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Alumni News (October 1972)


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Alumni News (October 1972)
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Alumni News (October 1972)
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New College Alumnae/i Association
New College Alumnae/i Association
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Sarasota, Fla.
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October 1972


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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Four page issue of the NCAA's official publication.
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NEW COLLEGE, SARASOTA, FLORIDA OCTOBER 1972 Alumni Weekend Successful eventy-six alumni returned to the campus in \1ay to attend the first Alumni We kend The number attend ing exceeded even the mo t optimistic estimates Those who attended unanimous in their opinion that the reunion was a huge ucce s although there were diver e opinions about when a repeat should be held. During the weekend a lumni present author i zed formation of an ad hoc committee, under the chairman hip of John Cranor, to explore the possibilities of forming some type of alumni association Pre ident John Elmendorf (\\ho had announced his re ignation earlier in the month) and Mrs. Elmendorf were el cted honorary a lumni by those attending the aturday night dinner fhe weekend, which ran in a low but continuous key, began \\ ith a cookout on the bayfront lawn of the Caples House, newly acquir d last year and the focu<> lor much of the weekend' activities. taff from the admissions and public r lations office cooked hamburger and hot dogs for alumm, family and friends unti 1 \\ell into the eve m ng. Saturday \\as left free for with faculty, undergraduates and with other alumni and a number of sma l ler parties were arranged by various facu l ty for alumni A dinner was held in Hamilton Center atu r dav evening for which there was no "official" program Vlllt::r than din ing. But, during the dinner, alumni tru te Tom Todd rai ed the question of creating some form of alumni organizatiOn to help coordinate communication between the college and alumm, to help the admis-sions, public relations and develop ment programs of the college, and also to create a voice for the alumni in the affairs of the college in addition to that of the alumni trustees John Cranor agreed to head an ad hoc committ e to obtain alumni opinion on what form uch an association should take and he has since asked the following to serve with him on the committee: David and Wendy \toore, Frank Ceo, ue Borokowski Daugherty, Barbara Sieborowska, Gary Mor iello, Dennis and \1aureen Kezar, Bobbie Luther, Laurie and Edna Paulson, Pau l Adomites, Ann Hart and Larry Alexander. When the dinner ended, David Pini showed the fir t part of a fil m re,iew of all of the years of the college from h1 own collection of film taken by himself and others Later everyone adjourned to t he ( contin ue d o n pag e 3 ) C harity Rowland O'Neill 6 9 and John B. O N eill x67 t a l k wit h Pat Col e Dixon '69 o n the first night of the alumn i w e ekend. Ken Moore, who started with t h e class of 168 and g raduated with the class of n, at t h e a lu mni weekend dinner alon g with Harris Taylor x69 and Gary M or iell o '69.


Elmendorf Resigns; Successor Sought For those who did not catch the brief announcement in the ments for alumni weekend, President John Elmendorf announced his resignation on May 1, effective June 30, 1972. Dr. Elmendorf said, "\1y decision to resign was based on an evidently irreconcilable impasse between my v1ews on governance and ive policy related to the role of the president and those of members of the Board of Trustees of ew College." President of the college since the start of the academic year in 1965, Dr. Elmendorf was granted a Sabbatical year by trustees and said that he \'liOLtld spend the time writing and consulting w1th other institutions concerned with innovative changes in higher education. Since Dr. Elmendorf's resignation, trustees have been leading a search for a successor and at least eight candidates have been interviewed by trustees, faculty, staff and students. The search ha narrowed considerably and an announcement is expected on the selection by early fall. 1ru tees said the change would in no way affect the policies of the college. FELLOWSHIPS FOR WOMEN The Danforth Foundation has announced its ninth competition for graduate fellowships for women in its program to find and develop college and secondary school teachers among American women whose preparation for teaching has been postponed or interrupted If you are interested, \\rite to Brucker, Dnector, Graduate Fellowships for Women, The Danforth Foundation, 222 South Central Avenue, St. Louis, 63105. Elmendorf A number of faculty and staff were trying to figure out a way to honor Dr. Elmendorf a he cone luded his seven years as prc'>ldent of the college and finally they went to him for suggestions. He said that, rather than a gift or some static memorial, a fund be set up which would be used to bring back to campus graduates of "lew College who are working on their doctorates. Each of these graduate students would return for varymg periods of t1me to lecture, teach or consult with present students. Such a fund has now been set up dBegun and officially des1gnated as the John Elmendorf Fund Contributions are being sought from members of the ew College community, including alumni, ami some $732 has been contributed by faculty, staff and trustees to date. If alumni wish to contribute, they should make checks payable to New College and designate them for the John Elmendorf Fund. Send them to Funnan A.rthur, Director of Public Relations, P. 0. Box 1898, Sarasota, F Ia., 33578. He has been asked to coordinate the memorial effort. Your gift will help a lello\\ alumnus. Cha.n..ges on. Campus Several administrative changes have been effected during the summer. Vice President Robert J. Norwine has returned to his former duties as dean of admissions but he also will continue as vice president \vith duties in the developmental \vork of the college. Earl A. Helgeson Jr., who had been Dean of Admisswns, has been named to the newly established position of Dean of Student Affairs. The office of student affairs ha!) been established and it functions will be developed and refined during the coming year. Student affairs \viii (continued on page 3) Dr. and Mrs. John Elmendorf at the May alumni weekend dinner vlith (from left) John Cranor '67, Kay Moeller Todd '67 anrl Tom Todd '67. Dr. and Mrs. Elmendorf were elected honorary alumni during the weekend.


Cha.n.ges (continued from page 2) encompass housing, counseling, health, recreation and social activities, Edmon Low has been named libra nan succeeding Dr, Corinne G Wilson, who resigned that posttion. Low is a distinguished figure in the educational library field, a former vice president of the giant American Library Assn. and for many years libranan of Oklahoma State Lniversity, OL Wilson continues to serve on the staff of the library Karle Prendergast, a member of the charter class, has returned to Jew College and will serve as an admissions counselor, The College opened in early September \\ ith a new class of 267 and with a total enrollment on campus of 530 and another 250 doing off campus study or on leave. There were 11 new faculty this Tfie tota u t1me The whole college was saddened by the death of Horace N. (Ha I) Coo(X'r, the retired Air Force chaplain who served for a number of years as counselor to students. Alumni Weekend (continued from page 2) Caples House for a party sponsored by the development office Well attended, the party escalated siderably when a live band appeared. President and Mrs, Elmendorf held an open house the next day at their Lido Key home attended by most of the alumni and this broke up only shortly before Dr. Marion Hoppin opened her home in thestyle of her traditional Sunday night affairs, Some alumni, it was noted, extended the weekend for as much as a week or more, it was discovered belatedly by the Office of Student Mfairs. ESTHER LY1 N 1:3AJ{AZZO!'.t., '67, was at her home in Port Charlotte, Fla. at alumni weekend time but said she hadn't gotten any mail about the affair and missed the festivities. Esther about that time was taking her orals for her Ph.D. at Columbia U. JILL CHAMBERLAIN X67 is a writer-reporter for the Sarasota Herald Tribune and interviewed Mrs. Clifford Irving (of the Howard Hughes biography affair) when Mrs. Irving finished her jail sentence and joined her husband on Longboat Key. PAUL HANSMA '67, 1s now assistant professor in the Physics Department at University of California in Santa Barbara and his wife Helen is a graduate student in biochemistry. DE and MAUREE SPEAR KEZAR '67, returned to England this fall where Dennis is continuing his work towar t e Pn.D. at AN A NAVARRO '67 writes that she is working as of a new subscription series for Potomac Associates, which is J. Irwin public interest policy group. Husband Bob is still general counse I of a Senate Sub-committee but thinking of joining Ra !ph LAURE CE L. ALEXANDER '68, received his Ph.D. from Emory sity this past summer. JERROLD L. NEUGARTEN '68, received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree this year from H a r v a r d University. CHERYL McWHORTER STAR '68 and husband Bill hoped to get to the alumni weekend but missed. Daughter \1ichelle arrived on \1ay 18. Cheryl did make it for the Summer Festival concerts later in June. RICHARD OGBURI\ '69, with the Peace Corps in Salvador, working primarily with agricultural ions. "I'm really excited about the work" (which is concerned with p !ann ing and budge ling work among other things) and he expects to return to graduate school in February 1974. \1ARY BLAKELY X69 and SCOTT BEAVEN X70 are attending the University of New Mexico after a sojourn in Toronto for a couple of years. Scott's in journalism and psychology. Mary's in psychology and art history and hoping to cartoon for the U M student newspaper this fall. They both graduate in '73 and want to go back to Canada. ANCY FLATTER HALL, '69, started Harvard Busmess School on a George M. Mumphrey fellowship {she WOJJders whether she is a fellowess, fcllowette or Daughter Lara starts kinder arten about the same time. A photo of DIA1 A GRAVES '70, appeared in Glamour Magazine, October 1972 issue, in an ad for Cachet frangrance by Prince belli. Beside a picture of Diana in her National Park Service uniform it said, "All Park Rangers dress alike, but they don't all look alike. Diana Graves makes her uniform seem as though it was designed just for her. Same with Diana's fragrance. It's a little different on her than any other girl in the world." MARIA BUSSEY '70, was to be married on April 15th in Boulder, Colo. to Randy Orr of New Orleans. They were due to leave after the wedding for a few months in Europe. '70 has been \\' or J... in g as a CO in the psychiatric ward of a large general l10spital in Indiana "changing comsc, divesting myse If of the remaining


metaphor. of an unsuccessful alifornia cxp nen e (like an \lfa Rome o), experimenting \\ith a nn\ en c of rootedness, exploring my native tate and its unc-inlizcd rescncs. Learning to read poetry and to speak German." PA L AD0\11T 1:. '70 ha been named a copy\Hiter by \tel Richman Inc., creative marketing service in Pittsburgh, according to a publiCity rclea e by that firm. BRCCE \1. ALLE '70 i newly located at 3 115th t., partm nt 13, Lansingburgh, .'t. 121 2. He's a financial con ultant to small busine men. J \1E W. '71 and CHERYL HOIG X67 FLEE, ER are living in \'alen ia, Vcne::uela. They are both workmg for Ray.O,Vac Inter, national CorporatiOn. Jim says he i I arning panish the hard way and that both plan to vi it the college next summer. \iew address i Apartado 449, Valencia, Venezuela. 'CY TH0\1P 0 '71, "I am a full time biOlogy teacher at arasota High." L RRY H 1 T '71. till hoping to do graduate work at lniversity of Toronto. 10 'EY C01 T DeGR \\ X71. idney i nO\\ \lr Kevm and living in Indialantic. Florida. BRA 'DT A 'DERSO X71, ''as married to PATRICIA KIR TEN X71, in June. Brandt I tudying ar hitc t, urc at \1IT. I 'AR I HE 'K '71, wa. at the Appalachian Center in Pipe tern, \\, a. this ummcr and now is sub, titute tea hmg in Hinton and planning on getting his teacher certificate. "'i k \1unger '71, is in law school at the mver ity of Virgmia. Hts new addre 1 2517 Hydraulic Road, Charlotte \Ill(, VA 22901. Doug Friedman '72, is nm\ at 71 South Prospc t t. in mherst, \tass. 01002. "alive and fanly well, workmg with young people in a detention center." He a! o is comp!ettng his masters 111 education and teaching a course in men's liberation at l \1ass. ELLLi'\ Dli:.RDORF '72 and TEPHE L. POSI:. Y X70, \\e r e mamed in June and ar tudying at Emerson Coil ge and Lesl y ollege Graduate chool. ROBI DAY GLE '72, \\rttc that he is in her second week of law chool, and si nee her audre is Davi Cal., presumably it i the mversity of California there. KE.:-; ETH \100R '72, 1 no\\ living in Germany, I earmng German '' ith plans uncertam after Dec. l. TRANSCRIPT I FO College Recorder 'a ncy Ferraro note that if you want tran cnpts cnt out, requests mu t be in writing When sending for a tran<.,cript, please include a check for 1.00 payable to ew College The transcript \\ill be mailed to the address spccifted ALUMNI DIRECTORY A flood of addre change and 'o forwardmg address" return from a recent mailing has played havoc with the alumni directory and the a lumm address files. The Public Relations offi e IS nO\'r attempting to get all of the addre ses straighten, ed out with th pro pcct of i uing another directory sometime this wmter, hop fully around January.

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