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Blessed Relief


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Blessed Relief
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Blessed Relief (Volume #1, Edition #6)
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
Creation Date:
October 20, 1978


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
College student newspapers and periodicals
College publications
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Eight page issue of the student produced newspaper.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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I \ l .. ..... .. ..... -. .... ........ ................ Volume #1 Edition #6 -............ ... ---... .......... -.. ,. --.. : ,, ",.; .,. .. ... / .. / :'.1 ->-! ..... : l .... 1-' *' _I : ', .. i' Oct. 20, 1978 L. -----... "----... ............................. -.... ----............ ----.. ---.. -----............ --------------......... ..... --.... ... ................ .... .... -......


J. Sanf3rd Arcane turn for next weeks ed1tion. Arcane ter..:./ 1s on acation this week, and will reCover_ng SEC th1s week for f::rr.:er-editor of tl:e Casd Bist::ocl?.p I have never been of tr.e ..::-. of these peoples ..,ho hew you say in collecttvely ace Jf ca:ltng the SEC, bat in times, ::hey are of sorr.e ar-.1se:::ent. :"his last tinoe which , of and upon thl.s week was an they were boring. Which is why went to Key West to laid ,even though the is not of a function)There are some of discussior.ings on correspondencings. yes? Yes. So they say that there are to be and have of course already been a of candidates to the Deanloirec':or of appearing on the ca..-pus here for interviewings. So t:-:.e one is to as 3or:-:e sort of furniture says that PauL Cox nas encered here, and thaL ochers of this ilk are of soon so we should all wat:ch with baited breath and pay of attentions. Purnitureper3on reads memo from Amca the SEC for che dollars saying also that the idea of the split beavers film fest is of sowe fun ;t.nd droolings. These people o what rcc in Tampa are asking th1s SEC nove to their as3 WL idea and the SEC lS of a !ttind saying that of thl.s -... ::ters, they should be of deny1ng :he powers of the Tampax statute until i.s being a dectsi.on by SEC accept the ICC The Sea'::!'r'an. after Mr. Le.ack reportLng on all his good works. is of making to him much ::hanks =or responsibility, and goes on into some diatribe of alo::oholism to of "how :hese of SEC sr.ould be of the operating in this and -::cters. What was of Mr. Le..,ax's fu:'.ctionings was of this: he goes to the and makes informations to them of Food Service and of Matchinq Funds. and the beloved Space Committee_ Ther. he is of proposinqs of a move to be of making a resolutions on the matters of a matching funds bill. The Tall One of Texas asks for copies and a to the propos:a in the way of detailings before the SEC is to be of committing itself. So done_ Well. and then it is of stadent committees that the SEC is of discussing. and then of that to which they of saying that they are of needing to demand more responsibility of the committees to the sec and to the faculties. They are of then to be formalizing a mode of procedure for the and the representacives. Pete speaks of the upcoming cc elections. And then there is one of a wierd contingent, one being known as "Mic'r Halloween, 1f they a=e ed forth party, and Lt is so done- Th-.'1 Tex Tepley is selected to be Chairman of Vice for the SEC, and is appointed the Secsretary for same. The then jumped to the stage and began reading a bill from Western Union, and then to be of readings :>f a to one of Bruce at the Pox Thea"re He a Joke o: a but then shrieks ac:::ions on behalf of: the SEC and how tr.e body lstuJ.ent? dec3'1'tr:g?\ ...,1...!S': :t.s ::>rooer to che of N'e.,. College and to N"e"' buc of cour-se, pe::>ple De'jtn be standing up ar.d o= r..aking ar.C ,;,'l.lklr.g t.o leave tr.e coo'r.. Bu--: he of Seat kedps t::al.king to er.-pc:; (AS of the saj ing before, thev are hard to sonetimcs, yes no?) So they ofSEC al:"e to be of ad '0"-rr.:-..,r.t. but later are to be askHig of hu".lble to be t.ellir.gsto all of you ;ny of che. CC through Thursday, (which is when you'll read thLs) so vote or simply die, and of the Town (which is to be long before you read this,) so attend it or don't bitch. (What??::) And that they are to be of doLngings of it again one til".e more today, Thursday the 19th at 7:00 in the place of Fishbowlings. Buenos naches_ *The Furniture Seat Man is of telling to me later that he was of the receiving of a from a students who were madder than hell about the punk band, and he was telling me of his repty, (though I'm not SQpposed to be of knowingness of this). r think that he is perhaps of being too meek, so that I. Miguel Caramba, would say that you should perhaps, dear t"eaders, want to ask week cook about catalytLc Converters.


I had a regular editorial-type editorial the nasty mood I was in when I wrote it but it lc-As to say at the if you c:o.n' -to sa d 't have anything<.. Y on say anything at all. I'm taking Dai!' s advice this style classified ?age idea get o=t the -S I hof.,C: lt might this Subnit your ad now! The Editor Box 520 by Greg Vickers It's a recurring nightmare. Well. 1t s noc really a nightmare, rathe::a horrible daydre,.:::. It: goes so:-.ething like t'1is: cor.pleted nine terms, four IS?S and a senior thes1s, 1s ecstatic. It 1s 1987. But he's so close to having that B.A. he can taste lt, so he isn't bothered in the by the fact it took him ten and a half years to get Lhat long awaited degree. Having breezd through his exa:n. the bow-leggedbalding New College relic is smiling from ear to ear. He strolls the Fishbowl. out of Ha:nilton Center and off towarJs the other s1de of car.pus. he is scar-cely ss and the sky is clear his head is in the clouds. How(l:er. having forgotten he was still on earth. he steps out onto that engineering wonder known as U.S. 41, or the Trail to us and his last as k1sses the hood orna:nent of a Cadillac which ;us; to be :zipping by a;; a conser;a':ive SO M.P.H. I may well be par-:!.noid 3r:d this drea:r. may =>e a ... of is less 3i fou:lane :-.ig. ....:3:: d:'l o:.her.--rise sa:e college I'm not even going to make the banal as to actions that to be taken. I ,.,riting :..1s: in case in the event I do d1e 1n this draw up plans for the G. V1ckers Memorial Elevated Crosswalk. Then the class of 1990 can b1tch about having to dodge on Bayshore Rd.


by dadicated to a bunch of seriously fun loving poets The earl becaroe an o\ltlaw: a serious gesture on h1s part. Youthful rebellion carried to one of a number of possible ends. Be probably thought it great materLal for a legend, not it meant living in the forest with a bunch of loonies. It .eant deprivation. importunation, and a gr1evous lack Df toilet paper. It meant losing the social 1ressing in a sl.l'y gre n because inventing camouflage was a part of the legend. It meant robbing the rich, which was great fun, but giving to the poor, which was a drag. It meant redefining the art of the bang, and getting one's kicks by irritating minor offlcl.als. which no earl would truck with. All this he did not know until he was living it. By then it was too late. Of course, it was hellish fun: Many ahats were launched at throttled moons. Laughs turned to swoons; and, above all. Maid Marian. Cold winters behind mean. green ale. The King's deer for supper, without fail. Hobnobbing with important people llke Mel Brooks. Softbr ar.d lrha:nte1 by men :>f different., ,e.s. and ciqarettcs 2. The lives in the red house. 3. The owns t.he doq. 4. The coffGe s drunk in t:he green house. 5. The Ukranian drinks tea. 6. The green house l.S i=ediately to t:he rl.ght (your r1.ghcJ cf the l.VOry house. 1. The capri sm:>ker owns snails. 8. K:>ols are smDked in the yellow h:>use. 9. Milk is drunk in the middle house 10. The lives in the first house on the left. l.l. The l!ldO who SIQOkes Chesterfields lives in the house next :;;, the man with the f;,x. 12. Ko;)ls are smoked in the house next to the house the h:>rse is ke?t. 13. The sm:>Ker j"'-::i!. 14. The Japanese smoke Parliaments. 15. The lives next to the blue hDuse. NOti WHO DRINKS BEER? AND WHO OW!>iS THE ZEBRA???'!??????? Furthermore, who cares? -the Editor-n '1-:-;;-; ... ,,. .. -.... c ..; ::.: .::. A :":":= : ---X-_= Kath relaxation l . Oil let your feet relax f 1 the the bones of your fe ee muscles of your feet relax feel floor .. Imagine row heavy and sink toward the' your breath rise and fair shafely on a warm sea ; teet e r ythm of the waves. @


"I have finally taught he car. d ne ... ,a:: ":.J, :r.ayor o: ... ja :l :}i ::.1 or the g:-eatcst poet since :U:-tau:i. 2u rusning out to see the auto races." a,ything ne keeps --Kerouac Gerald Ford looks squarely into the car.era and in ?resident:al that he watches a lot of baseball on radio. Jimmy Carter :ooks squarely at the popularity polls a display of leadership orders his aides to obey the drug laws. Jerry 3ro"''ll looks squarely into his crystal ':lall and -.... ith college "".2.:" ... 0:1 procla:r. .; that :_s --;rut:: in a ::::1a RonO'<:ad: sor.g lyr1c than in all of ?late, a phDoso-;:t:er. looks squarely into the past and to the jisbelief of those ... lived tl:en states that there ill_ a prorr.ise.! :ard. The show, it seems, go on. Ford is a walkir.g sight g:1g. :iis S'-'ccesro.iuctive -:o the intended effects :lf the ?.::-st as it ano:.ieS to a--:d. :!!ai!'lt -chat :u:a is domi,atad by.the 3rot.-..n raFO!"ters he .!.s fruga2.. s :t-:he ... is :r.ore .. h /in J5-mm photography than in all of a pni:osopher. Reaga:1 calls Carter, Ford, and Bro ... -:1 "co::-_-_:.m.:.sts" and says he ..-:11 decl1::e war on Cuba if Carter calls itea,san a "dar.g;,rous y, 5r:J'-':-a I ::1:;stic, .. and Ford a clutz" a."1:! sa;s tn-:?r-a iz no place for them "God's in the Whi-:;e character:zes r?us clutzes as .. dangerous'' ad out da. .. i;::-. 4 "too rls!ty. He supports motherhood, bu does not favor a a'""-,l:::.-__;; to that e.ffect. Ford falls eight-foot ir. Kansas Ci-:;y after calling Carter a :nealy-nou thee!, six-faced t'l'li t ar.d ,-a "\ te. i ng that Leningrad is not by the Soviets. Brown tells reporters he is frugal and says ther is more tr. th in a single Ballpark than in all >f DesCa tes, a philosofne::. Reagan calls Carter, Ford, and Brown "com.,t.;nLlt faggots" ard says r.e will declare war on Sar. ?rarcisco if electe=. The pace quickens: Carter criticizes ho discipline their -.. i th cattle prods. ?ord. !"alls down. a falls as:eep. Carter, ForJ, ar.d to Cuba to a

6 To the Editor: From the things that your{our ?}publication and hear on campus I to ask myself if love is I don't rr.ean the ability to ruck: that is not love. I mean the ability to care passionately about one other person. I know thenow generation is supposed to be into "now things,but: can't: we preserve those things of the past are keeping7 Granted that past generations were sexually repressed but do we have to carry the current trend of sexual freedom so far? Some people may have fou.ud "the Boys'Clubs discussion of illuminating and even humorous, but I think it was crude and in poor taste. Unfortunately I fear that there are few people who share my viewpoint. Casual sex may feel good but passionate sex as a result of a loving, caring. giving and taking relationship much better! Such a relationship takes time to build but it is worth the wait. M.P. Editor's Reply: To a certain extent I agree, but I object to the motherly tone of your letter. Sure love is better than sex, but who's really sexually more well adjusted: Anita or the promiscuous deviants who are to be in our midst? Thanks ever so much to our contributors: Miguel Caramba Charles Treadwell Ilene Mark Coleman Steven DaVerne Rowdy Yates Michael Armstrong Harry Calahan Kim Keene DeeJVm Ringfelt Phil Lumaden Greg Vickers. To kick off ita broadcast WNCR in with Ken Holloway and the SEC, PRESENTS: Mad as Hell October 28, 1978 At the Halloween Palm Court Party incredible Band destroys the labels of Punk and New wave w .-th raw, hard-driving rock 'n roll. Mad as Hell will perform their renditions of the Stones, Queen, Vibrators, Beatles and the along with such ur.believable originals as sammy is a 'Do the Patti and ''I Think I'd Rather Hailing from Tallahasee, this trio will assault you with a sound will rake this Party unforgettable! Incredible rhyt:hm. Ben Michler, of Mad as Hell. "I wouldn't have flown all the way to South Carolina to see if they weren't great. Besides, they're "'}' Ken 3olloway "They gooci, Ken, or .. Cianci "I've to their demo tape, and Jerry Houston, Revolution Records The WNCR schedule will be published shortly.


T:Oere these two corr.edians on the stage, see, and the a fake straw hat (styrofoam) hat and red and w:. lte Jacket and car-ried a cane with which he wasn't very cooc-dinated,he kept dr-opping it. The theatr-e smelled rain-soaked I was 1n the audience. I was a was not enJoylng myself because the Jokes wer-e n:>t Tl':e comedian was fat and had gloppy make up on herface, sl':e was a stretched out, exaggerated looked like a co,Lc strip character which had been printed on s1lly 3nd then pulled and disfigured. She had a red mouth. They were trying to kiss, it was part of the act, and 1t was aw'

BOB, KATE' (V LOCJK I ()J H/+1' $ Al..L '"l"HtS 7 t:!.'M...tJrJ, c/Nbl.f, -:X. ('olJt..o'r-J-r HELP 3v'f NOi\CE Y()u lA\< YovR.. TfC:.A'( f:ACI<. f\PG boWJV! W' 00 N1't (Vtel> Al'l'f C\tJr::rt, .r oo "' : n-HrJ\<. "(olJ ,_JoVV VV t1 AT Yov R (./01 I')(, .. sa.oPP{ PitS LiKrG THAT oNLY E"X.TIZ.A H GC..G"At-1 liP AFTe: f!..

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