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Captain Jack


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Captain Jack
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Captain Jack (No. 21)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
Creation Date:
May 18, 1970


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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s MM J Another d llow-co e c t t froot pa e, with relev Dt R I was talldng tomylawyerfrfaldabout the Novocollegian precatdow -s&Jnst and peCODceptiow related to dope busta. He had 10me advice zod a atra:lg: wam.hl.g, beth c4 Which I wW coa.vey. I The wamibg--in thU Ita, you can get Ufe inprisoomcnt tor adling narcotics to a m1nort of your age. life. The whc tbe DJ"eD blue come, make them read beth ddes of the I warraat iD full. If they ch-ase to break down the door first and the warrant does lpeCU ally lnention not latocldr!.g, aDDOIDce w:llh witnesses llstening that you are a vic:tim of tearc:.b, that I you wzot coUDSel' s advice, md that you want access to a telephoa.e to call the cops. In any event, make them read both sjdes of the warrant slowly andcleadybefore: they touch mything. If, butead of crowding aroUild the reader, yo1.1 had it I read to the grotlp c:ce by ODe, th pod< would poobably irritatedly do it md you would buy pelbaps some busy time. Detennioe if your specific premises I don't know anything about it. ueexaalydescrihedblthew aut. 11 w All New College ltudenQ, fa.__ty, and staff wW be wclcome to attend the Music Fe&ival C

( nly f 1 lik i could write speech s for nixon) And, as th hard we ks drag by, my editorial attitude has changed--! have been attacked (by myself and god)for optimism (concemmg the Student Chair, Captain Jack, ew Stage), andforpessimism (concerning everything else). Ah, the traditional problems of New College are ever shrouded in ambiguity ... This week, however, a new crisis has arisen--A NEW EVIL HAS REACHED OUR CMviPUS, and one about which there can be no divergence of opinion. Oh yes, we all stood quietly by last year when pennypitching got started as a "harmless" afterdinner sport. We ho-hmnmed while stu dents nightly destroyed body and spirit on the ping-pong table--this time with facilities supplied by the College itself! True, some concern began to be felt (largely by the losers)when the evils of POKER began to invade our campus, but even that has been shrugged off NOW, and with complete sanctioning and, Yea, financing, by the Student Executive Committee, we have finally seen the ar rival of GA1v1ING T ABIES on our fair campus. What can be said? We alllmowfrom past experience (in books, movies, television) that Bll.UARDS PARLORS are dens of iniquity, poisonous to the spirit of our youth. Oh, it's innocent, you say--it'll never I.e ad to the harder stuff: money beer drinking, yes, even man]uana smoking! (Why, oh why can't we stick to the harmless enter tainments, like Von Schmidt concerts?) You think I'm just talking? Let me give you .an example--Saturday night, I was walking arotmd (recovering from the emo tional exhaustion of th concert) at THREE A.M. and happened by the West Campus What was th r ? A group of one -mnocent FIRST YEAR STUDENTS! The sam group that had b en ther since that aft moan! Th moral decadence was too much. I I urge you all, stu-ts and faculty, to unit against this n w vil which IS sapping th energies of our youth. I m an, geez, I ha'VI 't gotten to play ven once y t. r ( c ) Curr tly, 37 mployees work for th It nt offic rs. The persa11 ln clude a pennanent secretuy, tors and n urse s, other secretarial helpers d many awdllazy workers such a.s a bar tender, e tc. Please direct comm h ic: Sarasota 1481 Main Street 2069 S iesta D rive 958 4674 955-3537 BradentoJJ 4524 14th Street TRAIL NATIONAL BANK Moccasins Boots LeathiJro uvi 's Bs l.l Bot toms WE'LL STRETCH A POl T YOU


b ocal t body 1t d strik He appuemly by f uously 1D yon o h ot inst th tlcally in port oi t ually ill lcally I could h v claimed f to b under 25" sJnc oaly 79 llf: (G up port stat -m post d in Hamilton Center, The s :in the roi b\& I wish to hereby recotd my own continuous non-support of w Coll strike. My re asODb:lg cc why prot now. Why v ed Cambodia (a po$ol tb war to which we be drafted) and wh four white colle shot. Why not wh Ia 1 att eked Egy ian tetrltory or when bla shot in th street or .,ben milliOil$ dying from hunger around the world. Every dea:tb should carry equal d mer equal moumJng. The Y apparent re on for striking now and not then is th closene e sltusticc bits too lves. Despite th glossy ideallitic toric (whichhassome valldity)the basic force tb ectian c4. self-interest How th can we blame Mr Nixon for htS motiVlltion, times, by his own self-in-t e rest, also ar-coated with noble ra-ticcalh

uiJ y btl t c: JD tbh vlllqt:, athe r typi-c: al, f bl &ft:ql:.b, m whe hi. y tr ach, hl.doc) ay m ol ow (18-.30) in fJD, ll1t ol ev liml 10 thllt th tllhrf_..h will, upoo eompl the co go bllclc to their p blOl and ho the chla'Cb. This dtuaticm v JY IDtereJtiDg golagl-cm, u well u povidm o \lllWes f you and to have al an for be IDg hue and a good pl to stay. What I myself am pele!Uly engag d m lsplaymgthe role afthe soli cular-educlltkm. Adibmetic, World History, SpaD .lsb-wrilten IJid g:rammlltic:ized. Thllt's my all cially saDctiaoed gig. lo exchange for bdng for six homos weekly, I h fmc food, pla.ce, and Xochenpicb (a gu). Abo J p pivtlege for lnd variow otbu com.mod.lties. That's my deal. I think it's a good I'm gmw!Dg to love the people ol this village. What I wish to communk:de to yoll, however, is an idea of what your dtwltion be like if you perclumce decided to come down here, as you have been Invited to do so by the milllcDaryfolk bi their kmdness. The cost of llvtDc (bulcally) would be nommal, and if fow or lell ol you come, the digs excelle:Dt.. I would Kcommend that you arme with IIOIDe lmowledae SpanJib (or Maya). Otherwise you will find yow.elf quite UDable to communicate ver bally wJI:h auy bl& tbe American missiODIriu (thU Is DOt to naggest that they are uot latereltblg in themselves. On the ccm trary, they ltrike me uinaedible peopleuw tomye.xperleD.c.e. However, they can ted to bore. Buides, the M.ya a:e fine folk, IIDd they wolW:l be dlsappofrlted if On your marks, get set. Go! Good marks w in good jobs. Get ahead and study. Now and in college. our College Program 9583 3 1 JJ677 re. If y ill d, d wa:ui to know mo IOCID (I ve ay 20), talk to Mrt. Elm dorf, or write to the he ad 'ID1IsJonary, Mr. Harry Pet at same address. Oh, yes. For the ne dy amou w, I bell v thllt th lllt!ll travelllDg cap -tal avallable through fbn:nc1al atd ofiloe. Think it over, and when in doubt, do it! Peace. BID Hennan Xochenpich Via Dzitu Yucatan, Mexico rr1 tro j.. ea THEATRE U. S. 41 N. AT 33RD STREET Phone 355-9011 FILMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Continuous from I pm Sidewaflc Cafe Complimentary Demi-Tasse Vlslt Th C mpus Book Shop Th Store Th 11 t S rv s The lite and like itl Office Supplie" 13SO Main Street s.r..ota. 33577 PhCIIle: 958-6577 COCKTAILS AT fi. 28 No. Tn 1 1184 No. Beautifu ly Constructed to cover Bikinis aDd keep yourcool Yellow-Lime-Coral St Armautl K y DIPPER DAN K 5 h in .again Trail Pt 3333 Tamial'rU Trail Phon 355 1 COPPER BAR r-Ud l.. t.quo

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