private Dining Room, Hamilton Center. International Cham b c r Music Concert featuring the Sm ana Quart t: 8:30p.m., Symphony Hall. Sarasota. P, S l b c conomic, political, andsocialimplications (e ormo ) oi th "opport:unity cc.uter" model y Ll can follow tbroua-b yours Asolo Festi al: opening nigllt, "Oh What a Lovely War," 8 p. m., A so le. Theater. DUR lNG THE WEE.K: Exhibition of the works of artist Ha:rietLeBell; New College Gall ery, Hamilton Center to larch 7. coming events; COM G EVENTS: Mtjor Ciits Coi1Tilittee reQ!]Xion; 4 p.m., South Hall, Sun., far. 2 Forwn: "Eric (von hm1<1 ) ana the Gompkin Carnival". Folksinging and poetry rea:! ins; Friday, March 7. Forum; Rob rt Oe ey, s.ignii i ant Am ri 3n poet. Fri., Mar. 14

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