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The Catalyst (Volume V, Number 3)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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October 11, 1968


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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C-5 C Jont Meeting Plans I icy 'Task Force' Hearings, open to the community, would then focus on gathering information and opinions from all Election Day Planning Set Th will be a meeting n xt Monday ;t 7 P M 1n H-2 to disc th pos:sibillty of staging a C rWa Th atre act on Election Day. Those inte lted but wabl to end the meeting pleas 1 av a "'ote in box #74 or P..a Cob n. s gments of th campus community, with graduat dropouts, exfa ulty m mb rS, and people from outsld the community invit d and q ioned. Th results of these h arings will b publish d in d tail o that later h arings !"(lbably have been a loa' since it d ten hours, and would probably have had to Re mown in t\vo parts) an .m:ausual practice even now. The "moral" of "Greed" alJo dissatisfied the producers. Von Stroheim, in earlier !Ums, such as "Blind Husbands, had justi.Ci d a wife's 1 aving hu htaband U he were ;oo busy to satisfy her needs. Althoug)l som people ere o .. r.aged, many aloDi with this view of the morals of 1920, d movies with this theme were vuy successful. Bm: "Creed" hit th very he of th Am rican dream, and the public uld not be bl to dismiss il: so lightly. (colltinued on p 3 coL 3) SEX ARR V S Flu Vaccine Soon Ava i lable


OVA 10 THE VOTE Again. v urgcth thejaculty acceptthis proposal. This o willdomuch to commmitv into a closer working rel "p1 a time when all segments of the com-munity must work together mo than ever before. PROTEST By )0 LUNDELL der the following (hypothetical) series of l ) A student is studying or otherwise minding his own business. 2 ) His roommate is seen by the proctor bringing a "member o f the oppo sit e se.x11intohisroom at three in the moming 3) A month passes 4) Repeat (2). Under the present written policy ofthe Office of Student Policy the two ;;Jents1 room is declared open to the proctor at any time, without a waJTant Since the fi& student need not even be in his room at the time of the violation, This amounts to mmiShimz one student f o r the offence of an other. The only recourse available to the non-offending student is to il:rvoke the student non-mtervisitation rule his to prevent ..his brealdzasl_ administrations mtervisitatlon nife This is clearlY mcon.slsten t with the recent request of the College Council that each agency of the college enfol'Ce its own rules. We protest. r Letters Decision Dear S irs : I h a v e decid d to live forever, ordieinthe attempt, and my only mission each time I go up is to c ome d o wn aliv e (signe d ) D. Be ardslee Schw artz Ad monition Editor: Too many c ooks spoil the broth. I o n e h a d a soccer coach, whose wife had j ust run off wit h the school cook, and Itoldhimwhat 1 just told you, andyoul

The Culhu'al Exchang lnstitw:e had to approve Ogbwn forth program, bW: h saidthat wa "not dif ficult." He s id that he plans to the xperiences he had this summ r to help him continue his work in L

A tNst s soh.cion further says "sp ak rs should not be approved who wW do violence to the ac dmic tmosph re of the institu t OIU, 11 or who will advocat "th pbUosopbyofov tthrowof the govSnack Posts Bar Hours Th grill area of the student snack bar will be open for business at 8 :30 p m. every night it has b en an nounced, The grill will also b e open from ll:30 a. m to 1;30 p m eacb weekday, and from 1 to 3 p. m Saturday and Surxlay Council To Study Dismissal The ew College Council will study the present policy of giving the sole power to separate a student from the college for non -payment of bills to one office. The Council decided at its regular meeting last Tuesday to study and take action upon the "Proposed Bill of Rights for Students, 11 with its amendments. I t was the consensus of the council that 11 the Council has grav doubts as to whether specifying stringent rules and severe penalties for infractions of those rules (con cerning campus security) would serve to curtail such infr ctions. It was recommanded that violations be handled on an ad hoc basis 11 under the rules asnow es tablished. FWCDR Formed Enrollment Study byTIMSNYDE.R New College. There seems to be a greater number of people with greater inter st and ability. Activ ities are not centered around one flaming radical but radiate through a largernumb r of cone rn d J2k. Combined with a mukcd1Dcrease of interest at FPC and USF, this r u.rgcnce of creative energy presents the possibility of meaningful activity in a community renotm d for its lack of m aning to thos whose minds ar not y t d ad, New Coll g has students m resi dence from 45 states, th District of C dunbia, and 4 forcigl camtries, a:cording to th r port from th Florida Board of R gent distribut d by the Coll g Examiner' s Offic Florida l ads all states with 43 students now in r sid c t w College. New York iss cond with 40. Oth r st s which rc "hom 11 for larg numb r o! students ar D.linois, Missouri, and N w J y, with 28, 17, and 15 cti ly. 0 c Antioch English Profs 'Plan tud ie The center will cnabl 20 students, from Autioch and other college to spend a year in London taking seminars in literature and history taught by the two faculty members, who are both special in English 9:udles, and :orkiD;g on volunteer jobs related to their jor fields. J 0 S P Reports The Office of Student Polley, through the Assistant to the Dir ector of that office, Mrs. Dilsey Brewer, has announced that stU dents who arc on four-year option and academic 1 ave are eligibl for ew College identification cards. S udents interest d should see Business Manager Charles Harra. Mrs. Brewer also said that since there are now fr quent van runs to the library, th reception center desk will no longer be a drop-off place for library books wbicb are to be retumed. All due books should be taken to th library. In addition, the large number of thefts on campus recen ly h led the Office of Student Poli y to p -pare a theft report form, which can be obtain d from the student. Students are encoura d to use this form if anythin h been stolen from them. JACK I S WAS E HIS HAIR AT SU F COl LAU DRY Ohio :md Pennsylvania h ent ............................. 14 stud ts to N w Coll and Maryland and M achus tt both have ent 13. GOLDEN HOST 8 0 B .. ut if u l Room '50-Foot Pool Putting H ut Cocktil 4675 N. Tamlaml Trail 355-5141 SARASOTA Flower Shop W-.lfelleWf-MtM 1Z1t 1 S'"-t tSs-4217 BY J ANN TTE JOHN O N IC WlCLETS CU L.VO 0 PR 10 NT !o4AND CII'C DTA, n .OIIIIDA Ellie's Books lc St tionery. Inc:. Office 136"0 Mein. St 9'55.)51 5 MR. SANDWICH 3025 No. Trail NEW COLLEGE STUDENTS

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