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January 26, 1970


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Sarasota, Florida January 26, 1970 Volume One No. JO B2Jiiiii1Biiiili!iiiliillii8ii8iiiiiliiiaaaali!iiaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:aaa New College students turned out 1n large last Tuesday and elected Country Dick Webb chairman of the Student Executive Committee. Of the two hundred seventeen ballots cast for SEC chairman, Webb, something of a surprise winner, took ninety-two for a substantial victory over Don Goldberg and Jon Lundell. The other "races" for SEC Representative were not so close, as only three candidates submitted petitions for the three offices in each of the first and second year classes, and four in the third year class. The unlucky fourth candidate lost by a single vote. Elected to the SEC were Doug Friedman, Ira Halberstadt, and Wilbur Moore from the first year class; Roger Klurfeld, Peter McNabb and Fred Silverman from the second year; and Larry Reed, Tim Snyder, and Robert Swartz from the third year class. Five students were elected to the Student Court: Paul Adomites, Noel Bickford, Doug Freeman, Rod Kohler, and Jay Lentini. John Esak and Peter McNabb were elected representatives to faculty meetings. Other offices decided: F.ducational Policy Committee: Mike Smith Academic Review Committee: Charles MacKay & Daniel Boehmer Contract Arbitration Committee: Karen Adams, Marco Pereyma, & Greg Bullock, all by write-in. Architecture & Physical Plant Committee: David Pini & Rick Roberts Speakers Committee: David Pini & Sal Lee Anderson Library Committee: Barbara Reeves Orientation & Graduation Committee: Sal Lee Anderson WEBB 1 Chairman, yes, but Emperor? (See New Religion, page 2) Educational Conference Begins friday The All-College Educational Conference will take place on January 30, 31, and February 5. The structure and agenda of the conference,as suggested by the planning committee, is as follows: 1 ). There will be seven panels gotten together, each of which will be responsible for leading and organizing commu.nity-wide discussion around an assigned topic (see list of suggested topics). If anyone is interested in serving on one of these panels, he should see the appropriate chairman. The names of the chairman are listed below. Each panel will consist of four to six members, 2). Prior to the Conference itself, and beginning immediately, the panels will meet to discus' their topics and formulate c-utlines for the community meetings during the 30th and 31st. These outlines are listed below for use of all participants in the large meetings. 3). On Friday, January 30, and Saturday, 31, the will meet in the dining hall before the commumty and lead discussion of their topics. The schedule of meetings will be as follows: Initial Meetings the panels will lead consecutive discussions before the New College community on the following general topics: Friday, January 30: 9:00 10:00 a.m. -Panel I; The Role of Independent Study at the Innovative College (chairman: David Young). 10:30 -11:00 a.m. Panel II; What Kind of Student for New College? How many? (chairman: Nick Munger). 1:00 2:00p.m. Panel III; Constitutional Structure of the College: Pattern of Decision-Making (Michael Smith). 2:30 -3:30 p.m. Panel IV; Where Does the Money Come From? Can Work Replace Money? (Reynolds Russell). 7: 30 p. m. -The Role of the Private Liberal Arts College in American Higher Education, an address by Peter P. Muirhead, U, s. Associate Commissioner for Higher Education, Saturday, January 31: 9:00-10:00 a.m. Panel V; Faculty and Students; Learning and Living---Together or Apart? (Russ Resslhuber). 10:30-11:30 a.m. Panel VI; Four Year Option: Escape Hatch, or Window to the World? (Jack Cousineau). 1:002:00p.m. -Panel VII; HowtoAvoidMakingtheFirst Year Program a Last Year Program (David Pini). Interim: during the interim period, the panels will meet to make summary statements and proposals coming from the initial hearings. Final Hearings: On the morning of February 5, the panels will meet in open session simultaneously in different rooms in order to make presentations of their preliminary drafts of proposals and be receptive to comments from the interested members of the community. During the afternoon of the fifth, the panels will take into consideration the developments of the morning, and redraft their proposals into final form. The final proposals of each panel will be formally presented to an open meeting at 7: 30 on Thursday evening. The public will be invited to attend. TO SIGN UP FOR PANELS CONTACT CHAIRMAN NOW. Again, they are: I. II. III. IV. v. VI. VII. Independent Study Admissions Decision-Making, Administrative Structure Development, Work-Study Student-Faculty Relations Four Year Option First Year Program David Young Nick Munger Michael Smith Reynolds Russell Russ Resslhuber Jack Cousineau David Pini A list of the topical suggestions for consideration by the several panels is given on Page Four. NEW SEC OKAYS RADIO STATION AS FIRST BUSINESS The newly-elected members of the SEC held their first. meeting last Thursday night in the fishbowl. Outgoing chairman Mike Smith offered his "heartiest congratulations and heart-felt sympathy" to the chairman-elect Dick Webb as he installed him in office. In honor of the occasion, two ceremonial candles were lit on either side of the chairman's place at the table. Country Dick displayed noticeable uneasiness as he slid into the chair of honor for the first time. Later, he demonstrated a growing compatibility with his position when he took one of the candles in hand to light a cigarette. During the business part of the meeting, the SEC voted to appropriate $300 to Tim Snyder enabling him to buy a transmitter and execute his plan to have a radio station in operation before the end of the term. The transmitter will be set up in" A" Building to broadcast to the Palmer campus where the electrical wiring system is most easily adapted. If the West Campus scheme works, Snyder plans to buy another transmitter to hit the East Campus rooms. Programs will be broadcast over the existing college wiring outside of FCC regulatory powers. Anyradioplugged into an electrical outlet will be capable of receiving the sigllfll. A transistor radio placed close enough to the outlet will also work. Programming opportunities will be open to all students whowisbto take the time to learn howto use the equipment. If all goes well, the station could begin to broadcast within three weeks. Marl< Friedman College Council MORE BOARD HASSLE Rob Mallet I should stop going to College Council meetings. Last Tuesday the Council held another meeting in which barely enough members showed to comprise a quorum, they very nearly reneged (3-2 vote) on their ironclad decision of last week, and it was made clear that the only real reason they won't allow any more board refunds is that they won't. Seven students who hadn't paid their bills by January 19 and one who had were called before the Council to explain themselves. Two cases involved loan papers being tied up in the mail, and, although in each case more than half the bill had already been paid, Mr. Harra still expressed concern that the delinquent students might withdraw without having paid their full debts. Other cases raised again the question of board refunds, as more students made appeals to be removed from the board plan, as was strictly prohibited at the last meeting. After considerable discussion, the final vote in each case was 3-2 against allowing the exemptions, with Miller, Helgeson, and Culbertson voting against, and student representatives Moore and McNabb voting for. It was again pointed out that the only way a student could be removed from the board plan after the start of a term was if he were to withdraw, this being the gist (Continued on Page Three)


2 llillill!lllllliiilllllllillllllll eligon Proclaimed On Campus For I have mummy truths to tell, Whereat the living mock, Though not for sober ear, It may be all that hear Should laugh and weep an hour upon the clock. This is an explanation of an inexplicable phenomenon. yve, Jon Douglas Moody and john Richard Webb, on the latenight and early morn of Wednesday and Thursday, January 21 and 22, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy years A. D. Old Era, a mystical revelation of the nmth magm tude. This is what occurred: Prologue: Dick: The night following my election to the chairmancy of the SEC was one of those empty new college nights, when sleeplessness and the void are the rule. After two hours of soaking in the bathtub reading, appropriately enough, The Last Temptation of Christ, I could no longer abide the roar, however soft, of the air conditioning unit in my room; I rose and put on my clothes so that I could pass through the palm court, into third court, to moody's room, without gaining unwonted attention. The existential desert was making inroads in my mind and I felt a need for humid conversation with my peer. The limbo between political inactivity and the pwgatory of the office I had achieved had wasted me. In other words it one of those real downer nights and I was "creeping" around the East Campus. Upon entering Jon's niche I discovered him deep in goggle-eyed meditation upon the grotesque day glow painting 1 had done last year on the back of his bookcase. We saluted, and I quickly outlined my situation and inquired into his. Prologue: Jon: It was a meditation night. People were getting me down and I had left the usual scenes to retreat into myself. Bartok on the stereo and the black light on the painting. Twist your legs together and think about: Illusion and imagination. Setting the worlds of my mind apart and letting go of as many things as I could and still be. Three hours maybe and the footsteps tell me Dick is coming and I flash discord and unrest. Memories of nights spent speeding into words and I was tired. Dick tells me what has been said before and we put on the first side of "Crown of Creation" and retired to my balcony. Cold winds cutting the cloth against hard stars we talked through the music, against the music finally with the music and fell silent. The cold electronic wail fading into night and our eyes seem to meet far to my right in the enchanted forest. The story together: The green light which back yard of Cars of Yesteryear di rectly through the Spanish moss hvmg on the misty air beneath the bows of the enchanted forest. The fog which comes off the swimming pool (to the left) and from the bog (to the right) drifts in among the tendrills of the moss and swirls around the barbecue pit there, which, with the green light, lends the scene some aspects of an altar, either ready for use before the black thmgsgo Sarasota Coca-Cola Bottlers. mass, or deserted after it. It was this set of circumstances, often thought of before, and now realized again, which compelled us to leave the balcony and the room, and seek the shelter of the wood. The flourescent charge, lighting the left half of our bodies as we faced the eastern side of the pit, was a palpable emotion, and the deadness or emptiness which was mentioned previously was replaced or filled with this kinesis, a sort of vague energy-not-our-own. The silence of some time was broken by the Jerk of Jon's head away from the green light, toward Dick, who then met his gaze with a movement of,llis own head nearly equal in of rotation to the movement of Jon's head; Jon, simultaneous with both movements, saying, 11We should go to the ba_y,. and Dick answering yes, not even vo1C1ng the unspoken, "I was JUSt thinking the same thing." Running, walking into fogged night across the dividing of their home and over fields through the gate and among the new buildings. Silent at two or three and no one around. Slipping past the filled rooms of friends and strangers into the forest away from the road. We reach the colonnade between the two halls and pause at the empty pedestal there, unsure of our next movement. We am bled towards the rear of College Hall climbed the steps and sat down. The full 'moon hung low over the bay filling the water with its ight and seemingly laying a pathway to its brilliance. We watched the moon, the keys, the stars, and the water undergoing their various transformations as the pole of the moon disappeared into the line of black on the horizon. The last spark of lunar light died near the doc.k. Arising, Jon walked to the north, h1s footsteps weaving irregular patterns among the sand spurs and crabgrass beneath his eyes. Dickwasnow standing about a hundredfeettothe south, gazing into the trunk of the large tree which grows almost directly in front of the colonnade. In a moment, turning, each finds himself on the dock. Then. Now. Adam Smith called it the Archangel Gabriel Ezekiel saw the wheel. The combined parts of the total of the set of circumstances described above--parts, pemaps greater than the sum--produced at this moment revelation, the apocalypse, that is, "A revealing; a telling of the truth," To both, simultaneously, it appeared: "Wit ye well. I am that I am; neither Alpha nor Omega; I am neither beginning nor end. I am the Continuance, not the angel of the trumpet, not The Word, but the Angel of Light, The Silence. See if ye would know. "The Wheel of the Faculties comes to its close. At the next new moon, as ye now see, the Old Era ends, the New begins. "If ye would have Continuance, go now, and show those in darkness the Way of Light, teaching unto them what I have revealed to you, and that which I will direct ye into shall be shining. To Jon '!,lO]le, the voice now speaks. "Thou, Vanisson, now take as thy sign the Heirophant, for thou shall perform the du-CONFERENCE: MUNGER Dear Editorializers: The only thing worse than reasoning by analogy is reasoning by bad In your editorial two weeks ago, the miS statement is made that the January Educational Conference is, like Freeco, "founded on the principle that a _lack of 'c?m 'munity' is primarily for ahen atio;n isolation, and dlvlSlVness at New Colle'ge, and should thus be avoided .. You are either uninformed or stup1d (entirely :om. and disregarding the reactionary 1mphcat1on of your statement). Free co, as its members would proudly admit, is indeed founded on a "communal ideal." and the Cap'n's apology in last week's scuttlesheet was certainly called for. But the Educational Conference is not "the other side of the same coin. The Conference is, more accurately, founded on the hope that two days spent in closely guided discussion of potentially far-reaching topics might generate some concrete proposals to the President and other Celestials, proposals which, if accepted could change radically this amorphous featherbed upon which we lie. If the NewCollege "community" choosesto make it so, the Conference could be an agent of positive change. ("D'ya hear 'bout that New innovational College down in Floridae, Cap'n?") The communal ideal, in both its social and educational forms, will probably enter the discussion at various points. But it is merely one subJect among many, and perhaps 'not a very important one at that. In fact, the Conference might wisely melt down this coin along with several others in our currency of dysfunctionally operative myths. But in any case, its obJective is to deal with reality more than ideality in a serious attempt to narrow the yawning gap that lies between the two in this tower. As for communality, watermelon sugar makes fine bridges but there were very few books in iDeath. From the craw's nest, Nick Munger ties of fhe Sacrement in accordance with the Light." And to Dick, "Thou, Webb, now take as thy sign the Emperor, to dissolve for all the division of Sacred from Profane, and to manifest the Light in the Earth." Having been shown these things, and now possessing the keys to the Books of Light, the Vision passed from us. Jon Vanisson, Heirophant John R. Webb, Emperor 1/25/70 STATEMENT BY THE SEC CHAIRMAN No doubt the proclamation of a new religion partly through the newly-elected Chairman of the SEC will cause some comment. Let it here be known that no state religion will be instituted through my office. I do personally encourage all those who read this paper to come to our first services on Sunday February 1, 1970, at 12:00 N., on. the between the corner of first court facing the Trail and the airport and the sidewalk which runs from the Trail to Hamilton Center. This will be the first of regular services and festivals of the WatersignBaptist Church of New College, "The Church of the Metaphorical Light. ROTTMAN Dear Nick, You'd better haul butt down to the rhetorical store because your latest tone is a bit too nasty. To my disappointment, you did not deal at all with the point of the editorial. The point is that the college conference cannot be an agent for real, positive change unless the individuals within the community change themselves. You can yell yourselves blue in the face about independent study, administrative decision-making, and four-year options but you won't succeed in changing the real substance of individuals' lives until individuals do it themselves. As long as people come to innovative colleges and college conferences with the idea that "radical change" can come from outside themselves, they will continue to be disillusioned and disappointed. This pro-cess is in operation at New College:-witness the infamous disillusionment syndrome of first-year students. I'm sure that the college conference can do a lot of good within its limited scope. Undoubtedly there is room for improvement in the structure of the college. However, the point of the editorial was that Freeco the college conference and t h i1n g s 1 ike the m i 11 us t r e the fact that when change 1s needed, too many people dis place their attention from where the need for change arose -the self. That, more properly, is what should be avoided. From the deck, DR I urge all of you to come to these services, and be of our sincerity, and of the venty of new religion. We are even now mak1ng our doctrines known. The message this Sun daywill be of an expository nature, dealingwith our own particular doom as Novo Collegians, and outhn1ng further our beliefs as Apostles of the Light. Rest assured that the execution of my office secular and religious, will remain with the good influences of my faith making possible a better application of my duties as chairman. The will o f the electorate shall be my will as Chairman. The will of God shall be my will as Erpperor. Come Sunday. Your servant, Dick Webb EDITOR'S POSTSCRIPT: It would be easy enough to ridicule Jon and Country for this document, or to take it as a complete put-on. I am inclined to wait and see. Smcenty crops up in the most unlikely of places, and they probably laughed at a lot of people who didn't deserve it as well as at somewhodid. Wait for Sunday. AJJyway, if it flops you can stay out there until the second and look for your shadow. RM Coke FLA THEATER BLDG. rs; ........... cttie,J Beck & Staticnez!l, 9nc. Complete Office Supplies" 1350 Main Street Sarasota, Florida 33577 Phone: 958-6577 Editors: David Rottman Rob Mallet Business Mgr.: Lee Harrison Writers: Mark Friedman Lynwood Sawyer Dork Womack Contributors this issue: David Pini Dick Webb Jon Moody Bill Herman


3 .JIMiliiiJIIIIiiilllllillliii llilill Ill I II I I Captain Jack 3 Ill lllillili !iillillliiiiiBB!iffii ii88ii8Biiiiiiiliiiiliiillliiiiiiiiii week i'Y' ou i zThis photograph is: (a) of the grim climax to a bizarro scavenger hunt. (b) of Dr. Miller, looking very, very guilty. (c) one of twenty-seven black-and-white photos showing funny things. (d) of an Outdoor Modern Dance group doing the PMnPller Boogaloo. "jSJanadoJd aq:t alOlS oqM P!>i at[l aJ,no.-\ os., '.-\q a8pnr ;np Aq palaaJ8 8a1aq J3U!W 'JG :ta&ToJ n-e:> Ot{M 'aAoq-e aql JO .-\a-em (-e) =a'lMSNV COLLEGE COUNCIL -continued of the agreement with Servomation Mathias, which he was honor-bound to honor. (PLFASE SEE MY COLUMN!, this page) It was noted, however, by a sheepish Harra, that a further exemption had been granted since the Council's decmon of last week. Another beautiful hassle was in the decision about JUSt what to do with those students who were trying to pay their bills, but JUst hadn't yet. A heated discussion followed in which it was decided that the deadline should be extended, rather than to Monday morning, as was first proposed, to S p.m. Friday, presumably to give those who couldn't quite make it the weekend in which to get out. The $20-late fees were very nearly slapped on totally at random, until the student representatives started voting in favor of assessing the fines in all cases in order to maintain some semblance of equality. Before the meeting was far along, Provost Barcroft, who had been chairing the meeting, had to leave, and Miller took over. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Culbertson announced that he was leaving the meeting. "1 don't think you have enough for a quorum, 11 he chided, picking up his marbles. Miller pleaded with him to stay, wrapped up the meeting with lightning 1nefficiency. A further board exemption was granted without a quorum vote, and the meeting disbanded at once. Outside in the lounge, Barcroft was heard to ask Miller if the hurry had been aresultofhisneed to make a one o'clock meeting. "No, "Miller said, 111 JUSt can't stand those meetings. Who, I ask with all due respect, in the HELL are these people who are allowed to stumble through decisions which may be important to some students? CllUII! THE NO-BOARD-REFUNDS AGREEMENT At the College Council meeting last Tuesday, Mr. Harra, looking guiltier than I thought he could look, admitted that the College wouldn't really lose any money if students were to be granted late board refunds provided the refunds were made as of first of the month, when the Business Office renews its monthly contract with Servomation Mathias. The problem, it seems, is with an (unwritten, I gather) agreement which is on a term basis, by which students can be removed only in the case of withdrawal from the College. Having worked for Servomation Mathias in the past, I know the importance of this prelimi_nary but I question whether the Busmess Off1ce does in fact honor its agreement to the extent Mr. Harra would have us believe. I offer my own personal case of years ago. After having paid my full b1ll forthirdterm ofthe67-68 academic I freaked out and was granted academ1c permission to finish the term away campus, though for any b.ut putposes I was to be cons1dered lD residence. I did not try to get the per term board refund (that amount wh1ch the College pays Servomation, student pays a great deal more), th1nkmg that my scholarship would be cut to the point that I wouldn't get anything back, anyway. I just left. When I returned the following year, I was informed by Mr. Estep that my name had been taken off his list sho.rtly after I had departed, as if I had Withdrawn. Now, as !said, I didn't expect to get anything back myself anyway, but WHY, if we are so honor-bound to keep our agreement with Servomation, should the Business Office keep the money that was rightfully the caterer's? This w?ndex:'us agreement is, I fear, more a sbck Wlth which to bludgeon students who want a break than it is an agreement between "gentlemen. Results of Questionnaire from the SAC, chairman, David Pini A questionaire was distributed to the student body at the end of first term by the Student Academic Committee. Approximately 140 students returned the form with about 70 of these also including faculty evaluations. One paragraph summaries of each faculty member's evaluations will shortly be distributed and the evaluations themselves will be made available in the reference room of the library. It is hoped that more students will respond at the end of second term. The answers to the twq questions on the form are as follows: 1. I would prefer to see the college: 1 s t 2nd 3rd Tot a 1 A. Remain its present size. 29 1 9 10 58 B. Become smaller. 1 2 17 3 32 c. Grow (total) 10 1 2 12 34 to 500 9 s 4 18 600 1 6 7 700 3 3 800 3 2 6 D. The rate of growth should not exceed a freshman class of of the student body 42 12 The results of the question concerning priorities for the hiring of new faculty are: (with 3 pts. f.or first choice, 2 for s e c o n d, and 1 for third) Psychology 81 pts. fine Arts 28 Anthropology 58 Sociology 27 Religion 51 Thea-ter 32 Poli-Sci and Art History 25 Literature and "Communications"21 69ers LOSE TWO CLOSE GAMES Mark Friedman Narrowly escaping a tradition-shattering victory in City League competition, the New Cpllege 69ers rallied to lose in a the Venice big men score repeatedly from game Monday night against Bob Jones. underneath to widen their lead to fourteen. Behind the hot shooting of player-coach Reboundsstatstoldthestory. Venice main-Nick Munger, the team cut an eighteen-tained a 3-1 rebounding edge. pointthirdquarterdeficit to two with 1:30 MungertoppedallscoreTSwithtwentyHimmelfarb J re-mainint-jones :el -wiD S6, despite what was undoubtedly the Moore aDd Friedman added eight apiece. team's best effort of the season. Although they knocked the lead down to fouratone poiDt in the fourth quarter, the Because of their solid performance, 69ers couldn't muster the strength to win. the squad went into the following Wednes-day for a game against Venice, who had only managed to salvage a one point victory in their first meeting, with visions of victory. They even allowed the start of the game to be delayed thirty until Venice'sfifthstartercould tear hlmself away from the bar, rather than take a forfeit victory. New College hopes were dashed as the inebriated Venice front court dominated both backboards in winning 65-SS. In Monday night's game a fourth period comeback as he 1n twelve points in the final ten mmutes. Munger collected twenty points and a doz en rebounds to pace the 69er attack. Al Himmelfarb kept the game from getting out of hand by canning four first period buckets and sixteen points all told. Bob Jones had to extend themselves ':"'ith a tight man-to-man to hang ontotheu lead. Wilbur Moore and Bill Westwood added nine and six points respectively, while RonBloom and Mark Friedman alternated i.n the remaining starting spot. After the fine effort Monday night, Wednesday was a big The team was in high spirits followmg Monday's close call. In contrast Wednesday's match left the players physically beaten, as they tried to overcome Venice's size and strength advantage with hustle and :letermination. Munger, outmanned by the much taller and beefier Venice front court scrapped relentlessly after rebounds balls. Four out of five starters finished with three or more personal fouls, most of them in desperate attempts to stop sure baskets. Friedman and Himmelfam led a fast break that too often failed to end successfully. On one occasion three diffe:ent players took five straight shot;s from .nght tJ.llderthe basket without scorlDg. M1xups in defensive assignments cost several buckets. The turning point of the game proved to be the end of the second quarter when, playingwithoutMunger, thesquad watched The 69ers' schedule for the rest-of the season looks like this: Wed. Jan. 28, 7: l 5-NC vs Oyster Bar (a 107-37 loss the first time out) Wed., Feb. 4, 8:45-NC vs Ebersole Sod. (a 102-37 loss) Thurs. Feb. 12, 7: 15-NC vs House of Golf Mon., Feb. 23, 7:15-NC vs Wilhelm's Thurs., Mar. 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4 4 Captain Jack Jllilllllli iill!liil!i Jill!ii iiiiiiiiiiiii!E38833883ii!JiiiiiJii8iiii82ii883!JiiE Ui!9220C:i!!UE liiiliillilllllliliiiillliil New Publication Announces Ex1stence Lynwood Sawyer A new literary-underground (for those who enJOY labels) paper announced its existence this week in Sarasota. It is called Balaklava after the name of the place in Cnmea where the notorious "Charge of the LightBrigade" occurred (also the name of a Pearls Before Swine album, for those with a musical bent). The first issue will come out in the last week of February or the first week in March, and as of this writing, is tentative as to format, though it will probably be a tabloid. Unlike most underground and/ or literary publications, it will have a dual integrated format. On one hand will be a literary, cultural angle. This will include music poetry, prose, reviews, etc. The other half will be of a more political nature, but avoiding New Left ideological bull-shit. One of the co-editors, Rosaline Petrucci, will be on campus Tuesday around 11:30 to discuss the paper and answer questions. Material of all types is needed, poems, raps, reviews, short stories, and feature length articles on various subJects. If you are the budding author(ess), this might be your golden opportunity to get published. The address is Room 204, Van Skike Bldg. 11 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, Fla. 33578. If you have spontaneous ideas, bursts of enthusiasm, or so on, you can call 958-8749. If you have more time, you can go up to the office, located at the intersection of Main Street and Palm Avenue, right across from the Sarasota Hotel. Staff members should be there most any time, and invite you to come up and talk about the magazine, your ideas, etc. People are also needed to answer the phone, write letters, type, do the nittygritty, etc. If you have no talent in writing, but wish to get off campus, meet new faces, do something different, here it is. They really are wonderful people. Right on. DORK'S Preppy Story a moral Of The Week Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was an ancient couple who very much wanted a child. So they wished and wished until finally a fairy godmother came to them and said, "You shall have a child, 11 which they did. The only problem was the child, a girl, had no body. She was the original head. Although she had no body, everybody who knew her loved her and fought for the privilege of carrying her around on her monogrammed velvet pillow. As time went on she went to school where she did mah'elously. In fact she went to the senior prom with the football captain. After the ball was over, he took her home. She then decided she wanted to go to college, so she got accepted at the University of Texas. However, at college, although everybody loved her, she was sad because she had no body to love. So she wished and wished until finally her fairy godfather came in drag and said she would get some body to love. And indeed she received a beautiful body which came by parcel post and included the easy to follow directions for assembly and attachment. Having become attached to her body she decided to try it out and rushed out into the courtyard where she was shot down by a sniper and in being shot, died. MORAl.: Quit while you're a head. YOU KNOW YOU'RE REALLY "IN" WHEN YOU KNOW THE PREPPY STORY OF TIIEWEEK BEFORE IT'S BEEN PUBUSHED. Simple Straight Forward ExtraordinaryStereo Sony Thorens Tannoy Quality our only excuse for existence SD.....NDS OF STEREO N; 4 AZAR PlAZA Phone 955-9867 T. ARMAND& KEY SARASOTA, FLORIDA 33!57 Suggested Topics (Continued from Page One) Panel I: The Role of Independent Study at the Innovative College A Wh t th value of the present independent study program towards the attainment a IS e h t d able and of the educational ideals of New College? That is, w at. lS 1nnova 1ve, esu effective about the present student involvemeu in independent study? B. What changes, alterations, vitalizations, etc., should be instituted in order to enhance the worth and merit of independent study at New College? 1. consideration of calendar and timing elements for fall and summer independent study projects; 2. pursuance of independent study during regular term study; 3. advisor-advisee relationship, especially in regard to off-campus and summer independent study; 4. possibilities for off-campus studies; S. possibilities for on/off-campus worl

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