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Nimbus (Fall 1989)
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New College Nimbus (Volume 6, Number 1, Fall 1989)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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Fall 1989


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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Fourteen page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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new COLLeGe nimBUS Volume 6, Number 1 Fall1989 Dean Barylski Resigns Will research and teach Soviet politics and Soviet-American relations by John Meyer, Director of Public Affairs Dr. Robert V. Barylski, Campus Dean of the University of South Florida at Sarasota since 1979, has tendered his resigna tion to return to teaching at USF. Barylski will conclude his service as Campus Dean on January 1, 1990, but could remain longer to assist in the transition to a new acting dean. Following that, Barylski said he will enter a one-year sabbatical before returning to teaching in USF's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences where he plans to continue his research and to teach Soviet politics and Soviet-American relations. He said, "This is an exciting time, the perfect time for this transition back to teaching in my field." Diaz-Balart Sparks Lively Discussion Florida State Senator Lincoln Diaz-Balart '72, right, with students, from left, Jeff Lagozzino, Andrew Gottlieb, Shannon Payne, Mike Campbell and Roberto Pacheco "I'd sit down with the devil with the horns to discuss free elections in Cuba," said Lincoln Diaz-Balart, a 1976 graduate of New College and conservative Republican state senator from Miami, Florida, during a recent round table discussion on socialism in Cuba and Nicaragua. Par ticipants Diaz-Balart and Dr. Harry Vanden, U.S.F. political science professor, generated an evening filled with provoca tive discussion, to the delight of the audience and the students who organized the forum. For more information about the event and Diaz-Balart, see page 3.


PAGE2 Alums & Students Reach Out and Touch Phone Pledges Total $75,000 When 38 alums and students steeled their courage in October and called alums to for financial support for New College, they ehcited pledges totaling $75,000. And, they had fun doing it! Over 90% of alums who were reached made a pledge. Special thanks are due to Mary Ruiz '73, who proved chairing the event bas nothing to do with sitting down, and to all the alums and students who so generously contributed their time and efforts. A number of local businesses, including several owned by alums, provided goods and services to help out. Grand prize winners were John Esak '67, who won a week in Vail, Colorado, for accumulating the highest total of pledge amounts, and student Karen Stasiowski, who won a radio/cassette player for receiving the most pledges from new donors. Those of you we couldn't reach, including the hundreds for whom our only contact was through your answering machines, still have a chance to be part of this year's fund drive and help us reach our goal of $100,000. For information about the newest alumnae/i project, see Ben Ford's request for Help!!, in the box to your right. Phone #s in 1990 Directory? A number of alums have requested the inclusion of phone numbers in the next alumnae / i directory. Before making the final decision, we want to know how many of you object to having your phone number published If you do not want your home phone published in next year's directory, please send notice to the Alumne/i Office or call either Mark Mudge ( 415-968-2016) or Carol Ann Wilkinson (813-359 4324) Let us know, also if your unpublished number can be given out for limited association use special projects, chapter events, etc. NIMBUS, FALL 1989 Student Dwight Trieber is shown with the infrared spectophotometer which New College was able_ to "pu:chase" through the Gifts in Kind Clearing House. A wtde vanety of products are available to member colleges who bid their points to obtain items donated by businesses which no longer need them. New College has benefited from its membership. If your business has a "white elephant" which a college could use, contact Gifts in Kind Clearing House, P.O. Box 850, Davidson, NC 28036, 704-892-7228. HELP!! Plans are in progress for beginning the Alumnaeji Fellow program in 1990 by Ben Ford The alurnnae/i association board is currently drawing up plans for the Alumnae/i Fellow program, which will be in place by fall 1990 .. We'd like to hear any strong feeling or thoughts you have on how this new program might best be structured to benefit the college and our goal of increasing alum-student interaction. We plan to bnng_ alums to teach, lead seminars, sponsor ISPs, etc. The current tdea IS that we bring down one person per year, for a semester and an ISP, as a visiting facultymember. We arc working with the faculty (through the Provost) to find out what is really possible. Here are some of the questions to which we need to work out answers: Should the program focus mainly on bringing alums who are academia? Should we try to fiJI gaps the faculty perceive in the acadeffilC program, or should we try to get the best people for the college we regardless of their fields? Are there areas where alums have a perspective to offer? With what format would we make the best dtf ference? d We'll be moving as quickly as we can on this, in order to get It starte next year, so we need any input soon. Send thoughts to the alumnae/! office. Thanks! Ben Ford '83 and Raben Westeifeldl 79 are the alunmae/i board members heading up planning for the Alumnae/i Fellow program.


NIMBUS FALL 1989 PAGE3 A Political Rarity Lincoln Diaz-Balart: a politician with both convictions and a sense of humor As an undergraduate at New College Lincoln Diaz Balart '72 was involved in both campus and local politics. The former president of the Young Democrats is now a Republican state senator from Miami, Florida, and is ri ing to the forefront of Florida politicians. by Roberto Pacheco had been looted and burned. They never returned to Cuba. Diaz-Balart was elected to the Florida Legislature in 1986 by the largest mar gin of any state representative. During his fresh man term, he was chosen by his colleagues as the "Best in Debate." In 1988, he was reelected to a second legislative term without opposition and also served as national co chairman of "His panics for Bush" during the presiden tial campaign. As a House member, Diaz-Balart was New College alum and Florida State Senator Lincoln Diaz-Balart Diaz-Balart pursued his interest in Cuban history and politics at New Col lege. His thesis on the subject remains notable to this day for two reasons: first, it was one of the first teaching theses; and, second, it was one of the first theses to undertake a comprehensive study of a major Latin Amer ican country. Continu ing the family tradition, Diaz-Balart went on to receive his J.D. from Case Western Reserve Law School. He is presently associated with the distinguished Miami law firm Fowler, chairman of the Banking and Commerce subcommittee and served on the House Appropriations Committee. In 1989, Diaz-Balart won a special election for an open seat in the Florida Senate with 83 percent of the general vote. In the Senate, he serves as vice chairman of the Health and Rehabilita tive Services committee and is a mem ber of the Joint Select Committee on Growth Management Implementation. Senator Diaz-Balart, despite his many responsibilities and engage ments, finds the time to promote New College and assist in any way he can. He has worked to encourage Hispanic recruiting for New College in the Miami area. Diaz-Balart recently visited the New College campus to participate in a round-table discussion on socialism in Cuba and Nicaragua organized by O.J.M.E.L.A., the Jose Martf Or ganization for Latin American Studies. This student organization is dedicated to promoting Latin American studies at New College and fostering understanding between the campus and Hispanic communities. Although it was only formed in spring 1989, O.J .M.E.L.A. has quickly become one of the broadest based and most active organizations at New College. Diaz-Balart has been an ardent supporter of O.J.M.E.L.A. from the onset and was delighted by the oppor tunity to participate in this group's first organized event. The topic, Socialism in Cuba and Nicaragua, is one on which Diaz-Balart was raised. His grandfather and father were both active lawyer-politicians in Cuba. His aunt, Mirta, was married to the young Fidel Castro. But eventually, the Diaz-Balarts and Castro took oppos ing political stands. The family was in Paris when they learned of Castro's takeover and heard that their home White, Burnette, Hurley, Banick and Strick root. During his political career, Diaz Balart's philosophy has remained con stant anti-communist. The round table discussion organized by O.J .M.E.L.A. and moderated by New College Professor Terry Palls was held on campus on Friday, November 3, 1989, and at tended by about 100 guests. The par ticipants were Diaz-Balart and Dr. Harry Vanden, political science professor at University of South Florida. Diaz-Balart displayed not only his knowledge, but also his wit and political acumen. As one guest later commented, "He's a rarity among politicians, possessing both convictions and a sense of humor." Thanks to Diaz-Balart and Dr. Van den, the discussion was a smashing success. New College student Robetto Pacheco is a jow1ding member of OJ.M.ELA.


PAGE4 NIMBUS FALL 1989 Ne11V' College, Govemance and You USF President Borkowski appoints Sarasota Campus Academic Structure Task Force to i dent ify and evaluate alternative administrative relationships between New College the University programs and the office of the Provost on the Tampa campus President Borkowski has initiate d a long-awaited review of USF's re l ations with its various branch campuses. This review is of vital importance to New College As most a l ums know, our ad ministrative relationship with USF since the 1975 merger has been anything but smooth. These internal tensions be came quite evident in recent years, as local USF administrators were fre quently at odds with the New College community. The issue of campus governance came to the fore this summer, immedi ately after Bob Benedetti resigned as Provost. Dr. Benedetti's letter of resig nation stated that "It is time for the governance structure on this campus to change." And the implications of his resignation letter were widely dis cussed, with the "St. Petersburg Times" headlining its story: "New College chief resigns, cites power battle with USF." As one result, a new committee (Sarasota Campus Academic Structure Task force) was formed. It will exp l ore options for improving governance on the Sarasota campus. Further details about the task force, its composition and its mandate can be found in the accom panying Nimbus article. With the an nounced departure of Dean Robert Barylski, this group's deliberations ap pear especially important. Fundamen tal structural changes at New College are more l ikely now, given the absence of an incumbent Provost or Dean Are these possible changes good or bad for New College? Will they result in more autonomy for us within the Tampa structure, or will the USF ad ministration attempt to absorb New College? At this stage, nothing is cer tain with the following exception. It is clearly important for alumnae/i, and all others who really care about New College, to register their opinions during this review process. Although the Tampa administration did not place an alum on the task force, the alumna eli association intends to involve itself in these discussions, and to defend strong-by R obert W ester f eldt l y N e w College's a ut o n omy Yo u too can speak o u t b y wri t ing to individ u al members of th e tas k force ( see b oxe d article) or to USF Provost Gerry M eise l s a t t h e ad d ress b elow This review will b e the most c ru c i al exchange of i d eas since the merger. In fact, this governance discussion can be viewed as an extension of both the merger negotiat i ons and the debate surrou n ding t h em Please t ake the time t o write those involved in the governance revie w and let them know what sort of fut ure you w o u l d like to see for New College. Roberl Westeifeldt 79 is a membe r of Ole alwnnae/i board of directors and a graduate student at Columbia University. Sarasota Campus Academic Structure Task Force The following list names the members of the Sarasota Cam pus Academic Structure Task Force, whic h has been asked to identify and evaluate alter native adm i nistrative relationships between New College, University Pro gram and the office of the Provost on the Tampa Campus. They are already a t work and have requested members of the campus community, including alums, to submit concerns, ideas and alternatives, in writing, as soon as possible. T h ese shou l d be sent to Nancy Ferraro at the Records Office, Building D, 5700 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243. The Task Force includes: Dr. Sam Gou ld, Chair, a trustee of New College Foundation and former chancellor ofS.U.N.Y. Professor Laszlo Deme, New College historian Professor Peter Kazaks, New College physicist Professor Douglas Berggren, New College philosopher Mr. Eric Schickler, New College student Professor Horace Gordon, Director of the Bi-County Center for Engineering, Sarasota Campus Professor Tom Ness, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, USF College of Business Mr. Tom Pellegrino, University Program student Mr. Jim Scheurenbrand, President, First Florida Bank, Sarasota Ms. Nancy Ferraro, Director of Records and Registration, Sarasota Campus Dr. Bernard Mackey, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs, USF (Tampa Campus) Dr. Gerry Meisels is U.S.F.'s provost. His address is Office of Provost, ADM 226, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa FL 33620.


NIMBUS, FALL 1989 Busy Fall! by BenFord It's been a busy summer and fall at New College. Here are some of the happenings most of this info comes from Interim Provost Bate's most recent report: Admissions is on a roll. There were more applicants for admission to this fall's class than there have been in seventeen years; fourth highest total ever. There are lots of pretty stats about the new students, but I don't like SAT scores, so if you want to know stuff like that you can call the admissions office and they'll be happy to tell you. Suffice it to say that more people are applying, and more of those admitted are coming, than was the case not too many years ago. The two new students whom I've met are nice folks, to boot. Impressive new faculty: Aron Edidin, philosophy, is the first NC alum to be appointed to a regular faculty position. Catherine Elliott, economics, and Suzanne Sherman, chemistry, are the other new members. An exciting (?) new addition to housing options at NC: In August the college took over the Viking Motel property to the north; about 25 students now live there. The Counseling Center has moved from E Building to the Parkview House Gust north of the Natural Sciences buildings), and has a new director, Dr. Anne Fisher. After a rough last year with very little in the way of counseling support available to students, thing are fmally back in gear in this area. Dr. Anne Fisher, new director of counseling services There are handicapped access ramps springing up all over campus. Someone must have let loose a breeding pair. Other construction projects, however, are still invisible to the naked eye. The folks at the Foundation are pretty confident that construction on the Caples cam pus art facility will begin soon, but I'll believe it only when I see it, knowing how the state system works. Come to one of the reunions and see it all for yourselfl Ben Ford '83 is the new chair of the Nimbus Edilorial Committee and a graduate student at University of Oregon in Euf!Jne. PAGE5 Aron Edidin '73 Alwn Becomes Professor by Drew Howlett With his appointment this fall as associate professor of philosophy, Aron Edidin '73 became the first New College alum to take a tenure track professorship at New College. Aron left his associate professorship of philosophy at Notre Dame for the opportunity to return to New College. Commenting on his eight years at Notre Dame and the contrast in approach to education, Edidin said, ... New College and Notre Dame are on far ends of the spectrum." Edidin was immediately struck by the way New College has retained much of its uniqueness. The educational structure, basically, has not "assimilated great changes." Edidin says that the most important constant is narrative evaluations in place of grades. One change he sensed was a slight increase in for mality. "Many more people addressed me as professor than I would have expected." What Edidin also finds surprising and amusing is noticing how many present New College professors taught him. "It is most incongruous having the same institutional relationship as those who were teaching when I was still a student here." Edidin took note of the development and improve ment of campus. He noted one distinct improvement: the overpass connecting Hamilton Center/Pei dorm area with the bayside campus. "Not having to dodge traffic on 41 is a welcome change for the better." The flexibility and open-endedness of New Col lege is still here. Almost anything is possible. Edidin said there's nothing about the way New College is now that restricts academic freedom. Edidin, enrolled as a student during the merger, has found that 15 years later the USF merger really has made no qualitative difference in New College education. There are a few more forms to fill out, but that is a "small price to pay for the continuance of New College ... Edidin feels fortunate about being back at New Col lege. "The opportunity was a sort of dream .. .l really feel fortunate that the opening appeared when it did and people thought well of me to put me into it." Drew Howlett '84 is a New CoOef!! admissions counselor.


PAGE6 Alumnae/i Art Exhibit For all art-types (struggling or otherwise) The Annual New College Alumnae/i Art Exhibit will be held May 13-27, presented of the It is to coincide with graduation and reuruon actlVlttes to allow Ina.Xlmwn ex posure to the campus community as well as to visitors. The show's closing reception will follow commencement ceremorues on May 25, 1990. The show is open to all alumnae/i, including 1990 If you'd like to exhibit, send in the registration form before Aprill, to precede the arrival of any artwork. Pieces will be accepted only during the month of April, to allow time for appropriate planning and setup of the exhibit. All work must be original, and is limited to two entries per artist. Each piece must be securely labeled (on the back or bottom) with artist's name, title of piece, medium/a, and price. If the work is 2-D, it must be ready to hang (no glass mounting, please). Every effort will be made to show all artwork received, but space limitations may prevent exhibition of some work. Each submitting artist, however, will be represented. Unless you're delivering your work in person, ship it to the New College Alumnae/i Association, 5700 N. Tarniami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243. Any artwork not picked up by May 31 will be returned C.O.D. Sale of exhibited work will be encouraged, but no commission will be charged. If you have questions, contact Sonia Wu at 813-355-2963 (NC Admissions). NIMBUS, FALL 1989 SOUL TO SOUL A Concert in Modern M Friday, March 23, 1990, 6 p.m. New College alumni Michael Freedman '88 and Grace Roegner '89 have orchestrated an exciting evening of music and art in which Michael's expressive painting will set the stage for a concert by jazz vocalist, "Sweet Gracey". College Hall will be transformed into a gallery of bright colors and soulful sounds. The Sarasota community will join New College faculty, students and alwnni in celebrating this artistic extravaganza. represented by Corbino Galleries of downtown Sarasota, has received local and regional recognition for his figurative paintings. Since last spring, Grace and he have been work ing on Soul to Soul and have received grant support from The New Orleans Contemporary Art Center and the Florida State Arts Council. Gallery viewing will be from 6:00 to 7:00, and the concert will start immediately thereafter. Music and celebration will last through the night. Don't miss this sensual experience of sight and sound. THE ANNUAL NEW COLLEGE ALUMNAE / I ART EXHIBIT CALENDAR: January April 1990 New College Alumm and graduat i ng students may enter up to two works send in signed reg i stration form April 1 Apr i l 30 Prefer Fine Arts graduates and/or Art professionals. : A// work must be anginal and "exh i b itiOnready" All 2 0 work must be properly wifed and ready for hanging rece i v 1 ng dates May 13 May 27 exhibi tion dates June 1 work returned C O D All work must have J D Tags firmly attached RECEIPT OF REGISTRATION AND WORKS: The Art1st must pay for shippmg to New College C / 0 Carol Ann Wilkinson Alumnae /i Assoc i at i on 5700 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34243 -----------------------------------1.0. TAG #1 i REGISTRATION (Photo copies are acceptable) Artist: Title : Medium: Pnce: I I I I I I -I.D.TAG#2--i -------1 Artist: I Title: Medium : Price : I I I I I Artist: Phone: ( Title #1: Address: Title #2 : Price #1: Price #2 : All reasonable care will be g 1 ven to works subm1tted and security will be provided throughout the exhibition, however all works will be shipped handled and displayed at the artist's risk I under stand and agree that ne1ther New College nor its affiliates will be responsible for loss or damage of any work while m transit or i n their custody Signed registration must be received prior to acceptance of any artwork SIGNATURE----------------MTE __


NIMBUS FALL 1989 PAGE7 Class Notes -Sixties David Adams '67 is an assistant professor of art history at the University of Nevada, Reno. He recently presented a paper on American stained glass at the 29th Seminar on Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass and will present one on an American Expres sionist designer at a session of the Col lege Art Association annual meeting in February. Lyssa Anderson '69 and Jack Butter worth made the '89 Reunion a part of their honeymoon. Lyssa says her nine year old son has agreed to accept Har vard as his second choice if he can t go to New College. Claudia Blair '66 became program admini strator in August for the im munology program at the National In stitute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health Congratulations to Jeanne Bojarski '69 and Grant Stauffer on the birth of their daughter, Alexandra Jeanne Bojarski-Stauffer on Feb. 8, 1989. Jeanne worked at her job as manager of technical writing at C.S.I. to the day Sasba (a.k.a. the Great Wally Bear) was born. Grant takes care of Sasha and writes in his spare time." His poem, "Thoughts on a Judge's Order," will be published soon in New Letters (Univ of Missouri, Kan sas City). Jeanne also reports jazz is alive and well in Kansas City. N C A [_ 0 p \J L p L A l R G E. f_ L tions, but maybe if I work some old-boy networking I'll get something out of it in the long run." Glenda Cimino '64 was reelected to CLE National committee (Association of Irish Publishers); was guest poet for CND at Hiroshima Day Commemora tion; read at Navan and Dun Laoghaire Arts Weeks/Festivals; organized poetry book launches and readings for Beaver Row Press poets; studied screenwriting and is working on a historical play set in 18th Century England; hopes to come to January reunion if possible, but only if other members of 64-67 years also make the effort; still supports creative writing; ran the Creative Writing Workshop at Listowel Writers Week in Kerry, Ireland; does tarot readings; plans to run an experiential tarot workshop on the archetypes. Mimi Don nay '66 is stilJ working with the same airline computer reservations system, now named SystemOne Corp. Fortunately, she is still able to continue her travels. To date, Mimi has been to Russia, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Mac Brenner '69 and his wife, Lezlie Kinyon, have formed a partnership and produce media programming for and about earthPlease send all orders & inquiries to the above address or phone 11. Checks or Money Orders ONLY. Please include a DAYTIME phone II with any order ITEM New College Tank; White New College Tank ; Gray Kid s N .C. Sweat: Blue N C Polo; Dark Blue My shipping address is: N.C Long-sleeve T; White N C Logo Sweat; White Egypt, San Juan, St. Thomas ("shopper's heaven"), Orlando ( Mickey's place"), New Orleans ( fun city"), San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. She promises to inundate you with photos of her trips if you visit her in Miami. Jean Feingold '65 is an extension marketing agent for the University of Florida. Her job, to develop and manage a farmers' market, has three parts: actual market promotion and management, handling ways and means for building a permanent market build ing with State grant money, and writing a book on how one does all of this. Jean likes the agriculture business. "The people are refreshingly real and sin cerely grateful for the help I give them in making more money. She recently won the state award in the Public Infor mation Awards competition sponsored by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents for her customer newsletter. Any New Collegians who would like a free subscription may write Jean at 1112 NE 4th St. Gainesville FL SIZE f It 1 I f(,F QUANTITY PRICE $10 95 $10 95 $12 50 $18.95 $19 95 $32.95 I centered minority religions. "I still think NC was a big FL residents add 7% sales tax Postage & Handling $3 00 waste of time, Total money and emo-


PAGES NIMBUS, FALL 1989 Class Notes-Sixties (cor1irued) 32601. Also Jean would like to know if anyone has news of Bill Powell '65. Deirdre Fennessy '65 says she enjoys reading about old friends and the saga of New College. "The original flavor seems to be alive and well." Alexis Finlay '69 is an ophthal mologist, but has also founded, with her brother, Vermont Sheep Creamery, which supplies ewe's milk yogurt to New York restaurants and gourmet food stores. She has a two-year-old daughter. Kathy Graves Spriestersbach '67 recently married musician (classical guitar) and artist Alan Spriestersbach. Their family now includes four girls three teens and one preteen. "What a delight to watch them mature and spread their beautiful wings." Bruce Guild '64 and wife, Linda Con vissor '70, have been in North Carolina now for ten years. They are enjoying raising their son, David, and are in volved in Chapel Hill planning activities. Linda is working with Heartland, a real estate pre-development company out of Seattle, and Bruce works for Mitsubishi Semiconductor in Durham. Barbara Hanna Sheldon '66 says it's been fun being on the City Council and being mayor of a full service small town (Banning, Calif., population 19,300) in a growing community. Banning is along I-10 in Southern California in a moun tain pass just before descending into the Palm Springs area. Her son, Michael Hanna, is applying to colleges for next fall and her daughters, Judy and Caroline Sheldon, are in kindergarten and third grade. Jim Hungelmann '67 moved last year from a 10-year legal career to assume overall management responsibility for the McDonald's Business Division of the J.R.Simplot Company, McDonald's principal processed potato supplier worldwide. In his free time he enjoys the mountain sports golf, skiing, hiking, etc. and especially doing 11-year-old things with his daughter. Congratulations to Marilyn Von Seg gern and Timothy Kohler '68 on the birth of their second child, Sander Van Seggern Kohler, in summer 1988. Recently, Timothy' s been spending summers directing excavations at Ban delier National Monument in New Mexico. During the rest of the year he teaches at Washington State University. Rod Kohler '69 has left Synergistic Communications, an adventure in inter national electronic funds transfer co founded with Bruce Hutcheon '69, which has employed several NC grads. Rod, his wife, Suzanne, and sons, Dan (3) and Ryan (4), have retreated to Northern Calif. (Napa Valley) where Rod practices country law and attends World Series games that feature major earthquakes. Thornton Joins Foundation Staff Robert H. "Rab" Thornton, New College director of adm i ssions since 1984, was appointed vice president for development at the New College Foundation in August. Thornton is known to many al u ms not only from his admissions work, but also beacuse of his efforts in helping es tablish the alurnnae/i association. Under Thornton's leadership, the admissions office has flourished Numbers, statl> and New College's national recognition have all in creased during his tenure. Thornton frequently lectures, n a t ioanlly and internationally, on ad missions choices by se l ective colleges. He served on the USA Today panel which selected the 20 most outstand ing high school students in the nation. Thornton's considerable ener gies will now be directed to develop ing support for New College. NCAA board member Sharon Lan desman Ramey '65 was married on July 4th to a wonderful friend and colleague, Craig Ramey. They had a great adven ture in the Far East with their three daughters and parents before returning to Chapel Hill and several joint writing projects and research. Daysi Mejia Abascal '68 is delighted to be back in touch with NC after 20 years. She says one of the best things that has happened to her has been her year as a "special student" in 1968 At present, she's married and quite in volved in her private practice as a psychotherapist in Puerto Rico. She also does lecturing and consulting work. Gordon Marsh '69 located John Wasko '69last June byway of the Seattle phone book. They met for the first time in 14 years and bad a great talk. David Middleman '69 directed The Day Room by Don DeLillo for The Rising Moon Theatre, Dallas, in Oc tober. He will be in the cast of the theatre's next production, scheduled for January. Call 214-824-9859 for infor mation. When not directing, acting and co-producing at The Rising Moon and elsewhere in Dallas theater circles, he's a private investigator. Linda Moeller-Mansour '66 has a small private practice in pediatric physi cal therapy mostly with children who have cerebral palsy. When Linda wrote, she was eagerly anticipating the arrival of an au pair to help with the bane of all working parents: child care! David Moore '65 says he's become a bureaucrat (bishop's canon for educa tion in Salt Lake City) after 13 years of parish work. But it's a great job and a stimulating challenge. His son Andrew graduated in '88 from Colorado Col lege, where Gresham Riley, former NC philosophy professor is president. Daughter Martha is a sophomore at Lewis & Clark College, Portland. Son Christopher is a sophomore at Dartmouth. Dick Ogburn '65 says his family is slowly adjusting to life in the U.S., but with one foot still in Brazil. His wife is looking for a job as a librarian and she and the boys are making good progress with English. Dick's job has posed a big challenge because of the shift from agricultural to urban/regional planning. Rob Phillips '69 writes, "I continue to be grateful for the education that I received and made for myself at New College. I'm sure that much of the will ingness that I have to take risks in my career i.e., branching out into new areas of research -is a result of the support that New College gives to in novative and creative endeavor." Andy Roman '68 says, "After practic ing intensive care nursing for a few years, I picked up on something I'd started at NC and had since let slip away: my fascination with the Continued Ofl next page


NIMBUS FALL 1989 PAGE9 Class Notes-Sixties (coriin.Jed) therapeutics of body work. I've been a licensed massage therapist for over a year now and have helped found the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists, one of whose aims it is to educate the medical and greater com munity on the healthful benefits of loving touch. I am a certified therapeutic touch practitioner and also work with a unique and powerful hands on modality known as body electronics. I also belong to a non-sectarian spiritual group, Full Life Center, that is building a healing/retreat center on our 42 acres northwest of Atlanta." Leslie Schockner '65 writes that eight years after she finished the course work, she finally finished the research project as well and was awarded an MA. in urban studies from Trinity University in May 1998. Congratulations to Stu Shenk '69 and Naydine Simonds on the arrival of their daughter Rachel Victoria in 1987 and their son, Amos, in 1989. Stu is looking for someone to exchange videos of Ger man cartoons/kid's programs for tapes of American programs or good old cold cash. His family has continued to speak German (actually Pennsylvania Deutsch) since arriving in American in 1730. "Though the 20th Century has put a severe cramp in that tradition, I'm trying my darndest to keep it alive by using Hoch Deutsch with my kids. They understand me, but reply in English. My hope is that the video tapes will show them that there are people other than Daddy who speak German." Sandra Steward London '65, a publicist in Atlanta, Ga., is editing and trying to find a publisher for Killer Fic tion, Tales of an Accused Serial Killer, written by convicted murderer Gerard John Schaefer. BiJI Westwood '68 says he enjoyed working with New College students last January via an ISP on comprehensive long-range planning. He would com mend this type of experience to alums who want a first-hand account of the school's growth and challenges in the 1990's. "I hope to be asked back!" Class Notes -Seventies Robert Allen '74 is considering .run ning for the U.S. Congress in Florida's 19th congressional district (Miami). He also sends word that Uncoln Diaz-Balart YJ2 has become a member of the Florida Senate after serving in the Florida House of Representatives for three years. Lincoln's brother, Jose Diaz-Balart YJS is the weekend anchor for Miami's Channel 4, the NBC affiliate. Kurt Amsler '71 says that after spending several years in each of Toron to, Canada (M.Sc.), Tennessee (Ph.D.), Connecticut and West Germany (post doctoral fellow), he and his wife, Penny Zaleta '73, ended up in the heart of yuppiedom (Westchester County, N.Y.) trying to adjust to life among a race of aliens with customs quite dif ferent from those of normal humans. "I think it's already a lost cause!" Carole and Chris Armen '71 are pleased to announce that they and their three-year-old son, Mitchell, traveled to Bogota, Colombia, to welcome the newest member of the family, Iris Mar garita Armen, born November 2, 1988 in Bogota and now home at last! Dale Armstrong '72 is trying to locate Martin Townsend '72. If you can help, contact Dale at RR 7, Box 149, Stillwater, Okla. 74074. Joy Barnitz '70 helped organize and presented a paper at the 5th Interna tional Conference on Bacillus Genetics & Biotechnology held in Pacific Grove, Calif., in July. In August she convened a session on novel industrial enzymes at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology in Seattle. Cheri Belz '74 and her husband, Steven Engbar, excitedly report the birth of their son, Race Belz Engbar on June 15, 1989. Hank Blumenthal '76 was line producer recently on Retum of Supeifly and Sons, two feature films. He's also worked with Spike Lee on commercials and rock videos such as Public Enemy and E. U.. He joined SAG. last year and is currently developing projects to direct. Congratulations to Paul and Leslie Boxer Glass '72 on the birth of their son, Corey, last year. Leslie is a clinical therapist in Nicholsville, Ky. Marc Buntaine '72 and his family are settled for now in Boston. MB As sociates is entering its third year as a strategic management consulting firm. Peter is in kindergarten and Julia's learning to walk. Mark says, "These are the 30's years; sometimes I feel old, sometimes I feel young. Best regards to all New College friends." Dory Cartlidge Lock '75 is now hap pily "mom-i-fied" with two-year-old Chelsea and married to Asolo designer Keven Lock. After fmishing her B.F.A. in theatre, Dory worked in public rela tions at Asolo until Chelsea's arrival. Dory is currently writing free-lance and making play-doh animals. Carole Chambliss Brannock '75 says she's hanging out with the kids and hor ses and seeing her geriatric patients in Sun City, Fla. And, no, she's not related to Dan Chambliss. Freddie Clary '70 says, After years of corporate life, I'm in a time-honored New College position I'm un employed. While I figure out what to do next, I'm enjoying the New York area." Dan Cobb '73 bas been coaching a boy's soccer team for the last two years. David '80 and Candy Hunt Cohen '79 send news that Lewis Taub '80 and his wife, Liz, have moved to Tampa, Fla., where Lewis continues to get gray hair studying internal medicine. Candy and David ran into David Leonard '80 at Bush's Inaugural Ball in January, where they met Dave's fiance, Julia. "Who would've guessed we'd end up respect able, upstanding Republicans?" While visiting Massachusetts in June, Janet Cohen Miller '70 ran into Cathy Sophian '71, who is now teaching developmental psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. Janet and Philip just had a baby boy, Reid Nathaniel. Their son Jonah is now five. They're enjoying life in the agricul tural area of Dade County, Fla., growing mangos, limes and small sailing boats. Continued 011 next page


PAGE10 NIMBUS, FALL 1989 Class Notes--Seventies (cxnirtled) Janet is home for a few months with the new baby, but has been teaching school and working as coordinator for a day treatment program for severely emo tionally disturbed/mildly mentally hand icapped teens. Bill Conerly '71 says his primary ac tivity outside of work is chasing two sons Peter Ulysses, 2 1/2, and Thomas William, 6 months though he still does some sailing. Professionally its the Usual Bull: forecasting and economic analysis for a bank in Portland, Ore. Cate (Heide) Coppotelli '75 has opened her practice as a cliiDcal and con sulting psychologist in Jacksonville, Fla. John Corrigan '71 married Angela Combrowski on September 9, 1989. John just completed his one-year term as president of the Oruo Psychologjcal Association and is looking forward to a less eventful 1990. Mark E. Davis '72 and a photographer friend covered the camel races in Virginia City, Nev., in September in hopes of publishing an article on the races. Ted DeWitt '73 fled the east coast and returned to Oregon after a post-doctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution. He's resumed his research on ecological effects of toxic compounds in marine sediments, bought a house and hopes to stay there. In October Ted traveled to Yugus lavia to present a paper and travel across Europe in search of good wine, food and art. He says his doors are open to any NC contemporaries traveling through his area Congratulations to Elias and Lori Feldman Lieberman '72 on the birth of their son, Benjamin Ephraim, on July 31. Lori says he is a constant source of wonder and delight! She is enjoying full-time mothering, having taken an open-ended break from career pursuits. "Life in Baltimore is great!" Congratulations to Marion and Rob Fish '72 on the birth of their daughter, Rebecca, in March. Rob says she already wants to do things in her own way and time "defmitely NC material." Thanks to Rob also for the update on Martin Townsend '72, who went to Northwestern University after New College and is now editing a magazine for the publishing trade in Toronto, Canada. Kemeys Goetbe'70 has lived in Tokyo for four years with his lover, Jun-sang, and his cats, Chibi and Tora, in an apartmcnt with a great view of Fuji-san. He makes a modest (and very pleasant) living teaching English. David Goldman '71 is a neurosurgeon with an academic appointment at the Oregon Health Science University Medical School and is finishing a fellowship in neuro-oncology. His wife, Linda, is a family practice physician completing a fellowship in geriatrics. Their son Brian (3 1/2) is pursuing a career as a chimney sweep, street musician and ghost-buster. Joe (1/1/2) is a rambling guy who lives on the edge. David says Portland is a good place to sail in the summer, ski in the winter and grill salmon in the rain year round. Douglas Goodfriend '70 is giving his wife, Chris, a break by enlisting the help David '80 (/) and Candy Hunt Cohen '79 ran into David Leonard '80 at the Bush inaugural ball last January. of Alex (1) and Lauren (2 1/2) as he restores his newly acquired '55 Willy's utility wagon. He says life continues to "jump like a Willy's in 4-whecl drive" and the recent move from NYC to rural New York suits them fine-gone where "the wind don't blow so strange." Mitch Grandi '70 has recently been in touch with alums Winslow Chadwick 72, Erika Walker 70 and Paul Becker '70. All are alive and well. Bunnie and Mitch are moving to Sonoma County where he will open a new chiropractic office in Windsor. Fay Hansen '73 married William Fleischman, former NC professor of economics, on August 5, 1989, in Englewood, N.J. Fay is now the editor of Personnel Management: Compensation for Prentice Hall; Bill is a labor relations specialist for the New York regional office of the Federal Labor Relations authority. Charlie Harb '71 and his wife, Rita, have two daughter, Nova and Zayna. He has managed an artistic angle in his business, Diamond State Rug Co., in his growing involvement with old and un usual Oriental rugs. After a period of dormancy, Charlie has had the privilege of continuing his ChintokanShorin-Ryu karate training. He's now third degree black belt in karate and frrst degree black in Jo (short stick). He says the proximity of Atlantic City casinos fuels his ongoing experiment in applied prob ability. Congratulations to Lisa and Glenn Hendrix '76 who have a new daughter, Kristen, born Sept. 6. Elaine Hyder '77 is attending Car negie-Mellon this fall, in the informa tion systems doctoral program. Kim Keene '77 and her husband, Les Krops, are back in Fla. Kim is an associate physician in a Sarasota chiropractic practice. They are enjoy ing the Gulf of Mexico and their active, 19-month-old daughter, Natalie Jane, whose favorite word is "Noooo!" Cathy Krall '72 "another philosophy major turned computer geek" directs distributed computer applications development for the Pen nsylvania Dept. of Environmental Resources. Facing a glutted academic job market, Cathy dropped out of grad school at Pitt, leaving her dissertation permanently incomplete. She main tains her interest in philosophy by teaching part-time at Harrisburg Area Community College. Jonathan Kroner '73 asks former friends, classmates and other alums passing through Miami to call and say hi. He says he always likes hearing from novo collegians, even those he didn't know at school. Michael '78 and Grace Puckett La Torra '77 and their 3 1/2 year-old son have left beautiful, trendy, but ultra-expensive Marin County, Calif., for beautiful, ancient, but affordable New Mexico. Michael is taking several months off from his career as a technical Continued on next page


NIMBUS, FALL 1989 PAGE 11 Class Notes--Seventies ( conirued) writer in order to complete a popularized book about evolutionary biology (and to write a screen comedy), while Grace brings home the bacon as a programmer/analyst. Later Michael will resume full-time paid employment, while Grace studies to be a midwife. "Yes, this is the stuff dreams are made of." Deanne and Seth Lipsay '78 are thrilled to announce the birth of Lauren Michelle in March 1989. Seth is an in vestment banker with UBS Securities, real estate group, in New York City. Since participating in the campus planning ISP last January, Joe Melnick '76 has joined the Society for College and University Planners and attended the annual convention in Denver. He's hoping to expand his knowledge for potential input into NC. Joe is still working for an architecture firm after a five year stint with two growing companies. His wife, Stephanie Gillespie Melnick '77 recently finished her M.S.W. at Wayne State University. Pat Moscatello '70 writes that the focus of his law practice is representation of children in child abuse cases as guardian ad litem. He also works in bankruptcy and commercial law. And yes ... he's still surfing. Debbie Olsen '71 bas owned a miniature/dollhouse business in St. Petersburg, Fla., for the past six years. She specializes in making porcelain dollhouse dolls (mostly men) and portrait doJJs. She enjoys gambling at the dog track and watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball. The patent for Sam Patterson's '74 design of "Grip Swift" was issued recently with all 26 claims granted. He hopes to make bicycle gear shifting levers obsolete. Andrew Ransick '77 received his Ph.D. from Univ. of Texas, Austin, year and is now doing post-doctoral studies in molecular and developmental biology at CalTech. Chip Reynolds '73 is taking an install ment of his retirement after five years of running a progressive political action committee and living a high intensity life in D.C. He now spends one-third of his time racing sailboats and cruising on the Chesapeake, one-third of his time work ing as a political consultant and onethird working on his plans for the 1990s. Roxanne Reddy Rohmann '78 has been climbing the ladder in electronics sales/marketing; frrst a sales administrator, then applications engineer, product manager, now an outside sales engineer. Her daughter is almost six. Roxanne's newly remarried and active on the board of the local Mensa group. Congratulations to Nancy Reichman '71 and Charlie Gwirtsman on the arrival of their son, on May 14, 1989. Bill Rosenberg '73 sent word that Carol Sirko '77 was married in August. Bill went to Colorado for the wedding. Scott SachnofT '72 has been happily married for just over a year and is still happily harassing slumlords as an attorney for the City of Chicago. Christina Salter '79 is living with six other granola types in a funky old Victorian in Portland, Ore. She counsels troubled and troublesome adolescent boys, is training in an Indonesian martial art called Poekoelan, is creating and selling fertility goddess rattles and trying to decide whether to move further into the woods or go back for another degree. Douglas Schmidt '76 went commercial salmon fishing in Alaska's Prince William Sound before the oil spill and caught reds, kings, coho and chum sal mon. The Alaskan environment is magical and the people are wonderful. "It is true, Alaska is the last frontier. If you get the chance, go!" Bonnie Sehenuk Fitzgerald '77 was married in July to a sports marketing muckety-muck, Ken Fizgerald. They live in Fairfax, Va., where Bonnie "freelances" in the television business as an associate producer/production manager. She has worked with The American Film Institute and The Kennedy Center on documentaries for their Honors shows. Also she worked on a global television broadcast, Common Future, a variety special designed to heighten awareness Continued 011 next page More Strange Encounters ... Michael Armstrong '74 andJolynn Butt '70 have this addition for the NC "small world" department: They encountered each other at the Ruth Glacier Overlook (a spectacular view of Mt. Denali), on the parks Highway in Alaska. They were both on their way to Denali National Park. Jolynn's truck read 21 days on the road to Alaska' in the road dust; she was also on the way to Fairbanks with her fiance who's going to the University there. Jolynn, to her credtt, recognized Michael frrst as a New College alum. And he wasn't even wearing his NC sweatshirt! Tom Dayton '7 4 received his Ph.D in cognitive/quantitative p;ychology from University of Oklahoma this fall and is ntNI doing postdov toral research on human-computer interaction at IBM's T J Watson Research Center in YorktownHeights,N.Y.WhenTomgottoNew York, the New College "karmic strangeness put a small loop in space-time." The guy showing him around the office looked familiar, but Tom shrugged it off Then Frank Montaniz '76, who s working as a re search assistant at mM as part of a cooperative graduate program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, finally made the N.C. connection. Julie Morris '70 environmental studies coordinator for New College attended the annual meeting of the National Society for Internships and Experiential Education (NSIEE) in Santa Fe, N.M., with Jim Feeney director of special project development. Lunching with SU23llne McDermott '85 in the courtyard at trendy Las Casa Sena, they were surprised and delighted to be served by Michele Gregoire '85. (The food was excellent, the service superb.) Both Suzanne and Michele moved recently to Santa Fe. NSIEE, which was founded at New College, will hold its 2001 an niversary meeting in 1991 in florida. Sarasota is among the sites under consideration for the meeting; both Julie and Jim are on the con ference site planning team. Keith Mills '85 and Mike Johnson '85 ran into Dana Clyman '70 in Cambridge, Mass., recently. Mike, now at was showing Keith, now at Colgate, around Boston when they met Dana at a restaurant. "Weird how NC alums seem to find each other in the world!"


PAGE12 NIMBUS, FALL 1989 Class Notes--Seventies {contirued) about the environment, produced by the same people who did Live Aid. Barry Sheingold '70 moved to Bos ton in February with his wife, Carol, and three-year-old son, Zachary, to become vice president of Citizens Power, the nation's first independent electric power marketing company. Citizens' Power's objectives are to make the wholesale power market more efficient, provide financial assistance to poor energy consumers, and make money (not necessarily in that order). Jerry Simmonds '79 says he's finally fairly happy, thanks to a good marriage two years ago. He hopes to finish his dissertation and graduate in January 1990. His wife, Carolyn, will finish in June 1990. He's currently job shopping and offended at the ubiquity of urine testing nowadays. Douglas and Carolyn are hoping to move out west, perhaps New Mexico, but must make do with spending Christmases in Belize. Richard Snieder '79 is married and working on his Ph.D. at Claremont in Los Angeles. Johan Suyderhoud '75 is in his last year of post-graduate training the senior fellow in cardiac anesthesia at the Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. His time is split between the O.R. and labs, where he looks at the effects of local anesthetics and inhalation anesthetics on myocardial cell function. He plans to sign on with Health Volunteers Overseas for three-six months to teach and provide anesthesia services in some third world country before getting a "real" job. Vogel '73 writes: "I noticed an awful lot of Sarasota and Fla. addresses in your new alumnae/i directory for 1989. Nobody can tell me that all those folks were Floridians to begin with seems to me Fla. has done quite well in 'recruiting NEWs to Fla. and in the process enriched her 'people bank.' Not a bad way to attract/recruit the very best to invest in your state (by investing in them). Steven Vomov '78 is a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and an ordained Baptist preacher He's mar ried and happy. He and his wife, Susan, founded and ran a legal services business in Virginia before Faculty Development Grant Report going to New Orleans. Amy Weinstein '74 and Brent Miller '76 will be celebrating their fifth anniver sary. Their daughter, Carilyn by Penny Rosel The Faculty Development program facilitated travel for myself and student Laney Bruner to the nationa l meetings of the American Society on Aging. We spent three days taking in as much as we could, and though tired, we returned with a clear sense of time well spent. ln fact, Laney spent the fall off-campus taking gerontology courses at Florida State University. I noticed that a "career in gerontology'' was indicated on Laney's application to New Col lege, and she has done well preparing for this career while still taking liberal arts courses throughout her undergraduate years. I was particularly pleased that she bad an oppor tunity to meet professionals in the field and to attend sessions where their papers were presented 1 fully expect her to be a presenter at gerontology meetings in the near future. We both thank you for this wise and timely invest ment in her career in the field of aging. Penny Rosel, associate professor of was one of the 1989 redpients of the alumnae/i association's Faculty Development Grants. Miller, is two. Brent is an attor ney, soon to be partner, with Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson in Portland, Maine. Amy has her Ph.D. in neurop sychology. She was a visiting assistant professor at Bowdoin College and is director of neuropsychology services at the Neuroscience Institute in Portland. Congratulations to Janet Weisenford '74 and Chris Healy on the birth of Josephine Marie on April5. Congratulations to Justin West '72 and Copper Giloth on the birth of Beryl Giloth west on June 17, 1989. Justin is living in Northampton, Mass., and produces fme arts video both personal and commercial. AJiison Wilcox '76 spent the summer driving around the southeast, studying for board exams and (best of all) fmding out in Los Angeles that a bone marrow transplant wouldn't be needed now. She came home and popped few champagne corks right quick!! She plans to accept a job in Palm Beach beginning in spring as a staff shrink with an HMO that will allow more time for playing piano, artwork and windsurfing lessons ... maybe even seeing some New Collegians. An exhibition titled New Art/New College displayed the work of alums Steve Williams '78, Michael Freedman '84 and Keith Losh '78 in the Fishbowl at New College during November. Congratulations to Michael Winkleman '70 and Andrea Olstein on the birth of Ari Olstein Winkleman on January 27, 1989. Since graduation Michael Wujtowicz '77 has worked in various capacities for the largest self insurers fund for worker's compensation, got married, had a daughter and began a financial planning practice in Sarasota with IDS Financial Services, an American Express company. Arlana Young '76 and husband, Sean Donovan, having become rather "rooted" by children and other commit ments, derive great social and cultural stimulation from running a youth hostel in their home in Boonville, Calif. They get to meet between four and five hundred travelers a year and invite any traveling Novo Collegians to visit, too. Kathy Wallens '70 while raising her precious three-year-old, Amber, con tinues working half-time as a dance/move ment therapist in an adult psychiatric day treatment center and has recently begun teaching creative dance in day care centers as well. In addition, she helps her husband, Kcnn Hill, run his computer consulting business. Hans-Peter Werner '78 has left the UN and gone back to the real world of hard-core business. He's also been pant ing like a wild man, trying to get ready for a major show in Lausanne, Switzerland in Feb. 1990. If you're around, please drop in, preferably with your skis. Penny Zaleta '73 and Kurt Amsler '71 have lived in four states and two foreign countries since the mid-70s an entertaining experience. They still keep in touch with Julian Kaplin '73 and Margee Ensign '73.


NIMBUS, FALL 1989 PAGE13 Class Notes -Eighties Polly Adema '83 has sojourned toNE Wyoming to work a threemonth con tract doing folklife fieldwork for the Uoiv. of Wyoming. Traci Ardren '84 traveled in Guatemala this summer She plans to be back and forth between New Haven and Mexico over the next few years while working on her dissertation. Lib Aubuchon '85 and Dave Sackin '83 are living in Northampton, Mass., cold as can be and thinking good thoughts about all the NC folks back home. Lawrence Bonforte '80 is simultaneously preparing hls musical assault on the USA (with his band, the Swales,) and beading his own home improve ment enterprise Terri Brown Mueck '81 will receive h e r B.S in nursing from UTHSCSA in Dec. She plans to become a certified nurse midwife. Mike Brustad '83 has been working on his 15 minutes of fame thls sum mer. He made several appearances on tel e vision and radio while organizing around the public workshops held by the President's Taskforce on Offshore Oil Drilling. Otherwise, he' s just been working to pound the major oil com panies into submission! Nishma Daya '85 plans to go to Pakistan for a year or two, leaving early in 1990. Sandra Englert '84 is still working for People magazine and loves it She's working on an environmental poster project (whales trapped in Alaska and swans with lead poisoning). NC "made me more aware of the environment and I am now trying to make others aware, too ." Sandra also sent a copy of an obituary notice from the Time Inc. Magazines for Eleanor Tracy Hodgins, a former Fortune art editor, whose listed achievements included mention of work as a fund raiser for New Col lege Sandra says you "find NC sup porters everywhere. Thank goodness for generous people." Eric '85 and Laura Ericson Siegel '85 had a delayed honeymoon trip to Mexico. Eric continues working as a addictions counselor at ACI'S and Laura holds two part time jobs (teacher and financial in vestigator) which allow her the flexibility to maintain active involvement in the animal rights movement. Amy Ferris '84 says she's found a B.A. in "Natural Sciences" to be useless, except to disqualify her for federal aid. However, at the Fashlon Institute of Design and Merchandising in Coronado, Calif., she's found a career whlch will pay her to do art. Amy says she misses being a boarding student, but no longer misses being a student. Andrew Kroll '80 was on campus recently and visited Interim Provost Peggy Bates. He has an MBA from the University of Denver and is currently living in Colorado, acting as a consult ant for the sale of businesses. David Leonard '80 has completed an ioternshlp in general surgery at Bethes-When students Karen Stasiowski and Kurt Bersani began looking for different groups to participate in diplomacy simulations for their thesis, they decided to use an alum group Pictured above, from left, are Dan Mcintosh, pol. sci. i nstructor and the alums who, from all reports, enjoyed their day in internat i onal relations: Van Huff, Laura Breeze 70, M ike Wujtowicz 77, Mal'f McC/atchie Andrews '82 Olga Ronay 77, Mike Tweed '69, Marsha Pool '84, Ruthanne Stange Kah '65, Donald Kendzior '84, and Rick Lockhart. Robert Freedman '83 is writing a sec tion on "Freedom of Information" for the C.E.D. the major Canadian law digest to be publi hed in 1990. Kate Galt '84 is planning to join the Peace Corps next spring tentative assignment: Latin America. tends to continue her studtes 10 economic development (thlrd world) in 1992 at Sweden's University ofU ppsala. Ann Katzman '84 completed two masters' degrees at Bryn Mawr in May 1989. She's in private practice (in dividual family and couple therapy) and hopes to do consulting work regarding child sexual abuse. In her second year at Bryn J:vfawr she and implemented a ptlot social workers on the Philadelphta Dts trict Attorney's child abuse unit. It was very successful and has become part of that office s permanent program. Herm Kopecek '84 spent several weeks behind the Iron Curtain this sum mer at a language program in Brno, Czechoslovakia. He's now started the M.A. program in European history at Columbia University. da Naval Hospital. The next stop is Pensacola, Fla., for flight surgery train ing before assignment to a U.S. Navy airwing. He' s planning to be married in Washington, D C., in April1990. Greg Marque -Cooper '83 is mar ried (Livia) fiXes musical instruments, plays guitar, rides his bike plays with his dogs. He is "generally doing what's both fun and important!" Mary McElhinny '81 made the break and left "the womb" of Sarasota. She spent the summer working in Misty Fiords Wilderness for the U.S. Forest service and ftrefighting in Alaska and Oregon. She s working now for the Ketchikan (Alaska) Daily News, but there's probably more firefighting in the future. Leslie Miller '83 moved from one Third World country (Kenya) to another (L.A.). She's studying public policy with a Wm. Keck Fellowship at USC and working for L.A. County's treasury and tax collection department. David Mitchell '80 says that now that the wedding brouhaha is over, he and Amanda Burns '82 have taken up again Continued on next page


PAGE16 MARc SILVERMAN PIANIST Performs Beethoven Schumann, Chopin, and Barber ''He plays with exceptional authority and impeccable taste, beautiful sounds and transparent textures ... meticulously clear.'' -New York Times Sunday, january 28, 1990, 3 PM. Lota Mundy Hall Sarasota Florida To benefit New College Alumnae/i Association Tickets : S 15 for concert, S20 for concert and reception. Ticket information: 359-4324 The New College Foundation New College Nimbus N.C.A.A. 5700 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243 Address Correction Requested NIMBUS FALL 1989 Ticket Order Form Silvennan Recital Jaruuy 28, 1990 Please send tickets for the recital only@ $15. Please send tickets for the recital and the reception immediately following at College Hall @ $20. Send to: Phone number: Signature (credit card order) Send ticket requests and check (or MasterCard or Visa number with expiration date and signature) to New College Alumnae/i Associa tion, 5700 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Permit #56 Sarasota FL

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