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The Catalyst (Volume V, Number 10)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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December 5, 1968


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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I ot.h r ctio th facul y passed amotlonthat "ery enlormustsub mit th ori inal copy of his thesis I ty WLA Ball Sat. N ite Th omen's library AS$0Cht-tioo of w College will hold its ecood annual istletoe Ball" t.his Satwday night in Hamilton Center. All proceeds from the daac will go to buy mOft books for the coll g llbruy. The WLA dedicllt sitstime and effort to raise money so that New College's library can grow as fast as it can. The proc eeds fl'Om this annual dance alone amount to more than $5000 each year. La year'' d2nc provided c no h maney to purchase a m i -crofllm read r and copier and other quipment for the library. Direc tor ot Policy Arthur M. Miller has said, "It is hoped that th s people will be among the major supporters of the college in the n ar future." Miller' s assistant, Mrs. Dilsey Brewer commented at the SEC meeting last night that people such as these do norshave enabled the New College Student Emergency Fund to quadruple in size in the past few days. "We hope th students will make them welcome and comfortable. Ground-: 8 rea king b) DON DEWSNAP N Styles, Capt. USN, (Ret.), Plannins Director for N '!W College, reports that the grouod b akibgfoi the new residenc e ar e u on the Wen Campus will take p l c next week. T o date, only the fCIU.bdation pla have drawn up subm itt d i n f inal I orO" The hnlldinl{ pl 111 should be d. by tbe architects, Pancoast, Ferendhao, and Graf1 on, within two months. Styles saidthatwaitingfor the fin a l plans would delay the possibil l t y of construction completion by Septep1bu, 1969, Studetrts who wish to !lscuss the plans may meet with Styles i n his office Studellt suggestions will be roiWarded to the arcllitects. our M n I t To Board of ru s Sperling DallasW, Dort, chairman of the Board of Trll5tees, officially wel comed Sperling, Chablc and Miller to the meeting on behalf of the college. Curtis was in Connecticut and unable to be present. Sperling, managerof the St. /umand'so!fice of the New York Stock Exchange finn, A G. Edwards and sons, is a graduate of the University of Missouri, a form e r member ofthefaculty at Washington Univ ersity, and had considerable ex perience in newspaper and p ublic relations work before opening a n A. G Edwards office in V enice in in 1960 and later one on St. Ar mand's Key. He i s a director and m ember of the executiv c ommit t e e o f Obrig Laboratori e s and h as b een active in loca l e doc tiona l affai rs. D r Chabl minist ro!th c V n ice U nited Church of Cluist., has a l engthy r ecord of exp riencc and service in th f ld o f h i g h r edu-cation. He Wll$ on of t.b 10 ill corporators of New College. He holds degrees from Cleveland St e University, the Colgate Rochester Divinity School, the University of Rochester, and Columbia University and he has been associated in faculty and adminlitrative positiats at and Rio-Grande colleges at well as at tho e institutions !rom which he holds degrees. He has serv d as a director or offic r of the Sarasota County Chamber of CoD"'lleree Mamtee-Sarasou Gui -dance Association, the Sarasota Community Health and WeUare Co\.Ulcil and a host of other civic and fratem al strouPS. Miller C urti He is district vice chairman of th.: area Boy Col.DCil d member of the Kh anis Cl H is national president of the Truck THilers Manufacturers Auociati n and a director of the Flonda Truclcing and a rnemb t of the Bo ard of Governors of the ional Highway U rs C

M rs Far II Dad sdll)', 1 rec iv d the im prov d any during my te.uur it's impro\fi m nt is larg l y d to tho peopl Thanks again, and good-by S you in a year or so. (signed) Paul Adomites ution. Nordoes preventing j ob in terviews with th makers of n a palm. I am not w ll enough in formed nor intelligent enough to off. r a meaningful alternative solution to the overall problems in volved.inendingthewar. My only active participation in protest is discussion with friends which might stimulate intentst in the politician If eel may do more to end th war. You mentioned som thing to me that I've thought a lot too : Why do college students protest, dress as they do, and act as th y do? ''One of the reasons is b cause th only have these four y e ars at coli, g before th y go out and work for a living. So now is the tim to live it up. ( 'ot quite accurat but clos enough--Don). I m afraid that old-fashioned m doubt th wisdom of that. I find it hard to b li vc that a person who has spent four years doing what h pleased, is s udd enly going to be abl to chang and b come a model worl< r in industry of wh rev r h e works. In fact 1 can promis that j ust th o pposit is mor apt to happ n. Habits o f dr ss, morals, tho ught s and m:tn.D rscan not b t urned on and off like a wat r fauc t, 'ow is th tim t o lay down t h groundwork of habits th t will profit you all for a liC im Build your fo und tlou ar fully b -ca youhav th r of your lif tollv onwh t you' v built, 1'h t d 't m an thO&t oll g d ys should not b f un d ys Th y will b om of th mo car !r d you'll v rh v. Butyouh v a ponsibllity I It ould v r b with you. "Do \lllO h rs you would h v th mdounto u" inth me itU4tion. You'll! ro ably n v rrc iv r 1 tt r lon from me again 0 I )I f r II ) / -G Retort _t ________ t_On Poetry Dear Madden, Moody, or Adomi' t Lett r to the Editor: tes; whoever wrote that editorial f T h gTaffit i on th red b rick j concerning first-year students leavwall which sunounds the uni' now is tha eloc ry. campus for lSI': 'verse is in th form of obscene l Pb ere 1 of words I t was very kind of you to e x Gaelic mandalas. 0 met fcf b 1oodftort" f t n p ol& on p aper o rt y pre your concern over the f ate Poemscom on like acommoo.cold of first-year novocollegians. How-,--------Wordpunsandima scom n:fl m: ever, I he_lp but feel that f l ves lil

, # Ogl sby ays it wa bee us tb only way th y h d of understanding lheirsocial$)'$t mswasthrough th xisting expert$ who a.rgu d that the syst IllS were wen and good. Marx was unav ilablc in the chools, so the beats latched on to Camus whose individualistic orient ion belped 1 ad to the beat'$ a-politicaland metaphysical style of rebellion. Gradually bin of v idcnc disp\11ng the experts' def olth sy em were pieced to-ther. The civil riltbts movem nt was a major catalytic agent in the shatt ring of illusions about the sys t m which developed into the movement today. In his yankee-cowboy thesis, Og.lcsby d.istiDRuishes the two maJor economic power base& in the US, whichhav cxistedsincetariHcont::rovenies in colonial times. Th Cowboy ar the southern and rural lements, th small busine scs who trade mostly within the US, Rich ani 'ixon, the national bourgeoisie. They tend to take a militarisr 11 v hti othm do W could n v r on r ukt of c pltalJ r us c: omp y g v vr,t.b Ubr hv m ct t in illglyl t n-abl and hav be 1v n a loos r d ao{' lpo I Ult U w lc p our he l y w can form t mporary alllmces with th m for specific pwpo s. W may vcn be 1 to work occalonallywithth r die lrigh Th y too ! u u,. l [ LII"t

y wau to o. Human ig h On Dec mb r 10 at 8 P. M., a celebration of th 20th Anniverary of the D claration of Human Right "Hwnan Right Day", wlll be held in the Pri :ate Dining Room. The meeting, sponsored by the League of Women ot rs and other groups, will consiJt of a pan 1 discussion and que ions from th Ooor on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The memb rs of the panel will include: Dr. Ben C errig, fonne r member of the Bureau of l1nited 5 D y D-Harra at SEC Meeting 1 OS P Reports will b Career-In The econd Annual "Career-In", d to acquaint college s nand gr duate ud nts with job opport iti sin their ar a, will b held Decemb r 26th and 27th at th Marriott Hoc 1, Route 0 and the G rden ate Parkway in Saddle Brook, w J rscy. Representative from 90 companl with operation in the New Jers yYork metropolitan area will be on hand to answer students' q stions about available positions. 3428 No Trail 355-3446 Fl E DOMESTIC Th Student Ex cutive Committee and Business Manager Charles C. Harra di$cussed variou aspects of colleg fiscal policy at the SEC meeting last night. Ha.rra ecplained that it is impossible for students who live on cam pus not to pay board charges since enforcing this would be almost impossible. ln addition, the federal bondh lpingtheschool Iinanc the food service and dormitory program does not split room and board into s parate categories, so the school cannot separate them for billing purpo cs. It was explained that the f e for Ind pendent Study was a tuition 1570 No Lockwood Ridge Rd. 955-3446 lr.4POAT LIQUORS GOLDEN HOST 80 Buutiful Rooms 'SO-Foot Pool Putting Green-8hi Hut Coc:kt i l Lounge 4675 N Tamlaml TraJI 355 rn' c..5)fn @n;i11111trs Shop Now for Friends & Novels Children's Books i(WA .111. Ill/ fT AM U BOOKS Family Art Books E OJ; n on. -t. 10 A.. to 5 P fee and is fUDctionaily inseparable from the first term fee. Harra stated that this fee cannot be refUDded since it must be used to pay faculty salaries during the ISP period. He said that the school could_ not pay th faculty to ay during ISP, and then pay the stu d nts to leave. Mrs. Dilsey Brewer, Assistant to the Director of the Office of Student policy, anno\ttlced that the Student Emergency Fund now bas $800 in it, so that larger emergency loans can now be made. The Office of Student Policy reports that a.uY ltUdent who u leavOm i 55 i 0 n ing campa& next term, wheth r it be leave of any sort or withdrawal, O I must fill Out an "intemq:don Of g e $by Residence" Fonn at the Stud Policy Office. Th forms, which must b signed by a number of memb rs of th college community, are the la official way of checking that a stu d nt bas fulfilled sufficient obligations to leave tb coll g Th forms may b obtained froz Student Policy Office secretary, LorraiD F. Sponheim. AL MINTER WAS ES HIS WHEE BARROW AT S RF CO LAUNDRY SARASOTA Flower Shop ..... ,,. ..-t .. 121t ht StrMt t55-42t7 m o's dr d ho 6325 nsonS MOTOR LODGE Troil, 2 bloc s north of colle Senor r dua

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