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Alumni News (March 1972)


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Alumni News (March 1972)
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Alumni News (March 1972)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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March 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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College publications
College student newspapers and periodicals
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Six page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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---ALUMNI NEWS -MARCH 19 72 This is an interim issue of the alumni news issued to update a few things. First, while you receive copies of the Phoenix, keep in mind that this publication is written primarily for non-alumni friends of the college who know little or nothing about what it is. The Phoenix is sent to you so that you can read between the lines and we'll try to give you special reports on the college. Eventually, as the alumni body grows, the Phoenix will be changed to reflect the size of its new audience. Apology: For including the name of the late Leo Peruzzi in the Alumni Directory. It was an incredible gaffe for which no explanation is adequate. Reunion: As of March 16 there were 69 responses to the alumni reunion questionnaire. At least 30 of these were highly interested in a reunion with half favoring the Memorial Day Weekend. There are still three weeks before the deadline for replies and we'll get out final word as soon as possible. Ford Challenge: If you haven't read in the Phoenix, we made the Ford Challenge again, just barely. A major factor was the participation by alumni. The level of giving reached 74.5 per cent which just happens to be greater than alumni giving at any of the Ivy schools, the highest of which--Dartmouth--had 58.2 per cent, according to the American Alumni Council. Development sends it appreciation as do the Trustees, who were visibly impressed. Some plans: There is in preparation now a new report on the college from a student reporter's eye. In addition, I've had in mind at least once a year getting out a collection of the thoughts of alumni. It occurs to me that as the size of the alumni body grows and as the number of classes increases, there is less relevance to only personal news. But what if Fay Giese could tell about her experience with Montessori Schools? or the Uklejas could tell us about the Peace Corps and Malta; or that Dion Schaff would offer thoughts about educational planning; or Debbie Fulk Kirby about her work in prisons; or the Arbuckles about utopian communities? Don Aronoff, who is winding up his work in a mental hospital, has tentatively agreed to write something. Anyone else? Send in news, photographs, discussions, opinion. As a rule of thumb, keep it within 500 words, if possible. Furman C. Arthur Uill Chadwick, GD 6 7, "I am now a slum landlord and work in a supermarket." Sarah L. White, WD 71, "I wouldn't mind seeing some N.C. people. Overnight guests are almost always welcome. I'm having a 21st birthday party on Saturday, the 6th of May. Please consider yourselves invited. Write for further details if interested." .lobo Holst, WD 70, "Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed? I love you all. He loves you all." Marie Beyhan, GO 70, "I'll never ever teach Jr. Hi School again. Ever." ni Graves, GD 70, "I'm moving, don't know where yet--to a "real" National Parknot in D.C."


Page 2 .John Youn&,, WD 71, "It's flattering to be considered an alumni only having been at New College for one year, and that one not very successfully by traditional academic standards. I must say that one year has probably been more "educational" than any other single year of my life, and I miss the spirit and community of New College. Best of luck with the reunion." Michael MordliJ, wn 69, "Not married, age 23, residing mostly in Shreveport, heading up new division of family enterprises, in addition president of own firm with sales expected to reach low seven figures during year 1972. Consult recent fashion publications for details if needed." Sven Donaldson, GD 71, "Going to the University of \\'ashington marine laboratories at Friday Harbor this spring on an NSF grant." Betsy Brooks McCamic, WD 70, Graduated DePauw U. May 1970. Married Ered same month. Fred left 3 weeks later for Vietnam ..>ut returned after a year. "Reading Burpee's seed catalog and plan on growing a garden. The photography continues. I would enjoy news of Pearl and Joel J\aileG, Dan Boehmer, Phil Scbenk, Syen Donaldson." Ray EnsleN, GD 67, "I'm doing Scientology these days. Getting freer, knowing more. I'm using Scientology to organize a group of prisoners in one of the California State prisons out here. To do what the prisons don't do: make people better. Causing incredible effects. Having fun." Che:cyl McWhorter Stu, (ID 68, "We are expecting our first around the first of May-hope this won't interfere with any reunion plans." Uavid B. Schwartzw GD 67. Living in Ithaca. Working in a mental hospital as a rehabilitation counselor. Jean Feinaolli, GD 71, "I have been working as research team coordinator at the Center for Crisis Intervention Research (Gainesville, Fla.) since November. It's getting a little old now and I'm ready for a change. I'll probably end up in a government job in DC sometime this sununer. Learning more all the time, meeting some really fine people--all part of the family." Chex:yl Heq, GD 68. From Santa Fe, N.M.: "My N.Y. unemployment runs out the end of April, or the end of June if I get a 13-week extension. Till then I am here looking for work and expanding w/the desert/mts. I may get a job here and stay or I may travel again when unemployment runs out. If anyone from the West wants to drive, I have a car and would drive (to a reunion) with someone(s) if the time is right. J.iDl and Betsy Bowen, WD 68, "Today, March 11, the temperature rose above freezing for the first time since November. That's news." Gary M. MoriellQ, GD 69. Now teaching in a Montessori-type pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds. Charles MacKq, GD 71, "I had an utterly lousy first term which has to do with the fact that the average Cornell graduate student is treated with far less consideration from faculty and institution than any NC student, money hassles, the utter disintegration of my 12-year-old car, etc. This term is going far, far better. It is difficult to recall a term in which I learned so much as I have so far. Hoping to get to teach next year. was just elected to the Cornell Senate from the graduate body where my first act will be the introduction of an anti-ROTC bill. Looking forward to marriage on June 3, then a swmner of German and physics."


Linda MoelleJ;, GD 70, I finally found a perm a ne n t job-h a v e been hunting since Thanksgiving. It's with the Northwest Center for t he Mentally Retarded in a new program they're starting for adults to teach basic s k i lls--ac a d emi c a nd practical. Am enjoying Seattle." 70) and Gary Williams, GD 69. still a t the post office. is going to art school. Sister Mary Frost O'Keefe, GD 68, "Am now at my 4th different a d dress since I told you I was going to Presentation Convent but I expect to remain h ere awhile." Richard O&buru, GD 69. From Salvador, Brazil, where he is w i t h the Peace Corps, wrote in February that he had not yet begun to work but had been travelling in the interior of the state of Bahia. He is working in t h e area o f planning, project control and evaluation (developing statistical measures of impact and achievement of specific activities to supplement what are currently only subjective e valuations ) Tom O'Meara,, WD 69. I.Q.m.was married January 23 to an d gained a stepson, ChiP 3 1/2, who is "more beautiful than anything I've ever known before." 'I.21IL..s. enrolled at Cal. State at Fullerton where he is studying child psyc hology. Susan Robertson, GD 71. Spent five months touring West Africa and is now a day care center teacher. Barb Hanna,, GD 69, nwe already have a VW caravan bus for ou r v i d e o circus and hope t o have the dome in '72. We welcome visitors especially those interested i n helping build the dome. n Jeff WD 73. Now an undergraduate at Prescott studying e d ucation, religion, and general semantics. Bandall WD 69, and Roberta Harris WD 6 9 are back in Sarasota readjusting to civilian life after Randy's 4-year tour with the Coast Guard. "We are anticipating a move to the vicinity of Chapel Hill, NC to establish a permanent (?) home and expand our family. They welcome visitors in Sarasota. Charles F ... GD 6 7, and Vicki f., GD 68, Raeburn. Charles has recently joined the legal department at Revlon, Inc.,767 Fifth Ave., NYC 212/PLB-5000. Susan Kuntz, GD 71. Susan ("please I am not Beep again") has been w orkin g with a pruning crew in orchards in southern New Hampshire since February. Patti GD 69, and Bob Dixau, WD still working at a school for minimally brain-damaged children,n I.indsay Morris, WD 73. Planning to travel on bicycle until it gets too cold. Itinerary: Sarasota (in May), Wilmington, DE, NYC, Boulder, CO, Santa Barbara, CA. George, GD 71, and Julie Means Kane, GD 71. Geor&e is working as a campaign manager (officially political editor for Moore PubJishing Co., Durham, NC) for G ene Grace candidate for U.S. Senate from NC. Julie finished teaching a couple o f c l asses in French provincial cooking before going to Durham, now is working on a tradition a l Southern cookbook. Ghetyl (Sam) GD 68, Working for the Research Group, Inc., private consulting firm, Does volunteer work at the Bridge--crisis center for runaways.


Pnge 4 Jacques U. GD 69. has been selected by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology to present a research paper at its annual meeting April 9-14 in Atlantic City. Now a third year MD-PhD at Washington U. School of Medicine, conducted research in the Medical School's division hematology for his paper, "Structure of Glycopeptides of Human yA Myeloma Protein. William, WD 68, and Judy Segal Powell, GD 68. lUll and ..Iwbl are in Guam where.Jii.ll. is assigned with the Navy. "We like Guam very much--a lot like Florida except no Spanish moss. Will be here 1 or 2 years. Anybody going to Japan via freighter, please drop by." Frank Lao, GD 69. "Out of the Army. Hooray! Paz Cohen, HD 71. In Berkeley, where she reports are also Mic1ael Curry, Jon Lundell, Max Rei, Chil Shenls,, 1:1gry Lamprecll, Nat Powers, Jud.y Lel&ashman, Nancy and Sloan, .D..a.u.. Shurma14 Linda Mille)\, Jeffrey Jordan, Mark Baraz, Brooks Langston, Kitty Harner and !Ulen Tisdak. "Lee Crawfort is rumored to be en route." She adds, "I did have a job for a while painting posters for a movie theater. They found cheaper labor and discontinued me and now the theater's losing money. It's only fair." ALUMNI ADDRESS CHANGES -3/28/72 Baltzley, Barry, WD 70, 711 st. James St., Pittsburgh, PA (412-621-7763) Barnett, Denby M., WD 68, Box #6, Moylan, PA 19005 Beauchamp, Martha E., WD 72, 5316 Bowmanville, Chicago, IL 60625 Benua, Linda D., WD 67, 1287 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 8, Allston, MA 02134 Blair, Claudia Ann, GD 69, 535 16th Ave. E., Apt. 103, Seattle, WA 98102 Bobier, Patrice Thornton, WD 71, Rt. 1, Hesperia, MI 49421 Borchard, JohnS., WD 73, 449 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02115 Bowen, Elizabeth Olsen, WD 68, Castle Yonder, Grand Marais, MN 55603 (218-387-1125) Bowen, Jamee c., WD 68, Castle Yonder, Grand Marais, MN 55603 (218-387-1125) Bowermeister, Ken, GD 70, Sarasota High School, Sarasota, FL Bowman, Craig C., WD 68, c/o David Box 1950, New College, Sarasota, FL Brooks, Elizabeth D., WD 70, See Bets.y McCamic Bryan, Marguerite E., GD 70, 3301 st. Paul St., Apt. 806, Baltimore, MD 21218 Bryhan, Marie D., GD 70, 2200 19th st., N.W., Apt. 807, Washington, DC 20009(202-265-3253) Buri, Mari Drachmann, GD 70, 221 N. Harbor Dr., Holmes Beach, FL 33510 Bussey, Marian, GD 70, 1860 Bluebell, Boulder, CO 80302 Clough, Margaret, SS 68, See Mrs. S. Swetnam Cohen, Paz, WD 71, 2333 Stuart St., Berkele.y, CA 94705 Cuomo, Beverly Shoenberger, WD 6R, 25 Elton, Rochester, NY deKoster, Kathryn Smith, WD 69, 184 Mt. Joy Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801 Dickey, Roger, WD 70, 322 E. Catherine, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Duffee-Braun, George, WD 69, Rt. 2, Box 209, c/o Vickers, Eupora, MI 39766 Eaves, Penelope, WD 68, 72 E. 79th St., New York, NY 10021 (212-628-5948) Edgerton, Michael J., GD 71, Broad Brook Road, South Royalton, VT 05068 Esak, John J., GD 71, 1144 Highland St., Sarasota, FL 33580 Eeak, Mary Morris, WD 72, 1144 Highland St., Sarasota, FL 33580 Fleener, Mrs. Cheryl Hoigne, WD 67, Apartado 449, Valencia, Venezuela, S.A. Fleener, James w., GD 71, Apartado 449, Valencia, Venezuela, S.A. F'ritz, Timothy, WD 67, Box 4A9, Lander, WY A2520 (307-332-5990) Fuch8, JAurie J., WD 72, c/o Koinonia, Rt. 2 Americus, GA Gardner, Frances W., GD 71, Box 210, Bradenton Beach, FL 33510 Gates, Cynthia, GD 10, 22 Sandy Cove Rd., Sarasota, FL Godfrey, Debora, GD 70, Carroll 9, 2409 Warring, Berkeley, CA 94704 (415-R45-9219) Gordon, Daniel, WD 70, 92R N. Lopez, New Orleans, LA 70119 Graham, Jean, GD 71, 4395 Ingraham Hwy., Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Guild, David B., WD 68, 128 W. German St., Tipp City, OH 45371 (513-667-3929) Hammond, Kenneth R., WD_67, 29-16 Ave., San F'ranciaco, CA 94118 (752-7153)


Ackerman, James N., WD 67 Allen, David, GD 6B Baker, Scott M., GD 69 Barazzone, Esther Lynn, GD 67 Bateman, Floyd, WD 68 Beckham, Robert H., WD 67 Berenson, Mark, WD 67 Billings, Thomas Lee, W 72 Borrman, Francis L., WD 71 Bridges, Mellena, WD 68 Bryant, &san A., WD 73 Cameron, Faith D., WD 68 Cassell, Michael, WD 68 Cassell, Sandra stewart, GD 68 Chandler, Ann E., GD 69 Cole, Hope, WD 68 Cosgrove, Moira, GD 67 Crosby, Elizabeth A., GD 69 deBlanc, Arlene, GD 71 Donahue, William, GD 70 kBtJn&n, Stewart K., WD 70 Evans, Anne E., WD 71 Finkle, George A., GD 69 Foster, Richard J., WD 70 Ginnaty, Patrick S., WD 73 Haggarty, Daniel 0., GD 69 Halford, Carl D., Jr., WD 71 Hazaelhoff, Erik WD 67 Hoke, Michael, WD 68 Hostetler, Lois, GD 70 J aecks, Daniel W. WD 67 Jarrell, Gordon, WD 67 Jones, Catherine J., GD 70 Keil, Susan L., WD 71 Kenieon, Helen Hayes, WD 69 Kenison, Robert J., WD 69 Kronenberg, Aron B., WD 69 Kryger, Markus, WD 68 Lewis, Leonard B., WD 68 Lynde, Margaret, WD 68 Marshall, Cabell J., GD 71 McAdams, Herbert H., III, WD 68 McClurg, William L., WD 71 McGann, Mary L. WD 71 Miley, Dennie P., GD 71 Moore, Michael G., WD 68 Morrie, Sharon Ann, WD 69 Mulchay, Kathryn, SS 68 Neuechatz, Michael, WD 68 Nohlgren, Stephen, GD 70 O'Connor, Mary I., WD 70 Olson, Stephen I., WD 70 Orvis, Kenneth H., WD 72 NO NEW ADDflliSS Parker, Hugh A., WD 71 Parr, stephen, WD 69 Patterson, David A., Jr., WD 71 Pedersen, Harald c., WD 72 Pereyma, Marco M., GD 71 Polkabla, Lyn, WD 70 Ralph, Andrew Q., WD 68 Randall, Judith A., WD 67 Rapport, Robin, WD 69 Rathbun, Katharine C., WD 71 Rattet, Scott A., WD 67 Reed, Larry G., GD 7G Reif, Maxwell S., WD 71 Reiss, SP+. h M., WD 73 Rich, Christine, WD 73 Rogg, David N., WD 68 Rollow, David N., GD 67 Ross, David L., WD 71 Rossi, Albert Joseph, Jr., WD 71 Saieh, Jaime L., SS 68 Sanford, Thomas R. WD 67 Sauls, Muriel L., WD 67 Scheinberg, Alfred L., GD 70 Sedensky, Margaret M., GD 71 Siggia, Edward P., Jr., WD 70 Spalletta, Carl V., WD 73 steller, Diana L., WD 72 Sweeney, Duane K. WD 71 Tapia, Miguel, SS 68 Terry, Barbara D., WD 73 Thoene, Carlin R. WD 70 Thomas, Henry, GD 67 Thompson, John, WD 70 Tisdale, Ellen, WD 69 Tolchin, NealL., WD 73 Tremba, Siegfried, WD 70 Tucker, Jeffrey W., WD 71 Vekert, Charles T., GD 70 Waller, Richard, GD 69 Ware, Kathleen L., WD 70 Wargo, George L., GD 69 Wasko, John A., WD 72 Waters, Dennis P., WD 69 Watson, Carey P., WD 71 Whipple, William III, WD 70 Whitt, John A., WD 67 Wilkinson, Carol Childreee, GD 67 Williams, Florence N., WD 69 Younker, ThoJftB.e D., WD 73


Al.UMNI ADDRESS CHANGF;s ( CON'l'INUF.D) Harr1 e, Roberta L., WD h9, See Roberta HarriA Marshall Heth, Donald C., GD '/0, 40 Knox St., Apt. A3, West Haven, CT Kane, Ueorge W., OD '/1, '00 Dupont Dr. /132, Durham, NC 27705 Kane, Julie Meane, GD 71, 500 Dupont Dr #32, Durham, NC 27?05 Kiely, Jeffrey G., WD 73, Prescott College OC, Prescott, AZ 86301 Kuecks, Richard W., GD 71, 410 Emerson, Gillette, WY 82716 Kuecks, Valerie Manos, WD 70, 410 Emerson, Gillette, WY 52716 Landesman, Sharon J., GD 68, 14352 37th Ave. N.E., Seattle, WA 98125 (EM4-8854) Lary, Frank W., GD 69, 415 Echols Ave., Huntsville, AL (534-9813) Lawrence, Shirley Ellen, WD 73, 6210 Russell Ave. S., Richfield, MN 55423 Lowe, John T., WD 65, 903 Myrtle st., Apt. #3, Atlanta, GA 3030Y (656-2R40) tacKay, Charles K., GD 71, 210 University Ave., Ithaca, NY 148'0 (607-272-1159) Marshall, Randall, WD 69, 876 Windsor Dr., Sarasota, FL (355-1824) Marshall, Roberta Harris, WD 69, 876 Windsor Dr., Sarasota, FL (355-1824) Maruskin, Kenneth C., WD 69, 100 Elruth Ct., Apt. #1, Girard, OH 44420 McCamic, Betsy Brooks, WD 70, 9 Crane Rd., Darien, CT 06H20 McWhirter, Darien Auburn, III, GD 71, 113 Bishop St., New Haven, CT 06511 Metzler, Susan E., WD 72, _2510 Regent #8, Berkeley, CA 94704 Miner, Frank Spicer III, WD 69, Hartfield, VA 23071 (703-776-6116) Morris, Michael A., WD 69, P. 0. Box 1646, Shreveport, LA 71165 (425-4666) Munger, Gail Farkas, WD 71, 6318 7th St. w. (756-6051) Munger, Nicholas E., GD 71, 6318 7th St. W. (756-6051) Nakata, Kimi, WD 72, 3536 Telegraph, Oakland, CA 94609 Ohle, Susan, GD 71, Rt. 5, Box 71, Burnsville, NC 2A714 O'Keefe, Sr. Mary F., GD 68, 150 Taylor St., Coldwater, MI 49036 Peek, Loraine A., GD 71, 1215 S. Portofino Dr., Sarasota, FL 33581 Phinney, Lucia B., GD 70, 1202 Guinda St., Palo Alto, CA 94301 Piller, Elisha L., See Elisha Piller Renne Powell, Judy Segal, GD 68, ETN2, William M. Powell Box 133, Div. 33 USNCS, Guam FPO San Francisco, CA 96630 Powell, William M., WD 68, ETN2, William M. Powell Box 133, Div. 33 USNCS, Guam FPO San Francisco, CA 96630 Raeburn, Charles F., GD 67, 95 Wiltshire Rd., #C-9, SCarsdale, NY 10583 (9lh-472-2860) Raeburn, Vickie Pearthree, GD 68, 95 Wiltshire Rd., #C-9, Scarsdale, NY 10583 (472-2860) Robbins, Jeffrey P., WD 73, 1456 A Pale St., San Francisco, CA Robertson, Dorothy M., GD 71, c/o Dr. W. C. Robertson, 5 Oak Dr., Dune Acres, Chesterton, IN Robertson, James G., GD 71, c/o Dr. W. C. Robertson, 5 Oak Dr., Dune Acres, IN Rosenberg, Jeanne, GD 67, P. 0. Box 4, Belchertown, MA 01007 (413-323-75R2) Rottman, David L., GD 71, J700 S. irolo a;, Dos Angeles, /CA 90005 Saxe, Andrew, GD 71, Anson Rd., Stanfordville, NY 12581 Schnabel, Joan M., GD 68, Route #1, Cochrane, WI 54622 Schockner, Leslie, GD 10, 1924 Earlington, Duarte, CA (213-359-6006) Schwartz, David B., GD 70, 714 N. Tioga st., Ithaca, NY 14850 (607-273-6723) Seaver, Mark E., WD 72, 5619 Florence Blvd., Omaha, NB 68110 (455-3435) Shenk, Philip M., GD 70, 401 El Alamo Rd., Danville, CA (415-837-0995) Shoemaker, Theodore M., GD 69, 1017 Elm St., Winnetka, IL 60093 (312-446-0806) Sieborowski, Barbara A., GD 70, 1759 Morrill st., Apt. 1, Philadelphia, PA (366-4547) Smith, Kathryn (See Kathryn Smith de Koster) Sosnowsky, Geraldine G., WD 72, Rt. 2, Box 162, New Windsor, MD 21776 Spackman, Karen, GD 70, 665 Portland Paul, MN 55104 sterling, Ann Woodward, WD 71, 420 Chase st., Flint, MI 48503 Sterling, Thomas H., WD 71, 420 Chase st., Flint, MI 48503 Swetnam, Mars. 5., SS 68, 3 Kelston Rd., Keynsham, N. Bristol, Somerset, England Thornton, Patrice E., WD 71 See Patrice Thornton Bobier White, Louise Hertz, GD 71, c/o 50 Boulevard, Pelham, NY 10803 (914-738-4645) Woodward, Ann N., WD 71, See Ann Woodward sterling

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