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An Opportunity To Convert The Charles Ringling Mansion Into The New College Library: A proposal and invitation to the Ja...


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An Opportunity To Convert The Charles Ringling Mansion Into The New College Library: A proposal and invitation to the James Foundation of New York
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New College of Florida
New College of Florida
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Sarasota, Fla.
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History -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
West Campus -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
Planning -- New College (Sarasota, Fla.)
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United States -- Florida -- Sarasota


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Twelve page proposal.
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New College of Florida
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New College of Florida
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An OpportWtlty To Connrt the Charlea .iiD&llq Manalon Into Tbe Nev Coli& Library A PROPOSAL AND INVITATION TO THE JAMES FOUNDATION of Nev York. ancl Subal tted by s Hn Coll& Saraaota. Florida .June. 1964


DITIOIIUCTIOI Oc:c.uloaally an opport:ua.lty ,runts lualf ill fticll a anat Njac:ti em be achlrred throu&h a n.latt .. ly ... u of tl-a.4 .,..,.. Such aa opportunity baa al'la at hw Colla& la. Saraeota, PlortU. with tM decldoa. to eoa:nrt u ad.atina buildlna into the Collaae Library. Aaoa ita INSlJ aeaau of .. 11 altuated linin& the aeutla of beautiful Saruota Bay, Mew Colleaa pt:laae t hl&hly the Mtlfvl .. rble unalon. built lo 1925 for Charles and Edith 11nal1a.a. Tble bulldina of grceful and. eleaant proportions raflecta the de Yotion and careful reaearcb of Arcbltect Clu, of Kilvaultee, no vee -re tained and lnatructed to study the beat examples of llenaiaaanc.e unelooa in Europe before dealpln& the Ungllna bo. The library, houaed in till a aanelon, would be in the aidat of tba vorltl hmoua $30 million eo.plax of l1ngl1na Huaeuu vhlc:h 1ocluclea uot ooly the John and Mable llinaUaa Huaa\UI. of Art, but alao tha fa.oua John Unalio& hoM, Ca d'Zao and the unique and chanda.a Aaolo Theatre, the only 18th Century Italian theatre in America. Thia fabuloua e011plax of araat collaetiona of Iaroque and .:tdam art work.a, aurrouodect lly atataly eou.rtyarda aad elude roaa aarctena hl&bllahtecl by toverin1 pll traea, 1a alao the bo.a of a winter aauon of drau and opera and a to.d.y laatival featurina the claaaic.a of tha IUaabetha etaae --all 1D. the bolo Theater. The placlna of the law Colleaa library iu auch a aattlna of cultural achlavant ad practice would. ba daalrabla under aay clrc:UIIItaacaa, evan


lf ...,u fuod.a wn Ul to lp coutruct a HV bu1ld1na. Sacb CCID.Itrvctloa, bCIIWe9er, la not ly DOt oacaaaary. it 11 usutaalrabla. A fbaa be&utlf"l bullclllla 11 a.aUUla of c--.nity and. area razaown, richly lad.en wttb ...,rlu of aaotber ap wblcb. lorlqly aad lntalll&antly craced tU Sar.uota a.y waterfront. Moreover, tbe aaalion lancle ltaalf very practically to convardoa. into a library. Ita aound ltaal-fr ... d and poured eoncrec. eonatructloa. .. aural adequat.a tranath for av.pport of book-atac:.k.a, auy and. roo. arrapnt r..:Hlallo&, the 1natallat1oa. of alr-coudltioniol aud other Mc&aaary aqul.,..nt for ita uea a1 a library. Special collactlonl can vall ba housed in ao.e of the laraar apaclalizad uea rooaa. The Billiard l.oo, for a..-pla, vlth ita dark aahogony panelloa and abc rare Dotinlcu IMhoaoa.y aida chain c::ould aully ba converted into AD aacellaot 1paclal collection rooa. The Dining ltooc with ita b .. utifully freac:oed ca111ns anO areat rafeetoTY tabla could bacor. an attractive rafaranc.a-raadln& room, ovarlooklna tbe v4tarfront. 1ba Muelc ltooa vltb it1 ba .. d c:ailina. walla and floorlns of teakwood la equipped with a flpa oraaza and piano the ac:ena of IUD.J Ringling raatly .,.lulea and alltertaia..:nta featurlua au.c:.h are at artiau ,_. Schuaann He1Dk c.ou.ld, vltb relatively 1b1ple w.od.ific:atloua, ba the library' 22S aeat -.ale aa.d lecture ball. Other luexpenaive t'&W>delloc will provide a larp nfereuc:e anti read11ll ou the waterfront, aaveral apac1al colleet:looa aound-proof typlDJ roo.a, aucl1o-viaual roomra, aa4 adalnlatratlv. an4 procaaa1na offieaa for tha 11br&l'J ataff. 2 -


1a 1hort, the for.r Charla and ld.ltb ata.allna could. H converted into the ho.a of a IIOdara Ncv Collaae Library. It1 1paelou and varied rOOM, halll, areacla and courtyard prOTide ra thu a4aquate epaca for the naad1 of a Ubrar,.. Itl varied roo da1lp, iD:ri.tina aleoYea, broad eurvlna aarbla 1t1lr1 aa.d valuUla furnlablna all prOYida an ideal ettlua aa ac.D1phara condvelw both to tba pur1ult of knowladaa and aracaful llvlns. While the bulldina 11 ln 10und condition and repair, -.aeh could and 1bould be dona to re1tora it to ita for.r atata of elaaanca and at tha -ti to 110daruiaa and ''build. in" tba neeeuary llbrar,. feature, lncludina furn.llhin&l and equip..ut in 1tyle and I'Ode that would har.onha with the total dedp and furubhlng of the aanalon. Modemlaatlon faaturea would include air-couditlonlng, revlrina of antiquated circuita, new ll&htlna where needed, atudy carrala, adequate raat-roou and rabulldlna of the elevator. Such a proar .. of re1toratlon, ru.odallna and rafurblahlna would not only &iva tha collaae a .. colficent library bulldlq for a relatively amall inveat.ant, but alao uaura the ca.runtty that one of lta flna1t axaaple of l.anaiaanca architecture would be praaarvad to l&l'TI a honorable and \ll&ful function with dlatinctlon. To acbiava auch a prosr .. vblcb vtll coa.vert tha Charlel UnaUns aanalon. into tba Nw Colleaa Library, the Tru1teea and. Prel1dant of the Colle a auk support lu the a.ount of $150,000. The tn ... aatat would prolcle the Colleaa vith a library facility worth well over $l.S alllioa. a ratu.ra. -3-


of approximately 1000 per-c:ent on the inv..tnt! It would alao proTide the McoDdary benefit of atiaulatina in a challengina aanner tboaa aany frienda of the College vho are aapecially interaated in contributing funda in aupport of the book c:ollec:tiona. knovin& of the J .. a Foundation' a intereat in develop ina i1!1proved col lap library facUitiea. the Truateea and Prealdent of New College invite the Foundation to participate with the Collese in the outlia.ed above. which will provide thfl library facility needed to undergird the College ' charter yeara proaram outlined in the aucceed1na paaea. A ,rant of $150,000 froa the Foundatloa. nov --that the proar .. alght be coapleted in time for the September Charter Claaa -would enable the Colleae to aeblen a library buUclina of laatlns algnifieance and beauty-an ele&aa.t and graceful hoM for the of knowledge by atudenta, faculty and c.a-Jnlty alike. 4 -


II. A Great Library; The Challenge For New Colleae A new atar in th conatellation of collegea in America will aoon open ita doors. The product of nearly four years of careful reaearch and planning. aelective recruitnt of faculty and students and intensive fund-raisin& and development efforta, New Colle&e of Sarasota, Florida 1e a ltDOat ready to offer quality higher education to superior atudenta of areat prom1ae. The excitement about New College is engendered by four principal factorat l.) The newly designed and flexible curriculum of three 11-month acade111ic yean --each year consisting of three 12-veek terms each followed by a 4-week independent study period -which in method incorporates the beat features of araduate and tutorial programmed education and in content is thoroughly grounded upon the broad ban o f the three major divieiona of the Natural and Soc:ial Science1 and the Humanities; 2.) The superior teaching and reaearch resources of the faculty; 3.) The extremely superior quality of the Charter Clase students; 4.) The superior fadlitiea being planned to exploit in a creative manner the confrontation of student and teacher. While IUDJ of the fac:ilitiea of the u.ew campua can and will be built as plana are 4eveloped and funding requirelllenta are met, it h recognized that the dtJ'Yelopment of a great library 11 an essential element of the hizbeat. priority. Interim dondtoty, claiBroom and laboratory facUitiea can be arranged pending the completion of the basic campu1 buUdinga, but a library of significance IIIUSt be made available to studenu and faculty alike from tlae very first day of claas work. s -


tbe c:l:aallop of eetNUahlaa a anat Uhr&J:Y at lev Colleae 11 the re preeaia& becauu of the ezpert-a.tal flexible c:urrlc:ulua which prcwidea for eb. iad.ape:ndaot 1tud7 _. naaarch at all c:ouree lavah. Tbe book c:ollec:tloa.a, for lutanca, caaaot H c:oa.fla.ed to the typical uodararaduate texta but ratbar -.&It be axtandad la. depth to cover raeaarcb intara1t1 of etwt&n.t1, faculty aDd alike. the rauon for thla oriaatation at -Col lap m4 ita au'b1equeut nUance upon a 1ipitlcmt library, la to H fowcl in the which underaird tha 11., Collaaa pblloaopby of adt.teatloa.. Theae UIU11ptl01ll 11'81 1. bch atudent h reapoulbla, in tha lut analyah, for bla own education. 2. l'ke Hat aducatloo. raaulu frc. the actin conf'rontatioa of tvo flret-clua ld.DA1. l. The araatar tba daarea of flax1b111ty, tbe anatar la the llbUbood tlut etuclauta vUl reach tha blahaet lenle of which they are capable. 4. St11Clan.t pnaraaa abould ba buad oa. d.-metrated co.petanea ali real ... cary, not raly the accUIIUlatioa of cradltl auf ar..taa. S. T'h.a beet Ubaral aducatiu rl fro. nal uatary of a eull a.UIIber of really Yital ldau, prlnclplae, ad 80Cla1 of u.alyaia. 6. true liberal ed11Catloa requiraa u apprat.iatlOil for uaity of -lodao. 6-


7. ltUilleatl alaould. haft fra the nry outaat opportualtlaa to punue la 4eptb. atvd.iaa of areaa tbat lntauet th ... tbe ... Collaaa cv.rrlcub111 _. proaraa 1 tatand.ed., fundeMntally. to aa aucouraa atatleD.ta to attaia power and in latel-laetual aalyata ad a Haply rootM daatra to JO 011 laamia.& throvahout their ltna. Tbll ideal 1-.pltea a fruitful face-to-face relatloutatp batvrM:a at.Uat aa4 faclty Wlch f.a or41u&r1ly uot obtalaable 4(va.t1-tat1valy er qualttat:l.vely. It abo 111Pllaa the 1-.cllata aceeealblllty of a ftrat rata library re.urea, which offan .ora than booka ad 1 fully eonduel in atwtaphere, arranaent ud raaoureaa to affeetlw atudy aDd laamina throuah all Mella. Parbape the ohjacttvaa are belt 1tatad in thl vorcl1 of the .PtJOVOit uul Daaa f tH Colla .. Dr. Joha V. Cuatad, vben he llOt&l th1t1 "True edu.c::atlcm, the aaareh for truth, doe1 not arlit 'lfbell etudaatl are rely told what they .uat bow. It oc.cun oaly wbea atud.entl are actaitted to the fallowablp of adaolua aa.d &ivan tha opportunity to won with th acb.olara. Whaa atudeDte lean the truth for thl, thea, ad ooly thea, are tbay liberally aduc.atad." Tba l .. laatatlOR of t.h1a pMloaopll.y c.& H clearly aean in the BOD.c.lual'ooa faaturea of the lilev Colleaa eurricuh.-, all of vbic.h coa.aote tha aaa of a ltltrary u aa lataaral alt la the laamtaa proeeaa. ao.e auch featuna area 1. l&ch alavaa .oath ae&clud.c year lncluclaa three laclepelldeat at...Sy ad nodlq perloda. Collep 1'&1)' haa'Yily oa lo.foraatlon and ltaowladae aatned by tha atudut fro. DOD-clua aovrcaa. -7-


l. The atudent ach'aneea at bh ovu. pace, and aaaka adaittaaee to .ore atudlea by preaentlna endenee of hia mutery of a field throuah independent etudy. 4. The cora currleulua for the atud.ent'a third year h a cOIIblnation of an advanced, apecialized project in depth and a on great laauu each deaao.dlna intenaive, acbolarly reaearch and independent study -11Uch of it in the library. In abort, the library for the Nev Collage atudent will not be a mere cold adjunct to the cluarooa, fro whence to borrow a book for hb clua the library at New College vtll be the llvina, dynud.c center of atudent intellectual life: -his '"home" for hh life as a aeholar. Therefore, the library h much more than a repository of booka; it 11 a coaau.nications center --a wam, living, intiaate, faailiar place of grace and beauty, for ltudy but abo for meditation and conteaplation; a place of bard work, but abo a place where DLII1c and art may grace the work, adding their gentle relllinder1 of the univer1al1ty and unity of knowledge. 8 I


Ill. larly DevolopMat of tbo Thu., vlthia the fr-.ork of the Kev Coll& pbiloaopby of edtKatioo the library will be the tina place for the beet la our culture of both old and aav. N ew ldau vill eprlq forth froa old booka; old ideal v111 take new ala.& ill uew booka. llev and old Mthoda of atudy oad loomlna will bo foaturod oldo by oldo. the book collection will H uaed in atacka, opea to all atudantl, 8lld eac.h atudent vlll Ita.-a aeparata atu.dy carrel -both old and 'ftllerable Mtboda of ualna collactiona. Oil the other hand, avery chMleal electronic aid wblcb will aua the acceealbillty of 1nforaat1oa to the echolar will be \Iliad. Tba objectlw of the library vtll De to aake infonaatloo ud knowladaa on uy aJ,ven aubjact a.atlable in depth but at the tlnot to an md wutaful col l ection of awry coneelYabla book ora &'ftl'J conc&l'Yabla aubjact, thouab thode will be exaained to utlliae othel' collectiozw cloae at baad in the area. At -Collaaa IUDJ of ChaM old ancl _.. ideu haft either already been plau&cl or are izwcltutad. Tba open atacka vlth the cora of baalc r afarenee Hctl._. la the Aru, &Del Bullaa.itlaa haTe for r than a year Dapn to fill the allotted ucoa.4 floor roou. Jarly acquieltlou for browalq or de tal lad atudy laclude the araat encyclopedlaa, laalbh and forelp. la.auaa dlctloa.arlea, blblioarapbical aida, a l a rae collection of the Creak asul Latta. clualca, alOD& wltb ealeetad clue lea fro. other culturaa and eoUD.trlaa, all ln tbair orla.lnal lancuap. Major -' -


ufaraaee von.a end eollectlona haft beea acquired la all tbe baalc Ratural Scieacea. I.a. abort, the heart of the tiM uferace aectioa. -1a alnaciy a ad acholarly collectloa. CotlYeaieut to ad actually vlthla. the ataclta1 apac. haa Mea reaarved for atucleuta' ludt-.tdual atudy canala. All cataloalaa aGd proeeaalna thode are Nina keyed to the ultt-te uae of eleetroaic equlpMRt u it heOMa feut"'l and rill enable llev Colle .. to .U. uae of data retrteYal ayat81U u they are deYaloped. rtully, ... Colleae ta c:oope.ratta.a vlth atabt other tJaatitutlon. la the area 1a the .. 'ftlo,_nt of a union cataloa wblch vf.ll provlde euy ac.eeaa to .,ra thaa 350,000 -.olUMa bouaecl ln theae ae-..ral ltbrartea. While 1UDJ different type of aide to learu.tna vtll be feetured1 book collectiODI rill C.Oilltitute the aajor portion of the lfev Colle&& library VolUMe are now betna orclere4 froa tbe Caltfon.ta Hew CaaipUII&I Proar .. Ltat, COIIIpiled by the Un1wra1ty of Callforula. Speclallaad ordartna ta alao belq dooe to t the raquaate of each faculty Aa deatped, Colle .. llall will preaently houaa about 100,000 volu aud aaveral hundred pertodlcall aacl learned jouraala. !'be -atteuttou ta betas atvaa to acqulrtna apaciallaed. aida to leamtna. leeorituaa. pbotocoptaa, tapaa, alc.rofll, .,t:l.oa plct\11'& fll, pboto araphlt teal 1cona and enu painttnaa vill all play a full part to the deql-at of the K ... Colle& Ubruy, -10-


.. IV. COIICWSIOII Thla then ia the aaaauee of tha opportuolty cDDfrontiDI ._. Collep at thla blportant .-.u.t of ita da'Nilo,.ant. It 11 our hopa that the Praaldant and other officer of the J- J'oua.datlon will au rtt ia offarlq a araat of $150,000 to Rev Colle&e for the purpoeaa atated 1a. tbla propoaal. The pNsrof cooftrtina the Charla and Uith linaliq --.loa. lato a Mew COlla a Lib l'&ry of far a proapact of aauaual blah ntun, not ooly 1a teru of "Yalua, but alao in tar. of pro'ridlna a alpiflcat aDd ea.4ur1na library facility of u.eefulnaaa and. beauty. 11 -

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