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The Catalyst (Volume V, Number 11)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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December 12, 1968


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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earche uden Unrest p ulat o On Missing Book CH IS MAS PARTIES Mrs, Ehreodorf in. 'te ;my rnmbe r the ttudent wbo will be in S rasou on 18 to attend a c, tion at her hom rrom 7:30-10:00. Th will Include a c rol in Students who are able to attend shuuld ign the sh ,t whichwlllbepost datlhm ilton Center I witn the inv ila lon. Tramportatn,......;n be provided by the college bus. A gala Christm:U partY will be give for EVER Y01 tf:rom N cw Col], llt4:00p. m. on December 20, in Hamilton Center, M Dllscy Br wer ha -.anounced. The party will be r d by the College. Tho e pcopl desiring to help at tiJ party or .-ho whh fwthcr information arc asked to contact Brew er. Mrs. Rre cr lso asks that all stu d nt ho will be Sarasota on Chrl.strna Day c nra hct in her inbcr office or at hoJTU: sometime 50011. FPC GOES PASS--FAIL, BUT OPEN DO.RMS ARE AXED Dr. John H. Jacobson, dean of Ut coli ge and vice-president for academic affairs at Florida Presbyterian College in St. Petersbwg annOIDlccd that when semester grades are i t]('c! i'l Decc .. bcr. students will receive an H (high pass), P (pass), or F (fail). This marked a rctum to the three system FPC had when it began ten yeal'S ago, bt4 which was replaced by a five grade plan almost immediately. The five grade plan ha continu d until the present t rm. Dr. lacobson commenteu in the St. Petersburg Tim s dlat the five grade system "did not su!fici"lS -t i"l11 th!:'}" would be residing in open dorms. But at a recent "all college con frontation" the administration announced that th change would1t after all, Bob Ro s in the Trident1 FPC student wrot : "I can't explam why the rug was pulled so abmptly [rom und r our fond hope .. I think it boils to a question oi money. And no one, unless he has no faith in our community at all, can argue with the Great Dollar Sign. So Open Donns is not for our times. Concert A concert will bc given the New College String Qu.Htct, on Thul'l;day, D cember 19, at 8: IS JUn. in the rnllsic roorn at Coile c Hall. Thequ rt t willpby c-h;;_ b .t, Brahms, Admsthe con ert will be limittl lu ,n m',1ers of the New Colleg..: c-ommmit)'. Th' at lyst gc, d tbosc who wish to and can r ttt'nd. NC Co op Reorganizes MGC Progress Report Mr. W tk Cook and f c.i Sperling, co-chairman of th Ma jor Gifts CommiU<>, will present a progress r port at a meeting of th: committee on December 19. The meeting will be acrllCial one b cause il will be primarily to disctWthe impoltan e of Wlderstanding the av ilabiJity of tax deduc tions form ajor gifts to an educa tional institution M.tjor g"ts from corporations 1\'ill 1 argely de termine the su C<'SS of the 1968-1969 apital Campaign and it i it. !"}rt .u lh h u.: ivn o 1d ductioo be uod notood. Tb .. M -jor Committee U. comidcrcd the prime soliciting group cor ih P..ntirc .. The 1968-Q9 Capiul C.1mpai n h d itt -off tbc cay beCo,., Parent's ekend w dinner and a JUilc.heoo the ne:n da). The committee Is by fr. J oath an Slott. The ultimate I of th C pita.l Campai len million doJl rs. Fagin to H o ld ectu re forth third a11 ual e w Co ll g e lecture on h;liTl.t, Qp -niog io (Jr 10 wctb, now is undcJWJ.y. 11 ol th.c will be d lt v r d b Dr. BT)IIion f tgin, profe s r mcrill" f} lul." Hopkin, Urn R; t io: ,,ill c llmitctl t th 'CJp;l it) 'l( oil gc H:.ll Oil coli g P.1lm C mpu;;. Dr. F':t cttlr th.isre rwiU contemporAry E u rop c ,p; dr.lltl.l ;Htd will b g;en w Rinmn J.lnUH} 14. Hoi iday D etails


i al from indiana waves against the bottom of the cliff-like, miss annie marvel of all the west is the sweethcalt who tries to know what you're is id I or cgor the hunchback old devil, i knew he'd come through for the t am on the wall trying to put humphrey together agam it'll b about ten years before th y can push it through the wall and it come out to be anything like euph wants it to be. laY.'S jaws and jackdaws will leave little to be desired and J s to do. LeHers ,TC'I ur. ButterHeld, the Star, ind Faculty, to n u r known bene fac tor and aU COPCerned: We oft he Thomas family cannot etpr essourappreciat like, o tr Eo llsh beillg basic, so t.hueforeweJUitsay "Thanla" an:! wuh all a Merry Chnstmas oaoo the bl J ingsthat o with tit New Year, Repectfully, Mr and Ml'l. Jamea Thomas Motorcycle De a.r Editor. The Ma J Minter 1trikes again. It 1 ems U.ucl Al doun1t want us v kl itb c:vcles )ark our yol Ins de It be 1.1 l,lu J Ph.aU\c Court. 0. K. Unc. b ygp' d lllte to .and gt121rd ov T the cy t back so wr woot lose ny mor 1ide p;anell, tool kit a11d auch. That is of c:ou11e I f you hav r cov r d from h Women's Lib try Auxll ry B 11. Sine r"lY The Or. cle of D ath Dorms C lose The: Ortlc or Stud nt Polley a rmoun ced th t th11 do mltory raclhtl n will b clwed 1 of SOOp m Oe c 21, .1ndwlll b op non th m.) t n o f J nu r y 4 I Greek Truth NoteJ Thislett rcame:r.ddr ssed to the Catalyst office with a post mark that read "Visit Creece and Learn the Truth, Thessalonika, (Salon ik ) Cre c and It is reprinted here verbatim, with th exc ption of a redp., 'cnclC15ed In the 1 tter, which will be printed lsewbere, (ed. ) world, a n m a p [h t t 1 I cWt' lE.Y W- t:ofl TME IVA IS AN IN\ Nl 'A'lTbOtJISl! M i ll e r Vis i t s Pr e s c ott Mrs D UseyB rewer, of the Of fice Student Policy, announced that Dr. Arthur Miller, Director o( Student Policy, who has been from the campus this week, ts at present in Arizona, smdying the dorrni ory situation at Prescott College, and d oi11g recruiting w o rk in the I CALENDAR The Manatee Junior College calendar for includes the MJC "Annual Christmas Concert" at 8 :15 p. m, on December 17 in the Neel Auditorium. The calendar also denotes that Christ mas Day is indeed on Dece-mber 25 again this year. no one really knows about although a lot of people tell you they fal< 1l:uth. Prosp ctive studen should understand that they arc coming not for aca:lemic:s, bu.t for a threeyear voyage to ost contin nt which can b adve11turous or ter ntying or oscill t betw n the two states and drive one m2.d. {Signed) Cul'f Smith No Minor's Complaint Not : Sarah tol d Th Catalyst wh n sh hand d us l tt r' th h d rec iv d th OSP 1 t r BEFORE th wmounc mcnt of hrcomiz.\gmal'Tiag inl w k' 1 To th ditor: I Hellenic Recipe for Home moade (For u .. nscriptions see D B Schwartz, tramc iber 2 ens (one slightly maogled) 1 1mmense pseudo-rooster some pot.-ttoes and uptightoe55 some celery adequate ca. rrots ( 1t intervals) a few tomatoes (more than a few ) a bit o( purple cabbage eggshells with eggs for about I hr I thing of broccoli rice mucb salt and pepper mauy $mall onions I beef bone 1 red pepper a little butter olive oil a litte a little cherry bralldywitb clover unknown quanti of enamel (whjte) S.:?ason Communion is essential! So they were probably urpriscd when they received charming little notes (compl te with e rbon copies Md empty lin s unde r th red letters REPLY) saying: "H you arc planning to be m:uTied, h, you say to yourseJi, they must !-have beard it through the gT:.lpc-vine then it will b e nccess ry (sic) for us to ha vc :a n t e from your MoltunY and Daddy savinr;:: 'OK', a55umlng you undcr21.11 om how, being 21 doesn't k 'P youfromf lingth tthcr 'ssom thing strange nbout tl1' letter lik do th ')' really< this { the "ay to Help Young People L..m To Be Rc po.nsiblc ... (signed) Sauh L. Christmas CO 'SJDI:.RAT IO F OR -MAS compulsory .mnlballmr V.ERY O E IU' T EAT WHAT THEY KILl!!! this wilJ end tltc w ur and SANT J\ could n!Rht' pc c e in d.u,._ wltJ1 the du proc lf Curt Smith from 1l-le CJlf, '2:]ST N t c Iff. "'f. lE9e ;}ltk7j VOLUME V NUMBER 11 DECE.MBER 12, l SPECIAL f .. M.ERGENCY I P ST AFT COUl\ 'TRY DICK JANET GOlDWATER LARRY & COUUN lAX REIF BYRO WHITE rv P M JLA FRAJ K aoR:-.1 I IARSDE! (til' ) STEFAl 'U:, D ,\RIAl


rQbom to do, t o feel, t o be; while some are fighting in the streets, others are quietly building lives apart from the absurd rush of t h ings. I n city apartments and isolated farmhouses and one-man huts they are following visions of simpler, more fulfilling W?]S of doing thing WIN magazine ha gathered accounts of people's experiments in alternative ways of living and put them together in a special, double issue. The articles are by people who feel that what they have found is worth baring. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of somebody who looks like you. 0 I enclo e Plea e end me th special january i sue of WIN. 0 I enclose 2 for a ix-month trial sub cription, beginning with the special January is u of WIN. 0 I enclo e 5 for a full year' ub cription. I get the pecial January ts ue FRE a me Addr Zip-----) 0 Magazin 5 Be krnan St. New York 10038 Credits for last week's Catalyst Photo oftrain-oage one M. von Cuttenberg Cartoon-page two Cregory Bullock Photo of rarrell pag thre Machine The red brick wall which surrounds the Universe and at this time of y1ar is decorated with lli!On Merry X-mas si gns in M<'ngolian, lrembling from the roa of th minotaurteind er which assa1l 1t on all sde Just What You v Always W nt d ... Distaff Side of Shakespeare The American AssociatiOQ of University Women, Saruota branch, cordially invites the women of the ew College community and all New College students (men and women both) to a Christmas tea on :Monday, Dec. 30, 1968, at 2:30 p.m. in College Hall. Mrs. Laurie V. Logan. v t eran of the Playen of Sara10ta, 1V, and off-Broadway Shakespca an drama. will speak on Th Distaff Side of Shakespeare". Ellie's Boo s & Stationery, Inc. COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPUES 135 0 Main St. 955-3515 o Each and Ev r On of the tud nt nd taff of w Collg w our wi h a H PP nd r turn to c mp for right w r. LILLI A TFR PAULA Ely I JFR TH E C A MPUS BOOK STORE Bound Volumes of he Catalyst 1 ar 1111sr vo UMES ll,llt,IV NOW AVAILABLE $6 wit your own C.. tolysts contemporor art orly $10 p r volum You re bound to like this offer.


1 ir v ry i e ere m 'll n ayh 'sbad 1n month$ and tb ork rs in the f d ral building had a hmchtim freakow th y w ren't even entitl d to. I sundm lh re and I uv rheard a lady beb' d m talkln to man who had just spoken to th a embly. She w s aylng lncr dible thin 1 like: "\ 'hai ar y u ll doin h ? You hav no more ri ht to be here than I do, If 1 had a gLIIl right now I'd show lh m (US) hat a war is like." She was a very peaceful soul wbo somehow got the idea that peace d monstratorS blue meani wh e 1 _hair is a sign ol blatant lexuality. 1 think sh was frustrated b cause she could y ct att nti u to her cold life by kicldn a nice old man with liberal leanings. Peace was obviously on her mind when she point d at me, saying, "look at that l:uv lob, They shouldn't be allowed on the street. And ad dressmg me directly she said "You never did a day's work your life, H you want to help the world v.ity doo 't you teach kids in the gh tto ? \Yhlle I was thinking of way to Stet th "fallacy" into my attack on her premises, sh started jumping up and down, "Get a job!" Really she did. Aod all the repcntcrs in the o Day n s -EW COLLEGE STUDENT" FACULTY I ISTRA TIVE STAFf A b 1 RUSTE Office o Prtsldent PRESIDENT AND MRS. JOHN E LMENDORF CORDIALLY INVITE Sco e by PeriO '507" / G T P 440 2 3 4 c 12 26 47 58 ESS 17 37 69 88 DEE WAS ES HIS GU AT SURF CO P os t ers Jewelry Gifts Cards ,V\ARU l rv\PORTS BY JEANNETTE JOHNSON WIC WIGLTS-CUR.LS All TYPES 0 HAIR PIE l AND SERVICES 1. 0 o,PR IDIUn:l Sl AMMA oc CtACI.C .0. OtA. fi.O lOA

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