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Captain Jack
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Captain Jack (No. 17)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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April 6, 1970


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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Published by Students of New College Sarasota, Florida April 6, 1970 "Sometimes it hardly seems worth it." Rob Mallet, Editor Lee Harrison -Business & Ad. Mgr. Mark Friedman Lynwood Sawyer John Miller David Lerner Dan Raff Peter McNabb Smarsden -Staff Charles Kinney -Photography Dennis Saver Casey Green Sylvia Greenwald Wanda Tseng Lyn Witham Dr. Harrill Sandy Cassell -Contributors Cover Photograph"Obscenity" by Reynolds Russell NC STUDENTS CAN JOIN TALLAHASSEE-Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr., has announced that the Governor's College Student Advisory Council is now taking applications for the term beginning June, 1970. Students selected will serve until their graduation. This Council seiVes the vital pw-pose of channeling youth views directly to the Governor, of providing a student sounding board for the Governor, and helping to coordinate state-wide student concern. Organized in the fall of 1969, the Advisory Council is composed of twenty-eight students selected at large by the Governor from all Florida institutions of higher learn ing which award bachelor's degrees. Requirementsformembershipare: 1) knowledge of youth interests and problems, by virtue of involvement in campus and community affairs, 2)willingness to seiVe, and 3) demonstrated ability to perceive and work with youth interests and problems. The Council meets with the Governor six times each year in Tallahassee to discuss ideas and proposals on issues relevant to_ youth. Between meetings, each Council member works on a task force which researches and develops an area of particular interest. At the present time, there are six task forces in operation: 1) Environment, 2) Tuition and Cost of Education, 3) Youth Advisory Boards, 4) Drug Clarification, 5) Board of Regents Study, and 6) Black Concerns. Applications submitted now will be considered for vacancies arising throughout the academic years 1970 and 1971. All applications are reviewed by the Council's Membership Selection Committee before beingreferredtothe Governor for appointment. If you are interested and you have the time and ability to seiVe, please contact the Editor of Captain Jack for an application form. Applications must be returned to the Governor's Office no later than May 1, 1970. ,. Shartar Appointed Chairman of Humanities Dr. Martin Shartar has been appointed Chairman of the Division of Humanities, effective as of the beginning of this term. Shartar succeeds Dr. A. R. Borden, who had seiVed for eight years, first as Dean and then as Chairrn an of the Division. Borden has taken a leave of absence for third term. "This appointment has been made," President Elmendorf said, "in accord with the prevailing spirit of consensus to the effect that the division chairmanships at the college should become rotating positions. 11 Elmendolf stated that the decision to appoint Dr. Shartar followed consultation "both formally and informally with a broad sector of the college community. 11 "It is my hope and belief, 11 Elmendolf said, "that everyone at the college will welcome this appointment and will offer Dr. Shartar cooperation and in what is a difficult job in any institution, and a particularly trying one in a place which is changing as fast as this one. 11 o. 7 Renne Awarded NSF Fellowship ***NC NEWS RELEASE Roger Renne, assistant professor of mathematics at New College, has been awarded a Science Faculty Fellowship of the National Science Foundation (NSF J The fellowship enables Renne to complete requirements for his Ph. D. degree with four academic terms at New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, There, Renne will study and do research toward the completion of his thesis on semigroups, a branch of algebra. His completed thesis will be submitted to his thesis advisor at the University of California at Berkeley, where Renne has completed requirements for the doctorate with the exception of the thesis. Primary purpose of the NSF Science Faculty Fellowships is to provide an opportunity for JUnior college, college and university science teachers to enhance their effectiveness as teachers. After earning his bachelor's degree in mathematics at Reed College, Renne received the master's at Berkeley, where he attended as an NSF fellow. He held a teaching assistantship there for two years, was a lecturer at the University of Wyoming, and was assistant professor at the University of ,Alaska, Fairbanks, for a year. Renne, who JOined the New College faculty in 1966, will be on leave of absence from New College from September 1970 through November 1971. Pianist Performs ***NC NEWS RELEASE Ran Blake, American pianist and composer in the fields of contemporary music, blues and protest, will appear in concert at New College on Friday (April 10) at 8:15 p.m. in Hamilton Center. The program, entitled "Music of the Third Stream, open to the public without charge,' was arranged for by the Humanities Division of the college. Blake has had three albums of his music published, has been on two concert tours of Europe, and has been widely heard in this country. Presently an instructor of extension classes at the New England ConseiVatory of Music, Blake received his B. A. degree from Bard College; whete he maJored in music. Blake's music has been described, in Harper's Magazine, as a cultural hybrid. 11 the worlds of Jazz, popular music and advanced 'classical' music intersect, overlap, blend and fuse in an unpredictable array of patterns." From an Italian news paper. "Deep sensitivity and a bold imagination are fused in a uniquely evocative and memorable piano style. 11 Time Magazine said: "He is unquestionably a man with the full awareness of an intellectual America committed to his motives for protest. 11 McELDERRY LEAVES BOOK Summer Programs Captain Jack has been left with a document by former New College visitor Em McElderry. Entitled "Le Sol Blue Tattoos of a Guitar-Whore, 11 the book is something of a collection of blues lyrics. A note is included: To Whomever! spent beautiful days & nights with many fine heads at New a few years agoIf any remember me, let them read this-If none do, praise God-Love, Em Anyone wishing to see the document should contact Rob Mallet. Jim Feeney has issued the following memo concerning summer study and travel: 1. URBAN CORPS (paying summer jobs of educational significance in city govern ment, social welfare agencies, museums, laboratories, etc. ). It has come to my attention that some students assume they are ineligibleforUroan Corps jobs because they do not presently have federal work grants and are not on scholarship. Do not assume you are ineligible even if you are heirto millions, because the Atlanta corps has a few positions not requiring federal work-study subsidy and because .. he federal eligibility regulations are liberal and flexible. Cities now open to New College stu-dents: Atlanta, New York City, Minne apolis (! ), Detroit. Other cities possible on request. List and all information in Building A. COMING APRIL 15-16-17. Propagandafilm on Urban Corps experience. In addition to making persuasive case for Corp summerjob, it is an excellent example of semi-amatew-doc\Ullentary film maldng. Was produced by Corp participants a couple of years ago in New York City. 2. INTENSIVE SPANISH THIS SUMMER. Excellent way to learn a language and a cultW'e at the same time for reasonable cost. Programs at Cuernavaca, Mexico at CIDOC and in Medellin. Colombia. HQme stay can be arranged at very low cost. Information in Building A.


T 0 an Open Letter to New College This is an Open Letter to New College. It came to be that from two reasoliS which are not independent. ONE. I am obsessed with writing letters to New College. I now have two lined up waiting to be writ and who knows how many that haven't told me yet. This one, for example, didn't tell me first. TWO. I am not a Writer. I can't write Stories. But it is ok for anyone to write a Letter. I refer to young )o'n O'Neil's words on being of an epistolary nature. "I am of an essentially epistolary nature" was, I believe, the Holy Gist of what he writ. I feel like James Simon Kunen. There are two more reasons which have obtruded themselves upon me. ONE: Me and Michael decided What ycu should Tell Them. Do you dig? (lf they say) What does that mean? Are you hip? (Iftheydont say Im hip) (If they still dont Environmental Action EDITOR'S NOTE: This column is planned as a regular feature of Captain Jack by the Environmental Action Group. The group is headed by Wanda Tseng, Lyn Witham, and Sylvia Greenwald, with Dr. Harrill serving as faculty advisor. FOCUS Ecological activities should be consistent with the points you are advocating. Make your ecology pins and posters out of biodegradable materials such as scrap wood; avoid the irony of metal buttons reading "Don't Waste Our Natural Resources" and bumper stickers that proclaim "Ban the Automobile. Make sure any ecology meetings (such as the teach-in) are internally consistent ecologically. Don't criticize Reynolds for making aluminum beer cans if you use them. Don't use plastic "disposable" cups and tons of paper "information." Serve food that represents a fair share of the world's food for each person. PASTIMES Interesting activities for your spare time: 1 Mail in any prepaid envelopes you get in advertisementsforECOLOCICALLY UN DESIRABLE products. Each one sent in costs the polluter about 7 cents of his profits! 2. Complain to the post office about any mail advertisements you receive that are ECOLOCICALLY OBSCENE. The post office is required to have you taken off the mailinglist, andthiscoststhe mailer more than sending you the material in the first place! (all, so far, courtesy of Ballan tine/Friends of the Earth) CAVEAT EMPTOR Ifthere is anyone interested in where New College sewage goes -we are too. So get in touch. E. A. G. via message board. On your marks, get set. Go! Good marks win good jobs. Get ahead and study. Now and in college. know} 1 Well either you're hip or you aren t h1p. are either hip or else not hip. ) ****The importance of this is that DIG IS part of HIP. One could (almost) say: THE HIP DIG. ****Part Two of what you should tell Them will appear later. But I won't make it up now. Jesus did. TWO: While I have the floor, I would like to address myself to Anonymous. Bradenton Beach, March Blank, A. M. Thanks. And to David. Love. With that out of the way, I will give the Moral. This is because the end is already there and you can't put anything after The End. Follow your dreams and inspirations. Becausetheytake you places you didn't know about, which are USUALLY INTERESTING ALWAYS EDUCATIONAL and SOMETIMES FUN. F ollowes, my narrative. This is to be copied (i.e. typed up} from Urgent Notes in a Work Incentive Program pamphlet, a sort of Shopping List, and numerous napkins from The Cadle Diner. Sortof a Cinema Verite Approach, you bic? (now THAT is the REAL Test!} First, beofre the narrative, come Notes or Comments: Before Part I comes The Original Document, except I am going to have to fill in the parts I left out and I want you to understand and forgive for my not editorially noting Who IW as when I Wrote What. Read Borges instead. Iwantto, at this point, remind the Reader of his Rights: The Right to Not Read; to Ignore; to Refuse to Read. Let it be. The Original Document. (Written principally as a .,test. So I could say, I wrote something in this book. Do you know what it is? And allow for psychometrization and that sort of thing. Just to see. ****Do you believe in The BIBLE? Do you believe in the HOLY SPIRIT? Then YOU believe in MADAMA LAURA! etc, etc, such as, SHE can READ YOUR FUTURE! SHE will CALL ycur enemies by NAME! .. Madame Laura works by donation only. --The Radio (Thattherewas a Note or Comment. Now we begin.) THE NARRATIVE The Original Document I dreamed of 'Madame Laura' calling me. I was in this room. Saw what may be an athalme or long metal rod hanging and swinging gently from a frame. Suddenly it tilted dramatically as if in response to a magnet. It was a woman. It was Madame Laura. She summoned me and I went with her. Then I woke up. Cot my shit together and hied me down the road on which I seemed to remember seeing a sign MADAM f) lAURA Did I listen to the radio in my car or did I meditate in silence? A little of both. I wanted to hear All Shine On" but a lso (Continued on page four) DIPPER DAN 9ce G!R!l.m &oil ee99 dards 'n' fhings Trail Plaza 3333 N. Tamiami Trail Phone 355 3931 E T s Dear Captain Jack, The "evaluations" in your issue No. 16 disappointed me: they are no better than faculty evaluations on students! I firmly believe that it should be as obligatory for each student to produce evaluations on for faculty on students. But I cal)llot understand why New College actively encourages "poison-pen" letters: anonymity cries aloud for anyone who has had his ego punctured to dip his pen in venom, and some of the expressions which result have precisely as much value as the graf*ti in pub'lic lavatories. t the other end of the scale those facultywho are "good guys, 11 have "charm," are "fantastic" etc. etc. may well be "flat tered" but they are not instructed. What I, and I believe my colleagues, want is constructive criticism: do our classes have too much or too little theory, discussion, nitty-gritty facts, outside reading, written work, depth, organization, cohesion? And I want this from the whole class, not from an occasional individual preJudiced one way or the other. One last point. I have gone round the world for sixty years trying in vain to find an individual who could not charm and interest me provided my own responses were adequatelywarm. Tofindsomeone boring or tedious is often to confess your own in adequacy. W. Lynndon Clough March 13, 1970 To the New College Community: I wish to express my thanks to all the students who participated in Parents' Weekend. The publicity given to the Weekend by Captain Jack was invaluable. The help given by other individuals in registering the parents, hosting at the Satmday room ing coffee and the President's Reception was also greatly needed and most welcome. I am sure the parents were interested in the infoi'!Dal student statements at the annual Association hmcheon. The art exhibit, a backgrotmd to activities throughout the week-end, drew many favorable comments. The music, dance and drama presentations were tremendously enjoyed by those who attended as were the many subjects covered in the Independent Study Project presentations. Those who participated in the Natural Science Laboratory experiments provided another area of interest. I greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation. Thank you! Ask about our Joan Dobbins College Program THE HERTZ CORPORATION Renr A Car Division 100 N Tamrami TrerJ, Sara sota. F i e 33577 Tel ephone : 813 958 3153 Famous Italian & American Restaurant Pizza Our Specialty Every Thursday Buy one, get one Free! one mile past Cortez Plaza on 41 2704 14th Street West-Phone 747-1436 Lindsey RECORD HOUSE SHEET MUSIC -MUSIC BOOKS MUSICAL ACCESSORlES Ringling Shopping Center Gulf Gate Mall To The Editon Youranswer to my unsigned note from New York City in your last issue was most revealing. If you use the expression "some goddamnedkike" (which I assume your asterisks stand for) you show yourself the complete phony talking hypocrisy because to quote you, you would omit "words I could be sure were offensive. But your words whichlhavequotedabove and those of Jon Lundell are offensive. Or don't you know it? Or don't you believe in personal dignity--except for yourself? Or can't you see that these phrases are repugnant???? Again, Unsigned from New York City What I was trying (obviously in the wrong way) to do was, by subtle irony, indicate my disgust that, amid a multitude of real academic issues, people continue to see only things that are, for me and for the people with whom I associate, dead and totally meaningless "ethnic slurs." But enough. "These days, there are enough people who will hate you for any or no reason at all that you don't need to suspect it of those who don't. Peace. -Captain Jack Friday 12 March Ed.--Let us admit then that these criticisms do not hold up well under light. They do not digest. With few exceptions, only ex crfta remain. Larry Hunt Summer in Colombia ? An inexpensive South American educational vacation is being offered to persons interested in learning conversational Spanish. Through special arrangements between New College and Centro Colombo-Americano de Medellin, a six-week intensive course in spoken Spanish is being offered in the Colombian city of Medellin from June 16 to July 29. All those who participate will receive instruction, either at an elementary or intermediate level, for four hours a day for five days a week during their stay. The course is open to all high school students entering their senior year, to university students, and to other adults. All students will live with a Colombian family and thus will have both the motivation and the opportunity for making the most of the language leaming experience. One of the most attractive featmes of the course offering is the Because of the cooperative program, the total for room, board and tuition for the six weeks is only $275. Round trip transportation from Miami is $135. Total cost is thus only $410. A bonusforthe students is the six-week stay in Medellin, Colombia's second largest city. About 155 miles northwest of Bogota, Medellin has a population of about one million. Although it is only six degreesnorth of the equator, its elevation at S, 000 feet assures a cool climate. The city is modern and progressive but it also has many historical and cultural attractions. Registrations for the summer study program, anon-profit venture, are to be taken until May 1. Additional information is available from or registrations may be made by contacting Professor Woodruff Bryne at New College, P. 0. Box 1898, Sarasota, Florida 33578. WATCHES JEW!;;LRY .Bayshore 11Jalch Shop WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING BAYSHOI'IE GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER BRADENTON. FLORIDA 33!505 PHONE 755.6767 CLASSIFIED FOR SALE--Roberts Stereo Reel-to-Reel and Cartridge tape recorder. Ira Glasser, C-125, Box #173. FRIENDS of the EARTH: Here's to APRlL 22, Cheers, .II From the S.E.A.


c s FRISCH Putney S\Vope first pile of shit to be dumped in the now well-overflowing latrine. And instead of the ominous "they" cleaning out the latrine completely as it should be done reform top pil;s, leav Ing the mess that has been around the longest to continue to rot. To Direct At A solo The Low Budget -High Income Under Ground Flick: Take III Putney Swope. A movie. A man. An image. A non-sequitor. Scene: the board meeting of a large corporation .. entrance ofTheFounder, The Man--hard sell, ranting, raving, and stuttering. He expires on the table; the board members lift his ring, watch, and wallet. A new chairman must be elected (not legal to vote for oneself-throw out those first ballots}--and Putney Swope, thetoken black ("We all voted for him because we thought no one else would.") is now chairman ("My father 'would have wanted it this way." "Your father was a horse's ass.") of a multi-million dollar ad agency. Times are a-changing; the movie picks up, music comes on, Putney's in charge-the old Board goes out and all personnel are now black--Truth and Soul is on the move, with Swope sitting atop.the ,whole pile. Immediately, Putney lays down the rules--no cigarette, liquor, or war toy a c-. counts, no smoking, all acceptable accounts are one million, cash, take it or leave it; and the image starts to build of a new champion of the people, gruff, blunt, but uncorruptable. The accounts come in, the money is stockpiled by two basketballhappy cowboys, another advertisement goes out successfully (commercials such as a ISyear -old inter -racial couple dancing through wholesome forests singing a graphically obscene song, all for a pimple cream; or the breakfast scene: "Did you know that Ethereal Cereal has 50% more .. "No shit?"}, but none of the ideas come from Swope and the people who do have them are immediately fired. He, meanwhile, dons the mufti of Fidel: the beard, army cap, old army Jacket ... Mr. Charisma trailed by a band of misanthropes--a pistol brandishing body guard, the founder's son who is delegated to use the freight elevatorwhen doing whatever he does, the mysterious and ubiquitous Mark Focus, Sonny Williams (an obvious John Lennon figure) the exhibitionist ("Sonny Williams JUSt exposed himself at Disneyland. His lawyer, who is your lawyer, wants to be the prosecuting attorney. "), U. s. President Mim eo (a midget with a fixation on the Borman VI car) and the pot-smoking bald man behind him (why is that man smiling?), and the Arab--professional gadfly and iconoclast, the only dissenter allowed to stay-who is finally 'disinherited. Throughout the picture, the audience is subjected to effects without any idea of their causes, a barrage of double entendre, one-liners, and absurd rationalizations; a well-executed collage of semi-connected impressions and reactions. Putney Swope remains an enigma of unknown motivation and unpredictable action, as does the plot of the picture and everything else faintly relatedto it. The movie pulls no punches and neither does Swope. It mimics the rationalizations of "straight" life, and then riddles these already shakey supports with holes; but does not even attempt to suggest alternative structures. In the end, Putney leaves its slightly poorer but hope lui audience with ..... Nothing. -Dennis Saver High School In the distance provided by the college campus, we have lost sight of the true nature of what high school really was; above and beyond the putLons that we tell each other about the ego-tripping we do about events past: most of us have lost sight ?f the true nature of our high school expenence. I have JUSt seen the documentary film "High School. This film was shot approximately one year ago in a "middleclass" high school in the Philly metro area; after seeing this flick, one realizes (or perhaps recalls) one's own high school experience. Ifwe sit at the top of the shitpile of American education in our Pei Dorms at Gnu College, then one cannot properly locate the position of the American high school on this pile; the high school must be the There is really no reason to dwell on the movie itself for long; the camera follows the action through the school, from the gym class, to the lunch room, from the brief "discussions" with the dean of students tothe sex ed rap in the school aud (segregated by sex, of course}. The experiences are all too familiar, all too real. The teachers, the situations, the experiences, the methods, the students; nothing has really changed for a long time, and it is doubtful if things will change in the near future. The shit goes on. -Casey Green John and Mary Figure it was time for Dustin Hoffman to make a bomb--two for two with such great Sl.lccesses as THE GRADUATE and MIDNIGHT COWBOY, and there was nowhere to go but down. Even so, JOHN AND MARY, though in many ways a disappointment, is not bad for a bomb. Any film has to suffer when compared toHoffman's first efforts, but the comparisons are inevitable, so: JOHN AND MARY lacks the fine filming technique of THE GRADUATE and the excellent script of MIDNIGHT COWBOY, and is without the directing of either. But anyone who can read is aware of this before he walks into the theater--one still goes to the film to watch Dustin Hoffman. The two entirely different roles Hoffman created in his first two films led one to believe that he could do anything, that his role in JOHN AND MARY would be a third new character. Sadly, this is not entirely so. Hoffman's acting JOb here is very, verysimilartothat in THE GRAD UATE, with two basic shortcomings. First, the character he portrays is simply not the culture hero that BenJaminBraddock proved to be--forall you reality freaks, the character of John is very real, common even, and as such is not particularly inspiring. The other problem is the dialogue--Hoffman's delivery is good in places, but the script is often so poor that even fine delivery comes across badly. Several very poor cinematic techniques are used, to full disadvantage. The film begins with about five minutes of complete silence, which is JUSt a very bad thing to do. It takes too long as it is to get into therelationshipthat the film is about, and the long aural drought at the beginning turned me off at once. Flashbacks are too *** ASOLO THEATER FESTIVAL NEWS RELEASE ..... One of the most controversial plays in many years is coming to the Asolo State Theater on Friday, April 10. It is also undisputed world's champion in the long title department -being called Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hwg You In The Closet and I'm Feelin1 So Sad. For Short, Oh Dad will do. Thecoiit'roversythat greeted this comedy when it was first presented in New York early in 1962 had nothing to do with the play's content or subject matter. The arguments were simply over the question of whether it was good or lousy theater. Some critics it, others abhorred it. Among those who loved it, the critic for the New York Times said that the play is "funny, weird, and stageworthy" and that its author, Arthur Kopit, then only 24 years old, "is clever at writing amusing and vivid scenes." The critic for the New York World Telegram and Sun said that "Watching the play is a picnic Variety called it "a side-splitting evening 11 TheNewYorkDailyNews and the No::w York Jo=al Am eric an formed the opposition, saying respectively "it's a total bust, 11 numerous and poorly inserted, for the most part. Probably the most offensive technique, however, is a pseudo-Strange Interludes ploy, where the characters' voices are dubbed over, to show you what they're "really" thinking. This is done too often and to no real advantage. About the only pleasing effect in the film is an instant where the film is frozen following an "inappropriate" remark, while both characters' realization of the mistake is dubbed in. This is done once may I reiterate, rather than too are all the other potentially successful devices. The whole situation of the movie is for the most part too commonplace to be really engaging, though there is a point (about three-quarters of the way through} where it seems as though things are going to pick up--the dialogue improves, Hoffman's acting stands out for a few minutes, and the relationship becomes somewhat interesting--but this potential is not followed up, and the film levels off to a very uninspiring, even embarrassing, conclusion. Ignoring the inadequacy of the' vehicle, however, the acting JObs of Hoffman and Mia Farrow are somewhat commendable, and make the film worth seeing. P. S. --MIDNIGHT COWBOY is coming back to the Florida Theater. Go and see it many more times. Zeke CU. g. 41 u\IoJtth at gg ltd gtlteef cphone g55-9011 FILMS FROM AROUND THE CONTINUOUS FROM ONE P.M. CompQrmetltalt COCKTAILS AT billia!td6 ... ORLD SIDEWALK CAFE CDemi -9"asse COPPER BAR 1570 No. KUE & AROM 4223 N. Tamiami Trail Bradenton 3428 No. Trail 355-3446 Lockwood Ridge Rd. 1184 No. 955-3446 fine domestic: & Washington Blvd. andthat the author "cannot in my opinion write well enough to keep warm. What divided these opinions was the of whether the author was being merely absurd, a5 in the wacky, shockfor-shock 's-sake style of the Theater of the Absmd, or was he spoofing the plays of such authors as Beckett, Ionesco, and Pinter. A clue to playwright Kopit's intentions may be fotmd in the names he gives his characters. The central figme of a domineering mother, to be played at the Asolo State Theater by Is a Thorn as, is called Madame Rosepettle. A deadly piranha fish she carries with her on her travels is named Rosalinda. An aging yachtsman she invites to dine with her only to cruelly embarrass him is named Commodore Roseabove. And an amorous yotmg girl she invites in to entertain her naive son is named Rosalie. An inability to think of any other than rose-relatednameswasnot Kopit's trouble. Kopit's names are a spoof on Eugene Ionesco, founder and outstanding exponent of the Theater of the Absurd, who has a large vocabW.acy but apparently a very scant stock of names. For example in one Ionesco play, three out of its five charactershave the same name --Bartolemeus I, Bartolemeus II, and Bartolemeus III. The fourth character was named Ionesco. This playwright aslo is given to using only a first name or last name for charactersand many times, none at all. So in Oh Dad, Rosalie has no last name, and Commodore Roseabove and Madame Rosepettle have no first names. They don't really need them however, forthe daffy goings-on in the comedy, and their nomenclatme is only part of Kopit's satire on the Theater of the Absmd. The critical controversy was settled in time by the judge that always settles such matters: The Public. They gave a reso1Dlding YES to Oh Di; packing the house for the thirteen mon s and 454 perl'orm ances of the play in New York, and Mr. Kopit'scurrentBroadway hit, Indians, adds further proof to the fact that here indeed is a major American playwright. Directed by Asolo guest director, Peter Frisch, the play will be co-produced by Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hirsch of Sarasota. In addition to Isa Thomas as the predatory Mama, the play will feature William Pitts as the timid son, Jonathan; Carol Williard (Carol) as the nymphet, Rosalie; and Henry Strozier as Commodore Roseabove. The play centers around a callous and cruel Mama who keeps the stuffed body of ner late husband hanging in her closet, who smothers her stuttering son with attention and protection, and who roams the beach each night kicking sand in the faces of couples making love. She checks into the hotel with the corpse, son, two Venus fly traps, a silver piranha fish, and the disdain of an empress. The boy, tired of books stamp collections, watches a girl telescope. The girl shows up and tries to seduce him. All this may not make sense, but it's colorl'ul as a fireworks display and pure entertainment! The set, by Asolo Holmes Easley, is worth the price of admission alone. The Asolo's production of Oh Dad, Etc. will have 23 performances in rotating rep ertocy at its beautifW. 18th century Court playhouse on the grounds of Ringling Museums in Sarasota from April 10 thru JW.y 3. Perl'ormance dates and reservation information may be secured by calling the Asolo Box Office, open daily, in Sarasota at 355-2771. For Your Photographic Supplies See NORTON'S CAMERA CENTER Everything Photogrphic Sarasota 1481 Main Street 958-4674 2069 Siesta Drive 955-3537 Bradenton 4524 14th Street Ct!ie,4 lllN'It & StatJ11eev, 9nc. "Complete Office Supplies" 131t0 MAIH STREET SARASOTA, I'L.ORIOA 33577 PHONE Sl5a.e577


OPEN LETTER Continued wanted silence. I decided to be very openended about this thing and also to be nice and empirical. So I made it a test. Turned it on. That song about how someone's cryin in the streets. Immediately I was glad, but hit the button to check. WHO DO YOU TiflNK YOU ARE? A SUPERSTAR? WELL RIGHT YOU ARE! A Vote of Confidence! So I went on. I changed back to cryin because I like it better. Deciding policy and planning tactics, I was lead to remember someone sort of ok's makingthe claim that if mistakes were to be made, better that they be on the side of Trust than the side of Distrust. I confided that this was the Keynote. Part I I go. MadameLaura'sdoorsaysCome In! We're OPEN! but I knock anyway. Young girl, beautiful, foreign, my age? or younger? (20?) opens the door. Is Madame Laura here? Come in. Are you Madame Laura? A gesture toward approaching woman, 3540? beautiful, serious, dark. Foreign accent. Very quickly I am getting Turn Off Vibes. She is trying to put her two small boys to bed. They are screaming, whining, playing, as is their wont. Part II Having Removed To the Cadle Diner, a place of the flat drawled (Georgia} vowel combined with a dominant nasal twang (Cracker) to write what about Madame Laura. Having left Madame Laura's because I thought my sitting out in my car with light on, waiting, might make her more uptight. Part III I Sit At the counter of the Cadle Diner, sur rounded. Irate, shaky male cook (could it be Cadle Himself? I decide he is Cadle. ); bloopy, plainly stolid, mouse-hair permanentlywaved, good-natured 'waitress' who hands things onto counter only, order being made out by one of the 2-3 middleaged waitresses; all of whome are oogling and googling to see what I am writing; (not that they can, because Part IV Because Wellforone--because I JUSt moved. I am now surrounded (NOT by the aforementioned Googlers, but) by two fine upstanding leatherette booth seats; a safely curtained window; my inevitable Cuppa Coffee; and (on the Distaff Side, as twere) my trusty Purse. Part V Which Purse Has Had Two Dis-.tinct Roles in the Late Adventure. I will start with the earlier (in time of occurrence) and the furthest (from our present situation, storytellingly-wise), hoping in avaguelyPavlovianwaythat this will abet me in my conscientious desire to return posthaste to the Original Nexus, the Raison d'Etre, if you will, of this tale--THE STORY OF MADAME LAURA. Part VI To Be Commenced After draught upon draught of this-here SECOND (Did you get that? This effect is due to the fact that Time is always Flying, even in the middle of things.) Cuppa. Part VII Sitting On a Stool at Cadle's Because no booths were available, I was establishing myself roundabout, willy-nilly, out of my purse. The purse was empty. Of it's Purse. I flashed. Flushed (I gues s ). And dashed out the door. For the car. (V'Ihich I had scraped, trying to squeeze into an insane place. (Cars don't squeeze.) So I JUSt scraped on back out and put the car in a new and novel place. ) Snatch open door. PURSE! Laying gravidly, looking as if it held my Life Savings. (It holds my Life Savings. } Snatch up purse and (relief) return to Cadle's Diner. Part Next Where the People Hate Me. All the waitresses ignore me because they know I don't pay. Everytirne I see one, I stare imploringly. Everytime one passes my way, I timidly interJect, ''Waitress?" (or sometimes "Ma'm?"} and, "Could I please have some more coffee?" They sort of glance at me, tighten their lips and fannies, and WALK ONBY Part Next Action I walk up to Uptight Cook (maybe not Cadle after all). "Do you have a policy against people JUSt drinking coffee?" 11Whut?" The same, more simply. No, they don't. "Who is my waitress?" A conference. Bobbie. Her. "Wellhowdoigether to give me coffee?" "Tell her to. "I do, but she never does it. --1 am to sit down, and they to Speak To Her. I do. They do. She does Bring coffee. InJured indignance. "Thank you. Pointedly. Lips tighten. Not a word. "Tough Titty!" I silently say to her, irreverently indeed. Ilaydownplanstostayanddrinktill I drink no more, then pay Up There and say "Sorry. I didn't leave a tip. I don't feel I was treated with respect. (I must have respect, in any case. ) Part Next This Thing sure has a lot of parts. That is because it is JUSt oh my DREADFULLY hard to write, but my need to pass on this magnificent story insists. Part Next "out on Chocktaw Ri-idge" Which is where I am, passively, at, Such are the dangers of Public Places. Part Next After Finally Securing the Waitress' Attention I request a menu and a glass of water. This is after three cups. Consult menu. Ask about pie and icecream, neither of which they have, thank her, and give the ment. back. She goes away. I sip icey nonSarasota water. (I always give thanks. ) Part 31D (That Next business was getting tedious. Thought I'd get on to what is it called by TS Eliot & Them? The compassionate re-T. ARMANDS KEY SARASOTA, FLORIDA 33!57 VALU H USE D i v i s ion o f SMITH SPECIALTY CO. 2 044 47TH ST. SARASOTA, FLA. PHON E 335-1116 flexive or correspondent iconograph or something. Anyway now we have one. If we can get past The Second Adventure of the Purse (which I promised you and heavens me I certainly wouldn't want to let you down) we can get right on with MADAME LAURA But first! Part Arg o n The Second Adventureous Role of the Purse I was JUst going to say it was performing the office of HIDER OF THE WRITING so the Surrounders c ouldn't see a thing. They couldn't. Still cant. Never will. and, with that, MADAME LAURA ************** She was short. Dark hair swept back, pinned low on her neck. She had this funny accent. I d on't know what. "Old Country. II She was dark, but in no sense black. What do you want? --ah, b luhbluhbluh-Do you want a reading? --wanttoknow something about You--not sure about a reading--Well, you'llhavetocome back in the daytime. I'm not op e n now. --Your door says OPEN. Oh that sign. We JUSt leave it up there from the day. (It is around 7:30 pm) If you want a Reading, you'll have to wait till tomorrow. You have to make an appointment. (Annoyance is under her manner. She speaks flatly, and clearly is trying to brush me off. And out.) --Well, how much does a Reading cost? $2 or $3. --What's the difference? Well its whether you want a long reading or short reading. --What does that mean? (Getting faster) One hand or both hands. Madame Laura did not mystically precog my coming. She didn't Name my Enemies. She didn't nod wisely, nor stare piercingly. It was mostly a Lookeyehaftaget inbed-kind-of-thing. I soon saw that Bewhatmay Contrariwise, Madame Laura was definitely NOT What Was Happening. I decided I owed it to Journalistic Verisimilitude (by Virtue of The Same Principle) to write the full tale of Madame Laura JUSt so nobody got his impressions wrong, or his curiosities bruised. 1 got myself right out, and started right to work there in my car, outside Madame Laura's house. Pretty soon, I got uptight, feeling like some kind of Cop or Suspicious Investigator, outtherescribblingaway so obviously, so I driv off to escribble & cop a cuppa at the first opportunity. Part Gimel Which brings us almost directly here. And quite possibly leads on to whome againe. Where I have decided to immediately emend and elucidate this here note until it be a Letter. The reasons for which I shall put first by way of Gentleness In Beginnings. See you at the Arabian Horse Show, Casselle (Sandy Cassell} FOU 1525 STATE STREET Moccasins Boots Leather JacketsLevi's Be Z Z Bottoms Luxurious Feeling LOUR JUMPSUIT Sun Bright Yellow from Brazil $26. 00 St Armands Key member, FDIC and Federal Reserve System TRAIL NATIONAL BANK WE'LL STRETCH A POINT TO SERVE YOU

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