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Nimbus (Summer 2009)
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Nimbus (No. 62, Summer 2009)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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Summer 2009


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Twenty four page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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Representative Knowledge NCF alumnus & Colorado state legislator Joel Judd '69 shares his perspective on the green economy By M i chael Milton '98 Nimbus: Did Neu. ColLege spark your interest 111 JJ: The first guy who politrcs? comes to mind i o meone l've known GO GREEN! UPDATE YOUR EMAI L WITH US TO SAVE PAPER T o rece ive mailings from the NCAA and/ o r the New College Foundat ion e l ectroni call y send us an emai l at NCalum@ ncf edu Don't forget to incl ude y our name Joel J udd: Y cs, I took a cia on ongress where we read variou tuff about the legislative 1 ro cess and-lo and behold-that is now what I do! I remember thinking at the time, It seems like the House RuLes Committee has a lot tO say about what fwppens, but I didn't think I'd ever find out, hecau e the chances I'd end up in Congress were kind of slim. l al o took a cia .. on political philosophy v.;th thi profes or, who had pent about a year a a Rhodes scholar reading cia sica! political philosophy and taught rhe cia with tho e books. One of the cia sic debates in representative democracy that intere ted me is whether the repre entative i suppo ed to re flect the view of his constituent' or to exercise independent judgment and wi dom to come up with what he consider to be the be t olu rion given the available option And that is something the legislator deab with on a daily basis. I n the coure of a legislative e ion, I'm going t end up voting on mayhe 400 differ ent bill so it cou l d be several tim a day t h at l'm going through that wrestling match. The di cus ion of that classic i ue at ew College is something that I live with every day .... You know, as I worked in that first political cience clas l thought, Domg somethrng like chis profesiow.rlly might be kiw.l of interesting. That turned for a long time. He's a construction fore man, and he' been out of work for four R ep J oel Jud d (D-CO) '69 at t he Peop l e's Fair in Denver out to be the case. I t is just as intere ting as I thought it wou l d be. Nimbus: What have you been hearing from your contirucms since the financial crisis began lose year? months. He was up in the mountains in one of those communitie that service the Aspen area, and there is no [con tnr ct i on] work up there. 1 was in another re orr community a few weeks ago, in Vail, and saw a few construction projection going on, but on the fen e around them tl1ere wer e these really prominent ign that said ot hiring" in two lang uages. That i bad. [But] at the same time, the majority of people l know are working. They may he wor ried about their job or not getting as many hours as they'd like, but I'd ay most peop l e I know are empl oyed. Nimbus: Has C-olorado made grren industry iniua rrves part of its overall economic detelopmenc plan.s? J J : I n 2006, we e l ected Bill Ritter governor, and he wa a b i g change from the governor for the previous eight years. Ritter ran on a green plat form and promoted the energy economy, and he' delivered on that W e've done quite a bit in the way of new legi lation aimed at it. For example, we've per uaded a Dani h company called Ve tas-which is one of the world' larg est manufacn1rers of wind-powered turbine (windmill }-to build a plant here. For them, it' good to be close to w h ere their products are going to he u ed, becau e tran portation of windmill blades that are half the size of a football field ... you don't want to have to ship those roo terribly far1 At the same time, Colo rado rill i a very major old energy-extraction economy. We've got a lot of natural gas, and we sure don't v.'ant that goi ng away. We rill want peop l e to drill oil and ga well and we of cmrr-e have pipelines running to wherever the market is. o, at the moment we're kind of keen on both the old energy and the new en ergy. My pred iction-and it'll be really interest i ng 1 9 months from now to 'ee if I'm that Col orado voter will go green. ow, when you're talking about old ver 'US new ene rgy, we have a habit of creating exemption credits, and other kinds of tax breaks for both types of energy. And l, as chair of the Finance Commit tee in the H ou e, am n t a big fan of these ex emptions for either the extraction or the green energy industries. Nimbus: So hoo clo you chink green industry should be fwul.ed? There is so much invesrrncm chat has lO rake place at the front end. JJ: Yeah, it's tough. The folks from the extrac tion world make the arne a r gument. They say, "You punch a hole in the ground and you Continued on page 13 ...


' Summ r is in full wing, and ha hopefully brought with it opportunities to relax and get out of your hometown to explore. I f your vacation de t i Cindy Hill Ford '89 nation happen to in-clude arasota, be sure to make a campus visit! There i simply no better way to ee the phy ical change that haYe taken place since your Ia t visit, and to remember why the ew College campu i o pecial to u all. ummer al o means that we have new members in our rank Let me again welcon1e the 159 new graduate who I had the privilege to toast prior to their graduation ceremony. We alum imply could not be happier to welcome you, your talents, an I your torie to our ranks. We hope that you will quickly become active member of our community o that we can get to know all of you. I encourage ea h of you to reach out ro alums for any guidance and advice we can provide to help you ucceed in your goal Whate\'er y ur goals may be, 1 ctuarantee you that there arc alum who have experi ence and connection that could pr ve in valuable to you While summer bring a halt to much of campus activity, the CAA knows no rest. In addition to providing our members with the ervice they have become accu tomed to, the CAA Board, Vice Pre ident of Alumnac/ i Affair Jc sica Roger departing Alum Coordinator C l aire Michelsen (Thank you Claire!), and new Alum oordinator Au tin McCann (Welcome Au tin!), have all been actively working with the College to plan activities for ew College's upcoming 50th Anniver ary. We are planning to ramp up the celebration in the Fall of 2010 and continue the fe tivitie well into 2011. IN THIS ISSUE 4 Board Elections 8 College News 10 Program Updates 11 Job Hunting l IMBL t MMER l 9 NCAA CHAIR'S LETTER l t i the hope of the AA that thee celebrations in connection with ew Col lege's 50th annhersary will offer u the op portunity to highlight the achievement ex perience, and knowledge of ew ollege's alum to one another, the current tudent and the greater ara ota community. We additiona lly hope to offer alum and tu dents the opportunity to share stories and memorie with one another so that ew College's unusua l and remarkable hi tory may be better known to all. tart thinking now about how you can get invo l ved. We want you! Contact us with your ideas and ugge tion There is no need to wait until the 50th anniver ary to get actively involved with the CAA. I n thi time period of dwind l ing inve tment and state budget cuts to educa tion funding, we need you more than ever. I encourage those of you who can to strongly con iderraiingthe amount you give to he l p u effectively a i t our members and ew allege in this time of need. Haven't given before? We need you more than ever. ot reached the pinnacle of your career or won the lottery yet? Don't underestimate the impact of mall amount lf enough mall donations are made, we could significantly rai e the scholar hip funding provided to tudcnt a well a provide olid funding for our core ervices to each of you. So write that check now, and then pre ure your fel low alums to do the arne. I speak f rom ex perience when 1 promi e you that you will find it rewarding. Over the summer, the AA Board ha and continues to undergo change with the departure of some board member and the upcoming elections. I want to again thank departing boar I members Michael Milton, Adam River and Raymonda Burgman for their simply invaluable contributions to the NCAA. They will each be ore l y missed. At the same time, all of us on the board look 12 14 16 20 NCAA Interview Economic Health Class Notes Reunion Weekend 2009 forward to welcoming new board mem bers after elections arc fini heel. I thank all of you who contribute to the CAA whether with fund volun teer time, and /or staying connected, and l speak for the board when I ay that we hope to hear from you soon. Cindy Hill Ford '89 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Cindy Hill Ford Chair Robert Lincoln Vice-Chair Adam Kendall Treasurer Colin Boyle '89-'95 Raymonda (Ray) Burgman '91-'95 Cindy Hill Ford '89-'93 DeeAnn Garey-Roy '78-'82 Robert (Rob) Hans '76-'79 Catherine (Cathy) Heath '97-'01 Adam Kendall '98-'02 Stuart (Stu) Levitan '72-'75 Robert (Rob) Lincoln '77-'83 Michael Milton '98-'01 Adam Rivers '97-'01 William (Bill) '73-'80 Rosenberg EX OFFICIO MEMBERS: Andrew (Andy) Walker President & CEO New College Foundation Gordon (Mike) Michalson, Jr. President New College of Florida STAFF: Jessica Rogers NCAA Vice President, Alumnae/i Affairs Austin McCann NCAA Alumnae/i Coordinator '04-'09


Nimbus Introduces Guest Editor Alexis Orgera '95 After many year of working tirelessly on tmbus, seeing the workload rapidly increase as a result of CAA's expanded and a the publicatton updated it design, former CAA Board Direnor usan Rurn '76 retired from her general editorial role at imbus in fall 2008. To fill this editorial void, CAA a ked Alumnae / i Fellow recipient and Ne\\ ollAge editor Alexi Orgera '95 to it in guest editor for an issue ( pring 2009). Alexi continues to serve a Gue t Editor. After graduating from ew College with a degree in Brit i h and American Literature, Alexis Orgera began her MFA in poetry at Emerson College in Boston, got the travel bug and moved to Lo Angele left Lo Angele and headed back to Bo ton to fini h her MFA, and then moved back across coun try to Lo Angele where he finally ettled for a few year Alex i s Orgera '95 tcachincr high chool creative writing. A l exis has al lived and worked at a group home for teenage girls, managed a coffee shop or two, nannied, and written mu ician bio for Japane e television, among oth r thing he did all of thi with Jo h Grigsby '97, her dog ut, who many of her ew Coll ge cla mate will re member, and her cat Calvin. Alexi has publi hed two poetry chapbook NCAA Welcomes New Alum Coordinator After a year in the po ition of Alum Coordinator, Claire Michel en '03 ha re eived a Fulbright Grant to tudy m.idwifery in Hanover, Ger many. Au tin McCann '04 has joined the CAA taff a Alum C ordinator. Au tin graduated in May with a BA in Anthropology/Theater from ew College. Hi the i an ethnography of the e teemed Bread Puppet Theater, explore the inter ection of art and politic in American culture. From 2007 to Au tin wa very involved in the com munity, erving on a number of com mittee uch a the Task r the Art tudentAllocation ommittee, onstitutional R view Committee, and oun il of Student 2009, Au tin worked Austin McCann '04 Affair He a l o partici pated in the ew Col lege Feminist Alliance. He ha been an active cultural organizer at the hool, hosting con cert by avant-garde jazz I g nd Charle Gayle and am River a lec ture on food fermen ta ti n by writer andor Katz, a performance by for Bread & Puppet imultaneou ly a an ethnographer conducting field re earch and a a taff puppeteer, traveling throughout the East oa t. Whil attending ew College, the Lubberland ational Dance Company, a lectur by Dr. rman Fink 1 tein, and co-organiz ing the Wor t]ob Economy ince the Great Depre ion Graduation PCP 20 9 along with poems in variou lit erary journal Having returned to arasota to be do er to family, Alexis became A i rant Direc tor of the ew allege Writing Re ource Center in the fall of 2008 and received an Alumnae/i Fellow hip in pring 2009. Her cla "Re urrecting ew CollAge: Literary Criteri a and Editori, l Deci ion ," wa de igned a both a nod to Mac Miller's literary magazine cla and an attempt to bring back the dormant New CollAge in the pan of one emester. While her expectations for the timeframe were pos ibly unreali tic, at this printing ew CollAge is nearly complete! W e' r e back! n e\vco llagemag. com or email u' at: newcollagemag@ gmail. com I 181_1 :L L 1 1:.R9


Greetings fellow Alumnae/i, This ballot is your opportunity to vote for the elected members and recommend to the New College Alumnae/i Board the selection of the appointed mem bers for the next three (3) years. As noted in the Bylaws of the Association, the term of office for Directors-at-Large shall be three (3) years beginning upon the date of the subsequent regular meeting of the association. With this mailing, we would also like to invite inquiries into volunteering to serve on certain association com mittees or to help with other activities of the NCAA. Since we are an all-volunteer board, we need your help. Please return both the ballot and the recommenda tion sheet to the address listed on the back of this Nimbus. Your envelope must be postmarked by Sep tember 25, 2009, for your vote to be counted. (If you miss the deadline, please still feel free to return your recommendation sheet for inquiries about volunteer opportunities.) You must sign the recommendation sheet for your vote to be valid. Thank you, MieAaoe Michael Milton NCAA Governance Committee, Chair NCAA 2009 ELECTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS The following individuals have been certified by the Executive Committee as meeting the requirements of the Bylaws to be candidates for election as at-large members of the Board of Directors. You are referred to the following personal statements submitted by each candidate for at-large membership for details about the can didate. Every member of the association is entitled to cast up to five (5) votes (no more than one [1] vote per candidate). You may cast fewer than five (5) votes. However, if you cast more than five (5) votes, your ballot will be invalidated. Votes may be cast for any of the candidates listed below or for any write-in candidate you indi cate on this ballot. Pursuant to the Bylaws, write-in candidates may take office if they meet the requirements set forth in the Bylaws with respect to board members (including the requirement that they agree to attend at least two (2) board meetings in Sarasota, Florida each year). Votes for any write-in candidate count toward your maximum of five (5) votes. Please cast your vote by checking the box preceding the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote. As noted in the Bylaws of the Association, the term of office for Directors-at-Large shall be three (3) years beginning upon the date of the subsequent regular meeting of the Association. Votes may also be cast online at ************************************************************************* The Candidates for at-large members of the Board of Directors are: Michael Burton j86 Carla Eastis '89 Keith Forbes j88 Robert Hans j76 Robert Lincoln j76 Susan "Spozy" Sapoznikoff j83 ************************************************************************* If you wish to vote for (a) write-in candidate(s), please fully complete the following section (you may include additional sheets if you wish to cast votes for additional write-in candidates): NAME ______________ NAME ______________ __ PHONE ____________ __ PHONE ____________ __ NAME ______________ NAME ______________ __ PHONE ____________ __ PHONE ____________ __ 4 IWBl q


BOARD ELECTION RECOMMENDATIONS FOR APPOINTED MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND SOLICITATION OF VOLUNTEERS The Board of Directors may appoint up to eight (8) members to the board. The Executive Committee of the board would like your advice on Alumnae/i whom you believe would make a valuable contribution to the board. If you are interested in volunteering to help with a specific association committee, please indicate that as well. IF YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF, YOU ARE UNDER NO OB LIGATION TO SERVE, rather you will be contacted and the responsibilities of the position will be explained to you. You do not need to make recommendations or volunteer for an NCAA activity to have your vote for at-large board member to be counted, BUT YOU MUST SIGN AND RETURN THIS FORM WITH YOUR BALLOT FOR YOUR BALLOT TO BE VALID. ************************************************************************* Recommendations for Appointed Board Members I would like to recommend that the board consider appointing the following person(s) to the Board of Directors of the New College Alumnae/i Association: NAME NAME PHONE PHONE E-MAIL E-MAIL NAME NAME PHONE PHONE E-MAIL E-MAIL ************************************************************************* Volunteer Inquiries Student Grants Program Alumnae/i Fellows Program Nimbus Student Mentoring Alumnae/i Networking Annual Reunion Chapter Events Development 50th Anniversary Other ______________ __ ************************************************************************* BALLOT VERIFICATION NAME ______________ SIGNATURE ______ PHONE ______________ DATE ___________ E-MAIL ______________ Your Signature on This Form Is Required for Your Ballot to Be Counted. Your Vote for At-Large Board Members Is Not Valid Unless You Sign This Form. lMBl l I 1ER l 9 'i


BOARD ELECflON NCAA Board Candidates Election stat ements for the 2009 Alumnae/i Association Board candidates Michael Burton 6-'90 BA, Environmental tudie' ( ew College) MBA nivenity of South F lorida After working m ecological conulting for 19 year and servmg Manatee County, the ity of Pal metto, and variou community non-profit boards, I would like to offer my experience an 1 expertise to the ew ollege Alumnae/ i Aociation. I have been a upporter of CAA and pecific program of ew College over the year but would like to offer a more active role now. My involvement with ew College ha included providing the keynote addre at the ew College yrnposium of n dergraduate Re earch, a i ring tudents with the i projects, and mo t recently, facilitating a career coun cling evening with tudent intere ted in environmental ca reer After ew College, I received an MBA with pecialization in fi nance, management information sy tern and international bust ne My current po ition i Vice Pre ident and Corporate Leader of Ecological & Water Re ource at Wil onMiller, Inc., a Florida ba ed planning and engineering consulting firm. I am currently ervina a hair-man of the Planning and Zoning Board for the Cit) of Palmetto, a Board Member of the Mana tee Chamber of Commerce, and have been active with the Cham ber's Environmental Committee ince 1996, previou ly serving a chatrman of that committee. I am IMBl L9 a member of the Environmental Land Management and Acqui i tion Advi 'Ory Committee (EL MAC), a citizen advi ory commit tee to the Manatee County Board of Commi ioner and have served two term a chairman. Carla M. Eastis '89-'92 BA, Political cicnce (New College) MA, PhD, ociol ogy (Yale Univer. ity) Anyone who a ks foryourvote in thi forum i omeone who love ew College, and mo t of u have a tory or two to illu trate that devotion. For in tance, my hu band and I named our daughter ara ota. We expected (correctly) that people would a k where he got her unusual moniker and that woul d give us the chance to gu h about our alma mater. However, that's a fairly pa ive approach to upporting ew Col lege ow I'd like to demon trate my commitment much more ac tively by erving on the CAA Board. I would bring a range of kill and experience' to the or ganization's work. As a ociology profe or at Catawba, a mall, pri vate, re idential college, I have learned about many of the issues that concern the NCAA and ew College uch as fundrai ing, intitutional re earch, and college admi ion Furthermore, l have been involved with nonprofit or ganization like the CAA ince my undergraduate year in many different capacitie -a a volun teer, a taff member, an academic re earcher, and a consultant. 1 look forward to learning more about the AA from the in ide, and would erve enthu ia tically on tho e committees or projects where I will be mo t effective. Thank you for con idering me for thi opportunity. Keith J. Forbes '88-'92 BA, Environmental Ethnography (New College) M Environmental Science (Indiana University) After a long absence, I found my elf at New College thi May and realized anew how unique it I Reflecting upon my traje tory from graduation to my current life a a enior Climate hange and u tainability Analyst for ci ence Applications International I al o remember how, upon leaving New College, tran itioning to the "rea l world" wa a har h cultural l esson. I'd like to make that pro ce ea ier for urrent and future tudcnt by building upon effort at informal and formal mentor ing implemented ince then. Thi would envi age tudent/alum a well a a lum/alum connection New College grad have much to offer the world. Alum have the connections and real-world avvy which coul d provide student the opportunitie to bring their ex perience to their future pa ions, job life ty l es, what have you. It i my under tanding that orne of the groundwork has been completed. All that i needed i the energy and legwork to take thi to the next level, which, if e l ected, I will trive to provide. If I


have learned anything in the "pro fessi nal" world, it is that a sup portive community of like-minded folk is critical to achieving any thing of intere t 1 wi h to be part of the effort to develop uch a community. I hope you agree with this vision and will support me. Susan "Spozy" Sa poznikoff '83-'87 BA, Public Policy (New College) JD, Law (Florida State University) Hi, everyone! My name is Su an "Spozy" apoznikoff. I am an at torney and I attended ew Col lege from 1983 to 1987. I had the privilege of previously serving on the CAA Board from 1991 to 1998. It wa something I enjoyed and got a areat deal of satisfaction doing. 1 cho e not to continue on the board due to profe sional and per onal commitment that I knew would limit my ability to de vote the time and attention I know the board require Through the years I have re mained as active a I could with NCAA. I have attended college fair and hosted chapter events in Tallahas e The mo t recent event, in March of this year, al lowed m to interact with pro pee rive student and their parents, as well a to meet recent graduates. A I spoke to all my gue t it be came clear to me how much my New College experience meant to me and that I wanted to become more involved in helping the col lege continue to be that experience we all have shared. Nor only do I now have the time to dedicate to the N AA, I al o feel a renewed sen e of ervice. Thi de ire tem from my knowl edge of the unique opportunitie ew College repre ent many of which are only possible due to sup port from the CAA. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to ervc the NCAA community once again. Robert Lincoln '76'83 BA, Political Science (New College) MSP, Urban & Regional Planning (Florida State Univer ity) JD, Law (Florida State Univer ity) I've had the privilege of erving on the CAA Board of Director ince 1997, and this year I am erv ing a the Vice-Chair of the Board, along with my re ponsibilitie a attorney at Icard, Merrill, Cullis, Timm, FL ren & Ginsberg, P.A. I hope you will vote to allow me to continue that ervice for another three year We are now moving into the Po t-lndependence era, and the College, Foundation, and NCAA are facing new challenges and op portunities. The Foundation ha moved from being an independent entity into being a "direct upport organization." This ha g od and bad sides, but the up hot i that the Foundation is now re pon ible to the colleae admini tration in way that it wa n t previou ly. Both the Foundation and ew College are facing funding challenge that will require the effective upport and mobilization of many resource including the alums and CAA. On our end, the enior execu tive of the CAA Qe ica Rogers) now ha the title of Vice Presi dent of Alumnae/ i Affair which repre ent the current and future importance that both the Founda tion and the college place on the work of the CAA. By the time you read thi we expect the CAA to have a formal charter from the college and the Foundation that BOARD ELECTIONS formally e tabli he the role of the CAA and the Vice Pre ident within the Foundation and college structure As we move toward the 50th An niver ary, my goals are to c ment and enhance the role and opera tion of the CAA within the Po t lndependence ew College and the Post-D 0 Foundation, and al o to be sure that the 50th An ni ver ary of New College is a power ful-and fun-opportunity for all al ums to r connect with the college, the campus and one another. I hope you'll give me your vote. Robert Hans '76'79 BA, Literature/Philosophy (New Colt ge) Master of Ind. Management (Thunderbird School) It i with great enthusia m and sincere intere t that I pre ent my self as a candidate for re-election to the As ociation Board. I have enjoyed working with the other board members to make CAA a more dynamic organization serv ing the needs of the alumnae/ i and the chool. Since ew College, mo t of my work ha been focu ed on inter national economic development a istance and I have had the won derful opportunity to have lived and worked throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa A ia, and the Pacific. I am the founder and currently Chief Executive Officer of IO Partner Inc. (www.iospartner com), an international economic development firm headquartered in Florida (and al o our si ter firm 10 oft, Inc.). I live in Coral Ga ble with my wife Patti (originally from Bolivia) and our four kid (two in college), and 1 welcome thi opportunity to continue to erve the ew College community. 'IMRL !\I MER 2 '9 7


LLEGE NCF Student Has Book Published Third year tudent buren Fields had a book publi hed this ummer a the winner of a contest entitled Proje t: Queer Lit. ller novel, Mctladaptwn, the tory of i. teen-year-old Marley Kurtz who i ent to a program for "mal adapted" youth, will be published l y Queer Mojo, an imprint of Rebd a tori Pre Professor Wins Multiple Titles at Pan Jiu Jitsu Competition Pat M Donald, profe or of mathematic at ew College, recently com peted in the 2009 Pan Jiu ]it u Cham pion hip in Lo Angeles. McDonald won fir t place in the Brown Belt nior 3 Light divi ion and econd pia e in the Brown Belt enior ) Open clas He won the emifinal and then had to forfeit the final match due to an injury. "Teaching [Brazilian Jiu Jinl] i ea ier than teaching math because there are con tant examination of ma tery of fundamental and the exam rc ults arc immediate and vi cera!," aid McDon ald. "A a tudent it i very difficult to kid yourelf a to where you tand." McDonald will go to the 2009 o gi Pan Jiu ]it u tournament in October in ew York City. He is currently trying to .ecttre funding to com pete in the Bra zilian Jiu )it u Master and enior. World Champion hip in late ] uly in Blind Man's Colour Splashes onto Music Scene econd year Orhan Chettri and his band, Blind Man's olour, are making wave in the mu ic world. After their mu ic wa featured on everal popular mu ic blog the band igned with nin Record which will relea e their fir t album, eason Dreaming, on Au gust 1 According to th label, "Season Dreaming i a hodg -p dge of ambient pop drawing from the band's 'oceanic experience."' Blind Man' Colour can be found at http://www.blindman Graduate Performs One-Man Show at A solo ew College graduate Erik Paul Jakob en '05 performed hi one-man how, community member in luding lo cal runner and hiO'h school tudent came to hear Benoit amuel en elius her life as a female athlete who won the Bo ton Marathon as a college enior in 1979 and again in 19 3 with a world record time that tood for 11 year he went on to take the gold in the fin Women', Olympic Marathon in 19 4. The event was organized by Profe sor of ociology Emily Fairchild and the i tudent Chel ey Lora. NCF Mascot Hits the Big Time In a May 26 tory in The Wall Street Journal entitled, "Behind the Ma cot: Eight Great torie about trangely amed Team Ma cot ," New ollege ranked #5. Ethan Rex write "That's not a typo. The ew College of Florida' unofficial tudent ma cot i actually the null et [or empty et]. After hearing rumor of thi unique ma cot but not being able to find any hard evidence on it, I placed a call to the Rat Race: The e cret Lives of Theme Park Workers, at the A olo Conervatory June 16 and 17. The Alumnus Erik Paul Jakobsen 'OS in "Rat Race: The Secret Lives of Theme Park Workers" chool' Office of Public Affairs, where the very friendly taffer informed me that while the 746-un how, ba ed on Jakob en' the i was written by Jakob en and Margaret Eginton and directed by Eginton. Olympian Runner Visits New College dergrad uate college founded in 1960 doe n't officially have a ma cot, it' fair to ay that student adopted the null et early in the chool' hi tory as a ly wink to its lack of athletic team ."This tory recently ran at mentalflos .com. Catalyst Wins Nationwide Prize Rio and for the Mathematics professor Pat McDonald On May 14 and 15, ew ollege hosted Olympic marathon runner Joan Benoit amuel on for a lecture and "fun run." The n May 1 The Cataly t, ew Col lege' tudent run new pa[ er, wa re cently awarded a fir t place prize in a nationwide conte t pon ored by the American chola tic Pre A ociation (A PA). This is the fir t time the paper o-gi World Championship in February 2010. He hopes to teach a :;e\f-defen e clas next year, which will be open to the ew College community. 1 b t \HRZ 9 lecture, which wa held in the College Hall Mu ic Room on May 14, can be viewed on the ew College web ite. tudent faculty, taff, and


has ever applied for an award. Student Heroism Honored who was recently awarded a 2009 National Oceanic and Atmo, pheric Admin istration (NOM) Ernest F. Hollmg. cholarship; athaniel Boll hweiler, fourth year, named the winner of the 2009 Mar garet L. Bates Award for COLLEGE :t\:EW S At a ceremony held at ook Hall on April 23, ew College tuJents Eliza Cameron, Loren iurka Mora, and Caitlin Petro were honored for saving fisherman Michael Me Lure from an outgoing current in ara ota Bay. For mer Provo t am avin and ew al lege Police Lt. Mike Kes ie officiated at cholar hip in Gender tudie ; and Kacic Allen, fourth year, who received an award from The Time Dr. Charlene Callahan for Academic a po ition she held until 2006. Pre identDr. MikeMi halson announced, "[ har allahan] of cour e bring to thi ta k not only the per peLtive of a veteran College faculty member, but al o her prior experience a provo t during our difficult first five year of independence. he is well ifters Archaeological Society for her paper, "Erected in their Memory: In ight from Tucker Hill Cemetery, Hernando ---..----""1"' County, Florida." New College students Eliza Cameron '08, Loren Mora '06, and Caitlin Petro '07 with fisherman Michael McClure Dr. Callahan Returns to Provost's Seat Dr. Charlene allahan is returning to her po ition a ew allege' Provo t and Vice Pre ident for Acad mi Affairs, the econd highe t ranking ad mini trative post at the school. the noon ceremony, pre enting each of the student with certificate of com mendation. A a graduate of Mi higan tate niver ity with a Ph.D. in psychology, he arrived on campu a a faculty member in 1975. When New College gained independence in 2001, Callahan was appointed a the chool's first Provo t and Vice Pre idenr NCF Graduates Receive Honors Five ew ollege graduate (Molly Burgess, Carli Cooper, Blaine Farmer, Benjamin Stork, and Molly Thomp on) have been accepted to medical chool pro gram for fall 2009. Four gradu ate (Anyelle Johanna De Leon, Madison harko, Alexandra Rog er cott Ro s) received French Teaching Assi tantships awarded by the French goYernment, and two third-year student (Elizabeth A. Hamman and ancy Roe pector) received Morri K. dall cholarships for 2009. Individual student receiving award include econd year Michael ]. Dexter, NCF Fulbright Scholars from left: Melissa Jacobow itz, Evan Axelrad, Mackenzie Karp, Junmei Kashnig, Adam Schafer, Claire Michelsen, and LeeEIIen Reed (Adele Fournet is not pictured) known and highly regarded by highereducation officials in Tallahassee, which will be an additional a et during the e challenging budgetary time ." Sarasota Piano Quartet Performs Student Compositions On May 3, the ara ora Piano Quar tet gave the first public performance of two compo ition by 2009 ew College graduates Alejandro a tafio and Adel Fournet at a free concert in Mildred ainer Pavilion. The mu i cians performed Alejandro' "The Act of Faith" and Adele's ynthesi for an enthu iastic audience of tudent friend family, and mu ic lover NCF Record: Eight Students Awarded Fulbriqhts in 2009 ew College of Florida produced a record eight Fulbright scholars for 2009-2010, including seven stu dent from the 2009 graduating cia s and one from 200 They are Evan Axelrad, Adele Fournet, Melis a Ja cobowitz, Georgia Junmei Ka hnig, Mackenzie Karp, laire Mi hel en, Lee Ellen Reed, and Adam chafer. Thi year' record-setting number of Fulbright recipient' on e again plac e ew College among the nation' leading undergraduate institution in term of per-capita production of Fulbrighter I 113L'i


PROGRAM UPDATE NCAA BOOK AWARD PROGRAM Interested in helping talented students reach their dreams at New College? Check out the NCAA Book Award Program! The Book Award Program bri ngs stu dents excelling in academics and leader ship in contact w ith New College Alums, who may both sponsor the book awarded, as well as present the award at their cho sen High School's Awards Ceremony Contact NCAA if you would like to pres ent at one of these schools or another on our list! Pine View School FL Eastside High School FL Riverview H i gh School FL Sarasota H i gh School, FL St Petersburg Sr High School FL Louisiana School of Math and Science Arts, LA Ind i ana Academy for Science Mathematics & Humanities, IN Illinois Math & Science Academy IL Phillips Exeter Academy, NH South Lakes High School, VA :MBL I M 1l:R l 9 NCAA On Twitter Ye CAA ha joined the rank of the many pre tigio u a n d ucce ful entitie now harina thei r dai l y activitie on Twitter! Follow u at www. twitter com / nca l um! Four Winds Forum Hey you! Ju t graduated? Look i ng for a job? S eking to hire CF alum ? Lon l y in New York City? There are many ben efit to joining the Four W ind Forum, NCAA' onl i n com munity, in luding networking po ibilitie job opportuniti e a n d reestablishi n g co n nec tion with fellow a lu m Ch c k u o ut a t alu /onl ine! Novo Volunteerism In our la t i ue, imbus re-p rted on New College' VI TA program, a fed ral s rvice pro gram aimed to combat poverty and increa e community activi m. A a continuation of it tory on the 2008 "Alternative Fall Break" to New Orlean Nimbus has included repo r t on two VI TA-organized 2009 "Alternative pri ng Break ," to Miami and Tenne ee. For the e torie plea e r ead Nimbus onl ine at http:/ / / n imbu new. Sam Chlllaron '06 with an Apopka family ne an e1 I a v c u C)cl of toXIC xpo urc With dead!} lonu-tcrm cffcc


Job Hunting 101 for New College Alums By Felice Schulaner '78 Felice Schulaner is retired Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Coach Inc. and was part of the leadership team that brought the company public in October 2000. Since fall 2007, she has served on the New College Foundation Board of Trust ees and has provided guidance to NCAA's mentor program and New College's Office of Career Services. In today' environment, we know that ecuring employm nt or a lot in an elite graduate chool pro<1ram can be challenging. ucce s de pends on being able to differentiate yourself from the competition by effectively communicating why you can be an as et to the team. While credential and academi achieve ments are important, the e are not enough. Organization seek people who demon trate the kill and per-anal qualitie needed to contribute to their ucce Recently, l conducted an interview ing kill work hop at ew College. What worried many of the partici pant wa the public' general un familiarity with ew College-even tho e who know of the chool may be put off by the lack of grades. Hav ing worked in ew York for most of my career where people think ew allege refer to The ew chool For ocial Re earch, 1 have encoun tered thi issue and found way to alleviate concern and turn the ew College experience into a competi tive advantage. When interviewing, pend a few minute de cribing ew College and why it may actually provide a more rea l istic preparation for the working world than more traditiona l in titution ew College graduates have to work independently, think creatively, evaluate information critically, and communicate persuasively in cla e where everyone i ity and trong organizational kills. Help employer see that a ew College graduate likely need le upervision and direction than some one who went omewhere with more over ight and structure. Once you've caled that hurdle, the key to uc-ce ful interviewing is preparation. Prepare are ume and en ure the accuracy of your date make your re pon ibilitie clear, limit jargon, uWhen interviewing, spend a few minutes describing New College and why it may actually provide a more realistic prepara tion for the workina world ... and note both where you worked and your a complishment A k multiple friend -to proofread it for you. Prior to interviewing, li t your trength and example of where you have demonstrated them. Know your weakne e and find a way to di cu them without demeaning your elf. o one i perfect; be hone t about heard ami no one can hide. Writing a the i require tenacOut of work? Don't get mad, get smart! where you excel and when you need to exert a littl more effort. Some Job Hunting "Do's" Re earch companies: explore "Be t ompanie to Work" li t learn about their hi tory, value ulture, recent pre relea es En ure your rc ume i profe ional: error free and ompletely true. etwork: ask friend for conta t information for HR at their compa nies. Practice interviewing. chedule exploratory interview ; even if there are no current open ing you could be the fir t per on called when one become available. Follow-up interview with thank you note The e can l e handwrit-ten if you have good penman hip, pelling, and a gra p of gramn1ar. Otherwi e, omputer note are fine and a afer bet. Contact CAA about connecting you with alum who have already l een there and could provide you with advice about finding your way in the fields ou're intere ted in. And make sure you're signed up for the alumnae/ i online com munity, the Four Wind Forum! Remember: job hunting is a proce s. ot every interview yield an offer, l ut ach pr vide an opportunity to hone your kill and learn about another company. Good luck! I 113l l 1ME-R 2,) II


ALUM BENEFIT The Benefits of Alumnae/i Engagement NCAA interviews outgoing Alum Coordinator Claire Michelsen (2008-2009), who re flects on the Alumnae/i Association, the Alum Coordinator position, and the benefits of continued alum engagement CAA: Why u ere you fir t interested in the po ition? M: I first heard about the Alum Coordinator poition from my friend, alumna Holly Lilli. 3, who wa, the fir t person to hold the position ju t l\'er two year ago. ln corwer arion with her during my la. t year a a ew allege snrdent, I learned that alumnae/ i continue to engage with ew olleg in many ways not ju 'tat P P and Reunion Weekend_ Holly and l would often eli, uss the experien e of being a recent graduate, and eventually dis ussed CAA's po t-graduation engagement. In my fifth year at F, I wa beginning to get nervou about my post-gradu ation transition. Thinking about the po ition, l took a closer look at CAA and talked with Holly about her feelings about the importance of the Alumnae/ i As ociation. I never thought the fir t way I would reconnect with ew Col lege a a graduat would be a an employee! In the end, I think I applied because ew College waand remain important to me and CAA i a place where I could hdp keep ew College culture alive, as well a learning new kilL and profe ionali m to aid my tran ition from academic to profes sional life. (Aith )Ugh, looking back, I think I didn't actually know what l wa in for.) NCAA: Wlw.t tms the most significant or Claire Michelsen '03 t aluable experience you't e lw.d as Alum Coordinator! M: I have to ay that over the cour e of the year, I wa sur pri ed by the significance of CAA' pre ence in o many impor tant programs. Ultimately, I have been impacted the mo t by the breadth and scope of CAA's program many of which imul tancou ly benefit tudents, alum and the college it elf. Perhaps the mo t tangible and moving experien e I hac.l were CAA's "Coffee Talks," which arc part of the Mentoring Program. l had the pleasure of meeting many amazing alums who came back to campus to talk with small groups of mdcnts about their paths after New College. Every alum wa uniquely in piring and I loved hearing their torie and candid advice. I felt o proud of cw College, but also o grateful to the alum for baring and offering opportunitie to student But I was more moved by the tudents' enthusia tic appreciation. After these talks, tudents ll IMBl l R expressed the importance to them of hearing about the path of a ucce ful alum in the careers they plan on pur uing. CAA : Why should alums stay involved with ew College and the Alumnae / i Associatwn? CM: Continuing to engage with the college, CAA, faculty, and current tudents i what make ew College more than a past experience u eful for no talgic remembrance. Beyond keep ing ew College alive, engaging with CF show alum what their n w relation hip with the college can be. I think many young alums feel that they are cut off after four or five years of inten e connection with the community they felt so supported by. And while the relation hip between al um and the college is nece sarily different than that of current students, CAA offers both an avenue for young alum to eek upport for their careers and a way to keep a en e of community with ew Colleg Additionally, the chool i hanging and growing and many alum have experienced how continued contact, donating time, and donating money allows them to give input and enjoy participating in the suc ce of an important institution as it grows. CAA: How has working as Alum Coordinator slw.ped your future? CM: I will never take AA or ew College for granted! I will alway appreciate the ervice and program that theN AA board and office provide, which are ever-improving. I've been deeply shaped by working for a non-profit who e pur poe i to upport the in titution that just allowed me to have uch wonderful educational opportunitie and continued to as sist me after graduation by guiding me through the Fulbright application proces Working in the Foundation and at M, l learned about the many ways alum have used their experi ence at ew College to make new path and careers that are both socially and per onally meaningful. But I've al o learned that it i continuing alum engagement, am ng other things, that en ure that ew College remain::; the uniquely tran formatiYe in. titution that it wa for o many. I want to tay involved with my alma mater-to continue the benefit of that engagement, and, importantly, to give back!


PALM CC)URT 1 ITIATIVE Palm Court Scholarship Initiative Reaches Its Goal! By W il liam Rosenberg '73 We did it! W.: rcachnl our goal t>f rr 'CAA' Palm Cuurr St holarshlp l nltativc! Despite the worst inet: the Great Depression, you open.:d your hcarrs and \\allets ;md h>r that, Wt' thank you. )our rommltn1t'nt and gcnnoslt)' wdl benctn 1o\o Colltgwns tar Into the future. The Palm lourr .rholarsh lp l:nclowment will ha\'l' l1\'l'r to start, olKC state matching fun,ls arc rcrel\'t'w t(>r the ,Jwarcllllg of thous:mds of ,]ullars cath year to attt'ihl. 5tt'J' hatk and tah a momtnt to sa'"'r what yuu'w accomplisheJ' I'd al.o l1ke you t<> join me in congratulatlllg the nwm bers of tht Palm Court Scholarship lmtia mc ( 'ommittee: thev put in many hours ot' hn and Wt>rk on Contim{e d from Page 1... don't know what's down there." And people are going to top punching hole in the if it's going to cost them too much and they can't a fford to rake the risk. That' the world we live in. Bur my response i that we can reduc or eliminate these tax expenditure and Colo rado would be better off if we did away with the elaborate syl!tem of exemptions and credits Nimbus: On your website, you say that u e need to bring children in our neighborhood.:; to the "jays of the outdoplc's l un Philanthropy (PCP). The P< p has httn working on ew College's grc:tt cst n.:eds and how alum can help meet those nee,ls Gl\en the Slgnlfltant budget cuts the college anJ Foundatlnn will be lacing per haps t(,r the next few years, we must raist funds to augment optrating exp<:nses. This b somcthmg we haven't tradmonalh dune; howe\er, the e are extraurdn1;1ry economic urtUilbtaiKes, tu help get us through the curn.nt ecunomit downturn. Tht smgk greatest need is for unrestrict ed donations. Please tonslder making t>r 111 treaslllg a gilt to the Annual 1-untl this year. TIK PCP t'\\ Austin Mcl..ann knPw the ennrmous amount ut work rht) .lu to ns and emads, get the :"\1mht" published, Cllordinatc: thapter events, and act as to the colkge an,l the student hoJy. We nee,! yt>Ur help ttl t:n.ure that we an Alum Coor,hnator ft>r the full year. 2. 'imhu.: While we are W<>rkmg to mtrease the electronic dell\'t'r) of 1\nnfms, we've also mmed to 4-colm pnnting. Plea.e let us know 1! you prefer to retel\e the: Nnnhus electnlllltalh, or \'Ia paper madmg. L'ntd we have <1 maJnntv ot 'nnhu, rt'liJ11-t'nts rhoosm.l! e!t.t tn lll it ,Iehvery, we nee.! to cover the costs of printmg and ma1lmg. Fun,ling t(,r the N1mhu' '' extreme!) tight this )l'.H-With your support we \\Ill be ahle to contmuc both electn>nlt anti pnnt ,er"Hlns. 3. A l umnae.' i Fclkms Program: CAA current!) has a small end,,wment support ing this sttllar pn1gram eath year. With cur rtnt hudget tonstramr., the college has an IIKreased need for tat'ult) sllpport. Alum Fellow h1ps are \Ita! Ill oftermg courses to augmt:nt tudent mtert:s If vou are ahle tn help us out with an) ot these program. please contatt 1'\CAA. And ,,, ,dways, thanks so much fur your help and commitment ttl l' College:. wa even or eight years old. he asked him, "Do you have any tdea of what you want to lo when you grow up?" And he aid, "Oh, 1 \vant to --1! roasted corn like my daddy does." Thi kid could benefit from having expo ure to a broader worl i, to ee that there are other things that he could do b ides that. I think that CXJX">urc to thing outside our comfort zone i the be r way to park that proces that would lead omeone to ay, "Ah, there' a reason f < r me to ray in chool and get an education, and that I'll ulnmarcly get a payoff ow you could :ay, "Where does anyone get rhar idea from hiking on a trail?" And to me it' just a matter of doing omething that i o completely different that it get them thinking. M1chael Milton i author of th e recently released Head Fin Dam Analysi (O'Reilly M edw). IMBl.. :t. M\1ER 2 9 I)


TRATEGIE Economic Health Alums find alternative strategies for fighting the economic blues By Chelsey Lora 'OS & Austin McCann '04 ew College alum, arc practicing an imporranr method of weathering our stormy national economy: s1mple liv1ng. Whether formal adherents to the simple living movement or individual p r actitio ners of sustainable living, a lums around the country have e chewed America' dominattng bigger-i -better culture tor a do,e of good old-fa hioned self-reliance in the form of home sharing, ustainable energy, and food production. future by being able to provide for basic neeJ:; becau e "old strategic of p lanning, in vestment, and retirement are not reliable Earle Barnhart's '68 halfhouse halfgreenhouse, designed to provide basic needs through so l a r energy and food production I. GREE UVI G Earle Barnhart '6 wrote his ew College thesi on the fea ibility of an ecologica l ly-su tainable community in a po t-petroleum age. ow, Barnhar t is uti lizing his the i by exploring hi re earch in hi per onal and profe ional life. He i, an ecological landscaper and alterna tive agriculture system manager in Mas sachw.ctts. Barnhart and his wife, Hilde Maingay, live in an energy-efficient house connected to a olar greenhou e in which they grow vegetable and tree crops. Their home is part of a co-hou ing communi ty where residents of mdi\'ldual homes col lectively plan, own, and manage the com munity. In the 1970s and 0 Barnhart and Maingay worked at the 1ew Alchemy In titute, a re earch center that exp lored organic agriculture, aquaculture, hio shclter, hou. ing, and landscape de ign. When they undertook the bui lding of their "hal f-hou e, hal f-grecnhou 'C," they sought to include what they'd learned working at lAI, including "all of rhe 'best practices' of olar design and home-scale food production." Barnhart' re earch into organic l iving ha many economic, as well ecological, benefits. He noted, "Our home is designed so that Olar en ergy provides most of our heat and elec tricity, and ome of our food." Barnhart empha izes investing in the 4 IMbl t \H R g due to variou economic di ruption and global trend '' When a household pro duce irs own food and energy, it become le s su ceptibl e to the financial I urdem of the economy. Barnhart explain "The concept i to so lve ecological and energy problems with action at the lowe t func tional level of ociety: the hou ehold and mall community. People gravitate to this approach when they lo e confidence that governmental p lanning and service will be available and prov1 lefor them." 11. FR GAL LIV I G imilarl)', another method of financial independence is simple l iving, a m ove ment ba ed in frugality, environmentalism, soc ial ju tice, and piritual ity, which is finding many proponents in thee try ing times, including cw ollege alum Although simple living was originally practiced by counterculrural and religious communitic it ha become increa ingly popular in the bus1nes world, where it is used a a tool of productivity and finan cial stability. Helen Gabel '68 and Phi l otermann '68 are married and reside in cattle. In the 1980 they attended a financial work shop led by Vicki Robin-co-author of the bestselling Your Money or Your Life! that completely changed their relation hip with money. I n accordance with an unporrant tenet of her book-to reorder material priori tie and live well for l e -the couple qu1t their 40-hour-a-week jobs and began shifting their time toward the improvement of their commumry and live "Thi per pective on the way we ,pend money he lped u to understand that rhe way we pend our money is a di rect mea ure of how we arc spending our lives," otermann said. ow, we have enough money that we an put more life energy into projects that are closest to our heart. Gabel and otterman say that their experiences at ew ollege helped them learn to think independently, l eadmg them to this way of life. Gabel work part-time as a midwife and teacher; both he and otermann volunteer for l ocal non-profit They bring their philo ophy home, well, to a hared house of five adults, where cooki ng is collective, and a greenhouse garden provide food. Gabel and otterman hoth pointed ut that they are not a financially affected by the tate of our economy as they wer e in their previous occupations. They rold Nimbu that rhis lifestyle makes them more stre -free, sat isfied, and stable. What the e alum have in common i a collective de ire to change the way we live, one per on, one commumty at a time, the effect of which makes them l e s susceptible to the whims of a fick l e econ omy-and they are nor alone. Their green and frugal living pracnces are ref l ected in communal expe riments a ross the coun try and through the popularity of blogs uch a Zen Habrts, which propo 'Cs that simple living means: (1) identifying what i most important in your life and (2) climmating everything el c.


Gail Mead 1920-2008 On ovembcr 25, 2008, New ol-lege lost an important contributor to the College's history when Gail Mead, 8, pa sed away at Plymouth Harbor in arasota. Mead, who was a distinguished lecturer at ew College for over 30 years, wns instrumental in helping the fine art program get off the ground. he tudied applied medical art at John Hopkin Medical chool, later freelancing for medical publi hers and hospital in the ew York and Wnshington / Baltimore area. he was active in the Florida State Fine Art Council and other art inrere ts. he also taught, painted, exhibited and owned and operated Riverside Art tudio chool of Art. Mead continued her involvement with the ew College Foundation even after her retirement in 2002 Memorial donations may be made to the American Lung As ociation, 61 Broadway, ew York, Y 10006, or online at Dr. Preston Clement 1931 2009 ew College of Florida mourns the pa ing of former New ollege Foundation Tru tee Dr. Preston Clem ent, who died on February 2nd at the age of 78 af ter an 18-month battle with blad der cancer. The pediatrician was Dr. Preston Clement a long-time arasota re ident and civic volunteer who worked to break the cycle of child abuse in ara ora and De oto countie C lement erved on the ew College Foundation Board from 2002 until 2007, when he re igncd for health reason Clement joined Rotary International in 1962 ami was introduced to hi wife Debbie Dort, l y fellow Rotarian Dalla Dort, one of ew College's founding pioneer and a longtime upporter of the College. Dalla e tabli hed a program in the early 1990s for student to attend area cultura l event ; after his pa sing, Debbie and Pre ton continued to sup port the Dortlement Cultural Fund, which provides ew College wtth the opportunity to attend ignifi cant performances of theater, opera, bal let, symphony, and other arti tic events that dovetail with and complement their academic tudie A father of four, lement graduated from ara ora OBITUARIES in White Plains, .Y. He graduated from ew ollege in 1981 wtth a bachelor' degree in psychology and biology. He went on to receive a master' degree from the olumbia niver ity Graduate School of Journali m. Wilke began working for Bu inessWeek in 19 4. 1n 19 6, he became a staff writer for the Bos ton Globe, focu ing on technology and business. He joined The Wall Street Journal in 1989, where he reported on a revolt within Digi tial Equipment High in 1946 and later sened a its football team's physician for 25 year ince 19 0, he help d the Child Protection Team treat and protect young victim of physical or sexual John '76 and Nancy Nadler Wilke '75 at abu e. I n addition to a PCP in the late 1970s orp. again t it pre ident, Ken neth H. Olsen. erving on the ew College F undation Board, lement al s o served on the Board of the ara ora Family YMCA and worked with the ara ota County Health Department and Children' Medical Service to help ick children. Clement never fully retired, pref rring in tead in recent years to fill in for vacationing doctors who were treating children with special medical need through Children'Medical ervices. For more information on Pre ton Clement or the Dortlement Cul tural Fund, contact ew College Foundation at (941) 4 7-4 00 or vi it u online at New College Alumnae/i John Wilke '76 19542009 Last May, John Wilke died of pancre atic cancer at 54. For two decade Wilke worked a a reporter and new editor for The Wall treet Journal, and was known as a titan of investigat ive journalism. The eu York Times's Joe ocera observed, "As I was talking to mutual friend over the weekend, mourning, we all kept not ing how his pns ing wasn't jut a per, onal lo s, as huge a that was. Hi death meant that an important but dwindling role in American journali m-the inves tigative reporter-had lo tone of one tt finest p r a titioner,." Wilke was born in lllinoi and rai ed He moved to Wa hington D.C. in 1995, and began coverage of the Ju rice Department' an titrust case against Microsoft, for which he received a omputer Press As ocia tion award. ince then, he pioneered numerous i nve tigations into public corruption, including an expose of the congressional earmarks of Rep. John Murtha (D., Penn.) that earned him the highly coveted 2007 Everett McKinley Dirk en prize for distinguished coverage of Congre Hi work included much publicized investigations tnto Rep. Rick Renzi (R., Ariz.), Rep. Alan Mollohan (D., WV), and Rep. Charles Taylor (R., .C.). teve Bailey, a Bloomberg feature editor based in London, wrote that Wilke "didn't get beat very often. He really knew how to get a scoop He broke a 1 t of new That' whnt they pay you to do, and he did it very well." After his pa ing, friend and family expre ed love and affection for John. They spoke of him a a dedicated father and husband, as well as a convivial friend, who liked to "ather colleagues together after work. Hi wife, ancy a ller Wilke '75, and two of his brother were with him at the time of hi death. He will be greatly mis ed. He i al o urvived by a son and a daughter. For tho e interested in obtaining an electronic copy of the program for John's memorial ervi e, please contact CAA at l\1Bl 'l M\1FR 2 "9 1'5


CLASS NOTES 1964 Glenda Cimino L srillli,ing in Dublin, Ireland, where she i active in poetry, theatre, film, and pea e event Too actiw, according to her current partner poet Peter Kay, who complain that Glenda will go to the open ing of an envelope. Glenda and Peter, who perform comedy, recently proclaimed a hakcpearean peech from The Comed of Enors on the Abbey Theatre stage for the fir t time (in a voice work. hop, a l as). he welcome VI itors. Bruce Guild and Linda Convissor '70 write that they "are looking forward to a mini reunion with Jono Miller '70 and Ju lie Morri '70 at arleton College' commencement, where they will ee their respecrive son graduate. Bruce continues to teach high school math at a magnet chool for the arts in Durham and Linda continue at UN ha pel Hill. We're alway ready to show people around Durham and Chapel Hill, our home now for 30 year ." 1969 Jeanne Bojarski ha been working as a freelance writer in the engineering, planning and architecture field for the last e\ eral years, mo t recently writing for KW Energy ervices, which pecialize in control sy tem for the energy market (power, oil, ga and alternative). he writes, "Most of my creative works, alas, remain unpublished. But writers write and so [do." he is a partner in BeatOven LL a record label, reco rding studio, and concert pro lucnon busines and founder of El Torreon ultural Arts Center LLC and El Torreon Historic Re toration. In the pa t 25 years, Jeanne ha taught econom ics at Roo evelt University in Chicago and run for governor of Mi so uri on the Libertarian ticket, e tablishing the party on future elec tion ballots, among other accompli. hments. he has a condo in ice, France, "which I rent .. .for any would-be renters out there!" Lynwood "Shiva" Sawyer write "To celebrate the economic meltdown, I've po ted my rock anthem,' light Rcce--km Blues' (produced with the assistance of Li a Feige lis Goldring '7 3), on You Tube [http:/ / / kldfbt]. l al o completed a ardoniC comedy positmg that 111 these dark day even deities get pink lip : Dounsizing of the Gods I http:/ fv,.ww.down izmgf i]. Tf that get you down, 1 suggel>t you watch my friend Bhau Kalchuri in a video I recently pro al o on YouT ube [Meher Baha on Suicide: hrrp: / / ]. Finally, the initial trailer of a feamre l co-wrote, py the IMBl L 1EI ZC' 9 Movie tarring Vinnie Pastore (The Sopranos) and Ben Curtis ("The Dell Dude") is viewable at http://www The film ha been posted and i being marketed for theatri cal relea e." 1970 Jay White is happy to an nounce the debuc of hi fir t nove l Et ery Boat Turns South, that 1 s part of the Morris Communications media gr up. He cover cop and court, arts, cience, di aster and fires. Thi May he cel ebrated his lOth year at The Homer NeK Most recently Michael covered a large wildland fire that threatened the East End Road area near Homer, and at its peak filed twi e-daily onl ine report on the Homer ew s website at Even cooler, he got to wear Nomex fire resis tant gear while covering the fire (see photo) a Caribbean thriller wrapped in ide a family drama. After erving time in the aribbean, a de perate ailor brings his haunted past to the bedside of hi dying father. You can place a pre-publication order now at Amazon. Jay writes, "I look forward to hearing your reacMichae l Armstrong '74 ln addition, hi mot recent short story, "The Duh Vice," ap peared in Unusual tions to my fir -r 11ovel. Y, u can c ontact me at jpwhite@mch" 1972 Jim Gutner writes "After over 25 years as a Broker /ln\'estment Advisor for variou firm in arasota, I threw off the hackles of attachment to any corporation two years ago and became an Independent Securitie Trader. Whtle rrepidacious at first, it tllrned out to be a fabulous Jecision. During the wild economic morass that we have managed to get ourselves into I have navigated the markets very well and pro pered. It ha been a fascinat ing journe I'm still playmg lots of tenni and have been ranked a high as number 6 in the tate of Florida within my 'u.spect, a mystery anthology edited by Dana rabenow and publi hed by Ace Books." 1977 Olga Ronay write ew ollege folks continue to vi it High Cove-and more and m o re of them decide to stay. Meridith Miller '70 and huband Ken Christensen are the !are t to join the community, bringing the alum count up to even. Mark Bondurant '77, an Asheville-are a green builder, will be building a house for one of the resident here this summer. And speaking of hou e John Moore and I broke ground on our l ittle wood studio house. John has made an apparently seamle s trans ition from Classics professor to wood sculptor, and now spends a much time as he can ar the Penland chool of Crafts. (Although he can till be coaxed IntO a little philolage group. Do any of you remember the ew ollege Tenni Team? [love going to the Bahamas and norkelmg and ha\ e a Cabana on the beach at iesta Key which alway has Pina oladas in the freezer. I like hearing from my NC friends and invite you ro call to ay hello or if I may help in any way. jimgutner@comcast. net" Olqa Ronay '77 w ith John Moore ogy or storytelling, especially if dri nks are involved!) We invite any a l ums pa sing through the Asheville area to stop by for a hike, a 1974 Michael Armstrong won the Morris ommunication Excellence in Journal. m Award in the commentary category for htS "Off Our Beat" column. He received a $500 honorarium. Michael writes for The Homer eus, a weekly new paper in Homer, Alaska, drink, or to tay a night at Firefly Lodge. More i nfo about High Cove at: www.high" Aphrodite Bantis write "I have not worked for anyone for awhile now. l currently am doing the work of the Phoenix ..... once ahead this birdie ri ing from the ashe and


re-inventing hersclf ... or Aphrodite rising from the foam of rhe ocean .... which interestingly brings us to ubject of where I now live. I n March 2009 !left the D area after 25 years. The place I've chosen to srarr 'waking up ALIVE' is ape Canaveral, in my Srh tloor condo verlooking nver, ocean & Iii' lake with gulls free-loading (to my delight!!) ... And to quote my favorite au laCIOLI I l ungarian femme fatale .. .'! J T adore a penthou ,e view!' I t's me & my two semi-tame uper exotic Gould ian Finche (I really am a birJ woman .. .'Love me, love my boid !!')Also being a lover & collector of thought & hearr moving quote I leave you with one of my recem favorites: 'Our beyond ideas of right do ing & wrong doing, rhere is a field. I'll meet you rhere.'-Rumi" 1978 Molly Hoopes writes, "l have been building a hou e in Michoacan, Mexico, and living there ha l f of the year, domg watercolor botan i cal illustration planting tree teaching sci ence, art, and Eng l i h cia e at1d taking long hikes through the wood is lo )kmg at college including ev. College. One of my 'ons travels from music fe rival to Burning Man to Rainbow Gathenngs, volunteers for Food or Bomb anJ i starring a Groundcore/Fount.! and CLASS NOTES 1986 John Hill received h1s PhD tn Theater from the niversity of M1chigan, May l, 2009." 1ow come the hard part." 1988 Keith Forbes moved to ara toga pnng, Y,injune2007, where hi wife i a pmfessor Lo t business in order to red istrib ute all the tuff he collects. My other son has a girlfriend and likes to hang out, skateboard, and li ten to mu ic. John H ill '86 at his com-at kidmore College, and his fi\'e-year-dd son Julian is a happy mencement 1979 Perri Curtis direct a company working in organizational well-being and change in Melbourne, Australia. The company provides de, 'lopmcnt program and leadership coach ing within national and multinational organizations impacting well-being and cultural change. kindergartner. He works on climate change. He writes that he "recently went to the American Museum of atural Hi rory in NYi with Jo h Benjamin 7 and family. Kevin Arlyck '90 joined us for lunch." 1989 and fields with my dog The Michoacan home of Molly Hoopes '78. he writes, "l can vouch that it is en tirely ju tified that Melbourne where l settled, is voted in the top three mo t liv-Adam Oler bas igned to the Pentagon He and h i s wife Kate have two children and are b th still in the Air Force. Their daughter Sarah was born last December. Their on Robert hri tian Oler (age 3) is named after R bert Christian We terfeldt '80. The Olers currently rc ide in Alexandria and write, "we would love to hear from ew College (and Welle Icy) alums in the area!" anJ all her pal When I am in Baltimore I teach after-school art program in the city chools, and when 1 am in cattle I work as a naturalist in the park At the moment I am working a temporary job in Baltimore for the U Cen u 2010, canva sing door to door on my bicycle. A couple of years ago, I went on a three-month-long bicycle trip in Europe and candinavia. My olde t daughter, age 25, received degrees last year in Cognitive able cities in the world. Just delightful. Like am re European ver::.ion of San Franci co. I t 1 on a beautiful bay and a city of great old and new architecture that i, divided by a long ri\'er like Pari and London. Amazing food and art too. Pretty ideal. I recommend a visit if not immigration! Life A wonderful relationship, some great travel, and have taken up running, which I urprisingly adore. I would love to hear from other alum whom 1 know or are new." 1980 Ron Rostow writes, "In April, my thirteen year old son am and 1 had 1991 Bob Cronin married ta ey luca '96 three year ago in ew Orleans and ju t celebrated the fin birthday of their baby girl, tella. Bob (aka DJ BC) recemly contribured n1rntable cratches ro the new Big D and The Kids Table record, pending time at Camp treet tudto with Joe Gittleman (The Mighty Mighty Bos tone ), Paul Kolderie (produc er of The Pixies, Radiohead, Hole, Lemon Heads), an i Dana Colley Bob Croni n '91 and Stacey L ucas '96 (Morphine). P::.y chology and An thro pology and lans Sergio Raynal '80, Ron Rostow '80, Sam Rostow, and John Hansen '76 a pe tacular trip to Lo Angeles. By far the be t p

CLASS OTES which just celebrated it:. fir t and i going trong. He urges New ollcge alUI.11S living in 1y an Francisco, Bo ton, Pan Munich, Berlin, or lA to attend the under oround Bootie partie thrown in those citie .... l 'jl ee BoorieU A. om for L era1 1991 1994 Matthew W. Grieco will serve as a law clerk for Judge Peter W. Hall of the United tares Courr of Appeals for the econd Circuit for a one-year term beg inning in January 2010. On May elebrateJ the first birthday of their baby girl, tella. tacey works a an architect for the award-winning offi e of GooJy l aney in Bo ton. Kelly Clark anJ Adam Rains '94 were marrie I July 5, 200 in Dalla Texa>. Rev. Herb Rains of 24, 2009, Matthew married Kimberly Grant of BloomfielJ H ill:;, Michigan, whom he met during law Matthew Grieco '94 with br i de Kimber l y Grant (r i ght), Best Man Charles Choi '95, and Matron of Honor Tara Sen (left) Goody Clancy i an interJi ciplin ary de ign f i rm focused on archi tecture, p l anning, and pre ervarion. the Univer al Life Church officiated The wedding parry included C alum Danny Berke '94, Jill (Doran) Braxtan '93, Tenea Johnson '94, and Heidi Paskoki '93. Other C folk in attendance were Kelcey (Burn ) Edward '94, Kelly ichols '95, Jen (Latham) Robinson '95, and Dalla chool. Matthew and Kimberly live in Hoboken, ew Jersey. 1995 Kara Andrade i the online c< mmunity organizer for pot. Us, a nonprofit pioneering communiry-funded reporting, which create a marketplace for journali rs, media and the community to create new Kara Taylor '91. In other new Kelly recently accepted a positi n in the Simon Gradu ate chool f BusiKelly Clark '91 and Adam Rains '94 i also the recipient of a Fulbright grant to create a citizen media website focu ed only on i ues ne s Office of Advancement at the Umver Jty of Rochester. he will be focu ing on alumni relations and development activitie Sheila Bishop "gird her loin for her la t year in an MFA in Digital Media Art at the Univcr iry ot Florida. Her "art freakery i beginning to pay off, at lea tin term of recog nition, if not quite in cold hard ca h." ome of her video work in the charaLter of Bishop Bi hop "will subject people-she mean be by people-in Europe in the fall." he was al o named an Associate Arti t f. r a three week re idency at Atlantic Center for the Arts. 1993 an I torie that are user-gen erated and important to Guatemalan citi zens both locally and in the Uni ted tares. he will be travel l ing to her native Guate mala ro tmplement this project in 2009. For more information go Kara Andrade '95 to: http: / I / guatemala/. 1996 Ari Weinstein and Kari Ellingstad '94 welcomed Ezra Alexander into the world on Thurday, April 30, 2009. He weighed 4oz, and is already mak ing his big sister Else jealous. Kari write Ezra Alexander Weinste i n son o f Ari Weinste i n '93 and Kari Ellingstad '94 Jeremy McMinis i s puruing a Ph.D. in physics ar the ni\'ersiry of Ill i n ois at Urbanahampaign. He will be pend ing about ha l f of hi time at Oak R i dge National L'lb outside of Knoxville dur ing the next calendar yea r He wr i te "I would like to get in touch with anybody from C that i in eithe r a r ea that I knew or didn't. AI o, anyone interested in computanonal chemi try and super computing is welcome to me age me at" "1 am on Facebook now, so look us up!" IMBl l 1MER l. 9 Stacey Lucas married Bob Cronin '95 three years ago in ew Orleans and ju t Goody Clancy wa recently awarded the contract for the new Homeland Security contract in Wa hington a well a the p lan to rebuild ew Orlean and tacey ha be omc i nvolved in both projects. Right now, she i s finishing con truc tion admini tration for a LEED EB (Leade r -hip In Energy Efficient Des i gn for Exi t ing Buiklmg ) John McCormack Federal Building downt wn. Prior to join i ng Goody Ian y, he completed the Hall of Patriot at Gillette radium with Arrow trect. Erica Jacobik recently earned the title of RLSO Junior Offi cer of the Quarter and was nominated for Junior Officer of the Year by the United tate avy. Jacobik was selected a the JOQ out of eight officers throughout the region (which include Atsugi, Diego Garc ia, Guam, Mi awa, Oki nawa, ascbo, and Yokouka) during January-March 2009, namely for the super ior knowledge of mil i tary ju tice she eli p l ayed during severa l high-profile case he headed at AF Atsug i The cases ranged from Regi on Legal Service Office Japan Judge Advocate General Lt. Erica Jacobik '96 p r ovid i ng counse l concerning an attack on an Arsugi-based sailor to overoeeing alcohol-relat ed and drug case cou rt s martia l masts and appeal re pon es, m i litary andre sponding to an I nspector General complamt. jacobi k routinel y provides lega l trammg to officers around the region, coordinar and o r ganizes U. Emba sy immigrat ion vi it' for ailo r and family members, and builds and mainta i ns r e l ationships with local host nation Japane e prosecutors and po l ice officers.


1997 Sarah Kane and Michael Kane '97 welcomed their fir t child, a boy named Elliott Alexander Kane on April 15, 2009. incidents of mass racial violence from American hi tory are now in commemoration collective memory, whtle o rne other incidents that seem quire are not. In the pa t few year I have also publi hed re earch on frame in 1998 Sara h Kane '97 and Michae l Kane '97 wit h the arneex marriage Casandra TanenElliott Alexa n de r Kane debate, taught four dif ferent cla se and won a baum write, "I had been teaching high school ocial rudies at G-Srar chool of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL (and LOY G IT-Hello Jule Megan, and Ro ee you at your next graduation!) before going on are-CLASS NOTE email her at el 2004 Dylan Terry exhibited Deluge-a painting and \'ideo erie created during his thcsi year-at Chel ea Galleria Juring the Wyn wood Art Walk in Miami. earch sabbatical in 2008 for pedagogical and teaching award. Wh n not working, I've been d ing vari u fitnes ruff, couchsurfing (www.couch, growing my hair out and getting tattooed, im personating Borat, enjoying living in hapel Hill, ani spending time with my ever-expand ing family. Look for me i n the series of tube practical rudy tlf non coercive educational alternative around the US Now I'm back home in Lake Worth, FL and work ing towards a Masters in Contemplative Education with aropa while build ing an o r ganization anJ facility to fo ter elf-directed learn i ng Casandra Tanenbaum '98 at!" 2001 Monica Pena will begin a coveted Ma te r of Arts program in inema & Media tudies at UCLA' chool of Theater, Film, and Television thi opportunitie for area youth as an alternative to chooL I'm once again running the Poets Anonymou Poetry lam at Dada in Delray Beach (fir t Tuesday IOpm), and also teach ing HoopDance cla se in outh Florida." 2003 Elsie Morales recently joined the ACLU of Florida tate headquarters office in Miami a the Online Marketing Manager, which in volves coordinating the organization's online communication, including content creation and management of the A L of Florida Web ites, online initiatives, and new letter She also erve a a contributing writer for na tional publication such a PODER Magazine and Hi pan1c Magazine Any alum living in Miami (or coming down for a vi it) should 1999 Raj Ghoshal i working on hi Ph.D. at GChapel Hill. He writes, "My disserta tion is a mixed-method rudy of why some 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF NEW COLLEGE: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! By Colin Boyle '90 Clear your calendar for February 12-14, 2011. NCAA would like to invite you to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of New College with a weekend-long party of music art, and genera l New College goodness. We are currently i n the process of filling the weekend with activities. If you're a professiona l musician and would l ike to play on the Bayfront, we want to hear from you If you're an artist and are wil l ing to show you r work we want to hea r from you If you 're an author and want to showcase your book, we want to hea r from you! If you 're willing to talk to current stu dents about your career we want to hear from you! If you just thi nk Florida is a smart p l ace to be i n the middle of Febr uary, we want to hear from you. I. 1Bl Sl M\1tR 2"09 19


ION WEEKE Reflections From Reunion Weekend 2009 By Ray Burgman '91, NCAA Board Member When I vi ired the ew College campu in the spring of 1991, I wa amazed at how much I already I ved the trees, water, and funky pink marble buildings. My mother, how ever, had re ervations that la ted until the day of my graduate school commencement. R cent experience taught me how common this i : many fir t-year students fall head-over-heels in love with their college, without con idering the in titution'wart and wrinkles. ostalgia is imperfect, revis10m t hi tory. o college experi ence i without its challenge but a I tell my own tudents, you can grow from the e experiences. During Reunion 2009, I realized how m u h growth I experienced throughout my ew ollege years. I recognized that I learned three im portant life le ons: 1. Friends come in many hapes, sizes, and colors. 2. You can smg any song and dance to any beat. 3. ometimes being is all tt'e need It was wonderful to see old friend and, perhaps, make some new friends. miles, hug and ki se are alway welcome wh n you can look into the eye of another per on knowing you share a common experience. The common experience could be that thing you did in Palm ourt when your favorite ong wa playing, or how you managed to complete your the i with hour left to pare. In any a e, it seem every ew College graduate ha a harcd experience that we can rally around for year to come. My love of ew College ome from a ense of being who 1 am without mask or guard. I could alway just be me. Almost four year before reunion 2009, I decide I to give back to ew olle >e by erving on the CAA Board. This i the main rea on I wa on campu in May, but I was around enough to oak up the New College vibe. I had an opportunity to attend the alumnae/ i toast to the graduate create ome ew College trivia que tion and attend commencement. With regard to commenc ment, the pa age of time mean almost noth ing becau e there were many excel lent 1ght -a bathing uit, balloon dre many formal uits and ties, a Captain Morgan, and a lone "her etic" wearing a cap and gown. Thi reflection, or moment to remember why ev. College i pecial to me, i thank to my decision t crve on the CAA board. REUNION WEEKEND 2009 Four Winds Cafe Alum Reception Bash Holly Lillis '03 1. Graduates LeeEIIen Reed 'OS and Adele Four net 'OS show off their com mencement gentility 2 2. Sam Greenspan '04 and Asst. VP of Academic Affairs Julie Morris '70 3. Zeeshan Hafeez '01 and IMBl l M\1E-R._ 1.1 4. Bruce Hutcheon '69, Stu Levitan '72 Mary Ruiz '73 and husband Dennis Wilkison 5. ORC Director Duff Coo per, Alexis Orgera '9S, and Patrick Young '02 6. Keith Coker '90, Mike Lasche '76, Ray Burgman '91, and Sheila Bishop '91 7. Alums and students at the Four Winds Cafe


REUNION WEEKEND 2009 1. NCAA Champagne Toast to 2009 Grads "Freaky-Tiki" 2. Jonathan Smith '96, Brad Bryan '96, and Ari Weinstein '93 3. Jen Maglio '89, Gilda Saakes Dennis '89, and Michelle Collins en-joy the now-famous Maglio Mojitos 4. Jack Collins '88, Altom Maglio '90, and Colin Boyle '89 "Red Ball Classic" Kickball Tournament 5. Second-place alum team Michael Milton '98, Doug Bove '04, Daniel Sarkissian '03, and Dan Ward '04 celebrate 6. Kate Boeyen '07, David Banks '05, and Stu Levitan '72 7. The Grasskickers, NCF staff kickball team, relishing their sweet victory MADISON REUNION May 2009 Hosted at the home of Shelley Fite '97, featur ing a BBQ and basketball game! 1. Rachel Hart-Brinson, Homer Wolfe '99, friend Tobias Zimmermann, Keely Willis '98, friend Chris Clark, and Andrew Hinkel, husband of host Shelley Fite '97 -2. Peter '98 and Rachel Hart-Brinson, with Nick Bois soneault '99 I\1Bl S L 2009 2 >


RADUATIO Above All ... much change painful change; New College grads reflect ab o l utely W\.Hthwhile change he would go through. For me to a k that I woukl hme made this very on their time at New College with fondness difficult change earlit:!r doe ATE BOL L HWEILER '05: I just filled out the the ques tionnaire asking about your experiences at C\\ College. One question in particular got w me: "If you were to go through your four years here, what would you do differently7 It got to me l ecau e I've made so many mL m ke ince I've come here: missing as ignment drnpring destroying hurting people. I wrote, "I would l ecome courageou earlier." I know that this wouldn't change rho e mistake ; I know [would have made not ju. t those, but many more. Burl would have made them earlier, so I wouldn't have hurt myself a much o [wouldn't have hurt other as mu h. I would have grown earlier. I would have developed more. And further. But from where I 'm stan ling now, I can ee that thts wi h i. unfair to my exper i ence here. TI1e person I wa four years ago never aw hun elf in me, never imagined how not honor all the other changes that had ro take place first. l won't be bitter that I didn't change earlier, that [didn't become <.:tlU rageous earlier. Bur I will keep the ideal courage in mind. In heart. I willm t sh1cld my elf-stunt mysel f-with fear. o. o lon.ger. I wdl be cou rageou (This fall, Nare will partlCI(Iate 111 Part Ill of the Mathemauwl Tripos at the Uniwrslt) of Cmbridge to receite the Cmbridge acifi.:utc of Adtanced wdies in Mathematics.) JE S ICAA E WHEELER '05: To the ew College community: thank you t(H four years of incredible experience new under tanding and loving life. I could not have a ked for a more amazing, fanta tic, whims1cal pia e to have grmvn and changed a a person. Through whatever acrimony or di cord, we are a communityand that's impo sihle to es cape, so accept it, and move forward from there! Thank you for en dies illy danc ing, sun ets at the bay, ba r efoot occer, unexpected erenade naked potluck the ense of ccunty, the welcoming and open narure (in wme ways) of th i env ironment, amaz i ng aca demic Ji cu sions in strikingly non-academic conte. t and above all, love Uessica is beginning the Anthropology Ph.D. program at Tulane L'niwrs1ty in eu Orleans this fall) To rea d more, please visit www. a lum ncf.ed u / n i mbus-news Tlw Four \\'inds Legacy Society honors alums and 1ary Rui1. '7S hnow. alxntt building a legacy. A-. P csidc 1t/ CEO of :\1anatee C7lens, Mary ha. built an organization \\ ith a tate\\ ide reputation f(H innO\athe community sen ice. Manatee Glens a not-fiw-profit hospital in Bradenton, prm iding mental health sen ices tor !ami lie. in crisis f(>r me1 :JO years. \Yith the 2Jth .\nni,ersary of 'CAA and the :JOth Annl\ersary of 'c" College fa t approachmg, :V1ary is committed to building another legacy. \ a ( ollege Tnt. 'C\A Pa. t Pre. to lent, and member of the Four \Vinds lkgacy Socie1 y, 'vlary lwlps to ensure that. c,, College \\Ill celebrate academit e:xrdlcnce for centuries to rotected and nurtured by one of us in love with the idea of New College." l nYest in future generation. of gifttd scholars! Imest in the future of ocicty it. elf! Imcst in 1 'e\\ College! On behalf of fi.tturc 't'\\ C"ollq?;e .,tudents thank you!


ryone wh l\1iER'Lll


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