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The Catalyst (Volume 2, Number 2)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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October 1, 1965


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Five page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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Vol. 2 No. 2 Published by the students of New/,College October 1, 1965 -r -CC::..' ,...,.GE PHAS:C II P R 1. .J 12 AD :!2 R E E S G R 0 Q P .1.. NOW IN OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN S U D E N T S ON Capt Ralph Stles reports that he will try to follow students' wishes in setting meal regulations. Among the problems to be resolved are meal houns and dining-room congestion. The present meal hours are: breakfast lunch ll:30-12:30i and dinner 5:30-6:15. If and when the demand rises, these times would be subject to change. As for dining area congestion, a possible solution is to make dinner a sit-down meal served to students; the reaction of students to this proposal is being sought. At any rate, congestion will be relieved by the completion of the dining room addition, scheduled early next week. Capt Styles also reports that completion of the swimming pool is ex pected by Nov 1. It will be a heated, Olympicsized pool 25 meters in length, with one and three meter diving boards. Also, the construction shack on the 'East Campus running eastwest should be available for student athletic use. (Continued on page 3) President John Elmendorf spoke to a receptive but what appeared a slightly dissatisfied audience last night at a meeting of students interested in establishing new hours of inter-visitation. The meeting, chaired by John Cranor, had been ELMENDORF TO PRESENT FUTURE N C SCHOLARSHIP The Little Angels, a Korean children's folk dance group, will appear at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium on Nov 7. The appearance of the group of seven to thir teen-year-old dancers is sponsored by the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation and the Friends of New College. Also present at the Nov performance will be Dr You Chan Yang, Ambassador-at-large for the Republic of Korea, and Hyun Chul Kim, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea. Pres Elmendorf will present to Kim a scholarship to be awarded to a Korean student for studies at New College. The members of the Little Angels were selected for the dancing ability on a nation(continued on page 3) called by the Multi-Purpose committee to discuss a petition signed by 135 students in the past 10 days, asking that intervisitation be allowed until 1:00 on every night, rather than until 11:00 on weekdays and 1:00 on weekends. Responding to questtions by many students, the Presidnet spoke on student responsiblity, and, although he was enthusiastically applauded after speaking, the ef fects of his speech could not immediately be gaug4d. The meeting closed with the resolution that each of three proposals governing the hours of intervisitation be included en a secret ballot to be released by the pose committee in the near future. President Elmendorf made clear in his speech that, although he was not concerned about the hours decided upon by the students, he was determined to enforce whatev-(continued on page 3)


Page 2 THE CATALYST Oct 1, 1965 EDITORIALLY SPEAKING -President Elmendorf's emphasis on student responsibility at last night's meeting may hopefully set the tone for all student action in the coming year. After a shakedown year of chaos, which at times saw a shirk-childish bickering as was evidenced, at times, at last night's meeting. We have engaged in such pettiness in the past, and we have no time nor justification for engaging in this in the future. ing of responsibilities not only by students, certainly, but also by the faculty, we are now in a position THE CATALYST Vol. 2, No. 2 Oct 1, 1965 to begin fulfilling the potential which we, in the first class unquestionably have, and which those Published weekly by the students of New College, Sarasota, Florida -Editors--Charles Raeburn, Tom Todd Business Manager--Richard Waller Reporters--Glenda Cimino, Chuck Hamilton, Tom Manteuffel, Jerry Neugarten, Kenji Oda, Steve Orlofsky, Laurie Paulson, Luke Salisbury, Judy Segal, Cheryl White in the second class have already shown. We have many excuses for falling short in the past. However, the time for excuses is past and the time for assuming our long-overdue responsibilities is at hand. These responsibilities preclude such Typists--Fay Gie8e, Betsy Ash, Carol Ann Childress NEW SERVICES, PUBLICATIONS NOW MADE AVAILABLE BY PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE The Public Relations Office has several services and publication available for use by New College students. A calendar of all campus activities, coordinated by Mrs Virginia Hall, is available. Anyone wishing to hold a non-academic meeting should see Mrs Hall on the second floor of the Admissions Building for space reservation. This procedure is necessary to avoid conflicts, as unused space is scarce on campus. This is reservation for time and space only. Other reservations, such as furniture and equipment, must be made through the office of Capt. Ralph E. Styles, 355-7664. The success of this clearing house depends upon the cooperation of all; all will benefit from it. A calendar of area cultural events will soon be available. This calendar will give the date, place and price, if possible. Three publications are either available now or will soon be ready. A catalogue containing the pictures, names, addresses, and highschools of all members of the Class of 1968 is available through the Office of Student Affairs for $1. A picture catalogue of the Class of 1967 may also be obtained through the College Examiner's Office for $1. The student handbook will probably be available next week. The handbook contains all kinds of valuable information. It answers questions about rules, campus dress, social activities and tuition refunds. JOE HALL WILL BE BACK TODAY OR MONDAY Mr Josef Hall, New College financial aid officer and assistant admissions director, will return today or Monday after a five week battle with assorted ailments. The Midwest recruiter has been home or two weeks recuperating from a three-week stay in the hospital. He went in for a virus infection and came out like a chapter. in Gray's Anatomy.


Oct 1, 1965 PRESIDENT ADDRESSES ( Continued from page 1 or rules were drawn up only if student enforcement was unsuccessful or impractical. He explained that his commitment to the community and to the parents of students must be honored. One of the proposals was to have inter-visitation from 7:00 am until 11:00 on weekdays, and until 1:00 on weekends (as the rule now stands); the second was to extend the weekday time to 1:00, with the same starting time, and the same weekend time; the third was different only in that the weekend time be set at 3:00 am. After attempting for 50 minutes to arrive at a logical decision through the process of parliamentary procedure, the chairman utilized his pm11er, pushed through the final resolution, and adjourned the meeting. Nm1 COLLEGE PHASE II (Continued from page 1) The laundry room, located east of the dorms, was scheduled to open yesterday. It contains three coin operated washers and dryers. Capt4 Styles also reports that the drawings for Phase I:I of the East Campus should be completed by the end of Oct THE CATALYST by the office of I.M. Pei. The project will then be bid, and construction should start in early Dec. It must be completed by next Sept. Phase II will consist of a building containing a lobby, reception area with a complete switchboard system, a lounge with a skylight, snack bar with a terrace, the President's dining room, also with a terrace, two private dining rooms which can also be used for classrooms, and a main dining room seating 350. Dinner can either be served seated or in cafeteria style. ELMENDORF TO PRESENT (Continued from page 1) wide basis and have been training since 1962. They recently gave their first American performance in Washington, D.C. The folk dancers are accompanied by members of the faculty of the Korean National Court Hus ic Academy. Tickets for the Nov 7 performance are available by mail or telephone from the Allied Arts Council in the Sarasota Civic Center or from New College. Page 3 SEE 'AMERICA' SUNDAY IN TEE MUS lC ROOM By David Pini America will be shown this Sun in the Music Room at.7:00. This last great historical spectacular of D.W. Griffith is about the Revolu'bion ary war and was sponsored, appropriately enough, by the DAR. The first part of the film attempts to sketch the background of the Revolution and it is due primarily to the impressive battle scenes in thiE section that the film is called the most photographically beautiful film ever produced by Griffith and his famous cameraman G.W. Bitzer. The bloody Mohawk Valley campaign and the sadistic Captain Butler are the subjects of the rest of the film with the brutalities of war providing some relief from the tedious love story of Nathan Holden and Nancy Montague, played by Neil Hamilton and the overexposed Carol Dempter. Zombies of the Strato sphere, part one, will also be shown this Sun. Aline Towne, widely acclaimed for her stunning performance in Radar Men from the Moon, makes up for the often weak characterization of Judd Holdren, still recovering from the role of "Fatty" in Junior G-Men of the Air.


THE MATHER GIVES CANDID VIEWS CN NEW AND OLD CLASSES Note: Mike Mather is assistant to the College Examiner and in this capacity has been able to o bserve the members of the class. "Also, although SAT Verbal scores are about the same, the first year students are amazingly articulate." THE CATALYST: Would you say then, than the difference is one of personalities rather than intellect? MM: "I want to emphasizeMM: "Yes!" that the statements I THE CATALYST: Will the make at this time are merely impressionsfirst impressions -and they may change at any time. "Generally I have a very favorable impression of the members of the new class. I expected a timorous group who would take their cues from upper classmen and who would be scared and confused. But I have been very pleasantly sur-p rised to find that this is a 'take-charge group." THE CATALYST: How do you compare the new class with the old and what effect do you think the new class will have? MM: 11There are many individualists in tHe new class who don't find it necessary to be flamboyant nonconformists to prove their individualityo The underclassmen are educating the upperclassmen and infecting them with their asm. At the same time the new class may humble the old class some. "Individuals in the new class show more character and are more levelheaded. new students affect the status of the Charter Class? MM: "I think the importance, and the self-importance of the old class will be reduced to a proper amount by the new one. Also, I think the old class is just now realizing the lack of an upper class to them. The new class has the advantage of some pre-existing structure within which they can move and work." THE CATALYST: Generally, what conclusions have you reached about the new class? MM: "I think the new class seems to be stable. But I hope that they conduct their adolescent experimentation with some couth, some moderation. rm glad to see rapid assimilitation on both sides, but I just wish that the old class would not introduce some of its more liberal behavior patterns to the new class so quickly, and with such nonchalance. THE CATALYST: Any final comment? MM: "The girls are prettier." A PoSEY FROM HARPER & RCW Shoe shine for a a shot. Thats how Posey got his start young boy in Minn. nickel Dr as a He went on to become a ham operator, scuba diver, professor, governmental consultant, businessman, and now our own departmental head of Social Sciences. When teaching at Northwestern University he and his advanced students helped to initiate some needed changes in the city government of Chicago through a term pro ject. During the Truman and Eisenhower administrations he was on the u. S. Loyalty Review Just before coming to New College, he was college editor of Harper and Row, of New York. He edited scores of books, and has written a number himself, including American Government: National, State, Lpcal; and The American Constitution. He continues to serve Harper and Row as consuLting editor. Besides being a twin (his twin sister is a physician in Cincinnati) Dr Posey is a Member of the Harvard Club of New York City and was ly elected to the Cosmos Club of Washinton, o.e., noted for its scientific and literary distinction.


) .. i.. l 1965 USE Trill LIBRARY CORRECTLY AND LET IT SERVE YOU By Kenji Oda Certcinly one of the H tost important institutions on any college campus is the college libra ry vJhich is an indispen sable part of the campus community. New College Library is presently located on the second floor of Col lege It possesses 24,000 volumes and last year subscribed to 167 different periodicals. In keeping with the grc\oJth of New College, the library facilities will be continually ex panding. For instance, the number of magazines to this year will be about double the number last year; ulti mut2:!.y, the library is to occupy the entire College Ea.ll building. Library service is available from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays] 9:00 to 1:00 pro on Sat, end 2:00 to 5:00 on Sun afternoons. Material in the general collBction can be checked out to studsnts, faculty, and staff for an initial period of two weeks, after \lhich a person may hold a book to the end of the term unless the library for its return. Students are encouraged to return borrowed materials as soon as possible to make those materials more readily available to othe:rs. To make things THE CATALYST easier for students, the library has instituted a policy whereby books can be left at the Reception Center in the dorm complex. All library material is subject to recall; once a book has been recalled, it must be returned within 24 hours, or a fine of 25 per day will be levied. nefereilce is shelved in a special Reference Room. Also in this room are the books on the Reserve list1 which are materials designated by teachers as readings in their study programs. These also are not to be removed from the Reference Room. Periodicals are shelved with the general collection and, while they cannot be checked out, can be read anywhere in the li As issues of the various magazines accumulate, they are bound and placed in the West Room. In addition, the library possesses a coping machine, on which one can duplicate pages from library material at 10 per page, and a microfilm reader. Microfilm copies of material and books borrowed from older ar.d more libraries can be obtained th:r:ough the reference librarian at the request of a faculty member. librarian here at New is Dr Corinne Wilson, who also teaches classical Greek and Latin. The li-Page 5 brary staff consists of: Miss Curtiss, Mr& Werner, cataloging asst.; Mrs Ray, periodi Mrs Friday, reference; and Mrs Andrews, circulationo All will be most happy to aid students. To insure the success of the system of having no definite time limit on borrowing books (and, consequently, no fines for overdue books}, we of the student body must accept the responsibility of returning books as soon as we have no further use for them. In addition, these books should be treated as carefully as if they were our own. Dr Wilson and Miss Curtiss remind us, "This is your library; mistreating the books and failing to observe library rules only hurt yourself and your fellow students." (Note: Dr Wilson also reminded students that eating is forbidden in the library. It weems that crumbs attract insects, who in turn eat the books. } S U B S C R I P T I 0 N S ------------Subscriptions available at $2 for 20 issues. Address: Business Manager, The Catalyst, New College, Sarasota, Florida. # # # The Catalyst has openings for photographers and artist-cartoonist. If you are interested, contact the editors.

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