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Alumni News (April 1971)


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Alumni News (April 1971)
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Phoenix: Alumni News (April 1971)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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April 1971


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Four page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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<.'-N C O L L t y V(-' < 25'1'! LIBRARY pboeofx: Alumni News April1971 Alumni and Parents Respond To First Appeal for Funds Alumni, and parents definitely known to have been influenced by alumni earned the college a gift of $525 from Group Captain Hugh M. Groves' one-for-two challenge when they gave New College a total of $1,050 within the Ford Challenge year. Two other gifts totaling $550 arrived just too late to be counted. Group Captain Groves, an Associate and former trustee, has already renewed his challenge {up to a total liability of $2,500) for the new Ford year. As a consequence, this additional $550 will earn a matching gift of $225 from Group Captain Groves in 1971. Class 1967 Class Correspondents: Maureen (Spear) and Dennis Kezar, School of Theology, South Florida No. 1, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee 37375. Carol Braginsky, 1390 Emerson, No. 307, Denver, Colo. 80218. "I received my Master of Arts degree in Russian literature from Indiana University this September. I have been in New York since June but will be leaving for Denver, Colo., in less than two weeks. I'll be job hunting there. My future plans at this point are indefinite. I tried my luck in New York but nothing turned up that particularly attracted me." Glenda Cimino, 434 W. 120th St., Apt. 3B, New York, N. Y. 10027. "Graduate student in sociology at Columbia; research assistant; editor, sociology journal at Columbia, The Human Factor; finishing work for certificate in Latin American studies {hopefully); working part time with a group doing research on Latin America, especially U.S. role there, and also trying to start a new bi-monthly magazine on liberation movements in Asia, Africa, and Latin America {to reach primarily young North Americans with alternative explanations to world conflicts than those of the Nixon administration), magazine to begin January-February 1971." John Cranor, 11 Park Street, Brookline, Mass. 02146. "I went to see the Brookline Town Dump, found 'Lost Pond,' visited The Country Club, read the Washington Post {it only costs 35 cents, the N. Y. Times costs 50 cents on Sunday) went out to dinner with Jeanne Rosenberg, Bob Baughman, Kathleen Dively, Billy Meyer, and Malachi, then called Jerry Neugarten, did a marketing case, watched Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina (he winds up going to Paris with Audrey Hepburn). That's what I did today. And it's pretty important to me. What did you do?" Tim Dunsworth, Sp 5, 470-56-5403, HHC, 656 ETC, APO, N.Y. 09081. "Precious little news, I'm afraid. I made Sp 5 recently in a large competitive board, which was a nice ego trip and worth money to me. Otherwise, life goes on as usual. Two hundred ninety one days and counting, but my mind is an utter blank as far as the future is concerned." Bruce Guild, 400 Knecht Dr. Da-yto./1, Ohio 45405. "I returned to Dayton directly from Bombay, arrived only yesterday (Bombay-Tel Aviv-M i Ian-Frankfurt-New York-Dayton), have some interesting stories of the freak scene in India, etc." Bruce would like to hear from his New College classmates. Dav:d P. Hartley, Box 2758, Duke Hospital, Durham, N. C. 27706. David's wife, Pamela, writes: "I am eager to see where David went to college and to meet his friends because I have not found anyone else so pleased with his college experience among our contemporaries." Carol (Worby) and Owen B. Holder, 336 West 8th Street, Claremont, Cal if. 91711. Carol reports: "Bud is finishing his MFA in sculpture this spring or summer {he's at the Claremont Graduate School). He's been a teaching assistant at Pomona College this year. I'm teaching at California State Polytechnic College in Pomona again this year -mostly freshman composition but occasionally nineteenth century American literature and modern fiction." Maureen (Spear) and Dennis Kezar, School of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 37375. Maureen announces: "We're very happy with our new son -he definitely favors Dennis." Matthew Ben, 8 lb., 12 oz., was born Feb. 21, 1971. "Dennis will be serving as Curate at the Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota after his graduation from Seminary in June." Charlotte (Willis) Mann, 63 Botolph Street, Melrose, Mass. 02176. "We have bought a 10 room Victorian house. My husband, William, was recently elected vice president of his company. I am presently studying flute under Lois Schaefer of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and am playing in the Melrose Symphony, a community orchestra. Bill and I have one child, Anita, who will be two in January." Anna Navaro, 3645 St. Mary's Pl. N. W., Washington D. C. 20007. "I have been in Washington for the last year or so, mostly working for a small political polling firm. In January I accepted an invitation to work as the in house pollster to Senator Muskie. This summer I will be marrying Bob Domrese, whom I met while we were both graduate students at Princeton. He is finishing up a law degree at Harvard in June, and we expect to remain in Washington thru the 1972 elections." Neil Olsen, General Delivery, Oneida, Wis. 54155. "I amworkinginVISTAwiththe Oneida Tribe of Indians in Wisconsin. Plans for next fall are still up in the air. Ultimately I will be applying for postulancy as a candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church." John Peters, 557 Eigenmann, Bloomington, Ind. 47401. "I am working simultaneously on two graduate degrees in philosophy at Oxford and Indiana Universities. While abroad I was able to travel extensively. Last summer I took a 6000 mile motor trip to the Soviet Union, a source of wonder and disillu sionment." Vickie (Pearthree) and Charles Raeburn, 95 Wittshire Rd Apt. C-9, Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583. Charles was admitted to the New York State Bar in February. He is practicing law with the firm of Breed, Abbott and Morgan in New York City. Vickie is continuing in graduate school at Yale where she is now working on her dissertation to complete her Ph. D. She was the recipient, in her second year of graduate work, of a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship which was recently renewed for her final year. Charles and Vickie vacationed in Sarasota in March. Rachel (Findley) and Bill Thurston, 1532 McGee Avenue, Berkeley, Calif. 94703. "Our son, Nat, will be a year and two-thirds on January 10. He's a lot of fun, and growing quickly. Bill is still working on his Ph.D. in math, hopes to


finish soon. Rachel has an interesting job as a systems programmer with a young computer software firm, developing a teleprocessing system." Diana (Shiphorst) and Paul Ukleja, 12 Luzju Lane, Sliema, Malta. Diana and Paul are serving in the Peace Corps in Malta. "This is the first group of volunteers in Malta (7 of us) and we have been here nearly two months now. Paul is teaching sixth form math, and a couple of classes at the boys' teacher training college. I teach in the language lab there, and sometimes at the girls' college in Rabat. We feel very much at home here, but I suspect this is partly superficial, and results from the fact that everyone speaks English so well and so readily. We're continuing our Maltese lessons and these may enable us to really fit in one day. Niklos is thriving and beginning to speak wonderful gobbledegook which delights him as much as it does us." Laura (Rawson) and Rick Von Behren, 4324 Rowalt Dr., Apt. 301, College Park, Md. 20740. "Rick gets his masters in music in June and we'll probably be here for his Ph.D. Betsy is in kindergarten and is an independent, creative person. Her present causes are anti-smoking and 'clean the earth' campaigns. I'm working for a traveling art exhibition foundation after a hectic year with the National Biological Congress. We're presently back to one child after placing our second foster child. Both are doing well in their new homes." F. Mark Whittaker, Box 429B, Winesap Rd., Madison Heights, Va. 24572. To our request for news, Mark replies: "How about this! This is the first I have heard from New College in over five years. I am presently working for Sweet Briar College as Assistant Director of Development. I graduated from the University of Maine at Orono in 1969 and worked as assistant for alumni activities for UMO General Alumni Association 1969-71. Just recently took this new position for Sweet Briar. Married Pamela Livesay Whittaker on June 21, 1969-no kids as yet. Also did some graduate work for Bangor Seminary." The grapevine reports that Mark Berenson is domg political education/organization with a collective in Massachusetts. Reid Diamond is alive and well in Minneapolis -said to be leaving for India in April. Finally, Elizabeth Yocher is now Mrs. Raymond L. Carter, Jr., and the couple's new address is 966 Unquowa Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 06430. Class 1968 Class Correspondent: Jerrold L. Neu garten, 6 Hurlbut St., Cambridge, Mass. 02138. Larry Alexander, 1895 Stockton St., Decatur, Ga. 30032. Larry is working on a Ph. D., which he says he'll get in March '72. He's planning to go to Athens, Corinth, Megara, and Cnossus this sum mer and fall to do research for his dissertation, and he said "if things don't get better here I won't come back at all and you are cordially invited to visit my residence-in-exi I e.'' Harry Felder, 26 Bank St., Princeton, N.J. 08540. Harry wrote some time ago that "I had a bit of a shock last week: The knife I won was advertised in the Sunday New York Times for $3.50. I value it so much more than that." (See December Alumni News for the first installment of the story. He entered a contest and won a prize, which he thought everyone would want to know.) Now, a couple of weeks ago, Harry wrote: "In the next issue of Alumni News, I'd appreciate it if you would communicate my thanks to all those thoughtful souls who wrote me their congratulations on my winning of the knife." Julie M. Finkle, 511 West Windsor Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22302. "Today is my last day at Chez Andree (French restaurant) and at making salads. I'm moving to a restaurant about to open here as 'saucier.' The idea is that once I learn the kitchen pretty thoroughly, I'll begin working on the managing part ordering, personnel, accounting, etc. These people plan four restaurants within two years and have offered me the fourth one to manage. But two years in one place? I'm taking a courseactually a tutorialat G. W. U. and should graduate in June. Also I work some at night as a private detective, mostly following people and some shoplifting." Frank Lary is in the Army Medical Corps stationed in Germany. John T. Lowe, Jr., 903 Myrtle St., Apt. 3, Atlanta, Ga. 30309. Jet graduated from Emory in Art History and is working as assistant designer for the Georgia Historical Commission. He also does architec tural photography of endangered historical buildings. Abby (Allgood) and Kenneth Misemer, 729 N. E. 10th Pl., Gainesville, Fla. 32601. Ken reports: "Abby, Sam (4) and K. C. (7 mo.) are all fine. Sam is a budding long-hair genius and K. C. has decided to go out for football next season. School is all right ... Florida Law School, and a degree is planned for a little more than a year from now. We seriously want to come back to Sarasota at that time for me to set up practice. We occasionally see an oldie passing from south to north and all are always welcome going any direction. We have a big house and Dick Ogburn is living with us right now until he graduates. We miss you all." Pat (Sanderson) Port, 1931 N. Cleveland, Apt. 501, Arlington, Va. 22201. "On Dec. 12, Stephen D. Port and I were married in St. Stephen's Church in D. C. Cheryl (McWhorter) Star was our matron of honor -was lovely. Steve is now on leave from MIT on active duty in Seattle, Wash., withArmy Reserves. I'm fine!" Judy (Segal) and Bill Powell, 3200 Curtis Dr., Apt. 805, Marlow Heights, Md. 20031. Judy writes: "Bill's mother joined the Peace Corps and is going to Afghanistan. We are going to borrow her 911 Porche for two years. Everything else same." Deane L. Root, 54 East John, Cham paign, Ill. 61829. "I am presently finishing my masters' thesis in musicology on the composer, Edgard Varese, and am doing doctorate work in American music. I will take my Ph.D. prelims in 1972. Other than regular studies, I am one of two students on a departmental com mittee to completely revise the graduate musicology curriculum at Illinois, and participate in various graduate student organizations here. Currently I am singing in four different vocal groups, and in two works being performed for the bi-annual Illinois Festival of the Contemporary Arts. I see Mr. Magers (former NC faculty) frequently here." Jerolyn (Schrimpf) and Dion Schaff, 308 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 02903. Jerolyn tells us: "Dion is working to complete his dissertation, so he can receive his Ph.D. from Brown in June. Presently I'm working as a secretary at Rhode Island School of Design, a very good fine arts college. Our son, Jason Eric, celebrated his first birthday in November, and is thriving. P. S. We enjoy the Alumni News very much." Stephen Waterman sends his address: "electromagnetic mobile global familya synergistic group 229 Monroe St., Philadelphia, Penn. 19147." Class 1969 Class Correspondent: Nancy Orr, 1038 Post Ave., Holland, Mich. 49423


Jacques Baenziger, 7536a Hoover Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63117. Jacques received the Lange Medical Publications Book Award at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Mo last Decem ber. The award recognizes students of high general standing. A second year student, Jacques will receive the Doctor of Medicine degree upon completion of the required fouryear curriculum Devan and Frank Cook, Star Route, Box 53, Silverton, Ore. 97381'. Devan and Frank were married, April 27, 1968. They have a daughter, Colleen Larien, born Dec. 1 0, 1969 They are living on a 45-acre farm, loving every minute of it. They plan to open a natural food store in March, have many friends at Mt. Angel College and are finishing college there. Pat (Cole) and Bob Dixon, Box 11 Elm Rd., Bolinas, Calif. 94924. In a recent note to Or. and Mrs. Elmendorf Pat wrote: "New College is the most interesting part of my life so far. I wouldn't have gone anywhere else for a million dollars And if I ever have a million dollars you can count on getting some of it. I hope I'll get back there to visit someday." Jean Feingold, 1012 N. W. 3rd Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 32601. "I am working at the Post Office to keep physically alive and quietly trying to find the way. I have found that nothing worth having is easy to get." Cindy Gates, 1137 1st St., Sarasota, F Ia. 33577. "If you want to print that I'm an unemployed and broke B. A., go ahead." Nancy (Flatter) and Steve Hall, 30-32 Peabody Ter., Cambridge, Mass. 02138. Steve brought us up to date recently on their news. He is at Harvard Business School, second year, and is planning on a career in college administration. He spent the summer of 1970 consulting to the government of Tanzania concerning inter nal commerce. Steve was on campus recently to gather data for a research report on the founding of New College. Nancy is the manager of TRUC, a gift boutique group of five stores in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Steve comments, "I go to business school, but Nancy is the businessman in the family. Lara, at four, really runs the household. She wants to go to school 'like daddy."' Dan Haggarty, 1390 Daton St., Aurora, Colo. 82010, Dan and Molly now have a daughter, Heather Page. Larry Hunt, 1424 East Bennet, Spring field, Mo. 65804. Larry has currently dropped out of the U. of Missouri and has been unsuccessful in getting admitted to medical schools to which he applied. He writes from Columbia, Mo., that he is hoping to move; may get a post office job. "We are not wanted by some of our fellow citizens." Sarah (Dean) and Tom Jarrell, Box 46 173 Allen Ave., Waban, Mass. 02168. Sarah and Tom are getting a divorce. Sarah is planning to go to medical school -and is currently living at 5514 Black Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206. Tom is working on a M.A. in Media from Goddard. His address is above. Stu Klugman, 3113 Dakota Ave., St. Louis Park, Minn. 55416. "I received a B.S. in Actuarial Science from Drake in June, 1970, and am currently working on a masters in statistics at the U of Minnesota." Stu recently became an Associate of the Society of Actuaries by passing the fifth of their ten-exam sequence. llkka Laukkonen, Abo Akademi, Kiinan myllynkatu 5 A 19, Turku, Finland llkka said in a postcard to Dr. and Mrs Elmendorf last February, "I was working in Sweden during Christmas time. Presen tly I am working on my thesis for my filikand (masters), and I hope to graduate this spring. Other than that, I'm alive and well, enjoying short trips to our cottage in between studies. I plan to contact Ed Murphy for education news about schol arships etc. I wish all the best for you and the New College community." Jon Lundell, 2267 Hearst, Berkeley, Calif. 94709. "I am now that variety of dread technologist, a computer program mer; his name is Ralph. Kopiecki is trying to convert me; God help him." Roberta and Randall Marshall, 1738 Funston St., Hollywood, Fla. 33022. Roberta announces: "We are expecting our first child in April. Randall will get out of the Coast Guard next January." Linda Moeller, Capella House, Newton Dee Village, Bieldside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. "I came to Europe directly after graduation and spent the summer hitching around kept planning to go to Greece -but wound up in Finland instead. Arrived in Britain in September and early in October came here. 'Here' is a village for handicapped adults -primarily mentally subnormal -but lots of other problems thrown in too. There are about 110 of us here70 villagers, 30 socalled normals, and 10 children. Tom Goodridge was here unti I last month, and Margaret Sheeran arrived last month and will stay a couple months. I ll probably stay thru the summer but my plans are in a state of flux. If anyone is coming this way do send them alongif anyone is interested in coming and living in a community and working with the handicapped they should write 'cause there's often space for more co-workers." Wendy and David Moore, 2911 North Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota, Fla. 33580. "Folks might like to know that Wendy and David are living happily everafter in Sarasota. Their son, Christo pher David, was born August 20, 1970." Kenneth Moore, 1131 Sunny Brook Rd., Miami, Fla 33136. I am alive and well (more or less) in Miami. I taught English in Greece, Sept. 1969 through June 1970, then spent four months in Paris, London, and Amsterdam, finally returning to the states November, due to extreme poverty. Briefly worked as a desk clerk and currently am "Proof and Transit Balancer for Southeast Data Processing, Inc a sister company of the First National Bank of Miami, Florida's largest." I still hope to write my thesis and get a degree. Also those passing through Miami are welcome to stop." Gary Moriello, 3011 Heath Ave., Apt. 20, Bronx, N. Y. 10463. "I am now teaching in N Y. C. at P.S. 11 in the Bronx. A boycott called by the parents kept the school closed in September, the major issue being overcrowding (capacity 1000, enrollment 1500). Ten classrooms appear ed to relieve the situation so the school opened in October. Now instead of kids running all over the streets they run all over the school; It's worse than a zoo!" Dick Ogburn, 729 N. E. 10th Pl., Gainesville, Fla. 32601. Dick reported he was in Brazil working on the final stages of his master's degree in Latin American studies from U. of Florida. He was to return to Gainesville about April 1. Nancy Orr writes; "My days are divided in half, mornings to a grubby, disgusting job which supports my education but is otherwise not a fit subject for discussion. Afternoons I student-teach junior high general science which perhaps is the most delightful thing I've ever done. The school is trying to develop N.C. ideas for adaptation at the 6-7-8 grade level and it is exciting!" Elizabeth Reid, 5701 Kenwood, Chicago, Ill. 60637. "I'm still living on Chicago's lovely South Side. In June I'll be half-way through medical school, University of Chicago." Beth Schauerhamer, 5100 Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 55430. Beth says she "continues to slave away in the laboratories of U. of Minnesota. She is also active in ZPG and generally finds that life keeps her very busy. Anyone wishing to trade a Florida winter for a Minneapolis species is welcome to write."


Sarah White, c / o R Caust, 308 B rookline St., Cambr i dge, Mass. 02139. ''I'm working as a mode l for Boston Uni ver s ity' s Schoo l of Fine Arts I am applying (for admiss i on this September ) to the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. If I go there I plan to major i n photography and printmaking. I have been active in the Sciento l ogy Organizat i on in Boston and have taken some excellent courses there Pam (Richardson) and Gary Williams, 72 Henriett a St., Rochester, N Y. 14620. Wor d has rPached us that Gary is assistant director of the News Bureau at Rochester Institute of Technology Pam has been working in a local department store but i s now going to work tor the post office as a clerk She gets more interested in Women's Lib all the time. They report seeing Ted Shoemaker often. He is alive and well and at the Zen Center there He works as an operating room attendent as his C 0. draft service. Gary is currently applying to graduate schools in phi loso phy. Class 1970 Class Correspondents : Sharron (Shelton) and Kit Arbuckle, 5204 David Avenue Sarasota, Fla. 33580. Paul Adomites, 601 Cherry Dr., Trafford, Pa. 15085. "I'm doing adequately if not superbly The dream of Oregon is still that, since I am digging out of a stupidly self imposed financial quagmire, but I'll make it and hope to hit the West Coast by June or thereabouts. It was fun to see the newsletter and hear from Flock and Diana and folk. As for me, I'm writing advertising for a large retail store in Pittsburgh and am now (can you feature this?) an expert on men's fashions There's more to clothes than blue jeans, although I still don' t understand why. Friends who have read Novak may or may not want to know that novel No. 2 is on its way Conception is complete, gestation may be long, and birth will be hard It will be entitled One Wicked Life. Poor Phil had h i s problems, but this one will be dynamite Marguerite Bryan, 3339 Charles St Apt. 4 A Baltimore Md. 21218. Word came that Marguerite is attending Johns Hop kins. George Duffee-Braun, 4129 Knox Rd., College Park, Md 02740. George is working for the E LS Language Center in Washington D C .. Mary Lamprech, 5725 Woodlawn, Chica go, Ill. 60637. "I am a student at Chicago Theological Seminary which is located on the south side in the University of Chicago campus Ken Peffers, 918 DeSoto Rd., Sarasota, F l a 33580. Jackie and Eric Thurston and I are building a house on a farm on the Ottawa R i ver in Ontario this sum mer." Jack i e (Wade) is a student at New College She and Eric are living in Sarasota Gina Puckett, Nashotah House, Nashotah, Wis. 53058 Gina completed her first semester at Nashotah House last Decem ber She writes : "The load is a little heavier than (1, at least) had at New College, but this is in a sense, a professional school, it you can call the priesthood a profession, so the require ments are more exact ing. However I seem to be making A's and B 's, so New College must have taught me something Reynolds Russell, 110 5th St. S., Bradenton Beach, Fla. 33510. "July November, 1970, worked as full-time volunteer for reelection of Sen. Edward Kennedy. November, 1970 present : group coordinator for Project REAL, Inc. Phil Shenk, 2715 Claremont Blvd., Berkeley, Calif. 94705. "After spend ing the summer in the West and the fall i n Northern Western Europe and Great Britain I returned to Pennsylvania for Christmas, Chicago for New Year's, and then came here to Berkeley to settle for awhile I'm living in an encounter oriented commune with seven other people in a funky old house and am working in a leather shop. We've got a beautiful flower garden to mess around in out back; and I'm going to the Free U On my birthday, Ellen Tisdale, Jeff Jordan, Linda Miller, Bill Kopecki got together for a pizza party We're all fine and really enjoying Berkeley We're gettin' ourselves together; hope every body else is too. Shantih!" Curtis Stokes, 535 Mulberry St Clyde Ohio 45410 "I w i ll be attending Duke U. starting this June, but only for a short while (till Sept.) when I will start teaching." Bill Whipple, 2425 Berkley Dr. Wichita Falls, Texas 76308 "I am driving a taxi. They're busting people like heck here stay where you are. Class 1971 Oaysi (Mejia) Abascal, 3733 Lindell Blvd St Louis, Mo. 63108 "I'm graduating on June 5, 1971. Right now I'm in my last semester of graduate work toward the masters in soc ial work. After graduation I m going to New York where I have a job with a chi l d r en's agency I'll keep in touch My husband and I hope that we could visit New College Theresa Cartmell, 569 South El i zabeth, Lombard Ill. 60148. "I am alive and well and currently attend ing the University of Illinoi s College of Education at Chi cago C i rcle Anything you want to send is welcome, as I tend to be a nostalgic sort. Paz Cohen, 5966 Turnabout Lane Columb ia, Md 21043. "Losing some and finding some in the city of the future. Writing the Great American Novel. Waiting for the other $7,999 I was supposed to get from the chain letter Nat sent me. Reading the junk mail." Anne Evans, 1347 North Dearborn Chicago, Il l. 60610. "Am working as an assistant producer in an advertising agency. Taking voice lessons. Studying act ing at Goodman Theatre. Performing in rock musicals with the Free Theatre saw Marcus Creusi there Going to Greece this summer." Charles K MacKay, 36 East Fairview Ave Dayton, Ohio 45405 A bulletin from Charles tells us: "Just released fr9m hospital after kidney surge r y -not too bad. Awarded fellowship (tuition and fat stipend) from Georgetown U In addi tion to being named a finalist in the Woodrow W i lson Foundation fellowship competition, Charles has won a Danforth Foundation Fellowship. His plans include entering his novitiate with the Marianists, a Roman Catholic teaching brotherhood, in Dayton, soon, and probably going on to graduate school in a year Tom Weislocher, 27 West Mission Mar shall Mo 65340 "I got drafted into the Army. I'm home on leave now, I go to Germany, March 28. Not much is happening for me and I don't know what I'll get into eventually Since N C.: more school, a bust, a little music work, then the Army. Hope everybody's getting it together." Tom Yori, 408 West Oak St Hazleton, Pa. 18201 "As nearly as I can tell, I am alive and in Pa. have no job, have no prospect of a job, and can't really think of anything I can do Bert Minkin and I had been plotting to establish a fraternity at NC, but I developed a hole in my front pants pocket, and lost our building fund, along with my favorite jackknife. That's how things have been going .. .. I finished a novel in January, wh i ch I am sure will interest a few people, whom I would desperately l i ke to meet, especially if they own publishing firms

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