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Byzantium (Vol. 1, #9)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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May 26, 1978


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Eleven page issue of the student produced newspaper. Some text of this newspaper is not legible due to the phsyical construction of the publication.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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l Fill out the Order Form portion of the adjacent reply envelope and mail it with payment. No stamp is needed. ---------r:OSTS GO DOWN UNIFORM DONOR CARD Margaret Hamilton OF__ ------------Pnnl or type name of donor In the hope that 1 may help others, I hereby make this anatomical gtft, if medically accectable, to take etfect upon my death. The words and marks 1ow 1rdicate my destres. 1 give (a) _K_ any needed organs or parts (b) only the follow tog organs or parts Soeclfy the O'Qart(S) or part c) fort e purposes of transplantation, therapy, medtcal research or educatton. (c) __ my body lor anatomical study tf needed. Limit tons or. Organs to go to Sl)tCial WIShU,If any:_ ---.lew Sollcge. WE NEED YOUR ORGANS I would like to order the following organs from New College the University of South I understand that only one set of 1V1s. Hamil ton's organs is allowable per family. e e e 1 1 t t I e I e t I 1 I I I 0 e I t I I Q 0 I I (name please print) 1 1 1 o t t o G a o o o o (city) (state) (zip) t t 1 1 1 1 1 t 1 t 1 1 1 1 1 t t I t I I 0 I I 0 0 I 0 I I I I G (signature -I am over 18) bill me now. send my set of organs now, and bill me later ORGANS WILL BE SENT IN PLAIN :11 RAPPER YCL nAVE


l:.l.J IT CR I.-11 :-_ave you ever fel 1: totally abused? If you haven't, let me set t!'le staf:;e: You still have work "to do before you can get of school< You've been .ountain like crazy in order that you car. stay awake for yet another day. are eyed and paranoid. You get the shakes. You are a walking corpse. You drink too coffee and it rots out your stomach. You have a case of the runs which exceeds you.r o:r: weight. You are hot and sweaty. Your skin then suddenly turns rr.oist, cold and clammy. The mountain of work which front of you seems so hopelessly large that you if you'll ever get it done. You feel supremely insecure. Yo are questionin5 your place at an institution of higher learning. You have thoughts about running out the :niddle of 41. But other than that you are reasonably satisfied wit!1 your lot in life. One morning, after not having sleep for about four or five daJs, a person sidles ' to you with a bi; friendly smile. Tt is C'.Jt of the hatred whict has to have been closing in all around you, out of the mire of self-loathing, out of the very bowels of blackness the person comes, smiling, happy, liking you in spite of "t:.e fac't that you do not at 'that moment like yourself. "Gh my God," you say to yourself, "i1. frie;;d, a potential lover." Stumbling through the SAGA breakfast line, you give Ron Davis a bloodshot wink. Rot: is O.h.. You grimmace at the thought of having to eat any food whatsoever: it all looi;:s ar:C. your stomach is churning. You drop your tray ox: the floor spilling silverware, orange juice, which has prooved not to be a suspension, but a colloid, sausage links like little rabbit turcs, scrambled eggs, and evil coffee, but it is all rie;ht, Ron does not mind. He says, "You must not have gotten enough sleep last night," and gives you a new tray-full of food. You go out into the vast rectangular stalag which is P..amilton Center's dining area, locate the face, sit down and begin to chat. It soon becomes apparent that the smiling face, now not smiling, wants to have nothL:t:_ to do with you, has just said hello because it is the co-:.trteous thin{, to do, and now waul:::: ha7e no greater pleasure than to see you lick up your spilt food off of the floor.


HEAR YEI HFAR YEl AN OFFICIAL PROCI.AIMATION Whereas, John Lott Brawn, president of all the Universities of South Florida has today declared the Sarasota Campus a fiscally autonomous entity, and Whereas, the future of Senate bill 960 looks very bright, it is hereby proclaimed that Friday May 26, 1978 be known as "Who the fuck are you?" day for perpetuity.


EDITORIAL (continued) In another moment you look around the room for someone else to sit with. You realize with a coldK sadlte that you are neither liked or like any of the persons scattered about the room. You rush back to your room, flop down on your bed, and try to forget the experience, try to sleep, but you can't sleep because your stomach is churning from last night's massive intake of coffee and Magic Mountain. you are frustrated and don't know what You want to cry but you cant o. Sorry put out the year book issue this week, but next week it'll bxe out. I've been pretty busy lately. H b -er fiNNOU/VCING-: ''THE 6.NNUAL AREIJ SUMMER NEW <-oLLEgE PARTY'' lhQt's lG\s+ yea.r's h wqs rip-roar 1n9 on e.n c.ore is 'h order !'. l.l'V\Ol9 'f'e c*' New C.o\ uS t'ree.s on 0\e,..ty,qJ hill .. 0\ Sl.\burbqt'\ \(t>tA vJon 1t wo. r\"t +o tv\, ss t-f 1 Where.. 6reCj \/,c.kers' ;" 'I.'] her\ : :Sorh4rclG.)I, Jt.tly 27. oil ") (o. t-roW\ ClA s tAp it' -the r\Qro.dt'orl GeV\te.r" Lobb)' V\ow cxolotrtlof\0\\ '.\ Be 1 Alo"'O\. t-C\ "d

Well my friends, and you are my friends, summer break is nearly upon us, and everybody seems to be appropriately lethargic. Late May has got to be the worst time of year to be in school. All the tell-tale signs of another academic year coming to a close are present on campuso The real graduates are gradually distinguishing themselves from the mere prospective graduates. The first year students are contemplating being next year hot poop second year students. Hoards of allumni are popping out of the wood-work to witness the insanity of the last weeks (or do they actually come back to spawn?). students on academic leave seem to be tormenting us real students to no end, tempting us with vile intoxicarults at every opportunity. lieanwhile, I'm tryinxg to pull myself out of the worst type mood I've experienced in quite some time. I'm going to be horrendously busy next week, hence this is my last article for this year's Byzantium. l.ext year this paper will be back! That's right, just like Uncle Herbie promised, Byzantium won't fall by the wayside like some alcoholic going up for review by the S.A.S.C. I'm going to be the editor of this rag next year and I'm going to need some help from all you jaded, experienced h.C. students. trJe're really going to have to te those newcomers next fall. And '9yzar:tiurr.. is goir.g to be there showing them just what this place is all about--a weekly rag which prints some truth as well as some total deviation from the truth coupled with liberal artsy ficticious prose pieces, poetry cartoons. It is the best thing to happen to Novum Collegium journalizum since I got here two years ago. desparately need to build up a staff of poets, cartoonists, gonzo-type journalists etcetera if this paper is going to stay good. This paper is GOCD 1 lJost all of the students read it; even the adverse-to-everything skeptics at least like the concept behind Byzantium. It's time for some of you (potentially great) aspiring persons of letters to come out of your closet and into ours. I am planning on putting o'.lt a "dis"-Orientation issue in addition to the ten weekly editions. who like to contribute some propaganda or an artistic piece (or both) to thls 1ssue w1ll not need to show up orientation week if they aon't want to. Simply spew on paper and it to Byzantium care of me Box 520. 3erkow1tz and n.S? hlmself already promlsed towrite something for the paper next tne be on study and the latter will be in grad school. 1mag1ne a Byzant,lum w1 th correspondents ln London and ltJashington? He are most aer1n1t:.vely, beyond a snadow of a doubt, hot shit. END


J lSi 0 JLAVJ OWI.J A.M. f"C vfJ.' C."'\t" 1'* ,.,.,. f'JO\.v 1AE-1 !'H' C.(ll 11(t.. Ci; bA J D 1 A tfMf\ GJ1 !11AH r-e w.-4\JtD!


"Ely Gary :Se:rkowitz In to overv1helming popula.r I ::un giv!-_ng over space this v:eel-:: to an in depth 1'Jortrai t of our beloved edJ. tor, :terbert Guggenheim. Guggenheim, that master of the quarter-liner (half a VTJ.. t half n liner), the bastion of cross eyed celibacy, of verbiage, 2J 1 e .round Bachelor of the Arts. Gug.5enheim, whose 1.mment dep9rture vall te the death of slime oriented jorrnalism. The following portrait is culled from reminisces, interviews, anu police files. I-Ierbert Gugp-enheim was born a log outside of Washington, D.C., on Guy Fa.rllres Day, October 12, 1957, and then again e. week latzr. His parents him Isaac ben Shimmel, but called Herbert Sidney for short. Hi"" early years, like his later jrcars, 'Nere U.."Yleventful. repeated the first grade three times because of hiG to pass rest period und a tendency to eat Play Doh. Even at this tender age, we can see signs of the Gdi tor. Herb mimeobl"'flphed his first student the "FirGt GrJ.dc Follies" nhich thct school's :..irst-ever nude pinup of IJ'e. Eill, the teacher. Eerb was soci:::0. }.1acced the rest of t r 8 through t;rc.mrnar school, except for t!_e fifth [.T::.dc, .vhich took t. :o ye2:rs to -;:Jess o.s he cuent the ::!ntire first ----.... _,_,....,.....,,,_ rn-..,4 ,.. +1-" o-r TYJ,....,.,,r t-iT"lc<:'! '"'crb _}'-"-J-..._.. ..., ..,._ ... ..... --.. __ u --,.,..,..,_..,._'-"---v ,. ..... --).,) .... ......, -'-\J ,._ '-"--v i:J 'to spend :nonths irri tc.ting inonimcte objects. It was also in the first v 0c.r of the fifth [Tf: de -:;he. t Herb 3.Ssociated hi ""'lself with the co:---tiilunist p2rty, ":ork ng as a Soviet spy on the tire Millard Fillmore School. The first big event of Eerb s life was hi::-J3ar nli tzv8.h where he shocked his parents and re.bbi by readine;; hi8 favorite pc:.ssage of "The Story of 011 instead of chanting a portion of the Torah. At 2ge fourteen awoke sexually. s-purning by A:ny Sue Honeybuns m:d l2ter by a bicycle co .usod him to com."lli t his first rape. Even the communists refused to have 2nything to do vri th him after this incident. The FBI began to keep tabs on his movements. To elude them,_Eerb a snittoon during all of 1969. Hero died in 197?. did not prevent his 2,pplif'!:ltion to l7ew College that summer. Despite his .001 academic grade point Herb \vo.s us sp?cic.l E:tudcnt becc.use of his tclents of imper"'Onating bathroom. fJ.xture' and h1s undi11inishcd iB I r I


from .t-'CR'I'l<.AIT::3 C ? C "Herbert :::>. Guggenheim At Twenty-One" by Thomas Carlyle C ne summer morning I was informed that Guggenheim had flown into town and desired for several ?f.his including myself, to meet him at1the airport for the purpose of a1d1ng h1m 1n transporting his baggage to his room, I do not exactly remember why, but I happened to be the first one to see him on this pleasantly temperate, luminous morning; we had several minutes for a stroll and tete-a-tete and Guggenheim carried more than his share of the conversation. spoke about many topics, especially about his fellow poets and the "plight of t heartist", including even quite a discourse on entimology, I think which, owin g to his complete misuse, misunderstanding, and general mistrust of the word, (in addition tohis quasi-scientific sententiousness), he did not greatly inhance the (in his somewhat inflated term s ) "plight of the insects." On the whole, however, his tone was truthful and knowledgeable; he spoke at times blatantly, always ingenuously, and his face bore the air of a sometimes indifferent door-to-door salesman, as if he really did not care whether on e wholly believed his almost pretentious and narrowish babble. Guggenheim was not without what I could call wit, as he was seen, on occasion, to be carrying a roll of toilet tissue under his arm, and, when I inquired as to the for tr,is superfluous i npedimenta, he was "tr:ying desparately" he would retort, "to disincumber them (his contemporaries, I assume,) of their pristine excrement," But indeed, Guggenheim was also blessed with a more assiduou s side; he was not merely fun and games; he being not without a certain amount of equanim ity. As when, for example, he was eating, or should I say replenishing his fuel supply, for this was what it seemed, because of the intensity and solemnity with which he gnawed and gulped his sustenance, consuming one foodstuff completely before trying anything else, until there was not left a speck of food anywhere in his vicinity, at which point he woul d ingurgitate every last dKrop of whatever beverage closest a t Surely this intensity with which he masticated his or to anyone around him; surely this vigour remained unmatched 1n any of h1s more pass1ve endeavours, such as his writing. . In a few years, surely we will cease to hear.of h1s c?p1ous exert1ons; e1ther h1s gastrointestinal tract will surrender to his mass1ve appet1te not only for food, but a variety of other headonistic activities, and his mind and.body will or perhaps, and this seems more likely, he will become trully Dnmortal. END


FAIRY --TALE poets walk the odd walk evenly. fall down from drunkenness rhymine.leave holes in the heart of lovers. cigarette burns in the furniture of friends. poets' blood pumps through them funny. delirious veins the doctors say.(has the river ever backed its fevered streams away?) they love earth like they like chocolate. lap blood of snow-fat springs.(as the dawning-after rw-returns the phenomenal to the thing. ) prone to steal when you're not looking. shower you golden when you are. oh so wild win-some elvish. like urchins at a grim bazaar. they see angels in the cloudbed. devils pirouette on the stiff tongue of truth. poets drop finally from towers to sea-strand. swan-leap wide-eyed from the land-locked bridge. juggled seabound. all of them do. make your heart pump funny too. the moon shine. the dull flat earth go round.


THIS WEEKEND--The New College Film Series Presents (A Film by Fernando "Viva La Muerte" Arrabal) Lots of juicy blood and guts. Fun for the entire family. FREE IN T.A. Saturday 5/27 12 midnight Sunday 5/28 9 p.m. Planting Flowers in the Sand I like you very much1 But I do not love you. And making love the other night Was just that, "making love.M There is nowhere That we really want to go. There is nothing That we truly care to say. We have k 'indled our fire With dampehed twigs, Only to get smoke in our eyes. We have planted a flower In the sand, Just to be sorry as it dries. Dian Du.charae --... : -.. N.c. Film Series Presents J Big End of Term Movies Monday 5/29 FREE -The beatles in "Magical Mystery Tour" underground "acid" classic photography by Ringo Starr Wednesday 5/31 FREE -Elvis "The King" Presley in "Jailhouse Rock" Tough, hard hitting rock saga. Friday 6/2 FREE 11The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin at his best} t!lus Rene Clair's "The Crazy Ray" plus "Iw1eleis", 8 .. rr;. and more. STUDY HARDl A SOLO MOVIE (Monday, May 29, 1978} OLIVER! (u.s. 1970, 148 min. color.) Winner of 6 Academy Awards. Probably the very best adaptation of a mmusical onto film. See it. $1.04 2sJO, 7 & 9 (June 5) A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (see itl) The Marx Brothers' best film. Herbert s. Guggenheim -editor Greg Vickers -editor to be Gary Berkowitz London correspondent Kim Keene/Diane Ducharme/ Treadwell

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