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Byzantium (Vol. 1, #8)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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May 19, 1978


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Twelve page issue of the student produced newspaper. Some text of this newspaper is not legible due to the phsyical construction of the publication.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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\ l I /


As any of rey friends will you* I often make promises which I am unable for one reaso or another to keep. Last week's editorial promised the yearbook issue this week, but certain minor events have transpired in the mean time which make it impossible for me to produce such a monumental effort. 1) I had my baccalaureate examination this week, and passed. la) As a of this I have been getting fucked up quite a bit. 2) Ray Lesser, Ted Thompson and !V.ike Tammenga--three famous New College alumni have all been in town ir. the last few days. 2a) are very good people to fucked-up with. 2b) It is easy to waste time with these individuals since they are very interesting to talk to. J) the past week there has been the arrival of one substance called "magic mountain" which when ingested creates the most uncanny sensations, Ja) addition to its qualities as an aphrodesiac, an intelligence inhancer, a beautifier a solid of all that is right and true in American culture, it rr.akes you see things that you not normally see o (or so they say) Meanwhile, I have been wandering through a labyrinth of confussion. The confusion gets rwre intense all the time with me often mistaking the door-handle of my front door for a bagel ar:d cream cheese o This has already resulted in the loss of several of my more functional front teeth. I would like to take this to publicly express my appreciation and that of the student body for the excellent work which has been done by the Emergency Coordinating Committee in the area of guaranteeing New College adequate A & S dollars for the upcoming school year, According to the members of the committee, 0ohn Brown (U.S.F. President) is on the side of we the This is a major breakthrough in l.S.F. policy structures. Hope11;lly, will result in far More Money was originally allocated to t:, "':he Tampa Studer.-+.; Se:>:.aL:e. D ...... e tc ny lack of i; formation or. the subject, -

EDITCRIAL (continued) out the hell is going on. Right now, I've been awake for quite some time and I'm having quite a bit of difficulty diciphering the truth from the fiction of any given situation. This is of necessity a short issue precisely because of my confusion, but I'll try and have an additional suppliment arxound Monday or Tuesday upcoming. Oh, and for that information about the new editor, well, going to be Greg Vickers. Greg is planning a major article for the next issue of Byzantium, but right now, he's just as confused as I am. Well, time to go. I think you'll enjoy the issue;we have special guest contributor and jack-of-all-trades Ray Lesser with us, two great short stories and some poetry by Bill Plummer. Also a good cartoon by Chuck Treadwell. See you out in the real world. What? -Herbert S. Guggenheim, B.A. ASOLO MOVIE: May 22, 1978) SACCO & VANZETTI (U.S. 1972, 118 min, col.) A powerfuli story of political repression9 this film recreates one of the bleakest chapters in American history, but one whose subject is rich with rary parallels. Music written and performed by Joan Baez $1.04 / 2:JO, 7 & 9 p.m. NEW COLLEGE FILM SERIES presents ])I etQ.:T 151 ll.( I :S JJOI1ft, -e_ :fo uR)0 t=


Double your pleasure, double your GOOD FUN! Sunshine on the water makes us seasons in the sun! I write poetry, but many people have said to me, "Lisa, you have a lot of potential But I don't know, writers are so dirty. I went out with this one guy, he said he was a writer, but I mean his face was all broken out with, you know, zits, So I was pretty naive back then lthat was almost a year ago) and I think I've grown a lot since then. This is one of my new poems: The World The world is so full of infinity. I t is endless. Time is an endless void. The world spins on time' s turntable. My poetry teacher told me it was a very good poem. I like him very much. Anyway, I was over at the student union and this guy Louis, asked me what my name was and I said who I was and he said he was a poet, and his face was so gross. But I don't know, I kind of he was deep, but he he was dirty. His hair wasn't combed, and it looked like he were real bloodshot & red & he scratched his head a lot & he wasn' t squeezing his pimples, but just tweeking the side of So I sat there politely, and he finally said: "You look like you go to the pub a lot, do you?" wasn't cute at all, and had dandruff & his eyes tried to act like he his face. And I said, "VJell I've got my own apartment & I don't come on campus very much because I work part time as a bank receptionist.'' "Well I can guess why the bank hired you; It' s all so subliminal, don' t you know "lflhat does subliminal mean?" "You don' t know that word? That' s one I learned in the 7th grade. I like playing with words. I like making them work." What do you study?" "Oh, I guess I m a poet. "Neat, I used to write poetry back in high school. I still write a little. "Anyway so subliminal means like in your mind--under the surface." "Oh like subconscious?" So we talked and talkedt and he wanted to tell me some stuff about some homosexuals he knew, but I told him boys were made for girls and not for other boys, and he said: "I can see where you were made for some boys." And I laughed because that was so cute.


SCBLIMINAL (continued) So he said why didn't I meet him at the pub tomorrow night and I told him that I worked till five, did my homework till six-thirty, made my dinner, did the dishes, watched the Gong Shov. (I love Chuck Berris--he's such a cutey) and then washed my hair, but he said, "Well, how about eleven?" And I said I went to bed around 11, but I'd come at 10:JO for a half houro So I didn't really want to go, but he seemed pretty lonely, so I agreed. I came to the pub around 10:40, and glanced around, but I didn't see him, so I was about to leave when he came up to me. He wore a ban-lon blue turtle reck that looked really dumb, but I couldn't get away, so I told him that I had to get my pants out of the laundry machine or they'd wrinkle. So he he'd drive me home, so I said I had my own car, so he said he'd drive me home, then jog back because he needed the exercise. So he seemed really lonely and I finally gave in ar.d said, O.K. Then, when we got to the Blaylock Apartmenv Building where I live, he asked if he could walk me to the door and I couldn't g2t rid of him. He came right to the door of my apartment & I was turning to say goodbye when he asked me if he could see some of my poetry, and I said I didn't really know where any of it was, and he said: "Oh sure you do." And he had me there. So we went in, and he stood by the door, & then he came toward me--zits, turtleneck, everything: He said, "I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I saw you walking around the student union. I said, "You get out of here right now. I don't do that stuff even with my boyfriend from back home." "Oh come on." throw this at you," I said taking off one of my heels, "And I won't miss." He finally left saying, "Well, see you." I felt so dirty after that, so I took off my stockings, my skirt, my blouse, my underwear & took a nice long bath. "But the stars we could reach were just starfish on the beach." -Rod McKuen


Wf'S IN A f t t P.. \ NN w (41.,.\N_; Ott.vGS iu WEA{(.. oFf. SoME tJAf'A..E(, C>lf{'-:r 't'/> Ul" tt-l 11"le C...f\ B VJ f'J7 IVG. Sllf 1JJ A> NLC,l:., 6vt C,t-r1LE IJ u)O,.W fSf t


AAI.l> ' 6'r HJSkrLeJhtJw .. There ar:.a lot of here Tiho are the shy, types. You know the !{lnd I nean. You never ever see tb.e:m in closs,. where they sit in the back of the roo::: looking the model from the 11 You Nerd'' no::ter from thG .;ational Lam?oon. every now and the:r;1 you see them in the ccfetcrin., i:here they are eating green beans. But that's it. Otherwise,. you would hardly know they exist. Well, th8.t's hmv it works. But about five ;y-ears ago, it worked out a bit differently. This episode is known only to history mr jars j and v:i thin this circle only to a select in" group. :Sut it's true. Gervin Bokie was Et student of indeterminate nationality a first term student, we think (9.lthough you ccm. never rcc.lly tell v:ith this type of inc.ividual). No one was terribly surprised to see someone of his ilk in the clr:ss; afte'!' oll, there's always one. No one f;ver tc:llced to Gervin because he had breath a. -oole.r bear ,:;ould have found offeneive, and he was always picking his nose and sticking it some r:here nearby. You ca.'t'J. see why we never got too close. Gervin hed a hint of an accent, continental, obv;_ouely, but v1e weren 1 t re2lly from "'here. Gervin e.:tso prefaced m2ny of his (inf:::"equentlremarks vrith -the word "r1hereas11 God kr.ows :Ihy. l}.t any r2te, Gervin v;as enrol:::.ed in .Dr Deme s "Hotsho-ts of Iiunc2ry, 1848-184 9" course. There \".'ere about six ueople in the. cl2 ss 1 2nd 1 m told that Gervin :1as the most. sullen of sn extre1:1.ely incoing groupo ( .Dr .uene .tectureu in his 01.m ineffable way about rilagynr t:radi tion, ';'hich as we have been led to undcrstcnd, goes 11to de.y.zero11 Gervin sudienly his eye brO'.'IS like !:r. Spack v:ould do on Star Trek when so::n..ething .was In t}fe lecture, the Hungerian resistance the Croatian was ltei:1g e:t:'901mded in all its ro:mc>ntic -rege2ntry. Suddenly Garvin rose and said in a resolute voice, 11Die, NO'I."I Kossuth \'rae president of the short-lived republic of 1848-9. C eF..-in was look in.; right. at Dr. Deme, V:rho ts.ken aback. "','/hat did you say, I:..r. Bokie ?n asked the co ad doctor. "Ferhc-cs you some ini'o:r-mo.tion you v:ould like to share th the class". : "The name is .Jcllc..cic, stop playing coywith me-yo'U. knor; t:hyI'Je're here." (Jellacic was the! co:r::mw.nder of the .A:rm.y, Croaticm ?;igin. was a. knovm from \my b2ck). somewhere, Gervin, or Jellacic, -produced a and a \':.ijite glove. "My troops c.rc waitin.; to cross the rivercinto .Eudapet,.Kossuth, i" I do:rt'"t want you:r crummy I v;ant you, u aaid in measured "What is the :1e2llinc.of this, Eokie?" ste.rr.nered profess.or 'lStop fo!'rt;i:r:.e, repu.blicis doo:r:1ed, you com3.rdly-.mealy--moutl;l.ed ... MagtJar-hc.l;---twi t; n spat Gervin-Jcllacic his voice cracJting. a"ld .his speech. increasing in speed.-Bu-t this was going too far. azlo Dero.e may be a :r:ice_, :r!.ild mmmered, f2.therl;r tyfet but in these dajro he r:as Eye of elements .of. irn:e Deed Eye sei-zed glove_, au.4 : ... ___.. __


) s-:;ro.Q.e boldly up tp -:.crv:.::-?ell cic, 'slO.u-ced hi ..... in the the Cl-rr:o .. .... ... c,.,_ R-,...1-r .J..l,-..; .... '"'='S +ho _._...._;,..,., fl..... ... to-1 l.o,i""._.., J."-tr....,....._,:li.\....,- ... _. ,..1,.0 V-.l..J.. 1.. .. _.--10.. ,.._.._.\.i-L..V .. .._J.\., LV '-'--'-l>JI..I-'-"-t"' :pGsse ssion of Gervin 3ol:ie, tt.c stra'Ylge TJ:!:"e ccen.ce of the cv;ord, End thE7 feet thr:.t +'-'e c--1 qp ,.. 0YI"" 1-p+. ..1.1lr:> ., ... 4 tl1e ro"',rol J..+iQYl ..,,.._ .............. \....<. .. J.J..l ......... ... 1.. ....._. 1 .......... .,,....._.,-' ..... ... \.v ...... ._.;j V--.... L,.-. \.. _.. .._... V .. __ c.;:,'Je:::red to 'be !"idir-" or: :.h'"'t ne:::'"t. --Gervin: looked mcrti.fiQd for 2. m.ol"lent, but ":Uicl:1:;r regci:"lcd compos1.rre. Yossuth, :you're Q as pusillR-'1immts as I hr-.:..Q thou&h-t. Very r;ell, ns:r::.e yo-:..rr .. e..,..,..,on "" l .......!:' i" ThiE" \Yas Gcrvin':s b:tg mist'i\-::e. In those de.y:: Doctor carriGd a set of d,,cl-l"'r:-pl"'tol"' ... -;-'-11 .-+ .-,11 t1,..,,_.,c: ./;'or .--,,c ... ,.,n ocr>"'"";o.,., H"e +'J.-..t=> ............ o.:.. i.A .-..i.J.=: ..._. ........ IJ..__ .6.L ...... 1.1 .. .....___ .L ... _. .!.. J '.A-v ..._.,...._..:a '"- .. .....;.._ ...... --uJ.;.-f''--n;,r -Qox that tl1ey '::2r.: e -:n, ex:9osed th8 m.uzzleloc.d:..:!lf' '1)i:::tolc to the II..1pori2J. Co;trnsnd-e,... "nd OY1'\J.'l e r1 bC>'Y\ 1 Yl G"l ;J'-. c,.......:. &...I.;.J.J. ""' ._.t.....;. --c---v"' Gervin .'n,_s cc"1.,<_tht {'"L'.""':-.,d. st::-red for .-. !!lO!l!e!!t at Koss,1th and s2.icl i::1 ::>. high, t2ut Yo ice, 11 :rnc::::ep_s ... o I 1;l1" Gervin eee:"!ed to b;) reYertin,.; to Ge:rvin. ''..:t tl:en he into s steel-gr:>.y eyes, norJ;::7..l1y ktn.d, but nov; il'1.shinc fj.:!'e., alld 4ervin fl:re\7 on !Jif' o-:t :.! r92Glve, end ':..{"2-:!.n. 11Sh'111 vre 'ficht it ou-t .:r::'.5tht noa he ask:le o-:;.t the '\''r-t "C t 1 1 ..._h ,.., u ,..." 1 b t er a1n_y, .rep 1<:CTo1v e r..e.o OI .. un_e-rr>.l!1 J. cry. of the contcsttt::;, selcGtcd <:>. student c.s hif second Gervin nd:rec:Jed. hie .:econd "C-o ..... oe"" <;' 'i.--.l) err...-,-.-,";1 ""'0 one I.-, ,"\1') n.v. _j-()1'10 of'fert:>.::l :ell.-,c-ic +rt:. ...,......., ;c) .. \,;... "' \_.__ ... \,.. .... '....) ,., ...... v ...... v ..... __ .:..;:..-. .....,___ _. .................... _.,_ +-l-rC't , Tf (!'-C-;,r-r-! .. ': ......... .. ... ...,-,.... ..:... .... ,. r-........ .,;'Y' .. ... .. ...._--lo.,.. -: -: ""''r -... ,. ._. '' ; .,./ ... I 1 >J tl o (.. ---' ... _. > I nlC'h ..C.e.ll .,.,.,,,.,..,..-,er r,.,,--,1 -ll ('J:"'c.-.. .-. -.-,,-. cl, ('V .-::.e< r .. --.. -.. J ...::U.,.4,.,0...tJ! ..L. ..,!..,:",;.. V '.'J.. .a..j ...... .,. J...., ;&..,..;.,.. , ).)..:., .... (... J ... -1 1 ;...11t .t'.i ;... ... ,..,." u"' T""J.c-r-,.,r1 f'-1ll,...+ ,... ..!:.'1 ................ :_ ..L..L .. .:_ .... \.... ..... ._;,.,.L...Ll. t...;. -"\.:.: .lo..J. .. .... ..... .._..., __ .....,..., ... ........ p::>.c-t, the Social secret.-..ry in tl1e bu2lcinc .'l:ithout fc.., .. )C!L.C to Ghoot (i"ldeoj Der:J.e o-tond"(T 'ClCC a ron}: -<>s l!er-..1-.a. .. ..... -.... '\:reo.' o. ...... ,:... i"' ,.-l-.-,,.,4-.,t -'-hl" o"'.:) be11...,V"i 01"' T..., ..L.},-j nt t ,.. ........... l.'n .L'..i.... I l.l .. .At.. _!......._ _.:_ ::-! ... t; -.... v.... ..... ..... ...;.... ......... ,1. v_ ... ..._S J...n .. ) rt.:l'7 \J'V..a...'V ctid not bu:..t bc.::l.nd :8 ::-nc1 no in 111.,... bee se he .. ,.,c:--i-n."" hl.' +''"O ..,, 'Jlh"' -.-.-..-.o-+,.,co.n..-. ....,'"' C '"' J...llf -' .0.. "' '' t._,;,. l..l ......_,_) -..L I._ .:....J _.._ ... J.,. ..}-Jl !.,J .._). -. ..)-.L '"'I I V--. l--"' f'o;"' 1-i]l th, to ''dd '"'O'"he:>r ....... _r--\.A. .. _. ............... -'-<" -........ ._ ...... __ .lo .. 4 ...... l.-1 _A ..a.J.t-... to'hic ,.....,,,... e 'rf -,,.,,, h'::-1 ....,1-,0U..t. -'-' torl.,,r tho .J"C-4..0""" '"ll-1 J,... h ..., .,l.ll. 1. ..1..-,_ __ ,,..,.. f \A,j,. ....... .-._ .. ..:__ ...L.-,. V\oo. __ -'-"'--\..1 I ... ... ""! J.' .1.. H .... '--8 :for blopc?::1 b14t t"l0ce '.'lhY'I1t 1oc "':e 1f .LJ.-.,-.. ....... ;... tc t,1..., .. '<....."' -"""'-,.... '....1 \._.. -t_ --t .. _.___ --V .... _... ....... "" .... w ,, ......... ._; ___ v)o. ..,., __ ,.._. .... -....... A,,,.,l nil th t .,.1-oc (' ... "'11'J"r l ... nn>t".r-!Y' ... ._ VU-;c:; ....... Ia-......L -- --->J .... ""_... ... ..... v..... ..,.._ ...... t..T .... I ....... --:.1o, d.or.'t ':'sl: .09 __ '1.., to clJ ;ro'..: 'fc ;::..1"!. ,...e', u;:e-:, dro,! out his TJ,,.,..,..,.,.,.,.;,., .,'T'T'i-"'c ,-.-:+J.."'Pll"1hJ.":J -J. ... ,.,. ...... j,..,(, tl--nt T1 .,.T"' c..-.,.-.-lor-1''=' -!':o vU ....L. iro..... ,. ... \. _,.- ._...._ .. -""-._ "--.... ........ --'" ,, v ,. (.; .. ... .._, I .. '-..., kl \ t:,., v Cr>esa.r, a.'J.d threG.ten to your .....,iddlirr little 'lo,..,.C'tU':.n '_y God, just be cruse they rule hr lf th2 riorJ.d., they': thr:;j' c::-n nush yO'l Pround.


A cloud comes over the airport and the noise of the jets is temporarily drowned out by the thunder of a fresh summer storm. The time has come for another group to leave the New College bastion to become fodder for the many other corporate structures, all ready, welllubed mechanisms of mass murder and biological rape. Certainly the graduates of this institution are not the mindless cogs ready with minimal reprogramming to be placed into the death machine, but, it is all to easy to justify becoming part of the machinery by saying, "I need the I, too, need to live and if I don't do it somebody else will." It is so difficult for us, the children of the land of the free and the home of the easy, to think beyond our own comfortable existence to the incredible problems that face our wor l d in our lifetimes. Daddy still pays for lunch while the death machine burns millions of bushels of wheat to drive up its profit margin. And we all simply have to have cars just to make it to the biggest event of the day, rush hour, a cool injection of ozone and hydrocarbons which send the mind spinning in a punk raucous hour of communal emotion, and tie-dies mass graffiti. Returning here after a years respite in the non-academic world allows for a few new perspectives on my fostering big mother. There is still a wonderful feeling of comraderie here, unlike that which can very often be experienced in other parts of this land. There are still many here striving for ideals that seem to be forgotten by most segments of our society. The brotherhood of intellectual discourse still exists, and for any opinion or subject there is likely to be found somewhere in this campus community a satisfying argument without the threat of physical pain or loss of wages. In general it could be said that a great deal of sharing takes place here. But also I sense the apathy0 waste, and decay that seems to have become a function of our culture. When I came here last weekend the swimming pool was closed due to mindless vanqalism, and broken glass was strewn around Palm Court. The cafeteria is still practicing the throw away technology which ravages the limited resources of our planet. I'm certain that this is in large part due to the acts of students stealing platAs and silverware. Even the freedom of access to the campus by other world citizens is being threatened by attempted enforcement of the "trespass" law. I believe that at least on this issue the students will unite to block the bureaucratic castration that so easily occurs inthe atmosphere of egotism and apathy that prevails in this society. It is also sad to see the increasing gap between first year and year students that has happened here primarily because of a lack of alternatlve


on-campus housingo I urge the students to continue yressing the administration for Palmer style dorms and adequate common meeting/ gathering areas. Finally I fervently suggest that students continue searching for alternatives in every field of academic endeavor. Make your professors work a little harder, explore areas that are unfamiliar to any faculty, fight for the right to educate yourself, don't just take the classes because they are offered in the syllabuso You have more time now to devote to learning you may ever again have, perhaps because Mom and Dad and Uncle Sam say this is the time. Please don't use it for what somebody else says is valid, use your own judgement, your own will to decide what a valid educational experience is. This society will treat you as a child for as long as you allow it. RUNNING A moosejowled trucker Who could stir hot coffee I never pull out Left three women-They're with my sons "Jesus, Couldn't ya pull out or something?" You see, I don't make daughters Biloxi, Madison, Rapid City I never pull it out With his little finger Roared, slammed it into overdrive. -William


T .... ;,. NATURALIST CAJ\OEING c:; THE PEACt: RIVEn (nArtDEE COUUTY, FLORIDA) sta?nant, pool Into bock, into Streams. Cypress-sentinelled creeks Teem. with anima. I flutter them As I paddle. Then mangroves: thick Hatted hair--calJ Them roots--twist Into brine, like The hoary god Who sifts live where current ?ans int0 tide. II. a pa1nted, l'ne ::'ainter is tacit .. Tre panorama is a which jiggles light On sperific afternoons into ThPblindness of snow. T:-.e 0bserver ] onl:-. A point of view, Gleaning fragile From glancing lights. III. .Another critical angle: Sensation-wet eyes 3ulge with light. I am all SeawatPr. In soace, Infinity and jelly tl..a;.r meet---but holding s paddle, has r es w:t.:ch sparkle! William PLtn1'1Cl'


Rush job, sorryo -H.S.G. Herbert S. Guggenheim -editor r .. ister Leibowitz Bill Plummer Laura Squire Charles Treadwell Ray Lesser -Eyzantium for lunch b r'ch The overly insircere views herein are the genius of the cortributors ard not the genius of New College of L.S.F., the world, or the magazine as a whole. ) }

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