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Nimbus (Special Charter Class Edition)


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Nimbus (Special Charter Class Edition)
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New College Nimbus (Special Charter Class Edition, October 2004)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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Special Charter Class Edition


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Fifty four page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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New College of Florida
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r r r .. NEW COLLEGE A publication of the New College Alumnae/i Association Special Charter Class Editio n Charter Class Reunion Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Charter Class ""'October 15-17, 2004,..., Tabl e o f Conte nts Charter Cla Alumni (AJpha by Last or Maiden arne) Page 1 Charter Cla Alumni I n Memoriu m Page 50 Charter Cia Alumn i \ \'e Lost Track of : Page 50 C harter Cla Faculty: Page 5 1 Thanks to all who submitted questionnaires for this reunion directory' For those who did not submit a questionnaire, information from the alum database is mcluded here. We apologize for any errors/ typos included in this booklet Charter Class Alumni Paul Adomites NC Entering Year : 1 966 Address: 1 139 Ro ute 38, E l menton PA 16373 E-mail: padom i tes@ c cybe rnet. com I Home Phone: 724-867-0350 I Work Phone: same Higher Education: New Col lege (BA )-wasn' t that enoug h? Children: None Spouse: Rosemary-current l y part t i me church secretary Work Information: Se l f em p l oyed Head Honcho Awards, Books, Etc : I ve wr i tten s i x books of baseball h i story edi ted a dozen others Published about 50 articles in baseball books and other magaz i nes Why NC: A interv i ew w: .:arl He l geson i n a P i ttsbu rgh h ?tel roo m First Hea About NC: Dir ec t mail-1 was a Nationa l Merit Commendee Favorite Classes: Amer ica n Rena i ssance ; 17th Cen t ury E ngli s h Prose ; The Novel; Group 70 Favorite Professors: Bob K no x ; Dav i d Dy k stra; Ross Borden; Bill Ham i lton. Favorite NC Memory: Dancing to Hey Jude at the All-t i me Grea t est O l d i es Party Public Nudity: DrugsatNC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Back to P i tts b u r g h to l ook for wo r k Last time at NC: Last Febr u ary Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end:


David Allen NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1674 McNeil Road, Ojai CA 93023 E-mail : I Home Phone: 805-646-3042 I Work Phone: 805-646-2734 Higher Education: New College (BA) 1968 Children: None Spouse : KathrynAIIen-VP, The David Allen Company Work Information: The David Allen Company Awards, Books, Etc.: Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Viking, 2001 ) ; Ready for Anything : 52 Productivity Prin ciples for Work and Life (Viking 2003) Why Choose NC: My older brother had flunked out of Yale because he wasn t doing what really turned him on (music) so I wanted to do the small liberal-arts thing to keep my options open. I liked the idea of a multi-disciplinary approach, that it was in Florida, promised First Hear About NC : Their recruiter visited my high school, and a trusted teacher recommended I consider it. Favorite Classes: History, art philosophy Favorite Professors: George Mayer, Gresham Riley Favorite NC Memory: Late balmy nights on Palm Court Public Nudity: Sex in the swimming pool at night Drugs at NC: All that existed at the time Kids to NC: Yes Where after NC: I entered the Masters program in American History at UC Berkeley Last time at NC: Around 2000stopped by on a business trip in the area Other Memories: Hitchhiking across the Middle East (on an independent study project); My Honda Super Hawk, graduating to my Triumph 650, with late-night rides on the Keys ; Great ladies and getting laid ; Rubber Soul ; The hurricane and its part i es ; Late night music with roommate Bob Dixon; Zebo s sandles; My thesis on the intellectual history of the 1920's in the U.S.; Reading Spengler s Decline of the West ; Bridge and gin gimlets with Dr George and the guys ; Late night meatball sand wiches at Russo's Most like to see: Any and all who were there during the Charter years. And floating to mind are Tom McDaid, Bob Dixon Patricia Cole "Sam" Parsons, Judy Segal Scott Baker Ann Hart Beth Crosby Sharon Landesman, Mel Bridges, Esther Lynn Barrazone Charles and Vicky Raeb Activities for reunion week end: Nothing special comes to mind, other than a chance to hang out and BS and catch up with old friends ... Bruce M. Allen NC Entering Year : 1966 Address: 99 South Main Street Castleton NY 12033 E-mail: I Home Phone: 518-732-2437 I Work Phone: 518-732-2437 Higher Education: New College (BA, Humanities); Regents College (BS Bus. Admin ) Children: Abigail "Gaby"-17High School Senior; Marie-14-High School Sophomore Spouse: (separated) EllenS. Allen, Pay Ana lyst Work Information: Self-em ployed tax consultant since 1972 Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: 1. Seemed like a good fit for my independent nature 2 Nice weather. 3 Not near home First Hear About NC: Guidance counselor asked me to visit while on Feb break senior year First day 1 interviewed Norwine to report back. Liked it so much, I went back next day for him to interview me. Favorite Classes: Humanities core with Berggren Creativity sem i nar with the Hop Fine Arts Institute in South Hall. Favorite Professors: Berggren Hamilton Frisch, Shartar Cartlidge Hoppin Favorite NC Memory: It's a bit hazy Public Nudity: No recall. Drugs at NC: No comment. Kids to NC: Yes, but it would not be a good fit for my two girls in particular. Where after NC: Made grand circle of North America (4 months) across North US to Portland Seattle Vancouver down West Coast to Acapulco fly to Miami Last time at NC: BerggreniDeme retirement. Other Memories: Too numerous to list. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Conway Anderson NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 964 Oak Street San Francisco CA94117 E-mail: I Home Phone: 415241-0413 I Work Phone: Kit A. Arbuckle NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 31 Pogue Road, Okanogan, WA 98840 E-mail: arbuckle@televar com I Home Phone: 509-826-2409/ Work Phone: Higher Education: New College BA; Heritage College (now Heritage University), Master of Education Children: Daniel J Arbuckle (25)-graduate student and research assistant in nanorobotics, Univ of Southern California; lanD. Arbuckle (21 )-Writer; Joel D Arbuckle (18}--student, Evergreen State College. Spouse: Sharron M. Arbuckle (NC '67}--Artist, art teacher (part-


time at Wenatchee Valley College at Omak) Work Information: Wenatchee Valley College at Omak, tenured faculty in mathematics Awards, Books, Etc.: 1990 Linda Schultz Herzog Outstanding Faculty Member Award; 1998-1992 Presi dent of Faculty Association ; 20012003 President of Faculty Senate. Why Choose NC: The idea of an individualized curriculum was very attractive First Hear About NC: Through a high school visit by Millie Ellis. Favorite Classes: Philosophy of Dualism (Dr Smiley); Karl Jung and Psychotherapy (Dr Hoppin) ; Rus sian (Dr. Arms); The Book of Job (Dr. Hamilton ; Anthropology (by student Rye Weber). Favorite Professors: See previous list. Favorite NC Memory: The peaceful sunrise on the morning after camps! Public Nudity: Sorry, I missed that one! Drugs at NC: Does chocolate ice-cream down at the Trail Plaza count? Pecan pie at Howard Johnsons would be a close second. Kids to NC: You bet! Where after NC: I taught 3rd 4th, and 5th grade at Booker-Bay Haven Elementary school for one year-after going to Washington State to be married. Last time at NC: 1997-during a summer vacation. Other Memories: 1 The Hallow een party when I fell in love with Sharron 2. The miracle body of the humble white rat I dissected in biology class 3. The wonder of independence, and the loneliness of being responsible. Most like to see: Sorry-we cannot attend due to fall quarter classes. Activities for reunion week end: Don Aronoff NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: P O Box 766, Santa Claus, IN 47579 E-mail: Home Phone: 812-544-5025 I Work Phone: 812-482-3020 Higher Education: West Georgia College MA. Children: Spouse: Sandra. Work Information: Executive Director Southern Hill Counseling Center. Awards, Books, Etc.: I am the only person who has received the D .M. Aronoff Modesty Award Why Choose NC: I was an unhappy kid in a rigid New England prep school and New College promised intellectual freedom. First Hear About NC: Someone my mother knew Favorite Classes: Economics classes wl Carl Hasek; Biology wl John Morrill; History wl Justus Doenecke. Favorite Professors: Those gentlemen Jim Feeney, and B ill Fleischman. Favorite NC Memory: Listening to George Monoson yell "peasant" from his balcony. Playing croquet. Assisting Tom Todd in his defense of Luke Salisbury Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: KidstoNC: Where after NC: Hudson River State Hospital-to do my alternate service Last time at NC: The last reunion Other Memories: New College was one of the few place where I ever felt that I "fit in". Most like to see: George Monoson, David Pini Activities for reunion week end: Betsy Sanford (nee Betsy Ash) NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 9704 W. Bexhill Drive Kensington, MD 20895 E-mail: I Home Phone: 301-942-5208 I Work Phone: 703-714-6400 Higher Education: New College (BA English) ; Univ. of Maryland (MA, English) Children: Katherine Sanford-15-student! Spouse: Ken Sanford retired from the government Work Information: Lemon Road Elementary School, Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools Mathematics Resource Teacher (part time) Awards, Books, Etc.: Co-author Teacher Research for Better Schools (2004, Teacher s College Press) : Writing Reflectively," Language Arts Nov 1987;" Discovering Revision," in Working Together by Marian Mohr and Marion Maclean; Becoming Members of the Math Club in Teacher Researchers at Work by Marion Maclean and Marian Mohr Why Choose NC : Although I had applied to other schools, I wasn t particularly drawn to any of them had a strong personal tie to Sarasota, because three of my mother's siblings had moved there in the late 40s and we had spent many Christmases in Sarasota So when my aunt told us about this new school that was opening we looked into it, and it appealed to me (and to my family) very much. The rest is history First Hear About NC: From one of my aunts who lived in Sarasota Favorite Classes: I particularly remember (and with particular fondness) my work with Dr Knox who was my thesis advisor and with whom I took a few classes (I think more than one class anyway). 1 greatly valued his deep thinking about literature and his approach to analysis, as well as his kindness


and respect for his students I also remember Dr George Mayer whose history class was very engaging. Also, Dr Mayer shared with us one bit of information that has stayed with me and reassured me over my 30+ years of teaching The first day of his seminar that I was enrolled in, he mentioned to the 7 of us that he never sleeps well the night before the first day of a class In my years as a teacher, I also have never slept well the night before the first day of school, and I always remember that Dr. Mayer didn 't, either I figured that if a college professor, who seemed to have his act together, got the jitters. then it certainly made sense that I would, as I was about to embark on a year with 25 or so elementary school-aged kids! Favorite Professors: See above Dr Robert Knox Dr. George Mayer, Dr. Arthur Borden, Dr. Mac Miller. I hope I remember those names correctly! Favorite NC Memory: Too many too many to list. One that I hold most affectionately is sitting around during our first weeks of the first year at the Landmark Hotel, and just talking with each other and figuring out who we all were. Public Nudity: There are no incidents in my entire life that involve public nudity that I care to share! Drugs at NC: No comment. Kids to NC: We have a 15-year old who is just beginning the looking-at-schools process, and I will certainly suggest that she look at New College, as well as the alma mater of her father (Auburn Univer sity). If she decided to go to NC I would support her in that. Where after NC: Back home, which wasn't the best move I could have made After a year I moved from home in Pennsylvania to the Washington DC area, where I started teaching I've remained in the area and have continued teaching. Last time at NC: I m not sure Probably it was about 1975 Other Memories: I loved the old part of the campus (the Ringling Estate complete with camell i a bushes), but I also loved the Pei dorms and the Hamilton Center My memories so much involve being in those places being part of the community that lived there I was also the typ i st for The Catalyst and I remember those Thursday nights getting the paper produced, and then driving up to the printing place near the Tropicana factory (north of the airport) There was one Thurs day night in particular that Kenji Oda (to whom I was married for a few years) Dave Tekler a couple of other people and I were getting the paper put together and they just didn t have enough copy Finally one of them said, "Check the soles of your shoes," and we all so punchy by that time that it seemed like one of the funniest things anyone could have said It became a mantra for us on Thursday nights as could have been expected. Most like to see: NIAI can t attend. Activities for reunion week end: NIA. Jacques U. Baenziger NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 634 7 Pershing Avenue St. Louis MO 63130-4704 E-mail: I Home Phone: 314862-6743 I Work Phone: Work Information: Washington Univ. Medical Schl. Professor of Pathology Joel Bailes NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 644 East Capitol, Washington, DC 20003 E-mail: I Home Phone: 202-544-44291 Work Phone: 202-707-7497 Higher Education: New College (BA; English and American Literalure) ; Dropsie Uni v (MA-Hebrew Literature and Language) Children: Brendan 21 student ; Elana 26 teacher Spouse: Pearl Teacher Work Information: Library of Congress Reference Technician Awards, Books, Etc.: We can put people up if they need a place to stay while visiting DC. We are i n walking distance of the Library of Congress Congress Supreme Court Capitol and the Mall with all its museums. We have bikes for guests We would especially enjoy having folk blues and primitive New Orleans-style jazz musicians. Why Choose NC: I didn t get accepted anywhere else and Furman Arthur s First Hear About NC: Furman Arthur's brochure Favorite Classes : Marion Hoppin s tutorial on Joseph Campbell s books ; Robert Knox s American lit classes ; Prof Clough s tutorial on Plato s Republic ; Cris Hassold s introductory modern art course ; The first year core course in aesthetics Favorite Professors: Robert Knox Marion Hoppin and Prof Clough Favorite NC Memory: The Eric von Schmidt concert near the end of the year in 1970 After he accepted a toke while on stage the faculty absquatulated and a riotous a i r of joy, pleasure and communion took over. Students who had never had anything to do with each other spoke, and shared drink and smoke. Public Nudity: I'm afraid this style of self-presentation became notorious only years after we very senior alumni graduated Drugs at NC: Marijuana, grape fruit brandy, grapefruit and orange wine, beer and whiskey. Nothing to brag about. Kids to NC: Negative. I got a superb education but i didn't like New College. Where after NC: "back to the land"commune life in the woods


Last time at NC: once, about ten years ago. the place was looking up. Other Memories: Almost 40 years after Dixon inundated us day after day from his balcony above the palm court with Paul Butterfield I have been able to appreciate two or three cuts from those two early albums Once Charlotte Carter smiled and said hello to me as she was leaving a dorm room. she was chewing gum Prof. Berggren came to our undercover bar, Piglet's Place, when we allowed faculty in, and drank a beer while standing on his head a favorite party trick of his apparently. Most like to see : Activities for reunion week end: Massage. Pearl Bailes NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 644 East Capitol, Washington DC 20003 E-mail: I Home Phone: 202-544-4429 I Work Phone: 202-547-2244 Higher Education: BA, New College; MSEd, James Madison Univ. Children: Elana Bailes, 25, elementary school teacher; Brendan Bailes 21, student. Spouse: Joel Bailes biblio graphic technician. Work Information: Capital Hill Day School, elementary school teacher Awards, Books, Etc.: hobb ies: playing blues harmonica ; horseback riding Why Choose NC: I wanted to go somewhere far away from Memphis, Tennessee. First Hear About NC: A friend of my mother's heard about New College while taking an art class in Sarasota. She came back from Florida convinced that she'd found the right school for me. Meanwhile I had received that enticing brochure. Favorite Classes: First year Core Humanities (all three trimes ters), TheArtofthe Novel, Botany Favorite Professors: Back then, I liked everybody. Favorite NC Memory: lit classes held in a comfortable upstairs room in College Hall; the calliope music from the Circus Hall of Fame filtering into biology lab; "Worksong" blaring across Palm Court from Dixon's room; phosphorescent plankton lighting up the midnight sea. Public Nudity: Nudity didn't seem notorious at New College Drugs at NC: Who can remem ber? Kids to NC: If my kids had wanted to go to New College I would have been happy to send themafter all it's a bargain. Where after NC: We moved to a little counter-culture farm outside of Winchester, Virginia. Lasttime at NC: About 15 years ago. Most like to see: Pat Cole ; Anna Navarro ; Bea Stodola; Barbara HannaI'd also like to have a conversation about Paul Butterfield with Craig Schenck. Activities for reunion week end: Scott M Baker NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 765 Jessie Street Monterey, CA 93940 E-mail: scottbaker1 I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Work Information: Freelance writeriFin'l trnsltr Esther L. Barazzone NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 121 Woodland Road Pittsburgh, PA 15232 E-mail: I Home Phone: (412) 422-5853 I Work Phone: Work Information: Chatham College President Denby M Barnett NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1803 30th AvenueS., Seattle WA 98144-4862 E-mail: I Home Phone: 206324-5218 I Work Phone : Work Information: Self Em ployed, Specialty contractor Robert W Baughman NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 10208 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: rb175y@nih gov I Home Phone: 301-896-04 75 I Work Phone : Work Information: NIH, National Institute of Neurological D1sorders and Stroke Dir., Div Fundamental Neuro and Dev'l Disorder Thomas L. Bell NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1601 18th St NW Apt. 703 Washington DC 20009-2529 E-mail: bell@climate gsfc.nasa gov I Home Phone: 202-667-807 4 I Work Phone: Work Information: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Senior Research Scientist Raymond W Bennett NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 26 N. Webster Street, Naperville, IL 60540-4527 E-mail: I Home Phone: 630961-9287 I Work Phone: Work Information: AmeriTech Irving Benoist Bloss NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4104 Harriett Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55409 E-mail: I Home Phone: 612-823-8715 I Work Phone: 612-870-1787


Higher Education: Wes l eyan College 1964-65; New College 1968 (BA, Psychology) ; Univ of Minnesota PhD in Clinical Psycho l ogy 1974 Children: Jenn i fer 28, merchan diser, interior designer for bus i nesses and homes (also married mother of my 2 gorgeouse and of course brilliant grandsons : Saywer 2 and Mason 3 mos .); Gray 25 graduate student in clinical social work at Columbia Univ., NYC Spouse: Charles H. Bloss psychologist Work Information: I am now a clinical psychologist in private practice i n Minneapolis, MN for the past 26 years Awards, Books, Etc.: Publica tions : Benoist Irving and J N Butcher Nonverbal cues to sex role attitudes Journal of Research in Persona lity. II, 431-442 (1977) ; Thompson Peg Irving Benoist Wm H. Percy Ann Stefanson Therapeutic Approach for Clients who have been Sexually Abused by Therapists in It' s Never OK : A Handbook for Professionals on Sexual Exploitation by Counselors and Therapists Ed, Barbara E. Sanderson, MN Dept. of Correc tions 1989 pp 45-52.; Benoist Irving "Depression: What It is and How to Treat lt." Suicide Preven tion," and Crisis Counseling." Walk In Counseling Center, articles Why Choose NC: The promise of a self-directed intellectually chal lenging and idiosyncratic atmo sphere for learning. Core curriculum and no letter grades were also appealing First Hear About NC: Letter sent from NC to National Merit Finalists. Favorite Classes: Core Curricu lum/Aesthetics was excellent, esp. Prof Berggren s segment ; Dr Sm ith's calculus for verbal people; music art history, and Prof. Knox ; Existential psychology = Mar ion Hoppin; Audiol ingual Spanish class ; Philosophy of Soc ial SciencesProf. Berggren Favorite Professors: Dave Gorfein Marion Hopp i n Doug Berggren Morr ill, Knox Favorite NC Memory: Dinner at the Gorfeins sharing recipes playing Jeopardy and shooting the breeze about matters psychological, feeling like colleagues Public Nudity: Skinny dipping in the college pool after hours Uump i ng fence in the nude a particular chal lenge!) Not too dangerous as I worked at NC pool as a lifeguard during the day! Drugs at NC: Only an occasional joint. Kids to NC: I would have had they been interested Where after NC: To M i nneapol i s to begin my graduate research assistant ship immediately after graduation (classes began the follow ing Sept.) Last time at NC: For a reunion 4? years ago Most like to see: Activities for reunion weekend: Linda D. Benua NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 9 Concord Greene Unit 4 Concord MA01743-3115 E-mail: I Home Phone: 978-369-4294 / Work Phone: 617-278-4105 Work Information: WorkFamily Directions, client manager Dale Benziger NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 21 Salish Lane Lockeport Botilo NS, Canada Mark Berenson NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: Baruch College Dept. of Stat istic s 17 Lexington Ave., New York NY 10010-5526 Work Information: Baruch College Claudia Blair NC Entering Year : 1966 Address: 122031dahoAvenue #303 West Los Angeles CA 90025 E-mail : claud i ablair@adelph i I Home Phone: 818-679-4705 / Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA ; Major : Exper i mental Psycho l ogy) ; U of Wash i ngton (PhD-joint degree : Biology and Physiology Psychology) Children: Jessica 26 Manager Kokomo s at the Farmer s Market LA CA ; Emily 30 personal assistant to Lord Samesbury London UK Spouse: Work Information: Roundabout actress and comedienne, fledgling Sometimes my title is Lady Cane." Awards, Books, Etc : See attached resume ; I fell lucky to have great daughters but that is their accomplishment not mine Why Choose NC: New College d i d not require a high school degree. I was attract to the classical l i beral arts curriculum First Hear About NC: Glamour Magazine Favorite Classes: The f i rst year Humanities Social Sciences and Science courses were my favorites, by far Second favorite : the visua l arts program at the pre-restored Sanford House Favorite Professors: They were all interesting people Favorite NC Memory: I can't even decide what my favorite color is! Please! Public Nudity: Not very notor ious-skinny dipping in the Gulf at night-the phosphorence-beautiful. Drugs at NC: None Kids to NC: Yes, if they were interested They weren't. Where after NC: Un iversity of Washington Seattle Dept. of Psychology and Dept. of Physiology and Biophys ics. Last time at NC: Reunion in 1990? or thereabouts Most like to see: Everybody I I I I I


Activities for reunion week end: Have a discussion about what sorts of money-making projects especially the Charter Classes do to raise funds Hilary Blocksom NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 12 Middle Road Chilmark MA 2535 E-mail: blocksom@vineyard .net/ Home Phone: 508-693-1450 I Work Phone: Work Information: Actor/ Comedian Claudia Bolin Harding NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 127 Westover Lane Stamford CT06902-1914 E-mail: I Home Phone: 203323-7359/ Work Phone: 203-3482619 Susan D. Borkowski NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 5547 Azalea Court, Rolling Meadows IL 60008-3862 E-mail: susan d borkowsk i @yahoo com I Home Phone: 847-577-3541 I Work Phone: Craig Bowman NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1048 22nd Street Sarasota FL 34234-8306 Bruce H. Bradbury NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1681 Green Valley Road, Napa CA 94558-4061 E-mail: bhbrad@ix netcom com I Home Phone: 707-746-1900/ Work Phone: Work Information: Bradbury & Bradbury Wall. Marie Bryhan NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 10904 Browntown Rd., Lindley NY 14858 E-mail: bryhanmd@corning com I Home Phone: 607-524-6539 I Work Phone: 607-974-3162 Higher Education: New College (BA 1970) ; Howard Univ (MA 1972) Children: Lillian 18, student ; Matthew 21, student. Spouse: Robert Morena : Materi als Scientist Work Information: I work at Corning Incorporated as a Biologist. Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Crazy at it isI came because the handbook/ catalogue was cool and completely different from any others I received It was an unsolicited mailing out of the blue-and also because NC was far away from home No one makes rational decisions at 16 years old First Hear About NC: As above by unsolicited mailing of the little sepia-toned handbook catalogue Favorite Classes: I loved reading Latin with Mr C l ough and scram bling around in the bay w ith John Morrill Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Sunsets from the dock. Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Yes-1 tried but they were complete l y turned off by the physical neglect of the campus. Where after NC: Last time at NC: About 5 years ago. Most like to see: I'd like to see pretty much everyone-including, but not possible, Wm. Hedrington Activities for reunion week end: A party in the Palm Court with the fountains working! A sunset at the dock Michael Cassell NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1 020 Bridgeport Drive Madison MS 3911 0-9519 E-mail: I Home Phone: 601853-1282 I Work Phone: Frank N. Ceo NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 4935 Dunwoody Club Dr ive, Atlanta GA 30360 E-mail: fceo@cdc gov I Home Phone: 404-408 5984 I Work Phone: 770-488-2448 Work Information: Centers for Disease Control Tra i ner Jill Chamberlin McCormack NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 6075 Miller Landing Cove, Tallahassee FL 32312 E-mail: j i llchamberl i n@netzero net I Home Phone: 850-894-3941 I Work Phone : 850-413 2496 Higher Education: Too many to l ist. Children: Garrett 21, deals in rare books antiques on Ebay Spouse: Fred McCormack Attorney Work Information: Special Assistant to Flor i da s CFO Awards, Books, Etc : Why Choose NC: An adm i ssions counselor responded to my i nqu i ry by flying to Massachusetts where I attended high school and offering to accept me to college immediate lywhile we were having lunch First Hear About NC: Time Magazine Favorite Classes: Relig ion, anthropology Favorite Professors: Rhys Williams. Bill Hamilton George Mayer Gresham Riley Favorite NC Memory: The amnesty night" when we were g i ven the opportunity to return stolen statuary to the Ringling Museum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


grounds and students lugging i mitations of Venus etc could be observed darting across the Trail from the Pe i Dorms Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Marijuana Kids to NC: Yes My son with drew reluctantly-he loved the faculty but not the scene Where after NC: J oublie Last time at NC: This year Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Anne Chandler Matheson NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 2912 Bywater Drive #122 Richmond VA 23233-6602 E-mail: homewaters@m i ndspring com I Home Phone: 804-364-8687 I Work Phone: Work Information: Home Waters Foundation, CEO Carol Ann Childress Wilkinson NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 2124 3rd Street E., Bradenton FL 34208-3604 E-mail: caw@tampabay I Home Phone: 941-747-5367/ Work Phone: 941-355-5099 Work Information: Agape Flights Inc., Development Director Glenda Cimino NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 9 Beaver Row, Donnybrook Dublin Ireland E-mail: I Home Phone: 353-1-2695398/ Work Phone: same Higher Education: New College (Honors BA) 1967 ; Columbia Uni versity, NY (MA, M Phil ; ABO degree) Sociology ; Univ of Leuven Blegium, sociolinguistics course 1972 Certificate Rebillot School of Experiential Teaching and Gestalt ; 1996 2002 qualificat ion i n Gestalt & myth work ; Co l aiste Dhulaigh ; 1999-2003 BTEC degree in mult i me dia studies ; Bull Alley Theatre Training Company 2003-2005 stage management certificate Children: Anna Gaia C i mino Claffey 20 college student art Spouse: n/a Work Information: Freelance editor/wr i ter / screenwriter / actor/ gestalt practitioner / tarot reader ; Last acting job, A Scare at Bedtime! RTE televis i on ; Last editorial job, edit ing psychology texts for the blind Univ College Dubl i n ; last gestalt work shop Experiencing the Tei n Northern Ireland ; Currently studenU apprent i ce with Bull Alley Theatre Traning Company Awards, Books, Etc.: Latin American Summer Research Fellowship Columbia Univ for Chile 1969 ; Bureau of Applied Social Research Traineeship 1970s Columbia Uni versity ; var i ous prizes for poetry and short story compet i tions most recent 2004 Twentieth Century Irish Warren Poets Salmon Press 2000 ; var i ous obscure publications ; member of Irish writers union Why Choose NC: It was new exciting, academically promising i n FL, and the college generously offered me a full fellowship Alter nately I would have gone to School of Journalism at the Univ of GA i n Athens First Hear About NC: They wrote to me because I won a National Council of Teachers of English award (NCTE) and was one of the two best English students in Georgia in 1964 A NC representa tive came to visit me at Southwest High School i n Atlanta (Joe Hall) Favorite Classes: I loved all my classes with the possible exception of chemistry and physics I cried during my chemistry final. I loved Ross Borden s l i terature seminars Mac Miller s poetry sessions Berggren's semiotics Conceuitch s Russian and all my foreign language classes. NC to me was a smorgas bord of educat i onal delights many totally new to me and I wanted to learn everyth i ng! Favorite Professors: I apprec i ated them all have forgotten many who would deserve praise Borden M i ller Berggren I w ill never forget Himelhocch and the never end ing Vermont Youth Study Favorite NC Memory: I have many : Paul Hansma s astronomy demonstration on Lido Beach one night, which he concluded by introducing the h i therto unknown constellat ion of Herman the Root. Bud Holder playing Lone Ranger theme mus i c full blast out the window of his room i n the Landmark Kenny Mise mer dr i ving the bus to the campus from Lido I nterview ing Toynbee. Public Nudity: I don t remember any! What d i d I miss? Drugs at NC: None th i s was 1964-67 Beer was the drug of cho i ce which was illegal on cam pus I remember carrying John Daghterty s beer in a cook i e jar to avo i d apprehension by security I think i n 1967 a fellow student (JR ) offered me my first mar i juana cigarette and I refused i t Kids to NC: Yes, if they wanted to Where after NC: I was in Cali, Columbia working on a research project. Then went to Columb i a University in NY late summer 67 caus i ng great confus i on on my whereabouts Last time at NC: Feb 2004 I gave a paper on George Bernard Shaw s The Devil's Disciple to the International Shaw Conference USF and briefly met the Provost of NC at the reception Other Memories: Scaring prospective students by leading them through the statuary mortuary of the Ringling Museum at midnight and telling them sinister ghost stories Craig Bowman Treehouse ; walking through the construction s i te that was to be the Pei dorms


with other students, and picking where we would like our rooms to be ; the 1st graduation : I think 45 of the original 101 made it to the 1st graduation Most like to see: I want to see everybody I remember, especially from the 1st few classes, so I hope you are all coming It's not easy getting away from Dublin in October so I hope others are making the same effort Activities for reunion week end: It looks pretty full already but how about a cruise on the inland waterways, organize some kind of transport for people who will not have a car Fay Clayton NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1044 Lake Shore Blvd., Evanston, IL 60202 E-mail: fclayton@robinsoncurley com I Home Phone: 847-328-1913 I Work Phone: 312-663-3100 x. 117 Higher Education: New College (BA 1967); liT Chicago-Kent College of Law (JD, 1978) Children: Kim 36, Molecular Biologist ; Pepper, 35 Artist/ Soc ial Worker; Scott, 34, Computer Programmer Spouse: Lowell SachnoffLawyer Work Information: Robinson Curley Clayton, P.C.: Lawyer (senior partner) Awards, Books, Etc.: Planned Parenthood/Ch icago Area : Lifetime Achievement Award (1/04); ACLU of Illinois-Civil Liberties Award (1 0/02); American Jewish CongressDistinguished Leadership Award (1 I 97); Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance Award (1/95); HOPE Fair HousingHope for People Award (1991) Why Choose NC: To be that proverbial pioneeer. Also, because I would not have to wear shoes And it was FAR from home. First Hear About NC : They wrote to me-some National Merit list I think Favorite Classes: The Econom ics of the Family Farm (tutorial : Hasek); Introduction to Classical Music ; Something involving marine biology which I no longer recall. Favorite Professors: David Gorfein Robert Knox, Marion Hoppin. Favorite NC Memory: All the freedom. Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: My son Scott and my stepson Scott are both New College graduates Does anyone else have 2 sons named Scott who went to New College? Where after NC: Ankare Turkey where I was fired from my first Federal job (for being pregnant) and had my first baby (Kim). Last time at NC: A few years ago. Most like to see: Anna Navarro Esther Lynn Barazzone, Chuck Hamilton Carol Worby, Kay Moiler, Tom Bell Bill Thurston Activities for reunion week end: Mimi (Cosgrove) Pate NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 2145 Baringer Avenue Louisville KY 40204 E-mail: mimipate@bellsouth net I Home Phone: 502-458-0398 I Work Phone: 502-299-0398 Higher Education: Univ of Miami (FL): Med Children: N/A Spouse: N /A Work Information: I work for KY Select Properties as a realtor, and I have a gardening business: GardENvision Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Joe the recruiter was very persuasive First Hear About NC: Mail ings Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Come on ... it has been forty years ... Favorite NC Memory: See below Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Seems like there wasn't much in the way of drugs that first year Later of course a different story Kids to NC: N/A Where after NC: Home-my mother died shortly after graduation Then two years later back to Florida : Teacher Corps in the Everglades out of the Univ. of Miami. Last time at NC: Ten-year reunion. Other memories: I remember. My first disbelieving sight of the Aubusson rugs the marble and the brocade sofas in the Mary Ringling Sanford House. And later, exploring upstairs the 20 or more drawers all labeled for different lengths and types of gloves ... The eerie shad ows of the statues throughout the Museum grounds at night. .. Sailing one of the little boats out into the bay and losing the wind for hoursthe sunburn was memorable ... Milkshakes at the airport snack bar Amazement at the high school accomplishments of so many of the other students The maids sweep in g our carpets that first few months in the dorms because they didn't have vacuums Hearing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds wafting from almost every room the first few weeks after Sergeant Pepper was released The wonder of the fabulous performances and fascinating artists at the master-teacher music workshop our senior year The Asolo-what an enchanting little theater The conver sations-everywhere, all the timewere like nothing I had ever exper i enced before Most like to see: Anna Navarro Esther Lynn Barazzone Chuck Hamilton Carol Worby, Kay Moller Tom Bell Bill Thurston Activities for reunion week end:


John Cranor NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1400 Peregrine Point Dr., Sarasota FL 34231 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941-926-4341 / Work Phone: 941-359-4670 Higher Education: NC B.A. 1967 ; Harvard Univ. M B.A. 1971 Children: Jake 14 9th grade ODA; Luke 9 4th grade, ODA Spouse: Kitty Work Information: New College Foundation Pres i dent & CEO Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Faculty ; location ; philosophy ; charter class First Hear About NC: mailing to National Merit F i nalists Favorite Classes: Art History Fred Licht; Sculpture J Cartlidge; History Tutorial A. Toynbee ; Ethics Doug Berggren ; Renaissance Art Chris Hassold Favorite Professors: Carl Hasek ; M ike Mather ; Doug Berggren Favorite NC Memory: Living i n Landmark Hotel, followed by The Bam Public Nudity: none that I recall Drugs at NC: Coca Cola Kids to NC: depends Where after NC: Harvard Bus i ness School Last time at NC: Everyday! Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Lee E. Crawfort NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 133 Penmoken Park Lexington KY 40503 E-mail: I Home Phone: 859-277-9434/ Work Phone: Beth Crosby Schwartz NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 610 Church Street Harrisburg PA 171 01 E-mail: I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 717-255-7138 Work Information: Penn State Educat i on Assoc Ed i tor i a l/ Produc tion Coord Michael R. Curry NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 715 Galey Street #208 Los Angeles CA 90024 E-mail : curry@geog I Home Phone: 310-702-8906 I Work Phone: 310-825-3122 Work Information: Dept. of Geography UCLA Professor Kramer Darragh NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1401 E. 6th Street Little Rock AR 72202-2715 E-mail: fkdii i I Home Phone: 501-663-6051 / Work Phone: 501-372-2112 Higher Education: New College (DNF); Hendrix College (BA Math ematics) ; Kansas State Univers ityGraduate work outside of degree program with primary emphasis on grain science, feed technology and animal nutrit i on Children: Thomas Eugene Darragh Ill CPA 29 Controller ; Molly Rose Darragh Smith 25 Graduate Student in Physics UCSF ; Lillian Valeria Darragh 24, Senior at Parsons School of De sign-Photography Spouse: Ida Vaughan Darragh CFM Midwife-Retired from Active Practice ; Director atTesting, North American Registry of Midwives. Work Information: Darragh Company : Sales of Construction Supplies to the commercial con struction industry and sales rental, and service of light construction equipment. Title : President Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: One of the few colleges that accepted me First Hear About NC: Robert Norwine and the headmaster of my prep school were acquainted. Favorite Classes: Classes/ courses/tutorials were not high pr i or i ties for me I seem to recall be ing stimu l ated by math classes that I happened to attend. Favorite Professors: I never had much to do with professors/instruc tors. However Mike Mather helped me through a couple of situat i ons Favorite NC Memory: Favor i te or strik i ng? Probably the B l ue Noodle Party"; Have any copies of David Pini s mov i e of the event surv i ved? Taking our poptop chaing for a walk on Sunday was a p l eas ant act i vity Public Nudity: Damn if I remem ber any Drugs at NC: Alcohol. Unfortu nately i t took me a coup l e of years to become more well-rounded Kids to NC: I wou l d neither encourage nor discourage them from attend i ng Where after NC: Hendr i x College, Conway Arkansas where the registrar l et me cla i m some P. E credit based on my assertion that I played a lot of volleyball at NC. Last time at NC: The summer of 1967 en route from a missionary tr i p ot British Honduras Most like to see: I have fond memories of most of the members of the student body in 65 / 66 and truly regret I am unable to attend the reunion Activities for reunion week end: John Daugherty NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 5206 6th Avenue Drive West, Bradenton FL 34209 E-mail: rusty jrb@verizon net I Home Phone: 941-794-3195/ Work Phone: 941-552 3359 Higher Education: New College (SA) ; SUNY at Buffalo-Screw them Children: None, thank God Spouse: Susan Work Information: WPI Sarasota ; Bid/Quote Analyst Awards, Books, Etc.:


Why Choose NC: It was a choice of Dartmouth or New College. What other decision could I have made, given the options? First Hear About NC: I rece ived an unsolicited letter describing the concept. Favorite Classes: Anything with Berggren Miller Borden Buri Favorite Professors: See previous page. Favorite NC Memory: You want me to pick a favorite? Get real. Public Nudity: I was never nude at NC. I even showered with my briefs on. Drugs at NC: Beer gin grass, hash acid Kids to NC: Yes! If I had been so unfortunate Where after NC: Immediate ly? Home then SUNY at Buffalo. Last time at NC:? Maybe 15-20 years ago. Other memories: I'd embarrass too many people. Most like to see: Anybody who shows up. Hell it' s been 40 years Activities for reunion week end: Palm Court Party and skinny dipping by the pool. Judith Diamondstone NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 6 Saybrook Road Framingham MA 1701 E-mail: I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Work Information: Clark Univer sity Professor Kathleen Dively Raskin NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 8549 Surrey Lane Boca Raton, FL 33496 E-mail: Home Phone: 561-483-5619 / Work Phone: 561-451-0520 Higher Education: NC, BA ; Boston Univ., MSW; Anna Maria College MBA Children: Dogs : Hapi-go-lucky, almost 1 year old. Her job : Sala mander hunting Spouse: Stephen Business owner Work Information: self em ployed, psychotherap is t Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: they asked me to apply and low and behold they accepted me and scholarship I fell into it First Hear About NC: they contacted me Favorite Classes: Holding a shark s heart in my hands Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Giant storm in the gulf Public Nudity: wearing see through nightgowns as casual evening wear Drugs at NC: just pot very naive time Kids to NC: absolutely Where after NC: To Peace Corps training to learn a language to graduate Last time at NC: few years ago Other Memories: Worst memory: Learning I wouldn't gradu ate 2 days before .. Horrible Most like to see: Pat Sieminski and the guy all in black. I would love a year book from 1964 Activities for reunion week end: Recreational drug use and nude swimming Marguerite "Mimi" Donnay NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 7350 Hardee Drive, Miami FL 33143 E-mail: I Home Phone: 305-666-9299/ Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA 1969); Florida International University (no degree, 1979) Children: N / A Spouse: N/A Work Information: My home ; disabled, lady of leisure world traveler plateleUplasma donor, volunteer for Eastern Airlines Retirees Assoc., Democrats of South Dade and St. Thomas the Apostle Religious Educat i on Awards, Books, Etc.: 20 year employment anniversary Hat i n the Ring pin Eastern Airlines ; Service award for closing down Computer ized Reservations Services Elec tronic Data Systems; 30 year employment award Electronic Data Systems Why Choose NC: Low studenU professor ratio; Pei dorms/buildings ; location (My parents would only allow me to have my sports car if I went to college in FL.) ; weather (too cold in Cambridge ) ; small size First Hear About NC: A New College admissions advisor visited me in high school when I was a National Merit Scholarships Finalist. Favorite Classes: Creation of the universe and Professor Clough s classes about India becoming a nation Favorite Professors: Dr George C Meyer, Professor Clough and Dr Miller Favorite NC Memory: Not enough room to give the expenence the descr i ption it deserves ; 3 fantastic years! Public Nudity: N/A Drugs at NC: Marijuana hashish speed, alcoholic beverages (I was underage while I was at NC ) Kids to NC: Yes, if I had had any Where after NC: 6 months vacation in Miami FL. I started working for Eastern Airlines in December Last time at NC: The 2000 reunion Other Memories: Too numerous to recount. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Andrew B. Douglas NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: PO Box 4099 Anna Maria, FL 34216-4099


E-mail: ddouglas@bna com I Home Phone: 941-778-3595 1 Work Phone: 941-778-6624 Work Information: The Bureau of National Affa irs, Staff Correspon dent Mari Drachman Holland NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 2390 Pigeon Roost Road, Green Mountain NC 28740 E-mail: I Home Phone: 828-688-10011 Work Phone: George 0. Duffee-Braun NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1066 Cedar Street, Greenv i lle, MS 38701 E-mail: I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Timothy S. Dunsworth NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 4115 Brookside Avenue St. Louis Park MN 554163110 Work Information: Metropolitan State Univers ity, research analyst Ray Enslow NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1738 Canyon Drive #220 Los Angeles, CA90028 E-mail: ray I Home Phone: 323-466-44641 Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA) ; Columbia Univ (none): South western Univ School of Law (JD) Children: Spouse: Work Information: Los Angeles Times Graphics Editor Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: First Hear About NC: Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Co l umbia Uni versity Last time at NC: 1977 Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Jean Feingold NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1112NE4ST, Gainesville FL 32601 E-mail: I Home Phone: 352-372-2207 I Work Phone: Same as home Higher Education: New College (BA psychology) ; Univ of Florida (MBA management) Children: nla Spouse: nla Work Information: Business Communicators, Pres i dent Awards, Books, Etc.: State Agricultural Agents newsletter award ; Numerous articles published in trade magaz i nes including F l orida Concrete Concrete Con cepts, The Steering Wheel, PMAA Journal Food and Service News Florida Truck News TRUX, Heavy Equipment News Austin Construc tor and ASID Icon ; Books : Creat ing a Farmers Market Starting From Nowhere and "Fiatlander s Guide to the Smokies Why Choose NC: It was the best school that accepted me First Hear About NC: I lived in Sarasota Favorite Classes: At this re move it is impossible to single out favorites of classes on instructors Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: It was the only time in my life when I was in an environment where it could be assumed everyone I met was intelligent. Public Nudity: Finding the questions regarding drugs and nudity offensive and inappropriate I have omitted them. We are adults now and such quer i es are irrelevant. Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Gai nesv ill e FL, where I rema i n Last time at NC: Don t remem ber Other Memories: New College enab led me to learn how to think and reason rather than merely memor i zing and parroting informa tion These skills enabled me to succeed in graduate school in every job I 've held and i n my current career as a freelance wr i ter Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Harry Felder NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 164 Old Field Rd., Setauket NY 11733 E-mail: harry@felder org I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Higher Education: NC, '68, AB ; Princeton Univ. '70AM, Univ of West Los Angeles '78 JD Children: Jennifer 19, student ; Patrick 18 student. Spouse: Sharon Homemaker Work Information: Rena i ssance Technolog ies, Corp., Pr i ncipal. Awards, Books, Etc.: World s Best Dad Why Choose NC: "all knowledge i s a seamless web from the brochure (now called v i ewbook) and the ungraded program First Hear About NC: ?? maybe the brochure or a newspaper article?? Favorite Classes: The core courses-especially art history aesthetics and econom i cs The music teacher (sorry, I don t remem ber his name, but I believe he was the conductor of the Sarasota Philharmonic or something) who so patiently tried to teach me piano He was so patient in the face of blinding i nability My math tutorials. Favorite Professors: Dr Smith Dr Bergrren Dr Miller And others


whose names have faded but my memories have not. Favorite NC Memory: Reminds me of the old saw : Guess what I like best about you What?" Everything! Public Nudity: Sorry I don't remember any public nudity I must have been studying Drugs at NC: Contact cold pills ; aspirin Kids to NC: NC is appropriate for a particular type of person If my kids or grandkids were that type I d send them Where after NC: To grad school. Last time at NC: 2001 Other Memories: It was a wonderful experience I m sure during the reunion I will share and recollect many memories Most like to see: Dr. Smith and B ill Nunez Activities for reunion week end: bingo? scrabble? docent tour of pe i dorms and safe in college hall? will there be any activit ies oriented to our spouses? Deirdre A. Fennessy NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 25 Newton Street Bridgeport CT 06605-3307 E-mail: deirfen@optonline net I Home Phone: 203-336-5409 I Work Phone: Work Information: Whitby Montessori School Elementary school teacher Rachel A Findley NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 2831 Garber Street #6 Berkeley, CA 94 705 E-mail: rafindley@earthlink net I Home Phone: 510-848-5696 I Work Phone: George Finkle NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 654318thAvenue NE, Seattle WA98115 E-mail: gfinkle@jdrllc com I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 206-442-1698 Higher Education: New College (BA 1969) ; Harvard Law School (JD 1973) Children: Grace age 16 (stuSpouse: Eileen Farley Pub l ic Defender Agency Director Work Information: Jud i cial Dispute Resolution (Arbitrator/ Mediator) Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Great facu l ty broad liberal arts, exotic cli me strong student body First Hear About NC: Mail ing to Merit Scholarsh i p f i nalists Favorite Classes: Prof George Mayer s history/intellectual h i story classes Favorite Professors: Hard to list-terri fic engaged faculty-but: George Mayer Riley Berggren Knox Favorite NC Memory: Pe i courtyard at dusk Public Nudity: Did this occur? Drugs at NC: No memory Kids to NC: Maybe not-it's a different world and a d i fferent college Where after NC: Worked for a year (McDonald s h igh school teacher DSHS caseworker) before start ing law school. Last time at NC: c 1974 Most like to see: I hope there s a great turnout including facu l ty I d be happy to see almost everyone Activities for reunion week end: Croquet? Volleyball? Outdoor cocktails and snacks? Kew speeches Nancy Flatter Hall NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1101 St. Paul Street #603, Baltimore MD 21202 ; and 148 Woodall Road Perryville, MD 21903 E-mail: I Home Phone: 410-962-8970 I Work Phone: 410-727 6367 Higher Education: New College ; Harvard Business Schoo l (MBA 1974) Children: Lara Hall 37 Founda tion program officer ; Geo Brenick 32 Art i st ; Ala ina Bren i ck 24, PhD Cand i date Spouse: George Bren i ck deceased 1998 Work Information: 60%: Mary l and Assoc i ation of Nonprofit Organ i zat i ons Director of F i nance and Marketing ; 30% : Consultant to nonprofit corporat i ons ; 10%: Profes sor Johns Hopkins Univers i ty ; Nonprofit Studies Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: For the same reason that my all time favorite car was a purp l e Volvo I l ike being the first on the b l ock to have one and I like being different. First Hear About NC: I rece 1 ved a mail ing from the college I was a National Merit Scholar semi-final i st and I think they mailed to everyone on that list. Favorite Classes: Creative writing even though I ended up with a degree in polit ical science Favorite Professors: Mar i on Hoppin Favorite NC Memory: My daughter Lara was born when I was a student. Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Of course but only if they wanted to go. Where after NC: I spent a year working in Sarasota and then two years work ing i n Cambridge Massachusetts Then off to Harvard Business Last time at NC: About ten years ago. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end:


James Fleener NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 222 Beach Road #6 Sarasota FL 34242 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941-346-1642/Work Phone: 941-923-3667 Higher Education: Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela (MBA) Children: Alexander 31, Com puter Engineer; Mark, 29, Radiology Technologist ; Barbara, 21, ViolinisV medical student Spouse: Carola (Cookie) Fleener Work Information: Sarasota Children's Clinic-Bookkeeper; Real Estate Professional self-employed. Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: To get out of Illinois; and they gave me lots of money First Hear About NC: Joe Hall came to recruit me at my high school. Favorite Classes: None. Favorite Professors: Marshall Barry Favorite NC Memory: I met my wife. Public Nudity: N/A Drugs at NC: Much booze. Kids to NC: Yes. Where after NC: The first timeUnited States Air Force; the second time-Venezuela Last time at NC: Several years ago. Other Memories: I'm a Republi can; I don't share. Most like to see: I was dragged into this by my wife Activities for reunion week end: A poker game Carola (Cookie) Fleener NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 222 Beach Road #6 Sarasota FL 34242 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941-346-1642 /Work Phone: 941-923-3667 Higher Education: Uni versidad de Carabobo Valencia Venezuela : Physician/Surgeon degree Children: Alexander, 31, Com puter Engineer ; Mark 29 Radiology Technologist ; Barbara 21, ViolinisV medical student Spouse: James Fleener Work Information: Sarasota Children's Clinic-Physician. Awards, Books, Etc.: Became a citizen this year. Why Choose NC: Because they turned down my class valedictorian First Hear About NC : My principal (high school) suggested I apply because they turned down my class valedictorian ... Favorite Classes: Did I go to class? Favorite Professors: Prof. Miller Favorite NC Memory: All night talk sessions ; staying up all night the whole 1st week; meeting people "just like me." Public Nudity: Never saw any Drugs at NC: Much booze Kids to NC: Yes. Where after NC: Venezuela. Last time at NC: Several years ago Other Memories: I was a lousy waitress the first week! Most like to see: Judy Runyon Activities for reunion week end: A boat ride James A. Frisch NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 913 Manchester Crse., Geneva,IL60134-3411 E-mail: I Home Phone: 708-232-6126/ Work Phone: Work Information: HandiKup Corp lnge Fryklund NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1216 E Madison Park Chicago IL 60615-2915 E-mail: lnge fryklund@hotma i I Home Phone: 773-548-5234/ Work Phone: 312-987-1800 Work Information: US State Department Foreign Service Officer Deborah Fulk Kirby NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 24803 Colone l Glenn Road, Little Rock AR 72210-5446 E-mail: dkirby /Home Phone: 501-821-4711/ Work Phone: 501-490-5700 Work Information: Mills Univer sity Studies High School, Library Media Specialist Leslie Fuller NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 310 Tudor Road Sandgate, VT 05250 E-mail: lfuller@sover net I Home Phone: 802 375 2895/ Work Phone:2122067462 Cynthia C. Gates NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1500 N Orange Avenue #71, Sarasota FL 34236-2636 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941302-43911 Work Phone: 941-9575484 Ext. 5713 Work Information: Sarasota Herald Tribune Julia Giordano NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 65 Second Avenue #3G, New York, NY 10003 E-mail: juliagiordano@att net I Home Phone: 212-979-0170 I Work Phone : 516-572-8173 Higher Education: New College BA ; City College of NY M .A. in creative writing ; Columbia University Ph D in Literature Children: No children Spouse: No spouse either


Work Information: Nassau Community College Garden City NY assoc i ate professor of English Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Because I was totally bored in high school and I was drawn to the innovative ap proach of NC Also, the fact that it was in Florida helped! First Hear About NC: In material from the Merit Scholarship program Favorite Classes: It was a long time ago! Any class that William Hamilton the theology professor at the time, gave Favorite Professors: As I said, William Hamilton There was also a very kind classics professor back then (I briefly took Greek!) whom I also met at Quaker Meeting. Favorite NC Memory: No favorite, or many favorites The palm trees in the quad the warm winters the early springs not feeling like a geek because everyone else was smart, too dances Lots of memo ries Public Nudity: Was there publ i c nudity at NC? I remember a friend of mine getting caught with her boyfriend on Long Boat Key I didn t consider that incident public though Drugs at NC: I was very conser vative at that time. Only liquor and pot ; but I have to admit that I did become an abuser of both drugs later (in AA now) ; I guess that began at NC-more to do with my personal life than NC though. Kids to NC: Definitely Where after NC: Manhattan, where I have stayed since Last time at NC: I came back once five-ten years after I gradu ated Other Memories: The compre hensive exams at the end of the year; great pressure and the first time I'd ever studied in my life Most like to see: I like the people who are coming Activities for reunion week end: Time to talk Robin Day Glenn NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4 Santa Teresa Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 E-mail: I Home Phone: 949-589-5359/ Work Phone: 949-459-7474 Higher Education: Univ. of California at Davis School of Law (Martin Luther King Jr. Hall) JD; Georgetown University Law Center, LLM International and Comparative Law Children: Arnold Daisy, Lester Lola, Marvin Barney and Wi l bur : our seven black cats ages 9 to 15. Spouse: Forrest M Beeson Ill Quality Manager/Firm Administrator Franchise Law Team Work Information: Franchise Law Team-1 thought Captain would be a good title but the rest of the team laughed at me Awards, Books, Etc.: Nat i onal winner of the Nathan Burkan Memo rial Award (ASCAP) for a monograph on international copyright law in 1982 Recently chaired the Califor nia State Bar s Franchise Law Committee and served a three-year term as a member of the State Bar s Business Law Section Executive Committee ending as vice-chair Franchises Editor of the California Business Law Reporter since 1990 and author of numerous mono graphs book chapters, and columns on franchise law Frequently speak to lawyers on franchise law. Why Choose NC: I told my Dad I didn't want to got to college be cause I had certain impossible criteria in mind He responded by coming home from a business trip with the New College catalog, which apparently met my criteria I don t remember what they were First Hear About NC: See previous answer. I didn t apply anywhere else. Favorite Classes: Modern Art and Anarchy (two separate courses) Favorite Professors: EEK! Can t remember names! Will have to dig through memorabilia to find them ... names coming later Favorite NC Memory: Sitt ing on a wall at a Palm Court party listening to blues and talking with friends Sunk deep in a down sofa in College Hall's music room wrapped up with Ken Hammond and listening to the Emperor Concerto in the dark Public Nudity: I don t remember any notoriety I do remember sk i nny dipping with friends on Longboat Key. Drugs at NC: Grass dope weed and hash Kids to NC: If I had kids and i f I had the money and they wanted to go, I would send them to NC Where after NC: To the Gestalt Therapy commune outside of Duncan B C (on Vancouver Island) to spend a summer exploring my psyche running a vegetarian kitchen practicing massage tech niques hiking pubbing and play ing nude volleyball before starting law school in the fall. Last time at NC: Reunion a few years back (ten?) Other Memories: Memories of the wonderful friends I made there and have known through the years too numerous to list here and much more important that the years actually i n Sarasota Memories of Ken Hammond. Smashing the Green Whore. Most like to see: Get me access to the charter class student records and from social security numbers If still living, I can track down Felice Gebhardt and Mellena Bridges both of whom I miss very much Activities for reunion week end: A relaxed evening at someone s home Palm Court sitting on the wall party


Bruce Guild NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 207 White Oak Drive Durham, NC 27707 E-mail: dbguild@nc.rr com I Home Phone: 919-493-1111/Work Phone: 919-740-8639 Higher Education: North Caro lina State University (BSEE, 1984); Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MAT, 1999) Children: David, 17, senior at North Carolina School of Science and Math; Jacob 14 freshman at Durham School of the Arts Spouse: Linda Convissor (NC '71) Director of Local Relations UNC-CH Work Information: Durham School of the Arts Mathematics Teacher Awards, Books, Etc.: National Board Certified Teacher, 2003 Why Choose NC: It was a chance to go to Florida free First Hear About NC: I was solicited from the National Merit list I th i nk. Favorite Classes: Core science with Aaron Savitz (first year) Favorite Professors: Bill Smith Mac Miller Mike Mather Favorite NC Memory: Dedica tion of Mather Hall: hurricane in 1967 Public Nudity: If only I hadn't been so shy ... Drugs at NC: pot courtesy of Tommy Doucette and John Lambie_; LSD Jerry N. brought back from somewhere. Kids to NC: Bringing the oldest for a visit, but he is not interested in going to mom and dad's school. Where after NC: Went into the Peace Corps to avoid the draft and spent 3+ years in southeast As ia and India. Last time at NC: About ten years ago. Other Memories: Working on the Catalyst with Kenji Oda and Jerry Neugarten Most like to see: Gordon M Mather Activities for reunion week end: Drinking on the beach at sunset with old, old friends and comparing life trajectories Daniel 0. Haggarty NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 705 Crescent Circle Midwest City, OK 73110-1235 E-mail: dahagg@netscape .net/ Home Phone: 405-732-7242/ Work Phone: 318-456-5485 Work Information: Lockheed Martin Quintron Dynamics re search/government contracts engineer Charles H. Hamilton NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 241 Belden Hill Road, Wilton, CT 6897 E-mail: I Home Phone: 203-762-3261/ Work Phone: 212-977-6900 Work Information: The Clark Foundation, Director & Chief Operat ing Officer Barbara Hanna NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 4678 W. Hoffer Street Banning, CA 92220 E-mail: barbarafhanna@yahoo com I Home Phone: 951-922-0856/ Work Phone: Same as home. Higher Education: New College (BA, 1969); Cornell University Graduate School of Bus iness (MPA 1977) Children: Michael Hanna, 32, documentary film editor; Caroline Sheldon, 22, student at UC Davis; Judith Sheldon, 20, student at UC Davis Spouse: Edward C. Ball Con sultant and Go-fer with Hanna and Associates. Work Information: Self-em ployed. Owner, consultant with Hanna and Associates. Awards, Books, Etc.: I'll attach my resume-you can pick or choose if any of them are of interest. Performed in the play Dianalogues Beaumont 2003 Why Choose NC: I wanted to explore my interests and not go to an advanced high school environ ment. First Hear About NC: I don't know-perhaps an article in the NY Times if that's possible Favorite Classes: Working with Pru and Jack Rains. Favorite Professors: See above Favorite NC Memory: Enjoying the environment my roommate Pearl Lefkowitz created in our room-lush purples and greens in a variety of fabrics while under the influence Public Nudity: Talking with my nude dog Homer, in the rain Drugs at NC: M, LSD Etc No beer! Kids to NC: Sure. They all apparently needed to differentiate themselves from me by attending traditional colleges. Where after NC: NYC Drove with friends 24-hours straight through to get away from New College. Last time at NC: 1Oth anniver sary. Other Memories: Watching people play croquet at night under the lights Sunset during dinner over the bay Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Paul Hansma NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 6891 Trigo Road Isla Vista CA 93117-4302 E-mail: phansma@physics I Home Phone: 805-968-4695 I Work Phone: 805-893-2523 Higher Education: NC Bach elors 1967 ; Univ. of CA Berkeley PhD 1972


Children: Scott 27 software engineer ; Joy, 23 law school student at Hastings Law School Spouse: Pamela Benham artist Work Information: Univ of CA Santa Barbara Prof of Physics Awards, Books, Etc.: Biological Physics Award of the American Phys i cal Society 2000; over 300 papers ; 20 patents Why Choose NC: scholarship ; location ; excitement of a new school First Hear About NC: brochure Favorite Classes: Aesthetics with Douglas Berggren ; Art with Jack Cart l idge ; Physics with Ear l Friesen Favorite Professors: Previous question Favorite NC Memory: Flipp i ng over in Ray Bennett s car while chasing squirrels on the lawn Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: KidstoNC: Where after NC: Last time at NC: Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Leander S Harding NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 127 Westover Lane Stamford CT 06902-1914 E-mail: lharding@stjohns I Home Phone: 203323-73591 Work Phone: 203-3482619 Work Information: St. John s Episcopa l Church Rector Roberta Harris Marshall NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 2311 Arthur Minnis Road, Hillsborough NC 27278-8388 E-mail: bobbiem@bellsouth net I Home Phone: 919-929-7932 John Hart NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: PO Box 368 (142 Wildcat Rd. ) Barrington NH 03825 E-mail: john I Home Phone: 603-664-99361 Work Phone: 604-862-1091 Higher Education: New College : BA, English Literature ; Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor : MS Forestry/ Resource Ecology ; Univ of Massa chusetts Amherst: MLA, Land scape Architecture Children: Will Hart, 21, in diversion program for felony riot for videotaping large street party after Red Sox lost again Oct 2003 Will made the mistake of focusing v i deo recorder on police action Fortu nately his ent ire arrest was on tape Ben Hart 18 freshman musical theatre major at Ithaca College next stop the Broadway local. Spouse: Janis Wolak (NC 66) Research Asst Professor, Cr i mes Against Children Research Center Univ of New Hampsh ire. Work Information: Assoc Professor Thompson School of Applied Science Univ of New Hampshire ; and landscape arch i tect. Awards, Books, Etc.: Chair Granite State Landscape Architects 1997 -2004 ; Board Boston Society of Landscape Architects 1998-2003 ; First Prize Graduate Research A mer Society of Landscape Archi tects, 1994 ; Frequent articles in regional horticulture and landscape publications as Dr. Dirt Why Choose NC: Not in Kansas anymore ; academic hoo-hahAND NO GRADES ; "bring clothing in layers"; high school counselor told me not to attend First Hear About NC: Like 99% of us Natl Merit Finalist. Favorite Classes: Classes and professors were not focal areas for me at NC I later regretted to some extent the missed opportunity but I did what was necessary at the time. Favorite Professors: Jack Rai ns and Roger Peters i n part i cula r were i mportant in my l i fe Favorite NC Memory: Friends for life ; Full moon rising gelat i nous and g i gant i c ; Three years of violent oscillat i on between heaven and hell (much more pleasant i n retrospect). Public Nudity: Strangely my pub l ic nudity bloomed after NC In other venues publ i c nudity actually seemed to make an i mpress i on wh i ch is at least part of the point. Drugs at NC: I have a hazy memory of something li ke this but i t wasn't recreat i on it was a pure l y spiritual quest for Dog Woof woof. Kids to NC: D i dn 't happen Could have Who sends the i r k i ds anywhere? Where after NC: To David Schwartz s house on Seneca Lake NY in an overloaded "dri veaway car w i th a Bul taco on the back bumper dest i ned for my first (be l ated) run-i n w i th The Law ; then to Canada (Brenda Carter & Co) with a motley crew ; to the Snyder Stauffer wedd i ng in Easthampton ; and across the (then) two-lane Mohawk Trail on Bultaco and Ducat i w i th Cre i ghton Smith to Boston in August. Boston for a year with my future (twe l ve years later) spouse Janis Wolak then grad school along w i th my initial spousal tr ial unit Pat Lawson NC' 66. Last time at NC: One of the reunions when a number of good friends were attending ten or fifteen years ago. Other Memories: You know i n spite of a heavy extracurricu l ar schedule the first year I passed all my courses Th i s encouraged me to expand extracurricular act i v i ties my second year, which turned out to be inadv i sable in terms of my major. I decided to escape the problem by spending six months in Berlin To re-establish my true worth I entered a deep scholarly oubliette and completed a 200-page ISP i n German My ISP advisor and the department chair both sa i d it was


exceptional; i n fact they sa i d i t was so good that they d i dn t think i t was my work The subject was Franz Kafka who would have appreciated thi s turnabout. Fortu nately and in total opposition to my desire to burn all my preliminary work when I turned in the fin i shed ISP I had saved all my notes I received Honors. There I feel better now ... only took forty years Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: David P. Hartley NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 675 Old Muse Road, Carrollton GA 30117-9313 E-mail: DPHMD@yahoo com I Home Phone: 770-214-98121 Work Phone: 404-942-2391 Work Information: The Shoals, Clinical Director John S Hendricks NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1120 206th Avenue NE. Sammamish, WA 98074 E-mail: I Home Phone: 425-868-2665 I Work Phone: 425-635-0709 Work Information: ASIX Inc. Practice D i rector Cheryl Hess NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 550 Colusa Avenue, Berkeley, CA94707 E-mail: I Home Phone: 510-526-58131 Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA); UC Berkeley (MBA) Children: Damian Hess30, artist, playwright, composer, musi cian ; Dan Bradbury27 artist backpacker construction ; John Bradbury20, artist filmmaker, student at UCSC Spouse: Jerry Bradbury indepen dent film producer Work Information: private consultant Awards, Books, Etc.: After almost 20 years as chi ef financial officer of a small public company doing research and manufacture of art ifi c ial hearts I ret i red to pursue var i ous family and personal inter ests. That was 2001 and I ve been busy ever since Why Choose NC: 1 It was located in a state much warmer than Illinois 2 It was located very far away from my parents 3 New College offered me lots of money First Hear About NC: Through Nat i onal Merit Finalist mai l ing. Favorite Classes: Too numerous to ment i on Favorite Professors: Dr. Robert Knox Jr Favorite NC Memory: Couldn t possibly pick one If I narrow it down l'lllet you know Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Yes. Where after NC: First summer I ran props for the opera company i n New Paltz NY. Then went to Pittsburgh for a short stint and ended up in NYC where I proofread the Manhattan phone directory-! kid you not. Last time at NC: For the 1 0-year reunion I think. Other Memories: The best friends of my life I met there Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Helen Hickey De Haven NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 602 Longview Road, Apt. E., Knoxville, TN 37919-3743 Work Information: Tennessee Valley Authority, Lawyer Julie Huff NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 4018 Kennedy Street Hyattsville MD 20781 E-mail: huffhannon@verizon net I Home Phone: 301-277-8373 I Work Phone: 703-228-1211 Work Information: Arlington County Govt. Nurse Gordon Jarrell NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: P O Box 84983 Fairbanks AK 99708 E-mail: I Home Phone: 907-4 79-8798 I Work Phone: Work Information: University of Alaska Fairbanks Mammal Collec tion Manager Allan Jaworski NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1601 Cody Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902-3977 E-mail: allan.jaworski@starpower net I Home Phone: 301-593-1449 I Work Phone: 301-346-0585 Work Information: Lockheed Martin M i ssion Systems Chief Architect Pauline Jung Kehoe NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 5 Woodside Drive Warwick NY 10990-1015 E-mail: kehoes@warwick net I Home Phone: 845-986-3629 I Work Phone: 914-294-6606 Work Information: Goshen Public Library Director Dennis D Kezar NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1620 70th Street Court E., Bradenton FL 34208-6358 E-mail: I Home Phone: 9417 49-1692 I Work Phone: Work Information: Christ Episcopal Church Priest (Rector) Stuart Klugman NC Entering Year: 1966


Address: 4211 Beaver Hills Drive, Des Moines, lA 50310 E-mail: stuart.klugman@drake edu I Home Phone: 515-276-6610 I Work Phone: 515-271-4097 Higher Education: Drake University BS Actuarial Science 1970 ; Univ of MN PhD Statistics 1975 Children: David Klugman 21, student ; Philip Klugman, 20 student Spouse: Marie Klugman (de ceased 2004) Work Information: Drake University, Professor Awards, Books, Etc.: Book : Loss Models from Data to Deci sions 2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons 2004 ; elected Vice Pres. Society of Actuaries 2001-2003 Why Choose NC: Big Money; Big Challenge First Hear About NC: Mailing to Merit Semi Finalists Favorite Classes: Calculus I II, Ill learned 2 years of calculus in one year Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: The unrestrained joy when we learned LBJ would not run in 1968 Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Who? Me? Kids to NC: No Where after NC: Drake Univ to finish BS Degree Last time at NC: Spring break, in late 80's No one was there Most like to see: My second year roommate Edwin Haywood (Pat) Shuck Ill Activities for reunion weekend: Bruce C. Lamartine NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 61 0 Meadow Lane Los Alamos NM 87544-3621 E-mail: bwnlam@msn com I Home Phone: 505-672-1940 I Work Phone: 505-665-2366 Work Information: Los Alamos National Laboratory Staff Scientist Mary R. Lamprech NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 83 Eucalyptus Road Berkeley CA94705-2801 E-mail: mary.lamprech@ucpress edu I Home Phone: 510-655-12541Work Phone: 510-642-8430 Work Information: U of Califor nia Press, Senior Editor Sharon Landesman Ramey NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4821 Foxhall Crescent NW, Washington DC 20007 E-mail: sr222@georgetown edu I Home Phone: 202-333-17891 Work Phone: 202-687-1389 Higher Education: New College (BA); U. of Minnesota ; U. of Wash ington (Ph.D.) Children: Jane Bacha 37, economist/consultant ; Ann Dwyer Andre 34 med i cal research (NC Alum 1987) ; Sam Ramey 12, student Spouse: Craig T. Ramey distin guished professor and director Georgetown Center on Health and Education Work Information: Georgetown University Susan H. Mayer Profes sor of Child and Family Studies and Director of Georgetown Center on Health and Education Awards, Books, Etc.: Published over 200 scientific articles and chapters, 4 books including 2 that were used to produce 2 TV series ( "Right from Birth and "Going to School ) for National Public Televi sion. Received Distinguished Scientist and Major Contributions awards from American Association on Mental Retardation American Psychological Association, Howell Heflin Award and Child Resources First New College alum whose daughter also graduated from New College! Personal-llove being a grandmother and st ill doing just about whatever I want to do every day I wake up Uust like when I was at New College) Why Choose NC: Pursu i t of freedom and knowledge (amidst fellow students who would be the smartest and most creative any where) First Hear About NC: My h i gh school college counselor played baseball with New College s recru i t ing officer! He introduced me to New College to save me" from spending a year with A S Neill at Summerh ill in England and turning down my awarded scholarship to traditional presitigious universities Favorite Classes: John Morr ill' s biology classes; David Gorfein s psychology courses and labs; Cr i s Hassold s History of Art Classes ; Roger Peters s course in Log i c Our integrated first-year seminar ser i es especially guest lectures by James Watson Uust after the Double Helix was published in serial format in the Atlantic Monthly. Favorite Professors: Dav i d Gorfein Cris Hassold John Morr ill, Roger Peters Marion Hoppin Favorite NC Memory: You' ve got to be kidding! A favorite memory" is impossible in a sea of fantambulous memories One of my most unusual is when we went to watch the outside mov i es being shown (Tamiami Trail) and we pretended to play different movie stars and just did free reign dialogues! Unbelievable! Public Nudity: Alas mine were private on sandy beaches-although! I remember my two next door neighbors (females) always being nude when they entertained (Patty and Kathleen) and I frequently donned a raincoat to classes with nothing under it. Oops-1 just remembered my public nudity "-! wore a paper dress from a tube-it was Op-Art) and we cut it up when we had a picnic and realized we needed napkins!


Drugs at NC: None ( honestly! but I came from such a Beatn i k and Radica l fam i ly that to be soc i a ll y conservat ive was radical!) Kids to NC: Yes-I did!! Al though my wonderful daughter i s certain she d i scovered New College all on her own Where after NC: U of Minne sota (Institute of Child Development) Last time at NC: 2000 for last reun i on (35th? of our '65 class ) Other Memories: N i ghtt i mes on the beach with phosphorescent glows when we swam Endless conversations and debates A library that was open 24 1 7 Dining outs i de facing the beautiful bay The danc ing, the idealism the depth of the fr i endsh ips, and the scholarship and research The pursuit of boundless knowledge! Most like to see: Roy Van Vleck ; Elizabeth Stephens ; Bob (guitar player) ; B?? from New Jersey ; Lee Wall i ngford; Anna Hart ; Mary Elmendorf ; John Morrill ; and others I already know will be there! Activities for reunion week end: I d appreciate a quiet brief time to honor our fellow students who passed away-Leo and Bud Holder and too many others. Perhaps a brief statement or sharing of special memories Thomas E. Lawson NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: PO Box 3341, Ann Arbor M 1481 06-3341 E-mail: I Home Phone: 734662-44951 Work Phone: Tom Lesure NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 2375 Clipper Street San Mateo CA 94403-1 005 E-mail: I Home Phone: 650572-9417 I Work Phone: John T Lowe NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 114 E Edgar Street Balt i more MD 21202 E-mail: Jet Lowe@NPS gov I Home Phone: 41 0-727-0833 1 Work Phone: 202-343-1020 Work Information: USDI Nat'l Park Serv i ce Staff Photographer Thomas H. Luhrman NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 468 Riverside Dr ive, Apt. #82A New York NY 1 0027-6804 E-mail: I Home Phone: 212663-3372 I Work Phone: Jonathan Lundell NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 501 Lucy Lane Half Moon Bay, CA94019 E-mail: jlundell@pobox com I Home Phone: 650-726-1949 I Work Phone: Work Information: Resil i ence Corp Chief Engineer Roberta Luther O Brien NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 200 N Pickett Street Apt. 1108 Alexandr i a VA22304-2118 E-mail: bobrien@sssas pvt k12 .va. us I Home Phone: 703-751-0109 I Work Phone: 703-212-2768 Work Information: St. Stephens and St. Agnes School Librarian Thomas 0. Manteuffel NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 9113 Cricklewood Court Vienna, VA22182-1702 E-mail: tmant@erols com I Home Phone: 703-821-42471 Work Phone: 703-748-4280 Work Information: Science International Appl i cations Corpora tion Steven C. Marsden NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: PO Box 2906 Iowa City lA 52244-2906 E-mail: smarsden@chop.isca ui owa edu I Home Phone: 319-337 5187 I Work Phone: Work Information: Iowa City Public Library Randall H. Marshall NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 2311 Arthur M inni s Road Hillsborough NC 27278-8388 E-mail: bobb i em@bellsouth net I Home Phone: 919-929 7932 Herbert H McAdams NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 18 Edgehill Litt l e Rock AR 72207 E-mail: I Home Phone: 501664-331 0 I Work Phone: Work Information: Herb McAdams Investor Ray P McClain NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: P O Box 608 Char l eston SC 29402-0608 E-mail: rpmcclain@worldnet.att net I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 843 5773170 Work Information: Ray P McClain Attorney Cheryl McWhorter Star NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 181 Blue Ridge Trails Morganton GA 30560 E-mail: I Home Phone: 706-37 4-4268 1 Work Phone: 706-276-5080 Work Information: Gilmer H i gh School Mathemat i cs Teacher


Julie Means Kane NC Entering Year: 1 965 Address: 33 Map l e St r eet H ill sdale NY 12529 E-mail: I Home Phone: 5 1 8-325-9654 1 Work Phone: 518-325-9655 Work Information: Jul ie Kane Consulting Inc. Consultant Abby Misemer NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4823 Ebbtide Lane #202 Port R i chey FL 34668 E-mail: nana .abby1 @verizon net I Home Phone: 727-849-5235 / Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (attended one year-no degree) Children: Samue l ClarkSam 37, HP Tech Support@ Tech Data ; Kenneth C l ay K .C., 34, Banker Wachovia ; Jacob Rees Jake 29 Manager Anclote V i llage Mar i na Daddy to J ill ian Rees-Jilly Bean 2 years and Andrew Jacob A.J., 3 months ; Luke Mason-27 Phone Consultant Spouse: Ken Mise mer Attorney Work Information: New Job Title since September '02 Nannie ; one of the best j obs I 've ever had Awards, Books, Etc.: Found ing Pres i dent All Children s Hospita l Gui ld New Port Richey Branch ; Board Member All Children s Hosp ital Foundation ; Or i ginal Cowgirl award ACH 2000 ; Board Member Pasco Hernando Commu nity College Foundat ion; West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Citizen 1995 ; Santa s Elf Holiday Parade West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Christmas Float 1999-Why Choose NC: Small l iberal arts First Hear About NC: from AI E ll is founding board member Favorite Classes: Art history Poetry Math Spanish Favorite Professors: Cr i s Hassold ; Dr Borden ; Earl Frissen (sp?) Barbara Fagan Favorite NC Memory: F ir st memory : meeting Bill Chadw i ck outside the reception center Best memory : meeting Kenny Misemer from Springfield Missoura Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Our oldest Sam attended for 18 months Where after NC: Cambr i dge MA Last time at NC: We are regu l a r s Other Memories: Students names and home towns-all one thought i.e., Cra i gBowmanRemingtonlndiana ; Caro i WorbyEa u CiaireW i scons i n ; at one t ime I th i nk I knew them all Square dancing and hearts of palm at Dallas Dart s ranch Sundays at Mar i an Hoppin s via the Blue Streak Fr i endsh i p of M illi e Ellis Brud Arthur Bob Norw ine, Earl Helgeso n Mary and John E l mendorf Nell Eurich George Baughman Meeting later alums who have become good friends Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Ken Misemer NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 4823 Ebbt ide Lane #202 Port Richey FL 34668 E-mail: krm@gte net I Home Phone: 727-849-5235 1 Work Phone: 727-848-2593 Higher Education: New College B A.; Harvard Business School (attended one year of program-no degree) ; Univ of Flor i da Law School -J.D. Children: Sam C (37)HP tech support for Tech Data ; K C (Kenneth C ) 34-banker with Wachovia Bank ; Jake (29) Man ager Anclote Village Mar ina; Luke (27)-phone consultant Spouse: Abby Allgood M i semer Work Information: Attorney Allgood and M i semer Awards, Books, Etc.: cont inui n g involvement with New College Foundation ( current l y C h a irman of the Board ofTrustees); member of New College of F l orida Board of Trustees ; member Board of Tr u stees (past cha i rman) of Morton Pla n t Mease North Bay Hosp i tal ; past president West Pasco Bar Assoc i a t i on ; New College commencement speaker 2002 SAN T A Holiday Parade West Pasco Chamber o f Commerce float 1999-Why Choose NC: Bob Norw ine expla i n ing (on a cold snowy Febru ary day in Kansas C i ty ) how war m sp r ing tra i ning season was i n Florida. First Hear About NC: ma ilin gs to National Mer i t Semi-Final i sts around the same t ime art i cle appeared i n T i me magaz ine. Favorite Classes: poetry a n d li t classes w ith Mac M i ller Favorite Professors: most of them but espec i ally Mac M ill er Favorite NC Memory: meeti n g Abby Public Nudity: No can do ; I have n' t g i ven up the i dea of running for public office and it was memo rable for anyone who saw i t anywa y Drugs at NC: Beer and bourbon. Kids to NC: Already did ; Sam attended for a year and a h alf starting in 1985 He is alleged to be the first child of NC alum parents who subsequently enrolled Wou l d he send hi s? You' d have to ask him .... Where after NC: New Port Richey w ith Abby where I worked construction for a summer before going to Boston and HBS Last time at NC: Abby and I moved back to Bradenton in 1973 and have been coming to campus regularly ever since even after ou r move to New Port R i chey in '79 Other Memories: Been wa i t ing years for this setup ; hundreds of memories and they 're ALL GOOD! Most like to see: Everyone Activities for reunion week end:


Kathryn L. Moeller Mansour NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 3403 Euclid Heights Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44118-1854 E-mail: I Home Phone: 216-371-31941Work Phone: 216-721-5400, Ext. 4010 Work Information: Health Hill Hospital for Children, Pediatric Physical Therapist George S. Monoson NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 8912 E Pinnacle Peak Road #616, Scottsdale, AZ. 85255-3649 E-mail: I Home Phone: 480471-09361 Work Phone: Kenneth Moore NC Entering Year : 1965 Address: 22 Westlands, High Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England NE7 7YN E-mail: uk or I Home Phone: 44 (0) 191 281 60531Work Phone: 44 (0) 191 297 6344 Higher Education: New College, B.A 1972; University of South Florida, MBA, 1990 Children: Duncan Moore, 19, student in B.A. program in Linguis tics, University College London (UCL); Heather Moore, 17, high school student (first year of A-levels, Heaton Manor School), Newcastle upon Tyne, England Spouse: Rosamund Moore, further education college administra tor Work Information: work in Finance Dept (Treasury and Bank ing), Procter & Gamble Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: The philoso phy of the place appealed to me I applied on early decision and didn't apply anywhere else First Hear About NC: through the United Church of Christ in which I was active in the Youth Fellowship in high school and which was an early supporter of New College Favorite Classes: Genetics course with Dr. Buri in my first year; European History with Dr. Deme, American Civilization with Dr. Mayer; Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations with Jim Feeney; in 1972 a tutorial with Dr. Borden on the history of the English language ; and a tutorial on photographic composi tion in 1972 in which I would do all nighters in the darkroom. There must have been more. I sometimes thought my head would explode with all the information that was pouring into it. Favorite Professors: Jim Feeney introduced me to some music that would probably have taken me many more years to discover on my own. I liked Laszlo De me and George Mayer for history and still have a few of the books used for tangential reading for their courses. Favorite NC Memory: I don't think I can single out any single memory as my favorite. Playing softball between the Pei Dorms and Tamiami Trail; studying by the pool; the sunsets over Sarasota Bay ; eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins out of a bowl filled with a scoop of all 31 flavors; going to films and theatre at the Asolo; films in the Music Room on Sunday nights; gatherings at the Elmendorfs and other faculty members; the green armchair in my room that substi tuted for a bed on many a night; the buzz of living in such a commun ity of inspiredlwacked ouVwonderful people. Tom Yori, with whom I roomed in 68-69 after coming back from France, would do readings from Catch-22, in which he seemed to have many passages memorized David Moore, my first roommate and I would treat each other to meals at the Columbia Restaurant on our respective birthdays And then there was the trip to Denver with David at Easter 67 in which he I and Steve Orlofsky took turns driving and made it in about 36 hours ; And the trip that a carload of us took to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (February?) 1969 ; concerts by Dave von Ronk. Public Nudity: Can't think of any. Well maybe went skinny dipping in the pool at night when it was supposed to be closed. I was probably working there as a lifeguard at the time (daytimes). Drugs at NC: Pot. Kids to NC: I once suggested to my son Duncan, when he was planning to study philosophy that he should give New College a serious look, but he was going through a stage in which he seemed unable to plan or organize anything, and nothing came of it. My daugh ter hasn't really decided yet what she wants to do, but would encour age her to look at New College when the time comes if that seems appropriate Where after NC: Did a one-year stint as a volunteer English teacher at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece. Last time at NC: Would have been late 80s or early 90s when we were living in Tampa David C Moore NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1545 Kanapuu Drive, Kailua, Hl96734 E-mail: I Home Phone: 808262-0660 I Work Phone: 808-9432205 Work Information: Iaiani School & St. Alban 's Chapel Chaplain




Favorite Classes: Phil osophy w ith Doug Berggren and Gresham R i ley study of Sarasota Power structure w i th Furman Arthur Favorite Professors: Prev i ous quest ion Favorite NC Memory: l ate ni ghts in Pal m Court ; motorcycle rides along the beach Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Yes Where after NC: Hartford CT to work a year before law school for ACLU Last time at NC: 7 or 8 years ago Most like to see: Furman Arthur ; Mary Elmendorf Activities for reunion week end: Michael S. Neuschatz NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 5912 Somerset Road R i verdale MD 20737 E-mail: mneuscha@a i p org I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 301-209-3100 Work Information: Amer i can Inst i tute of Phys i cs Research Assoc i ate Stephen R. Nohlgren NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 815 Narco Dnve NE., St. Petersburg FL 33702-2720 E-mail: nohlgren@spt i mes com I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Work Information: St. Peters burg Times Reporter Kenji (Ken) Oda NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 14636 Cutstone Way Silver Spring MD 20905 E-mail: kenoda@earthlink net I Home Phone: 301-879-7396/ Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA Economics) 1969 Children: None Spouse: I am divorced The woman I sha r e a house w ith i s a real estate agent. Work Information: Se l f em p l oyed consulta nt. Awards, Books, Etc.: After leav ing New College I got marr i ed (to Betsy Ash NC 1964) moved to the Wash i ngton DC, area got divorced a few years later. I had a career in information technology became a workaholic rose to Program Manager In 1992 I had my midl i fe cris i s qui t my job to pursue other interests S i nce then I have worked part-time as a consultant. In my spare t i me I do freelance writing art collecting (contemporary prints) art critic i sm and a little stock trad ing for fun. For s i x years I published and edited a monthly newsletter covering the Washington area visual arts scene I tried and failed to write the Great Amer i can Novel. I am currently work ing on a non-fiction book project. Why Choose NC: First Hear About NC: Favorite Classes: More than any classes my fondest memories (other than of people and parties) are of working late into the night on The Catalyst (the student newspa per) There was great ded i cation and camarader i e among the students who put the paper together using laborious pre-digital technologies like typewr i ters stick-on letters lightboards razor blades and glue Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: I was a typical nerd when I arrived at New College-books mart but naive in other ways. In my first year I was exposed to sex, booze drugs, and rock and roll. My studies suffered, but I think I am a better person today for it all Public Nudity: This did not involve nudity but on the first day of my second year (or was it the third?) I somehow let Sandi Stewart talk me into letting her dress me i n drag and make me up as a woman. The idea was for me to parade around the campus and totally f r eak out the new k i ds To my everlast ing chagr i n far from freak ing people o u t I was told by more than one person that I made a pretty hot-looking dame Drugs at NC: You've got to be k i dd ing. All of them? Kids to NC: I would i f I had any As i n the 1960s I thi nk i t takes a certa i n type of kid to take full advantage of what New College has to offer My adv i ce to a ni ece / nephew or other prospect would depend on the kid s personal i ty and interests Where after NC: Last time at NC: Other Memories: Along w ith the fond memories there are regretsover mistakes made opportunities not taken feelings that might have been hurt We were all so young then and grow ing up so fast. What a time Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Mary O Keefe Daly NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 24934 478Avenue Garretson SO 57030 Betsy Olsen Bowen NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 218 County Road 44, Grand Marais MN 55604 9502 E-mail: I Home Phone: 218-387 1089 / Work Phone: Work Information: Betsy Bowen Studio Art i st & author John B O Neil NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: PO Box 49333 Sarasota FL 34230-6333 E-mail: johnboneil@yahoo com I Home Phone: 941-925-3438 / Work Phone:


Work Information: Sarasota Herald Tribune Stephen Orfofsky NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 59 Brookfield Road Montclair, NJ 07043-1326 E-mail: stephen orlofsky@reuters com 1 Home Phone: 973-744-6025/ Work Phone: 646-223-6214 Work Information: Reuters News Agency Page Editor Nancy Orr Storey NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 98 River Hills Drive Holland Ml49424 E-mail: thln1 s01 @westottawa k12.mi us I Home Phone: 616-396-7895/ Work Phone: 616-738-6954 Higher Education: Hope Col lege ; Univ. of Idaho ; Univ of Michigan Children: none Spouse: deceased Work Information: West Ottawa Public Schools, 7th grade science teacher Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: What a challenge! No grades/ self discipline ; far from home ; new start ; nobody else was; who wouldn't want to go to school in FL? First Hear About NC: pamphlet sent out after Merit Scholar tests Favorite Classes: Summer research Favorite Professors: Dr. Griffin ; Dr Morrill Favorite NC Memory: Too many; but... I was so impressed the day I walked in for the first time someone knew my name and where I was from before I said a word It made me feel part of the place immediately Public Nudity: swimming in the gulf at night; glowing in the phy toplankton Later when I saw Jaws I thought maybe it wasn t such a good idea! Drugs at NC: Pot once Remem ber Nat sci folks were drunks not druggies Kids to NC: yes Where after NC: Hope College; teaching certificate Last time at NC: 20 years ago Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Cheryl Parsons Soehl ("Sam Parsons") NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 1925 Pennfield Drive Columb i a SC 29223 E-mail: or csoehl@gwm sc edu I Home Phone: 803-738-0936/ Work Phone: 803-777-5782 Higher Education: NC-BA English Literature; University of South Carolina School of Med icineMaster of Rehabilitation Counseling ; Univers i ty of South CarolinaCertificate in Alcohol and Drug Stud ies; University of South Caro lina School of Medicine-Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (pending) Children: Aaron Russel Soehl26-Unit Manager Grandfather Home, Banner Elk, NC (works w ith abused kids) Spouse: Allan F. Soehlartist deceased (colon cancer 1992) Work Information: University of South CarolinaStudent LifeAdmin istra tive CoordinatorRe sponsible for annual University Awards process and Awards Day celebration; act as liaison to regis tered religious workers, administer Dobson Volunteer Service program ; administer University s Parents Assistance Line ; other duties as assigned ; ; Sistercare Inc. -Part time counselor for battered women (group and individual counseling) Awards, Books, Etc.: Distin guished Rehabilitation Counsel i ng Student Award University of South Carolina 1999 ; Staff Volunteer of the Year-University of South Carolina2001 and 2004; Dedication to Serv i ce Award Richland County CASA-2001; United Way of the Midlands Outstanding Volunteer Service Award-1995 1999 ; Profes sional Certifications : Certified Rehab i litat ion Counselor ; Profes sional Affiliations : American Coun seling Associat i on Associat ion for Creativity in Counseling ; Volunteer Contributions: Sistercare Inc Volunteer cris i s counselor; speaker's bureau ; volunteer crisis line coordinator ; volunteer training participant ; (1990-1999) ; currently on-call for speaker s bureau ; Richland County Guardian Ad Litem ProjectVolunteer Guard ian ad Litem (1994-present); member Board of Directors (1996-2001); member Minor i ty Recruitment Committee (2003-2004 ); Open Directory ProjectCategory Ed i tor Domestic Violence Family Vio lence Child Abuse ; http :// dmoz org / Soc i ety / People/Women/Issues / Violence and Abuse / Domest ic_ Violence/ ; http: // dmoz org/Society/lssues / Children,_ Youth_ and Family / Child_Abuse/; http :// dmoz org / Society/Issues/ Violence _and_ Abuse / Family_ Violence/ Why Choose NC: Cope Garrett came to my high school recru i ting Merit Scholarsh ip Finalists. It was the only school to which I applied The concept of independent study and d i recting my own education appealed to me Also it was very far away from home ..... First Hear About NC: See above. Favorite Classes: Victorian studies with Mac Miller (we got to read porn for credit), anyth ing with Ross Borden Favorite Professors: As above Mac Miller Ross Borden Bob Knox I also really learned a lot from Chris Hassold She probably remembers me as an obnoxious snot but she really knew and loved her subject and at that time she was a very


isolated female instructor seriously outnumbered by men Favorite NC Memory: Dinners watching the sunset over the bay Nothing compares Public Nudity: You must be kidding I never removed my clothing while matriculating Drugs at NC: Again you jest. Kids to NC: I tried-he would not leave home. Where after NC: Where else? to NYC center of the known uni verse. I had $50 00 and a trunk of books when I arrived in Penn Station My first apartment was a $55. month rent-controlled fifth floor wal kup on the Lower East Side. I spent time hanging out at St. Marks at the experimental theater Theater Genesis where I met Sam Sheppard and his flock of i nsane actors last time at NC: February of last year -I had a conference in Talla hassee and decided to come on down for the Reunion weekend Other Memories: I'll save those for Sarasota, thanks Most like to see: Everyone really I will m i ss anyone who does not make it especially Hedrington Alexander and Chadwick. And please someone find David Pini!! Activities for reunion week end: Palm Court Partyvolleyball movies!!! Lawrence (Laurie) Paulson NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4215 Jefferson Street Hyattsville MD 20781 E-mail: I Home Phone: 301-779-79461 Work Phone: 301-779-6863 Higher Education: New College (BA, 1968) Children: Spouse: Edna, Principal Informa tion Specialist, NASA Center for Aerospace Information Work Information: Principal, Hoffman-Paulson Associates Awards, Books, Etc.: I've wr i tten numerous art i cles for trade maga z i nes and newspapers i n the fields of energy and transportation My poetry has been published in a now defunct magazine I have managed a folk group and produced two COs of their mus i c Our publish ing com pany Shambling Gate Press, has published two books : How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, by Arno l d Bennett ; and On the Downhill Side : The Collected Poems of William Hedrington We expect to publish two more books in the next year Why Choose NC: I wanted college to be a different as possib l e from my New Jersey prep school. My flirtat i on with New College became a love affair in December 1964 when I visited campus and heard Margaret Mead and Arnold Toynbee lecture and attended two save New College crisis meet i ngs in three days First Hear About NC: A class mate Bob Dixon (who d i d attend New College for a brief period) met with Earl Helgeson the admissions person for our area when he visited our school. I don t know why I didn t go but Bob pass the mult i -pamphlet catalog on to me. Favorite Classes: Anni Mirab i les the novel Ulysses seminar, all Dr Knox Favorite Professors: Drs Knox and Dykstra Favorite NC Memory: I have many favorites most of which are not suitable questionnaire material. Public Nudity: Perhaps I had an atypical New College experience but I don t actually remember and public nudity Drugs at NC: Drugs? Kids to NC: If I'd had children I'm sure I would have told them to at least cons i der attending. Where after NC: I got married n Greer, S C., and then took a job as a newspaper reporter in Morristown N J last time at NC: About 12 years ago Other Memories: Play ing croquet on the lawn with B ill Hedr i ngton Cheryl White, Edna Walker and others on the day Sergeant Pepper came out w ith the Beatles blast ing from Hedrington s balcony. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Vicki Pearthree Raeburn NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 251 Loring Avenue Pelham NY 1 0803 E-mail: vraeburn@yahoo com I Home Phone: 914-738-3784 1 Work Phone: 973-921-5744 Higher Education: NC B A 1968 (as Vicki Pearthree) ; Yal e Ph. D., 1972 Children: Robert Student ; Katherine Student Spouse: Charles Raeburn Work Information: Dun & Bradstreet Chief Quality Officer & Senior V i ce President Strategy Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: It was warm and novel First Hear About NC: Joe Hall came to my high school. The placement lady didn t know what to do with him or w ith me, so she had us meet Favorite Classes: Moral & Political Philosophy Berggren ; Calculus Smith ; Lots of Psychol ogy, Gorfein Favorite Professors: Mayer Berggren Gorfe i n Smith Favorite NC Memory: Too many to list Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: I tried to but I resisted Where after NC: Yale last time at NC: August 2004 Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end:


Kenneth G. Peffers NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 2574 Leighton Avenue, Henderson, NV 89052 E-mail: k@peffers com I Home Phone: 702-807-11811Work Phone: 702-895-3676 Work Information: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Associate Professor John Peters NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 23238 Mulholland Hwy., Calabasas, CA 91302 E-mail: I Home Phone: 818-225-86371 Work Phone: 818-225-9021 Higher Education: New College (AB, 1968) ; Wolfson College Oxford Univ.; Yale Law School (JD, 1974) Children: Hana, 18, Freshman at Haverford College ; Claire, 15, Freshman at Simon s Rock College at Bard; Rebecca, 13, 8th Grade Spouse: Laura Peters Work Information: Self-em ployed business consultant in the entertainment industry. Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Educational program architecture, climate. First Hear About NC: Drove through Sarasota in 1962 Favorite Classes: First-year lectures with Douglas Berggren Favorite Professors: Berggren, Riley, Savetz. Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Oxford University Last time at NC: 1970 Most like to see: Leo Perozzi. Activities for reunion weekend: Ronald H. Piercy NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1335 40th Street Sarasota, FL 34234-4611 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941 360 9211 I Work Phone: David J. Pini NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 120 Albion Street, Apt. 6, San Francisco, CA 94110 Charles Raeburn NC Entering Year : 1964 Address : 251 Loring Avenue, Pelham NY 10803 E-mail: charles.f.raeburn@pfizer com I Home Phone : 914-738-37841 Work Phone: 212-573-7598 Higher Education: NC, B.A 1967, Yale Law School, J.D. 1970 Children: Robert, Student ; Katherine, Student Spouse: Vicki P. Raeburn NC 1968 Business Exec. Work Information: Pfizer Inc., Senior Corporate Counsel Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Be ing part of a new institution seemed exciting First Hear About NC: brochure mailed by NC to National Merit Finalists and Semi-finalists Favorite Classes: Aesthetics; Philosophy of History Favorite Professors: George Mayer Favorite NC Memory: Too many to list Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: I would, but neither wanted to Where after NC: Yale Law School Last time at NC: 5 or 6 years ago Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Judith Randall Shealy NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 4075 Norton Place SE., Smyrna, GA 30082-3976 E-mail: I Home Phone: 770-435-5159/ Work Phone: Work Information: The Home Depot Systems Analyst Laura Rawson von Behren NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 10709 N. Lansdale Street Glendale, MD 20769-9440 E-mail: I Home Phone: 301262-7092/ Work Phone: Work Information: AARP, Management Analyst Nancy Redick Powell NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 2045 N. Abingdon Street, Arlington, VA 22207-2209 E-mail: I Home Phone: 703243-7627 I Work Phone: Work Information: Federal Government, Management Training Instructor Elizabeth (Reid) Holter NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 7029 Down Road, Edina MN 55439 E-mail: I Home Phone: 952-941-38841 Work Phone: same Higher Education: New College (BS, 1969); U of Chicago-Pritzker School of Medicine (MD, 1973) ; Massachusetts General HospitalBoard Certification in Internal Medicine and in Neuro logy. Children: Matthew A Holter, 25 BS Phys.Ed, working on BA in Industrial Design; Peter R. Holter, 23, B.A. English, 1 year as Finan cial Analyst now taking time out to train for an lronman (triathon); Andrew D Holter 20, Junior@ Univ of Richmond, Journalism Major Spouse: Arlen R. Holter, MDCardio-Thoracic Surgeon Work Information: I am reinvent ing myself-used to practice


neurology-now doing freelance medical writing. Awards, Books, Etc.: Most recently I've been writing regular articles for Family Doctor magazine a publications which aims to act at least educationally, as a family physician My transition to this work in pretty well outlined in an interview which I've attached, along with an essay that won a recent competition in Minnesota Medicine, a monthly publication. Why Choose NC: In high school I performed well but wasn't an enthusiastic participant in a rigid system I liked the idea, which the NC brochure seemed to espouse, of bemg responsible for and to myself But the main reason that I actually got to go to this untested unknown place was the generous scholarship money In short, I was bought. First Hear About NC: I was on the National Merit Scholarship list and got lots of unsolicited college mar lings. New College was among them. Favorite Classes: Most of my favorite memories of classes have less to do with content than with surroundings For content I'd have to say the core curriculum humani ties (particularly the art) because it opened a world I had little experi ence with. For surroundings it is the ecology class with Dr. Morrill-the one that involved dawn and dusk counting of little creatures in a salt marsh Favorite Professors: Dr. Jon Culbertson and Dr. John Morrill Favorite NC Memory: Walking to and from breakfast over in the old Ringling house on the bay. Public Nudity: I was among the less flamboyant of the student body-an observer No primary public nudity experiences. Drugs at NC: Alcohol only. Then I left New College and became a neurologist and was glad I'd kept my distance from the psychotropics. Kids to NC: Maybe Where after NC: I spent the summer working at the National Lab at Brookhaven Long Island. Then on to the University of Chicago Medica l School-real culture shock Last time at NC: 1987-on vacation on Sanibel Island We took a car trip up to Sarasota to show our car-happy 5-year old the Car Museum and d i d a self-guided campus tour Most like to see: I 'm not inclined to look backwards in time and I'm not very sentimental or nostalgic, but now that I have college-age children I'm curious about the people I knew in college. I'd like to see everyone Activities for reunion week end: Make sure the dolphins are out in the bay at breakfast-time A meal in the old original dining room. David Rollow NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 58 Elmwood Street Somerville, MA02144 E-mail: david_rollow@csgsystems com I Home Phone: 617-666-7711/ Work Phone: 617-273-5394 Higher Education: New College (BA); Cornell University (MFA Creative Writing, and PhD English Literature) ; Harvard Uni versity (Post doctoral fellow in Philopsophy); MIT (Post-doctoral fellow in Philosophy). Children: Delia Rollow, 20 Student at Bard College; Lucia Rollow 18 Student at St. Paul's School ; Will Rollow, 14, Student at Hotchkiss School Spouse: I have been divorced from my children's mother for some years My spouse equivalent or life partner is named Jennifer Baverstam; she is a translator from Swedish a multilingual linguist, a language teacher a classical pianist and mother of four. Work Information: CSG Sys tems, Senior Technical Writer/ Analyst Awards, Books, Etc.: Dean & Frieda," short story set i n Sarasota published in Bantam Anthology in 1970; two stories in Miss i ssippi Review in 1983 a third in Salome Two paintings selected for the Planete Precieux Salon of the Societe National des Beaux Arts in Paris at the Grand Palais in 1993 and made a societaire member the only American admitted to the society (the oldest continuously existing artist's guild in France founded by Eugene De Iacroix and others) In the late eighties I wrote a lot of book reviews for Auberon Waugh s Literary Review (in London) and was made a charter member of the Academy Club now defunct (like the magazine and Auberon Waugh) Those book reviews led after a long wait to a regular free-lance gig as a book critic at the Boston Globe where I review general nonfiction on such subjects as landscape, architecture, art, art and technology and sometimes fiction. It used to be when people asked me what I was writing I would say I was working on a novel (I was always working on some novel) and they would look at me with pity Now I tell people I review books for the GLOBE and they are unduly impressed I m still working on a novel. Why Choose NC: At the end of high school I wanted to go to art school but my parents would not allow it. believing in the importance of a liberal arts education ; so I applied to two colleges New College and Antioch. I was accepted at both but New College was the better deal and had some kind of Art Institute associated with it, so my parents persuaded me it was in line with my previous unconventional educational experience which included attendance at a Deweyan university laboratory school in Tallahassee and at the summer school called the Governor's School in North Carolina which was the original model for the NC high school of the arts


First Hear About NC: Like many of my classmates I was a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist and New College sent its brochures which were pretty sexy to all such I knew and loved Sarasota, I knew who I.M Pei was, who Alfred Barr was, and I figured Philip Hiss was related to Alger Hiss, so it looked interesting This was the two bumps on a log promo piece-the confron tation between two "first-class minds ." The operative word was confrontation, wasn't it? How times change. No one would dare confront anyone now. Favorite Classes: My best intellectual experience at New College was the core program in the first year Outstanding in this group of courses was Doug Berggren's intro to philosophy via Cassirer and the like, as well as a series of classic esthetics texts from Aristotle to Beardsley, the whole highly colored by his own ideas about 'tension;' Ralph Gustad s lectures on Freud ; Phil Sanford's lectures on Social Psychology, during which he pointed at me one day in College Hall and remarked that people who sat in the back row had the richest fantasy lives (I was sitting with my roommate Reid Diamond, Patty Sieminski, and Jill Chamberlin. Reid said "I was just imagining that I was an engineer on the trans-Siberian railroad, a remark I undertood only ten or fifteen years later, after Reid was dead when I learned that the father of the painter Whistler had been an engineer on the trans Siberian railroad); and Thomas Williams's increasingly paranoid lectures on anthropology (does anyone remember "na'ive reification?") I also have to throw a nod, so to speak, to Dr. Hasek for the econ course, through which I slept, waking up only twice, both times memorably-once when he explained the significance of the Kennedy tax cuts as an economic stimulus package. and the other time when he defined inflation as too many dollars chasing too few goods," which turned out to be one of those powerful concepts you use again and again in later life. The most important formal intellectual experience I had at New College was a one-on-one tutorial I did with Ross Borden, as an ISP I suppose, on Dante's Divine Comedy-we read it canto by canto all the way through week after week for many weeks, all the way to Paradise Favorite Professors: Ross Borden for his kindness and un swerving support; Doug Berrgren for cleverness; Aaron Sayvetz because he ruined the whole thing by resign ing and taking half the faculty with him ; Fred Licht for thousands of pictures of great art and for maki ng the Ringling Museum seem worth visiting ; Gail Mead, although she was not then on the faculty for her theories about art. Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: I was never publicly naked at New College ; maybe I'll have a chance to fix that this October. Public nudity is something I have experienced only in anxiety dreams. This question is by current standards extremely intrusive. I'd have thought NC today would be more PC. Drugs at NC: It would be boast ing, but a boast not worth making. For the most part, I didn t use recreational drugs at New College they were not recreational in my case-though in my third year, when I lived in Sarasota with my wife, Ellen, Ann and Roger Peters used to come over and drink gin with us. I had discovered that I was incapable of smoking marijuana after my first year in college, when I spent the summer in Texas, and tried to smoke Mexican dope dealt by my acid-head next-door neighbor. (Five bucks for a matchbox. ) I was terrified by the experience and never did drugs again until some time in the early seventies when I had a girlfriend who used methedrine, and that turned out to be interesting But at New College I was always straight. I had too much work to do to do drugs a pattern that has persisted in my life. Kids to NC: No Where after NC: I went to Cornell University into an M F.A program as usual the only place I was admitted I had won a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship which I forgot to mention above in the awards section, and so I pretty much had to attend some graduate school but NC was unaccredited and the places I applied to were all places with well-known writing programs like SUNY Buffalo (then controlled by John Barth). I had a hard time at Cornell but I made it through I was twenty when I entered graduate school. The reason it was hard because I was 1-A throughout my graduate school years and received letters from my local draft-board so often that in retrospect it seems like once a week which reduced Ellen to catatonia and made me very anxious over a period of years Last time at NC: I came back for a reunion some time m the 1980s, after the 30th. Bobbie Luther and Debbie Fulk were there. I had a pretty good time. Other memories: MUSIC TO PLAY, PLACES TO GO, PEOPLE TO MEET (A WHOLE LOTTA LIVING TO DO) My most vivid memories of New College have to do with sex or almost but not quite sex. I think of Patty Sieminski in her nightie, otherwise naked, blond and bucktoothed, sucking her thumb. Thinking of Patty sucking her thumb reminds me of my roommate Re i d Diamond who also sucked his thumb in public a lot of the time, and who brought his teddy bear with him to college like Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited as well as a WWII bayonet that he kept under his pillow. I don t think he'd read Brideshead Revisited. My girlfriend for most of the first year Jill


Chamber lin, had read the book and introduced me to it. Reid was one of the people who had some money and who bought motorcycles rather than traveling from the Landmark hotel to the campus by bus Most of those who could afford motorcycles bought 250cc Hondas or Yam a has dirt b i kes with high exhaust pipes on which the women passengers burned their legs ; Reid bought a Matchless 650 an old English machine I think it had only one large cyl i nder He wore cutoff blue jeans but modestly cut them off just above the knees eighteen-inch-high snakeproof boots a plaid shirt and h i s long stra i ght black hair flew out beh ind h i m (no one wore he l mets of course) Once he and I rode i nto Sarasota at night to get a pizza and I held the box in front of him resting on the gas tank We entered a confusing five-way intersection downtown and the top of the box flew up covering Reid s and my glasses with anchov i es and pep peroni. Somehow we didn t crash ; looking back, it seems amazing that Reid surv i ved that motorcycle and from my experience of him in later years it was amaz i ng that he survived any day Eventually he didn 't. Pat Sieminsk i was my first girlfriend at New College, but she quickly threw me over for Erik Hazel hoff after making fun of his uncanny resemblance to Hayley Mills the Br i tish teen actress Erik was a professional racecar driver handsome blond fore i gn and the son of the Dutch National Hero his namesake He must have had a motorcycle though I don t remem ber it (he drove a ridiculously tiny Fiat 650 ; how he got into it I don't know because he was taller than I am) I remember that Patty got bad burns on her thighs She needed an appropriate escort to the coming-out party of one of her debutante friends, the daughter of a television execu tive Patty dumped me and went after Erik The three of us went to Wash i ngton together though and I was under the i mpress i on that I would be going w i th them to the party until the l ast m i nute when Erik and Pat l eft together and I was alone in the mote l room I listened to The Play of Daniel on the FM finished the champagne Erik had prov i ded and wished I'd stayed in Sarasota It didn t matter much because J ill Chamberlin l i ked me more than Pat did Jill had a ring that made out of two gold bands joined at three points by little gold links. She said it expressed her ideal of a re l ationship two people on parallel tracks basically i ndepen dent but joined at crucial po i nts Some time dur i ng the fall she had a similar ring made for me We were engaged." J ill was a genu i nely intellec tual and stylish girl from Darien Connecticut. One day I was up in her room at the Landmark Hotel when she came back from town w i th the latest issue of the Partisan Review which contained Susan Sontag s Notes on Camp We read the article with great exc i tement aware that it was some k i nd of milestone a basic change i n taste. Jill and I had already discovered B movies and concluded for ourselves that some things that were suppos edly bad," were actually good That was what camp seemed to mean When I reread that essay recently I realized it was about something much sadder a sense of incom pleteness or a failure of art to be real, of impossible barri ers such as those between men and women Jill and I had similar tastes, and my taste has remained pretty much the same over the years. While we were still at the Landmark, Jill and I were accosted on the beach by a long haired boy who insisted on moving into her room and sleeping on the floor at the foot of her bed for a while until it was obvious to him he was getting nowhere with either of us Chr i stmas break lasted s i x or eight weeks because we had to move out of the Landmark Hote l to make way for i ncoming tourists and the Pe i dorms weren t fin i shed I drove from Sarasota northward i n Roy Van Vleck s Vo l kswagen beetle w i th George Monoson and probab l y someone e l se Both Roy and George thought they had ESP and by the t i me we got to North Carolina Mono was tell i ng Roy what the inter i or of his home in New England looked like and Roy was agreeing enthusiastically Roy was some k ind of i diot savant. He i mprovised what sounded like rea l class i cal music on the piano in the mus i c room ; he played only by ear. He was on the way to be ing what we d later call a trust-fund h i ppie," or maybe he was just another of the formerly rich : he wore Brooks Brothers shirts but left the sleeves unbuttoned because they were all a s i ze too small for him We stayed i n Charlotte w i th a girl I had gone out with my senior year in h i gh school. To get away from the rest of her family she d moved her bed into the bomb shelter beneath the basement stairs-the walls were still stocked with shelved canned goods We sat up all night talking about the most personal matters imaginable and then I d i dn t see her aga i n or hear from her unti l after I went to graduate school several years later In New York I went to Englewood New Jersey to vis i t Patty Siem i nski at her mother s house. She played the new Beatles record for me Beatles 65 We l i ke it don t we? she said I saw a photograph of her father dressed in fishing clothes An elegant man," I said. He had died of heart failure the year before which was why Patty went to New College Would you l ike me to show you his shirts? she said "Sure," I said


She took me into another room and opened a chest of draw ers The shirts were piled in a neat array, folded just as they had come back from the cleaners. Each was monogrammed with her father's initials on the pocket, with the large letterS in the middle I hadn't read The Great Gatsby, so I didn t realize Patty was making a joke, a fairly complex joke about being Jewish (I didn t know she was Jewish, either. She said she was Polish She was a Christian Scientist. She didn't like to take medicine, although she had discovered you could get sort of high on Emprin which had caffeine in it.) I met Jill in Manhattan at an advertising men's bar call Ad Lib We couldn't have had anything to drink because we weren't old enough The pun in Ad Lib was lost on me, because I had no concept of the need of advertising men for liberation and libation did not cross my mind either I probably noticed the ad part, but I'm not even sure about that. The out-of-scale novelty of New York anesthetized me Jill and I had dinner with her mother at a choice French Restaurant called La Grenouille I had never eaten in a good French restaurant before. I got off the train in Darien at a station that looked like a New Yorker cover by Paul Getz. Jill met me in the family Country Squire. She had a new mod haircut from Sassoon. In Florida we didn't wear a lot of clothes but here there was snow on the ground and Jill was in a tailored Harris tweed skirt and a well-cut jacket of contrasting tweed "Country" dress She liked to mix things that "didn't belong together. She looked like a robust suburban wife meeting the 5:48. She looked terrific, in fact, with her round bottom sheathed in the businesslike skirt, and her big bosom framed by the lapels of her jacket. Jill was suddenly sophisticated and grown up beyond anything I knew about. I had on a fake shearling coat and looked, or hoped I looked, like a prep-school boy Seventeen years old. We drove out into the countryside on the Boston Post Road Stone fences big maples The shops, red, white, yellow, brown, looked like houses because they had once been houses. The real houses looked like farms to me I d grown up in suburban tract developments of identical ranch style houses thrown up chock-a block around tarmac loop roads. Suburban Connecticut was subur bia, the peak of the American Dream Jill's parents lived in a big gray Federalist colonial that looked like a mansion to me High over a terraced lawn we mounted flagged steps The front of the house was draped in swags of evergreen. Jill s Mom was a nice suburban wife with a lean frame and a sharp sense of humor. Jill had two much younger sisters who were still just little girls, although the o l der of the two was already a budding nymphet. It was a golden hour or two until Jill's father got home We listened to the new Beatles album. Jill's father proved to be a hand some, heavy, red-faced blustering man in his forties with a full head of graying hair cut in a boy's regular allowed to get a little too long. He looked like a good candidate for a heart-attack down the road He had worked for years at one of the big firms Doyle, Dane Bernbach, until he started a business of his own, selling ads to liquor magazines, no coincidence His first stop after getting into the house was the liquor cabinet. Everything was fine until halfway through dinner, when Mr. Chamberlin turned to me and asked what I planned to do after college "I'm a painter, I said The quest i on caught me off guard, if only because I was completely un guarded Mr Chamberlain nearly gagged on his lamb chop I realized only then that Jill was telling her parents had already told them that she intended to marry me, that a girl didn't bring her boyfriend home to her parents except so they could inspect him and that her father s reaction to the idea of his daughter's marrying a painter was sheer outrage His face was almost the color of liver In a grim voice he asked how I intended to make a living "Oh, I m a good painter," I said "I'll make a living." The idea of being an artist was so central to my identity that I paid attention to almost nothing else But no daugh ter of this father was going to marry some freeloading, spongingpainter Only a poet would have been worse Dinner ended the father retired to another part of the house to read or watch television and the mother went to bed I went to stay with Mark Berenson in Chappaqua New York everyone expecting the visit to last no more than a few days. But delays in the construction of the dorms extended the break for weeks and I was stranded in Chappaqua It was all right at first. We went in to New York with Mark s friend Marian Ratkin to Pete Seeger's annual Christmas concert. Seeger sang songs I had learned from Mark, who played the guitar and had gone to commie camp as a child learning folk songs from Julius Julie Lester later better known for his children's books and a politically correct revision of the Br'er Rabbit stones Not an updated version of those stories : he stripped them of dialect. Seeger sang Wild Goose Grasses When I wore my apron low He courted me through ice and snow Now that I wear my apron high He goes right down the street and passes by That song was one Mark used to play and sing Folk music : Viva La Quinze Brigada, a Spanish Civil war song accompanied with thundering


L guitar chords Ay! Manue l a! Ay! Manuela! And Guantanamera: "Yo soy un hombre sinciero.'' Mark thought of himself as a sincere and serious hombre Mark was about five feet tall with a huge mass of Lennie Bernste i n hair that he was always dramatically pushing back out of h i s face and he was effem i nate in manner. When we left the Seeger concert we stood on the street stamping our feet to stay warm I did not think I was cool. Marian Ratkin thought that was good ; the boys she knew were too cool. I sang Please Please me," and Mark sa i d I had a perfect rock-and-roll voice the only approval I ever had from him I was fasc i nated by Marian who was really t i ny so small and fine boned that she was often mistaken for a child by ch i ldren. We had gone earlier to vis i t her at her house in Brooklyn and after a while she got into bed pulling the covers up under her neck and spreading her waist length ha i r out i n a fan beneath her, explaining that she could sleep mot i onless in this position all night. It was true She vis i ted me in Sarasota one weekend and that was how she slept. Mark took an unexplained dislike to me He took sudden and intense disl i kes to people. In the Landmark we d i nvented a secret society called the society of the Black Hand or Black Spot and put out fliers threatening people s lives I thought it was a joke but it scared me The history professor and English don, was not amused when Mark targeted him We had been good friends part of a group that included Jeff Rubin Reid Sally Yee, and not many others. Mark locked himself in the bathroom one day and insisted that he would not go back to New College. Eventu ally he was persuaded to change his mind, but he should have stayed at home I could have understood his dislike of me more easily if his mother had started to despise me since I had run out of money and for some reason my parents did nothing about 1 t and I was l i v i ng off the largesse of the Berensons They had plenty of money but I felt like a creep, and when one day Mrs Berenson sent a pair of my slacks to the dry c l eaners I was deep l y ashamed because I had nothing to pay her back with What were my parents thinking? At first I thought it was all right but after a while I was just ashamed Mark, however had other reasons for not want i ng to return Before we went back a jerry-bui l t structure of corrugated steel was thrown up next to the circus winter headquarters grounds wh i ch would be the girls dorm and the boys were installed in the carriage house near College Hall i n army-barracks bunks Here Mark took to his bed which was the top bunk over Reid s He would speak only to Rei d He was sick It turned out that he had ulcerative colitis and was bleed i ng h i s life away Finally Reid figured out what was happening and got him into a hospital. Mark went back to New York, where he transferred to NYU and I saw him again in New York several years later He was unchanged, and friendly in a way taking me on a sort of tour of Greenwich Village, but I saw that he detested me He thought I was a phony He had told Mar i an Ratkin to stay away from me The only reason I can think of for h i s low opinion of me was that while staying with his parents I'd gotten myself into an impossible position. I had no money of my own, and of course wasn t earning any, so it was up to my parents to give me what I needed to pay the Berensons back After we got back to New College Jill told me she had to take some time to herself to think things over and I was too dumb to know what was the matter To tell the truth I probably still am Mus i c to play places to go, people to meet she liked to say (I only learned recently the rea l theme of the song a whole lot of liv i ng to do.") She went to stay w ith Mike and Judy Mather at first. Inexpl i cably to me she then ran off w i th a motorcyc l e mechanic named Speedy Watson who may have been a friend of B ill Warriner's Bill Warriner was a l ocal architect a saturnine small-boned bearded man very full of h i mself but also a storehouse of Sarasota l ore part i cularly about the piratical career of John Ringl ing North and the old days of bootlegg ing along the coastal bays He was a friend of the Mathers '. J ill left Speedy's eventu ally for Connecticut but Hartford rather than Darien, stay i ng at Tr i n i ty College with a h i gh school friend of m i ne whom she hardly knew Her flight lasted at least six or eight weeks. I couldn t understand s i nce it involved a reject i on of me and that was the only thi ng I could see I mean I could not see what the confl i ct was from Jill s po i nt of v i ew If during the time she was gone she ever said anyth ing about what she was th i nking about or why she had run off I didn t hear her I moved out to Casey Key where the light at dawn was red and green and the Gulf was full of sh i ft ing colors and threw myself into painting push ing ahead so far that I did the most original painting I've ever done I met another girl and put Jill out of my mind When Jill came back to Flor i da she said she had worked out whatever was bothering her but not what it was "I want to light a candle in my window for you," she said The image caused a strange revulsion in me It's over," I said giving her a shove To my great surprise she fell back on her ass She looked at me with shock in her pale blue eyes and then sudden hatred flashed in them I started to weep and left her. We didn t speak again that year I continued to paint. Some of the New York pa i nters liked the work But at the end of the year I transferred to Iowa where I regis-


tered as an Engl i sh major thi nk ing I might study h i story of i deas I never learned from Jill what her cris i s had been about and I never understood what she had been trying to tell me e i ther i n leaving or on her return although eventually I realized that she had been affected by her father's reaction to me Whether she had other reasons for flight I never knew A terrible th ing had happened to us and in spite of our real love for each other we were too young to have the emotional equipment to do anything about the practical reality so the worst happened Jill afterward decided I was a superficial person who had never really cared for her deeply and I bur i ed my feelings for her so that they were never available to me again I t was too bad for us both because almost alone of the women who would be attracted to me over the years Ji l l saw me as I was and l iked that fine But I marr i ed the other girl a year later A l most ten years later when we met again for the first t i me, Jill told me I hadn t changed I was full of shit i n other words I thought we should have gone ahead and gotten married as originally planned I came to a crossroads that first year in college although I was stil l a ch i ld I was now i n my mid-twenties J ill told me I should have gone to England that I would have fit in there That was a strange thing for her to say, for she had done so after college with my closest fr i end. Sarasota was an i ntense place New College was like a hothouse It rained every day, in the afternoon as it does in the Caribbean The I. M Pei dorms felt like some kind of human terrarium. We had not lived a week in them before Reid bought himself a pair of knee-high snake proof boots A sheltered pampered infantile mama s boy from Minne apolis who had a gas-fired grill installed in the playroom of h i s family home there so he could grill NY sirlo i n steaks in front of the televis i on Reid found Sarasota dangerously tropical But it was a l so Re i d who picked up an AWOL Green Beret-a deserter -in the spr i ng of 1965 and gave h i m refuge in our dorm room for a week or so God knows where they met; Reid must have been scouring public restrooms As far as I know he wasn t gay but he was hung up on Patty and unresponsive t o the women who were most actively interested i n him Like cataton i c He quest i oned his attachment to Patty : What do I see in a blond buck toothed girl w i th floppy t i ts? The Green Beret slept on our floor I talked to the guy about the war, whi ch still seemed remote from my concerns and thought how very strange he was He was shel l shocked I saw others like h i m at the Syracuse i nduct i on center a few years later when I was called up. Re i d almost got thrown out of school during the first few weeks He had an arrogant d i srespect for any kind of official authority ; to some extent most of us did in wanting to get rid of parietal rules or in wanting the student government to have real power but Reid was extreme I th i nk everyone probab l y remembers Ted Held the famous student who i nsisted on coming to New College regardless, but prob ably many don t remember Bob Beckham a southern boy who showed up the same way about a week after the start of school and demanded to become a student. He might have been a year or two older than most of us and he was one of the half-dozen people who had cars. A VW Beetle like Roy Van Vleck s I think Beckham was older than the rest of us because he was somehow able to get booze and some time during the first several weeks at the Landmark Hotel Tom Sanford Reid Diamond and Bob Beckham all holed up in one of their rooms and would not come out. Their absence at meals was noted then the i r tota l i solat i on I guess they were drinking ; I now wonder if they weren t having sex too I never figured out whether Reid was asexual bisexual or homosexual ; such questions didn t occur to me dur i ng the f i rst year Once I came into our dorm room to find Reid in h i s underwear s i tt i ng on his bed whi pp i ng himself on the thigh with the plastic runner from the sliding glass door wh ich had come loose He was disassociated enough to see i t hang ing loose yank i t out and then without much further thought to sit down and start hurt ing himself I sa i d Reid why are you do ing that?" Because i t feels so much better when I stop," he said During the fi rst year at New College working w i th New York art i sts at the Art Inst i tute I went from fair l y convent i onal form l ess abstract "impressionist pa i ntings i nfluenced by the ear l y daubs-of color manner of Philip Guston to work that had no resemb l ance to what anyone else was doing at the time My nomina l teacher was Syd Solomon a successful prov i ncial abstract pai nter who said he d studied in Par i s at the Beaux Arts School on the G I. B ill, pronounced the word garage" in the French way and dressed in a nee-Hemingway style safari j ackets and dress whipcord cowboy pants and boots He had a sexy black-ha i red wife who might have been an artist's model. He was a friend of Rick Von Schmidt, the folk s i nger who thought of himself as an artist. Syd lived i n Sarasota in the winter on the water somewhere He drove a beige Jeepster convertible He pa i nted large bad acrylic pai ntings He summered i n East Hampton played on the softball team and knew many big New York painters severa l of whom he persuaded to come to Sarasota during the winter to teach i n six-week sessions At the end of the year after my painting had


developed so rapidly, Syd sat me down i n the empty studio on the New College campus a single room with a bare concrete floor and one wooden chair for each of us and told me that he simply cou l d not understand what I was doing : he saw noth i ng in it. Nothing? I asked, dumb founded, because I had thought I was really out there somewhere "Nothing. It's completely worthless." In later years I understood that when someone else, particu larly someone older delivers a frontal assault on your work it's always time to be on your way Stand not on the order of your going but leave at once." Not long after this attack though I quit paint ing, convinced I couldn t say anything in paint ing. Then a year l ater after I came back to New College I ran into the old hypocrite aga i n who now expressed disappo i ntment that I had quit sin ce those paintings-in which he had once professed to see nothing-had been terrific," like nothing else he d ever seen The second year I came back to New College to vis i t from Iowa I met Sam Parsons who John said was a "body witch, Leslie Fuller a mis sionary of a new relig i on and Bob Dixon. John showed me the last page of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus which de scribes the process of climbing the "ladder of the arguments in the book and throwing it away-! always visualized it as like climbing a rope up into the clouds and pulling the rope up after you The im age of the ladder is an allusion to the Greek skeptic Sextus Empiricus and it should not surprise anyone I think that the primary text of modern logical empiricism hearkens back to the Pyrrhonism of Sextus, but the skepticism of the Tractatus was lost on me and in fact I don't think it is integral to the book The phenomenalism of scientific philosophy implied that we are cut off from direct experience of things as they really are whether because our senses give us pictures that we must set next to real i ty "lik e a ruler," or because l anguage is made of sentences that disguise real i ty or even hide it from us, or because the facts are all we know of the world or because our concepts verbal or preverbal impose categor ies we must use to think about reality w ill y nilly-whatever the case reality is out of reach and somehow transcen dent. The reason such views ap pealed to me then was that they were mystical and the book makes certain references to the mystical," without clarifying anything. However the Tractatus is mainly a l og i c i st account of true and false statements i n the light of Russell's metaphysics of acquaintance," and it no way prepares the reader in any way for dispensing with the ladder and atta i ning peace of mind," which had been the goal of the Greek skept ic s At the end of the third year I went to Ithaca to graduate school at Cornell Ellen and I drove to Wash ington, D C at the beginning of summer with Leo Peruzzi, the last road trip I associate with New College. As it turned out Leo hardly knew how to drive and he was profoundly distracted because he was about to go into the army and get shipped to Vietnam Ellen and I dropped him off in Maryland and drove on to Falls Church, Virginia where we stayed at her parents house for the summer while waiting for graduate school to begin Leo went into the army and shot himself to death in boot camp. I received a letter from John Peters, who went to the funeral. It said Leo s body was buried today." Leo had once given a book to John inscribed "To a ghost from a shadow of a shadow." Most like to see: The dead. Activities for reunion week end: A banquet an orgy a game of charades a Palm Court dance a lying contest, displays of public nudity by current students Steve Romero NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1949 Penny Royal Avenue Richland, WA 99352 E-mail: steve romero@verizon net I Home Phone: 509-628-8173 I Work Phone: 509-371-3601 Higher Education: New College (BA, 1970 Biology) ; C i ty Un i vers i ty Bellevue WA (MS, 2004 Computer Sc i ence) Children: Jos i e Romero 27, actress residing in West Hollywood Spouse: Maureen Romero Information Services Work Information: Hanford V i tr i ficat i on Project Richland WA, as a Sen i or Control Systems Engineer Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Because i t was something completely outside of my experience up to that point and far away from home It was an adventure and one I'm very glad to have taken First Hear About NC: All of those in my class as I assume was true for the first two classes were all e i ther finalists or semi-final i sts in the National Mer i t test given in our Junior year i n high school. Evi dently New College sent out an invitation to apply to all Natioral Merit finalists and semi-finalists for that year One of my roommates David Rottman had a summer job writing questions for the SAT exams and another Mac Green had perfect board scores for a 1600 total. Some very smart and interesting people to hang out w ith. Favorite Classes: Dr Bergren s Aesthetics class for 1st year students and Dr. John Morrill s Biology class


Favorite Professors: Dr Morrill and our school psychologist who had a place on Long Boat Key to which she invited all of us to for fun and games. Favorite NC Memory: Partying in general, dancing at the beer bashes playing volleyball, sailing the Sunfishes and playing flag football. Public Nudity: Pool parties for two Drugs at NC: P=t, h==h m--e, a-d. Nothing too serious Kids to NC: In a hot tick, if there were anymore to send But alas, my daughter Jocelyn (Josie) had other plans and wouldn t listen to her Dad and I don t expect to be a grandfather anytime soon Where after NC: To Seattle Last time at NC: Twice: in 1972 2 years after graduating, and again for a reunion in 1995 Other Memories: Eating meals by the fountain in the Charles Ringling mansion, watching the sunsets from the dock, Purple Passion parties in Joel Bailes room, getting lost in Small Town on my way to the dentist my 1st year and eating Sweet and Sour Pork at the Golden Buddha. Most like to see: Bill Nunez, Mac Green, David Rottman, Charity Rowland John Morrill, and Susan Bessette. Activities for reunion week end: A dance with a group that plays a lot of the sixties rock and soul hits: Stones Beatles, Otis Redding Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Wilson Pickett, etc. A soul band called The Galaxies played for one of our dances sometime between 1966 and 1970 and they were great. Played a lot of Otis Redding, Jun ior Walker and the All Stars, Sam and Dave and Wilson Pickett. Deane L. Root NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 6416 Forward Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217-2531 E-mail: I Home Phone: 412-521-7570 I Work Phone: 412-624-41 00 Work Information: U of Pitts burgh, Curator, Foster Hall Collectn Jeanne Rosenberg NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 121 Old Topanga Rd., Topanga CA 90290 E-mail: I Home Phone: 310-455-2160 I Work Phone: 310-849-4709 Higher Education: USC, Cin ema, MFA in Cinema Production Children: Erica Rose Trumpower, 25 yrs old Fashion Designer; Alex R. Trumpower 15 yrs Old Student. Spouse: Max Trumpower Builder/Actor Work Information: Hollywood Screenwriter Awards, Books, Etc.: In my world, we have Filmographies ... some of my projects includeThe Young Black Stallion; T-Rex Back to the Cretaceous; White Fang ; The Journey of Natty Gann ; The Black Stallion Why Choose NC: New College seemed like the most exciting innovative institution I could imagine. I was swept up in the chance to control my own education and be involved in a community of scholars I don t think I 'd realized that was even an option before discovering New College. Choosing a school was a hazy experience in those days I wasn't sure what I was looking for or what to expect. My world view was pretty narrow Options seemed limited to a Big 10 midwestern thing until the New College pamphlets arrived at my high school. Everything about the place was different-unique Even the promotional materialall those color brochuresall those promises of things to come-of what might be. I remember my father being horrified by the thought of such a tiny, offbeat college just getting off the ground but my mother was supportive and enthusiastic I was surprised when I was accepted I had always done well in school. My grades were good. But I wasn 't the most brilliant in my highschool. I hadn t made perfect scores on my SATsor even come close I wasn t skewed off the charts as I assumed so many of my class mates would be. Even then I think I recognized what my role at New College would be-the normal one Not a genius in some already chosen field Not so gifted that I couldn't relate well in the ordinary wor l d I was the grounded well rounded one-the balance I suppose I must have been worr i ed even fr i ghtened about being ab l e to keep up, but I don t quite remember it that way It just all seemed like an amazing opportun i ty And then it became even more amazing Because of the nature of the school -because we were encouraged to develop close student-teacher relationships because we were treated with respect and given an authority over ourselves that wasn 't the norm we developed an extraor dinary confidence that has served me well We were literally help ing to shape and define the school in those first chaotic years We lurched from crisis to crisis arm in arm with the faculty. We gl i mpsed an adult world that wasn t usually open to 18 year olds It was thrilling exhilarating and confusing The confidence that came from interacting with such bright students and faculty, with being encouraged to nurture curiosity and learning helped generate the courage to do what I do now-to walk into a room of bosses and bigwigs and pitch a story I believe in. It's given me the courage to face a blank page and think I can control the beast-to try and write a story that has meaning and resonance First Hear About NC: During 1963-64 with fat scholarsh i p funds tucked in their pockets, New


College recruiters traveled the country seeking gifted high scoring students willing to take a chance on an untried, untested concept. That brought them to my high school in Peoria Illinoishot on the trail of Charter Scholar candidate Ray Enslow I'm pretty sure my Mom and Guidance Counslor conspired -"You get him but you have to take her too." They never admitted it, but that's what I suspect. At any rate I mysteriously got accepted and showed up on open ing daymy suitcase filled with plenty of high heels and party dresses-the proper attire for our formal evening meals. It's amazing how quickly things changed -how expectations shifted -how much we reflected the changes in the much broader American culture. Favorite Classes: I loved discov ering Philosophy through the passion of Douglas Berggren He made i t all seem so sophisticated and alive and worthwhile We all wanted to be just like him. We wanted his insights and wit. We wanted to chain smoke And I loved David Gorfein's messy, helter skelter passion for psychology-for helping his students I kept trying to bridge these worlds-to fuse them into one Absurd perhaps espe cially given the stylistic differences between these two, very different professors but I love that they both encouraged my attempts. I loved sitting in College Hall that first year and viewing Art History slides while listening to period Music. It was like a group induction into culture I loved starting with a core curriculum. And I'm sorry that my daughter missed that opportunity at Brown where there is no core and no foundation as far as I can tell. Favorite Professors: Besides the above mentioned Douglas Berggren (and Buddy Riley) in Philosophy, and David Gorfein in Psychology I must list Aaron Savits (sp?) who introduced us to the amazing world of European cinema. Wow. At the time I had no idea those movies would have such a profound impact on my life and career I thought they were asides -off hour entertainments Before discovering Bergman Felini Antonioni the British documentar ians Dali Bunel and more, i t never occurred to me that movies could become a life's work I never realized that film could be so powerful so affecting. I will always be indebted to Dr Savits for that gift Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Interesting question Not all kids are right for New College and vice-versa. It's small and isolated which makes me hesitate It' s interesting that these are the same objections my father had when I chose New College. It was an amazing and unusual experience that I highly value It's given me a lot. Yet I can't help but wonder how things would have been different had I made a different choice It was difficult re-adjusting to the world after such a close knit college experience But I see that's still a problem with emerging graduates So ... -Yes, I'd encourage the right kid to look at new College. Where after NC: Around in circles Last time at NC: Reunion in 1987 Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: David L. Rottman NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 683 N Broadway Hastings-on-Hudson NY 107061003 Work Information: Chemical Bank, Manager Charity Rowland NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 4014 SE Yamhill Street Portland OR 97214 E-mail: I Home Phone: 503-236-3817 I Work Phone: 503-238-4030 x 115 Higher Education: NC, B.A. ; Univ of Oklahoma M S., Ph.D Children: Dam ien, 32, w i ldlife biologist ; Danielle 29 Intel program manager ; Maya, 20, student Goucher College ; Duncan 13, Student 8th grade Spouse: Doug Marx surveyer writer musician Work Information: Oregon Health & Science University Associate Professor Awards, Books, Etc.: too boring Why Choose NC: Seemed very adventurous First Hear About NC: my father heard about it through his work on accreditation committee for colleges in the Southeast Favorite Classes: can't remem-ber Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: I remember skinny dipp ing in phosphorescent waters off Siesta Key Drugs at NC: no Kids to NC: I wou l d but this far none have been interested. I have one more chance Where after NC: Cambridge MA, I think Last time at NC: 1990???? Maybe Other Memories: I had a work study job supervised by AI M inte r that paid me for 2 hours a day to raise and lower the US flag in front of College Hall. I quic kly real iz ed nobody noticed whether the flag was flying or not so I abandoned the chore However I do remember sleeping one night wrapped in sai d flag in the tower of Caples House into which I used to sneak regularly. I still have some ramekins I filched


from that lovely old estate; I remem ber spending a night in the library wrapped in curtains, which turned out were made of fiberglass and were extremely itchy; dashing off with Jane Snyder to chase a hurricane that was basking offshore Jane had the presence of mind to bring a bar of soap so we could take a shower in the tropical deluge I remember spending Christmas on campus, having the run of The Barn I made a big batch of eggnog for those of us left on campus. At some point, Bill Hedrington and I hopped over the wall to Ringling Museum grounds to explore the statuary. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: I think we just want to hang out together and are probably as resistant to highly structured activities as ever! Jeffrey C. Rubin NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 848 Dodge Avenue, Suite 228 Evanston, IL 60202 E-mail: jrubin@uic edu I Home Phone: 773-262-8370 I Work Phone: Work Information: University of Illinois Family Practitioner Judith A Runyon NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 364 Page Street, Apt. 8, San Francisco, CA 94102-5658 Luke Salisbury NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 267 Washington Avenue, Chelsea MA02150 E-mail: lsalisbury@juno com I Home Phone: 617-884-0958/ Work Phone: 617-228-3249 Higher Education: City College of New York, 1969 (Ed credits to teach in NYC elementary school) ; Boston University (MAin Creative Writing, 1983-84) Children: Ace (Lucius A. Salisbury IV) entered Bard College this summer as a freshman Spouse: Barbara Salisbury, real estate developer former Harvard dean former Massachusetts State Budget director Work Information: Bunker Hill Community College, Boston MA, Professor of English and Co Director of Commonwealth Honors Program at the College; also fiction writer with a day job Awards, Books, Etc.: Books published : The Answer is Baseball (Times 1989; Vintage 1990) ; The Cleveland Indian (Smith, 1992) ; Blue Eden (Sm i th 1994) ; Hollywood and Sunset (Shambling Gate, Fall 2005) ; Contributed articles to many base ball books, like Red Sox Century DiMaggio: An Illustrated Life ; Ted Williams : a Portrait in Words and Pictures; etc. Why Choose NC: Pictures of Esther Lynn Barazzone in Time Magazine First Hear About NC: Family friend Time article Earl Helgeson came to my high school. Favorite Classes: Course : Possibilities of the Novel, all 3 semesters taught by Dr. Robert Knox ; Best learning experience: Tutorial on The Sound and the Fury and Absolom! Absolom! (Faulkner) with Professor Knox Independent Study period, January 1966 Favorite Professors: Dr. Knox Dr George Mayer, Roger Peters John Elmendorf any time Dr Borden for matters of style. Favorite NC Memory: Kathleen Dively after showering; Flirting with Julie Means and Cheryl White; Raising hell with Jake Shearer ; Talking all night with Sam Treynor; Going back to New College with Paul Adomites Public Nudity: Mine were in private Drugs at NC: Narcissism lust baseball, arrogance craziness alcohol. Like Johnny Cash said Sometimes at night, when I hear the wind/ t wish I was crazy again Kids to NC: No-1 believe Bard College today is more like New College circa 1965-69 Part of the reason is geography-Bard' s proximity to New York City and where we l ive. Where after NC: New York City to teach elementary school to get a draft deferment-went to CCNY in 1969 Last time at NC: February 2004-always a pleasure! Other Memories: Riding i n Mim i Don nay s convertible with the top down on a summer day with Mim i and Bill Malone The look and feel of the roads is an integral part of remembering New College So was moving fast. Dr Know talk ing about Faulkner or Fitzgerald Dr i nking martinis at Dr Mayer's house w i th Dr Ross Borden and George Mayer and Barbara Bloodwell then falling down in the bathroom Most like to see: Dr Knox Paul Adomites Sam Treynor's wife Sally Woodmansee Sam Treynor Gary Moriello, Sam Boehmer Laur i e Paulson Edna Walker Paulson Cheryl White and David Hoffman Activities for reunion week end: Strip poker. Patricia S Sanderson NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 44 Abbey Street San Francisco CA94114-1715 E-mail: I Home Phone: 415-431-4884/Work Phone: Work Information: U S Dep't of the Interior Regional Environmental Officer Jay A. Saxby NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1826 Kenilworth Street Sarasota FL 34231-3614 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941-922-1432/ Work Phone: 941-484-9511 Work Information: Ringling Bros. Artist


Dion Schaff NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 235 Woodland Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 24416-3615 E-mail: I Home Phone: 504261-7094 I Work Phone: Jerolyn Schaff NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 235 Woodland Avenue, Buena Vista, VA 24416-3615 E-mail: I Home Phone: 504-261-70941 Work Phone: 540-463-4482 Work Information: United Way of Lexington, VA, Executive Director Beth Schauerhamer Kuehn NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 17836 Sod1um Street NW, Ramsey, MN 55303-3298 E-mail: I Home Phone: 612753-5138 I Work Phone: Jane Schickler Brody NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 39-50 60th Street, Apt. B55, Woodside, NY 11377 E-mail: shelleybrody@msn com I Home Phone: 718-424-2721 I Work Phone: Joan M. Schnabel NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: PO Box 5, 66 Liberty Street, Fountain City, WI 546290005 E-mail: I Home Phone: 608687-8486 I Work Phone: Work Information: Winona Clinic, Physician Leslie Schockner NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4316 SE Fieldcrest Drive, Milwaukie, OR 97222 E-mail: I Home Phone: 503-901-0858 (cell) I Work Phone: 503-513-9600 Higher Education: New College (BA, 1970); Sonoma State Univ. (2-3 semesters toward MAin English, not completed, 1970-71) ; Cal Poly Ponoma (Standard Teaching Creden tial K-8, 1873) ; Trinity University (MA, Urban Studies, 1987) ; North western School of Law@ Lewis and Clark College (JD wl environmental certificate, 1997). Children: My daughter, Alyssa Elin Biniak, age 30, lives in Portland with her husband Scott, who works for Nike, and her daughter, Olivia Marin, born June 2003. She is a stay-at-home mom-and I am a grateful granny who assists however I can. Spouse: So far I have no spouse Work Information: I currently am a sole practitioner with a law practice focusing on elder law, estate planning, small business, and nonprofits. I don't like working along much and am trying to think of options to work in a group setting again, probably either nonprofit or some sort of public policy. I m open to suggestions from anyone as to how best to proceed as I am in a profound blue funk about finding meaningful work, that actually pays. I guess my job title is attorney at law Awards, Books, Etc.: I have published numerous public docu ments in my public sector work over the years mcluding day care training manuals, the MBO manual adopted by the City of San Antonio in the 1970s, none of which paid me anything, and many of which were anonymous I was selected for the Presidential Management Intern program after completing my MAin Urban Studies, but eventually declined it due to family issues. I guess I haven't exactly been the traditional academic NC expected to produce, probably due in some part to my experiences in the 60s. I'll tell my stories if you tell yours Why Choose NC: I was an Army brat whose father was in Korea my junior year of high school. When he came back for what was my senior year he had orders to Alabama and I did not want to go to school in Alabama, so arrangements were made fro me to stay with a friends that year to finish high school in Texas. Those arrangements fell through The principal at my high school in San Antonio was from Florida and has heard of this new college New College, starting up that fall, and told us how to get in touch with folks I only needed an English credit to get my high school diploma so I enrolled in a corre spondence course for that through the University ofTexas, with the idea I would do it all that summer New College actually accepted me for the initial class sans HS diploma however, another family of a good friend offered to have me live with them fro my senior year of high school. So I ended up in the second class in 1965 not the first. I thought NC sounded quite cool, although I think it was better I wasn t in the first class-1 was way too young and naive-not that I wasn t young and naive when I got there Had my dad understood how unformed the program was, I probably never would have gone. First Hear About NC: Through my high school-see the narrative above. Favorite Classes: I enjoyed all of Dr. Knox's classes, and generally liked most of the classes especially the core humanities stuff, although my attendance, as was typical I think, was sporadic the first year. I especially enjoyed a marine biology class with Tom ?? who came to NC from the Scripps Institute in 1966. As I recall this was a class for non science majors, in the course of which we did fresh water to salt water experiments on different crabas after which we ate them We also collected marine things off the shark lab s boat, which included


scuba d i ving which I enjoyed I dropped out of NC to go to California with A l len Whitt in the spring of 1967 returning in the fall of 1969 I was allowed to complete my degree one term short and that final year had the great p l easure of a tutorial with Dr Borden in which I read a selection of great literature-and found myself dreaming in verse rather than pictures of whatever was the dominant verse of my reading For a long while it was iamb i c pentameter dur i ng the Shakepeare part and then "fourteeners" when I actually read Chapman s Homer not one of the more recent translations God knows why And finally I had a great time with Dr Knox s even ing seminar in my f i nal year the aca demic side of which was overtaken by development of a personal relationship with someone I met at this seminar Favorite Professors: Dr Knox and Tom the b i ology instructor Favorite NC Memory: I m not sure I have a favorite memory, although I have many intense ones partying during the hurr i cane ; finding Indian sites on Longboat Key ; clear i ng brush at the estate NC owned out on the north end of Longboat Key and having a b i g bonfire on the beach ; l i ving there with David Gay during my last term at NC, going fishing at night off the bridges taking the marine biology boat at night and having the engine die ; the large mural of the Beatles Yellow Submar i ne on my dorm wall that Bruce Bradbury and I did ; my last night of the first year at NC with Allen ; intense conversationsintense relationships ... Public Nudity: None-all my public nudity occurred in California oh and I guess also in Colorado and New Mexico and Oregon if you count hot springs. Drugs at NC: I suppose alcohol comes into this category-my only recreational drug at NC If you drop the limitation of geography I prob ably have a a story or two to tell. Kids to NC: No I didn t send my daughter Alyssa to NC although she did consider i t and we vi sited the campus-right in the middle of the first Iraq war A NC student when she stayed overnight in the dorms on that trip said to her that Reed was a lot like New College but a little more structured and she went to Reed-a kid who has always been more structured than me in many ways. I was disappointed at that time to learn that New College s core humanit i es program had been discont inued-one of the b i g strengths of Reed I thi nk i s the i r core humanities program Where after NC: The first t i me when I dropped out i n 1967 I moved to Cal i forn i a w i th Allen Whitt and lived in a var i ety of group living arrangements e g., communes i n and around Mari n County San Francisco and Berkeley After I graduated from NC in 1970 I went to Texas for the summer and then back out to CA, moving up to Sonoma County where my fr i ends had all seemed to settle-returning to my dissolute hippies ways raising a big garden bak ing bread for friends tak ing care of kids and going to grad schoo l nights in Engl i sh Last time at NC: In January of 1991 when I took my daughter Alyssa to visit i n her senior year of high school. I walked around the campus and talked at some length with Jim Fleenor. I also visited w ith Bob Knox and he took us out on the bay in his boat. I have never made any of the reunions Other Memories: I suspect I could write for a week if I really got started. Memories which stick include almost being busted for drugs because I have moved off campus into a house with three guys one of whom had shipped himself some hash from Vietnam, which was found and traced to him The toothpick and Styrofoam ball sociogram someone made the first year I was there connecting every one to everyone else ; long ph i losoph i ca l d i scuss i ons at wh i ch I learned to drink beer breaking into the College Hall pantry for food ; lots of t i me at the beach ; scuba d i ving and sw i mm i ng ; catch i ng and keeping a small water snake for which I caught little fish in an o l d stock ing-and then keep ing Tom LeJour s boa constrictor while he took off for the j ungle one term ; writ i ng my thes i s at Polly Mead s wonderful house out on Siesta Key ; swimm i ng laps each day after the pool was put i n As I write th i s I realize how few of the things I remember had to do with academ i cs (not that I wasn t thr i lled to have passed all of my exams at the e n d of the f i rst year) and how much had to do w i th the emotional i ntens i ty o f my life at that t i me And probably like others I lost my virgin ity-or rather gained my sexual ity-at New College Most like to see: The two people I would most l i ke to see and can t of course are Bud Holder and Bill Hedr i ngton Others I would espe cially love to vis i t with i nclude Allen Wh i tt who may not be i n touch w i th NC at all anymore Bob Knox who contacted me a while ago and I am sorry to say I never got back to h i m and lost the contact i nfo Sharon Landesman Sam Treynory M i chae l Sm i th Michael Curry and lots of folks I have seen more recently such as Ray Enslow and Carol Worby I had a great evening with Char i ty Rowland sharing remem brances about New College-and have communicated with others by ema i l when thi s deal was being planned I guess I am very inter ested in talking with just about everyone. My sense of myself was that I moved in a pretty small circle but the place was so small we all knew something or other about each other I would love to hear other stories of their experiences and compare notes Activities for reunion weekend: I'd like to spend t i me walk i ng around and talking go ing to the


beach, and maybe if it is still part of NC, visiting that estate on the north end of Longboat Key. As I recall Roger Renne and Shelley Pillar lived in the other house when I stayed there with David Gray, if that helps anyone who is not losing their memory for names as quickly as I am, to remember the name of that place David B. Schwartz NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 9 N 24th Street, Camp Hill PA 17011 E-mail: jflutezoo@pa net I Home Phone: 717-737-41101Work Phone: 717-418-0936 Higher Education: Michigan State Univ. MA, Rehabilitation Counseling; Union Institute PhD Community Psychology Children: Nate, 12; Stephanie 10. Spouse: Susan Taverna Life Coach (Beth Crosby and I divorced after 30 years.) Work Information: Analytic psychotherapist community psychologist private pracUce Awards, Books, Etc.: Who Cares? Rediscovering Community, Boulder : Westview 1997; Crossing the River : Rediscovering Community and Disability Cambridge : Brookline 1992; Dwybad Humanitar ian Award Amer. Association on Mental Retardation, 1994 Why Choose NC: I wanted a college in a warm place and as far away from home as possible. One weekend visit and I could got nowhere else. I stayed with Richard Waller, who I stayed with again last winter in Hawaii. First Hear About NC: The headmaster of my school. Favorite Classes: Sitting on a log by the bay with Roger Peters everyday for a term when I took only one tutorial and he taught only one. We read psychobiology-then a new field-and had excited conver sations. Favorite Professors: Jake Rains Roger Peters John Morrill, Mar i on Hoppin. Favorite NC Memory: Waking up i n the late morning next to my still-sleeping girlfriend the morning breezes stirring the amber drapes with the voices of people outside in the Palm Court Public Nudity: It is hard to imagine the sixties as a time of any particular inhib i tions, but I recall nudity as being, while enthusiastic private Drugs at NC: The faculty sent word to me through Paul Davis at the end of my first year that I should steer clear of all such amusement and enjoined me to especially avoid the company of the notorious bad influences John Hart and Craig Bowman Of course I did just as they asked ... Kids to NC: My son may well come there someday Where after NC: I got a job at a 150-year-old state mental hospital in upstate NY The change was enough to give me the bends It took me a long time to recover. Last time at NC: Cre i ghton Smith and I came to an alumni/ parent weekend a couple of years ago And before that I came to do an alumni fellowship talk Other Memories: Sitting on the wall with my friends. John Morrill wearing psychedelic pants conjur ing visions of embryological migra tion Paul Wolfe playing the violin in a small Pei room. Spending time with Jack Rains Riding my motor cycle on misty night fragrant with the orange juice factory s lemon cookie scent. Most like to see: Any former faculty David Pini. Activities for reunion week end: Just time for people to talk to each other. A Palm Court Party with students! Judith Segal McCall NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 5532 Pennsylvania Boulevard Concord CA 94521-4016 E-mail: llmccall@earthlink net I Home Phone: 925-672-3031 1 Work Phone: Ted Shoemaker NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 144 Mile Hill Road Boylston MA 01505 E-mail: I Home Phone: 508-869-34721 Work Phone: 508-860-7700 Higher Education: New College (SA, 1969) ; U of Rochester (MD MS 1985) Children: Oren Shoemaker 11, student Spouse: Natalie Rudolph Ph.D., independent biotechnology consult ant Work Information: Fam i ly Health Center of Worcester, Faculty Physician Awards, Books, Etc.: I have avo i ded these to the extent pos sible Each day I wonder what happened to yesterday what will happen with tomorrow with little success in discovering either. Why Choose NC: I figured I would flunk out of Princeton for lack of motivation and would lose my National Merit Scholarship if I j oined the Navy. First Hear About NC: A brochure arr i ved in the mail. Favorite Classes: All the phi losophy courses (my major) Can t remember any real duds Indepen dent study of basic physics ; I read the book did the problems, turned them in. Favorite Professors: Berggren and Riley and Marion Hoppin Favorite NC Memory: Any warm night on the quad; early morning bicycling from the dorms to College Hall; living off-campus with another student and a house full of leather workers from P-town; Public Nudity: Probably one sad attempt at an organized orgy: too hot too crowded, too boring


Drugs at NC: (Is this for publica tion?) Alcohol, marijuana/hashish LSD mescaline amphetamines Kids to NC: Yes I would Where after NC : I went to work for my father while applying for conscientious objector status When I got the latter I returned to Rochester NY to work as an operating room orderly for 2 years wh i le sitt i ng at the Zen Center. I was then on the staff at the Zen Center for a few years until I re turned to U. Rochester for pre-med then medical school. In 1985 I moved to Worcester, MA for Family Practice residency then stayed on as facu l ty at the community heal th center where I still work. Last time at NC: Approximately 1975 I drove down from Rochester with another former NC student I was then seeing Other Memories: I have always treasured bei ng a college student i n the psychedel i c/anti-war 60 s For mostly good and some ill, there is a perspect iv e on the illusion of normal everyday life that seems shared w i th many others of that age which I don t find in those who transitioned to adulthood before or since New College i n those years opened spaces where many perspectives were v i sible Most like to see: (With apolo gies for spelling) Beverly Schoenberger, Gary Williams Pam ?Williams (nee?), Mike Nieuschotz Scott Baker, Patricia Lawson Doug Bergren Buddy Riley, Marion Hopper (that would be hard), Eliza beth Bowen George Finkle Jerry Neugarten Kenji Oda, Harry Felder Rick Stauffer, probably others once I laid eyes on them. Activities for reunion week end: A "come as you were party on the Pe i quad at midnight followed the next day by a "come as you are now" lunch. (Expect nobody will be conscious for breakfast) Edwin H. Shuck NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 27 4 Frontier Bluff Road Lookout Mountain GA 30750 E-mail: I Home Phone: 706-820-0519/ Work Phone: 615-622-2721 Work Information: Colon Rectal Surgery Assoc., Physician Barbara Sieborowska Ceo NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1020 Glebe Lane Sarasota FL 34242 E-mail: aimtherapy@yahoo com I Home Phone: 941-349-5555/ Work Phone: 941-951-2400 Work Information: AIM Therapy Inc., Speech Therapist Karen E. Spackman NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 825 Cotton Street Menlo Park CA 94025-561 0 E-mail: I Home Phone: 650323-0987 I Work Phone: Work Information: Sun Microsystems Margaret Spurre/1 Okere NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 2721 Luther Drive Apt. 8 Ames IA50010-4785 E-mail: okere@iastate edu I Home Phone: 515-233-9791 / Work Phone: 515-294-6480 Work Information: Iowa State University, Lecturer Soc iology Ruthanne Stange Kah NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 133 Lonebranch Road, Swannanoa, NC 28778 E-mail: I Home Phone: 828-236-2282/ Work Phone: Eric Stauffer NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 143 P leasant Aven ue, Portland ME 04103 E-mail: I Home Phone: 207-744-2461 / Work Phone: 207-791-3000 Higher Education: New College BA 1969 ; Yale Law School JD 1972 Children: Curtis Stauffer 29 consultant i n Jackson, Wy.; Marcus Stauffer, 27 bell hop in Jackson, Wy.; Laura Stauffer 23, student in Yarmouth Me Spouse: Work Information: S in ce 1978, Pret i, Flaherty Beliveau Pach io s & Haley LLP Partner Awards, Books, Etc.: In effect, what d i d you do w i th your l if e for more than 35 years after New College? A very tough quest i on. .. (A) have three highly idiosyn cratic kids (now adults) whom I love and of whom I am very proud (with all credit to Jane for their childhoods and remarkable qualities) ( B) became more concerned about money than I thought I would (but less so than most of my col leagues). (C) still have the books that were assigned and never read (D) thought that life at New College was a golden age. (E) rue my extremely limited capacity to stay in touch with old friends (F) thanks to generous letters of recommendat i on from New College faculty attended a very good law school where I was able to learn a lot by osmosis (no, I did not know the former President and current Senator personally) (G) played a lot of pick-up basketball with low skills and much devot ion. (H) held appointive offices i n Mame State government for a few years and served a year with the Demo cratic National Committee. (I) have had the same job for more than 25 years (J) surfed whitewater kayaks at Moody Beach, Maine (to the alarm and dismay of the defense less who only wanted to swim) (K) served on the board of Goodwill


Industries of Northern New Eng l and ( and various officer capac i t i es ) on an on-and-off basis for the last 25 years (L) always wrestle w i th quest i onnaires and thoroughly regret any revealing answers Why Choose NC: Some fami l y friends say because my father wanted to attend himself (hi s motivation was substantiated to some degree one evening years ago when he and George Mayer waxed e l oquent late i nto the evening at a parents event) I cred i t that expla nation of my motive more now than I once did First Hear About NC: A brochure in the mail. Favorite Classes: All Berggren and R i ley classes. Robert Knox on Faulkner (the only class of his I had) All George Mayer classes Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: 1. Bill Chadwick holding forth in the phone center in the new I. M. Pei dorms 2 Late night runs to Russo s for chili and early morning runs to the donut shop i n Bradenton. 3 Falling asleep over Collingwood s Principles of? (its somewhere in a box) and l apsing into complete catatonia while read ing an econom i cs text that I can no longer even begin to identify (it wasn t Schumacher I know that much) 4. Hol ing up for three days to stay alive in the assassination game (eclipsed, really by the poisoned dart pointed at Deirdre Fennessy that never quite cleared a blow pipe cleverly disguised as a cigarette) 5 Bud Holder s balcony-wide water balloon sling (especially when zeroed in on the main entrance to (exit from) the Hamilton Center) 6 Sunday morning brunch at Zinn s after returning from 24 (foodless) hours at Sebring and a rare encounter with appetite enhancing substances 7 And the work : chauffeuring Suzie Elmendorf to swimming practice at Sarasota High pasting vinyl sheeting for the purse factory in the old air base (the Toluene still has not spawned any l esions) demonstrat ing shavers (were they Schicks or Remingtons?) at Maas Brothers moving furniture with John Daugherty at Hendry s sharing David Gorfein s house with Jerry Neugarten wh ile work ing construct ion on Long Boat Key in the summer of 1971 8 Reporting for he HeraldTribune (the bests of many good t i mes: the Krist arrest at El Jobean a feature with the Miller k i ds at the carnival and closing the bars every Sunday morning with the weekend editor)-little wonder my senior thesis sucked 9 Michelob on tap and barbecue sandw i ches at the Hickory House after work-beer never ever tasted better than that. Public Nudity: None of mine were public (defined as more than two people at one exposure) Drugs at NC: I d i d i nhale but not very often (and so end my chances for elective office though I under stand reckless adolescence pro l onged into adulthood can be absolved through political affiliations and religious conversions that are not in the cards for me) Kids to NC: I would not have been able to send my kids any where (you would understand i f you met any of them) If any of the i r progeny should pick New College I would be delighted Where after NC: Which time? 1967-to Tucson to work for A & A Ambulance and save up enough money to buy a motorcycle (of course, the experience of earning the money convinced me I should make a different investment) 1968-to work on the newspaper (and my senior thesis )-none of that writing should ever be allowed to see the light of day 1969-to attend law school Last time at NC: For a reunionprobably 1989 Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Jean Steele Stevenson NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 729 River Road Lyme NH 03768-9803 E-mail: I Home Phone: 603795-2444 1 Work Phone: Sandra Stewart, aka Sondra London NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 3345 Hallmark Drive Marietta GA 30067 E-mail: sondra@sondralondon com I Home Phone: 770-952-4837 I Work Phone: Cell : 678-977 1415 Higher Education: New College (BA in Literature 1968) Children: An isa London McClain i s 28 She is marr i ed and has a husky little son who i s 9 months old She has worked as a nan n y for years She i s work i ng her way through college and has decided she wants to get a PhD in psychol ogy that she can use as a market ing consultant. Spouse: I ve been divorced si nce 1980. I was married to Mike Casse ll, a New College alum for about a year Later I was married to Ken London a Trinidad i an mus i c i an for seven years This poem tells it all: The Story of My Life We had a band Until we had a baby And then he had a band And I had a baby Work Information: I am looking for a job as a technical writer or web jockey : WILL WORK FOR MONEY. I ve published 4 true-crime books so I should say I am an author," though I am not planning to write any more crime books I enjoy building web pages and working w i th graphics more than writing I do some field production work for DMP Films out of UK I help research


documentaries and then I help with logistics of shooting in the USA. Awards, Books, Etc.: Author/Coauthor Knockin on Joe : Voices from Death Row Nemesis Books London, England Killer Fiction by G.J Schaefer as told to Sondra London Feral House Books The Making of a Serial Killer by Danny Rolling & Sondra London, Feral House Books True Vampires by Sondra Lon don, Feral House Books Contributing Editor Apocalypse Culture II, Gauntlet: Exploring the Limits of Free Speech Film I've been the subject of Two Short Biopics: TV Cassandra : A Song of the South 1978, by Mellena Bridges New College 1966 A NY Film School Project funded by the National Endowment of the Arts. The Killer Within: The Sondra London Story, 2000 by Errol Morris, aired on Bravo in USA & Channel Four in UK It is now in the MOMA's permanent collec tion. As a freelance associate pro ducer I produced five exclusive news stories for A Current Affair, as well as a half-dozen more for local TV news. I've done appearances on Larry King Live, NBC Dateline, ABC Turning Point, A Current Affair, Geraldo, Leeza, Court TV. In UK I've appeared on the BBC, Channel Four, and a chat show, and I ve been on Tass (Pro Seben) in Germany as well as German & French cable TV. In 1992 I was singled out for a very special distinction by becoming the defendant in a landmark First Amendment case. I was sued by the Attorney General of the State of Florida under the Son of Sam Law which had already been ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in 1991. This law purports to prevent a convicted felon from profiting from "accounts of crime." And under its terms, the State claimed they had a right to seize the proceeds from publication of confes sions I was sued as a form of prior restraint because I obtained a written agreement with a serial killer that I would split with his brother the profits of the sale of any confessions he might give me. Long story short the State won & I lost. George Waas the prosecuting AAG was given an award for the exceptionally fine job he did on me, telling the AP he always wanted to be successful but never suspected his success would, in part be measured by how well he prevented someone else's I don t know of any other case when one of these type of cases was brought against a non-convicted person, he said Repercussions from this situation have gone far beyond the courtroom but that takes us beyond the scope of this already tedious account. Another special distinction worth mentioning was the time Jim Geringer, Governor of Wyoming partnered up with Marc Klaas to boycottAOL until they would remove my website They claimed to be offended by a bit of doggerel written by a serial killer that had been posted to my obscure little home page for over a year. So Larry King invited me to meet these two motormouths plus Larry Flynt on his show, where I tried my best to get in a word edgewise to contradict the grossly libelous accusations they made about me The best part was when I thanked the Gov for catapult ing my humble domain into the spotlight, and bringing my work to the attention of the best and the brightest of the cyberverse. SONGS http : //home -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/songs/ menu/index htm DREAMSCAPES http : // -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/dream/ index.htm BOOKEXCERPTSOYOU WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE? http://home comcast. net/ -stewart tartan/portfolio/vamp i re/ index htm INTERVIEW: FBI PROFILERS -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/fbi/ index htm INVESTIGATION : WHERE THE BUST WAS http : // -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/gaunt/ index htm AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTE http ://home. comcast. net/ -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/bio / index.htm NEWS CLIPPING ABOUT NEW COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT http://home .comcast. net/ -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/grad/ index htm REVIEW OF MY LATEST BOOK TRUE VAMPIRES http : //home .comcast. net/ -stewart_ tartan/portfolio/praise/ index.htm PHOTOS: A LEGEND IN HER OWN MIND http ://home .comcast. net/ -fabien679/san/legend/index.htm PHOTOS : SEVENTIES EDITION AS REGGAE QUEEN


,. http :// home comcast.neU -fabien679/san/tonda/index htm Why Choose NC: My father really decided it for me At first I wanted to go to Duke, and I was accepted on early admission We visited the campus and my dad liked it all right. I was also accepted at Sophie Newcomb another "good Southern school," according to him. Then he decided there were "too many Jews" at Duke, and he didn t want me to go there Go figure. He really had no idea what New College was all about He just liked the idea it was in Florida and not too far from him in Ft. Lauderdale So I guess I just got lucky. First Hear About NC: It was really kind of funny. Like all National Merit Finalists, naturally I was besieged with solicitations from colleges, mostly in the form of mail. But a Western Union telegram was delivered to me in class from New College and that really got my attention. Favorite Classes: I loved study ing poetry with Mac Miller the most. I had some private tutorials with Bill Thurston, a student who was a world-class math genius, that really stretched my mind. Favorite Professors: Mac Miller Favorite NC Memory: When I came to New College as a high school student to check it out, Dennis Kezar took me fishing at dawn out in the bay and as he recited lines Cyrano de Bergerac there was a consciousness of bltss Public Nudity: Huh? I have not performed any public nudity there or anywhere. I don't remember a whole lot of nudism in the mix. Drugs at NC: I learned to smoke pot when a couple of New York artists came down to visit someone else, I think it was Sam Parsons. I smoked my first joint hunkered down on the ground out by the Palm Court, and went up to Bill Ralphs room (aka Surf) and galloped around and around on top of his furniture By that you could tell I was high Some fellow students came back from visits to the M i dd l e East bearing var i eties of hash as well as some gorgeous pale green flakes of kif, which was a delicacy quite memorable. I took acid a couple of times at New College and it was good clean fun in those days I took speed once to pull a study-fest, but I didn t like it. It made me grind my teeth Some townies brought some white powder by a couple of times claiming it was coke. I tried it but concluded everyone was just pretending to get high from it, because I could not notice any effect. I smoked a cigarette once before taking an important language exam using headphones It seemed like a good idea at the time because everyone else was doing it. Monster headache, what a buzz kill! So I got over my tobacco phase real quick Kids to NC: Well, I don't know It really depends upon the individual personality Also, I don't know what New College consists of these days "You can't step in the same river twice." Where after NC: The idyllic little island of Roatan right off the coast of Honduras, to live in temporarily idle bliss with Dick Busch, the reporter who came to New College to do a story for Life Magazine and swept this young student off her feet, into his arms, and out of the country. Last time at NC: Um, I'm not sure Been awhile in any case. Other memories: I'll have to set that one aside & think about it. It was late, very late one night, or maybe it was very, very early the next morning. There were about six or seven of us gathered in the snack bar hav ing a high-octane conversa t i on in which remote conceptual connections were being forged I know Jerry Neugarten was there and Ray Enslow as well as some of the other usual suspects. Someone was presenting some idea that was rather challenging, and then as the rest of us leaned forward in an effort to understand there was th i s palpable electrical discharge, **SNAP!** It was as if the air had built up a charge of uncompleted communication, and then suddenly as everyone GOT IT at once the tension was abruptly relieved I don t know if there was some kind of lightning involved or something more subtle I never exper i enced anything like that before or since and I never heard of any such thing but every one there d i d notice it, so it wasn t just a figment of my overheated imagination. It was like, Wow! What was THAT! Most like to see: Well Mac Miller of course when it comes to faculty Students well there s John Cranor, John O Neil Jerry Neugarten, Kenny &Abby Misemer Jeanne Rosenberg Jon Peters Kathleen Dively Raskin, Luke Salisbury Cheryl "Sam Parsons Soehl John Daugherty, Kenji Oda John Hart Janis Wolak, Bobbie Luther, Bruce Guild Bruce Bradbury, Craig Bowman Dennis Kezar Anna Navarro David Allen Jil Chamberlin ... those are the ones I can think of that I believe are coming Not expected but wished for would be David Pini Eric Hazelhoff Mellena Bridges & Anna Hart Activities for reunion week end: I've talked to Jeanne Rosenberg about this and she is probably right that just unstructured socializing would be most comfort able for everyone. But I still have ideas My best one is called RE UNION: THE GAME SHOW. I have written up several short segments that I imagine being interspersed with the freestyle socializing


Here s one, call it WHO DID IT. Each person is invited to write on a slip of paper one unusual thing they have done and then the papers are pulled out of the box & read aloud while the guests try to guess WHO DID IT. Another one is HAVE YOU EVER. and there is a printed page with 30 blocks each one with a thing in it gone skinnydipping played Baccarat broken a leg .. etc Each person goes around the room and asks other guests if they have done it ; if they have they will affix their signature to that block on that sheet. The goal is to get someone to sign for all the actions Then there s a bulletin board game called CUTEST GRANDBABY, where you could post the most adorable photo you have & let everyone vote on the cutest. Or maybe not a competition just LET US SEE YOUR KIDS & KIDS KIDS .. Everyone has pixx of kids they want to show off don't they? Why not let them be posted in an ad hoc exhibit? I m really into documentary filmmaking doing interviews etc., and my vision is that there is a booth there with some students in it armed with a list of essay ques tions and in 15-minute visits they will interview individual alumni who are first invited to speak their mind on any old thing and then prompted with questions if necessary. And these raw unedited interviews are also being aired in another corner of the festivities so the hangers-out can stroll by the monitor & watch footage of someone being inter viewed .. or not. There should also be roving videocams just wandering around catching whatever they can I personally would think games would be fun But I w ill accept I am probably in a tiny m i nority on that and I will defer to the default pos i tion of let's just eat and drink & hang out & talk. Food is good Doesn t have to be fancy but even chips & dip are better than just plain unadorned liquor Patrick H. Tarr NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 2617 N Stuart Street Arlington VA 22207 E-mail: patrick.h tarr@usdoj gov I Home Phone: 703-527-78161 Work Phone: 202-353-1898 Work Information: U S Dept of Justice Senior Policy Advisor Harris E. Taylor NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 1042 Port Penn Road Middletown DE 19709-9726 E-mail: I Home Phone: 302834-97191Work Phone: 302-5774465 Ext. 13 Work Information: Delaware Div'n of Alcohol Drug Abuse & Mental Health Contracts adminis trator Henry E. Thomas NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 224 Owendale Street Ypsilanti, Ml48197-4619 E-mail: henryjr@mediaone.netl Home Phone: 734-487-97951 Work Phone: 810-486-3006 Work Information: Cognitive Inc., Manager-R & D William P Thurston NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 7 Spyglass Ridge Ithaca, NY 14850-8508 E-mail: wpt4@comell edu I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 607-255-2334 Work Information: Cornell University, Math Professor Thomas R. Todd Jr. NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 265 Quiet Water Lane Atlanta GA 30350-3722 E-mail: trtoddjr@earthlink net I Home Phone: 770-396-8723 1 Work Phone: 404-630-7100 Higher Education: New College (SA 1967) ; Yale Law School (LLB 1970) Children: Anne Mar i e Todd 28 College Professor ; Claire Elizabeth Todd, 25, Ph.D Candidate ; Nora Catherine Todd 23, Graduate Student ; Lila Ruth Todd 21, College Student ; Lou i s Victor i a Todd 18 College Student Spouse: Kay Moiler Todd (NC '67) : Legal Researcher Work Information: Attorney at Law Sole Practitioner Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: Large scholar ship ; recruiting brochures First Hear About NC: Mailing to Merit Scholarship finalists Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Yale Law School Last time at NC: February 2004 Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Sam Treynor NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 2806 Ridgedale Dnve Kingwood TX 77345 E-mail: I Home Phone: 281-360-45961 Work Phone: 713-222-6521 Higher Education: Millersville State College1963-64 ; University of Pennsylvania -1967; University of Chicago-1973-76-M.A. Christian Theology


Children: Delta 45, Software Ma i ntenance Manager ; Julie 44, Account i ng Manager ; Lori, 42 Dog Groomer Spouse: Caro l yn ret i red Work Information: Chasting s Bayou City Ford General Manager Awards, Books, Etc.: Former Treasurer Libertarian National Committee ; former board member Houston Northside Management District ; former member Ford Heavy Truck Dealer Council and Sterl i ng Truck Dealer Council ; Board mem ber Houston Property R i ghts Association ; Board member Kingwood Musi cal Arts Soc1ety ; member Kingwood Chorale Why Choose NC: Scholarship ; Academic program ; Quality of student body First Hear About NC: I received a postcard asking for my SAT scores Favorite Classes: Robert Knox s courses ; Independent study with John Elmendorf in linguistics Favorite Professors: Robert Knox ; William Smith ; Douglas Berggren Favorite NC Memory: Sunsets Public Nudity: I don t remember any Drugs at NC: Amphetamines marijuana Kids to NC: Yes Where after NC: University of Pennsylvania (after spending a summer month in Greenwich Village) Last time at NC: Earlier this year Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Paul Ukleja NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 204 Maple Street New Bedford MA 027 40 E-mail: paul.ukleja@verizon net I Home Phone: 508-992-1133/ Work Phone: Higher Education: New College (BA Math / Physics 1967) ; U o f Chicago ( MS Phys i cs 1969); Kent State Univ (PhD Phys i cs 1975 ) Children: N i klos 33 Artist and Tai Ch i Instructo r Spouse: D i ana Software Engineer Work Information: Retired Awards, Books, Etc. : Why Choose NC: I thought i t would be more demanding and stimulating intellectually than Stanford First Hear About NC: recruit i ng at high school Favorite Classes: Ca l culus with Dr. Smith ; Econom i cs Favorite Professors: Dr. Sm i th Math ; Pau l Wol fe Music Favorite NC Memory: Playing trumpet in brass choir with Jim Frisch (horn) Deane Root (FRPT) and Henry Thomas (trombone) Public Nudity: None Drugs at NC: Ice cream Kids to NC: Yes Where after NC: U of Chicago Last time at NC: 1990s? Other Memories: Practicing trumpet on the beach Most like to see: J i m Frisch Deane Root ('68) Fay Clayton Activities for reunion week end: Carlene Valentine Llewellyn NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 305 Sunset Drive Cumberland MD 21502 E-mail: valngaryl@juno com I Home Phone: 301-722-6956 I Work Phone: 301-759-2065 Work Information: Board of Education, Allegany County Diag nostic/ Prescript i ve Teacher & Staff Develop 't Roy Van Vleck NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 196 Pinnacle Road Lyme NH 03768 E-mail: vanv l eck@lymetimber com I Home Phone: 603-795-4078 I Work Phone: 603-795 2129 ext. 213 Higher Education: Un i v of New Hampshire ( BS ) Children: T i e l man Van V l eck Masters Program at Columb i a ; Harr i ett Van Vleck PhD at Un i v of Minnesota Spouse: Emily Home / Fam i ly Work Information: The Lyme Timber Company Genera l Partne r Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: First Hear About NC: Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Last time at NC: Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Charles T Vekert NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 7367 M i nk Hollow Road H i ghland MD 20777-9777 E-mail: cvekert@earthlink net I Home Phone: 301-854-3236 I Work Phone: Frederick W von Behren NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 10709 N Lansdale Street Glendale, MD 20769-9440 E-mail: I Home Phone: 301262-7092 I Work Phone: Work Information: Self-Em ployed Piano Techn i cian Edna Walker Paulson NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 4215 Jefferson Street Hyattsville MD 20781 E-mail: ednapaulson@earthlink net I Home ... 1


Phone: 301-779-7946/ Work Phone: 301-621-0145 Higher Education: New College (BA 1970 ; attended 1965-68) ; Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison NJ (attended 1969-70); University of Maryland College of Library and Information Services (MLS 1983) Children: None Spouse: S. Lawrence Paulson, writer and editor ; Principal Hoffman Paulson Associates (entered NC 1965) Work Information: Principal Information Specialist atASRC Aerospace Corporation operators under contract of the NASA Center for AeroSpace Information Hanover MD. Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC: It was the only college I'd heard of that didn t sound like high school again First Hear About NC: My high school guidance counselor gave my mother a leaflet about New College and said Edna might like this. Favorite Classes: Phys i cal Chemistry with Dr Jane Stephens; Possibilities of the Novel with Dr Robert Knox ; Core curriculum in the human ities-not exactly a favorite at the time since I was largely bewil dered, but important in opening my eyes to things I d never thought about or even heard of. Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: Certainly if they had wanted to attend. Where after NC: Morristown NJ Last time at NC: 1991 or 1992 I think. Most like to see: I would be happy to see anyone who was at New College at the same time and is brave and robust enough to attend! Activities for reunion week end: Ira Wallace NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 138 Twi n Oaks Road Lou isa, VA 23093 Richard M. Waller NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 46-4039 Kahana Drive, Honokaa Hl96727-3205 E-mail: I Home Phone: 808775-0601 I Work Phone: Work Information: Richard Waller and Associates Principal Noel/a Wallingford Farren NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: PO Box 53, Ukiah OR 97880-0053 E-mail: I Home Phone: 541938-5862/ Work Phone: David M. Walton NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 975 Tope Street Cocoa, FL 32927-5137 E-mail: I Home Phone: 321632-7319/ Work Phone: Work Information: Eckerd Drugs, Pharmacist Steve Waterman NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 154 South Easton Road Glenside PA 19038 E-mail: I Home Phone: 215-572-6131/ Work Phone: Work Information: Video Producer Rye Weber Gerry NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 3514 Anderson Avenue SE.,Aibuquerque NM 87106-1612 E-mail: rye@flash net I Home Phone: 505-256-0264/ Work Phone: Work Information: Albuquerque High School Special Education Teacher Cheryl White Hoffman NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 3314 Rosemary Lane Hyattsville MD 20782 E-mail: I Home Phone: 301-927-3796 I Work Phone: 301-779-6863 Higher Education: New College BA; Universite de Rennes, Fulbr i ght year 1968-1969; University of Pennsylvania, MA (and the i nfamous informal ABO) Children: Susannah Margaret Hoffman 23 currently an editor for Hoffman-Paulson Associates applying to grad schools in psycholinguist i cs ; Nicholas Lorenz Hoffman, 21, currently on a break from James Madison University working as a proofreader/editor/ computer guy at Ace-Federal Reporters Spouse: David Hoffman Court Reporter Work Information: Principal in Hoffman-Paulson Assoc i ates an editing/writing/PR/ company As Shambling Gate Press, HPA i s also a publisher Its two books so far : a volume of poems On the Downhill Side by NC grad Bill Hedrington ; and a reprint of How to Live on Twenty-four Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett. Look for the forthcoming novel by Luke Salisbury (find him at the reunion-he'll tell you all about it) and a reprint of Through the Wall, by Cleveland Moffett, a mystery praised by Lord Peter Wimsey. And as Shambling Gate Records HPA has issued two COs (Unquiet and From Earth to Heaven) by a local folk group the Jones Family, managed by Laurie Paulson. Awards, Books, Etc.: Fulbright Fellow, 1968-1969. I've written a fair number of articles and at least one book (so deservedly obscure I can t even remember its title) for energy and transportation clients and plenty of studies of this and that as a consultant to various government agencies-nothing that anyone


would want to read recreationally I hope Why Choose NC: Because my mother wouldn't let me go to Radcliffe after she found out that men were allowed in the bedrooms for two hours on Sunday afternoons First Hear About NC: In a fit of frustration after I had categorically rejected all "suitable" southern colleges the guidance counselor at A ik en (S. C.) High School threw the New College catalog at me, saying "Her e maybe this is weird enough for you. It was. (I was especially attracted by the motto, which was something like, "The best education is the confrontation of two first-class minds," confrontation not being permitted in my educational environ ment.) Favorite Classes: Dr Knox's course on the history of the novel ; Greek and Latin tutorials with Mr Clough ; the ISPs, especially the one on the Whorf hypothesis with Mike Mather Favorite Professors: Laszlo Deme, Lyndon Clough Favorite NC Memory: Not sure whether this is my favorite, but it's one of the most evocative: Walking across the grass in the middle of the night to type for the Catalyst-the world had that unique humid Florida scent. Public Nudity: I don 't recall any *public* nudity. I do remember a memo issu ed by the vice president in the fall of 19651spring of 1966 calling for a halt to the practice of girls wearing "insufficient underwear." Drugs at NC: Small amounts of alcohol (had enough of that in high school) and even smaller amounts of marijuana Lack of sleep worked fine for me as a consciousness alterer Kids to NC: I tried. Suse came down for a campus tour and found the whole place entirely too weird for her (except for her conversation with Or. Deme). Where after NC: To spend a year in Rennes, France, on a Fulbright purportedly studying Arthurian legends Last time at NC: Sometime in the early 1990s. Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Devon Whiteside Cook NC Entering Year: 1966 Address: 3502 Collister Drive, Boise 10 83703-3307 E-mail: I Home Phone: 208-454-1634 I Work Phone: Work Information: Boise State University, asst. prof of composition F. Mark Whittaker NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 360 Summ it Ridge Road Daleville VA 24083 E-mail: I Home Phone: I Work Phone: Work Information: Hollins University Vice President of Devel opment Charlotte Willis Mann NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 25 Boxborough Road Littleton, MA 1460 E-mail: I Home Phone: 978-263-6055/ Work Phone: Work Information: Self-Em ployed, Tibetan Monk Sara A. Woodmansee NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 7 Turkey Hill Road Ithaca, NY 14850 E-mail: I Home Phone: 607272-3759 I Work Phone: Carol Worby Holder NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 1426 Wells Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 E-mail: I Home Phone: 909-621-0652/ Work Phone: Higher Education: Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill (MA); Claremont Graduate School Claremont. CA (Ph D ) I have also earned several notable certificates of completion: Defensive Driving Advanced User of Veronica and Gopher Santa Rita Copper Mine Tour Safety Training (with Claire Todd) and Open Water SCUBA to name a few. Also I am thorough l y trained in buckling and releas ing seatbelts on planes Children: No children (other than, currently, Rosanna OurCat) preferring to adopt those rai sed by New College friends when they (the children) are starting college in southern California We take great pride in the achievements of our daughter Claire Todd, now working on a Ph.D. in geology at the Univer sity of Washington We are eager to become the loco parents of additional Todd daughters if the opportunity arises and can testify to the fine start in life provided by the biological parents (See also Personal Information submitted by Tom and/or Kay Todd.) Spouse: A John Mallinckrodt Ill Ph.D. Professor of Physics Cal Poly Pomona ; Lead guitar and vocals, Outlaws of Physics; Politi cal Commentator Work Information: Higher Education Consultant ; Property Management and Unlicensed General Contractor Specializ ing in Deferred Maintenance ; Personal Secretary, Chauffer, and CPA (also unlicensed) for Genevieve Worby ; Professor of English Emerita, California State Polytechnic Univer sity, Pomona (1969-2004) Awards, Books, Etc.: Professor Emerita Cal Poly Pomona, awarded June 15, 2004 ; First Recipient of the Engraved Silver Pocket Flask and of the Bronze Dolphin Trophy of Appreciation awarded by the Faculty of California State University


Channel Islands, May 15, 2004 (upon my resignation as Director of Faculty Development for this new campus); Improving Student Writing: A Guidebook for Faculty in All Disciplines (with A. Moss), currently in its 9th (1Oth?) printing Kendall/ Hunt. Various articles too boring to mention ; See Certificates of Completion above. Why Choose NC: Letter of acceptance Distance from Eau Claire, Wis. making prohibitive weekend trips to (or from) parents. Recommendation from a college dropouUitinerant musician (first of several as it turns out) who made a stop in Sarasota on my behalf and talked with Millie Ellis. Scholarship support Size of college quality of all print materials (nice colors, not glossy neat pockets), curriculum and philosophy sounded good, I d heard of Arnold Toynbee (mentioned in the first letter I received) photos of attractive prospective students (Esther Lynn looked like Miss America). Neat logo Ringling Brothers once came to Eau Claire. I like to swim First Hear About NC: Received a letter from New College (still have it I'm sure) inviting National Merit Finalists to request more info. (I learned in 1987 that Bob Norwine recruited heavily among Merit Scholars in places like Eau Claire where students wouldn't think to apply to Princeton, Wellesley, Yale) Favorite Classes: First-year core humanities lectures (especially art and music); Star walks on the beach in front of the Lido Art studio on Saturday mornings; All fiction seminars; Independent Study (with Jeanie Steele) in BostoniCohasseU Woods Hole (calculus and oceanog raphy, sort of); Independent Study with Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala Favorite Professors: I loved them all but found New College PR outings most memorable (I gave a short piano recital following a lecture by Professor Arnold Toynbee, my most solid opening act and quite possibly providing a bigger draw than Carol Worby Pianist) Favorite NC Memory: Too hard (the question, not the college) Public Nudity: Don't remember any public nudity at all if you mean full-frontal and in shared or public space (outside of dorm rooms or for the sake of Fine and Performing Arts) Does underwater count? I m sure Public Nudity didn t happen during the Charter Class Years, at least not after we learned that a donor withdrew support after seeing Dively walk barefoot to class. We were all eager to do our part to provide Sarasotans with the local college they envisioned. I don t believe that Charter Class Members shoulder any responsibility for subsequent rumors, folklore and legend, acts of nudity after we left and performed in solidarity with the Charter Class, etc Drugs at NC: See above regard ing public nudity Kids to NC: Yes, especially if they were grade grovelers. Where after NC: Bud Holder and I went to Peoria to pick out brides maids dresses at Jeanne Rosenberg's dad s shop Then to our wedding in Eau Claire Then to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to graduate school for me and BFA for Bud Last time at NC: A couple years ago while at a conference in Tampa, I stayed at the Golden Host on Tamiami Trail, visiting New College and attending a BoT dinner (with Kenny and Abby and Esther Lynn) Most like to see: Activities for reunion week end: Betsy Vacher Carter NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 97 Wampus Way, Fairfield, CT 06430-2541 E-mail: I Home Phone: 203255-2911 I Work Phone: Work Information: Hamden School District, Teacher


Charter Class Alumni In Memorium Laurence L. Alexander (NC 65) Deceased Date: 6/1/1989 Martha Caldwell (NC '64) William A Chadwick (NC '64) Deceased Date : 11/1/1988 Reid Diamond (NC '64) Stephen W. Hall (NC '65) Deceased Date : 8 / 14/1995 Kenneth R Hammond (NC 64) Deceased Date : 11/28/2003 William J. Hedrington (NC '66) Deceased Date : 1971 Ted Held (NC '64) Richard Dale Hickam (NC '65) Deceased Date : 4 / 4/2002 Owen Holder (NC '64) Deceased Date : 12/10/1986 Sarah Jarrell (NC '64) Helen H. Kenison (NC 66) Deceased Date: 3/16/1993 Sarah Ludwig (NC '64) Deceased Date : 9/5/1985 Thomas M. McDaid (NC '65) Wendy Moore (NC '66) William D. Patterson (NC '66) Leo Peruzzi (NC 64) Alfred L. Scheinberg (NC '66) Deceased Date : 2/28/1992 Diana Spear Kezar (NC '64) George L. Wargo (NC '65) Deceased Date : 2002 Charter Class Alumni: We Lost Track! (Help Us Find Them!) Non-Graduates are in All Caps J i m Ackerman MICHAEL ARNOLD DON BATEMAN JULIE BEASLEY ROBERT BECKHAM DOLPH BEZOIER MARY BLAKELEY Barbara Bloodwell Carol Brag insky MELLENA BRIDGES PHILIP BUNCH AUDREY BURl Steven Cabral Bill Caldwell MARTHA CALDWELL RITA CHRISTENSEN Patricia Cole EVELYN COLE FRANK COOK RICHARD COWEN JAMES DAVIS ROBERT DIXON Lawrence Dunlap PENELOPE EAVES BONNIE ENNEKING TIMOTHY FRITZ FELICE GEBHARDT DANIEL GORDON DENNIS GREENE Ann Hart ERIK HAZELHOFF MICHAEL HOKE JULIE HUFF ANNA JACOBSON DANIEL JAECKS PATRICIA JOY RICHARD KAINZ JAY KAWATSKI ROBERT KENISON Roland King STEPHEN KNIFFIN STEPHEN KNOWLES DAVID KOLAR ARON KRONENBERG MARKUS KRYGER Ann Lake ROBERT LANE FRANKLARY LEONARD LEWIS MARGARET LYNDE PATRICK MACCARTNEY PAUL MACNEIL Robert Mallett KENNETH MARUSKIN DONALD MCDONALD RICHARD MICHAELS Denise Miller BONNIE MILLER FRANK MINER Ill MICHAEL MOORE MICHAEL MORRIS SHARON MORRIS Will i am Nunez THOMAS O MEARA ELIZABETH PANOS STEPHEN PARR William Patterson JEANINE PETERS Mary Lou Phillips William Powell Karle Prendergast ANDREW RALPH WILLIAM RALPHS SCOTIRATIET Ann Rogers DAVIDROGG Sandra Rugel Tom Sanford MOLLY SANFORD CRAIG SCHENCK DAVID SCHREIER JON SHAUGHNESSY BEVERLY SHOEMAKER Patricia Sieminski ELIZABETH STEPHENS LINDA STEWART BEATRICE STODOLA KENNETH SWAIN Eric Thurston ELLEN TISDALE RICHARD WALL DENNIS WATERS ALEXANDER WHITE FREDERICK WHITELAW JR Allen Whitt Gary Williams FLORENCE WILLIAMS Richard Yates SARAH YEE


Charter Class Faculty and Staff Furman C Arthur Address: 8231 Coash Road Sarasota FL, 34241 E-mail: f urmanc@earth lin k net I Home phone: 941-927-2660 Douglas C. Berggren Address: 300 South Shore Dr i ve Sarasota FL 34234 E-mail: bberggren@ncf edu I Home phone: (941) 355 5604 Sam Black NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 3312 35th St. NW Washington DC 20016 E-mail: sb l ack@ssd com I Home Phone: I Work Phone: 202-626-6887 Higher Education: Yale Un i v (BA) ; Georgetown Uni v ( JD); Georgetown Uni v (Graduate study i n Econom i cs) Children: M i chael 26 Bowdoin (' 00) Mot i on Picture Product i on ; Julia 22 Cornell ('07);Andrew 18 Tufts (' 08) Spouse: Deborah Hastings Black Med i ator DC Super i or Court Work Information: Squires Sanders and Dempsey LLP : Sen ior Counsel. Awards, Books, Etc.: Why Choose NC : Opportunity to teach i n a progressive college environment. First Hear About NC: Thru Ne ll Eurich (one of the founders of the college ) Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Public Nudity: Drugs atNC: KidstoNC: Where after NC: U S Army 1966-69 Last time at NC: 1966 Most like to see: Mrs Kay R i ley Activities for reunion weekend: Madeline Bolin Address: 2718 Marshall Dr Sarasota, FL 34239 E-mail: I Home phone: 941955-4935 Laszlo Deme Address: 426 North Shore Dr ive, Sarasota FL 34234 E-mail: I Home phone: ( 941) 355-1918 Millie Ellis Address: 4639 Guava Court Sarasota FL 34234-4535 E-mail: I Home phone: (941) 355-6425 Mary Lindsay Elmendorf Landgraf NC Entering Year: 1965 ( as w ife of President John Elmendorf) Address: 601 Tyler Drive Sarasota FL 34236 E-mail: I Home Phone: 941-388-1184 /Work Phone: Fax : 941-388-2383 Higher Education: Union Graduate School (PhD Anthropol ogy) ; Un i v of North Carol i na, Chapel Hill (BA PublicAdmin. and Social Work) ; Haverford College (Certificate of Relief and Reconstruct i on) ; lnst i tutoAIIende San Miguel de Allende (MA Art) Children: C. Lindsay Elmendorf 56 Retired State Department ; Susan Roberts 54, Mother Spouse: John Landgraf Ret ir ed Anthropo logi st ; Dean Ful br i ght Adm i n Work Information: Ret i red anthropo logi st (st ill wr i ting and preparing archival mater ial f or the Sm i thsonian the Smathers Libra ry at the Univ. of Flor i da and the Ne w College Arch i ves at the Jane Cook Library on the early New Colleg e years 1965-1972 and John E l mendorf's contr i but i ons letter s p u b l ications collect i ons etc Awards, Books, Etc. : Margaret Mead Award ; Honorary PhD U of North Carol ina; Rec Aztec Eag l e ; Publ i shed 7 books 57 art i cles Attended all the UN Conferences on Women ('75 80 85 95 ) : co presenter panelist, etc ; Appointed by Pres i dent Carter as US Repre sentat i ve to the Un i ted Nat i ons Conference on Water Why Choose NC: Accompanied my husband who l eft Brown Univer sity, to try to he l p save New Co l lege Assumed responsbilty for des i gn i ng and recruit ing Sisster City Program in Dom i nican Republic etc First Hear About NC: For the Ford Foundation s AI Sm ith, and from my husband John Favorite Classes: Favorite Professors: Favorite NC Memory: Gett ing ear l y accred i tation ; F i rst gradua t i ons i ncluding the farewell dinners ; First acceptance i n graduate school. Public Nudity: DrugsatNC: Kids to NC: Where after NC: Last time at NC: Most like to see: I would hope that the facu l ty/ staff / adminstrators for the targeted classes be i ncluded in some luncheon, along with ex wives / widows Perhaps the town hall brunch They along w ith the stu dents are together responsible for


-New College continuing as an institution after its premature birth in 1964! Activities for reunion week end: Jim Feeney Address: 937 6th Street Phila delphia PA, 19147 E-mail: I Home phone: 215-465-6155 Cope Garrett Address: 8303 Midnight Pass Road Sarasota FL 34242-2703 E-mail: I Home phone: (941) 349-9333 Dave Gorfein NC Entering Year: 1965 Address: 3804 Summercrest Drive Fort Worth TX 76109 E-mail: gorfe i n@uta edu I Home Phone: 817-926-7039 I Work Phone: 817-272-3200 Higher Education: City College of NY (BA, 1956) ; Columbia Univer sity (MA, 1957 ; PhD 1962) Children: Aaron Spence Gorfein 36 Attorney ; William Gorfein, 17 High School Senior Spouse: Julia Gorfein Retired School Psychotherapist Work Information: Retired adjunct research professor Univ of Texas, Arlington Awards, Books, Etc.: Fellow Division 3 (Experimental Psychol ogy) American Psychological Association Why Choose NC: Sounded like an interesting job. First Hear About NC: When I was called by the new head of the Social Science Division who found my vita at Columbia University Favorite Classes: Senior Thesis supervision ISP supervision, research seminars Favorite Professors: William K Smith Peter Buri, Rodger Griffin, Doug Berggren among others Favorite NC Memory: Students going to bat for me over tenure i ssues Public Nudity: Somehow 1 avoided that. Drugs at NC: None as a student Kids to NC: I would but my older son thought I might be a tough act to follow there If anyone can convince W ill to apply I'm for ithe th i nks its too small. Where after NC: Next 21 years at Adelphi Un i versity NY 18 as cha i r of Psychology and the remain i ng three getting away from there Last time at NC: Reunion in 2000. Other Memories: Having two students (Sharon and Irving) volun teer to cook Thanksgiving dinner at my home and be i ng awakened to an argument between the two as to which end of the turkey is to be stuffed Most like to see: Just about any I had contact with Activities for reunion week end: Cris Hassold Address: New College Division of Humanities, 5700 N Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34243 E-mail: hassold@ncf edu 1 Home phone: 941-359-4793 (office) Robert H. Knox Address: 2700 Virginia Avenue #1207, Washington DC 20037 E-mail: r I Home phone: 202-965-2282 Mike Mather NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 59 Saybrook PI, Buffalo NY 14209-1106 E-mail: g mather@ade l ph i a net 1 Home Phone: 716-884 2964 1 Work Phone: Higher Education: Trinity College Bowling Green S U., B A 62 ; Bowling Green S U., M A 65 ; UC Irv i ne Ph. D., '71 Children: Catherin 30, teacher & Globe-trotter ; Eillen 27 Sen i or Events Special i st, Getty Museum L A Spouse: Lynn (Moss) Mather Professor of Law and Polit i cal Science Suny-buffalo ; Director of Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy Suny-Buffalo Work Information: Retired Awards, Books, Etc.: 3rd Place Ma l e 55-59 Amesbury ,MA, Old Home Days 5K Race July 1996 Why Choose NC: John French the first college examiner h i red me as his research ass i stant do ing psychometr i c analysis on the charter class First Hear About NC: at the eastern Psychological Associat i on job market in Feb. 1964 Favorite Classes: I taught a course in group dynamics i n 1966 i t was d i sastrous Favorite Professors: F i llmore Sanford and John French in very different ways inspired me to seek a Ph D Favorite NC Memory: A small hurricane in Sept. 1965 ; the destruc tion of a car thought to have been abandoned in the dorm park ing lot April1966 Public Nudity: Drugs at NC: Kids to NC: probably not Where after NC: UC Irvine Last time at NC: About 1990 Most like to see: Many!! Activities for reunion week-end: Gail Mead Address: 1895 Clemat i s Street Sarasota FL 34239 E-mail: I Home phone: 941954-3447


A. Mc .A. ("Mac } Miller NC Entering Year: 1964 Address: 120 Dickman Drive SW Rusk i n FL 33570 E-mail: miller@ncf edu I Home Phone: 813-645-3842 1 Work Phone: 941-359-4360 (NCF Division of Humanities #) Higher Education: Princeton Univ (AB 55-59) ; Duke Univ (MA '59-62 ; PhD 66) ; Command and Genera l Staff College Graduate Children: Auden 42 Paramedic ; Eloise 36 Route Driver ; Nathan, 32 Home helper ; Cla ire, 20 NCF student part time model ; Kylie 5 k i ndergarten! Spouse: Me l anie Hubbard (NC 84) Ph .D., Assistant Professor at Univ of Tampa Work Information: Retired officially from from O l d New on November 30 2004 Awards, Books, Etc. : Aw shucks Why Choose NC: Read an exc i ting tutorial i n the Denver Post while on Army act i ve duty i n Colo rado. First Hear About NC: See above Favorite Classes: Anything with Dr. Doug Berggren! Favorite Professors: Charter faculty survivors Favorite NC Memory: Playing double agent during the Vietnam war protests at old New Public Nudity: When a sunbath ing alumna was (on her second floor balcony in Pei) being spied upon by Sarasota police who had cli mbed pine trees on the west side of Hwy 41! Drugs at NC: Aw, shucks Kids to NC: Daughter Cla i re is now a student. Where after NC: Back to Rusk i n (my hometown) to clean house back to the New CollAge Magazine office to edit. Last time at NC: Today! Other Memories: Charter class males i n the Barn," females in the Natural Sciences lab as dorms when the Landmark Hotel threw 'em all out! Inventing a Pei dorm (and B dorm) room-numbering system so complex that cops can t write a correct search warrant without entering the complex f i rst. Most like to see: Mary Elmendorf Capta i n Sty l es Dean of Adm i ssions Bob Norw i ne Records Officer Nancy Ferraro Activities for reunion week end: Do a k i d-fr i endly cruise on the bay (can charter from Cortez). Babysitt i ng "poo l"! (my b i g daughter can coord i nate this if you w i s h). John Morrill Address: 3866 Bay Shore Road Sarasota FL 34234 E-mail: morrill@ncf edu I Home phone : (941) 355-3245 Robert J. Norwine Address: 405 Pheasant Way, Sarasota FL 34236-1915 E-mail: I Home phone: 94 1 366 0757 Peter Odell Address: 15 8th Street St. Augustine FL, 32080 E-mail: pwo10@aug com I Home phone: 904-940 5325 Prudence Rains Address: 4059 Hampton Ave., Montreal QC Canada H4A 2L 1 E-mail: prains@po-box I Home phone: 514-481-8653 William K. Smith Address: 7 Ham i lton Drive Lexington, VA, 24450 E-mail: wksmath@rockbr i dge net (note : the a in wksmath is not a typo! ) I Home phone: Jane Stephens Address: 5941 Palm Lane A pt. A-23 Bradenton FL 34201 E-mail: stephe ns@ncf. edu I Home phone : (941) 756-6176 Capt. Ralph E. Styles Address: 99 Beach Road Sarasota FL 34242-2035 E-mail: I Home phone: ( 941 ) 349-1123



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