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News Release (July 13, 1965)


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News Release (July 13, 1965)
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Special to: Sarasota Scene Magazine
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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July 13, 1965


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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News release
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Eight page news release.
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SPECIAL TO: SARASOTA SCENI MAGAZINE FOREWORD: Uhc.n t1:e second class of students enter New College, the date marks a quiet milestone for this institution. This lso gives Sarasota Scene Magazine an opportunity to review the college's f.irst year and to look into the future a whole decade.


TO COLLEGE! u That greeting is being shouted Septerubcr 11 by students to the 100 cf the second to enter th19 sti.Jl-i:J.;: ':W college of the liberal arts and This will be the first The Class cf 1967 at 1\ew had no upperclase::ncr: to s:J.y "hello" to them* Follo;ring the greeting,, those pioneer students c:an spin tales about the ugcod old duys" whcm they had to live in Landmark Resort on Lido Beach while their

Sarasota Scene Maaazi e Page 2 When tb college lived up to iu praiae of putting the atud uta larg ly on th ir o responsibility, it was a shock to some. But, when they w re faced with their first ind pendent study a d reading period, four veeka without classes, they reapoaded with a umber of excelle t research projects. Preaid ntial Scholar Paul Haoaaa fo Scottsdale, Ari&ona, spent of his tiae workin on buildiug an el ctron ccelerator. Mary O'Keefe of Cbevy Chase, aryland, .. de a study of tektitaa, which she theoriz re pieces of the moon whirled to earth. Others had similarly exciting projects. A all contingent of the student approached mbere of the Saraaota County Schools and offered to help aa tutors to soae of the culturally handicapped.youngsters, supple nting regular classrooa work. This pro ra eventu lly included 40 of the College tudents. An exciting ao eut for many students was to see a little of the social side of when the of ew College sponsored a special benefit uc of t e Rtncliug Bros. and Barn ary. 41 Bailey Circus t /iuter Qu rters iD. V nice 1 early JanuFor thi great event. Joe E. Braw11 flew here to be honorary ringmaster. Thou sands turned out to ke t a oreas-up, social vent, including an extra-long special circua abo and cha.pagne aupper the circus artists at the cooclu ion of the evening. On c p a, t e college slowly unfolded both its academic progra a d its building plan. Faculty a d at dents te tatively faced each other and began turning what had been a theoret1cl eurriculua into a working progra.. -ore-


Sarasota Scene Magazine -a e 3 Under the New Colle e plan, each student ia responsible during his first year for a baaic pro ram which includes studies in the hu anities, social sciences, natural sciences. d the Uain a co bin&tion of lectures, e inars, and s all class s, the faculty began to find the best way to present th ir subjec ts within the fra ework of the new curricu-lu M y of the students still were learning -hungry after ta ting the required cours s and for tb apeci 1 e inara were d veloped. two advanced roups were needed in t field of ath matics. One ved ad quickly into the area usually reserved for third-y r stud nts. They called theaselves th "wild tb roup. other d lv d quickly into the philosophical concept of ethics as an offshot of their nities stu ies, which was co i ering th whole area of est etic Oth ra took up subjects such as classical istory, and stati tics, hile a roup of 20 aet reaularly witb Dr. Toynb e to explor events of universal significauce. Sc olarly Toynb a, who has taught at py c p ses in a number of countries, said at bis departure t at hia greatest recollection of College ould be its tudenta. e sa1 h found th the equal of any atudents, even upperclas en, be had t ught at other caapus s. Many of his seminar surprised Dr. d rs. Toynbee by giving thea a rouiog dawn send-off t the airport. A little beyo d id-year, th students oved into their new residences, designed by worldfa.ous architect I. M. Pei and a project which he readily admitted was one of hie favorites. Students quickly settled into their beautiful new ho es a d about this tia entered the econd of their two indep nd t study p riod


Sarasota Scene Magazine Pa e 4 Seriou n sa vas intensified during this second study period and when college students were finishing their first year and going e for urnmer vacation tho e at ew Collcg were ready to begin their third class term. According to student calculation, so e ti e in id-pril they became upperclas n, a si oifieant milestone in their lives, but one which drew scant attention. Inat ad of the start of a relaxing s r of study, June si nalled he beginning of intensive work for ost students. August would ean eo prehensive examinations, and the true meaning of t es beca evid nt. The Ne College idea of student reapons1.b111ty include the understanding that stu dents will not be held back by endorced class attendance or frequent quizzes and ex aminations that require considerable ti e for preparation. Rather, student are required to be responsible for all of the learning of the basic courses and then are free to ove as far beyond that point as they wish. To cope with the problems of eaauring student progress, New College has a College Exa iner. specifically ssigned this responsibility. reports, results of class xa !nations, and research paper are used to provide a pro ress report. Such reports are meant only to help guide the student, for th scholastic evaluation is reserved for the year end when comprehensive xa !nations are completed. in certain area ome students are better prepared than others. While som struggle with the basic course of natural sciences, others f cl the elves so well pr pared in this area that they re d and tudy far in advance of class ates. One student who decided at id-year to delve into one of the classical languages, read so assiduously that he soon outstripped classm tes and pu bed on in advance. -more-


Sc 5 For uc students, tbe tutorial approach ia b 1 ful. r qu nt to-face tin s tween an faculty to diae a r are progress gives 4irec tio ad aeope to th student, pe ita im atri o to nd y t gives hi t ener 1 s to follow. Coapre eDaive exami t1on t in eacb of t e three ar sta dard t ta of t eir g nd nt to b just that. eli x of th ye r. St t a ed s in which t y had at di d. I addit o er 1 k owl dge. It was difftc 1 two it t tough r henaiv ov r, st d ts fac 1 y oul loo a ea o t ir aecond year nd a e t at t eir fir t y r h been vith all of the difficulties of any pace-a tti group, but lso with th sw et fr ita of cc plia t aoo p oaP ct for the future. f tur c e: od i n of Co pl tion fi t t re M. P -de igoed re idenc h 11 vhic will ouae t ree cl se of ts; ** Approval of es gn nd t rt of construction of t e Carl a d Marjorie U..ilton Co rt o t t Campus to pro ide dint g facilitia meetin rooms, an nack b r, 1 cla ro nd t a it ri p c fo tu nt ; Co letio of a ai ce buildi 1 to pro id la oratory apace for v ral years; Plan for reuov ti t e of College all to et of th b ilding vail le reatly e ed library; Acadeie: ** lar e fac lty to et xpand d atud nt ody, cov rin aue new ar aa a ri e ioloay. political ci fine arts;


Sara ota Sc ** Two di tiuguia visitors, Dr. Crane Sri ton in iatory, and Dr. Vera Mieh lea De n i International Affairs, to be ou eampu for eztended viaita. ** Curriculua extendeo i to the eco y ar area for th fir t ti e. Student: ** Second class of adaitt at de ta ra k8 eq lly it first in ev ry re pect; ** Geographic distribution of student origin i creased to aore t 40 states a several foreian co ntries aa tb colla e extends its natio 1 and international tb Special Progr ... : ** For the sec d year, i e rta 1 stit te bei g ap naor d vith a faculty of distinguished rtiats te c iug advanced ai era; ** Por t e third year a 1 cture a riea for the general public ---New Perap ctivea ---will be offered this y ar in the areaoof the hu ities; ** A cond year ia pla n for t e ew Colle e Suma r sic Festival, originated this p at ao aucceesf lly by Professor Paul olfe and d voted to an ext naive progr of c amber usic teaching and concerts. Adopt d tbia paet spring by the Board of Tr steea was a plan to help guide the growth of the coll se. This projection of the progresa of the college looks ahead to the year 1975 a d baa a all aro th on the ba of the hu er of students to be en roll d t y that ye r, here should be 700 stud nta e rolled, putt1 g ev Colle e in the cate ory of y aaall eoll ges. Faculty ia anticipated to row durin& t at period to app oxiaately 53. All other factor of the ac deaic nd ad.tniatrativa econo y of t a college are tied to these figures. Scholarship coats deer aae proportionat ly aa do adainiatrati e and other high start-up costa. e hi& coat of buildi g an al at totally uev c pus should have a aely stabilia d troa that poi t o ar i cr abo ld be aradual -ore-


sarasota Scene Magazine Pa 7 What is the future directJon of the colleg a far s the ba e fi ur of tud nt enroll nt is concerned? There is no way to accur tely judge th t, a proper size to teach students und r the Guiding principles which will determine this ay ew College of ici ls. Wh t is now w Coll plan ew ye r will always b th t the principl of individual develop ent of th must be preserved. tudent and that close faculty-tudent r lation hip Should numbers of tud nte be a probl th rc i now a thou ht 11 eriug, that instead of increa in the siz of the student body beyond the t chin limit other colla s would be found d. That i still a far-off pos ibility, thou h. nd faculty and st ff are worktng now to ke ew Cotler.e h realtz tion of their plans -3D-

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